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PROFILED: '91 FERRARI MONDIAL CAB, '67 TOYOTA 2000GT, '70 M-B 280SE  0 0 3.5 CONVERTIBLE, '67 NICKEY 427 CAMARO, '65 ALFA TZ-1, '53 BENTLEY R-TYPE •;1) 0 41 (% 0# OA 04 10  Qtinim  Internet U Want Your Porsche Soft or Hard? g0g147-::FEBRUARY 2001

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VINTAGE MOTOR CARS Ritz-Carlton Hotel Amelia Island, Florida March 10, 2001 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster 'The second Special Roadster built. This spectacular car was originally delivered to the Krupp family. Offered for sale for the first time in many years. CONSIGNMENT & MARKET EVALUATIONS: David Gooding, President & CEO (866) 762-8284 david@rmauctions.com Jack Boxstrom (613) 476-9132 jack@rmauctions.com Mike Fairbairn (800) 211-4371 mike@rmauctions.com Ian Kelleher (866) 762-8284 ian@rmauctions.com Rob Myers (800) 211-4371 rob@rmauctions.com Dennis Nicotra (203) 397-0734 dennis@rmauctions.com Dan Warrener (800) 211-4371 dan@rmauctions.com CATALOG REQUESTS, BIDDER REGISTRATION & SALE INFORMATION: (800) 211-4371 or www.rmauctions.com 12N4 AUCTIONS, IN C. HAGEKTY  , - - cR Rk,r1111. 0;00 Wilshire Boulevard. Suite 550, Beverly Hills, CA 90212  LEFTB1D.com online!  lid  PASSPORT TRANSPORT

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  VINTAGE MOTOR CARS Ritz-Carlton Hotel Amelia Island, Florida Selected Consignments 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Ex-Pedro Rodriguez. One of only twelve light weight race models built by the factory. Finished 6th overall at Nassau Ti' Bahamas 1966. Chassis# 09063 1446111164'' 1937 Jaguar SS100 Roadster "Barn Find" Complete and original, this 2.5 litre pre-war classic deserves to be treated to a full restoration. Chassis# 18107 1933 Duesenberg Model SJ Convertible Victoria by Rollston. Well known car with excellent provenance, supercharged by the factory in 1933. Concours quality restoration. J272/2293 1973 Ferrari 365 "Daytona" This proper Spyder conversion won a recent Concours d'Elegance as part of a trouble-free 1,000 mile journey. OTHER F EA TURE CONS! GNMENTS 1958 Devin SS Roadster 1959 Kellison J-4R Coupe 1988 Auto Kraft 427 Mark IV Cobra 1937 Cord 812SC Sportsman 1971 Maserati Ghibli Spyder 1957 Porsche 550A Spyder 1962 Jaguar XKE Coupe 1948 Mercury Convertible 1952 Jaguar XKl 20 Roadster 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster 1973 Porsche Carrera RS Lightweight RM AUCTIONS, INC. MiY dR .  9300 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 550, Beverly Hills, ( 9021 2 LE FTB I D.. bid lic emline!  PASSPORT TRANSPORT

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Sports Car Market February 2001 Mini-Profiles 21 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ Amost $250K for an unre stored racer. 25 1991 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet Find out why Serb o wouldn't take one free. 29 1967 Toyota 2000GT An orphan, but a hugely expensive one. 57 1953 Bentley R-Type 4.5-Litre Don't be fooled, it's not a Continental. 63 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5-Liter Cony. Is there a better 4-place open grand tourer? 68 1967 Nickey Camaro 427 RS/SS A tuner car from the '60s. On-Site Market Reports 33 Bonhams & Brooks Gstaad, Switzerland 38 Mecum Auctions Crystal Lake, IL 45 30 Sales & the Story They Tell SCM looks back over the past year. 43 Silver Auctions Portland, OR 6 Shifting Gears  Keith Martin Columns 33 9 News, Previews & Gossip Cindy Banzer 16 Ask Mr. Kerb - Should I Build My Own SZ? Michael Duffey 18 The Wrenching Truth - Classic & Sport Bill Neill 20 Bike Buys - 1992 Ducati 851 Bill Neill 27 Sheehan Speaks - Gstaad, Brooks and the GTO Michael Sheehan 49 The Appraiser's Corner - '73 Jaguar XKE V12 Steve Cram 50 Legal Files - Your Horse Has Rats! Alexander Leventhal 52 Collecting Thoughts- My Internet GTA Steven Schaeffer 55 Motobilia - A Ferrari Clock Carl Bomstead 58 The English Patient - Importing an MGF Gary Anderson 64 Porsche Gesprach - I'll Take My Porsche Soft Jim Schrager 76 eWatch - $67K for a Ryder Truck Carl Bomstead Departments  12 Comments With Your Renewals 26 Ferrari 14 You Write, We Read  28 Mystery Photo  54 Book Reviews  10 Auction Calendar  55 Mystery Photo Answers  56 Affordable Classics - lso Rivolta 74 Silver/Kruse auctions in Phoenix, AZ 56 The Twenty Year Picture - Bowtie ragtops 67 Vintage Rally Calendar 71 Display Advertiser's Index Quarterly Price Guides 22 Alfa Romeo 30  Lamborghini/Maserati/ Etceterini 59 English 65 German Volume 13 #2 SPORTS CAR MARKET Editor & Publisher: Keith Martin Managing Editor: Cindy Banzer Art Director: Scott Abts Editorial Manager: Brian Rabold Research & Copy Editor: Bill Neill Office Manager: Leota Pulliam Subscriptions: Stephanie Six Andrea Cole Auction Editor: Dave Brownell Head Auction Reporter: Dave Kinney Contributing Editors: Gary Anderson Carl Bomstead Michael Duffey Alexander Leventhal Jim Schrager Auction Reporters: John Apen, B. Mitchell Carlson, Bob LeFlufy, Richard Hudson-Evans, Phil Skinner, Chip Baldoni, Gary Hoisington, Haig Haleblian Contributors: Pat Braden, Keith Duly, Glenn Herz, Raymond Milo, Steve Serio, Michael Sheehan, Tom Young European Correspondents: Giuseppe Tomasetti, Jurgen End Consultant: Ken Shaff For advertising information, call Scott Abts, 5031261-0555; fax 503/252-5854, sabts@sportscarmarket.com . For subscription information, call Stephanie Six, 503/261-0555; fax 503/252-5854, service@sportscarmarket.com The information in Sports Car Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we must disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timeliness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material, data, formats and intellectual concepts in this issue copyright 2001 by the Alfa Romeo Exchange, dba Sports Car Market magazine, in this format and any other used by Sports Car Market magazine. Copyright registered with the United States copyright office. SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Sports Car Market magazine (ISSN #10771751) is published monthly by Keith Martin Publications, 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland OR 97215-1429. Periodicals postage paid at Portland, OR and additional entries. Subscription rates are $48 for 12 monthly issues in the US, $68 Canada/Mexico, Europe $78, Asia/Africa/Middle East $88. Subscriptions are payable in advance in US currency. Make checks to: Sports Car Market. Visa/MC accepted. For instant subscription, call 24hours 800/289-2819, 503/252-5812; fax 503/252-5854. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Sports Car Market 6833 SE Pine Ct. Portland OR 97215-1429 CPC IPM Sales Agreement No. 1296205 Classifieds 24 Alfa Romeo 28 Ferrari 32 Etceterini & Everything Else 32 Vintage Race Cars 61 English 67 German 69 American 70 Resource Directory 72 Classified Order Form 77 Showcase Gallery

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CHRISTIE'S Some highlights from the past five years are: INTERNATIONAL MOTOR CARS Exceptional Motor Cars  At Christie's Tarrytown New York Auctions Achieve Exceptional Results A 1954 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL GULLWING 15 June 19% Sold for $151,0(10 .17-11: EX MLLE HELL NICE 1927 BUGATTI TYPE 35B GRAND PRIX 26 April 1997 Sold for $486,50) THE BA( !ER ,V DUESENBERG 1938/40 DUESENBURG MODEL Si LONG WHEELBASE CONVERTIBLE COACHWORK BY ROLLSON 25 April 1998 Sold for $1,267,518) )RAlliRLI -11-11i PRON.:10V _1( )11N CRAY HERBER7' ROI/ST( )N AND PHIL HILL 1913 MERCER TYPE 35 J RACEABOUT 24 April 1999 Sold for $926,( )11 THE EX-SCI 11)I:RIA AND NART KVALAM/ AN/ ) 1.1 /obi WINNING 1969/1971 FERRARI 512S/512M/712 CAN AM 2') APRIL 2(88) SOLD FOR $1,601,(881 WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS FOR OUR FORTHCOMING AUCTION ON 28 APRIL 2001. ttror itt) rlher 1./ New York Tel: (212) 636 2277 Fax: (203) 341 9849 www.christies.coln 0; ivitation ideaNe cofitact one ( )oto- especial:Mc. Los Angeles Tel: (310) 385 2699 Fax: (310) 385 5875

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Shifting Gears Just A Car by Keith Martin have long argued that cars are machinery first, and art second. With the very rare exception of pure show cars, they were designed to be driven, not to be displayed for gawking passersby. It is only through the use of a car that its underlying magnificent strengths and disappointing weaknesses emerge. Our Ferrari is nearly 40 years old, and is even somewhat collectible, being one of 50 cars built with the 4-liter motor in the 250 GTE chassis. But the 1962 330 America is not restored, it's still a driver, as it was when born. And each time I fire it up to run an errand I am reminded of the exultant way the Ferrari claims its space. 1 Noisy, raucous, belligerent, confrontational. I think back to the early '60s, and an Italian autostrada peppered with Bianchinas struggling to hit 60 mph, and the feeling the captain of the Ferrari must have had as he swept through at 120 mph, scattering them in his wake. The heavy, ponderous steering at low speeds simply reinforces that Ferraris were never meant to be driven slowly, just as a plane isn't designed to fly with its landing gear extended. From time to time I've written of my use of the car for daily, pedestrian activities. In general, the response from readers and friends has been positive. So imagine my reaction when the following e-mail arrived, just after I'd returned from a 50-mile round trip to a local electronics store to buy some faster computers for the business. Accompanying me were my nine-year-old daughter, Alexandra, and her friend, Lauren. "Has the 330 America blown up yet? I don't enjoy reading about how that car is mistreated. I'm not saying it shouldn't be driven at all, but any car close to 40 years old ought to be spared having a lawnmower sticking out of the trunk and having fast food wrappers dumped inside. It's not clear to me what is being accomplished by abusing this car, other than to annoy folks like me."—G. D., San Jose, California, via e-mail. I thought back a couple of hours. Before leaving on our trip, we had walked to the garage to make our vehicle decision. What car to take? They wanted to go in "Enzo" (the name they've given the 330). Our trip had been a success. The car didn't break down and used no oil. We managed to fit the three mid-tower computers, two laser printers and the 17-inch monitor into the Ferrari without difficulty. The girls were hungry (they're always hungry when we pass a McDonald's), and a quick pass by the drive-up window netted us two Happy Meals and a "Big and Tasty" for the driver. The food, such as it was, was consumed in the best American fashion, while driving down the Interstate at 70 mph. Between chomps, I asked the girls what they liked about Enzo. "The back seats are big, and the console between the seats is tall, which makes it a fun place to play with our toys," they replied. "And it's neat because it's so noisy and all the car alarms go off when we drive through the neighborhood." And then came Mr. D's communication, which I've been musing about ever since. I want my daughter and her friends to ride in the old beater Ferrari as we do daily-driver things. Sure, we can go on vintage rallies and trundle off to car meets, but it's really just as much, if not more, fun to drive the car to our mountain cabin and take it up the two miles of gravel road through three inches of freshly fallen snow. The next owner of Enzo can coddle it, restore it, trailer it to meets and worry about rock chips. I'm happy to dig the old crusty french fries from behind the seat, wash the mud off the rear quarters and try to figure out what kind of cupholder would fit between the seats for my can of diet Pepsi. So I've decided, unfortunately for Mr. D's sense of vintage Ferrari propriety, to keep using the car exactly as I have been. Instead of a lawnmower, maybe it will be an aquarium sticking out of the back. Or a new cage for the pet finches. Or perhaps we'll be hauling the cylinder head from the Alfa race car to the machine shop. Or taking the girls to summer camp, trunk filled with sleeping bags and backpacks. After all, it's just a car. On The Cover "The 1961 Alfa Spider had that funky humped-up top," artist Bill Gillham said of his watercolor on this month's cover. "That's probably why you usually see them with the top stowed." Another clrive, another filling station. Gillham has been an art teacher at West Albany High School in Oregon for 30 years. The pictured car belonged to an auto shop teacher who used it as a daily driver until he put it into a ditch while dodging a deer. Gillham painted this car while it was parked on the grass behind the high school. It sparked his interest in Alfas; he bought his first Giulia Super in 1978, has subsequently owned 73 Alfas and currently has a collection of eleven, including a '58 Spider Veloce, '62 Sprint Veloce, '62 Sprint Speciale, '65 Sprint GT, '76 Giulia Super and '70 Jr. Zagato. Primarily an abstract painter, Gillham only occasionally does renditions of automobiles. His artwork has appeared on the poster for the Northwest Classic Rally four times, and on the cover of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club magazine. This watercolor, on Arches hand-made French paper, is in the SCM permanent collection. Gillham paints by commission; he may be contacted at 541/327-1486 (OR).• Sports Car Market

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Salon International de l'Automobile A Sale of Important Collectors' Sports and Grand Touring Cars Geneva 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO Berlinetta, sold in 2000 for CHF 377, 500 ($233,610) + VAT. 1996 Zagato Raptor, sold in 2000 for CHF 380,000 ($235,157). 1966 Ferrari 275GTB Aluminium Berlinetta, sold in 2000 for CHF 399,500 ($247,210). Entries are invited Opening the European auction season, Bonhams & Brooks Europe's now traditional Sale at the Geneva Salon de l'Automobile every March promises an exciting selection of cars from the finest Continental collections and attracts enthusiasts from around the world. Having achieved record prices in Geneva every year to date, for 2001 we continue the theme set by our previous Salon Sales to include an impressive line-up of pre and post - war sports and touring motor cars. For further information on this International Sale, please call Simon Kidston or Max Girardo in Geneva on +41 (22) 300 3160. Europe Brooks Europe SA 10 Rue Blavignac 1227 Carouge-Geneva Switzerland T:+41 (0) 22 300 3160 F:+41 (0) 22 300 3035 UK Brooks Auctioneers Ltd Montpelier Street Knightsbridge, London SW7 1HH United Kingdom T:+44 (0) 20 7393 3900 F:+44 (0) 20 7393 3905 USA Brooks Auctioneers Inc 500 Sutter Street Australia Brooks Goodman Pty Ltd 7 Anderson Street, Double Bay Union Square, San Francisco Sydney, New South Wales California 94102 Australia 2028 T:+1 (415) 391 4000 F:+1 (415) 391 4040 T:+61 (02) 9327 7311 F:+61 (02) 9327 2917 BONHAMS &BROOKS

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mpg jjiiiI I III wig s II in PAIPI 9 ..... 1_1 L Cosmopolitan Motors M■11•1111■111■1• AUTOMOBILES "We Covet the Rare and Unusual, Whether Pedigreed or Proletarian" 1963 Lancia Flaminia 2.8/3C, Touring bodied cony., 2 owners  1947 Alfa Romeo 6C2500, Freccia d'Oro Sport  1957 Alfa Romeo 750 Giulietta Normale, Restored, 5-speed  1960 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spyder, red, needs complete restoration  1960 Affa Romeo 2000 Spyder, blue, needs considerable resto  $67,500 $21,000 $5,000 $5,500 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV, Fully restored to club concours condition .... $17,000 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano, Platinum Edition  1956 Austin-Healey "Bugeye" Sprite, project  1963 Bentley S-III RHD, another fine example  1957 BMW 502 Sedan, Project  1957 Borgward Isabella Touring Sport, needs a makeover  1937 Bugatti Type 57c, Atalante Decouvrable  1956 Cadillac Convertible, fully restored  1964 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, fresh motor, excellent interior  1965 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, nice original  1964 Chrysler 300 Convertible, project  1973 Citroen SM, 1 owner, 42,000 miles, green/black  Delahaye 135M/MS, several to choose from  1939 Delage D6 Drophead 3.0. Figoni & Falaschi  1961 DKW 1000 SP, Restored Roadster  1961 Fa.cel Vega H.K. 500, fully restored  $3,999 $3,500 $650,000 $38,500 $4,500 $27,560 $5,750 $1,566 $3,995 $6,500 $11,506 1961 Face! Vega Excellence, owned by Napoleon's offspring  1963 Ford Fairlane, 2 dr., extremely original  1965 Ford Mustang Coupe, GT package  1920 Hispano-Suiza 8-10 H.P. Tourer  1971 Iso Rivolta Lele, 1 of 260 made, 351, 5-Speed  1950 Jaguar Mark V, DHC, 3.5-liter  1956 Jaguar XK-140, one-off, concours quality racer  1961 Jaguar Mark It custom cabriolet, project  1964 Jaguar Series! E-type, one owner, factory hard top  1965 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport Zagato, Series V  1965 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport Zagato, Series V  $75,000 and up $375,000 $12,500 $55,000 $17,500 $7,500 $12,000 $95,000 $21,500 $37,000 $47,000 $22,500 $35,500 1964 Jaguar E-type Roadster, red/black, 3.8 liter, Moss gearbox  $42,000 1972 Lamborghini Jarama, Red/Black  $27,500 $35,000 $75,000 1965 Lancia Flatninia Pininfarina Coupe (2)  1972 Lancia Fulvia Zagato  1996 Lincoln Mark VIII, black/black  1967 Maserati Quattroporte 4000, cream/black  1983 Maserati Quattroporte, expertly maintained, Ivory  1961 MGA 1600 Roadster, Red and Restored  1969 MGC Roadster, rare 6-cylinder  1959 Mercedes-Benz 300 d, Ivory/red, restored  1961 Mercedes-Benz 220 SEb, ex-NYC showcar, 48K original  1967 Mercedes-Benz 250 SEb, nice driver  1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SL Roadster, black/black  1957 Porsche Speedster replica  1965 Porsche 356c, solid, matching numbers  1965 Porsche 356c, project  1989 Range Rover County, red/tan  1994 Range Rover County L.W.B., 1 owner, Hunter Green, 55K  1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, longterm RROC owner  1951 Siata Grand Sport Cabriolet, One-off alloy  1952 Singer SM 1500, restored  1963 Studebaker Hawk GrandTurismo, very original  1974 Toyota Land Cruiser,green/black, two owners  1973 Volvo 1800 ES, green/tan, low miles  1979 Volvo 262C Bertone Coupe, over-maintained by ex-Sonic  AIRCRAFT 1994 Kamov KA 32 Russian Helicopters  Fully refitted, 3 in stock WATERCRAFT 1938 Jensen Motorboat 38' Classic Cruiser  "Meteor". Famous one-off fantailed mahogany cruiser by Jensen  Restored. 1947 Harco 40' Mahogany Pleasure Yacht  Twin 440s. Cruises at 27 Ids, Art Deco head turner. Expensive when new. 1954 Chriscraft 29', beautiful ex-Tahoe Mahogany speedboat $42,500 Twin Hercules 6-cylinder, small galley and head. Facinating history. $110,000 $120,000 $27,500 $6,000 $17,500 $22,000 $11,500 $12,995 $18,506 $11,500 $35,000 $25,500 $13,500 $18,000 $17,500 $15,750 $9,500 $10,995 $18,995 $27,500 $95,000 $13,500 $12,506 $11,995 $6,995 $2,300,000 each $2,500 1958 Richardson 41'  $48,000 Very nice boat, formerly of the Miller Brewing family, named "High Life" 1974 Riva 18.5' Super Rudy $37,500 White/red fiberglass. Very nice multi-purpose Italian boat. Fast and practical. ANTIQUE MILLWORK The complete interior of Seattle's Austin Bell Building. Doors, windows, baseboard, wainscoting, elaborate rails and balustrades, a steam-powered elevator with cut glass, beams, treads and bricks. VINTAGE WINES Expensive, extensive, eclectic collection of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Californian, Washingtonian, Oregonian, and Italian collector wines. Old vintages to recent releases. FERRARIANA World class collection of numerous period posters, prints, lithographs and sculptures to do with Ferrari and other vintage marques. BUGATEI ACCESSORIES Dozens of early and recent Bugatti collectibles, accessories and artwork. AUGUSTE RODIN (1840- 1917) Cosmopolitan Imports is proud to announce its sponsorship of La Belle Epoque, an exhibition including 51 works by the famous 19th century sculptor Auguste Rodin. Curated by Weatherford Gallery Director Harry James Moody and David Weatherford of DRW Interiors, the exhibition will be on view at Kruse and Barrett-Jackson, 1/11 - 1/21 in Scottsdale, Arizona 2001. The Rodin Foundation in Venice, Italy, has endorsed these posthumous bronze casts from Rodin' s original plasters. The plasters are the Canadian Cultural Property of the Canadian Government, and late in 2004, after travelling internationally to a number of exhibitions, they will remain on permanent display at the "Rodin Pavilion" of the MacLaren Art Centre in Ontario. Recognized as the most important sculptor of the 19th century, Rodin's innovations in form and subjectmatter established his reputation as the firstmaster of modern sculpture. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, Auguste Rodin continues to symbolize the beginning of a "New Age". • We appraise collector cars world-widefor insurance or settlements. • We are experts in shipping. (206)467-6531* Fax(200467-6532 2030 8th Avenue • Seattle, Washington 98121 www.cosmopolitanmotors.com

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News, Previews & GOSSIP by Cindy Banzer E-mail: cbanzer@ sportscarmarket.com FAX: 503/ 252-5854 SCM Events Sign up today for the inaugural SCM seminar on car collecting to be held at Amelia Island, Florida, 3/09/01, 10 a.m. to noon. Sponsored by J.J. Best Collector Car Financiers, and held in conjunction with RM's auction, the $65 seminar fee includes an auction catalog and admission to the auction. See the registration form on page 53. For further information, contact cbanzer@sportscarmarket .com, Ph)503/261-0555, Fax 503/2525854 (OR). Join Keith Martin and Cindy Banzer, 9/12/01, at the Goodwood Revival Historic Race Meeting for a "10-day Motorhead's Dream Tour to England," presented by Steve Austin's Great Vacations. Included are the Goodwood races and the Bonhams & Brooks Auction, visits to a Formula 1 workshop at Silverstone, private tours of the Jaguar and Morgan factories, visits to Lord Beaulieu's Collection, the Grand Prix Museum atthe Castle Donington circuit and more. Details on page 12, www.steveaustinsautomobilia.com , 800/ 452-8434 (OR). Events The second edition of the Modena Cento Ore Classic will be held from 05/12 -15/01. Beginning and ending in Modena, included are time trials on the mountain roads of the Emilia Apennines and at the Ferrari track at Fiorano, and racing at Imola, Mugello and other circuits. For information, fax +39-059-283932, www.modenacentooreclassic.it The Coys Historic Festival will be held on 5/26-28/01 at the new Rockingham Oval Speedway Circuit. This will be the first venue in Europe to combine an oval as big as Indianapolis with road racing circuits for Formula 1, GT and historic races. For further information, contact Lois Borrill at ph) 011/44-153-6500500, www.coys.co.uk (UK). The British Car Club of Central Ohio is holding the British Car & Bike Show February, 2001  from 9-3 p.m., 5/20/01. The show is open to all and will feature a wide variety of cars and conditions. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the event will take place in the to-becompleted Easton Town Center, the world's largest mall. For information, contact Rex Cars during the day, ph) 740/3632203 (OH), or Tony Burgess during the evenjng, at ph) 614/899-2394 (OH). V The 19th Len Immke Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show/Cruise will be held 6/6-7/01 in Dublin, Ohio, and Monterey, California. For further information, call 614/876-8200 (OH), 805/6869292 (CA). Berlin is the site of the International Maserati Rally 2001, 6/28-7/1101, organized by the German Maserati Club. Events include track day, rally and concours at the Brandenburg gate. Walter Baumer, ph/ FAX) 011/49-211-68-3730; mobile) 011/ 49-171-275-4585 (GERMANY). Auctions Spectrum Auction Company has announced a classic car auction to be held at the Airtel Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Van Nuys, California, 2/17-18/ 01. The auction will have 300 classic cars, focusing on '50s and '60s muscle cars. Another event is tentatively scheduled for October in the same location. ph ) 818/2550610 www.spectrumauctions.com (CA). V Automobilia Auctions, Inc. is selling the automobilia collection of Nicholas G. V. Jones in Wetherfield, Connecticut, 3/17-18/01. The collection, which is being offered with no reserve, includes rare artwork, radiator mascots, club badges, and automotive literature. Contact Jerry Lettieri, ph) 860/529-7177, or Dave Brownell, ph) 802/362-4719 (CT). New5, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has announced the introduction of a limitededition model. Based on the Silver Seraph saloon, the Silver Seraph Concours edition will be priced at $239,990. Only twenty models will be built in all, and each will feature a picnic hamper, a built-in bottle cooler, and a sunroof to complement the 5-liter V12 engine. For further information, contact John Crawford at john.crawford@rrmci.com , ph) 248/3406456 (MI). I/Miller Motorcars, one of the largest Ferrari and Aston Martin dealers in the US, was recently appointed an authorized dealer for Bentley and Rolls-Royce. You can contact "Bentley Greenwich" at 273 W. Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830, ph) g03/661-3100 (CT). V Throughout the 2001 eBay/Kruse auction series, Pontiac will display new models, and current and vintage concept cars, some of which haven't been seen in over thirty years. Enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to visit GM's restoration parts display. ph ) 800/968.4444, www.kruseinternational.com (IN). Mini Mania, North America's leading classic Mini restoration, parts and accessories supplier, has doubled its space in a move to Nevada City, California. Mini Mania can be contacted at 870 Gold Flat Rd., Nevada City, CA 95959, ph) 530/4708300 www.minimania.com (CA). V The Blackhawk Museum received an 1893 Duryea and a 1948 Tucker on long-term loan from the Smithsonian. For further information, contact the museum, ph) 925/736-2280. Overheard John J. Meldon, President of J.J. Best & Co. financiers, just completed his third Foreign Trade Mission with the Governor of Massachusetts. Meldon was able to explore the large and enthusiastic collector car markets and clubs of Japan, Australia and New Zealand. While abroad, Meldon met with Tim Goodman of Bonhams & Brooks. Maserati is returning to sports prototype racing. The chassis will be designed and built by Dallara in Parma and the t9chnology will be from Ferrari Fl. V Martin Swig has acquired the PBS program "World of Collector Cars" and will rename it "Backroad Adventures." The program will air on 150 PBS stations on 4/01/01 and will include coverage of the Australian Mille Miglia, the New Zealand Southern Festival of Speed, and Retromobile with special attention paid to French pedal cars. David E. Davis, Jr. and our very own Keith Martin will be featured as commentators. Rose Lieberman has been named the Chairman of the 2001 Meadow Brook Hall Concours d 'Elegance. She is the first woman to hold this position and hails from Southfield, Michigan. To contact Ms. Lieberman, please call 248/3503500 (MI).• 9

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1.111111(   All dates listed are current at time of publication. Contact information for most auction companies may be found in the Resource Directory at the back of this issue. Please confirm dates and locations before attending any event. FEBRUARY Florida - February 3-4 KRUSE INT. - West Palm Beach New Jersey - February 9-11 KRUSE INT. - Atlantic City Washington - February 10-11 SILVER - Puyallup England - February 14 H&H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire California - February 17-18SPECTRUM - Van Nuys Florida - February 17-18 KRUSE INT. - Benford Oklahoma - KRUSE INT. - Oklahoma City California - February 23-25 February 24-25 McCORMICK - Palm Springs Canada - SILVER - England - February 24-25 Calgary, Alberta February 26 BONHAMS & BROOKS - Hendon MARCH Florida - March 3-4 KRUSE INT. - Ft. Lauderdale Florida - March 10 RM AUCTIONS - Amelia Island Arkansas - Auction  JIMMEIMI CALENDAR  March 9-10 KRUSE INT. - Hot Springs Florida - March 10-11 KRUSE INT. - Ft. Lauderdale Illinois - MECUM - Crystal Lake Texas - March 16-17 March 16-18 KRUSE INT. - San Antonio Washington - March 17-18 SILVER - Seattle California - March 24 MECUM - Pleasanton Oregon - SILVER - Florida - March 24 Portland KRUSE INT. - Ft. Myers England - March 24-25 March 26 CHRISTIE'S - London California - MECUM - Canada - March 31 Del Mar A PRIL April 6 RM AUCTIONS - Toronto California - April 6-8 SPECTRUM - Palm Springs Missouri - April 7 MECUM - Kansas City Louisiana - April 7-8 KRUSE INT. - Shreveport England - April 11 H&H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire Colorado - April 20-21 KRUSE INT. - Denver England - Iowa - April 21 MECUM - Des Moines Nevada - April 21-22 KRUSE/"THE AUCTION" - Las Vegas Michigan - April 27-29 RM AUCTIONS - Novi Missouri - KRUSE INT. - Branson Florida - April 28 MECUM - Orlando Indiana - April 28 MECUM - Indianapolis New York - April 28 CHRISTIE'S - Tarrytown MAY Indiana - May 4-6 KRUSE INT. - Auburn Michigan-May 19 MECUM - Berrien Springs Illinois - MECUM - May 25-27 Belvidere JUNE Oklahoma - June 1-3 KRUSE INT. - Tulsa June 6 H&H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire California - June 16 CHRISTIE'S - Los Angeles Illinois - June 21-24 MECUM - Bloomington Minnesota - June 22-23 MECUM - St. Paul Wyoming - SILVER - Iowa-July 7 You can't trust them with just anyone. Prized Possessions. MECUM - Des Moines Montana - July 7 SILVER - Missoula Ohio - July 15 MECUM - Washington - Columbus Wisconsin - July 20-21 MECUM - Elkhart Lake July 21 MECUM - Puyallup England - July 25 H&H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire June 30-July 1 Jackson Hole JULY Idaho - April 27-29 AUGUST Nevada - August 2-5 August 4 SILVER - Reno, Hot August Nights Michigan - RM AUCTIONS - Auburn Hills, Meadow Brook Indiana - August 18 MECUM - Valparaiso California - August 17-18 RM AUCTIONS - Monterey California - August 19 CHRISTIE'S - Pebble Beach California - August 25 MECUM - Pleasanton Indiana - KRUSE INT. - Aubum SEPTEMBER September 1-2 SILVER - Sun Valley Connecticut - September 2 MECUM - Lakeville New York - September 22 RM AUCTIONS - New York Texas - September 28 KRUSE INT. - San Antonio OCTOBER Canada - October 19-21 RM AUCTIONS - Toronto Missouri - KRUSE INT. - Branson Indiana - October 19-21 October 20 MECUM - Indianapolis Michigan - RM AUCTIONS - Novi North Carolina - MECUM - Charlotte Illinois - NOVEMBER November 2-3 MECUM - Chicago Texas - November 16-18 KRUSE INT. - Dallas Arizona - MECUM - Scottsdale DECEMBER Florida - December 1-2 KRUSE INT. - Sarasota Missouri - MECUM - December 1-2 Kansas City• November 17 October 26-28 October 27 August 30-September 3 No matter what your prized possessions are, our award-winning equipment provides immaculate, enclosed, door-to-door transport. We offer containerizing for overseas shipping, automobile storage, and pier service. Featuring HighwayMaster satellite tracking/communication systems. Visit our web site at www.horselesscarriage.com Mithss mt cri=rds= Horsele$9 Li. l tLUW 10  Q::trriem, 61 Iowa Avenue • Paterson, New Jersey 07503 800-631-7796 • In NJ 97.3-41ME3g' Fax 973-742-8369 I For your FREE listing in this directory, nd information about display dvertising information, please ontact Scott Abts. 503/261-0555, ax 503/252-5854, email: artdir@ portscarmarket.com . SPORTS CAR MARKET The Complete Insider's Guide to Collecting Sports Car Market

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• %WA mianu Musk Car Auction Pé4a tee m  300 CLASSIC CARS! bniary17th t 18th, 2kHoL CONSIGN YOUR CAR TO SELL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FULL EXPOSURE IN OUR EXTENSIVE AD CAMPAIGN! .t?,:c at Ain& Plaza Spectrum's c Classic Car ;.‘ — Auction. Sherman Way .SanCF,:rxdo riered Pe4y,4 qaeee 7277 Valjean Ave (Sherman Way at Van Nuys Airport Auction Special Room Rate - $89 Ventura Fwy (101 meMEWAY: For info on buying, selling & attending. call (818) 255-0610 (805) 966-6940 • (760) 323-10570 FAX (818) 255-0619 (Note new number!) w-7,--w-XeTuZIM--crTIV's;ct;-InVe=r174-ucrs47" April 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2001! s"n"red" 3 World Class Events! 7111 AMMLML aux CAR Win 400+ CARS! DOWNTOWN PALM SPRINGS APRIL 6TH, 7TH 6 5TH, 2001 -*  *-  Palm Springs (tvise 8 Car Show 400+ Cars on Palm Canyon Drive April ith , 2001 *-  At the O'Donnell (Golf Club OD the Fajrway! 7th Annual Palm Springs Concours d'Elegance 250 Cars April 8th, 2001 Last yea s event SOLD OUT! . Make your reservations today! www.palmspringscarclassicicom + Email: info@palmspringscarclassicicom *

