Apr 28, 2014
Reviewed By Tony Piff
Price as Tested $44,295: 5.7-L 381-hp DOHC V8, 6-speed automatic, 4WD, TRD Off-road Package, Limited Premium Package

It’s just awesomely huge by every dimension: length, width, height, headroom, legroom, displacement, horsepower. (I’d put a cap on the dinky bed to make it less noticeable.) Outrageous in-your-face styling will appeal to the demographic that secretly wants a yellow Hummer. No-compromise interior finishes with obvious Lexus DNA: leather, woodgrain, power everything. Great engine rumble with 401 ft/lbs of torque on tap — but smooth and mild-mannered most of the time.


Every rear-seat passenger will ask,”Why is there so much legroom?” Answer: because the bed is only three feet long. (It’s actually 5.5 feet long.) With all the opulent finishes and features, you’d expect to get a sunroof.


Toyota continues to charge headfirst into the American truck market, and the 2014 Tundra is as big, bad and full of swagger as anything from the Big Three. When I parked it alongside my 1970 Hilux, the difference was unreal. Not only is it hilarious to consider how far Toyota has come in less than 50 years — it’s hard to believe that the term “pickup” applies to both vehicles. $44k seems like a lot of money for a truck… but it’s a lot of truck.

Fun to Drive
3.0 rating
Fun to Look at
4.5 rating
Overall Experience
4.5 rating
EPA Mileage 13/17