Jun 05, 2017
Reviewed By Garrett Long
Price as Tested $26,835: 2.0-liter I4 engine, 6-speed automatic, push-button start, heated seating, dual-zone climate control, 7-inch touchscreen navigation screen with Bluetooth audio and phone connection, rear camera, sunroof, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot detection, lane departure warning system and lane keep assist system.

The Kia Forte is fairly good at everything. It’s well equipped for a decent price. The interior is utilitarian and made with competitive materials, but won’t wow any luxury car owners. The exterior is simple, but sports a sharp design.


More road noise than I would have expected. The engine is about as default as it gets. The EX package seems expensive if extra safety tech isn’t your thing. The car feels uncomfortable with spirited driving.


Like many cars in this class, vanilla would be their ice cream flavor: inoffensive and a general crowd pleaser. The Kia hits all the right notes as a base-level car and will please all, except those looking for more flavor in their ice cream.

Fun to Drive
2.0 rating
Fun to Look at
4.0 rating
Overall Experience
4.0 rating

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