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Join Sports Car Market's Keith Martin & Cindy Banzer on a MOTORSPORTS TOUR to ENGLAND including the 'GOOD WOOD REVIVAL Historic Race Meeting and the Bonhams &Brooks Goodwood Collectors Car Auction 10-day tour departs September 12, 2001 First-class hotel stays at Goodwood, the Cotswolds and London Otherhighlightsinclude: • Beaulieu National Motor Museum • Jaguar factory tour • Morgan factory tour • Formula 1 workshop tour • Castle Donington Fl Museum • Celebrity Guest Speakers entries to Grandstand/Paddock at • Goodwood Revival plus entry to Bonhams & Brooks Auction PLUS alternative touring for accompanying non-motorheads Tour Price $2,625 + air call for brochure AVUTIDAID IP I IL IA C I [AI VACAVE I 0 S 4840 SW Western Av., Ste 2000, Beaverton, OR 97005 Tel: (503) 643-8080 1-800-452-8434 Fax: (503)643-1302 E-mail: stephen.austin6@gte.net www.steveaustinsgreatvacations.com www.steveaustinsautomobilia.com 2  WITH YOUR RENEWALS Comments  Great magazine. Please include more Ferrari articles and market comments.—Joseph Seminetta, Winnetka, IL It's a little bit like Christmas every time your magazine pops up in my mailbox. Thanks to all of you.—Bo Ehrhardt I am an active member of the Ferrari Owners Club in the UK and will continue to recommend your magazine to fellow members. —Mark Kieve, Loughtlin, Essex, UK Help, I'm suffering withdrawal after not receiving the December issue yet. I really enjoy your magazine and just upped my subscription for another three years. —John Preston, Lake Oswego, OR I'm going through withdrawal... you are my last hope... I'm losing strength... I need my Sports Car Market fix... Everything is getting dark now... I'm hallucinating that I just bought a Yugo.—John Rogers, Plano, TX I enjoy your magazine very much.—Jamie Kopstein, Porto Alegre, Brazil In the issue I received yesterday, I was missing about 20 pages. Most magazines, I wouldn't care. Yours, I was broken-hearted.—Doug McKenzie, Santa Barbara, CA. We've shipped Doug a replacement issue.—ED. I continue to enjoy every minute of Sports Car Market. —Philip Millians, Atlanta, GA More Alfa coverage. Streamline prices with CPI.—Yiannis A. Levenois, Boston, MA Thanks for sending it with plastic coverage. Stay like that! You are on the right track! Bravo! —Patrick Faucompre, Silver Springs, MD Stay on the track you are on. It's great! You are my only link to the world outside of Eastern Oregon. I love it—Timothy Kennedy, Pendleton, OR More auction reports. Love the analysis and candor. SCM is the best automotive publication available. —Dennis Soapes, Seattle, WA Thank you for continuing to improve over the past few years that I've been subscribing, especially with Affordable Classics and Future Classics.—Alan Ray, Diamond Bar, CA Motorcycles are good.—Rodger Cosgrove, Redlands, CA More Delahaye, Talbot-Lago, Delage, French anything.—Steve Nixon, Santa Fe Springs, CA Great magazine. About as close to perfect as possible.—Rick Kyle, La Jolla, CA Follow "no-sales" or repeats from one auction to the next (e.g., not sold for $50,000 at Kruse and sells for $35,000 at Monterey). Keep up the good work.—D. Ron Yagoda, Scottsdale, AZ fica, CA How about a year-end consolidated list of all auction transactions for the past three years, showing car, condition, location, price. —Scott Klion, NY. We're working on that. It's really something suited to the Internet, which can easily be updated.—ED. Love the magazine. Thanks. —Philip Hudgens, Charlottesville, VA Keep the focus on European makes, with more coverage of the $5,000 to $25,000 cars. Otherwise it's great. Still my favorite magazine .—Richard A. Reina, Morristown, NJ Just gets better and better. Remember, it's impossible to OD on Alfa stuff. SCM is quite well balanced now, I think.—Gary I. Fluke, Snohomish, WA You've made great improvements in the four years I have been a subscriber, with the exception of adding American cars and motorcycles. More emphasis on affordable collector cars.—Roderick Monroe, Seattle, WA Process and cost in obtaining cars from Great Britain, also parts sources and procurement from Britain, import dealing with feds, regulations, waivers, etc. Lotus Seven kit purchase, assembly and licensing.—Richard R. Boos, Troy, NY I am very pleased with the pub- lication as is.—Classic Owners Insurance, Newport Beach, CA Go weekly!—Warren D. Blatz, Culpeper, VA More muscle car coverage. —Mark Winkelman, Farmington Hills, MI Bigger...faster...more! —F. James Brady, Tucson, AZ Need more French!—Scott Ebert, Crystal River, FL Great and informative.—Tom Hessert, Cherry Hill, NJ Stay honest in your evaluations. Refreshing to see lack of sucking up. —Patrick Hearne, Loveland, CO More guest columns.—G. E Matecko, Universal City, TX Awesome as is, but add more coverage of newer classics, e.g. Ferrari 456 GT (1995-98), Porsche 993 Turbo. More buyer's guides. —Anir Ohir, Lexington, KY Perhaps include a section on retail sales of SCM cars, using data from a select group of reputable dealers. Add more pages—I would pay for it!—Robert Wattenberg, Trabuco Canyon, CA. Okay. Your subscription next year will be $36,895. And everyone else will thank you, I'm sure.—ED. And thanks for your renewals and thoughtful comments. Keith Martin & Cindy Banzer.• Sports Car Market Thoughts and observations from fellow subscribers. How about French cars? —Roberto Guadrelli, Fullerton, CA It's cool!—Skid Hall, Paci- )

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PALM SPRINGS SATURDAY and SUNDAY ARY 24th & 25th, 2001. Keith Mc Cormick presents the 30th Collector Car Auction AUCTION OF 350 ANTIQUE, CLASSIC, SPORTS, AND SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOS AT THE PALM SPRINGS CONVENTION CENTER 277 N. AVENIDA CABALLEROS, PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. LAST SALE WAS 69% SOLD OF ALL CARS ENTERED The McCormick Family is once again organizing this auction in their usual friendly and courteous manner. Ask for Keith or Desley to answer your questions. Sponsored by The Oldies Si" KIX5 10 4.7 f THE OLDIES STATION LOCAL HOST HOTELS: We recommend The New Comfort Inn Tel. (760) 778-3699 at $109 per night or The Desert Lodge Hotel at $79 per night (760) 325-1356 or Palm Springs Hilton at $169 per night (760) 320-6868 1-800-522-6900 PHONE FOR CONSIGNMENT NUMBERS. ASK FOR ENTRY FORMS, BIDDER APPLICATIONS, AND GET ON OUR MAILING LIST.. .NOW! (760)-320-3290 Sponsored by Th * RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW! THE OLDIES STATION KUES 1 4.7fm ENTRY FEES: SATURDAY AND SUNDAY $250. Add $100 for inside display - only space for 40 cars inside. No numbers will be reserved without consignment fee being paid in full in advance. VISA. MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Positions will be filled on first-come first-served basis. To reserve the position you desire, send your check covering the entry fee or phone in your credit card number. You may specify the cars you're entering at a later date. Entry fees are REFUNDABLE if you notify us in writing 14 days prior to the auction. Color photographs may be included in our exclusive color brochure. We strictly limit the number of positions available in this two-day event of 350 cars. COMMISSION STRUCTURE: FLAT 5% OF SALES PRICE (One of the lowest in the business). WE SOLD OUT OF LOT NUMBERS PREVIOUS SALE SO BOOK EARLY. PALM SPRINGS AUCTIONS, INC. 602 E. SUNNY DUNES ROAD  PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA 92264 U.S.A . (760)-320-3290 Web Site - http://www.classic-carauction.com State License C. 1798

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71  Dear SCM: What you refer to as "engine covers" on motorcycles are most likely part of the streamlining designers adopted starting as long ago as the 1950s. They are called "fairings," and they reduce wind resistance, add stability at speed, and today need to be part of a production motorcycle's appearance to be part of the homologated serial production based race bike (a.k.a. Superbike), by AMA rules. I first saw the plastic cladding you mention used on cars on my parents '91 Lexus 400 and doubted its necessity. I agree with you that it's worthless on a car, but not that it is comparable to a motorcycle fairing, which really works at speed. Love your general opinionated approach to journalism. Keep Kerb and Sheehan on the payroll.—Mark Mederski, Columbus, OH Dear SCM: I recently re-read the September 1994 issue of Sports Car Market. The article, "10 Best Buys for '95" was particularly interesting. Alex Dearborn, whose business is selling collectible Mercedes, was noticeably silent on the 3-pointed star. Instead he thought Mazda Miatas and Porsche 356B Cabriolets were a better buy. On the other hand, Mitchell Kruse thought we all ought to buy Mercedes 300 SLs because they "should appreciate thirty to fifty percent over the next three years. Try getting that from your CD at the bank." While I still enjoy driving my Gullwing, I'm glad that I didn't cash in my CDs and rush out to buy another one as an investment. Michael Duffey also made an interesting recommendation. He thought we ought to buy a Volvo P1800 for $4,500. He was so confident of their appreciation that he wrote, "If these cars don't double in five years, I'll eat a small hat! They're better than money in the bank..." What flavor hat did he enjoy? After reading this article again what became clear to me is that these experts, and I do believe they are truly experts, do not make a market. Over the years I have seen a few readers accuse Sports Car Market of creating markets for particular cars. In reality, I doubt if your impact is significant. You generally report what is happening, and I believe that is what most of your readers want to know. The decisions to purchase a particular vehicle should be left to each reader individually. If the reader is reasonable, he will study the market conditions for that car as well as the condition of the automobile he has selected to purchase. He will then distill all of that data into what he considers to be a 4  You Write We Read All letters are subject to editing. Please address correspondence to SCM, 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, OR 97215. Fax 503/252-5854, e-mail: mail(0 fair price for his dream car. To have a prognosticator do this for him generally spells personal disaster. —H. DeWayne Ashmead, Fruit Heights, UT Wayne, thanks for your thoughtful letter. In fact, SCM is designed to be a reactive, rather than proactive publication, analyzing rather than predicting the market. From time to time we engage in crystal ball gazing, almost as a form of after-hours entertainment. In the long haul, we are probably no more right or wrong than most stock investment magazines. After all, what happened to all those bright guys who put their money into Internet Stock Index Funds? —ED. Dear SCM: First, I really enjoy reading your magazine. Copies are read cover-to-cover within a few days of their arrival, and then re-read until they become dog-eared. Thanks for your great service. As I read your reports of individual cars auctioned, I am sometimes confused by your condition rating numbers compared with the verbal descriptions. For example, referring to Rolls-Royce Phantom III, Brooks UK lot #525, in November 2000 (page 81): "Paint only just about OK. Very worn and torn chauffeur's seat with only fair cloth interior. In fact about ready for total make-over. Cond: Reads more like a 3- to me. Probably this car's recently overhauled engine and good history were factored into the number rating, but that is not completely clear to me. Perhaps also this car has other very positive but unstated attributes. It may have a superlative chassis or it may be unusually complete and authentic. Compare the above with RM Meadowbrook lot #216, an MGA in the same issue (page 39): "Recent restoration to a good standard... Very good panel fit... Instruments nicely restored... Seats show some wear. Cond: 3+." This apparent inconsistency between the above examples implies a restored car is judged to a much higher standard than an original, unrestored car, and that is probably correct. Perhaps the first car's tatty cosmetics are all original, which would be a big plus, but then you did not say this was an original car. Many history lovers wouldn't want to redo tatty but original cosmetics. (Isn't history what this is all about anyway?) I am trying to understand, not to challenge your ratings. I believe an article discussing the rating system, including the subtle yet important factors that are considered, would be enlightening to many of your readers. It would also be interesting, even entertaining, to read an explanation of your more descriptive terms such as "driver," "beater," and "fright pig." I also wish you could somehow influence people to not molest their old cars, causing many of them to become fright pigs. Last comment, concerning Rolls-Royce cars: Your description of several pre-war cars states "steel wheels." This is most certainly in error. Every pre-war Rolls-Royce car originally had some kind of spoke wheels. Before 1914 they were almost all wood, and after 1919 they were almost all wire. Most cars from the 1930s had "Ace" spun aluminum wheel covers, both inside and out, to give the car a more finished appearance, but the wheels are all wires none the less. This is the case for each car so described where its picture shows the car's wheels. A conversion to steel wheels would be extremely difficult owing to the complex center locking hub mechanism that was unique to Rolls-Royce made cars. By contrast, all post-war cars had steel wheels, until cast alloy wheels came into vogue with the modern cars. Oh, by the way, "Roller" is not an endearing term to most owners of the marque, but perhaps that is not a problem to you since one of your important roles is to be critical of what you observe in the market place. Your use of this term portrays you as looking somewhat askance at these cars, which would be well for a careful shopper to also do if he wants to avoid a poor purchase. Thanks again for an excellent publication, and I'm sorry this note was a bit critical. I really do love your magazine.—Bill Vatter, Kennesaw, GA Bill, there will always be a degree of variability in our auction ratings, since different SCM analysts see cars in different ways. Personally, I am likely to be more harsh on a poorly restored car done recently than I am to an older restoration that has mellowed somewhat. Read the descriptions as well as the overall ratings, combine them in your mind, and you'll end up with a pretty accurate picture of the overall condition of the car.— ED. Dear SCM: I have been reading your magazine for a couple of years and I think I have learned a lot from it, but I haven't been able to actually attend many auctions, and it appears I still have a lot to learn. I went to the Dana Mecum Auction at Lime Rock, Connecticut, over the Labor Day weekend, and _,sportscarmarket.com enjoyed it. However, when I returned home I found my September issue of SCM, with a report of the Mecum Auction in July, and I was surprised to see that many of the cars I had just seen at Lime Rock were pictured in the story. I could understand why the cars that you reported as "not sold" were being re-offered, but I don't understand why so many of the cars you reported as "sold" (e.g., lots 115, 126, 110, 128, 102), and even "well sold" (lot 138) were being offered again a few weeks later. What happened? Were the new buyers trying to make a quick profit? Did successful bidders not honor their bids? Or was the sale not really a sale? You often report that cars not sold at first try were later sold, but I haven't seen you comment on how often apparent sales do not actually take place. Are readers who use your information on sales prices to help decide what to offer being misled by reports of sales that didn't really happen? Can you explain this to me?—Henry Sacks, via e-mail Henry, there are many reasons the same cars will show up at successive auctions. Sometimes buyers don't pay up, sometimes it's another dealer that buys the car and he's looking to resell, and sometimes a buyer just decides he doesn't want to keep what he has just bought. In our experience, rarely does an auction company knowingly call a car "sold" that in fact isn't. What's the point? It doesn't matter to most buyers if a seller says, "Well, this sold last week for $30,000 and you can have it today for $29,500." They'll offer and pay what they want to.—ED. Dear SCM: I have been subscrib- ing to SCM for over five years and have been very pleased with the content and continuing improvements in the publication. Keep up the good work. One of the items I find truly valuable is your quarterly price guides. I understand that you base the guide on actual sale prices, so here is a data point for your use and reference. I just sold my '88 Milano Verde for $9,250. I consider the car to be a 2+ on your 1-6 scale. The car has 89K miles and is stock with the exception of aftermarket wheels. The sale price is higher than your current range suggests for a car in this condition. I can only assume that the sale price supports the adage that top cars get top dollar, or that the San Francisco Bay area has a unique following for these cars. (FYI: I originally bought the car in '95 from SCM subscriber, Dan Rhodes. The car had 69K miles and was listed in the SCM classifieds at the high end of the price range at $8,500. The car sold for that price.) Sports Car Market

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Chequered Flag International 4128 Lincoln Blvd. Marina Del Rey, CA 90202 310-827-8665 Fax: 310-821-1272 http://www.chequeredflag.com Alvis 1953 TD 21 DHC. Mocha/brown, 4-speed, LHD, exceptionally nice. $23,900. BMW 2001 BMW Z8, Silver/black, Euro car, US legal. $165,000. 1991 325i convertible. Black/ black. Great car. $7,900. 1991 850i. Black/tan, 99.000 miles, CD, phone, books and records. Just serviced. $22,500. Chevrolet 1956 Bel Air convertible. 6-cyl, 3-speed, red, not rusty! $23,500. 1970 Chevelle SS 454. LS5, red/ black, A/C, quality restoration. Mint. $29,500. 1971 Camaro Pro Street, 327 V8, turquoise/black, $26,500. 1972 Corvette coupe. Gold/black leather, auto, super original and nice. $17,500. DeLorean 1981. Stainless/gray. 5-speed, 7,500 miles. $18,500. Fiat 1960 Porsche 356B Super Cabriolet. White/blue leather, new top & interior, $35,000. 1973 124 Spider. Green/tan, new interior, great car. $6,500. Ford 1965 Mustang cony. Bronze/black, 289, auto. Restored. $17,000 1968 Shelby GT500 KR Fastback. Black/black, concours condition. $65,000. 1968 Shelby GT 500 convertible. Red/black, auto, excellent. $57,500. Ginetta 1964G4. Red. Ford 1600 Cross-Flow, very original. $25,000. Jaguar 1971 Triumph TR6. Yellow/black, excellent original paint. Overdrive, no rust. $11,500. 1963 E-type Roadster. Black/red, 80K miles, super original, numbers match. $29,500. 1967 E-type S 1 1/2. White/black, restored. $23,000 1969 E-type S ll coupe. Red/black. C/W/VV, ice air, a looker. $17,500. 1969 E-type Roadster. Navy/tan, Fresh concours restoration. $57,500. 1974 E-type S Ill V12 Roadster. Silver/blue, auto, C/W/W. $29,500. Lexus 1998 LS 400. Black/black. 33,000 miles, chromes, one owner. $36,000. Lotus 1985 Esprit Turbo. Dark gray/gray, low miles, fun car. $15,900. 1950 Chrysler Town & Country coupe. Green/green, 1,800 miles since restoration. Mint. $59,000. Mercedes Benz - 1962 190 SL. Dark gray/red, 2 tops, good example. $22,500. 1963 190 Sedan. Gray/gray, $25,000 in restoration. Unique. $9,500 1965 230 SL. Black/black, auto, 2 tops, very pretty. $15,000. 1967 250 SE coupe. Plum/tan, auto, new motor, sunroof, A/C. $6,600. 1967 250 SE coupe. Primrose/tan, auto, sunroof, good straight car. $8,500. 1985 500 SEL. Dark blue. Great value. $7,000. 1987 190 D. Ivory. 49.000 miles. $6,500. 1987 560 SEL. Dark blue/gray, 137K miles, very strong and straight. $8,500. 1999 CLK 430. Black/black. 20,000 miles, sport int., 18" chrome wheels, as new. $51,500. MG 1955 TF 1500. Red/black, wire wheels, super original. $16,000. 1968 MGB. Black/black leather, great car, good value. $7,500. 1977 Midget. Green/black. 35,000 miles. Great fun car. $4,000. Modena 1990 250 California Spider replica. White/tan, 5.0, auto, 5,000 miles. $35,000. Oldsmobile 1962 Cutlass F85 convertible. Red/red, V8, auto, black plates. $8,500. 1964 98 Convertible. White/blue, restored, black plates, lovely. $13,000. Plymouth 1939 Convertible. Blue/blue, rumble seat, restored. $29,500. Pontiac 1957 Safari Wagon. Perfect, red. $35,000. 1986 Fiero. Gold/tan, electric car built for Disney's CEO. $7,500. Porsche 1964 356C coupe. Blue/tan. $9,500. Volkswagen 1965 Bug Convertible. Red/gray, black top. Mint restored example. $14,900.

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I sold the car with the intent of buying another Alfa Giulietta or a Giulia coupe (I currently own a '73 GTV2000). However, it seems to be getting more and more difficult to find any good cars in at least 2+ condition. The Alfa listings in SCM seem to be on the decline. I realize that you try to put in as much Alfa content into SCM as possible, but do you have any suggestions for finding top-condition coupes? Do you offer services to broker car sales? And at what cost/commission? Any insight or suggestion would be appreciated.—Ken Chin, Benicia, CA SCM does not buy, sell or broker cars as a matter of principle and to avoid any ethical conflict of interest. When we do put up for sale a car we own, such as our 240Z, we clearly indicate that we own the car, and in our writings, have always declared what we paid for it. Best bet to find any car is to put a wanted ad in your local paper and in select national publications. It has always worked for us.—ED. Dear SCM: As a longtime Triumph enthusiast, I enjoy the coverage that you give the marque in SCM. However I do take exception to the statement made in the December 2000 issue (1955 Triumph TR2, pg. 60) "Since Triumph owners are hardly serious originality fanatics, there is little downside to such improvements." In my experience, I have seen the opposite with most of the Triumph owners that I have known. There are those who enjoy improving and modernizing, and I have absolutely no problem with that philosophy. And some of these improvements are quite necessary such as seat belts and disc brakes. I am a member of the Triumph Register of America, which is a club dedicated to the Sidescreen TRs. Each year under the direction of the club president John Warfield, the TRA holds one of the strictest Triumph Concours D'Elegance events that I have ever seen. TRs from all over the US are judged according to the TRA's book "Judging Standards and Restoration Guidelines." In my local club, the Richmond Triumph Register, I am the president elect (no recounts were needed). We are quite concerned with originality. Whenever we find an unmolested example, whether it is a Spitfire, TR6, Stag, or any Triumph model, members flock to the car to compare it to their own cars. This would not happen if Triumph owners were not "originality fanatics."—Ken Nachman, via e-mail Gary Anderson replies: I understand where you're coming from, since I was one of the founders of the comparable Austin-Healey Club concours system, and continue to actively encourage enthusiasts who want to restore their cars to factory-original specifications. However, in my experience, relative originality does not affect the 16  value of either Triumphs or AustinHealeys. A well-crafted restoration with sensible modifications done in good taste (e.g. disc brakes on a TR2 or a five-speed transmission in a Healey Mk III) will sell for exactly the same money as a factory-spec original car in the same condition. Dear SCM: I love your magazine—clearly a labor of love on everyone's part. Suggestion: keep the focus on sports cars. I hardly think a 1921 Model T qualifies as such. After all, the name of your magazine is not All Sorts of Auction Results, Including Cars That Can Barely Push 50 mph.—Wayne R. Knight, Encinitas, CA Dear SCM: I read with great interest the comments regarding the auction of this rare car (1948 Cisitalia Aerodynamic coupe) by Kruse at their Auburn sale. It raised some serious doubts and questions that I have with the many auction companies as to what their responsibility really is in describing the products that they are selling. In particular, the 1948 "Aerodynamic." I have attached a copy of this car's description, as taken from the eBay/Kruse report of the auction which, in my judgement, shows a number of serious misleading errors and misrepresentations. Whether or not these misrepresentations are a product of the owner or Kruse's staff is not really important because I believe that it is the responsibility of the selling agent/auction company to present the product accurately so that the prospective bidder/buyer can have some assurance that what he is buying is real and not a fake. In this case, there is a lot that was left unsaid and a lot said that shouldn't have been said. Let me offer some background. I have been a Cisitalia aficionado since the mid-1980s and have followed these cars through the many auctions and road events since that time. Actually, the last time I saw the red "aerodynamic" serial #001/ CMM it was being driven in the 1990 Mille Miglia retrospective by Steve Tillack. After that event the car went to Japan and, to the best of my knowledge, is still there. It was one of two such cars designed by Giovanni Savonuzzi for Piero Dusio, the owner of Cisitalia and built by Vignale. It was referred to as the Savonuzzi "Streamliner." The first car, that which was piloted by Steve Tillack, was serial #001/CMM and was painted red. The second car was silver and held serial #002/CMM. It was the second car which carried race #29 in the 1958 Mille Miglia and was driven by Piero Taruffi, winning the 1500 class even though the engine capacity was only 1200cc. According to the auction description, the car was one of "only 2430" such cars made but every book on the marque indicates the fact that there were but two. Further, on examining photos of the "real" car one can see several noticeable differences between the "real" car and the one offered at the auction. It should be noted that, prior to the auction, and as soon as the catalog was received, I wrote to Kruse asking for more information on the car, including serial number, motor number, recent history, etc. but received no response. One would assume that the auction company would find it in their best interests to reply to such inquiries from potential bidders if only as a service to their clients. What concerns me is where does the line get drawn. If, in fact, this car is the real thing, why would someone change the color from the original silver to red? This car, if real, is a very historic Mille Miglia icon and such a color change would be idiotic. Further, why would the serial number by changed from the real number 002/CMM considering its historical significance? Further yet, why would this car be running on MGA wheels? And most importantly, why would any owner of such an historically important car, no matter how idiotic he might be, ever sell the "real" car for $66,000? As Yul Brynner said in the play The King and I, "tis a puzzlement." To sum up my comments, I have no problem with remanufactured copies being sold at auctions as long as they are identified as such. Hell, it is being done all the time and, frankly, some of the copies are as good or better than the originals. But the auction house must have the responsibility to identify them as such and should never be allowed to state that "this car was entered as #29 in the Mille Miglia race in 1948 and was raced in various other endurance races before it was retired." This would be fine were this the "real" car but in this case all indications show that it is not. Could this border on fraud? One might think that the buyer of this car at the auction has a very good case against the seller and Kruse. One more good reason for caveat emptor.—"Bud" Conrad T. Brickman We've had long talks with John Levisay and Bruce Knox at Kruse/ eBay about this car. They are very concerned, and in the midst offormulating new policies that will cause a consignor to accept more responsibility for the way a car is described. Yes, a certain amount of responsibility resides with the auction company, but wouldn't you agree that even more resides with the consignor? Is it really the job of the auction company to act as a full-time lie detecting organization? SCM is formulating a set of suggested policies to address the responsibilities of consignors, buyers and auction houses. Watch this space in the next couple of months for further developments.—ED. Dear SCM: Regarding your 1978 280 dilemma, whether to put money into your son's car or just send it down the road, I have the answer...buy a great 190E. May I specifically suggest the wonderful 190E sitting in my driveway right now! The three kids got too big, so the 190E no longer fit the family and an E320 Wagon was bought for Mom and the three kids. The 190E now sits there waiting for a new owner to appreciate it. It's a 1986 190E with 112,000 miles, red with palomino, PS, PB, A/C, electric sunroof and automatic transmission. Comes with all shop manuals, owners manual and records. I am the second southern California, nonsmoker owner (I bought it from the local M-B dealer 10 years ago as a wedding present for the wife the week after we got married) and it has always received the best of care. I did not ever want to get a phone call that the wife and three children (all under the age of five) were stranded somewhere, and this car never let me down. Runs great, looks great, fly in, buy it and drive it anywhere. I'm sure you know how the same model of the same car can all individually "feel" different, right? Well, I've driven "a ton" of 190Es and this one is definitely one of the good ones. In fact, ten years ago, before I bought this particular one, I must have driven a dozen of them that day at the dealer before I settled on this one. (God... you should see the variances in all the brand-new Land Rovers that we get to drive.., you would never believe how much one can differ from another... pity the poor folks who spend $60,000 and get one of the "lousy" ones!). Only "negative" is that the Michelins on it are well, well worn and new tires would be necessary very soon. "Your" price: $4000. Get Eric a newer, safer (with airbag!) car that will not leave him stranded and have one less thing to worry about each day.—Ed Perlowsky, Caribou Imports/Caribou Canvas Ed, thanks for the offer. We've temporarily solved the 280 problem by getting it temporary tags for Eric to use while he is home on winter vacation, then putting it back into storage. He wants to drive a car back to U Mass / Amherst in the fall, so our decision has just been put off for a couple of months. We keep seeing decent 190Es go through auctions in the $3,000 - $4,000 range, and BMW 320is for the same amount. We're more likely to find a manual shift car in a 320, so we may find our family's first-ever BMW in the driveway come spring. At this juncture, all emotion aside, it just doesn't make any sense to pour money into the 280 beater We'll keep you posted, and thanks for the offer. Now, if your car had a 5-speed...—ED.• Sports Car Market

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Ask Mr. Kerb by Michael Duffey Send your collector car questions to Mr. Kerb, e-mail: mrkerb@compuserve.com, or snailmail to Mr. Kerb, 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, OR 97215. Should I Build My Own SZ? Dear Mr. Kerb: I have a tired 1973 Alfa Berlina. The body is shot, however the engine was rebuilt by the previous owner and the mechanicals are solid. 1 have lusted after an Alfa SZ for many years— none in particular, just any one! In your December issue (Kruse Auburn Auction Report, page 54), you show a 1962 SZ with the comment, "Was it real or was it Memorex?" and state that Galbiati still makes bodies in this style. Is it realistic to use my Berlina as the platform for a Galbiati SZ, or should I just find an already done "fake? "—R K., via e-mail Dear Mr. K: The economics of rebodied Alfas were "green" during the late '80s, but they have been "red" ever since. Back then, TZ-1 s could fetch $500,000 and an SZ might pull as high as $200,000. Right about this time, a few US dealers were doing a brisk business selling really hopeless Giulietta Sprint Speciales for export to Italy. You might wonder what is the connection between the SS and the SZ? They are the same car under the skin. Also, the engine number range for both cars is the same. This makes it possible to build a car that has all of the earmarks of the real deal, but is a new body on a donor chassis. There were lots of clever and sometimes humorous stories at the time about a secret junkyard in Switzerland where yet another SZ had been "found." (The American counterpart to this is the mystical junkyard just outside L.A. from which matching-numbers, factory fuelie Corvettes keep appearing.) In reality, the source for fake SZ donor cars was more likely the classified ads for junk SSs in Southern California newspapers. If a car could be "reborn" for $100,000, the constructors could easily make a living. They usually targeted the Japanese market, from where it was assumed the cars would never surface again. As an aside, since the collapse of the Japanese market, a whole host of questionable cars have flooded the world market. Before buying any Zagato, have it thoroughly examined by an expert. Today, if you wanted to peel the rough bits off your Berlina and dress it in faux Zagato alloy skin, I'll bet you will be in for more than economic heartache. First is the issue of physical dimensions. The Berlina is a much longer car, with a wheelbase more February, 2001  than 12 inches longer than the SZ. The front track on your car is 11/4 inches wider, although the rear track is nearly identical, so it would be necessary to stretch the length of the Zagato body and bulge the shape of the front fenders, just for starters. When you were done with your "Godzilla SZ," you would have a car that was not only a replica, but unlike the SS/SZ conversions, it would look badly done due to the change in body shape. Of course, you could shorten the chassis of your Berlina to achieve the desired 2250-mm wheelbase, but at that point it starts to look cheaper to skip the Berlina donor altogether and go directly to a Sprint Speciale as a starting point (they can be found, in rough condition, for under $10,000 with a little looking). All of the above sounds like far too much work and is certainly far too expensive compared to the sale price of a questionable SZ like the one you spotted in the December issue. If you really want a bargainpriced SZ, or at least something that looks, sounds and drives like an SZ, find and purchase a replica. The conversion of your Berlina to an SZ would probably cost as much as buying the real thing, which makes no sense at all. Are real cars better than the imitations? Of course they are, but I still wouldn't pass on a really nice repop if it was priced right. Dear Mr. Kerb: I have a question on the market value of a performance-enhanced sports car, particularly a Ferrari 308. If someone were to invest tens of thousands of dollars in mechanical and performance enhancement, say, on a turbo or hi-pro engine, would the car be worth more than a stock 308 in similar condition?—L. Y., via e-mail Dear Mr. Y: It would probably be worth less. The market for hotrod 308s is similar to the market for any other high-end non-stock car such as a slope-nose Porsche 911 with a big motor. They are very hard to sell. First of all, there are questions about reliability and the quality of the conversion, but the bottom line is that most enthusiasts have their own idea of what needs doing to a car. Your version of the ultimate 308 isn't likely to be anything but a parts car to another conversionminded person. If you are interested in modify- ing a car, then the smart thing to do is begin with an existing modified car from which you can remove the ugly bits and fashion your own version of hideousness, er, perfection. However, this still won't make you a winner at resale time. With modified cars, there is seldom "smart money" anywhere in sight. Mr. Kerb: I'm in the market for a late 1950s/early 1960s GT in the range of $40,000. Something in #2 to 3+ condition. My priority is useability. I want a car that my wife and I can enjoy on weekend trips, tours and club rallies. It could have four seats or two, as long as it has enough space for both of us and our weekend bags. Comfort, performance and practicality are most important—in an attractive design. It needs to be a car you'd be comfortable taking on the Interstate, as well as on two-lane back roads. I am not interested in shows, and not terribly concerned about future price appreciation. I have a bias toward British and Italian makes. My candidates are: Ferrari 250 GTE or PF Coupe; Maserati 3500 GT or Sebring; Aston Martin DB Mk III or DB4 coupe; Jaguar XK150 or E-type coupe; AC Aceca Bristol; and Alfa 2600 Spider (the only open car on the list). 1 would think $40K would buy a pretty good example of any of these, except maybe the PF coupe or DB4. Which one is your pick? Pluses and minuses of each? —M.P., Syracuse, N. Y. Dear Mr. P: Comfort, performance, practicality? Attractive and able to handle both two-lane roads and the Interstate? How about leaps tall buildings in a single bound as well? By today's standards, most late '50s and early '60s affordable GT cars are developmentally disabled in the areas that are important to you. First, a few of the cars on your list are generally unloved by the enthusiast/investor/collector community. This results in cars that are low priced, owned by folks who buy them because they are cheap and who don't realize that a drivetrain rebuild costs more than twice what the car is worth when done. You have enough budget to buy a really good example of a, shall we say, less-desirable exotic. But this doesn't mean that one exists in better than #3 condition, and if there were a good one a smart owner wouldn't waste his/ her time advertising it because nobody cares about a really good example of an unloved car. This makes locating one of those really good ones a matter of luck. Which cars fit in this category? The Alfa 2600 and the Maserati Sebring are poster children for orphan exotics. The Alfa is kind of a poor man's Aurelia convertible but if the Alfa was "the girl next door," she would be pleasingly plump with a nice personality. The really hot number would be her younger, skinnier sister named Giulietta. The Maserati Sebring, though a 4-liter evolution of the 3500 in its final iteration, has an unfortunate body by Frua with a "happy guppy" front end and Lucas fuel injection, which is often removed. The AC Aceca, Jag 150 FHC and Maserati 3500 all have similar flaws. This is a group of cars that cost more to restore than their roadster equivalents, and are worth half as much. What kind of economic sense does that make? It would be difficult, though not impossible, to find one in the condition you would need to keep your marriage together. I like all three, but rarely see examples that look ready to go on a trip. I also never recommend Maseratis or Astons to an enthusiast on a budget; the parts and service are really expensive. It is possible to find a very, very nice Jaguar XKE coupe for $40,000. That amount of money would also buy a Ferrari 250 GTE, but you will probably not find a "driver" Ferrari PF coupe for that. All told, the Ferrari will probably cost two to three times as much as the XKE to service and maintain, and the XKE is a far more modern car in terms of suspension and brakes. On the other hand, the 250 GTE is, after all, a V12 Ferrari with a panache all its own. The Astons? DB 4/5/6 prices have been on the move for about a year now, pushing all reasonably ambulatory examples out of your Mr. Kerb Contined on page 20 1 7

