Mar 31, 2014
Reviewed By Jim Pickering
Price as Tested $38,335; 3.5-L 250-hp SOHC VTEC V6, 5-speed auto, VTM 4x4 system, Vehicle Stability Assist, Electronic Brake Distribution, XM radio, Dual-Zone climate control, Special Edition Package

Versatility: Honda’s come up with a bunch of ways to use the space available on this chassis, from a deep lockable (and watertight) storage trunk under the bed to a number of hidden compartments inside the cab. V6 engine offers plenty of power, and visibiliity is great. Has that well-engineered Honda feel — quiet, solid, practical.


Fuel mileage isn’t great, with about 17 mpg observed on a long highway trip. Bed is hard to get into, with a high tailgate and a small step bumper. Sides of body slope up near the back of the cab, so you can’t just reach over the side to place items at the front of the bed (where they won’t get as wet in the rain). Underbed storage door seal area looks like it would be hard to clean and would fill with junk from the bed — I’d think twice about hauling sawdust or mulch, and it’s useless if you have a load of stuff on top of it. Interior plastics feel cheap. Stereo and nav system are completely seperate, which is hard to justify with all the great combined units out there today. 


Honda has a long history of building great cars, but that’s not a plus for their only truck, which is more El Camino than F-150. It’s a good effort, but despite all the versatility programmed into this rethought Odyssey, there’s limited actual usability here. For the truck buyer who only needs a pickup to haul coolers, furniture, new appliances, lawnmowers, and stuff like that, this would be a solid choice (bed height and step challenges notwithstanding). But add something messy into the mix and it’ll be harder to use than a standard pickup. And with how nice quad-cab trucks have become today — and considering they’re easier to use when hauling a wider range of stuff — that’s where I’d be spending my money.

Fun to Drive
3.0 rating
Fun to Look at
2.5 rating
Overall Experience
3.0 rating
Horsepower 250
EPA Mileage 15/21