Jan 25, 2016
Reviewed By Jeff Stites
Price as Tested $33,120: SkyActiv-G 2.0-L 155-hp DOHC 4-cyl engine, SkyActiv-MT 6-sp manual transmission

Sportiness is still the theme for the latest version of Mazda’s compact convertible. Despite only 155 hp, I still found a smile forming on my face while on twisty back roads. The suspension (with Dynamic Stability Control), Bridgestone tires, BBS wheels and Brembo brakes were outstanding, far surpassing my expectations. Our week with the car coincided with heavy rains. I was amazed at the car’s sure-footedness in all manner of wet conditions. Overall exterior appearance is a welcome update. Ample trunk space for a car of this size.


The very compact interior, which I typically don’t have an issue with, squeezed me a bit more than I like, and I found it tough to maneuver within the confined space of the driver’s seat. The weak stereo was a non-issue on top-down days but left me wanting more on chilly, wet, top-up mornings and evenings.


A fun, compact ragtop that’s sure-footed — even while zooming along rain-soaked streets. I hit an unexpected puddle at 40 mph one evening, and the MX-5 didn’t wander at all. It stayed surprisingly straight until I found hard surface again. The rear design of the car is reminiscent of the Jag F-type, adding to the eye appeal. The price-to-fun ratio is right, although I’d prefer just a bit more cabin room. Overall a fun car.

Fun to Drive
3.5 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.5 rating
Horsepower 155
Torque 148
EPA Mileage 27 city/34 hwy

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