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1" The Wrenching TRUTH A look at repair and restoration shops recommended by SCM subscribers. Please send your suggestions for shops for us to consider to copyedrajsportscarmarket.com, fax 503/252-5854. I Classic at Sport by Bill Neill n 1983, David Carte began restoring Ferraris in his garage. His present shop, Classic & Sport, opened three years later in Edinburg, a small town on the border ofVirginia and West Virginia. New York real estate developer Peter Kalikow owns twenty-six Ferraris, and has sent many of the older models to Classic & Sport since meeting Carte at Pebble Beach in 1995. The shop has worked on Kalikow's '67 330 GTC, Superfast, California and Series 1 PF Cabriolet, and currently is restoring his 1961 400 Superamerica Cabriolet. "David's knowledge about what is correct on these cars is unbelievable, down to the smallest detail," said Kalikow. For his Series 1 Cabriolet, Carte fabricated a brake reservoir and a Iicense plate bracket. "They were like artwork," Kalikow related. Things like this may not seem important, but they often make the difference between a coveted Best in Class or Show and a second-place award at a prestigious concours. Cars prepared by Classic & Sport have brought in a half-dozen awards at Pebble Beach and the Cavallino Classic for Kalikow. SCM'er Lance Hill, who had Classic & Sport perform a partial restoration of a Daytona Spyder and a full restoration of a 1957 14-louver Ferrari TdF, agrees with Kalikow. "What distinguishes David from the other guys is a ceaseless devotion to research and knowledge," the Toronto businessman said. flaws into the cars; the craftsmen put them in during construction. "Today, with modern technology and the luxury of time on our side, our execution can be more precise," Carte said. He has been hired to do pre-purchase inspections on cars his customers are consider- in the '70s, there was not a lot of emphasis on originality," Carte said. "Instead of the original carpet, they may have chosen something that was more appealing or that fit better." So if a customer is looking for a truly competitive show car, a restoration that was considered "perfect" in the 1970s may have to be completely redone. Peter Kalikow at Cavallino with his 1957 250 PF Series 1 Cabriolet restored by Classic & Sport. In general, Carte's advice is to buy the best, most original car available. Restoration costs will quickly eat up the difference in price between a good car and a fair one. "Some of my customers haven't learned that lesson yet," Carte said. "Nine times out of ten the bargain car costs them more." Paint and body work is usually handled by Carte himself. He and his workers also fabricate parts from scratch, such as exhaust systems and sheet metal panels. Classic & Sport even makes reproductions of the wrenches, screwdrivers and grease guns that originally came in Ferrari tool kits. When restoring interiors, Carte goes to certain mills to have a particular headliner made in a material called hair cell vinyl. Ferrari used different perforation patterns on different models. According to Carte, late '50s and early '60s cars had no perforations, Lussos had a 7 x 4 mm diamond pattern, 275 GTB/ 4s had a 7 x 7 pattern, and the 330 GTC headliner was smooth, with no perforations. John Whittington of Classic & Sport works on the brake lines of a 400 Superamerica. According to Carte, each vintage Ferrari has its own personality and no two are the same. This was most obvious when he restored one of the 1952 340 Mexico coupes that took part in the Carrera Panamericana. This Texasbased car had a hidden compartment 18 x 4 inches long under the dash, ideal for smuggling contraband across the border. It was missing some parts, so Carte borrowed some from another Mexico to use as a pattern. He found that the borrowed side window trim did not fit because the left door of the car in his shop was a half inch longer than the right door. While working on a 340 Mille Miglia, Carte discovered that the headlight on one side was recessed 5/8 of an inch deeper than the other side, due to the car's hand-built nature. Most of the time his customers want the cars restored to a more perfect level than when they were new. The reason? Ferrari's designers didn't design 8  Shop  Owner  Location  Number of staff  Number of bays  Years in operation  Hourly rate  Specialty  Phone  E-mail  Classic & Sport David Carte Edinburg, Virginia 5 10 14 $35 vintage Ferraris 540/984-8711 dcarte@shentel.net Recommended by  SCM subscriber Lance Hill ing for restoration. The condition of the Ferrari for sale is not of primary importance to Carte. Instead, he looks for authenticity, originality, and completeness. "Is the car what it purports to be," he asked, "and does it have all its parts?" It's more difficult to restore a Ferrari that has already been restored than to work on an original car. "If a '50s era Ferrari was restored Besides painstaking concours restorations, Classic & Sport does cosmetic repairs and fixes Ferrari fender- benders. "We take care of daily drivers as well as show cars," Carte said. "The success of a good restoration shop is its people," Carte said. "My two main guys have been here longer than ten years. We all have the same goal in mind, to provide the customer with the best car he can get for his money." Customers who spend extraordinary amounts restoring important old Ferraris naturally want them to win prizes. "Of course, there is never a guarantee," Carte said. "The judging at any concours is subjective and somewhat unpredictable." Winning a concours is more than just a feelgood award for the car owner. A car that has collected first-place prizes at important events becomes more valuable in the marketplace. By winning a concours, "You have established the car's pedigree that it is correct and of good quality." Carte said.• Sports Car Market

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Restoration - Service Sales - Automobilia Memorabilia - Gift Shop 22 int mu www.guildclassiccars.com Has your project slowed down a bit? We can help. tit CURD,* Hours: Mon - Fri: 9:30 -5:00 Sat: 9:30 - 3:00 Many automobile restorations are begun with all the best intentions and then languish as owners become too busy to continue. In some cases where the car is actually in a shop that is either too small or perhaps out of their element, it can end up on the back burner for so long that it may as well be in the deep freeze. We see it all the time. The solution is quite simple. Phone us. We will take your project and get it moving again. We have resuscitated restorations as diverse as Model Ts to Mustangs, Bugattis to Jaguars. We are a large and busy shop but we have the experience and the staff to take your car, eliminate the slowdowns and get it finished so that you can do what you want to do with it in the first place: drive it. Now we are not promising that your car can be done in two weeks, but we can usually get things on track, literally, in a few months. Where some shops throw up their arms in frustration at parts unavailability, we have an international network and full time parts sourcers on staff. If that doesn't work, we can make the part, no matter if it is a mechanical part or a complete body shell. We tend to keep everything under one roof so that we maintain control and we are fussier and more particular about most owners' cars than even they are. We understand that these are not people's cars; those are the tradable transportation sitting in the driveway. These machines are people's dreams, aspirations, accomplishments and passions. If you have noticed a bit too much dust gathering on your passion, call; we look forward to hearing from you. Oh, and just a little bit more. We are up here in Canada where you get a thirty percent discount on every dollar you spend (with the exchange), along with some of the finest craftsmanship in the world. The Guild of Automotive Restorers PO Box 1150, 44 Bridge St., Bradford, ON L3Z 2B5 Canada Tel: (905)775-0499 Fax: (905) 775-0944

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Mr. Kerb Confined from page 17 price range. The DB 2/4 Mk III is the best of the 2/4 series, with better power and brakes than earlier cars. Still, the overall feel of those cars speaks volumes about the reality of motoring in a 50-year-old car. And again, they can be hugely expensive to repair when, not if, something breaks. That concludes the insultingly pragmatic portion of my answer. Now, to my personal favorites as drivers, the Aceca, XKE and PF coupe. The Aceca is a great '50s GT car as interpreted by the Brits. Though it will be difficult to find a really good one without some effort, your budget is more than adequate. The combination of tubular chassis, alloy bodywork, independent suspension and the legendary two-liter Bristol engine makes the AC a somewhat noisy but enjoyable experience. Switching to 15-inch radials should make the car predicable in the twisties. Overall, I find the AC a real charmer. The E-type needs no introduction. Of all the cars on your wish list, it has the best prospects for parts and service. While not as agile as a flat-out sports car, it behaves reasonably well under most conditions. Of all the poisons you listed, the XKE will be the most practical to swallow and digest, as well as being the easiest to find in good condition, since so many have been restored. Last of my top three is the PF coupe. This is an ageless design that still looks fresh decades after its introduction. Though it is the least agile of my top three and not outstanding in the way it drives, there is nothing that makes the senseless outlay of piles of cash justifiable like the sound of a 3-liter Ferrari engine. You are right when you suspect that your budget won't buy a #2 to 3+ condition PF. You'll probably have to increase your budget to get a good driver. All three of these cars have that vintage feel and smell of wool, leather and gasoline that we associate with ownership of an older European coupe. Any one of the three shouldn't be hard to sell if you decide that a 40-year-old car isn't what you thought it would be. Dear Mr. Kerb: I need advice on my next purchase. I am considering one of two sports cars: a 1998 Porsche Boxster or a 1998 Corvette 6speed convertible. Which car will hold its value better over the next three to four years? I have owned late-model Corvettes and notice that they don't do too well in that respect.—H.C., via e-mail Dear Mr. C: Historically, fiveor six-year-old Corvettes and Porsches have fallen to about half of their original sale price. But the wrinkle here is that both cars you mentioned are new models that might not be easily compared to the Kelley Blue Book performance of their earlier models. How much these two cars will adhere to this ratio is going to be affected by a few factors: the price of the current Boxster or Corvette, and also how much the new models have evolved during that time. The Boxster was only on the market a few months before the release of a more powerful model, the "5," was being talked about. This has caused resale values of early, lowhorsepower Boxsters to suffer dramatically. Who knows how well the early Boxsters will fare against whatever more-powerful versions come out in the next few years? Corvettes tend to change more slowly. The fifth-generation (C5) Corvette introduced in 1997 is so much different from what came before it that I don't think GM has much more up their sleeve. (Actually, I'm not even sure GM has a sleeve anymore.) So, it looks as though there is more risk of the Porsche Boxster fading in the shadows of newer models than the 'Vette.• Join the SCM Seminar on Collecting at the RM Amelia Island auction, March 9, 2001. For information contact Cindy Banzer at (503) 261-0555 or e-mail: cbanzeresportscarmarket.com BIKE BUYS / lAr  1992 Ducati 851 hen you ride an 851, you might as well Velcro your driver's li- cense to the side of your helmet to make it easier for the cops when they pull you over," said SCM's motorcycle guru Tom Young, owner of the bike pictured here. The racing version of the 851, ridden by Raymond Roche, took first place in the 1990 World Superbike Championship. The 851 is a no-frills, exotic superbike, not a commuter appliance. It asks to be ridden hard, which delighted the users who purchased it. Unlike a Japanese four-cylinder engine that needs to see 6,000 rpm before it makes any horsepower, the Ducati twin pulls hard from 3,000 rpm all the way to 9,250 rpm, where it puts out a claimed 100 horsepower. It features precise, neutral handling and tripledisc Brembo brakes that could stop a locomotive. Compared to Japanese sport bikes of its time, the Ducati is lighter and nimbler, but with less overall power. The riding position puts a lot of weight on the wrists, 20  engine you can tune up in your driveway on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, the electronics are reliable enough, at least by Italian standards, so frequent tinkering should not be necessary. It's red, fast, fuel-injected and Italian. and tall riders may find themselves cramped. Long cruises on the Interstate are not this bike's forte. A fiberglass fairing hides most of the engine, but part of the white steel trellis frame is visible. With Weber-Marelli electronic fuel injection, four valves per cylinder and liquid cooling, the 851 has a fairly complicated motorcycle engine. Sensors monitor air temperature, coolant temperature, and engine rpm and the 90-degree V-twin engine has camshafts operated by toothed rubber belts. This is not an The complexity of valve adjustments will be a source of irritation to some and fascination to others. It requires separate shims for each valve and you may find yourself grinding them by hand to get the right thickness, a process that Alfa Romeo owners have long been familiar with. (Be aware that if you grind a shim, you remove the hardened outer surface, and the shim may deform more quickly over time.) Parts availability is said to have improved since the Texas Pacific Group took over the ownership of Ducati S.p.A. in the late '90s. A popular hop-up modification to the 851 is a $150 aftermarket computer chip, which reprograms the fuel injection for more power and better throttle response. The cycle shown here also wears a pair of aftermarket carbon fiber mufflers for less back pressure and lighter weight. The 851's fiberglass tail section lifts off to reveal a passenger seat hidden underneath. The 17-inch wheels have a 120 section tire at the front, and a wide 180 tire on the rear. Over the years, Ducati fit- ted a variety of wheels, forks, mirrors, and gas tanks to the 851. Now eight years old, the 851's role as the cutting-edge sport weapon from Ducati has been superseded by the 916 and 996 models. But they have been produced in relatively high numbers compared to the 851, enhancing its chances of future collectibility. For $16,500, you can buy a current Ducati 996 and go faster in greater comfort, and keep it parked in the garage next to your new Modena 360, just like all the other newbie 996 owners. The 851 may be the last Ducati from an era when performance was everything. A hard-edged motorcycle, it begs for a hard-edged rider to take it streaking down the road.—Bill Neill• Years produced  Colors  1988-92 red, Tricolor (red/white/green) Number produced ... approx. 3,000 Engine 851 cc liquid-cooled V-twin, 100 hp 6-speed Transmission  Weight  Price new  Value today  Frame #  Engine #  Web site  444 pounds (dry) $12,500 (1992) $7,000-$10,000 Steering head Perfect 851 owner  Rating:  Fun to ride  Ease of maintenance  Appreciation potential  Sports Car Market Right side crankcase www.ducati.com Is proud of the road rash on his knee pucks and elbow pads. is best.

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112■ Market Review & Buyer's Guide La rivista del velocissimo e del bellissimo r■=7", WI ...- ANONIMA tOMBAROA FABBRICA AUTOMOBIll Tip° U  MIMI MILANO MIMI ti N? 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Chassis number: AR10511 750085 Engine number: AR00502A 18638 .1 . he Giulia Tubolare Zagato, or TZ, emerged victorious from its racing debut at Monza in November 1963, and from then on proved a competent competitor. Of the 112 TZs made, approximately two thirds survive. Chassis number 085 was completed on March 9, 1965, but was not officially sold to Autodelta until December 31 of that year. The car was probably raced by French ace Jean Rolland in the interim, substantiated by the second owner's testimony and small details on the car that are peculiar to TZs raced in France. In April 1966 the car was sold to Tuscan racing driver Aldo Bardelli. Earlier that month, during the Colline Pistoiesi event in another TZ, his car had caught fire. Bardelli was invited by Ing. Chiti to Autodelta's new Milan works to inspect two potential replacements. Bardelli says he chose this car, recently returned from the Tour de Corse, because he knew Autodelta had installed all the latest tweaks for Rolland. Arguably the most successful of all TZ-owning privateers, Bardelli went on to win countless races in 085 over the next few years. He points out that not once, in all his races with this car, did he crash it. Bardelli recalls: "Alfa Romeo asked me to drive under contract, but I declined, preferring an open arrangement where I received 500,000 Lire (a considerable sum then) per race and car preparation carried out by Autodelta." In total, he competed in 300-350 events with this and other cars, but he remembers the European Championship hill climb at 011onVillars in Switzerland in particular: "I was with this TZ and the race was run in two heats. Having won the first, I returned to my car in the Parc Ferme to find all four tires slashed. It was a public holiday but Ferrari kindly lent me a spare set which Scarfiotti helped me change, and I won the second heat and my class overall." Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  In 1971, 085 was sold to Florentine driver Armando Ciuffi and was entered in a handful of events before finally being retired. It has been in the present ownership since acquisition from Ciuffi in 1989. This car has the twin-plug ignition system as fitted to the later TZ2s and incor- Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives  porates a host of other Autodelta features: flared wheel arches for wider, team-specification wheels; extra bodywork, air scoops and retaining straps; larger valves; "duck-bill" exhaust system and a special sump stamped Coppa Speciale. The deep red paint has a charming patina of age, while the original-specification black vinyl/cloth interior retains the correct steering wheel, instruments and switches, the latter including a fake brake light switch. Lead seals on the steering column and scrutineers' stickers on the original Plexiglass side windows bear witness to a lengthy and illustrious competition career. The vendor states that this car has never been restored, but was thoroughly checked over and received an engine rebuild. A recent test February, 2001  drive revealed that the car starts readily and idles well, the suspension is firm, the brakes good and the transmission excellent, all gears engaging smoothly. In short, the car is a delight to drive and surprisingly rapid. TZ 085 features both works and privateer history, is offered in full period race specification and comes with original Italian logbook, ASI homologation and comprehensive history file. Front intake side of block AROC, 10 Raskin Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 www.aroc-usa.org Alfa Romeo GTAM, Porsche 904, non-factory lightweight E-type This car sold at the August 5, 2000 Brooks auction at the Niirburgring, Germany for $246,985, including buyer 's premium. This is significantly over the Price Guide's high figure of $200,000 and is due, no doubt, to the car 's fully documented provenance. Few welldocumented or well-equipped TZs can bring as much as 085, but it 's clear that buyers continue to be willing to pay a significant premium for a "no-questions" car. Some dubious Zagato-bodied Alfas are available today, and the extra money paid for this particular TZ may prove to be cheap insurance. Alfa's TZ was a challenging car to sort out, its independent rear suspension being the most critical element in obtaining decent handling. Hopefully, a few chisel marks remain to indicate optimum alignment settings for the rear suspension. Otherwise, the new owner is likely to dis- 1963-67 112 $6,000 $150,000-$200,000 $700 $250 Engine bulkhead cover he owns a mount that can only be tamed over a number of races. Once sorted out, however, the TZ is a very competitive and comfortable race car. The "Sebring" exhaust is deafening both outside and inside the car, but the protection of a helmet and the excitement of a race are enough to make a high-speed experience thoroughly enjoyable. The easy availability of Alfa parts also helps make this car a practical and regular weekend competitor. The price paid for this TZ proves once again that a car can be restored many times, but is only original once, and it is in that state, if useable, that the car retains its highest value.—Pat Braden (Historical data and photo courtesy of auction company)• 21

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La rivista del velocissimo e del bellissimo The Quarterly Price Guide reflects a retail buying and selling range for cars in very good to near excellent condition-significantly above a "daily driver" and one step below regional concours; a strong #2 on the accepted 1-5 scale, 1 being the best. These values are set by sales activity, primarily in the United States, as well as conversations with owners, dealers and collectors. As condition and history are the ultimate determinants of value, each car must be evaluated according to its own merits. Prices below assume cars with "no stories attached." An automobile priced above our guide is not necessarily overpriced, nor is one priced below a bargain. * Indicates approximate production numbers. Years Model  22-25 RL Norm./Turismo  25-26 RI.. Sport/S. Sport  23-24 RL Targa Florio  27-29 6C 1500 Norm.  28 28 6C 1500 Sport  6C 1500 SS S'charged  29-33 6C 1750 Turismo  30-32 6C 1750 Gran Tur.  30-33 6C 1750 GS SC 2+2  30-33 6C 1750 GS SC Zag.  30-33 6C 1750 GS Touring  31-34 8C 2300 long chassis  31-34 "Le Mans" Team Cars  31-34 8C 2300 sh. chassis "M  31-34 8C 2300 "Monza"  # Prod. 1,702 929 1,058 inc. Price Range $40,000 -  $50,000 -  $50,000 -  50,000 60,000 4 $275,000 -  325,000 65,000 $95,000 -  115,000 2,259 inc. inc. $200,000 -  245,000 $60,000 -  $75,000 -  70,000 90,000 inc. $135,000 -  175,000 inc. $375,000 -  450,000 inc. $350,000 -  400,000 32-34 Tipo B Monoposto (P3)  35-36 Tipo C Monoposto (8C-35)  34-39 6C 2300 Saloon Coachwk.  1,606 34-39 6C 2300 Sp. Coachwk.  38-39 6C 2300 Mille Mig.  36-38 8C 2900 short chassis  36-38 8C 2900 long chassis  inc. 12 $1,250,000 - 1,700,000 20* $1,900,000 - 2,300,000 26 $2,500,000 - 3,300,000 15 $1,800,000 - 2,400,000 6 $1,400,000 - 1,850,000 $32,500 -  37,500 $85,000 -  105,000 inc. $210,000 -  240,000 17 $3,750,000 - 5,500,000 27 $3,250,000 - 3,500,000 39-43 6C 2500 SS (Coachblt.)  50 - 100  $135,000  -  225,000  Change  3 mo / 1 yr n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 3% 3% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 21% 17% 16% 18% 6% 5% 18% 7% (Deduct up to $100,000 for non-matching engines on previous two categories.) 130 $900,000 - 1,100,000 3% 2% 1% 1% I% 2% n/c n/c n/c 19% n/c (2,594 6C 2500 chassis of all types were built. Numbers below are included in that figure.) 44% n/c  Years  Model 39-40 6C 2500 SS Corsa 39-53 6C 2500 Cab. (Coachblt.) 46-53 6C 2500 SS (Coachblt.) 46-50 6C 2500 Frec. D'Oro 49-53 6C 2500 Villa D'Este 51-54 1900 5 Window Cpe. 51-53 1900M 4WD 55-58 1900 3 Window Cpe. 52 1900 Cabriolet 55-57 1900 Zagato (SSZ) 58-62 2000 Spider 62-65 2600 Spider 62-66 2600 Sprint 65-67 2600 Sprint Zagato 54-59 750 Sprint Normale 55-59 750 Spider Normale 56-59 750 Spider Veloce 56-59 750 Sprint Veloce 56-57 750 Sprint (Lightwt.) 57-58 750 SS (Low-nose) # Prod. Price Range 10* $175,000 -  250,000 n/a $95,000 -  115,000 680 $40,000 -  1,949 91 3,443 2,255 105 7,000* 7,000* 2,300* 1,100* 100* 100* n/a $125,000 -  175,000 45,000 250* $150,000 -  175,000 949 $37,500 -  854 $35,000 -  28* $10,000 -  $40,000 -  $16,000 -  6,999 $8,500 -  $25,000 -  $8,500 -  $9,500 -  $20,000 -  $18,000 $45,000 -  $27,500 59-62 101 1300 Spi. Norm. 59-62 101 1300 Spi. Veloce 59-62 101 1300 Spnt. Norm. 7,800* 500* 17,000* $9,000 $16,000 $8,500 -  45,000 $85,000 -  125,000 $12,500 -  Change 3 mo / 1 yr n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 15,000 n/c 40,000 50,000 15,000 20,000 11,000 35,000 9,500 12,500 25,000 22,500 55,000 32,500 n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 42% 14% 25% 13% 16% n/c n/c n/c n/c 11% 11% n/c n/c 11% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c (Add 50% for 56-57 Veloces due to eligibility for prestigious vintage events.) n/c 13,000 18,000 11,500 n/c 3% n/c 8% 8% n/c 15% 17% n/c n/c 3% n/c Jon Norman's ALFA PARTS "New, extremely competitive "value pricing" on all parts. " Over 20 years of Alfa experience. Street & race. " 1300, 1600, 1750, 2000, V6 - we know them all 1' ORDERS WILL NOT GET LOST & YOU WILL GET THE RIGHT PART THE FIRST TIME! In California, call: 1-800-890-ALFA (2532) or 510-525-9435 Fax: 510-525-9519 22  750-101-102-105-106-115-116-119-164 The largest stock in North America makes AR Ricambi your first choice for all your Alfa Romeo parts needs • Replacement Parts: Engine, drive line, sheet metal, glass, rubber. Original Equipment and aftermarket supply... • Performance Parts: Headers, cams, pistons, springs, sway bars, induction, brakes...and more Call to order our new 1996 Performance Parts Catalog 800 225 ALFA Sports Car Market

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59-62 101 1300 Spnt. Vet.  58-62 101 1300 Spnt. Spec.  60-61 SZ-1  61-62 SZ-2  63-64 TZ-1  64-65 TZ-2  64-65 101 1600 Spi. Vel.  62-64 101 1600 Spnt. Norm.  63-66 101 1600 Spi. Spec.  63-66 Giulia Sprint GT  66-68 Giulia Sprint GT Vel.  64-66 Giulia GTC  63-64 Giulia TI Super  65-72 Giulia Super  66-68 4R Zagato  65-67 1600 GTA Stradale  65-67 1600 GTA Corsa  68-71 1300 GTA Jr. Strad.  68-71 1300 GTA Jr. Corse  68-72 1750 GTAM  67-69 TT 33/2 Stradale  67-69 TT 33/2 (2 liter)  69-72 TT 33/3 (3 liter)  75  77  66-67 Duetto  68-69 1750 Spider (Rndtail.)  69  GTV 1750  70-72 1300 Junior Zagato  72-75 1600 Junior Zagato  72-75 Montreal  1,900*  1,366  $12,000  $18,000  15,000  24,000  169  $65,000 - 80,000  44  $75,000 - 95,000  101  $165,000 - 200,000  12  $1,000,000 - 1,250,000  9,250  1,091  7,107  1,400  21,542  14,240  124,590  $12,000 -  $18,000 -  $8,500 - $18,000 - $7,500 -  $8,500 -   1,000  $14,000 -  501  $15,000 -  $5,000 -  $30,000 -  $37,500 -   16,500  22,500  11,500  24,000  9,000  n/c  5%  7%  6%  4%  n/c  11,000  18,000  20,000  7,000  92  $30,000 - 35,000  560  $45,000 - 55,000  inc.  $50,000 - 75,000  447  inc.  35,000  42,500  40  $75,000 - 95,000  18  $600,000 - TT 33 12 cylinder  TT 33 SC 12 (S'charged)  30  $350,000 - 400,000  20  $300,000 - 725,000  350,000  15,047  inc.  44,265  1,108  402  (Deduct $2,500 if not properly state and federal certified) 69-74 Berlina 1750/2000  70-74 GTV 1750/2000  70-74 Spider 1750/2000  75-81 Spider 2000  3,925  n/a  37,459  n/a  n/a  $2,000 -  $7,500 -  $4,000 -  $4,000 -  12  $300,000 - 400,000  2  $250,000 - 275,000  $10,000 -  $9,000 - $8,000 -  $16,500 - $17,500 -  $14,000    13,500  12,500  9,000  18,000  20,000  16,000  3,500  9,500  6,500  5,500  n/c  11%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  Re-Originals  OEM Quality' n/c  n/c  n/c  2%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c 5% 32% 13% 16% 13% (Note: TZs and SZs are easy to fake; prices are for authentic cars with paperwork) 62-65 101 1600 Spi. Norm  n/c 13% n/c 2% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 18% 14% n/c n/c new entry (Note: GTA prices are especially affected by originality, completeness and history.) n/c 11%  30% 4%  n/c  30% 33% 11% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 75-79 Alfetta Sedan  75-79 Alfetta GT  82-84 Spider 2000  82  81-83 GTV-6  84  84-86 GTV-6  85-86 Spider 2000  87-89 Milano  85  (Automatic trans, deduct $500.) GTV-6 Balocco  GTV-6 Maratona  n/a n/a n/a n/a GTV-6 Twin Turbo  87-89 Milano Verde  87-90 Spider 2000  90-92 Zagato ES-30  91-95 164/164L  91-95 164S  91-92 Spider 2000  93  350 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a (Automatic trans, deduct $1,000.) n/a n/a 1,020 n/a n/a Spider 2000 (corn. ed.)  (Automatic trans, deduct $1,500.)* Veloce Motors ALFA ROMEO parts, service and repair. Factory trained Alfa Romeo Mechanic Over 30 years experience. DAN SOMMERS Diane Sommers (503) 274-0064 1425 NW Flanders, Portland, OR 97209 New location, new name. Formerly Euro Auto Service 12618 Craigwood Lane Cypress, TX 77429 NEW WINDSHIELDS FROM EUROPE! Apollo Laminated! DOT, TUV & ISO Approved! Maserati Ghibli Maserati Mexico Maserati 3500 GT DeTomaso Pantera Intermeccanica Italia Duetto Alfa SS Montreal 2600 Zagato Junior Zagato TZ-1 & TZ-2 GTV-Gasket Style Giulietta/Giulia Sprint Giulietta/Giulia Spider Alfetta GT & Four Door 2000/2600 Touring Spider FREE CATALOGS & UPHOLSTERY SAMPLES Alfa - Ferrari - Lancia - Fiat - Maserati - Apollo - Lamborghini Call today for your OEM, NOS or new restoration part. PHONE 281-807-1945 or FAX 281-807-1946 February, 2001  23 $2,000 $2,500  $3,000  $3,000  $4,000  $4,500  $5,500  $13,500  $3,500  $3,000  $5,500  $4,500  $27,000  $4,500  $8,500  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $9,500 -  n/a  $10,000 -  3,000 4,000 5,500 4,000 5,000 7,500 7,000 15,000 6,000 4,000 7,000 7,500 30,000 7,500 12,000  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c ('94-'95 only, 4-cam 164L, LS add $4,000. '95 only, 164Q, add $7,000.) n/a  11,500 n/c 10,500  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -8% n/c n/c -4%

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F Offerte e Rkhieste di Alfa Romeo ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular text classified only $15 per month. Parts/Parts Wanted Ads FREE for private party subscribers! 28 6C-1500S ZAGATO, tri-post, one of four in existence, original body, beautiful older restoration, many Concours awards and vintage driving events, Mille Miglia eligible $200,000. Ccars, 626-447-0327. CA 29 6C 1500 SS, dismantled for restoration, new Zagato fenders, other body parts missing $85,000. FAX 49-731-2447 GERMANY 32 6C 1750 GS, dismantled for restoration, new Zagoto roadster body $145,000. FAX 49-731-24457 GERMANY 55 1900C SPRINT S2 GHIA, coupe, charcoal w/blk & white int, 5-spd $59,500. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 56 SPIDER VELOCE, 6 of 18 made in '56, the only known survivor, absolutely correct, very nice and likely to be accepted in all prestige vintage events $32,000. 323656-7483. FAX 323-654-8788 CA 57 750 GIULIETTA, Normale, restored, white w/blk int, red piping and carpet, recently refreshed, dead stock original except for the beefy Veloce setup and 5-spd trans, a 1-owner car 40 yrs, 70K orig mi $21,000. Cosmopolitan Motors, 206-467-6531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 58 GIULIETTA SPIDER, Veloce race car, red, 1600, successful well prepared vintage racer that includes a truck load of spares, call for the list, in storage for 3 years $12,500. 519-845-3134. CANADA ON 59 SPRINT COUPE, red, runs perfect, beautiful cosmetics and int, correct car w/ 5-spd $16,000. Dick Gales, 415-693-6079 office. 415-346-7859 home. CA AR1012000239, complete bare metal restoration; no rust or Bondo. New chrome, Rosso Rubino with new gray leather w/piping. New Pirellis. New rubber hoses, window & door seals. New suspension bushings and shocks, mechanically excellent. Newly rebuilt Veloce engine. Original block also available, 72,000 miles, great driving car, $27,000 obo. 407-876-8860. FL 60  SPRINT  SPECIALE, 62 GIULIETTA SPYDER, white/red, 5spd, no-rust ever, new blk top & red int, new chrome, everything rebuilt, near mint cond, $13,900. 330-225-3641. OH 63 Giulia Spider (Normale), professional restoration 12 years ago. Well maintained by Alfa enthusiast. Excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically. Arizona car, no rust. Always garaged. White with blue interior and Stayfast top. Instruments rebuilt and refaced. Period radio works, as does everything else. New rubber mats throughout. Number 2 car that is ready to show, drive and enjoy. tgreenslade@usa.net $16,000. Bill Greenslade, 602-955-5547. 602-7650061. AZ 63 GIULIA SPIDER 1600, professional restoration, white w/blue int, blue Stayfast top, period radio, gauges refaced, AZ car, no rust ever, runs and looks great, needs nothing $16,000. Bill Greenslade, 602765-0061. AZ 63 GIULIA SPRINT Speciale, white/tan, complete and correct, no rust, club events, roll bar $25,000. Fantasy Junction, 510653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 65 Giulia Spider 1600, red, one owner, 48,000 miles, rust-free, California car, mechanically fresh, requiring only cosmetics to be outstanding. $12,500. Jeff Knudsen, 616-335-3868. MI 65 TZ1, #096, matching engine, unrestored good original condition. Photos garryroberts@fea.net $189,000. Garry, 949-650-2690. CA 66 2600 SPYDER, freshly redone, red w/ blk, 3 tops, all manuals, receipts, used in movie with Roger Moore, a real headturner, 68K mi, $26,000 without hardtop $28,000 with hardtop. 978-683-5139. MA 66 GTV, red/tan, full professional restoration, leather interior, Sperry stage 5 2Liter, 45 mm Webers, Mini-Lites, R-1 tires, Nardi wheel, much more, $15,000. 570-825-0571. PA 66 SPRINT SPECIALE, red w/gray int., 70,000 mi, needs new owner, restored. $22,000. nyzz@dellmail.com , 425-4817903. WA 67 GIULIA 1300 TI, 4-door, light blue w/red int, 1-owner, 1st paint 87,000 km, 100% original, imported from Florence, Italy $7,850. Alex, 978-469-8318. MA 69 1300 GT JR, complete and running, body rough $2,500. 515-981-9148. IA 69 DUETTO, original paint faded, needs restoration, stored inside for 15 years $2,200. 415-227-0440. CA 71 GTV, silver/blk int, new paint from bare metal, many new parts $4,000. 708-8484569. IL 71 GIULIA SUPER, burgundy/pigskin, Webers, excellent condition, 2001 CA tags $5,500. 714-898-2945. CA Anxotg R ES T OR A TIONS Twenty years dedicated to the meticulous restoration of the world's finest exotic, vintage race and classic motor cars. APPRAISING SERVICES AVAILABLE: DECLARED VALUE • LOSS DAMAGE • ESTATES 2347 GOLD RIVER ROAD • SUITE N • GOLD RIVER, CA 95670 (916) 635-3559 • FAX (916) 635-5824 24 Call: 303-447-0239 or fax: 303-447-0257 www.centerlinealfa.com Sports Car Market 72 SPIDER, green with tan top, runs well $3,850 obo. 804-348-0298 eves. VA 74 GTV, Weber 40's, 53K mi, Farina Rosso, black bit, Cromodoras, factory a/c, mechanically excellent as well as int and ext, showroom condition and one of a kind $20,500 delivery arranged. 305-672-6615. FL 74 GTV, Moving, hate to sell. Fun and reliable, SIvr/Blk. Well maint. Good mectel cond. $5,000. 415-771-7635. 74 GTV 2000, rust-free, show quality, beautiful red $12,500 US$. 250-584-3047. CANADA BC 76 SPYDER, dual Webers, Ansa exhaust, roll bar, some rust, powerful driver $2,000 obo. 212-349-4684. NY 79 ALFETTA SPRINT, Veloce coupe, 4cyl, 5-spd, red w/tan cloth, wood wheel, sunroof, pb, 77K mi $4,450. Car Exchange, 847-680-1950. FAX 847-680-1961 IL 79 ALFETTA SEDAN, silver w/gray int, books, maintenance receipts, windows sticker, etc $3,500. Octagon Auto, 717244-0669. PA 79 SPYDER VELOCE, red w/blk int, lightly blemished cosmetics, strong mechanically, a good driver $4,000. Cosmopolitan Motors, 206-467-6531. FAX 206467-6532 WA 85 GRADUATE, 100K mi, wht, new top, exc cond, runs fab! $4,300. 415-6438782. FREE ALFA CATALOG! Restoration & Replacement Parts Giulietta through 16 86 SPIDER VELOCE, complete drivetrain, rebuilt 1997, roll bar, headers, every day driver $3,500. 914-276-0042. NY 86 SPIDER, 1 owner, 60K mi, well maintained, all records. $7,500. 415-793-5925. 87 SPIDER VELOCE, nice Ivory paint w/ restored saddle interior and new black canvas top, loaded with all options including a/c $6,000. Forristall's, 281-531-9090. TX 87 MILANO, 4dr, 2.5L, sunroof, new interior, 5spd, silver. $3,500. 650-574-1992. 88 MILANO, V6 3.0,92K, sunroof, ABS, 5-spd, PS, PW, AC. $1,800. 510-908-2379. 510-839-6961. 88 MILANO, Platinum, a/t, nice car $3,500. Cosmopolitan Motors, 206-4676531. FAX 206-467-6532. WA LITERATURE Manuals & Books for Alfa Romeo: Service manuals, Parts manuals, Owners manuals, History Books; see www.books 4cars.com 206-721-3077. 888-380-9277. PARTS Giulietta/Giulia factory hardtop. $1,100. Jeff, 616-335-3868. MI •

