Dec 01, 2014
Reviewed By Alex Martin-Banzer
Price as Tested $26,015: 2.0-L, 16-valve, turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with direct injection. Front and rear independent sport suspension, Servotronic speed-variable power steering, anti-slip regulation, 18-inch alloy wheels with all-season tires. R-Line Package.


This Beetle was built with sass. The combination of the turbo and the tight handling made my daily commute enjoyable. The stopwatch built into the center console was a fun quirk — it makes you want to time every driving activity. On the twisty back roads to the Oregon coast, the little Beetle had me pretending that I was racing through the Laguna Seca Corkscrew (with my heated seats turned on of course) — and feeling like I was winning. When night driving, the interior lights glow a soft blue, outlining the curves on the door frame and giving it a classy, futuristic vibe. As long as you sit in the front two seats, the interior is quite spacious.



The panic button is on the side of the key fob caused me to accidently trigger the alarm a few times. The amount of time it took me to figure out how to pop the trunk was ridiculous.  I didn’t find pushing the top of the rear VW badge inwards to open the trunk to be an intuitive process. Even after I did figure it out, I somehow kept locking myself out of the trunk. I apparently didn’t have the skill set to press the unlock button, push the VW symbol inwards and then lift the trunk — all the while carrying an armful of groceries.



When you are behind the wheel, it is clear that this isn’t your little sister’s Beetle. The tight handling along with the turbo oomph makes you want to buckle up and go driving. Especially if it is at night, which is when those cool interior lights come to life. After I caught myself repeatedly trying to justify to people why I liked driving the Beetle, I realized I was trying to justify why I loved the car. For the most part it has everything going for it. But, in the end, it actually still does resemble your little sister’s Beetle. And for me, that is something I can’t quite shake. If you can see yourself saying with a straight face, “Yes, that is my new Bug over there,” then this is the perfect car for you.


Fun to Drive
5.0 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
4.0 rating
EPA Mileage 23/31