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FERRAR Chassis number: ZSSKC33B000085478 ,T he Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet occupied a unique niche in the luxuxy car market: a four-seat midengine Cabriolet with pedigree. The improved Mondial T received a 296-hp, 3405 cc V8 engine mounted longitudinally in the frame. Along with a new engine came a completely new five-speed transmission, electronically controlled variable suspension, and a three-position manual suspension selector. Top speed was 158 mph and the 0 to 100 km/h sprint could be covered in 6.3 seconds. , The French-registered Mondial T pictured here has been cherished throughout its life, having covered just 36,700 km. The 40,000-km service was carried out by French importer Charles Pozzi last April at a cost of $7,500. Finished in Rosso Corsa with a black leather interior, the car is fitted with new tires and also has ABS and power steering. The vendor described it as "excellent" in every aspect. The above-described Ferrari was recently sold by the Brooks auction house at Niirburgring, Germany for $25,603, which included buyer's premium. It seems our fellow European Ferraristi care less about the Mondial Cabriolet market than we Americans do; is that possible? Low mileage, late model, just serviced, traditional colors—why the lukewarm interest generating a low hammer price, at least $20,000 below what we'd expect to retail a Mondial Cab for over here? For VW Passat money, was this a deal or correct fair market value? Let's talk. In my humble, and admittedly biased opinion, being fair to the Mondial Cabriolet is sort of like trying to understand how a White House intern with the mental power of a Crosley Hot Shot could seduce the President of the United States. Well, as they say, there is a bottom for every seat. Before you Prancing Horse owners start cringing and calling for me to be burned in effigy at the next Mondial owners club meeting (assuming the electrical systems don't bug out and they are actually able to get there), I'll point out the practical positive attributes of a Mondial. In a bigger effort to be fair, I'll even go ahead and admit that the buyer at the 'Ring seems to have gotten an okay deal. With nicely balanced brakes and suspension, a pedal box suited for perfect heel-and-toeing, a cab-forward design and reasonably decent power, Numbers produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Years produced  Chassis #  Engine #  Clubs  Web sites  Alternatives  However, from my perspective, that's it. That's all you get. The virtues do not outweigh the vices, and the vices usually come calling with large and expensive repair orders. Miserable convertible top design, temperamental electronics, interior ergonomics from the Bert and Ernie school of engineering, expensive servicing and overall mediocre build quality do not make for an easy car to sell. I haven't even begun to hammer on the boring exterior design. Tune-up/major service (30k miles):  Distributor cap  Two franchised Ferrari dealers (who shall remain nameless) refuse to stock these cars under any conditions because of the fear of what they will have to warranty. Give these cars five more years and, like the owners of Land Rover Discoverys, you may need to start carrying a canvas bag to collect all the pieces the car constantly sheds. That may seem harsh and somewhat unfair, but I take the franchised dealer comments as a clear warning about this road-going Andrea Doria. On engine compartment upper right chassis tube and plate on right bulkhead of front compartment; in windshield on DOT tag; on steering column $4,900 w/cam belts $175 (two required) Affixed to center of the block vee beneath the injection casting at the rear of the casting Ferrari Club of America, Box 720597, Atlanta, GA 30358; Ferrari Owners Club, 8642 Cleta St., Downey, CA 90241 www.ferrariclubofamerica.org; www.FeffariOwnersClub.org Porsche 911 Cabriolet, Porsche 968 Cabriolet, Jaguar XJS Cabriolet, these mid-engine rides can be fun with the top down and the bugs in your teeth. Ifyou're in luck, you '11 never have to raise the top (note the subtle hint about the top mechanism). You can stuff li'lBijf and cutesie Mandy in the back and travel with luggage for an extended period—option boxes rarely found on an exotic car order form. And the exhaust note of the Mondial Cabriolet demonstrates perfectly how a Ferrari should sound. February, 2001  $42,500-$50,000 $4,200- $117,000 1989-93 1,010 If you're truly interested in buying a Mondial, you would be well-advised to read Winston Goodfellow's article in the November 1999 issue of Forza, the quintessential puff magazine for Ferrari owners and wannabes. Read between the lines of his well-researched faint praise and muse about your decision. Here's the point: If you take the Ferrari badge off you possess a very forgettable car. —Steve Serio Counterpoint: All Ferraris have their quixotic moments. If you want to have a true highperformance, open, affordable exotic with room for a couple of small kids, your list will have only one car on it, the Mondial Cabriolet. So what if you have an electrical gremlin now and then? So what if the top is hard to put up? Ifyou want a stupid, boring car that never gives you problems, buy a Chevy Cavalier rag top. If I were presented with a nicely kept, lowmileage Mondial Cabriolet for $25,000, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I suspect Mr. Serio would as well, if only to resell it for a $10,000 profit.—ED. (Historical data and photo courtesy of auction company)• 25 Market Review Buyer's Guide 1991 Ferrari Mondial T Cabriolet

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Ferrari Quarterly Price Guide *Ferrari Quarterly Price Guide The Quarterly Price Guide reflects a retail buying and selling range for cars in very good to near excellent condition-significantly above a "daily driver" and one step below regional concours; a strong #2 on the accepted 1-5 scale, 1 being the best. These values are set by sales activity, primarily in the United States, as well as conversations with owners, dealers and each car must be evaluated according to its own merits. Prices below assume cars with "no stories attached." collectors. As condition and history are the ultimate determinants of value, An automobile priced above our guide is not necessarily overpriced, nor is one priced below a bargain. Year Model  47-48 166 Spyder Corsa  48-50 166 MM Berlinetta  48-50 166 MM Barchetta  48-51 166 Inter  50-52 195 Inter  51 51 52 # Prod. Price Range 340 America Closed  340 America Open  340 Mexico  52-53 342 America Berlinetta  52-53 342 Amer. Cab.  51-52 212 Export (Closed)  51-52 212 Export (Open)  51-52 212 Touring Barchetta  51-52 212 Inter  225 Sport  52 52-53 166 MM Berl. S2  52-53 166 MM Spyder S2  52-53 250 Mille Miglia Spy.  52-53 250 MM Berlinetta  340 Mille Miglia  53 53-54 500 Mondial  53-54 375 Mille Miglia Spy.  53-54 375 MM Berlinetta  53-54 250 Europa Series I  53-54 375 America  375 MM+  250 Monza  54 54 54-55 750 Monza  55 54-55 250 Europa Series II  410 Sport Spyder/Cpe.  55-56 860 Monza  56 500 TR  56-59 410 Superamerica  56-58 250 GT Boano/Elle.  56-59 250 GT Tour de Fr.  130 8 $800,000 -  950,000 12 $750,000 -  950,000 25 $1,100,000 - 1,600,000 38 $200,000 -  295,000 19 $200,000 -  295,000 12 $350,000 -  475,000 13 $400,000 -  550,000 4 $1,200,000 - 1,400,000 3 $250,000 -  375,000 3 $350,000 -  750,000 9 $200,000 -  295,000 8 $300,000 -  350,000 7 $800,000 - 1,000,000 84 $225,000 -  300,000 22 $400,000 -  650,000 4 $750,000 -  950,000 9 $750,000 -  950,000 13 $850,000 -  950,000 16 $850,000 - 1,000,000 9 $1,400,000 - 2,250,000 33 $600,000 -  700,000 16 $3,250,000 - 4,000,000 7 $2,750,000 - 3,250,000 18 $200,000 -  250,000 12 $300,000 -  700,000 6 $4,000,000 - 5,000,000 4 $1,500,000 -2,000,000 33 $750,000 -  850,000 34 $300,000 -  375,000 4 $4,000,000 -4,500,000 2 $1,400,000 - 1,800,000 17 $700,000 -  900,000 37 $375,000 -  500,000 $65,000 -  120,000 77 $700,000 -  900,000 57 56-61 250 Testa Rossa (all)  57-59 250 GT PF Cab. Srs. I  59-62 250 GT PF Cab. Srs. II  57-60 250 GT Cal. Spy. LWB  *Alloy-bodied  60-63 250 GT Cal. Spy. SWB  *Alloy-bodied  250 GT Int. Berl.  59 59-62 250 Pininfarina Coupe  60-62 250 GT SWB (steel)  61 60-64 400 Superamerica  60-63 250 GTE 2+2  62-64 250 GTO  62-64 250 GTL Lusso  330 LM Berlinetta  330 America  63 63 63-68 330 GT 2+2  64-65 250 LM (no stories)  64-66 500 Superfast  64-66 275 GTB/2 SN  65 65 (8-inc.) $1,000,000  - 1,500,000  (5-inc.) $1,500,000 - 1,750,000 20 $900,000 -1,100,000 34 $5,000,000 - 7,000,000 40 $450,000 -  600,000 200 $100,000 -  145,000 42 $700,000 -  800,000 9 $1,000,000 - 1,200,000 51 $1,200,000 - 1,300,000 3 $1,500,000 - 1,750,000 7 $500,000 -  650,000 $50,000 -  350 *Alloy-bodied wino stories  *SEFAC variant  Change 3mo/lyr n/c n/c n/c -30% 6% n/c 11% 48% 11% 68% n/c n/c 50% 27% n/c n/c new entry 67% 10% 10% 24% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 75% n/c 3% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 31% 31% 9% 9% 59% 37% 54% 28% 22% new entry 71% 71% 45% 50% 32% 14% 52% n/c n/c n/c n/c 10% 59% 32% 42% (Early Pininfarina-bodied "roundtail" TdFs ['56] will command a premium.) *14 louvre comp. car  *Zagato-bodied  500 TRC  n/c  n/c 90,000 955 122 $750,000 -  850,000 inc. $950,000 - 1,200,000 23 $1,600,000 - 1,800,000 45 $325,000 -  450,000 $30,000 -  45,000 1,080 39 $7,000,000 - 9,000,000 350 $100,000 -  135,000 4 $5,000,000 - 7,000,000 $35,000 -  $30,000 -  50 47,500 45,000 32 $3,000,000 -4,000,000 36 $300,000 -  400,000 450 $150,000 -  180,000 275 GT B/C Le Mans  65-66 275 GTS  66 275 GTB/C  66-68 275 GTB/4  67-68 275 GTB/4 NART Spy.  65-68 330 GTC  66-68 330 GTS  66-67 365 Calif. Spyder  67-68 206 GT Dino  68-70 365 GTC  68-71 365 GT 2+2  68-73 365 GTB/4 Daytona Cpe.  26  11 $575,000 -  700,000 3 $250,000 -  400,000 200 $135,000 -  185,000 12 $850,000 - 1,000,000 280 $275,000 -  375,000 600 -9% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 6% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 3% n/c 3% 7% n/c n/c n/c n/c 22% 103% 11% 26% 31% 7% 50% 26% 35% 20% 48% 47% 56% 26% 55% 35% -6% 74% 4% 71% 13% 17% 17% 40% n/c n/c (Add $25,000 for longnose, $25,000 for 6 carbs, $25,000 for alloy body, $5,000 for outside filler cap.) 275 GTB/C SN  n/c 75% 12% new entry 97% 120% 28% -23% 23% -4% 4% (Add $150,000 for alloy body.) 10 $1,700,000 -2,000,000 $85,000 -  150,000 144 150 800 100 $215,000 -  245,000 14 $375,000 -  450,000 $65,000 -  100,000 $95,000 -  160,000 $35,000 -  1,273 $105,000 -  140,000 60,000 n/c n/c 7% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -5% 68% 61% n/c 27% 46% 12% 4% 44% n/c Year  69  Model  365 GTS  # Prod.  Price Range  20 $250,000 71-73 365GTB/4C (Fact. Day.)  5(m) $1,200,000 71-73 Non-factory Comp. Day.  72-73 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spy.  71-72 365 GTC/4  500  69-74 246 GT 'Dino' Cpe.  72-74 246 GTS Spyder  72-76 365 GT4 2+2  74-76 365 GT4 BB Boxer  74-79 308 GT4 2+2  75-79 308 GTB (steel)  77-79 308 GTS  76-81 512 BB 'Boxer'  76-80 400 2+2 carbureted  79-80  80-82  80-82  80-84  81-82  82-84  83-85  83-85  83-85  83-85  84-85  85-91  85-89  86-88  86-88  86-89  86-88  88-91  89  89  89-91  90  90-92  91-95  92-  93-95  94-96  95-  95-  95- 95-97  96- 96-  99-  512 BB LM 308 GTBi 308 GTSi 400i 2,609  1,274  (Add $7,500 for "chairs and flares.') 470  387  75-77 308 GTB (fiberglass)  (Add $5,000 for dry sump.) 2,089  3,218  929  502  25 Mondial 8 Coupe 512 BBi 'Boxer' 308 GTBi QV 308 GTSi QV 494 1,743 1,308 708 1,007 748 $22,500 $22,500 $55,000 $18,500 Mondial Coupe QV Mondial Cab. QV 288 GTO Testarossa 412 Mondial 3.2 Coupe Mondial 3.2 Cab. 328 GTB 328 GTS F40 328 GTS Mondial 't' Coupe Mondial 1' Cab. 348 tb 348 ts 512 TR 456 GT Manual 348 Spider F512 M (Add $2,500 for 400/400i with manual shift) $425,000 $22,500 $22,500 $22,500 $15,000 $60,000 $28,000 $28,000 $20,000 $25,000 $275,000 $45,000 $35,000 $28,500 $30,000 $35,000 $35,000 $310,000 $37,500 $35,000 $42,500 $45,000 $50,000 $85,000 $130,000 $60,000 $155,000 $85,000 $105,000 $115,000 $625,000 $175,000 $180,000 $220,000 3,042 1,848 629 272 7,200 576 987 810 1,345 6,068 1,315 inc. 840 1,010 2,895 4,230 2,280 1,417* 1,090 500 F355 / 355 Berlinetta F355 GTS F355 Spider F50 456 GT Automatic 550 Maranello 360 Modena 1,855* 1,455* 1,440* 349 212** 225** n/a -  -  -  -  30,000 32,500 80,000 24,000 - 475,000 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  27,500 27,500 28,000 20,000 90,000 32,500 35,000 24,000 30,000 - 325,000 -  -  -  -  - -  58,000 42,500 30,000 35,000 40,000 42,500 - 375,000 - -  -  - -  45,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 65,000 - 100,000 - 180,000 -  75,000 - 170,000 - 110,000 - 120,000 - 130,000 - 700,000 - 225,000 - 225,000 - 240,000 n/c n/c n/c -16% n/c n/c 4% -16% 13% 80% -9% -9% -9% -9% -8% -8% n/c  n/c  n/c 11% -3% -3% -3% -3% -5% -5% -4% -8% n/c 20% -6% -18% -11% -16% n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  -4% -4% n/c -3% 19% -3% -6% -5% n/c n/c -3% 3% -7% -10% n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  -7% -3% -2% -6% 2% 10% n/c  n/c  -6% -5% new entry *Concerning "cut-cars": non-factory, non-NART spyder conversions are valued primarily by the quality of the conversion's workmanship. In today's market, rarely is a cut-car valued more than the coupe it is derived from. **Build numbers through 1996. Formula One Cars '60s 312 "Spaghetti Exhaust"  68-70 70-80 312 B & T series  81-88 Turbocharged  57-60 Front-engined V6 (Dinos)  12 $800,000 - 1,000,000  40* $450,000 - 600,000  36* $225,000 - 275,000  Ferrari Sports Prototype Racers 6* $2,750,000 - 3,750,000  (Includes 196, 206, 246, 296 S without stories.) 61-67 Rear-engined V6 & V8 Dinos 25* $1,450,000 - 1,850,000  (Includes 166, 196, 246, 286, 268 SPs without stories.) 63-67 Rear-engined V12 racers  22* $4,000,000 - 9,500,000  n/c  23%  20% -7% (Includes 250P 2751 330P 330P2, 275P2, 365P, 330P3, 365P2/3, 330 P4, 330 P3/4 [412P] without stories.) *Indicates approximate production numbers.• 30,000 SCM Reports Cars • Photos • Market Info eCar Central.com Sports Car Market n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c -16% n/c 53% 2,826  712  5 (inc) $600,000 124 $300,000 $45,000 $45,000 $65,000 $15,000 $55,000 $15,000 $30,000 - 325,000 - 1,500,000 - 1,000,000 - 400,000 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  Change 3 mo/ lyr 70,000 75,000 90,000 27,500 80,000 22,500 42,500 5% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 15% 13% 7% n/c 24% 30% 11% -11% -10% n/c n/c

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Sheehan Speaks El=1 by Michael Sheehan f it weren't for the GTO that failed to sell, the Bonhams & Brooks auction at Gstaad, Switzerland, would have been called a great success. By raising their own bar and trying to sell a car for $10 million, B&B created a kind of "all or nothing" scenario. In the eyes of the collector car world, if they sold the GTO, nothing else that crossed the block would have mattered. Conversely, if they failed to sell the car, no matter how the rest of the auction went, B&B would have failed. I Gstaad is a terrific place to have a high-end auction, and Switzerland is a pretty nice place to be just a few days before Christmas. I was surprised at how few Americans were there—aside from Chris Renwick, recently departed from Symbolic, Rick Anderson, curator of the Chinetti collection, and myself, it looked like the rest of the audience was completely European. A large number of dealers were in attendance, looking to snap up undervalued cars for their inventory. Forgetting the GTO, this was a great auction if you were selling a Daytona Spyder, and a terrible one if you hoped to get big bucks for your Boxer. B&B got all the money for the 1971 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder S/N 14761, magnificently restored, when the hammer fell at $450,291. To put this price --1112111Mgeg: fhe Grinch Who Almost Sold the GTO in perspective, the 365 GTS/4 S/N 14395, in similar condition, sold for $100,000 less just sixty days earlier. Additionally, the 250 SWB California Spyder S/N 3007 brought a strong price at $1,319,945, showing once again that the prices of these cars continue to march upwards. Conversely, the buy of the auction was the 1965 Ferrari 500 Superfast, S/N 6043, which sold for a mere $265,741. Bought new by Lord Hanson, it came with its original delivery papers and virtually every piece of paperwork documenting its entire life with Lord Hanson. This LHD car had only 12,000 original miles, and was extremely handsome in its original color, a British Racing Green variation so dark it almost looked black. Set off with a black interior, the car was a real head-turner, and it was a nice change to see a V12 Ferrari in something other than red. By way of market comparison, a very similar 500 SF, S/N 6039, recently sold for over $365,000. Many of the lesser, serial production Ferraris at the event, such as the 246 GT S/N 2224, sold cheap. It went for $45,479 to a dealer from Marseille, who told me he believes it will sell quickly in the $75,000 range. The 365 BB S/N 17641 sold for just $53,508, presumably to the trade, and we'll most likely see it advertised soon in the $70,000 range. The Mondial, 208 and the pairs of 308s and Testarossas all went away at wholesale prices (see Richard Hudson-Evan's complete review, page 33), again generally to the trade, and will all be shortly gracing various showrooms around Europe at higher prices. The automotive equivalent of a Cezanne or Van Gogh at a top-rank art auction, the 250 GTO S/N 4293 was well presented and glorious to behold. I am told that one of the bidders was willing to go very close to the announced $10M reserve, but there were no other bidders there to force the price. Where's that aggressive chandelier when you need it? The bid price of $7.7M was, in my opinion, just not enough for this sterling car, and I expect we'll hear of it selling nearer to the estimate over the next few months. Consigning the GTO and publicizing it heavily was a risky move on the part of B&B, but necessary as they continue to compete at the highest levels against RM and Christie's. When Dermot Chichester hammered down the 330 P3 at Pebble for $5.6M, it gave Christie's bragging rights for the year. B&B's Christmas attempt to be the Grinch and steal the title of "seller of the year's most expensive car" came close, but not close enough.• We make leasing as simple as turning the key. FINANCIAL SERVICES Serving your leasing needs since 197S Premier 1 February, 2001  47 Sherman Hill Road Woodbury, CT 06798 203-267-7700 FAX: 203-267-7773 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME ki t our Website at www.WhyNotLease.com 27

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ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular text classified only $15 per month. Parts/Parts Wanted Ads FREE for private party subscribers! 510-653-9754 CA 50 195S INTER GHIA, coupe, blue w/ tan cloth interior, fully restored to a very high standard with much recent work by Patrick Ottis, including rebuilt gearbox, absolutely spotless and ready to go $245,000. Fantasy Junction, 5 10-6537555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 52 212 EUROPA, s/n 0183 EL, full history known, rebodied by Carrozzeria Allegretti as a Touring Barchetta in 1985, 3 four barrel Webers, has competed in numerous historic events, immaculate $375,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-6537555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 52 212 PININFARINA, coupe, s/n 0229, first Ferrari PF coupe, just completing full restoration to high standard with original motor, done in silver blue, should be completed late Jan 2001, available now or fmished $295,000. Fantasy Junction, 510653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 55500 MONDIAL, Series II, an important car with much history, call for details, correct and complete restoration by D K Engineering, a fantasic example ready for any event or show $660,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 59 TOUR DE FRANCE, 14 louver dePortago style recreation (built on 250GT PF coupe chassis by Auto Sport Modena), cannot be told from original, burgundy with tan leather, spectacular $195,000. Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914997-9136 NY 62 FAVRE GTO, s/n 3343. red w/blue int, many original parts, including ribbed gearbox and instruments used, a/c, incredible condition $250,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 63 Lusso, red wired int, very nice example $129,000. Forza, 860-350-1140. FAX 860350-1148 CT 64 275 GTB, short nose, red/black, Borranis, new paint, interior and chrome, spectacular $185,000. Motor Classic, 914997-9133. FAX 914-997-9136 NY 65 275 GTB ALLOY, s/n 8045, 20-30 years ago-factory part conversion to proper 6 carb setup, original 3 carb and manifold still in box, Phil Reilly full mechanical restoration, body and paint and interior also restored as well as undercarriage and suspension, amazing car $265,000. Carey Kendall, 805-689-6262. CA 66 275 GTB, 2 cam alloy, red/blk, 6-carb, Borranis, XWXs. Older cosmetic and mechanical restoration in late 80s, excellent cosmetics and driving condition $245,000. Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914997-9136 NY 66275 GTS, silver/blk, 42,623 miles, well restored & excellent throughout $168,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL 66 330 GTC, s/n 8329, first production GTC Geneva salon car-spring of '66, red w/tan interior, top quality older restoration, 61,000 km $150,000 obo. Tony, 949642-1969. FAX 949-548-4518 CA 67 275 GTB/4, red/blk, showroom condition and a pleasure to drive, disc wheels $335,000. 941-924-9523. FL 67 330 GTC, silver, red leather, a/c, Borranis, complete engine rebuild, new paint, chrome and interior, documented 1owner history, superb cosmetics and mechanicals $105,000. Motor Classic, 914997-9133. FAX 914-997-9136 NY 68 330 GTC, factory a/c, Borrani ww, Azzuro/black leather, just serviced, excellent throughout $96,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL 1969 365 GTC, S/N 12239. Fly yellow w/ tan leather and black Wilton wool. Factory a/c, alloys, brand new XWX's, new Ansa rear exhaust. Major cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment in 1987 including complete Bob Wallace engine rebuild. Same California owner since. Handsome and fast. Daytona trades considered. $139,000. 310-399-5653. 69 DAYTONA COUPE, red/black, 25K mi, Euro, new paint, rebuilt motor, needs some assembly, call for details $85,000. 310-2747440. FAX 310-274-9809 CA 71 DINO 246 GTS, Chiaro Azzuro tan interior, 20K mi, 1-owner car, manuals and tools $75,000. Jeff or Bill, 847-234-2800. IL 72 365GTB14 DAYTONA, red w/tan leather in beautiful cond, exc mechanical and cosmetic cond, Borranis $119,500. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 73 246 GTS DINO SPYDER, red/tan, Daytona seats, complete show quality restoration on a rust-free CA car $105,000. Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914997-9136 NY 74 246 GTS SPYDER, red/tan, rare flares & chairs, restored, stunning $115,000. 727-515-1965. FL 1980 512 BOXER, Silver/black, mint, owned 15 yrs. Show quality. $75,000 obo. 562-862-5202. 1987 328 GTS, BIldtan, Exc 34K recs manuals grt tires, 30K service done. Serious inq only. $52,000. 510-428-2951. 365 GTC, S/N 12239. Fly yellow w/tan leather and black Wilton wool. Factory a/ c, alloys, brand new XWX's, new Ansa rear exhaust. Major cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment in 1987 including complete Bob Wallace engine rebuild. Same California owner since.Handsome and fast. Daytona trades considered. $139,000. Bill Follett, 310-399-5653. 512 BOXER, Silver/black, mint, owned 15 yrs. Show quality. $75,000 obo. 562-8625202. PARTS Parts for sale: Ferrari parts you want to sell, buy or find at no charge on the internet. www.longdeal.com/ferrari parts Lyle Tanner. CA • USAppraisal MONTHLY MYSTERY PHOTO Response Deadline March 1, 2001 Garry Roberts & Co. Pre-Owned Vintage & Contemporary Ferrari Sales / Service / Restoration / Storage Our photo, your caption. Be the author of the most accurate, most creative or most provocative response and receive a genuine, highly desirable, sure-to-be-collectible-someday 1/18 scale collector car model courtesy of USAppraisal. Ties will be arbitrarily and capriciously decided. Fax your response to 503/252-5854. e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com; snailmail: Mystery, 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, OR 97215-1429. 28  1953 Vignale 212 Inter Coupe 1958 250 GT Series I Cabriolet 1960 250 PininFarina Coupe 1963 250 GTE 1964 250 GT Lusso 1965 330 GT 2+2 1965 275 GTB/2 1967 Miura P400 1970 365 GT 2+2 1972 246 GT 1973 365 GTB/4 1977 308 GTB 1985 308 GTS 1995 F50 2001 Fl Spyder 922 Sunset Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Tel: (949) 650-2690 Fax: (949) 650-2730 email: garryroberts@fea.net Sports Car Market

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Etceterini & Friends Market Place 1967 Toyota 2000GT Chassis number: MF10-10140 W hen Nissan rejected Albrecht Goertz's design study, Toyota picked it up and retained Yamaha to build the pretty twoseater coupe that would become the 2000GT. The car was envisaged as an image-setting, low-volume model. Work on the project commenced early in 1964. The 2000GT was one of the stars of the Tokyo Motor Show in 1965, though production proper did not start until May 1967. Beneath the 2000GT's aerodynamic coupe coachwork was a Lotus Elan-inspired backbone chassis, equipped with doublewishbone independent suspension at all four corners and disc brakes allround, the latter a first for a Japanese car. A five-speed all-synchromesh transmission, rack-and-pinion steering, oil cooler, heated rear window and magnesium-alloy knock-off wheels were all state-of-the-art features. The Yamaha-built twin-cam six was based on the Toyota Crown's cast-iron 1998 cc block and produced 150 bhp at 6,600 rpm. With a top speed of around 130 mph in road trim, the 2000GT was one of the fastest 2-liter production cars of its day. Although it succeeded in generating a considerable amount of favorable publicity for Toyota, the 2000GT was handicapped from the start by its cost, which was more than that of a Jaguar E-type or a Porsche 911. Just 337 were made between 1967 and 1970; 335 coupes plus the two special roadsters that starred in the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice. Today this landmark Japanese sports car is both rare and highly sought after. The example pictured here is one of only 62 cars-53 twin-cams and nine of the later singlecam models—imported for the US market between 1967 and 1970. The car's original owner was a doctor who purchased it new from FairWay Motors of Reno, Nevada, on December 28, 1967, stabling it with his Ferrari 275 GTB/4, Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, De Tomaso Pantera and Ferrari Dino 246 GTS. That so obviously discerning an enthusiast should consider the Toyota fit company for such a collection is an Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Web Site  Alternatives  indication of the impact that the car, arguably the first "proper" sports car to emanate from Japan, had at the time. The current owner acquired this 2000GT from the doctor in 1990 after it had covered just 42,228 miles. The car's engine and gearbox were rebuilt in 1993 at 45,000 miles by its new owners, Maine Line Exotics, specialists in the sales and restoration of 2000GTs, and the body repainted in correct and original Solar Red in 1995. Complete with factory tool bag, jack and emergency light and described as in "excellent condition in every department," the car comes with thorough documentation from new, including original title deed, owner's warranty identification card, service booklet, owners and service-repair manuals. February, 2001  This car sold for $151,000 at the Brooks Hershey auction on October 6, 2000. The price, which included the buyer's premium, was well over the auction company's high estimate of $110,000. The Toyota 2000GT is one of the great "what-ifs" in recent automotive history What ([Toyota had developed the car, and produced a lowercost successor? What ([they had stayed with their racing program? What ([they had made the interior big enough so that anyone over 5'9" didn't have to fold up like a pretzel to fit? Bottom left side of block www.primemotors.com Lotus Elan 26R, Porsche Carrera RSR 2.7, Alfa Romeo GTA Demonstrating the fickleness typical of most car companies, Toyota campaigned the 2000GT in SCCA C-production for just one year. Despite a nearly unlimited budget, preparation by Carroll Shelby and the masterful Scooter Patrick as head driver, Toyota finished second to Porsche in points. (On the track, according to Raymond Milo, who was there: "They finished as the first of the non-Porsches, a long way back. ') Porsche had been in the racing game for a long time, so not beating them the first time out was no disgrace. However, Toyota's marketing department moved on to more profitable things, like selling Celicas with gauge and wing packages. Thus the short-lived 2000GT racing program came to an abrupt end. The 2000GT market is indeed a strange one. Most of the cars in the US are in the hands of a pair of dealers, and ([this sale had been between the two of them, we would have suspected price collusion. However, the fact that there were at least three interested private party dealers for this car shows that the price made should be considered as 1967-70 358 $5,700 $75,000-$85,000 $250 $50 Engine bulkhead a realistic benchmark for a superb 2000GT. On the other hand, there are a few ratty 2000GTs racing in Europe in vintage events, and those cars are hardly worth $50,000—although, with massive doses of contemporary technology, they have proven to be quite competitive. The 2000GT will always be an orphan car, with a limited following. If all the cars owned by the two dealers were to come on the market at the same time, we would likely see a price implosion. However so long as the supply is strictly limited, prices for good cars should stay in the $100,000-$150,000 range.—Pat Braden (Historical data and photo courtesy of auction company)• 29

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Lamborghini/Maserati/Etceterini Quarterly Price Guide The Quarterly Price Guide reflects a retail buying and selling range for cars in very good to near excellent condition-significantly above a "daily driver" and one step below regional concours; a strong #2 on the accepted 1-5 scale, 1 being the best. These values are set by sales activity, primarily in the United States, as well as conversations with owners, dealers and collectors. As condition and history are the ultimate determinants of value, each car must be evaluated according to its own merits. Prices below assume cars with "no stories attached." An automobile priced above our guide is not necessarily overpriced, nor is one priced below a bargain. * Indicates approximate production numbers. Years  Model  # Prod.  Price Range  57  207A Boana Spider  58-61 Zagato 750 Dbl Bbl  59-62 Record Monza  62-66 850 IC 2+2  ABARTH 12  Change 3 mo / 1 yr $75,000 - $125,000  n/a  $16,000 - $20,000  n/a  $19,500 - $28,000  $8,000 - $11,500  ACURA 91 -96 NSX Coupe  65-69 5300 GT and Strada  46-48 D46  47-51 202MM  47-54 202 Coupe  47-54 202 Cabriolet  66-70 1600 Cony.  68-79 2000 Cony.  69-73 240Z  67  67-71 Mangusta  Vallelunga  n/a  (Deduct 15% for automatic, add 5% for tBIZZARRINI $30,000 - top.) $50,000  100* $100,000 - $150,000  CISITALI.4 36  $30,000 - $85,000  30  (Deduct 25% for incorrect engine.) 153  17  n/a  148,115  $80,000 - $225,000  $50,000 - $50,000 - DATSUN n/a  $90,000  $90,000  $4,500 - $6,500  $5,000 - $7,500  $6,500 - $10,000  DE TOMASO 50*  $45,000 - $65,000  400*  $28,000 - $35,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c 11% n/c -20% n/c n/c 10% 19% 10% n/c n/c www.maseratinet.com il  MASERATI .ar InITERNA.•- INE 1976 Factory recognized. Join the world's largest Maserati support group, with more than 3,500 members from 39 countries. Tech staff available to help owners and enthusiasts; parts discounts; the famous 80+ page glossy Club magazine Viale Ciro Menotti; Club decal; roster; access to a multitude of Maserati road tests, technical bulletins, manuals, etc. To join, fax your name, address, and credit card number; you'll receive a packet of Maserati information by Air Mail. $70 USA members, $80 Canada, $100 all other countries. Join now! MASERATI PARTS TOLL FREE 1-800-MASERATI (627-3728) New & Used for All Models. Providing owners with knowledgeable, courteous, prompt professional express service since 1976. Next-day service our speciality. Competitive Prices. $10 million inventory. Service shop discounts. VISA / MC / AE Technical Assistance Line: USA + 425-455-4707 Fax: USA + (425) 646 - 5458 Francis G. Mandarano  1.7 President  30  P.O. Box 1015, Mercer Island, WA 98040 USA E-mail: mie@maseratinet.com - --- /ION Serving the Maserati community since 1976 67-72 Italia Coupe  67-72 Italia Convertible  63-70 Rivolta Coupe  65-74 Grifo  69-74 Lele  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c (Add $15,000 for correct twin-cam engine. 850cc twin-cam models, $38-$59K, 1000cc twin-cam bialbero $70-$90K.) n/a  n/c 53-55 8V (body by Rappi)  Body by Zagato (28)  Show Cars/Other Coach Years  71-74 Pantera  75-89 Pantera GT/L, GTS  (Add $3,500 for true GT5.) DELOREAN 81 -83 DMC- 12  8,583*  (Includes 3 gold-plated cars.) FIAT 114 total $125,000 - $150,000  inc. $150,000 - $225,000  n/a  n/a  68-85 124/2000 Spider  74-90 X1/9  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  $5,000 -  $5,000 -  $7,000  $6,500  n/c  n/c  n/a  $16,000 - $25,000  $8,500 - $11,000  $2,500 -  $2,750 -  $1,500 -  $3,500  $4,000  $2,500  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  17% 4% inc. $80,000 - $120,000 n/c -5% (Correct 8V engines are difficult to find. Deduct 40% for incorrect type or no engine. Add 25% for significant, documented history.) 57-58 1100/1200 TV Rdstr.  59-67 1200/1500 Rdstr.  66-72 Fiat Dino Spider  66-72 Fiat Dino Coupe  67-74 850 Spider  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c INTERMECCANIC,4 (Italia) 500*  $16,000 - $18,500  inc.  $20,000 - $26,000  ISO 412  799  $12,500 - $18,000  $30,000 - $55,000  (Add: $7,000 for 427 engine, $2,500 for long317  Don't hesitate to buy cars in Europe! $9,000 - $12,000  n/c  n/c  n/c nose. Deduct: $2,500 for 351 ci.) n/c  -15% n/c n/c  n/c  n/c n/c $15,000 - $22,500  n/c  n/c Model  # Prod.  3,500*  Price Range  5,629  $24,000 - $35,000  $27,000 - $37,500  Change 3 mo / 1 yr n/c  n/c  4% 4% 1 It doesn't take more than a phone call to have them professionally shipped to you. Contact the specialist in Europe! c.a.r. logistics Phone: +41 31 888 14 24 • Fax:  +41 31 888 14 Sports Car Market

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Years Model # Prod. Price Range 64-66 350 GT 66-68 400 GT 2+2 66-69 Miura P400 69-71 400S 71-72 400SV 68-78 Espada 68-69 Islero (400GT version) 68 `S' version 70-76 Jarama (both versions) (Add $5,000 for "S".) 72-76 Urraco P 250 75-77 P 200 75-79 P 300 74-76 Countach LP400 76-82 LP 400 S 82-85 LP 5000 S 85-88 LP 5000 QV 89 Anniversary 76-78 Silhouette 82-88 Jalpa P 350 87-90 LM002 94-95 Diablo VT 96 90-93 Diablo Diablo 96-97 Diablo VT Roadster 51-58 B2OGT Cp SI -5 LAM BORG HI . 143 244 465 138 1,223 129 102 327 525 66 198 149 235 323 610 68 52 410 300 (America version add $12,500.) n/a $100,000 - $130,000 n/a $130,000 - $155,000 n/a $160,000 - $175,000 n/a $175,000 - $205,000 (Used cars only, luxury taxes paid.) LA/V CIA 2,916  $35,000 -  $47,500 195  $22,500 - $30,000  n/c n/c  n/c (SI,2&3 were all RI-ID. Additions: $1,000 Nardi steering wheel; $1,500 Nardi floor shift; $5,000 Nardi carb kit; $2,500 period Webasto sunroof $7,500 Borrani wires.) 6th series  n/c (Note: SI,2&3 B20 coupes are valued higher in Europe than S4,5&6 due to their racing history. Also, contemporary reproductions such as wire wheels and Nardi wheels add more value in the US. than in Europe, where originality is prized.) 54-55 B24 Spider America 240* $95,000 - $120,000 n/c 7% (*Factory number, but probably optimistic, and includes approx. 20 cars in the hold of the Andrea Doria.) 55-59 B245 Convertible  521  $75,000 - $95,000  (Additions: $5,000 Nardi carb kit; $2,500 factory hardtop; $5,000 Borrani wires.) 57-68 Flaminia GT Touring  2+2 Touring Coupe  57-68 Flaminia Convertible 2.5L  59-63 Flaminia Sport Zagato  n/a  $10,000 - $14,000  n/a  $10,000 - $12,000  n/a  $16,000 - $22,000  205  $55,000 - $85,000  2,239  $9,000 - $13,500  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  3,690  $14,000 - $17,000  800*  $12,500 - $18,000  500  $45,000 - $65,000  46-50 A61500  (60 PF coupes, 1 Zagato) 47-53 A6GCS/A6GCM  51-53 A6GCS/53  54-57 A6G54/A6G2000  54-56 Allemano Cpe.  54-56 Frua Spyder  54-56 Zagato Coupe  MASERATI 61  see below 21  $75,000 - $100,000  12 $145,000 - $175,000  20 $250,000 - $350,000  55-57 1505  (Also 6 Frua Coupes, I Zagato Spider built.) 56-58 450S  55-58 300S  55-58 200S, Si  57-65 3500 GT, GTi  59-64 3500 GT Vig. Spyder  1,991  52 $300,000 - $450,000 16 $275,000 - $325,000  $85,000 - $100,000  (3500 add $5,000 for wires, $3,500 for 5-sp.) 59-64 5000 GT Allemano Cpe.  59-64 5000 GT Special Bodies  227  $52,500 - $80,000  32 $125,000 - $175,000  6 $450,000 - $750,000  346  $22,500 - $27,500  98  $25,000 - $30,000  $9,000 - $13,500  759  30* $400,000 - $500,000 24 $275,000 - $325,000  28 $1,000,000 -$1,750,000  10 $1,500,000 -$2,000,000  $25,000 - $32,500  inc. $250,000 - $400,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  6% n/c n/c n/c 27% (Three variations: Covered headlight 2.5L; open headlight 2.5L; super sport with chopped tail, double bubble 2.8L, 3C. Additions for all Flaminias: $5,000 for added triple Weber carbs, $4,000 for original 2.8L, 3C model.) 65-68 Fulvia GT 1.2/1.3 HF  69-76 Fulvia GT 1.6 HF  67-76 Fulvia GT Zagato  74-76 Stratos  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c  9%  n/c  n/c  7%  n/c  3% n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  (Coachwork by Touring. Micholetti, Frua, Pinin Farina, Ghia, Bertone) 59-61 Birdcage Tipo T 60/61 f. eng. 22 $850,000 -$1,000,000  60-61 Birdcage Tipo 63/64 r. eng.  62-65 Sebring Coupe SI  65-66 Sebring Coupe 511  63-69 Quattroporte I  64-70 Mistral Coupe  64-69 Mistral Spider  65-68 Mexico 4.2  828  $20,000 - $30,000  120  $52,500 - $75,000  250  $14,000 - $18,000  February, 2001  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  3% 9°/.... 7% 9% 7% -8% 9% 29% 45% 21% n/c n/c n/c 13% n/c -20% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c CARSKATES MAKES A 2-CAR GARAGE INTO A 3-CAR GARAGE • Move cars, trucks, trailers in any direction • Makes storage easy • Fits all tire widths • Capacity 6,000 lbs, set of 4 • 8" x 16" x 1/4" steel platform • H.D. 3" casters • $145 set of 4 (s&h addl) • 2 sets $135 each (s&h add]) • Same day shipping Satisfaction or your money back! VISA Toll-Free Phone (888) 647-1879 • Fax (248) 356-1066 www.carskates.com 988 Gordon Lane, Birmingham, MI 48009  P & J PRODUCTS 31 C. 58-62 GT750  63-67 GT850/Monte Carlo  67-69 Sonnett II  70-74 Sonnett III  49-52 300BC  51-55 Daina Cabriolet  n/c -10% -5% -2% -2% -6% -4% -3% Change 3 mo / 1 yr $45,000 -  $85,000 $40,000 -  $60,000 $60,000 -  $80,000 $85,000 - $125,000 150 $150,000 - $200,000 $17,500 -  $30,000 $24,000 -  $38,000 $30,000 -  $42,500 $17,500 -  $30,000 $15,000 -  $22,500 $15,000 -  $20,000 $25,000 -  $35,000 $50,000 -  $85,000 $50,000 -  $70,000 $50,000 -  $70,000 $60,000 -  $85,000 $80,000 - $100,000 $25,000 -  $40,000 $26,000 -  $35,000 $55,000 -  $70,000 n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 2% 9% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -8% -3% n/c n/c n/c n/c Years Model  67-70 Ghibli Coupe 4.7L  70-73 Ghibli Cpe SS 4.9L  69-71 Ghibli Spider 4.7L 71-72 Ghibli SS Spider 4.9L 69-74 Indy 71-80 Bora 72-76 Merak 74-80 Khamsin 76-80 Merak SS 77-82 Kyalami 79-86 Quattroporte II 84-87 BiTurbo Coupe 86-88 BiTurbo Spider 89 89-90 228 89-90 430 BiTurbo Spider (Inj.) # Prod. (Add $2,000 for 4.7 version.) 1,149 inc. above 100 25 1,136 (Add $2,000 for 4.7L or 4.9L engine.) 571 1,173 421 277 150 n/a n/a n/a n/a $25,000 -  $35,000 $32,500 -  $45,000 $70,000 -  $90,000 $90,000 - $115,000 $17,000 -  $20,000 $32,500 -  $37,500 $13,000 -  $20,000 $18,500 -  $30,000 $17,500 -  $22,500 $19,000 -  $25,000 $10,000 -  $13,500 $6,500 $4,000 -  $8,000 -  $10,000 $9,000 -  $12,500 (BiTurbos deduct $2,000 for automatic.) n/a n/a 54-56 GS Bialbero (750cc) 63-69 Barchetta Bialbero (750cc) n/a $11,000 $8,000 110R E TTI n/a OSCA 48-56 MT-4 Mille Miglia  72 $200,000 - $275,000  n/c  19% 58-61 1600 GT 128 $65,000 - $85,000 n/c n/c (1600 GT price is for Zagato Berlinetta. Deduct $30K for Fissore body, $4K for Boneschi body.) SAAB n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  SLAT' (Deduct $5K for Fiat 1100 engine.) 70  $30,000 - $45,000  80  $28,000 - $35,000  (Additions: $5K for Grand Sport [twin Webers], $7,500 for alloy body.) 52-55 208 Coupe (Farina & Balbo) 20* $175,000 -$225,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c 25% 52-55 2085 America Rdstr. 90* $175,000 - $250,000 n/c 33% (Correct 8V engines are difficult to find. Deduct 40% for incorrect type or no engine. Add 25% for significant, documented history.) STA NGU EL L INI 47-56 1100  59  6560  $35,000 - $95,000  120  $30,000 - $40,000  TOYOTA $85,000 - 74  $4,000 -  $4,500 -  $5,000 -  $5,250 -  $6,000 -  VOLVO 61-63 P1800  63-69 1800S  70-72 1800E  72-73 1800ES  1800ESi  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  $6,000  $6,500  $7,000  $7,250  $7,500  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c  (Price for OHC or DOHC Fiat engines. Deduct $10K for pushrod engine Deduct $10K for 750 engine.) Formula Junior  n/c  70 20000T  337  n/c n/c $125,000  35% 35% $6,500 -  $7,000 - $10,000  $3,500 -  $4,000 -  $5,500  $9,500  $5,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c $55,000 - $13,000 $10,000  $75,000 n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  $85,000 - $125,000 new entry (Spare engines are non-existent. Cars w/o engines have marginal value at best. Add 25% for documented, significant history.) n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -16% n/c -10% n/c -25% new entry Price Range Change 3 mo / 1 yr

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Etceterin*  60 JOLLY 600, this rare original Jolly needs a full restoration, but does run $5,950. Hyman Ltd, 314-524-6000. MO 62 600 2-DR COUPE, gray/red $7,300. Vintage, 941-355-6500. FL 62 JOLLY 600, coral, wicker seat, chrome rails, original Ghia, beautiful floors, well restored, desirable 600 model, new canvas top, redone wicker $29,900. Vintage, 941355-6500. FL 64 ABARTH 600, racer replica, 903cc motor, oil cooler, disc brakes, red $9,900. Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914997-9136 NY 67 DINO BERTONE, in storage since 1989, ran when stored $4,250 obo. Jim, 630325-5034. IL 69 SIATA SPRING, s/n A693048, red/blk, 23K mi, fixed windshield, rigid side windows w/vents, everyday driver, always garaged, no restoration needs, original and excellent $6,000 obo. 631-723-0714. NY 70 DINO 2.4 COUPE, mechanically excellent, new brakes, needs paint $9,000. 610876-4604. PA 77 124 4-PASS CONV, deep Brewster green, tan text interior, tan cony top, 81K+ meticulously kept miles, an unusual example $5,000. Charles Schmitt & Co, 314352-9100. MO INTERMECCANICA 74 INDRA, the only one (of 25) built with a Shelby 428" Cobra Jet V8, hid 4-spd, factory a/c, ps, pb, pw, white w/blue, like new, very fast, only 13,453 miles $44,500 trades welcome. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL ISO 68 ISO GRIFO, totally original with Friends Market Place ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular text classified only $15 per month. Parts/Parts Wanted Ads FREE for private party subscribers! FIAT 19,800 mi, Pebble Beach Concours 2 time winner, blk/blk, Borrani ww, a/c, pb, pw, ps, AM-FM, 4-spd, 300 hp Corvette power, one of the finest in the world $59,500. Chuck, 619-247-7615. 619-286-1633.CA 69 ISO GRIFO, factory equipped w/hi-perf 327 Chevy V8, 4-spd trans, cold a/c, AMFM, Borrani ww, red/blk leather, 32,468 mi, exc cond $44,500 offer. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL 71 ISO RIVOLTA LELE, rare, exotic, hand built Italian classic with factory installed Ford 351 Cleveland motor, very uncommon with factory 5-spd, one of only 260 made in the complete production run $22,500. Cosmopolitan Motor, 206-467-6531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 73 ISO RIVOLTALELE, factory equipped with Ford 351 Cleveland V8, auto, a/c, ps, pb, pw, etc, very reliable and comfortable full 4-pass grand tourer, only 43K mi, unusually nice throughout $18,900. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL ITALIA 69 ROADSTER, professional restoration started $13,000. 573-231-0826. MO 70 ROADSTER, red/tan, excellent mechanicals, outstanding cosmetics, 100 mi on rebuild of proper 351 Cleveland, must see $39,900. Continental AutoSports, 630655-3535. IL LAMBORGHINI 65 350 CT, all original & correct, older restoration, runs extremely well, will trade for Daytona $52,000 obo. 805-969-5819. CA 66 400 GT, 26K orig 2-owner mi, blue/tan, professional repaint in '99 $89,000. Car is in CA. 703-360-1726. VA 69 ESPADA, exotic, all aluminum, V 12 engine, a/c, every refinement, 5-spd, less then 30K impeccably kept miles, flawless silver, oxford blue leather $29,000. Charles Schmitt & Co, 314-352-9100. MO 69 ISLERO, brown/tan, 59K mi, tired cond $22,000. 310-274-7440. FAX 310274-9809 CA 70 JARAMA, blue/tan, 50K miles, vgc $24,000. 310-274-7440. FAX 310-2749809 CA 71 JARAMA, US version, factory a/c, as new w/only 23,851 miles $29,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL 74 ESPADA, in factory orange w/tan, only 34K mi, orig owner, vgc $32,900 offers. Vintage Car Store, 914-358-0500. NY 78 SILHOUETTE, bright red/blk, only 52 made, 26K mi, private collection, no surprises $45,000 obo. Ultimate Motor Works, 407-339-3443. FAX 407-834-4002 FL 84 Countach 5000S, Black w/cream interior. Original owner. No excuses. No stories. Museum quality. 1,700 mi. $100,000 201-488-1842. 90 LM AMERICA, Concours. 10K, blk/ red lthr. CA orig. $85,000 bo. 562-8625202. LANCIA 55 B20S, s/n 1236, 4th Series, in restoration, metal work done, ready for paint, original interior $32,000 obo. Tony, 949-6421969. CA 57 824 CONVERTIBLE, very good original car w/two tops, engine runs $38,000 obo. Tony, 949-642-1969. CA 62 FLAMINIA SUPER, Zagato, nautical blue with crimson interior, 2.8 3C 5th Series, original, runs well $28,500. Cosmopolitan Motors, 206-467-6531. FAX 206467-6532 WA 66 FLAMINIA, 2.8L, 3C, aluminum, Superleggera Touring bodied convertible, 68K mi, 100% orig, including Ivory paint and red leather interior, pampered and turn- key Italian beauty in excellent condition $24,900. 231-882-0426. MI MASERATI 64 MISTRAL SPYDER, rare example, a wonderful 2-owner car, 38K orig mi, 4 liter example w/Borranis, 5-spd, pw, white/blk leather interior, some mechanical work done, detail and sorting, Concours candidate when restoration completed, all papers from new $79,900. Carey Kendall, 805689-6262. CA 67 MEXICO, immaculate condition, fully restored, silver w/burgundy Connolly leather, stick shift, 5-spd, Borranis, 51K orig mi $21,900 obo. 323-462-0603 eves/ mess. CA 70 GHIBLI SPYDER, 4.9 liter, needing reassemble, rebuilt engine, many new old stock parts, bIldtan $45,500. 949-6504718. CA 74 BORA, US #700, 24K mi, silver w/red leather, owned 17 yrs $35,500. 770-9715259. GA 82 QUATTROPORTE, black w/cognac leather, gorgeous and drives as new $11,000. 877-296-2886. FL PANTERA 1971 15,000 mi, medium Blue, #2249. Like new. Fully serviced, fresh Boss 351 engine, otherwise original. 351CJ available. $40,000. 304-863-7637 day. 304295-7724 eve. WV LITERATURE Manuals & Books for all exotic & rare makes: Service manuals, Parts manuals, Owners manuals, History Books; see www.books4cars.com 206-721-3077. 888-380-9277. • 36 BENTLEY, 4-1/4 litre road/race car, exRivers-Fletcher, very well documented, successful, lots of history, full VSCC papers $95,000. quijam@wwavrc.co.uk , 441624880523. 44589-923530.UK 49 LINCOLN, Baby coupe, Mexican race graphics, dual carbs $20,000. 650-8541755. CA 51 FERRARI 195 INTER, white/tan, triple carburetors, ex-Villoresi, Turin show car, concours restoration, must be seen $275,000. Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914-997-9136 NY 52 STANGUELLINI, 52 Fiat 1100S Sport Barchetta, breathtaking alloy coachwork, twin Webers, alloy sump, wires, the perfect event car $65,000 trades. 805-969-2787. CA 53 PORSCHE, 540 American roadster, #12353, engine #P40055, nice original condition, drives very well, 42K, Sebring history, 5 owners from new, might take an interesting trade $350,000. Monte Shelton, 503-224-3232. OR 55 AUSTIN-HEALEY, 100-4 vintage race car, dark green, full race prep, 4-speed, overdrive, 100S rear, disc brakes, Mag wheels, 32  modified engine and susp, race ready, nice car $16,500. 215-248-1695. PA 59 JAGUAR, Predator D-type torsion bar front suspension, E-type rear, 1-5 trans, 3.8 engine with triple Webers, only eligible HSR D-type replica out there $35,000. Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 59 LOTUS, 18 Formula Junior, blk w/gold striping, suitable for VSCDA, HSR, SVRA and VSCCA, logbooks, extensive history, concours condition $34,800. 630-2327473 9am-5pmCST. IL 59 STANGUELLINI, Formula Junior, completely rebuilt and restored, all steel 1100cc Fiat, Webers, close ratio trans, alloy body, fuel cell, roll bar, dual master cylinder, Borranis $38,000. New England Car Co., 203-377-6746. CT 59 STANGUELLINI, Formula Junior, s/n 0131, beautiful car, no expense spared restoration, trophy winner, fastest front engine FJ at 98 Monterey Histories, perfect in everyway $50,000. Fantasy Junction, 510653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 60 PORSCHE 356, fully race prepared and maintained by Ecurie Engineering, red w/ yellow, nearly fresh engine, HSRNSCDA history $37,000. 847-945-2514. IL 61 ALFA, Giulietta Spyder, 1300cc engine, excellent race ready condition, very competitive Group 1 race car, fully sorted $13,000. Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 61 ALFA ROMEO, Giulietta Spider, vintage race, in need of updating, dual Webers $4,950. Northshore Sportscars, 847-2470447. IL 63 LOTUS, 23 sport racer, extremely competitive, professionally prepared, cosmetically beautiful example, one of the best 23s in the world today, fabulous spares package $69,500 obo. Don Orosco, 831-6490220 days. 831-626-2660. FAX eves CA 63 PORSCHE 356 COUPE, fuel cell, roll cage, safety belts, MSD ignition, etc $16,500. Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 65 CORVETTE, coupe, 427-hi-po engine full bore, very sorted race car, built for track or long distance $65,000. Paul Lane, 203377-6745. CT 65 SHELBY CT 350, SFM5S267, white w/blue stripe, r front roll bar, knock-offs, early restoration, Concours winner, great history, only 6K mi, long time storage, needs mechanical work, perfect candidate vintage race car, show car $45,000. Ed Stewart, 310-530-9715. CA 66 JAGUAR XKE ROADSTER, 427 Chev pro-built, alloy silver/black leather, former show car, beautiful and fast, looks like lightweight, must see $35,000. 831338-8205. 415-515-7479.CA 66 MGB, fully race prepared, roll cage, fuel cell, 2 sets of Minilites with Hoosiers and new rain tires, close ratio box, limited slip diff, hid clutch, Carillo rods, Webers and more, ready to race in vintage or SCCA, current SCCA and SVRA logbooks $12,000. Mike, 804-973-3481. VA 68 SHELBY 350, no wreckage, black, motor & trans out $10,000. 559-787-2235. CA 69 CORVETTE GREENWOOD, customer car #101, Bob Riley designed rigid chassis, 427, Minilites, S'VRA group 6 logbook $50,000. 610-964-8085. PA 83 FERRARI, 308-288 race car, sport roll cage, standard suspension, 288 GTO, bodywork in primer, requires assembly, can help with that as well $22,000 obo. 520-7787398. AZ • Sports Car Market

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LAUCTION REPORT Winter  IB rooks got a bid of almost $8M for a GTO, and Silver sold a '68 Toyota pickup for $5,408. Those are the extremes ofthe market we report on this month—in between you'llfind hot rods, muscle cars, Fl monopostos, E-types and Alfas (even a 2600 with a Ford 289 V8). In addition, we've selected 30 sales from the past year that each told a specific story we thought worth repeating. Not just high sales—the low prices beaters make tell their own story, and represent another side of the market. We continue to be entertained by the live auction theater that unfolds before our very eyes. Values are determined in seconds, without recourse to Internet databases or handheld price guides. Buyers have a feel for what a car should be worth, but they also let their emotions make the decision. Sellers know what a car should bring, but they also have a desire to be done with a car and move their money into another one. There's no one right or wrong way to approach an auction, save this: always bid with money you don't need to pay your rent. There's a risk in buying anything used, from gems to pearls to paintings to cars. And if you get caught up in a deal gone bad, don't let it bring down your whole house of cards. Car collecting should be fun. So use your fun money when you bid, and don't go trying to pay off your consolidated debt by hitting a home run buying a 6-cylinder Mustang for cheap and selling it for too much. The chances of succeeding on both ends are rare, and depending on the sale of a car to make you financially whole is a pretty risky way to live. We always caution that you should never bid on a car you haven't inspected, but in reality, in an 800-car auction, it's likely something unseen will creep across the block and the bidding will stop at a price so low it makes you crazy. Go ahead and buy the car, but only if it's your fun money you're playing with. Then the risk is just part of the game.—ED SCM 1-6 Scale Condition Rating 1: National concours standard/perfect. 2: Very good, club concours, some small flaws. 3: Average daily driver in decent condition. 4: Still a driver but with some apparent flaws. 5: A nasty beast that runs but has many problems. 6: A non-running car in wretched physical condition that is probably only good for parts. February, 2001  BONHAMS &BROOKS Bonhams & Brooks Gstaad, Switzerland ecember 19, 2000 Auctioneer: Robert Brooks Number of automotive lots: 45 Number of automotive lots sold: 33 Sale rate: 73% Sale total: $5,407,557 ,,,T High: Lot #142, 1962 Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Roadster sold at $1,319,945 Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 15% on the first $50,000, 10% therafter Report by Richard Hudson-Evans Market opinions in italics , he hilltop Palace Hotel dominates the skyline of Gstaad, the Swiss mountain retreat for such seriously rich movers and shakers as F! supremo and major collector Bernie Ecclestone. Once again, the hotel provided a glitzy five-star location for what has become an essential event on the Ferrari calendar—the annual pre-Christmas specialist sale of Ferraris staged by the Geneva office ofthe newly merged Bonhams & Brooks auction house. The most anticipated lot was the ex-Ecurie Francorchamps 1963 Le Mans GT categorywinning 250 GTO belonging to Hong Kong businessman Patrick Ma, who was helicoptered in over the snow-clad peaks to land on the hotel terrace. Although it failed to sell under the gavel with a peak of $7,700,000 displayed on the electronic multi-currency scoreboard, I did witness real bids of $7,200,000 and $7,500,000 being made in the ballroom. Indeed, if one adds the buyer's premium to the higher offer, which, though unacceptable to the auctioneers and their ambitious client, was most definitely on the table, then the resultant theoretical bill of $8,252,500 must therefore be the current value for what is generally regarded as the ultimate of all GTOs and the most desirable of all collector automobiles. Two historic competition coupes failed to make their getaway here, as well. The ex-Jo Schlesser 1959 250 GT rally car, in white with a green and red stripe, received a high bid of $838,866. A 275 GTB/C in Giallo Fly, which finished tenth in the 1966 Le Mans for entrants Ecurie Francorchamps, was abandoned after an insufficient bid of $719,028. Simon Kidston and his team, however, still managed to shift plenty of metal, securing owners for nearly three-quarters of the stock and grossing $5.4 million while doing so, as well as achieving a 100% sales result for the warm-up automobilia lots. Big-buck sellers included the 1962 Paris Show 250 GT Califor- nia SWB roadster for $1,319,945, the Swaters and De Portago-raced 1952/55 500/625 Fl for $628,251, the ex-Villeneuve/Reutemann 1978 312 T3 Fl for $456,882, a 1971 365 GTS/4 Daytona ragtop for $450,291 and the 1965 500 Superfast owned from new by tycoon Lord Hanson for $265,741. While the 250 GTO and 250 GT California superstars occupied prime spots in the ballroom, the rest of the glossy catalog's contents were displayed in the hotel's underground parking lot, which had been brightly lit, warmed up and decked out with white carpeting and yuletide trees. Spotted checking out the 34 cars were most of the major players, including Peter Agg, Brian Classic, John Coombs, Gregor Fisken, Jean Guikas, Adrian Hamilton, Didier Moreau, Jean Sage, Peter Stieger and Paul Vestey. For the sale itself, the ballroom was quickly packed. There were no seats to spare and a battery of camera crews lined one side. Happily, for those who were not prepared to stand in the scrum at the back, the proceedings were broadcast on a big-screen to a considerable overflow crowd in the bar area. Bids were in plentiful supply for most cars and, when cars sold, their prices were strong too. Garden variety 308s, Mondials and Testarossas proved to be the exception to this statement as they were practically given away. During the auctioning of the GTO, the atmosphere was absolutely electric and you could have heard a credit card creak. However, by far the most extraordinary recollection banked from this event was the never-to-be-forgotten sight of a 333 SP racer high above the turrets of the hotel, dangling on the end of a cable beneath a helicopter, on its way to being deposited in the snow-covered gardens beside its proud owner—a Bonhams & Brooks client who employed the occasion to host a reception for his 2000 season sponsors. Very James Bond.—R.H-E. ITALIAN CARS #133-1949 FERRARI 166 INTER Coupe. Body by Touring. S/N 017S. Maroon/beige. RHD. Odo: 79,111 kms. Three-owner car last restored by Autosport in Modena 1994, with 1996 engine rebuild by Constantini in Zurich. Signs of ancient leak sealing around rear window. Touched-in chips to passenger door's leading edge. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $245,967. Reasonable example, apparently all working well, 33

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: BONHAMS & BROOKS GSTAAD  of Commendatore's first road model. Cost fourth owner $23,968 less than what proved to be an over-ambitious lower estimate. #134-1952 FERRARI 500/625 Fl SingleSeater. Body by Maranello factory. SN 0540 (Ex-0208). Red/black. Blessed with super buyer's premium, near top estimate money was forthcomingfor "notchback" coupe with V12. 1 had never seen turquoise leather before! #104-1960 FERRARI 250 GT SERIES II Cabriolet. Body by Pinin Farina. S/N 3645. • • • • • • • • odometer, but 33,500 miles charted. Brooks opened bidding at $4,000,000. While no telephone bidders took part, real bids were spotted in room at $6.5, $7 and $7.5 million. Latter offer, with premium ($8,252,500) being this car 's value on sale day. #140-1964 FERRARI 250 GT LUSSO Coupe. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 4635. Red/ tan. LHD. Odo: 1,233 lcms. Part-restored in period race history and, judging from several top meet scrutineering pass stickers from 2000 season, on-the-button for more historic race action. Scuffed floor and trans tunnel. Very sharp cosmetically after what must have been a recent restoration. Cond: 1, SOLD AT $628,251. Great racer in great condition. With plenty of starting grid places assured at all top car events, well worth the close-to-lower-estimate price paid #119-1959 FERRARI 250 GT INTERIM Coupe. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 1509 GT. White, green, red stripe/black. LHD. Odo: Red/tan. LHD. Odo: 64,884 miles. California resident in 1980s, more recently displayed in Dutch museum. Evidence of repaint from around edges. Fresh retrim and renewed top. Sharp engine bay. Cond: I-. SOLD AT $160,284. Red with tan seats and an open Ferrari with correct 128F outside-plug motor for $10,500 over top estimate. Probably about right and a signal that PF II Cabs are recovering from their sub-$100K doldrums. #142-1962 FERRARI 250 GT CALIFORNIA SWB Convertible. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 03007 GT. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 14,505 kms. Four-owner car. Covered headlights. 1998 and still very good. Grubby seats and trim behind ashtray. Poorly presented engine bay. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $127,327. Regarded as ultimate road-going version of 250 GT, this example has been twice exercised on Tour Auto in recent years. Costing just above lower estimate, it still represented good value. #105-1965 FERRARI 500 SUPERFAST Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 6043. Dark 98,998 ktns. Nice period competition provenance, including dive into river during 1959 Tour de France. Approx 2,000 luns since 1998 refurb. Poor detailing with lots of obvious sealer around windows. Poor finish around tops of door arches. Original interior. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $838,866. Colors are Madagascaran racing livery. Despite very non-concours appearance, which would put off many US and Japanese buyers and would cost a small fortune to correct, this "worker" really deserved to sell. On this night there were no takers. #139-1959 FERRARI 250 GT Coupe. Body by Pinin Farina. S/N 1435 GT. Silver/turquoise. LHD. Odo: 23,017 kms. Sold new in California. Swiss-owned from 1981, and in vendor's Bodily and mechanically restored in Padova by Cognolato and Michelotto, with leather renewed by Luppi of Modena in 1988, still very fresh looking. Ribbed comp box fitted. Cond: 1, SOLD AT $1,319,945. Three bidders in room slugged it out until one London dealer won what was arguably the most retailable car in the sale. According to auctioneer Brooks, one US bidder missed out on competing by being trapped in elevator with non-working mobile phone. #143-1963 FERRARI 250 GTO Competition Coupe. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 4293 GT. Red/blue. LHD. Impeccable race history. green/black. LHD. Odo: 12,288 miles. Original color. Ordered without Superfast badge on back by one UK-titled owner from new; Lord Hanson thought script too flashy. Factory serviced initially, then stored at Pininfarina until '72, when resident in UK. Lots of fresh black crackle in engine bay. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $265,741. Time-warp car with perfect and fully charted very rich one-owner history. Much viewed, and fully deserving of near top estimate result. Not everybody's color choice, though. Too discreet? The bargain of the sale. #106-1965 FERRARI 275 GTS Convert- ible. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 07457. Blue/ cream. LHD. Odo: 3,744 kms. Spent most of ownership since 1984. Claimed to be original, with very tired-looking lower side panels. Chips to front. Leather worn and cracked, though still soft. Instrument binnacle pulling away from dash top. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $58,121. With 34  Crudely touched-in stone chips, crumbly rubber rear window surround. Large wood-rim steering wheel, fabric-trimmed low-back buckets, and Hammerite painted panels with lots of rivets rampant. Apparently authentic. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $7,700,000. No early life in California until 1980s, when first Swiss-, then Monaco-, and most recently German-owned. Color changed from ivory to dark blue. Shiny Borranis, spotless seats, very good engine presentation. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $156,988. Replacement model to the 250 California and undervalued compared to other V12 Sports Car Market

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Spyders. This one raised forecast money; might have brought another $10,000 in the U.S. #131-1965 FERRARI 275 GTS Convert- SCM AUCTION REPORT: BONHAMS BROOKS GSTAA Exotic Car Transport ible. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 6809. Red/ black. LHD. Odo: 64,073 kms. Swiss resident $99,393. Apparently sound example of steelbodied, triple-carb "short nose" with 250 LM frontal treatment. Low price a result of the "custom" look, which is never in favor with Ferrari collectors. #125-1966 FERRARI 275 GTB/C Competition Coupe. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 09027. Yellow/black. RHD. Odo: 5,332 kms. ORLANDO FLORIDA Open and Enclosed Carrier Service! , , since 1967. Good repaint in non-original color, nice original interior. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $163,578. In much the same condition as Lot #106 and making similar money #107A-1965 FERRARI 275 GTB Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 7781. Red/beige. lir la .s.s.nre to et.0.6wing. .  ...._ 1966 Le Mans history. Later in Ibing and Matsuda collections. Last major restoration carried out by specialists Diena, Silingardi and Allegretti in 1985. Overall good externally, with paint cracked on passenger side gutter and chips to oil filler exterior flap. Cond: I-. NOT SOLD AT $719,028. Mint engine bay with correct bonnetframe lightened with holes. Authenticating letters on view from Massini and Noon of Symbolic. B&B supremo Simon Kidston reported strong after-sale interest. #124-1967 FERRARI 330 GT MK 11 2+2 LHD. Odo: 42,999 kms. Late addition to the sale. Swiss-restored in 1987 and still in overall good condition. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 9453. Silver/black. LHD. Odo: 57,012 miles. Paint passable with only minor chips, worst being to driver's door edge. Leather cracked and ..-- "Get the whole story of Exotic Car Transport. visit us on the Worldwide Web." 1-800-766-8797 www.exoticcartransport.corn Nationwide Transport of Exotic, Vintage and Luxury Automobiles Indoor Storage Available www.classic car scorn (WE BUY CARS) ALFA ROMEO TZ1  TALBOT LAGO T26 CAN-AM SBARRO M.M. BARCHETTA BMW A41 PROCAR  ELVA BARCHETTA  (DATABASE CHASSIS NUMBERS) OSCA 273 S  ABARTH OF HISTORIC RACE JUNE 2001 bob@classicscars.com

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: BONHAMS & BROOKS GSTAAD 1995. Freshly restored by Wyss of Zurich. Superb. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $450,291. One of just 124 genuine Daytona Spyders and not a chop. In perfect condition and deserving top estimate result. Sets a new standard for Daytona Spyder prices, but still a long way from the $1.2M they once brought. #108-1973 FERRARI 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA CONVERSION Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 16177. Yellow/black. LHD. worn. Scuffed driver's side sill. Engine bay just okay. In US before Swiss imported circa 1996. Refurbed in 1999. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $33,075. One of last of 455 Mk Hs. In reasonable enough cosmetic order and surely not expensive. #114 - 1968 FERRARI 330 GTS CONVER- SION Convertible. Body by Pininfarina. SN 10623. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 4,297 miles. Born as a coupe, cut in the US. Fully and wellrestored in US in early 1990s. Looking good on Borranis and very glossy. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $74,599. A cheap way to have an open Ferrari, so long as you don't mind being in the cut cars" section of the concours. #115-1971 FERRARI 246 GT DINO Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. SN 02224. Blue/ Odo: 72,912 kms. Formerly Berlinetta, which had been well converted to spyder by French specialists Oilier during restoration in late '80s/ early '90s, and still very fresh looking. Switchable power steering for curb crawling around town. Nice engine bay. Scuffed leather. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $121,515. Only just failing to sell under gavel, this well-executed chop was sold immediately afterward for just under low estimate. Cut Daytonas have been steady, bringing about the same as a good coupe. #103-1974 FERRARI 246 GTS Targa Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 07804. Yellow/tan. LHD. Odo: 43,748 miles. Well painted S/N 17029. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 79,6261(ms. One of final batch of Daytonas built. Evidence of masking tape on pillars after last repaint. Wider 9-inch rear wheels. Cond: 1, NOT SOLD AT $86,882. Unsold under hammer, inclusive after-sale was clinched for lower estimate figure. Not expensive, and once again indicative that serial production cars suffered at this sale. The punters were after the rare stuff #109-1975 FERRARI 208 GT4 Coupe. Body by Bertone. S/N 11286. Silver/red. LHD. Odo: 3,450 kms. Refurbished in Holland four • • • • • • • • years ago. Later wheels fitted. Paint and trim reasonable. Knocked down without reserve. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $13,782. Bargain - base- ment Ferrari made more than lower estimate, but was still cheap. Of course, with only 2L, you might find yourself hard-pressed to keep up with a six-cylinder BMW Z3 roadster. #123-1978 FERRARI 312 T3 Fl SingleSeater. S/N 035. Red/black. Driven by Gilles blue. LHD. Odo: 34,131 kms. Well-enough presented, though nothing special. "Working" car engine bay. Mileage claimed to be genuine. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $45,479. With premium, this okay-ish specimen achieved lower estimate, which was about right for LHD coupe. In red or yellow, and with a strong detail, could have brought $15K more Stateside. #129-1971 FERRARI 365 GTS/4 DAYTONA Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 14761. Red/black, red inserts. LHD. Odo: Mechanically and cosmetically refurbished in 1997. Good paint. Worn but original leather. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $53,508. Nice - 31,847 miles. US-spec and supplied new via Chinetti of Connecticut. Resided in Japan in mid-1980s and ended up in Switzerland in 36 recently. Torn sealing rubber on rear edge of Targa top. Frayed window sealing channels. Full service history from new. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $68,007. Good car, with only detailing to sort out. Made near auctioneer's higher estimate figure, which was around top retail. #111-1974 FERRARI 365 GT4 BB "BOXER" Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 17641. Blue/black. LHD. Odo: 20,684 miles. Villeneuve. 1978 US GP winner in Reutemann's hands. GP body panels had clearly been on and off frequently. Poor cockpit presentation. Dowdy-looking engine and gearbox. Claimed to be on-button. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $456,882. Purchased by vendor directly from factory. GP-winning Ferrari was. acquired for just over lower estimate. #101-1979 FERRARI 308 GTB Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 29923. Silver/red, enough looking car and good value. Some prefer these early Boxers for their quick acceleration and clean lines. Boxer prices continue to wallow in the $50-$75K range. #127-1974 FERRARI 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. Sports Car Market

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: BONHAMS & BROOKS GSTAAD black. LHD. Odo: 46,199 miles. Supplied new by Chinetti of New York. Euro bumpers rather than US ones for second owner who was Swiss vendor. Excellent paint, as-new interior. Offered without reserve. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $19,293. Good car that deserved to realize more than top forecast paid, and was still great value. Strange to think of finding Ferrari bargains in Switzerland, but there you go. #121-1982 FERRARI 512 BBI "BOXER" Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. SiN 41041. Red/ over low estimate seemed to have been cheaply landed. Yes, they have the "I'm a pimp" '80s look to them, but are still superb performers. #117-1986 FERRARI F1/86 Single-Seater. S/N 089. Red/tan. Driven by both Alboreto Very low mileage fully charted. Allegedly used only during fine weather on occasional Swiss visits, and never pranged. Certainly looked mint in all departments. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $47,202. Although he had to pay near top estimate, UK trader wisely bagged this one—we're talking about a virtually brand-new Testarossa, albeit in unfashionable white, for only $47,202! #112-1986 FERRARI TESTAROSSA Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 64051. Silver/dark blue. LHD. Odo: 22,000 kms. Good black. LHD. Odo: 21,631 kms. Very good paint. Seats used, though not over-worn. Dull engine bay. Genuine total mileage. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $44,789. Nice, low-mileage example of fuel-injected five-liter Boxer for no money, really. US collectors prefer the injected cars as they are easier to smog than the carbureted ones. However, the Boxer market continues to be a tough one. #102-1986 FERRARI TESTAROSSA Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 59981. White/beige. LHD. Odo: 2,617 kms. Owned by one Middle Eastern royal family member. v‘NTA., 0 41° TO RC PoSk9 F.stabltshed 1979 paint, apart from a few stone chips on nose. Mint interior. Claimed to be accident-free, with genuine mileage. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $39,966. Largely aluminum-bodied Testarossa for just A rare opportunity to purchase today's most desirable cars! PRIVATE COLLECTION SALE Shown by appointment only Call Ken Dougherty - 4P 4_10,3 1971 Maserati Indy: Red/black leather, 4.2L,  5-speed. factory A/C, excellent cond. $25,000.  lip 1965 Maserati Mistral: Red/black leather, 3.7L,  5-speed, new paint, interior & chrome. $35,000.  1963 Maserati Sebring: Black/red leather, 5-speed,  NC, completely restored 1996. $35,000.  1969 Maserati Ghibli cut Spyder: Black/red leather/ black cloth top, 4.7L, 5 -speed, P/S, A/C. $59,000. 9848 Southwest Freeway Houston, Texas 77074 713-541-2281 Fax 713-541-2286 vintagemotorcars@ey1.net and Johansson in period. Acquired after rebuild from factory by Peter Monteverdi for his collection. Last run in 1992. Appearance of functional carbon fiber monocoque disappointed, as did rest of car's detailing. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $196,535. Less than lower estimate was accepted, which seemed enough. #116-1988 FERRARI MONDIAL 3.2 Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 75600. 1963 Maserati fig nale Spyder: Black/black leather/  black cloth top, 5-speed, disc brakes, 1 of 248. $75,000.  1972 Maserati Ghibli 4.9SS Coupe: Red/black leather,  5-speed, power steering, restored in 1996. $42,000.  1969 Maserati Mexico: Ma -ooniblack lealher,4.2L, auto,  one owner,factory sunroof, NC, powersteering. $28,000.  1953 Jaguar XK120 DHC: Red/tan leather/black cloth top, 4-speed, rest. in 1995, excellent. $55,000. 1958 Jaguar XK150 Coupe: Cotswold blue/red  leather, very rare automatic, recent resto. $33,000.  February, 2001  1961 Ferrari 250 GTE: Silver Gray/light tan leather,  superb rest. in '97, show winner. $50,000.  1969 Ferrari 365 2+2: Black leather, 5-speed,  factory A/C, new leather, excellent cond. $45,000.  19_ . Jan _34 _uarSSIT.ourier..Y .dlo_vv .../daris.grep _nleathp _rback,,, 2.5L, chrome wires, rare open 4 seater. $70,000. 37

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: MECUM AUCTIONS CRYSTAL LAKE • • • • • • • • Anthracite/gray. LHD. Odo: 58,471 kms. Very good retail condition and accident-free mileage. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $16,538. Just over mid-estimate was paid, which is around the current trade buy-in price for left-hooker in EEC. Much better looking and performing cars than the 308 GT4, which isn't really saying very much. A very cheap way to drive a family Ferrari. #118-1991 FERRARI F40 Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N ZFFGJ3480000888. Red/red. opportunity to watch this Menard's building transform into a very suitable auction venue. Mecum is known for Corvettes and muscle cars and the selection was vast with a good range of quality. Featured were 15 muscle cars from Reggie Jackson's collection and a '63 Harley Earl concept Corvette. There was a smattering of foreign iron, but the quality was lacking compared to the domestic rides. As usual, Dana and his crew did a great job working the crowd. There is a reason Dana wears running shoes on auction nights—he works it, has fun doing it, and puts the crowd in the spending mood. The color catalog was first rate, though a little late on the mailing. I was concerned the distance from Chicago would keep attendance low, but the place ended up being jammed both nights. LHD. Odo: 20,667 luns. Clearly well lookedafter by two owners. Original throughout. Glass rather than Plexiglass side windows. Catalytic converters fitted. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $180,057. With premium, low estimate was achieved, which must therefore be current Euro market price for a non-competition "soft" F40. Although unlikely to achieve their previous $1.2 M level, F40 prices have been strong and slowly climbing. No prices went to the moon, nor were there any steals. The majority of the cars sold were moderately priced nice drivers. Dana has found a nice market niche and has excelled at growing his share of this market.—H.H. ENGLISH CARS #205-1952 JAGUAR XK 120 ROAD- STER. S/N 671103. Ivory/maroon leather. LHD. Odo: 20,007 miles. 4-speed. Factory steel wheels. Uneven panel fit with small paint F #31-1957 JAGUAR XK 140 M 2-Door Convertible. S/1•1 G83308. Orange/tan. LHD. Odo: 24,250 miles. Floor-shift 4-speed. Bucket seats. Painted wires. Torn seats. Missing knobs. Rust through trunk deck. Resprayed. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $20,000. This is the kind of car that makes you wonder—if the seller couldn't get rid of it through the classifieds, what made him think that someone would buy a pig under the glare of the lights at an auction? $20K would have been plenty #206-1961 TRIUMPH TR3A 2-door Con- vertible. SN TS66143L. Red/black vinyl. No top. LHD. Odo: 87,736 miles. 4-speed. r _•.a.4.1 ■ 1112 . MECUM AUCTIONONC. Dana Mecum Fall Premier Crystal Lake, IL November 3-4, 2000 Auctioneers: Mike Haggerman, Mark Denzel Number of automotive lots: 231 Number of automotive lots sold: 114 Sale rate: 49.4% Sale total: $3,350,708 High: Lot #124, 1963 Corvette Harley Earl Concept sold at $330,000 Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 5% Report by Haig Haleblian Market opinions in italics by Keith Martin 1:1) 38  ana Mecum moved his fifthyear fall event from the prestigious Arlington Race Course located ten miles from O'Hare field to an empty Menard's building in Crystal Lake, approximately forty miles from O'Hare. The reason for the move was the fact that cars had to be pushed across the block at Arlington, which didn't inspire bidders to get off their hands. Since I work in Crystal Lake, I had the blemishes. Engine bay original-looking. Right door appears repainted. Last seen at Mecum Elkhart Lake in July when not sold at $37,000. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $32,500. Superb 120s can bring $75,000, but average drivers struggle to break $35K. The bid was very fair at Elkhart, and still fair enough here. What kind of wake-up call does this seller need? #27-1953 ALLARD K-3 2-door Convert- ible. S/N X3-3198. Red/red. Black top. LHD. Odo: 78,482 miles. Automatic. Bench seat. 'MO Bucket seats. Painted wires. Wind wings. Resale red paint with bubbled chrome. No reserve. Quickie interior. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $10,080. If the mechanicals are solid, this was a good buy. TR3s are great cars, although they require drivers that have tweed sportcoats with leather patches on the elbows for the cut-down doors. #154-1965 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 MK III 2-door Convertible. S/N HBJ8L29557. Red/black vinyl. Black top. LHD. Odo: 95,186 Painted wires. Buffed-through paint. Quickie silver resprayed wheels. Period Michelins. Car is 2-tone: red exterior, green engine bay. Caddy drivetrain, dual quads. Cond: 5. NOT SOLD AT $16,000. 1 of 61 built, this car sold at Mecum Elkhart Lake for $25,200 in July Now the high bid is $16,000. Just think— a car that mirrors the stock market! miles. Floor-shift 4-speed. Tired chrome. Dirty body and engine bay. Missing driver's sideview mirror. Driver's door difficult to latch. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $18,000. Exactly the right price. Low estimate was $28K, but it would take a really, really nice BJ8 to command that kind of money There are a lot of them for sale, and "drivers" like this tend to sell in the $16K - $20K range. #38-1966 SUNBEAM TIGER 2-door Convertible. SN 38200464. 8-cyl. 260 ci. 200 hp. Black/tan vinyl. Black vinyl top. LHD. Sports Car Market

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• • • • • • • • ournm AU • • • • • • • • c.o+suf A C TION REPORT: MECUM AUCTIONS CRYSTAL LAKE Odo: 62,584 miles. Floor-shift 4-speed. Bucket seats. Aftermarket mags. Small scratches in paint. Nice chrome. Holley 4-barrel. Panasport wheels, with competition tires, headers into Supertrapp exhaust. Original spare. An honest car, not pieced together. Documented to 1974. One owner last 13 years. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $15,000. The bid wasn't crazy low, but probably $18,000 - $20,000 would have been more like it. There aren't many good Tigers around —over the years, their owners have been the downscale Pantera types (there's a scary thought). GERMAN CARS #100-1955 MESSERSCHMITT KR200 2-door Coupe. S/N AZ137111. Maroon/tan. LHD. Factory steel wheels. Paint dimpled and White/blue. Blue top. LHD. Odo: 119,730 miles. Automatic. Bucket seats. Factory steel wheels. Good, sound condition. Dye fade on driver's door. Aftermarket Nardi wood wheel. Aftermarket CD. New Haartz cloth top. Documented last two years. Pitted chrome. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $21,000. These are superb grand touring cars, but can be very expensive to make right. If this car runs out okay, and can be bought for $25,000 -$30,000, it's really a steal. #207-1971 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SE 3.5 2-Door Convertible. S/N 11102712002682. 8-cyl. Bronze/black. Black top. LHD. Odo: exceeded $135,000. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $66,150. We've said it many times before— there 's no better way to look rich for cheap than to buy a low-miles big Benz at an auction. You skip the initial depreciation, the cars are bulletproof and everyone assumes you're a Republican. ITALIAN CARS #28-1962 ALFA ROMEO 2600 SPIDER 2-door Roadster. S/N AR1020401835. Red/ missing. Pitted chrome. Nice interior. Cond: 3 NOT SOLD AT $11,000. SCM subscriber Bruce Wiener, king of Double Bubble gum and king of micro cars, really set the market on its head when he sold part of his collection for big bucks a few years back. But these cars have struggled since. #86-1965 MERCEDES-BENZ 250SEL 2-door Coupe. SN 111012-12-08710. Green/ 75,963 miles. Floor-shift auto. Newer leather seats. Becker radio. Cracked wood. Lots of paint blemishes. A driver. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $42,000. The V8 280s are great cars, but to make big money they have to be perfect. Really, the best buy is the earlier highgrille 220-250. Even with the slushbox, they'll cruise at 100 mph and provide a terrific motoring experience. For cheap. #85-1971 BMW 2800CS 2-door Coupe. S/N 2Z70459. Green/tan. LHD. Odo: 15,533 black. LHD. Odo: 18,893 miles. Here's a conglomeration of a mess. Stewart Warner speedo. Hurst linkage. Pleats on seat look like a pufferfish. Lousy paint overspray. Side exhaust—honest. Ford 289 stuffed under the hood. Cond: 5. NOT SOLD AT $12,000. How do you spell chassis flex? Can you imagine what the poor car does when the throttle is mashed? 1 wouldn't be surprised if it turned itself into a pretzel! #109-1990 FERRARI TESTAROSSA 2-door Coupe. S/N 2FFSG17A2L00847. Red/ 111F , tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: 140,955 miles. Floorshift auto. Bucket seats. Sunroof. Wood in poor shape. Chrome rockers don't fit well against body. Filthy engine bay. Worn chrome. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $6,000. There's no upside for a tired old clunker like this that is just one major mechanical problem away from that great German breaker yard in the sky. #37-1969 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SE 2-door Convertible. S/N 11102512003405. February, 2001  miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Worn interior. Tired wood. Aftermarket wheels. Lots of paint blemishes. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $8,925. The CS series stand as one of the most attractive serial production cars ever. The downside is, like all BMWs, they melt with age. Why BMW can't get their seats and dashes to last like those of a Benz is an enduring mystery. #135-1996 MERCEDES-BENZ S600 2-door Coupe. SN WOBGA76ESTA3069. 12cyl. Silver/black leather. LHD. Odo: 24,029 miles. Estate sale, as new. Original selling price black. LHD. Odo: 1,181 miles. Floor-shift 5speed. Bucket seats. Engine looks awfully used for 1,200 miles. Dirty wheels. Had to be pushed off the stand. Buyer would take a huge hit once it was driven. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $73,000. Funny how the value of a car plummets when it is no longer theflavor of the month. TRs, with their wide flanks and wedgie styling, aren't even lusted after by drug dealers or pimps anymore. They're all driving tuner M-Bs with gold-plated wheels. AMERICAN CARS #6-1935 FORD PHAETON 4-door Convertible. S/N 740860. Blue. LHD. Floor-shift 39

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: MECUM AUCTIONS CRYSTAL LAKE • • • • • • • • 3-speed. Painted wires. Basket case in need of a home. Hobbyist made the decision not to restore this vehicle. Car came complete (no guarantee on small parts) and ready for reassembly. Cond: 6. SOLD AT $8,925. Question: in 5 years, will we see this car, restored, cross the block, or (more likely) will the same pile of parts show up as the new owner loses interest the same way? Buying a project is always easier than actually finishing it. #172 1937 FORD 3-WINDOW STREET ROD 2-door Coupe. S/N 1S3536654. 8-cyl. 350 ci. Red/gray leather. LHD. Beautiful car, - in and out. Rumble seat. Tough to beat. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $55,000. All rods are tough to sell, because you need to find a buyer who is in cadence with your customization fantasies. The seller will have to search far and wide to find more money. #196-1940 CHEVROLET SEDAN DELIVERY 2-door. S/N 3250779. 6-cyl. Black/gray vinyl. LHD. Odo: 629 miles. Floor-shift 3speed. Bucket seats. Factory steel wheels. A very fine truck restored to better-than-new specs. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $28,875. Kind of a PT Cruiser without the handling, performance, safety or warranty, and for $ 10K more. What's wrong with this picture? #120-1941 CADILLAC SERIES 624-door Convertible. SiN 622903328359539. Green/ tan. Tan top. LHD. Odo: 28,959 miles. Automatic. Bench seat. Factory steel wheels. Scratches in paint. Pitted chrome. Cracked and worn leather. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $32,550. An interesting bit ofhistory, being the last pre-war Caddy. Kind ofdumb-looking, and corners like a hippo on a wet clay bank. But fyou grew up 40  Odo: 43,990 miles. Floor-shift automatic. Bucket seats. Factory steel wheels. Small blemishes in paint. Nice chrome. Better than average restoration. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $63,000. '57s have pure lines that appeal to some 'Vette buyers, but they have to be brilliantly restored, with desirable options, to bring the $75K minimum that the seller was looking for #124-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2-door Convertible. S/N 30867S114012. 8- production roadster with log books. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $13,000. Last seen at Mecum Elkhart Lake in July. Purchased there for $24,675. And now just a $13K bid? Did someone steal the engine in the interim? And why the quick turnaround from the new owner? More questions than answers on this one. #179-1964 FORD LIGHTWEIGHT GALAXIE 2-door Coupe. S/N 4A66R145483. 8-cyl. 427 ci. Ivory/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: nice original-looking car, with only two owners. Minor blemishes in chrome and paint. Two tops. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $22,000. $22K should have been enough. There are literally hundreds of T-Birds for sale at any given moment, and the ones that bring the really big bucks have rare options like dual-quads, and are in stunning condition. #127-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2-door Convertible. S/N VE575103186. 8-cyl. 283 ci. 250 hp. Black/silver/red. LHD. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Factory steel wheels. Wavy scratches. Nice original interior. Nondetailed engine bay. Decent chrome. A goodlooking driver. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $40,000. The high bid was certainly enough for a run-of-the-mill Stingray. These will always be blue-chip collectibles, but buyers are choosy-they will only pay up for the really good stuff #178-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2-door Convertible. S/N 40867S121081. 327 ci. Yellow/black. LHD. 4-speed. Real B making out with Bulb/ at the drive-in in one of these, you're probably a potential owner. #105-1957 FORD THUNDERBIRD 2-door Coupe. SiN 07F1A394850. White/ white. White hard top. LHD. Odo: 47,000 miles. Bench seat. Factory steel wheels. A very Earl. Fogged-in paint on left fender. Blister and paint checking. Electric windows. Accelerometer. Side port exhaust. 15-gauge instrument panel. Disc brakes. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $346,500. Sold at '99 Barrett-Jackson for $152,250, making this a pretty good investment. We thought $152K was all the money when we watched it sell before, and now, we've decided to just stop thinking altogether. #55-1963 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2-door Convertible. S/N 30867511188. 8-cyl. 327 ci. Silver/black. LHD. Odo: 16,426 miles. cyl. 327 ci. 340 hp. Blue/blue. LHD. Odo: 35,974 miles. Bucket seats. Knock-offs. Said to be concept car built for GM designer Harley 1,130 miles. Floor-shift 4-speed. Bucket seats. Factory mags. 427 high-rise engine. Lightweight seats, fiberglass hood, radio & heater delete, 4.57 rear end. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $38,000. These Galaxies are really handsome examples of the full-size, factory-built cheaters from the pre-muscle car era. The seller was looking for Sports Car Market

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: MECUM AUCTIONS CRYSTAL LAKE $60K, and he may find it—but he'll have to work hard, as he in a very thin market. #153-1965 CHEVROLET IMPALA POLICE 4-door Sedan. S/N 5 16369E 11. 6-cyl. Black and white/blue vinyl. LHD. Odo: 86,041 LHD. Odo: 62,263 miles. Bucket seats. Very nice. Racing belts. Four dual-throat Webers. Original Shelby four-barrel carb and manifold in trunk. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $51,975. On the button for a nice, but not brilliant, car. Is there any sound from an American engine so magnificent as that of the four deuces opening up under hard acceleration? It takes a 6-carb 275/ 4 to trump it, and they're $400K. #189-1966 SHELBY GT 350 2-door Coupe. S/N SFM6S613. 8-cyl. 289 ci. Red/ miles. Automatic. Shiny paint. Period radar, phone, lights, siren, and gun rack. Powerglide transmission. Worn chrome. Dirty engine bay. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $10,500. Drive it in a couple of parades, drive around Lover 's Lane and scare the high school kids on Friday night with your searchlight, and then you've done just about everything you can with this car. Except bring it back to another Dana sale. #167-1966 SHELBY GT 350 2-door Coupe. S/N SFM6S625. 8-cyl. Green/black. black. LHD. Odo: 68,118 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Paxton supercharger. Over-ride traction bars. Fiberglass hood. Pitted bumpers, poor trunk alignment, aftermarket steering wheel. Interior panels on rear quarters raised and buckled. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $29,925. We've seen a couple of these supercharged GT 350s cross the block, and they always bring less than the normally-aspirated versions. Lesson: take off the supercharger before you consign the car. GT 350 buyers like 'em natural. #164-1967 CHEVROLET NICICEY CAMARO 2-Door Coupe. S/N 124377N184950. 8-cyl. 427 ci. 435 hp. Dark turquoise/black. LHD. Odo: 64,940 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Three deuces, engine bay detailed nicely. Handsome color. Redline tires, aluminum heads, PB, PS. Fully documented as dealer-built tuner car. (See Mini-Profile this issue.) Cond: 2. SOLD AT $70,350. This was advertised on the Web at $100,000, but the seller was smart to cut it loose. It a rare, special car, in superb condition, but underneath it still just a Camaro. #54-1969 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 2-door Coupe. S/N 9TO2R167834. 8-cyl. 428 ci. Red/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 54,945 miles. PiuTOMOBiLE TRANSPORTERS When POSIES, Inc. needs to ship their Extremeliner they choose Intercity. You can too. Enclosed transporters • Insurance coverage • Liftgate loading protects your vehicle • Door-to-door service QUALCOMM satellite tracking system • Delivery anywhere in the continental United States, Canada & Mexico Please Call for a FREE QUOTE. 311{C 1-800-221-3936 • FAX 413-436-9422 • www.intercitylines.com  Chosen as the official tran Barrett Jackson, Bloomington Gold,The Peterson Automobile Museum and Corvette Mike February, 2001  41 552 Old West Brookfield Road •Warren, MA 01083

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I SCM _ _ AUCTION REPORT: MECUM AUCTIONS CRYSTAL LAKE MMM  4-speed. Bucket seats. Aftermarket mags. Aftermarket stereo. Little wear on interior. Nice paint. Original oil cooler, shaker hood, spoilers, tachometer, and console. 428 Super Cobra Jet engine. Smog equipment. Good solid driver. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $29,000. Big - en- gine Fords have never had the following that Chevys do. These are ungainly, nose-heavy cars, and changing the plugs can take a contortionist. The bid wasn't out of line, although $35K would have been more reasonable. #194 - 1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z-28 2-door Coupe. S/N 124379L530682. 8-cyl. Restored to better than original condition. Trunk gap uneven. 4.10 Dana, Ram Charger Fresh Air Induction, Super TracPack. Original spare and shocks. From a Las Vegas museum. Numbers match. Nice piece. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $33,600. The Super Bees and Dusters will always be the orphan children of the muscle car era. Nonetheless, thefully optioned cars in superb condition are really starting to command big dollars. But bragging that you own a "Super Bee"? #165-1970 SHELBY GT 500 2-door Coupe. S/N 0F02R482474. 8-cyl. 428 ci. 11. Silver-gray/black leather. Black hard top. LHD. Odo: 15,611 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Factory steel wheels. Paint and chrome showing its age. Power brakes and steering. 3.70 Poisitraction. Claims original mileage. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $32,970. Strong money for this swoopy body style, but these cars have been coming on strong during the last couple of years. In fact, as the years pass, they start to look period-attractive. #152-1971 PLYMOUTH ROAD RUNNER 2-door Coupe. S/N RM23V1E106373. 302 ci. 290 hp. Green, white stripes/white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 86,682 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Shiny paint that needs a rub-out in spots. Build sheet with all receipts. Power steering with rosewood wheel. Moderately clean engine bay. Nice driver. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $26,000. Don't you wish that Chevy would just turn its engineers lose and tell them, "Build a really cool car, with a great, hi-revving engine, and we'll figure out how to sell it." Pony cars were terrific until the bean counters got their hands on them. #193-1970 PLYMOUTH HEMI 'CUDA 2-door Coupe. S/N BS23R0B296096. 8-cyl. 426 ci. 425 hp. Panther pink/black vinyl. LHD. 405 hp. Pumpkin/white. LHD. Odo: 37,801 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Hood chrome slightly blemished. Nice engine bay and interior. Power steering, power brakes. Drag Pack option, with oil cooler. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $46,200. Maybe even a little cheap for a GT 500. By now, the lithe, Spartan nature of the GT 350 was long gone. But these nose-heavy tire-melters have a strong following, and the Shelby name really works its magic in the market. #181 1970 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX SJ - 2-door Coupe. S/N 276570A121479. 8-cyl. 455 ci. Red/tan. White vinyl top. LHD. Odo: ‘1111 - timor rr 8-cyl. 440 ci. Black/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 81,869 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Factory mags. 440 Six Pack. Power disc brakes, Air Grabber, hood pins, dual mirrors, 15 x 7 Rally wheels, rear spoiler, Rally dash with tach. California blue plates. Slight paint flaws. Detailed engine bay. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $33,600. $262 cost for 440 Six-Pack engine option (335 hp). First year of "fuselage" body style. Big money for what is generally considered afar less desirable model than the earlier Road Runners. This market continues to show strength. #77-1972 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Wagon. Maroon/black leather. LHD. Odo: 4,979 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. After- Odo: 32,265 miles. Automatic. Bucket seats. Detailed engine bay. Dirty engine block and small ding in right door. Documented to be a real Hemi car. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $50,000. 1 of 666 built in 1970. Takes a man with a strong ego to drive around in a bright pink car-suppose you get mistaken for a Mary Kay cosmetics salesperson? The indignity. Hemis are coming back, and this bid really wasn't enough by $10K. #151-1970 DODGE SUPER BEE 2-door Coupe. S/N WM23V0A139765. 8-cyl. 440 ci. Yellow/white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 25,235 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Factory mags. 14,036 miles. 4-speed. Bucket seats. Detailed engine bay. Dual exhaust. Front Strato bucket seats. Some waves in lower half of body. Si option included badges, lamps, larger tires and 455 engine. Ex-Reggie Jackson collection. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $16,500. Another badging special, with no special claim to fame beyond limited production numbers (because they couldn't sell very many, or they surely would have built more). Money offered was really enough. After all, what have you really got here? #138-1971 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2-door Convertible. SiN 1946715111993. market mags. Lousy panel fit. An assault on good taste with no redeeming value. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $7,250. Where are the Taste Police when you need them? Looks like something Drogo might have designed on a bad day (he really didn't have many good ones, even if he is famous). Owner should have taken the money and run. #62-1978 CHEVROLET C-10 Pickup. SN CCS448190471. 8-cyl. 454 ci. 425 hp. Black/red. LHD. Odo: 9,700 miles. Bench seat. Factory mags. Lots of modifications from gauges to wheels. A nice-looking driver for the testosterone set. Cond: 3. SOLD AT 42  Sports Car Market

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VINMAIIMIIIIMINVel SCAR AUCTION REPORT: SILVER AUCTIONS PORTLAND OR $8,662. Auctions can be great places to pick up fantasy cars and trucks for cheap. The seller probably had $20K in the rig, the new owner can brag that he's in it less than $9K, drive it for awhile, then take it to another Mecum auction and get rid of it. #147-2001 SHELBY SERIES 1 2-door Convertible. S/N 5087. Silver/black, gray. COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS LHD. Bucket seats. Brand new. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $112,500. It's sad, really, to see cars billed as "instant collectibles." The original Cobras and GT350s were built as competition, performance machines, and became desirable through their accomplishments. That's not the case here. Silver Auctions Portland, OR October 21, 2000 Auctioneer: Mitch Silver Number of automotive lots: 158 Number of automotive lots sold: 69 Sale rate: 43.7% Sale total: $456,245 High: Lot #I04, 1954 Corvette convertible sold for $29,380 ir February, 2001  Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 4% Report by Gary Hoisington Market opinions in italics by Keith Martin his Silver auction was a typical half-a-million dollar sale, where a decent selection of merchandise changed hands at expected prices. The key to Silver's continued success is that all their auctions are run the same way, friendly to buyer and seller both, with a refreshing degree of candor from the auction podium. AMERICAN CARS #52-1930 FORD 2-DOOR Street Rod. 8-cyl. 350 ci. Teal/gray cloth. LHD. These early cars are acquired tastes, and chances are that when the generation that grew up with them and loves them passes on, they won't be loved any longer—just like the Model Ts and As. #104-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. 6-cyl. 235 ci.  White/ burgundy vinyl. LHD. Odo: 59,860 miles. Automatic. Bucket seats. Factory steel wheels. Older repaint of body cracked or hit numerous times. Fiberglass repair showing through paint in multiple locations. Poor door fit, sagging doors. Poor engine detail. Nice repro upholstery, nice chrome. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $29,380. With all that's wrong, this was still a very fair deal for both buyer and seller. Older restorations that have kind offallen apart have their own appeal—more, in some ways, than a freshly tarted-up car With the crummy car, you can dream. #43-1957 FORD FAIRLANE 500 SKYLINER Convertible. 8-cyl. 312 ci. Tan, white/brown, white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 1,041 Bucket seats. Aftermarket mags. Nicely built street rod with fiberglass fenders. Nice interior with custom dash and gauges. Good chrome and nice paint job, which needed to be wet sanded and polished to be excellent. Missing wheel cap. A professional detail away from being a #2 car. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $16,000. Couldn't be replicated for this kind of money, but seller deserves his polisher slapped for not finishing out the details that make a car attractive at auction. Since street rods are fantasy cars, they have to be shiny and ready to go. #105-1931 DESOTO 2-DOOR Coupe. 6-cyl. Green, black/green vinyl. LHD. Odo: 47,999 miles. 3-speed manual. Bench seat. Painted wires. First year DeSoto with hydraulic brakes. Older repaint with numerous chips and areas buffed through. Fair older replated chrome. Good interior and engine detail. Nice 10-foot car was a fair deal for both buyer and seller. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $8,944. miles. automatic. Bench seat. Factory steel wheels. Straight body with good panel fit and no signs of rust or rust repair. Good repaint in original colors. Small bubbles on trunk lid. Nice chrome, stainless needs polishing. Good engine compartment detail. Incorrect air cleaner, missing trunk mat. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $13,000. Handsome car, and a great Ford cruiser from the '50s. Fair enough price. #56-1966 FORD MUSTANG coupe. S/N N/A. 8-cyl. 289ci. Bronze/tan vinyl. White vinyl top. LHD. Odo: 56,996 miles. automatic. Bucket seats. Factory steel. Straight body with very good panel fit. Fair repaint could have been good if not for a lot of dirt in the paint. Very nice correct repro pony interior. Good chrome. 43

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: SILVER AUCTIONS PORTLAND OR. •••••••••••••.% Weak left rear spring. A good car, but color may have scared off buyers. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $6,200. This would have been a cheap buy for a car that is still usable on the streets today, so long as you don't mind the "safety-by-Gillette" non-airbag dash, and brakes that might stop you once, maybe. #99-1968 FORD MUSTANG Coupe. 8cyl. 289 ci. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 36,778 miles. Automatic. Bucket seats. painted black hood stripes. Battery relocated to trunk. Was this a race car? Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $11,648. A 4-speed R/T in this condition was a good buy. However, unless the new owner is a do-it-yourselfer, the first attempt at making the car nice will put him underwater. #97-1972 CADILLAC ELDORADO Convertible. 8-cyl. 500 ci. Burgundy/burgundy leather. LHD. Odo: 55,437 miles. Automatic. bumper, road grease and oil underneath. Otherwise brand new. Owner had purchased it as an everyday driver and found that to be impractical. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $46,000. $46K is all the money for a used Prowler. These are two years and another 1,000 built away from becoming $30,000 cars. It the law of diminishing value that accompanies continuing production. JAPANESE CARS #127-1968 TOYOTA PICKUP. 4-cyl. Yellow/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 7,815 miles. GT wheels. Very nicely repainted straight Mustang. Good panel and door fit. Nice reproduction interior and carpet. Good trunk, engine compartment and engine detail. Turn signal hood. Low-option car. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $5,720. A good buy, really. Just like Corvettes and '58 Chevys, with these 'Stangs it 's the number and type of options, coupled with condition, that drive the value. #82-1969 DODGE CORONET Rif coupe. S/N N/A. 8-cyl. 440ci. 365hp. Teal/white vinyl. LHD. automatic. Bucket seats. After Bench seat. Factory steel wheels. Straight body with good panel fit. Nice fairly recent repaint in original color with only a couple of chips on hood. New top, not installed properly. Nice interior. Rough idle. Owner claims actual miles but pedals, knobs, driver's arm rest make this questionable. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $4,108. Cheap by the pound, eh? And a good deal so long as you don't have to start replacing all the expensive sub-systems like power seat, window and top controls. Drive it until it drops, then throw away the plates and push it over a chff #93-1973 PLYMOUTH DUSTER coupe. S/N N/A. 8-cyl. 318ci. Mustard/mustard vinyl. LHD. Odo: 73,368 miles. automatic. 4-speed manual. Bench seat. Factory steel wheels. Orphan truck model not imported to US by Toyota. Recent repaint of good quality. Straight truck, good panel fit. Engine compartment repainted but not detailed. Tear in seat on driver's side. Faded chrome. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $5,408. Cute. Win the "guess that car" contest at your next mini-pickup cruise-in and concours. Free on-line collector car prices. market mag. Nice repaint of a fairly straight rust-free body. Nice correct reupholstery. Nicelooking car. Bare wires hanging under dash. Ignition switch does not work. Heater fan not working. Hole in body for antenna. Poor engine detail. Very hard to start. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $12,000. Mopars must be very strong to get this kind of bid. If seller had live money on the car, he should have sold. High bidder would have had many costly surprises and was lucky the bid was not accepted. #107-1971 DODGE CHALLENGER WI' Coupe. 8-cyl. 383 ci. 335 hp. Plum crazy/ black vinyl. LHD. 4-speed manual. Bucket seats. Nice paint and interior. Straight body with good panel fit and non-sagging doors. Correct Magnum wheels, good chrome. Small dent on top of LF fender and small bubbles in 44  Bench seat. Factory steel. Fairly straight car with noticeable rust repair around windshield. Old repaint in useable condition. Fading chrome. New upholstery but poor original carpet. Vinyl body stripes touched up with a brush. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $1,300. Not all Mopars bring the money. This model was a cheesey, bottom-of-the-barrel offering when new, and has no real reason to avoid the crusher at this point in its life. Maybe its metal will be reborn as an Audi 17- not a bad fate. #106 2000 PLYMOUTH PROWLER convertible. S/N N/A. 6-cyl. 255ci. Metallic gray/ black leather. LHD. Odo: 636 miles. Chrome wheels. A couple of small rock chips on front - DON'T MISS A CAR! Auction sports cat Market reports, Mini-Profiles and more! Call our 24-hour subscription hotline 1-800-289-2819 and get started today! Sports Car Market

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N. I I " I MEM SCM AUCTION REPORT: 30 SALES THAT DEFINED THE MARKET 1 ., 30 Sales That Defined the Market _ he collector car market is a tenuous thing, buffeted and buoyed by unpredictable elements. Presidential elections, electricity supplies, strife in foreign countries and more all contribute to what someone is willing to pay for a car. At this time, with the clouds of a recession hovering on the not-too-distant horizon, we thought it prudent to look back over the past twelve months and single out some transactions that each had a lesson attached to them. In general, what we learn is that for every maxim (a car has to be properly restored to bring top dollar) there is a counter (the yellow MG-TC that brought $21,000). However, as we look through these results, and take into account what is happening in the art market, we can hazard a few predictions. If the economy as a whole begins to slide, the cars most affected will be in the $50,000 - $250,000 range. Cheaper cars, like $20,000 Ford Boss 302s or $30,000 Ferrari 308 GTSs, can still be bought with a VISA card and, given the prices of new cars, aren't terribly expensive. The absolute high-end market may soften, but most of the folks buying $3M - $10M cars are doing it with hard money, not cash they got from borrowing against their stocks. I would hazard we will see a slowdown, as whether a Mercer Runabout or Maserati 450S gets bought now or in two months really doesn't make much difference. It's the middle market that will continue to take it in the shorts. Mass-produced semiexotics like Daytonas and Boxers are already a hard sell since there are always more for sale than there are buyers. Collectors aspiring towards their first $100,000 car are often reaching, using the sale of another car or two to ratchet themselves up the car value food chain. If they see their stock holdings of $200,000 drop to $100,000, and have trouble selling their 383 Road Runner hardtop for the $25,000 they were expecting, then that $100,000 Daytona is just going to have to wait. If you've got cash in fist, it will continue to be a good time to buy restored out-of-favor or unloved cars for literally pennies on the dollar when compared to the restoration costs involved in making an average car nice. However, be aware that the very things that make a car affordable today may make it nearly saleproof tomorrow. If you're a dealer, you already know these things, and have probably started to scale back your inventory. As an emotion-driven collector, you can use the uncertainty in the market as a lever to get a better price—but only buy something because you want it—as you may be staring at it in your garage for a long time to come.—ED. February, 2001 January 20-23. 2000. Scottsdale. AZ #908-1949 MG-TC 2-door Roadster. S/N TC9841. Bright yellow/black leather. RHD. Odo: 131 miles. Very poorly detailed motor, some scratches in the paint, good chrome. Chrome wire wheels. The MG purists hated this car, and with some good reasons. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $21,200. Tough to call for price. To make correct would take a full restoration, but to use and enjoy, it could be worth the money to the right end user Given the inaccuracies of this car a very high price. (This high price served notice that it doesn't take a correct car to make big money, just one "personalized" in a way that appeals to at least two bidders.—ED.) #639-1950 ASTON MARTIN DB2 Drop- head. S/N LML 50122. Maroon/tan leather. RHD. Odo: 1 mile. A lovely car, last seen at RM Newport Beach and reported unsold there at a high bid in the high $60,000 range. for? Cond: 5+. SOLD AT $9,220. Aaargh! One of the most scabrous, dreadful cars we've ever seen. Sold to the proverbial man with the white cane, and for far too much money. (Pigs are pigs, no matter how illustrious the badge on the nose. While a perfect 190SL can break $100K, rolling wrecks like this are worth no more than the amount bid.—ED.) #672 - 1957 BMW 507 Roadster. SN 70073. Blue/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 86,930 miles. Brought here to sell, obviously, and it did. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $52,500. This was a bargain. The early Astons don't seem to find as much favor in the US as they do elsewhere. Perhaps an ocean voyage is in this car 's immediate future, as home market demand is much stronger—and should be here as well. (While Aston 4s, 5s and 6s did well last year, the earlier 2s and 2/4s stayed too cheap. Perhaps their relatively stodgy styling and primitive performance is holding them back. In any event, they are still bargains.—ED.) #12-1956 MERCEDES-BENZ 190SL Roadster. S/N 5500603. Mango/black leather. LHD. Odo: 8,495 miles. Originally red, now a gangrenous shade of brownish green. Poor prep and paint, possibly applied with a dirty roller. Ran poorly. Smoked. Damaged, cheapie replacement soft top. No hard top. Lumpy body. Ripples in doors. What more could one ask An immaculate 507, beautifully restored and presented. Very handsome, impossible to fault in any real way, the nicest 507 seen for some time. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $288,850. Very spirited bidding on this exceptional example drove the price well beyond the $180 - $225K we have come to see as BMW 507 price levels. A world record for 507s at auction. (Our Price Guide gives a $200 - $240K range for a #2 car But a #1 car, of any flavor, can bring far more than that, as well-heeled collectors today will pay what it takes to get the best.—ED.) #348-1965 PORSCHE 356C Coupe. S/N 216314. Silver/black leather. LHD. Odo: 63,213 miles. A very nice C coupe, not an SC, but very good overall. Paint is exceptional, great engine detail, beautiful lines and seams, a lot of "presence" to the car. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $26,500. The condition and overall appearance justified top of the market money. Very active bidding on the car and some amazement in the audience from cheapskate 356 owners at the bid. Try to 45

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: 30 SALES THAT DEFINED THE MARKET .....111 restore a rough one and see how the costs mount up. (C coupes have been strong all year. They have enough horsepower, and, coupled with competent brakes, become quite useable cars on today's highways—while still having the classic look ofthe 356. Lookfor good Cs to continue to climb.—ED.) #670-1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. Body by Scaglietti. S/N J59S102405. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: I 1 1 miles. .111.. 111 Mil CLASSIC CARS January 21, 2000, Phoenix, AZ #256-1960 MGA TWIN-CAM Roadster. S/N YD31416. Red/black with red piping. This well-known, Italian/American hybrid is one of 3 built. Scaglietti Berlinetta body, similar to a Tour de France, on a '59 Corvette chassis. Documented history, excellent condition. 4-speed, fuel-injected 283. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $164,300. A $90,000 no-sale at the Auto Salon auction, where we declared "seller was right to refuse the offer. "$165K is fair enough, given that Ferrari TdFs are in the $600- $750K range, and this car is eligible for many of the same events. (Here's a perfect example of a seller having the patience to put his car infront of the right audience. $160K was fair enough for this piece of history, $90K would have been a steal. And another point—some critics have said that when SCM prints a no-sale price that is low, it will depress the value of the car being covered. We don't believe this to be so—the $90K we reported from the Auto Salon didn't impact the $164K this car brought in Scottsdale. Buyers make their own minds up, based on their perceptions of the marketplace.—ED.) #404-1956 CHEVROLET BEL AIR Convertible. S/N VC56K063038. Red and white/ red and white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 7 miles. 265 LHD. Excellent recent restoration with no subsequent use. Proper twin-cam components, such as solid centerlock Dunlop wheels, are present. Top done in incorrect but nicer mohair. Panel fit and latch operation on driver's door not up to standard of rest of car. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $30,800. Twin - with only 16 miles. Apparently never judged to NCRS standards. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $88,000. Sister car S/N 35 sold at Florida auction in Jan. for $84,500 and S/N 65 sold in Oct. '98 for over $85K, making this a market price. The 6-cylinder slushbox '53s aren't much fun to drive, but with only 200 or so left, have become solid investments. (Brilliantly-styled, pathetically-powered, perfect '53s have been in the "flavor-of-the-month" club for Bowtie collectors the past two years. This trend will continue.—ED.) cam engines can be hand grenades unless red line is carefully observed but they are rare and desirable among MG enthusiasts, and offer entertaining performance. Purchase price was fair. (Twin-cam MGs have never brought the price premium they should, partly because the engines are unreliable unless built with modern technology, and partly because the basic car still looks like a garden-variety MGA. This was a decent enough price, but we've seen pushrod MGAs bring the same kind of money. Buy a twin-cam for the exclusivity, not the investment. —ED.) #208-1976 TRIUMPH TR6 Convertible, factory hard top. S/N CF58228U0. Tahiti blue/tan. LHD. Odo: 70 miles. Claimed to be all original with only 500 miles covered, but wear and tear suggested differently. Stone chips on grille and rocker panels looked CLASSIC CARS March 11. 2000. Amelia Island. FL #253-1989 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA SPEEDSTER 2-seat Convertible. S/N WPOEB0913KS1737. Aquamarine blue/gray leather. LHD. Odo: 1,295 miles. As-new in every respect. Mileage real. Custom color from factory to match first owner's 1958 356 Speedster. Blaupunkt AM/FM stereo, cruise control, factory air added to the attractions. Cond: 1. V8 with dual 4 bbls, automatic, power steering, brakes and windows. Dual mirrors, electric clock and wipers, rocker moldings, Continental kit, push-button radio. No visible flaws. A new car throughout. Cond: I. SOLD AT $86,920. Another sky-high price for classic Detroit iron. More than twice what the "smart" buyers said it was worth. Somewhere in Detroit there is a GM committee investigating how to bring this car back into production, gain market share and make a profit. ("Restored to Pebble Beach standards" has become part of the collector 's lexicon, and "restored to Barrett-Jackson standards" is acquiring the same weight when it comes to '55 through '58 Chevys. These beyond-perfect cars will be cracking $100K soon —but cheeseburger hobbyist restorations will continue to struggle to top $40K It's all in the details.—ED.) 46  recent. Rust on engine parts, on other hand, looked like result of careless storage. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $31,900. Despite low mileage, this is an extraordinary price for a TR6. And all you can do is ratchet down the value by driving it or put it in a hermetically sealed bag and wish you could drive it. (We've said it many times—a car can be restored over and over, but is only original once. This was a 3X premium for the low miles.—ED.) #222-1953 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Roadster. Body by Fisher. S/N E53F001032. White/red vinyl. LHD. Body-off restoration of the 35th out of 300 '53s made. Stored since SOLD AT $74,800. Fairly bought considering the condition and the scarcity ofthis model. '89 Speedsters have seen a slight uptick in prices recently. Unfortunately, to drive one is to devalue it, so you'll rarely see them on the road. (RM got even more for these "divorcedorthodonist 's specials" at their Monterey event. As new, water-cooled 911s move farther away from their air-sucking 356/911 predecessors, Speedsters may continue to hold high values in the marketplace, unusual for what is really a badged and option-delete model with non-existent weather sealingfrom a snazzy looking but ineffective top.—ED.) #230-1967 FERRARI 330 GTS Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 10773GT. Dark red/ black leather. LHD. Odo: 16,213 miles. Lowmileage example and quite crisp in all areas. Shows careful, sympathetic use. Good door fit, excellent paint, clean interior. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $260,700. Price paid reflected the superior Sports Car Market

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1% .1111.1•••••••••••• SCM AUCTION REPORT: 30 SALES THAT DEFINED THE MARKET condition of this example. Over $75,000 above high SCM Price Guide numbers. These are really the very best of the vintage V12 convertibles and have been undervalued. (The market has caught up with and surpassed this price. Although not eligible for some of the most prestigious vintage events including the California Mille and Colorado Grand, in every other way they represent the perfect open, touring Ferrari.—ED.) and painted. No PS or PB. Air Grabber hood. Redline tires. 383 V8, 4 bbl. Manual on the floor. Steel painted wheels. Good panel fit, good paint, nice chrome. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $24,675. As the former owner of a '69, this price both pleases and astounds (I sold mine, restored, for $7,500 in 1990). A year ago this would have been a $15K car; now, as muscle cars heat up, the big-price Hemis are pulling the 383s and 440s along with them. (The runup in hardtop Mopars has really been the surprise of the year. Not particularly rare, they seem to have recaptured the imagination of the marketplace. Wonder if Dieter Zetsche even knows RR's exist, and the kind of market-share magic they represented.—ED.) #227-1999 PLYMOUTH PROWLER Convertible. S/N 1P3EW65G2XV5044. Orange red/dark gray leather. Chrome mags. A McCormick Auctions February 26-27, 2000, Palm Springs, CA #289-1966 PORSCHE 912 Sunroof Coupe. S/N 456311. White/gray leather. Odo: 62,573 new car. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $46,725. This is in line with the advertised prices in AutoWeek. Will DaimlerChrysler really kill the Prowler? It's a great anti-conformity statement, and as the new Chryslers become less adventuresome, the statement the Prowler makes becomes more important. (We now know that the Plymouth Prowler has become the Chrysler Prowler, and production will continue. That's good for the halo the cars produce for the Chrysler lineup, but bad for future collector value.—ED.) miles. Later black-on-white gauges. Mileage claimed original. Later model electric seats (1982). Two owners. Small rust bubbles by engine deck lid. Very straight and attractive. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $9,450. Owner said "odometer isn't working at this moment." Huge money for an altered 912—enough to have bought a slightly disheveled 911, and then you own something. Car looked great in this color combination. (912s continue to bring more money than they should. They have expensive, underperforming 4-cylinder engines, and this particular car was loaded with incorrect features. However, the market's voice is clear. We just wouldn't pay this much for any 912, when for the same amount, you could have a decent 911.—ED.) #279-1969 PLYMOUTH ROAD RUNNER Coupe. S/N RH21H9E154504. Red, black stripes/tan. Odo: 75,658 miles. Body stripped black leather. RI-ID. A factory P3, significant early history. Then to NART, rebodied in CanAm configuration, in Florida for years, then restored to original configuration. A lovely car, magnificent history and presentation. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $5,616,000. Heavily shopped for the past six months, finally found a home at the February, 2001  wheels. An extremely low-mileage, 1-owner car, with dirty leather on the driver's seat, factory paint has the usual flaws, air conditioning. No chairs, no flares. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $105,000. Dinos continue to surprise at auction. This car, in this color, would be hard pressed to get beyond $75,000 in a private sale. However, Dinos are among the few production Ferraris that continue to climb in value. (Christie's', especially at Pebble Beach, can elicit over-the-top bids for its offerings. Dino prices have recovered more than any other serial-production Ferraris, but this was a $75,000 car in the rest of the world.—ED.) #70-1968 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 2door T-top. Body by Fisher/Modified. S/N 194378-S-410300. Red/black vinyl, cloth. low end of the estimate. Rumored to be part of a deal including a green GTO. A fair price, but the new owner will be hard pressed to get any more for it. (Sources tell us a P4 was sold recently in the $10M range. Where's the top of the market?—ED.) #65-1973 FERRARI 246 GTS DINO Spyder. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 9278. Silver/ tan leather. LHD. Odo: 4,667 miles. Mag CHRISTIE'S August 20. 2000. Pebble Beach. CA #89-1966 FERRARI 330 P3 Coupe. Body by Drogo. S/N 0844. Eng.# 0844. Red/red, LHD. Scuderia Filipinetti Group 4. In full race livery. L-88 big block. Some stress cracks at headlight area, plexi headlight covers, rear and side windows. Lots of previous paint work showing through. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $578,000. Another Zora Arkus-Duntov skunkworks car? Le Mans and Tour de France histories—a well-documented example with exciting history. Sold for well over the $450,000 high estimate. No doubt, the world-record price for any 1968 Vette. (History and provenance added $550K to the value of a stock '68. This may stand as the most expensive Corvette ever to sell at auction.—ED.) -CROOKS USA August 19. 2000. Carmel, CA #352-1953 BOSLEY MARK I GT 2-door Coupe. Body by Richard Bosley. S/N 1. Red/ black leather. LHD. Odo: 115 miles. As new. Recent restoration to show condition. An 47

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SCM AUCTION REPORT: 30 SALES THAT DEFINED THE MARKET. 11 111 111 00 .. unusual but pretty body style. Halibrand mag wheels, Lincoln 12" brakes. All-fiberglass construction. 55-gallon fuel tank. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $233,500. A true one-off automobile. Attractive European styling, tasteful flowing lines to rival the most fashionable of Italian coachbuilders. (Bought for the Petersen Museum. American one-offs that have superb styling continue to climb in the marketplace.—ED.) #322-1966 FORD MUSTANG 2-door Fastback. Body by Ford/Modified. S/N manual and receipts. Mileage said to be original. Looks like it has had a good life, unlike many Boxers which seemed to have spent some time as pimpmobiles. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $68,200. Is it fair to lump Boxers in with Ghiblis as great cars that just don't generate much excitement in the market? We could try to pinpoint the reasons, but it really doesn't matter At this moment in time, Boxer prices are flat. (And the prices have continued to fall, although not as far or as fast as those of their successors, the Testarossas. At current prices, they are super car bargains, but not good investments.—ED.) #430-1939 LINCOLN ZEPHYR "SCRAPE" 2-door Coupe. Body by Modified. Grape/black and white leather. LHD. Odo: 119 miles. Excellent quality show car. of the teens, the model 66 features an 825 ci engine. Best left in its "as restored" condition and enjoyed. Worth the money. (Sophisticated American collectors are beginning to emulate the European model, and give more value to original cars, or those with well-weathered restorations, than freshly over-restored trailer queens. Old race cars were meant to look beat up and used. Let's leave them that way—ED.) #15 - 1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Fl Convertible. Body by Fisher. S/N E57S104820. Odo: 23,484 miles. LHD. Black with silver coves, black/red. Top: black r1.1111111111111.1111•111”0""millimmi. 6F09T141634. Candy metal flake red/burgundy velour. LHD. Pro-street race/show car. Wetlook paint with wild mustang (the horses) graphics. Racing tires, all electronic dash. Supercharged and nitrous. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $10,350. Offered "without reserve" at this venue, a lack of reserve is what this car is all about. A full-blown show car more appropriate for "World of Wheels" than a high-end auction. Worth much more than the sold price in parts alone. (Wrong car, wrong auction. The Monterey buyers were looking for Prancing Horses, not chromed ponies. Proves that it is still possible to get a bargain, even in the most superheated arena in the world.—ED.) Wide whites on one side of the car, low-profile wheels and tires on the other side. Potential income from appearances at custom car shows. Well-done custom on popular platform, pure show car stuff. Cond: I. SOLD AT $275,000. Big, big money. Sold to the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. Exuberant former owner looks, acts like a lottery winner, can't believe his good fortune. Sold as a car, bought as art. A good deal for all parties involved. (A grand and wonderful example of all that is good about American customs, including getting the proverbial gold at the end of the rainbow. Nasty customs, however, still fall short of $30K at auction. Scrape was an automotive work of art.—ED.) - CC/a& --Ct/ctit  zdthie AT THE. WALDORF November 27, 1999, New York, NY #7 - 1916 PIERCE-ARROW 66 A-4 Raceabout. Body by Brewster. S/N 67542. CLASSIC CARS August 19, 2000. Carmel. CA #126-1981 FERRARI 512BB BERLINETTA Boxer. Body by Scaglietti. SN F102BB38385. Black/cream leather, black inserts. LHD. Odo: 10,000 miles. Floor-shift 5-speed manual. Factory mags. Well documented with owner's 48 RED. Faded red/black leather, no top. 6-cyl, 60 hp, 1471/2 inch WB. 1940s restoration to a standard far less than today's trailer queens. Donated by Henry Austin Clark to Crawford in 1980. A handsome and massive car with a lot of patina, restored when originality was not a paramount concern. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $165,000. The pride of Buffalo, New York, Pierce made all manner of luxury cars until their demise in the '30s. A playboy's roadster OLLEC TOR CAR AuC T1ONS January 14-16. 2000. Fountain Hills, AZ #335 - 1976 ALFA ROMEO SPIDER 2-dr. Convertible. Body by Pininfarina. S/N AR3048506. Odo: 40,413 miles. LHD. Resale red/black vinyl. Top: white vinyl. Turbine vinyl. Well "vetted" with the NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence, Top Flight and Performance Verification, Gold Certified by the National Corvette Certification Board, and more. One of 240 fuel-injected 1957 Corvettes, a $675 option above the $3,176 list price. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $77,000. A low-miles 1957 'Vette is a rare, desirable find. To get one with the restoration and awards that this one comes with is even better Under the theory that "you can't pay too much—you can only buy too soon," this one was bought just a little soon. (And the market has passed this price as well. The key with a fuelie is documentation—American ingenuity has led to more 'factoty fuelies" driving around than were ever built at the factory—ED.) alloy wheels (repainted), headlight washers, wrong shift knob. Quickie resale spray job over a few good body divots on the nose. Missing rear bumper trim and Spider nameplate off rear Auction Reports continued on page 73 Sports Car Market

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The Appraiser 's Corner Excerpts from Actual Appraisals by Steve Cram 1 973 Jaguar XKE V12 Roadster Odometer: 17,427 miles (documented) Exterior color: British Racing Green Top color: Black Equipment: 5.3 - transmission. new; 2, very good; 3, good; 4, fair; 5, poor/rough), this vehicle is in low #1 condition. - Condition: Using the traditional rating system of 1 to 5 for vintage and/or collector cars (1, mint/show/perfect/ as Exterior: Excellent specimen with no rust or accidents. Body is in low #1 condition. Paint is in fine original condition, #1. Chrome hardware, including bumpers and grille, all #1. Glass and lenses #1-. Grommets and seals #1, same for wire wheels and tires. Soft top: Original and in #1 shape. Rear light #1, all latches and receivers #1, same for bows and struts. Hard top: #1 shape. Interior:  Excellent condition and totally original. Leather is in low #1 condition, same for carpet and dash top. Wood is #1. All instruments and systems controlled from within operate as they should and are in #1 shape. Trunk: Immaculate and detailed, with all items accounted for and in #1 condition. Engine compartment: Also immaculate and detailed. Body wiring and cooling system #1. Undercarriage: Immaculate and detailed. Suspension system redone to top standards by cognizant owner. Steering, exhaust system, and rear end same. Mechanics: Car started quickly and then performed to #1 standards in all tests. History: Continuation of Jaguar's lithe roadster, with a V12 powertrain. Values of these cars are rebounding very well. This unit was built in January 1973 and delivered to first owner. Purchased in 1984 with 9,000 miles by current owner, who has kept the car in spotless original condition. Fine original cars such as this one are almost never seen. Base value for this vehicle: $37,000 Add for documented original condition: $10,000 Appraised value: $47,000 SCM welcomes appraisals by other appraisers. Portions of appraisals presented here may be modified for editorial and privacy purposes. Please send appraisals to "Appraiser's Corner," 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, 0R97215. All submissions subject to editing. L . .. February, 2001  With Portland, Jackson On Since had liter V12 engine, four speed manual - travaganza nation's earned States Hills, sell We're think decision ri ,. 1 1 j J ,.,_.,*„.......„ mk  • Mitch Silver company We our firm was founded one simple goal: to in the business. now produce auctions and Canada. Our in Reno and in be the 1979, Silver Auctions has best collector car auction throughout Arizona are widely premier collector a reputation as being or buy a car. proud of our track to buy or sell of Silver Auctions Puyallup, WA In conjunction Calgary, With Seattle, with Corvette Alberta, Canada the World of Wheels Washington our January recognized annual car record. CALENDAR the Western United Hot August Nights exauction in Fountain as being among the events. Our auctions have a fair and honest place a collector first. When you're making the car, we'd like you February Western 200 Cars and high-performance February 100 Cars Car Show 300 Seattle Roadster Show Oregon Hole, Wyoming Missoula, Reno, the grounds of the Mangy MT Nevada Sun Valley, Idaho Stampede March Seattle March Portland Cars Exhibition Center 24,2001 150 Cars Expo Center June 250 Teton 30 - July 1, 2001 Cars Village Moose Saloon July 7, 2001 Missoula August 750 Hot 250 County Fairgrounds 2 - 5, 2001 Cars Reno-Sparks September Elkhorn Fax list of Cars For Sale available Contact Silver Auctions to sponsor SILVER 2020 Additional auctions COLLECTOR August Nights Cars Resort one week prior to each auction. an auction in your city. are added often. 1-800-255-4485 N MONROE, SPOKANE, www.silverauctions.com CAR AUCTIONS WA 99205 • . . ..i 49 Convention Ctr 1 - 2, 2001 17, 2001 WA Fairgrounds meet. 24-25,2001 Grounds OF EVENTS 10-11, 2001 so-v ,),, -.  . -.1 ■ i ) COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS 1-800-255-4485 to to

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P. Legal Files  , Vermin Coverage by Alexander Leventhal ,T , he e-mail message came from a Ferrari owner in New York City who keeps his black/tan 1986 Mondial 3.2 Cab in a garage on 14th Street in Greenwich Village. He purchased the car, used, in 1989 at the height of the market, paying above 1989 MSRP for it. He had been unable to drive his car for several months because he was too busy starting a new dot.com business. Let's just say that his timing, whether in cars or business, was terrible. Although the Mondial started after its lengthy siesta, it ran erratically, and none of the instruments functioned. The owner assumed that nothing more than a fusebox malfunction was at fault, and he arranged to have the car shipped to his mechanic for repairs, no doubt wishing reliability was the characteristic that his Ferrari shared with a Toyota, rather than styling. When the owner of the cantankerous Cab heard from his mechanic, he found that his Ferrari had not been affected by a common Italian electrical malfunction. Instead, a rodent had been gnawing on various and sundry electrical components, damaging wiring in the engine compartment and under the dash. The mechanic was fairly certain that the damage was done by Rattus norvegicus — rats — not only from the shape of the teeth marks, but also from the pair of dead rats found in the car. He mentioned that this was not unusual in vehicles that sit dormant for large amounts of time, although it was much more common in rural areas than in New York City parking garages. He advised the Mondial owner to contact his insurance company and talk to them about paying what was sure to be a multi-thousand-dollar repair bill. The news the owner got from his insurance company was almost as depressing as the current market valuation of his new Internet company. His insurance company H 50  arold Eugene LeMay, who ran the largest private refuse hauling company in the state of Washington while assembling the world's largest private car collection, died Saturday, November 4th, 2000, in Lakewood, Washington. He was 81. "LeMay lived in a wood-frame house on a busy street in Parkland, Washington," said Tacoma Mayor Brian Ebersole. He usually wore jeans and a plain Tshirt, and he could often be found tinkering bailor (the owner of the car) proves the existence of a bailment and the loss to his vehicle, a presumption of negligence arises. The burden shifts to the bailee (the garage) to prove they provided adequate care for the vehicle. The bailee will be liable for damages to the vehicle at this point, unless they can prove they acted "reasonably under the circumstances" or that the vermin infestation was an "act of God." In all likelihood, the owner of the vehicle would prevail against the garage in a lawsuit seeking redress for the damages to the Ferrari, Transitions with a car. He owned more than 300 Chevrolets and more than 300 Cadillacs, as well as Fords, Packards, Hudsons, Rolls-Royces and Fraziers. LeMay kept his collection in fiftyeight buildings spanning five states, including several near his home. Besides cars, trucks and motorcycles, LeMay also collected ambulances and limousines. He always said he only sold six cars in his lifetime, but bought back three because he regretted it, according to his son, Eric LeMay. McKeel Hagerty, of Hagerty Collector Car Insurance, commented, "When I first heard that Mr. LeMay had over 2,700 cars I asked him, why? His response was simple and appropriate: 'Because I love cars and I love the stories that come with them.' He didn't collect Duesenbergs or Bugattis or even the shiniest cars, but he knew value when he saw it and he never stopped buying. We will miss him. And we hope to see his vision of a great automobile museum in Tacoma come to fruition."• Sports Car Market specifically excluded coverage of losses due to "infestations of vermin." The response I gave was that things were not as bad as they could have been, as the parking garage was acting as a "bailee for hire." A "bailment" is the legal relationship that arises when one person delivers personal property (in this case, the car) to another party (in this case, the garage) under an agreement that the latter is duty bound to return the identical property to the former, as agreed. A "bailor" is the person who delivers the property, and the "bailee" is the person who accepts the property under the agreement to return it. A "bailee for hire" may be a person or business, such as a parking garage or a coat check, which stores personal property for a fee. The law of bailments allows that once the since the garage keeper allowed the car to be chewed apart while he was storing it. The garage keeper would be in a better position if he could show that he put out rat poison, or took other reasonable precautions to keep these hungry rodents away. However, while the law may be on the side of the Mondial owner, as always, the difference between the real world and a hypothetical law-school case is whether the amount to be awarded in case of victory makes the matter worth pursuing in the face of legal fees and court costs. In this case, the Ferrari's repair bill will be high enough, $3,000 to $5,000, that the matter may be worth pursuing, particularly if the garage, or its insurance company, settles quickly. However, if the owner's attorney has to do more than simply write a demand letter, the expense of pursuing the case may well mean that the owner is never made entirely "whole." In other words, he'll still have a net loss, thanks to the rat infestation. In terms of cars that are stored at home and not in a bailment situation, you should carefully examine your insurance policy and talk to your insurer to get confirmation in writing that your policy does not exclude coverage in the event of loss due to vermin. Prancing horse on the nose, hungry rat under the hood. Alternatively, you could invest in a cat, and keep it in your garage. Preferably, that cat would be female, as male cats have a way of marking their territory that may make getting into your Ferrari a surprising olfactory experience. If indeed the Mondial owner should choose a feline solution, I suggest he go to the corner bricks-andmortar pet shop to find an appropriate cat (black with tan paws?), now that pets.com has met its demise. Alexander Leventhal is a car collector and attorney in New York. His comments here are general in nature, and are not a substitute for a consultation with an attorney.•

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DESIGNS INC ASTON MARTIN  FERRARI  PORSCHE Autosport Designs, has been a mainstay in the automotive field for over a decade. Well known for our professional and courteous service to the discriminating enthusiast, our facilities includes a large selection of vehicles on display for sale as well as a 6500 sq. ft. workshop and restoration and body shop. From start to finish, all services are provided under one roof. The autosportdesigns.com website is an up to date photo gallery of our current inventory as well as valuable information about our facility. Always feel free to call for our current inventory list and any information regarding our services. CONTACT: Tom Papadopoulos or Barry Wagner 332 SAGAMORE AVENUE • MINEOLA, NY 11501 516-248-0066 • FAX: 516-248-4422 WEBSITE: autosportdesigns.com E-MAIL: sales @ autosportdesigns.com ALWAYS SEEKING QUALITY AUTOMOBILES FOR PURCHASE Sales & Leasing (all years) Restorations•Interior & exterior repairs•Chassis dyno (rolling road) Carburetor & Fuel injection tuning Machining & Fabrication.Race prep & support. As the only collector-car insurer licensed in all 50 states, Grundy is with you wherever you are and wherever you go. Grundy's complete coverage is tailored to meet your needs and always includes agreed value, unlimited mileage for touring and pleasure driving, no model year limitations and the highest liability limits. Only Grundy provides collector-car coverage so complete, it's even geographical. 400 Horsham Road • P.O. Box 1957 • Horsham, PA 19044 www.grundy.com Worldwide Collector Car Insurance 1-800-338-4005

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r Collecting Thoughts I Bought My GTA on the Internet By Steven Schaeffer bought Turner, my 1967 Alfa Romeo GTV, in 1989 and immediately started time-trialing her. Eventually I turned a 1:47.88 with her. I also raced her in SOVREN events where she was a terrific track car: great brakes, effortless handling, yet still fully muffled. I loved her dearly but, during those 11 years, I'd also been religiously reading my Alfa Romeo books, dreaming of the ultimate 105 series Alfa—the GTA. The GTA was a homologation special, with approximately 497 hand-built over a four-year period, mostly between 1965 and 1966. They were constructed with aluminum bodywork to contest the nascent European Touring Car Championship, which the Lotus Cortina was dominating. The GTA 1600 went on to win the Touring Car Championship in 1966, 1967 and 1969. The GTA also won the first Trans-Am race in the US in 1966, and took the championship that year. 1 I loved Turner, my '67 GTV, dearly. She was a great street/track car and we'd gone through a restoration together, but the progression to pure track car was becoming inevitable. I wasn't sure I wanted to take this nice car and turn it into a full race car. I also knew that GTAs in good condition were sell- ing around $40,000 and so-so cars could be had for $30,000. I was at the racetrack working on Turner, when a friend of a friend approached me and asked if she was for sale. I told him I didn't intend on selling her. "If you did," he queried, "how much would you ask?" "$14,000," I responded. He reached into his pocket. After two months of weighing my love for Turner against my need for a race car, I agonizingly decided to sell Turner to my acquaintance for $14,700 and use the proceeds to buy a GTA. That Tuesday night, on a French web site, a highly presentable GTA appeared for $28,600. At 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning I rolled over and called Vincent, the French broker listed on the site. "Is the car sold yet?" "No," he answered. The questions flew fast and furious from there: Why is the car priced so low? What hidden skeletons are there? His answers satisfied me. The car was a bargain and I wanted it. 52  What to do next? Since any GTA that even runs is worth $30,000, I knew that the next person to call Vincent would certainly purchase it. My bank had difficulty wiring the deposit money to Vincent in a timely fashion and in my mind I watched the GTA drive out of my reach and into the waiting arms of another eager vintage racer. I quickly formulated Plan B on Friday: deliver the money in person. I was ready to trailer Turner to the buyer, who lived five hours away, but I couldn't reach him and I desperately needed $15,000 that night. I explained my predicament to my boss. She laughed and told me there were too many English so I had Vincent tell him I'd be contacting him later to get the car's history (which turned out to be impressive). The car was loaded onto a transportation truck and taken to Le Havre, the northern port city. Vincent and I grabbed the 3-hour train back to Paris and arrived at midnight, bidding adieu to a wonderful day. The next day I was back in Seattle. The GTA arriving on the shipping dock. variables in this equation, then generously wrote me a $15,000 check. I snatched it from her hand, thanked her profusely, then bought a next-day round trip ticket to Paris. Next, I bought $30,000 in traveler's checks from the bank. I signed 300 checks (they only had $100 denominations) and toted them to the airport. I landed in Paris on Sunday and met Vincent for dinner. We had a nice chat about the Formula 3000 cars he raced and I was relieved to discover that we were of the same brotherhood of vintage race car fanatics. The next morning we exchanged my traveler's checks, then barely caught the TGV bullet train to Bordeaux, where the car was. As we waited outside the train station, an Alfa 164 sidled up to the curb with the reddest of all GTAs in tow. I was breathless. We finished the transaction and unloaded the GTA. I started it up, and drove around the parking lot. All I can say is that it didn't grind second gear when cold. The owner didn't speak Finding a way to transport the GTA proved to be as adventurous as purchasing it in the first place. After enduring the veritable European holiday that is August, after discovering the GTA had originally been sent to Paris instead of Le Havre, and after a thwarted attempt to drive the car to Germany where it could be cheaply flown home, I settled on containerized shipping for $3,500 including insurance. My GTA slowly floated to New York, then took a ten-day train ride to Seattle and a short semi-trip to a receiving facility. As soon as I got the long-awaited call to retrieve my car, I phoned some close friends and had them meet me for the grand opening—I just wanted to make sure the container held my GTA and not a lime green Opel. Several friends had beaten me to the shipping yard, and the container was already open when I arrived, revealing the red GTA that I'd bought three and a half months earlier. Even with $2,236 worth of shipping damage (a ding to the nose and a small dent in the fender), she was beautiful. We put some race gas into her empty tank and fired her up. She sounded wonderful. After a thorough inspection, we were elated with what we saw. Underneath were new driveline components, ball joints, bushings and brakes. She was certainly assembled with care and will make a fine vintage racing car. My car is listed in Tabucci's GTA book and has a good, documented history. The moral of this story: when the right car at the right price comes along, you have to be prepared to move quickly to secure the deal. I was lucky; all the bits and pieces fell into place and the car turned out to be better than I expected. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.• Sports Car Market

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        PASSPORT MI-1111 MIME! I I I MN m.  =I w  PASSPORT TRANSF':RT PASSPORT 1970 Enclosed Auto Transport Since 1970 • Door to door service • Insurance included 1 800 325 4267 - - - www.PassportTransport.com FINANCIERS OF FINE CLASSIC AUTOMOBILES SPORTS CAR MARKET MAGAZINE BEST  & CO. INSIDER'S SEMINAR at RM/AMELIA ISLAND AUCTION CLASSIC CARS March 9, 2001 Take A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a High-End Catalog Auction Keith Martin, Cindy Banzer and the market analysts of SCM invite you to join them in a one-day, intensive seminar on collecting and the current market, held on-site at the RM auction of Vintage Motor Cars at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Amelia Island, Florida. Participants will be part of an exclusive, intimate group that will participate in both no-holds-  barred discussions of the collector car market  and hands-on examinations of cars that are going to be crossing the block. SPACE IS LIMITED! DEADLINE—March 1, 2001 (Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. Don't be left out!) Name  The seminar will be held from 10 am to 12  noon, Friday, March 9, at the auction site. Spe-  cialists on appraising and other facets of collecting will be available.  There will be ample time for you to ask di-  rect questions about the auction experience, and we guarantee you'll get straight answers.  Register Today  Space is strictly limited. Cost is only $65  per person for the seminars, car examination  and unlimited personal consultations with the SCMstaff. An auction catalog and admission to  the auction are included. Call or e-mail Cindy Banzer for more information at 503/261-0555, cbanzer@sportscarmarket.com. We look forward to seeing you there. (If registering for more than one person, please place additional details on separate sheet.) Address  City  State  Day Phone  Fax  Charge my VISA/MC  Zip  Eve. Phone E-mail   Ul Enclosed is my check made out to Sports Car Market pr $65/pp (or) Total Amount $  Card #  Signature  Send this form to SCM Amelia Island Seminar, 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, OR 97215, fax 503-252-5854. Exp Date  n Best & Co. presents the 1st Annual • Liftgate loading • Special event services fax: 314-878-7295 ■ 1= A A MIN WV" NUM  ■INI NM Mistar 1NI-711 2000 C_assic and Speci&iyCars safe de wereti anywhere in ke USA°

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 AC Heritage: From Three-Wheeler to Sirperbloiver Authors: Simon Taylor and Peter Burn Publisher: Osprey Automotive/Motorbooks International Phone: 800/826-6600 Size: 81/4" x 9" paperback. 128 pages. Price: $24.95 Rating: British sports car fans **4-Y2 Casual enthusiasts 4-* Book Reviews 1111 Ratings: 1:1-**)fr* is Best. Two copies of books, videos, CDs, etc. must be furnished for review. Please send both copies to SCM, P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Autocourse: 50 Years gill/odd Championship Grand Prix Motor Racing Edited by: Alan Henry Publisher: Hazleton/Motorbooks International Phone: 800/826-6600 Size: 9'4" x 121/4" hardbound. 336 pages. Price: $59.95 Rating: GP fans *•1*73- Casual enthusiasts 4-* ill11111:111111til SO YEARS OF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Mustang: /96 4973 Author: Mike Mueller Publisher: Motorbooks International Phone: 800/826-6600 Size: 10" x 10" hardbound. 168 pages. Price: $29.95 Rating: Mustangfanatics ***** Casual enthusiasts *** HERITAGE FROM THREE-WHEELER TO SUPERBLOWER SIMON TAYLOR PETER BURN Foreword by LUCA <It MONTEZEMOLO Photography by BERNARD CAMER PAUL-HENRI CAHIER Any enthusiast worthy of the name is familiar with the AC Ace, Ace Bristol and Cobra sports cars, but most of the rest of the model range from Auto Carriers Ltd. is unknown. When the company shortened its name to AC Cars after WWI, there were over 300 car manufacturers in the UK. By the mid1990s only ten marques survived; one of those was AC. From three-wheeled delivery cycles through the development of their own OHC engine and their legendary involvement with Carroll Shelby, the history of this company is the story of adaptation and innovation. AC offered a wide variety of Saloon, Touring and Sports models and it was the combination of a prototype sports car built by John Tojeiro and the thirty-year-old SOHC six-cylinder engine that first put AC on the map. This story and more can be found in Simon Taylor and Peter Burn's book, AC Heritage. First published in 1996, this new edition adds material on the new Aceca, powered by a fourcam Ford/Yamaha V8, bringing this company's long history up to date. Compact and full of very nice color photos, all fans of the British sports car and its development during the last century will enjoy this book. —Michael Duffey 54  Though monoposto racing had been around for decades, the World Championship for Drivers was inaugurated at the beginning of the 1950 season. During the last fifty years, the cars, the drivers and the formula itself have changed but the spectacle remains and is more popular than ever. The Autocourse annual has always been the ultimate source for an up-close look at the past season and a technical discussion of the more interesting cars. It should be no surprise that this compilation, edited by racing journalist Alan Henry, is the best of their bulging, fifty-year archive. Broken down into chapters like "Italian Mastery (1950-53)," which covers the domination of the Ferrari and Maserati entries, "The 1.5-Litre Formula (1961-65)" and "The Heyday of the Cosworth DFV (1966-74)," Henry shows his deep understanding of the impetus behind each era's champions and the reasons for the poor performance of the also-rans. With great and memorable shots by photographer Bernard Cahier and his son, PaulHenri Cahier, page after page are filled with color and black-and-white shots that are evocative of their respective eras but at the same time so crisp as to seem ageless. This book is a must-have for all fans of Grand Prix racing after the war. Although not filled with endless arrays of statistics like Autocourse's typical offering, it is still extremely enjoyable and a great photographic resource for students of GP cars and drivers. —MD Mike Mueller provides insight into the development of the original pony car and documents his story of the "real" Mustangs (those made prior to 1973) with unique photographs from the archives of Automobile Quarterly and Ford. His photographs of GTs, Cobra Jets and other rare Mustangs are worth the price of the book alone. The Mustang I show car was introduced as a sporty two-seater after the Thunderbird evolved into a large family car. Unveiled on October 2, 1962 at Watkins Glen and named after the World War II fighter plane, the P- 51 Mustang, it reportedly reached speeds of 120 mph with Dan Gurney behind the wheel. However, the Mustang management team, headed by Lee Iacocca, had already made the decision that Mustang would be a four-seater. When the Mustang II show car returned to Watkins Glen with more seats than doors, the nay-sayers in the press had a field day, with many predicting a failure. However, the April 17, 1964 introduction of the Mustang led to unprecedented sales. Company forecasts projected 100,000 units would leave dealer showrooms the first year, but the actual number was more than four times greater. Mustangs were modified for NHRA and AHRA competition by outside race shops while Ford was busy developing their own performance ponies to appeal to the youth market. Mueller covers the GTs, Carroll Shelby's GT 350s and GT 500s, big-block Cobra Jets, Mach Is and Boss Mustangs in detail and supports the information with excellent photography. In a market flooded with pony car books, this one rises above.—Carl Bomstead• Sports Car Market

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Expensive Way to Tell Time by Carl Bomstead Object: Time Clock from the Scuderia Ferrari Works—Lot #49 Auction: Bonhams & Brooks, The Palace Hotel, Gstaad, Switzerland Date: December 19, 2000 Estimate: $27,000-$30,000 Sale Price: $19,320 including commission T he name Ferrari is sensual. Say it slowly, with a slight roll to the r's, and you know you are being seduced. You can't help but envision sexy, spectacularly sleek, red—almost always redwell-engineered road and racing motorcars. Recent Formula 1 victories and the multi-milliondollar prices that Ferrari 250 GTOs have been bringing take nothing from the allure of the name. It is, however, impossible to ignore Enzo Ferrari himself when discussing any ofthe cars that bear the prancing horse badge. He was a gifted, often temperamental, and always private man who was the force behind the incredible machines that carry his name. Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 in Modena, Italy, where his father owned a prosperous metal business. He was exposed to auto racing at an early age, and this formed his ambition to become involved with an automotive company dedicated to the race track. Bypassing a formal education in automotive engineering, Ferrari worked for two small automotive companies after World Warn before being hired by Alfa Romeo as a driver. He achieved a reasonable degree of success, but his driving was curtailed as poor health and an increased involvement with design and management limited the amount of time he spent piloting. It was never raced as the driver Ugo Sivocci was killed in a practice session. This design, however, led to the highly successful supercharged P2. In 1929 Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo and toward the end of that year formed Societa Anontima Scuderia Ferrari in Modena, Italy. He continued his relationship with Alfa Romeo as they bought into Scuderia Ferrari, which agreed to run Alfas as a semi-official factory team. The Alfas that appeared after 1933 bore the Ferrari emblem of the black horse against a gold shield, gold being the official color of Modena. It was not until the conclusion of World War II that the Scuderia Ferrari factory produced vehicles bearing the Ferrari name. You can t drive it, but it has curb appeal. In the 1920s, as is still the case, a manufacturer's success in racing was a major factor in selling production cars. With the objective of placing Alfa Romeo at the forefront of Grand Prix car constructors, Ferrari, with notable assistance, designed the 2.0-liter Pl. Mystery Photo ANSWERS sche" while his assistant Helga demonstrates proper hand positioning for best flossing.—Norman Vogel, San Francisco, CA Poligrip keeps them in place even on the roughest roads.—Jeff Hepner, Washington, PA Say aaaaaach!—John Darack Wayland, MA Put braces on it? That would certainly look stupid.—Mike Crawford, Herculaneum, MO December 2000 I like to think that this was the result of a language-induced misunderstanding following an expensive powerplant rebuild in which I told Wilfred that I wanted some teeth in the engine compartment.—John King, Libertyville, IL The German health care system provides outreach through neighborhood public flossing demonstrations. Here Dr. Helmut holds open the upper plate of a government-issue "Dento-Por- February, 2001  It's the updated version of the old sit-com "My Mother the (Talking) Car."—John McNulty, W. Winfield, NY Having not read any of Schrager's columns or a copy of The Used 911 Story, Bob's personal hell now consists of a semi-competent but well-dressed Japanese Porsche mechanic and a car literally ready to swallow cash.— Rob Sass, St. Louis, MO Put the tongue depressor away, Doc, and call the proctologist. The problem is usually in the rear. — Ken Ross, Portland, OR And remember, if you lift mid-turn, 911s will bite you or - Kids these days, always looking a gift car in the mouth.—Norm DeWitt, San Diego, CA How is it that you can always tell which car belongs to a dentist?—Allan Nelson, Pentwater, MI The predictable result of mating a used car with a used-car salesman.—Steve Jobe, Southlake, TX This is what happens when $80,000 of dental school goes bad on Dad's car.—Ruben Czern.v, Seal Beach, CA So when I said to him, you can get a Porsche if I can have a set of falsies, I didn't quite mean it this way.—B. L., Kewaskum, WI Accept no substitutes; gold is the only filling for us.—David Parish, via e-mail The Porschadontist—or—Porschal plate.— Whit and Lynne Ball, Exton, PA "Howdy y'all, ah'm Dick "..."And ah'm Jane." "When y'all are truckin' down the interstate at warp 2 and that li'l old car ahead of y'all is pokin' along at the speed limit, you need our patented Pa Poodinski's Chompers. Garronteed to make ANY ol' car move over a lane or two without y'all takin' yore foot off the gas. Git your set of Pa Poodinski's Chompers today!"—Terry D. Moore, Kenmore, WA Run for your lives! It's the Porsche that ate Tokyo!—Anonymous And the winner of a sure-to-be collectible 1/18th scale model is John King, for his "teeth in the engine compartment" response. • 55 Bonhams & Brooks, at their sale of Ferrari motor cars and related memorabilia, held December 19th at the Palace Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland, offered the original time clock used in the Scuderia factory when Enzo Ferrari began producing his own cars. It continued to be used until the factory was expanded in the late '50s. Made by Burk of Austria, the clock was stated to be in operating order, complete with a brass plaque bearing the famed prancing horse logo. It sold for nearly $20,000, an amount that could buy a decent Dino 308, but you have to consider that there is only one original time clock from Scuderia and there are any number of Dinos on the market. Pay your money and take your choice.•

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ClPfsgics R Iso Rivolta enzo Rivolta made a considerable fortune following World War II. He also loved cars. In the early '60s, he became a victim of the popular musing that begins with, "Let's marry a sophisticated European chassis and coachwork with a cheap, reliable, and powerful American V8." Giotto Bizzarini, father of the 250 SWB and the immortal 250 GTO, left Ferrari at the end of 1961 following a major clash of egos. Giotto met Renzo, and the Iso Rivolta was born. On Campari napkins, Bizzarini sketched the new car, which featured a Corvette drivetrain and beautiful Italian body. Bertone was the chosen coachbuilder, and his newly hired designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, was given the task of drafting the 150-mph family express. The first Iso Rivolta prototype was shown at the 1962 Turin Auto show. It featured a pressedsteel monocoque chassis, reinforced with numerous cross braces. The 327 Chevy engine was connected to a Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed transmission and it was offered in two states of tune, 300 and 325 hp. The front suspension was conventional wishbones with coils and shocks. There was a de Dion rear axle with Watts linkage, and parallel radius arms on each side. Inside the Borrani 15 x 6.40 wire wheels were Amadori disc brakes. (In use, the Amadori brakes proved to be awful, and were replaced with slightly less-awful Dunlop units.) At $10,000 a pop (almost the same as a Ferrari 250 GT, Maserati 3500GT or Aston Martin DB4), the Iso Rivolta was a showroom dud. To compound problems, Renzo Rivolta died shortly after the launch, leaving his 19-year-old son Pierro to cope. The youngster did the best that he could, and kept the company going until the early '70s. In 1967 I got my own taste of Iso Rivolta by becoming the proud owner of a "like new" gold poor ground clearance; the large radiator and oil cooler made the warming-up period quite long; the electric windows were slow when they worked at all; and the rear bench seat must have been designed by a chiropractor in need of new clients. However, the car did have decent enough acceleration while making good burbling sounds from the exhaust. And unlike a Ferrari 250 GTE, where an engine rebuild will set you back $25,000, you can find another drivetrain for your 'so in the local Auto Trader. When looking at a used Iso, you should follow the familiar drill. Walk away from anything that has been hit hard, is rusty, or has a chewedup interior. Don't worry about original drivetrains; who cares if one 327 V8 has been swapped for another? Check the sump carefully to make sure it hasn't smacked a curb one too many times. Isos have a small following so bargain hard; you may be the only buyer the seller sees for months. In a world where I've watched rubber-bumper MGBs sell for more than $10,000, the Iso at $12,500 or so should be considered a bargain. For that price you get pure Italian styling (for better or for worse) along with reliable, economical American performance.—Raymond D. Milo• Iso, with less than 10,000 miles on the clock. A the first stop-light Grand Prix on Hollywood Boulevard, I discovered one of many of Iso's idiosyncrasies: the reverse gear lock-out had been removed and I lurched backwards when the light changed. Let me go on: the beautiful Nardi steering wheel was offset 3 inches to the left, making the seating a crossways proposition. Furthermore, the recirculating-ball steering was equally painful: six turns lock to lock, with a turning radius like a school bus (60 feet or so). Even features that are normally beneficial worked against the unfortunate Iso: the sevenquart alloy oil pan leaked like a sieve and had The Twenty Year PICTURE Bowtie Ragtops 1957 Chevy Bel Air, 1958 Chevy Impala, 1961 Chevy Impala SS 409 $80,000 $70,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $20,000 $10,000 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 • 1957 Bel Air 1958 Impala (Prices for cars in excellent condition.  56  1988  1989  1990  1991  1992 1993 0 1961 Impala SS 409 1994 1995 1957 Bel Air 1958 Impala 1996 1997 1998 1999  2000  2001 1961 Impala SS409 Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Tune up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club name  Alternative  officially 1962-70 (actually 1964-68) 800 $10,000 $12,500-$18,000 $250 $15 Near the right front suspension pick-up point Passenger side of block Iso Bizzarrini Owners Club, 2025 Drake Drive, Oakland, CA 94611 1974-82 plastic bumper Corvette This monthly value guide is provided courtesy of Cars of Particular Interest CPI is the pocket guide most often used by credit unions Additional data compiled from SCM archives.) and hanA8 when dealing with loan values of collectible domestic and imported cars. Ph: 301/317-4228, FAX 301/317-8330* Sports Car Market

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The Monthly Digest of Magnificent Motor Cars TITUS 7 Chassis # B135SP Engine # B317S T he first Abbott two-door coupe to grace the R-type chassis made its debut at the 1952 Earls Court Motor Show, alongside an equivalent drophead design. The chassis on which these and the fourteen subsequent cars built differed from standard, having a lowered radiator and steering column rake, and carrying a 3.41 rear axle ratio. The Abbott coachwork, of similar design to that of the Mulliner-built Continentals, was penned by Peter Woodgate. It was not until May 1953 that a production version would be supplied to their first customer, being this car, B135SP, sold to Mr. R.R. Burton. Subsequently, full ownership history is recorded in the car's old buff logbook, the R-type having just three owners before being acquired by the present family in 1969, when it joined a stable of Bentley motor cars. Correspondence with the former owner at the time suggested that the buyer was very happy with the car, but in keeping with the sporting nature of the marque, shortly after purchase the coupe was forwarded to S. Brunt of Silverdale to have a high-compression cylinder head fitted to improve performance. In the mid-1970s a more detailed restoration was undertaken. However, from the mid-1980s she has seen little use until a recent recommissioning. Cosmetically the car can best be described as an older restoration; there are a few very minor areas of surface corrosion to the bodywork, but it is otherwise sound, and the chassis is in very good order. The interior leather and carpet present well, and the dash has the unusual additions of a Halda speedometer, 8-day clock and thermometer. With its uprated engine specifications, and high ratio back axle, combined with one of the most attractive specialist coachwork designs of the post-war years, the rare Bentley offers excellent and stylish high-speed touring potential. Years produced  This Abbott-bodied Bentley R-type sold at Christie's on November 20, 2000 for $30,300, including buyer 's commission. Two things are worth knowing before bidding on Bentleys. First, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and second, things are not always what they seem. In this case, the buyer would be making a serious mistake if the identification of this car as an "R-type " and the off-hand reference to the "Mulliner-built Continentals" led him to think that he might be looking at an actual "R-type Continental." It is not. And in spite of its coach-built nature, graceful lines and rarity, it isn't a particularly valuable Bentley. After World War II, recognizing the growing market for "off-the-peg" automobiles in contrast to the bespoke cars that had been their prime profit generators before the war, Rolls-Royce rationalized their product offerings. While Rolls chassis were still customized by approved coachbuilders for very affluent customers, most February, 2001  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Number produced .... 15 Abbott-bodied R-types (2,320 R-type chassis were built in all) n/a $17,500-$30,000 Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  (for R-type 4-door saloon) Add 30% for coachbuilt $1,000 $100 Firewall in engine compartment and on left-hand chassis frame member ahead of firewall Club  Engine # Left-hand crankcase lifting lug or on a boss on the crankcase immediately above Bentley Drivers Club, 6 S. El Dorado, Suite 602, Stockton, CA 95202, 209/466-3344 Web site  Alternatives  www.rroc.org; www.bdcl.co.uk Jaguar Mk IX, Alvis TC 21 Bentleys were bodied in the Rolls plant, using the Rolls chassis slightly detuned engines. The first of these postwar Bentleys was the Mark VI, produced from 1946 to 1952. In response to criticism, these cars were modified in 1952 to increase luggage space. On the build cards the new chassis were first called Mark VHs, reflecting the chassis changes, and later "Bentley Rs" since Jaguar had in the meantime pre-empted the Mark VII name. They were marketed as "Bentley Sports Saloons," however. (The "R-type" designation was only later applied to the cars once Bentley released the subsequent "S-type" Bentley) Most Bentleys were produced by Rolls with the four-door Sports Saloon steel body. However, a high-performance model was developed in conjunction with Mulliner coachbuilders. It had an aluminum alloy body to reduce weight, aerodynamics tested in the Rolls-Royce aircraft engine wind tunnels, and a highly tuned engine with close-ratio gearbox. These two-door coupes were marketed as Bentley "Continentals." With their high performance and distinctive interiors, they are highly prized by collectors and sell for well over $100,000. 1953-54 This car sold by Christie's is not a Continental, however Though some coachbuilders besides Mulliner did build a very few Continentals, Abbott's was never authorized to produce that model, nor was the high-powered engine available to them. Nevertheless, the Abbott two-door steel bodies built on the R-type chassis shared many of the styling trends that inspired the Continental design. Although Abbott built only twelve to fifteen of these R-types, and even though they have many attractive features, they have never had the collector appeal of the Continentals. On the positive side, this car is certainly more interesting than the typical R-type Bentley; on the negative side, its description suggests some expensive work will be required before it can be driven with pride on a Bentley Drivers Club tour The new owner paid precisely what he should have for this unusual but not highly valued runner—Gary Anderson (Historical data and photo courtesy of auction company.)• 57 Market Review Buyer's Guide • Aston iNlartm • Austin-Healey • Bentley • Rolls-Royce • Jaguar • Lotus • iNIG • Triumph 1953 Bentley R-Type 4.5-Litre

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1)ationt By Gary Anderson  Addressing the Mysteries of British Car Ownership D I Want An MGF ear Mr. Anderson: Are there any plans to import the MGF to the US, either by the manufacturer or by gray-market means? —Tony Fischer, via e-mail In the words of an erstwhile First Lady, "Fuhgeddaboudit." The formal announcements of the new MG Rover Group are that the attractive, mid-engined MGF, which has been a good competitor in Europe to the Mazda Miata for almost ten years, is going to be phased out for a new front-engine, rear-drive roadster very soon. (Translation: when they can convince their creditors to come up with enough money to fund the development.) This means they aren't likely to be investing any money into making the current MGF engine comply with EPA emission and on-board diagnostic standards nor into mak- Private gray-market importation for "regular" cars continues to become more and more difficult. To my knowledge, the only MGFs in this country have been brought in by British military officers and diplomats for use during their tours of duty, and they (or their government) paid whopping deposits to assure the cars are shipped home when their year is up. Your only hope is to wait out the rolling 25-year rule for importing non-compliant cars. In another fifteen years, you'll be able to bring an MGF into most states legally. Dear Mr. Anderson: In the November 2000 issue, you recommended that a buyer pass up what was described as a Daimler SP250 with a Chrysler Hemi engine. Could you have missed the point that he might have heard that the car had a "hemi-head V8" and erroneously assumed it was a Chrysler engine? —R.H., via e-mail Only another 15 years before this MGF is legal in the US. ing the body comply with crash-test standards. It appears that what little development money the new company has is going to be spent entering a race car at Le Mans. (We are not making this up.) While there is a new automobile import regulation that allows Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and their dot-com buddies to legally import McLaren F is and Porsche 959s for "demonstration and show," that loophole is only available to limited-production cars, not mass-market items like the MGF. Dear Mr. Anderson: Ifyour buyer actually had the chance to buy an SP250 with a Chrysler Hemi engine for less than $20,000, you should have recommended that he leap on the opportunity He could have sold the Hemi enginefor as much as the car cost him, use a portion of the money to buy a real Daimler V8 out of one of their sedans, and been way ahead of the game.— R. T, via e-mail Both readers add correct information. The Daimler V8 does in fact have hemispherical combustion chambers, making it a "hemi." And it is extremely unlikely that someone put a Chrysler 426 cubic inch hemi into an SP250; the end result would be a road littered with broken rear end and suspension parts the first time the throttle was mashed. Dear Mr. Anderson: While in England recently, I saw what was identified as a "Lynx Eventer" Jaguar. What was it?—Nathan Larson, via e-mail The Eventer is a conversion done by the Lynx Company, known for its restorations and replicas of C- and D-type Jaguars. The car is a conversion of an XJS sedan to make it into a "shooting brake" or what we would call a station wagon. It's sort of similar to the Volvo 1800ES station wagon, though slightly larger and, of course, more powerful. It can still haul the groceries too, though the original thought was that it would haul the saddle and tack for your thoroughbred hunter, or perhaps carry a picnic lunch for a day out on the downs watching a village-to-village steeple chase. With America's surplus of mini-vans, SUVs and trendy Volvo sport wagons, you're unlikely to see an Eventer over here. (Lynx Motors International Ltd., 68 Castleham Road, Castleham Industrial Estate, St. Leonard 's-onSea, East Sussex, England TNB38 9NU) Dear Mr. Anderson: On page 43 of the December 2000 SCM, you identify a 1948 Jaguar Mk IV drophead that sold at the RM Auto Salon sale as "the only LHD built out of 376 total."Atone time I owned a LHD Mk IV which means this must be my old car Except that mine had a different chassis number. In truth, I think there were far more Mk IVs, and more LHD Mk IVs, built.—Keith Carlson, via e-mail We are in error. The catalog actually said "one of only 376 LHDs built," not, "the only LHD built," a significant difference. While the records don't indicate directly how many cars were built with LHD, Andrew Whyte's book, Jaguar, states that there were 11,952 Mark IVs built, of which 376 3.5-liter dropheads were built "for export" and 184 for the home market. Generally, the designation "for export" suggests that the car was probably left-hand drive. Mr. Anderson is the publisher of British Car Magazine. Please direct your English car questions to editorgary@aol.com; fax 650/ 949-9685.• COMING TO YOUR TELEVISION THIS APRIL World of Collector Cars presents Backroad Adventures See SCM Publisher Keith Martin on this new weekly series on PBS televison stations across the nation. Editor Martin defines a "collector car," talks about buying old cars at the right price, and 58  gives his personal insight into the world of collector cars. Listen as Automobile Magazine Publisher Emeritus David E. Davis, Jr. explains how he ended up with a 1939 Chevy that costs him $5,200 every time he turns the key. Martin Swig, founder of the California Mille and the Carrera Nevada, is the host. Check your local PBS TV station for day and time. Sports Car Market

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English Car Quarterly Price Guide The Quarterly Price Guide reflects a retail buying and selling range for cars in very good to near excellent condition-significantly above a "daily driver" and one step below regional concours; a strong #2 on the accepted 1-5 scale, 1 being the best. These values are set by sales activity, primarily in the United States, as well as conversations with owners, dealers and collectors. As condition and history are the ultimate determinants of value, each car must be evaluated according to its own merits. Prices below assume cars with "no stories attached." An automobile priced above our guide is not necessarily overpriced, nor is one priced below a bargain. *Indicates approximate production numbers.• Years  Model  # Prod.  AC 53-63 Ace Roadster 54-63 Aceca Coupe 56-63 Ace Bristol Roadster 62-65 Cobra 260/289 65-67 Cobra 427 220  319  466  $45,000 -  $65,000 $27,500 -  $37,500 $55,000 -  $80,000 (Deduct $10,000 for worm and sector steering.) ASTON MARTIN (For all Aston serial production cars through current, deduct 25% for RHD in US only.) 50-53 DB2 Coupe 50-53 DB2 Drophead 51-53 DB3 302 102 53-55 DB2/4 Coupe 53-55 DB2/4 Drophead 53-55 DB2/4 Bertone Spyder 53-56 DB3S Team Car 53-56 DB3S Customer Car 55-57 DB2/4 Mk II Coupe 55-57 DB2/4 Mk III Coupe 55-57 DB2/4 Mk III DHC 55-57 DB2/4 Mk III Notchbk. 56-60 DBR1 58-63 DB4 Series I-IV Cpe. 61-62 DB4 Series V Coupe 58-63 DB4 Drophead (I-V) 59-63 DB4GT 60-63 DB4GT Zagato 63-65 DB5 Coupe 492 73 $28,500 -  $40,000 $60,000 -  $85,000 10 $275,000 - $300,000 $30,000 -  $35,000 $52,500 -  $77,500 199 551 inc. inc. 925 185 3 $250,000 - $275,000 n/a $950,000 -$1,200,000 n/a $700,000 - $850,000 $27,500 -  $35,000 $27,500 -  $45,000 $70,000 -  $95,000 $30,000 -  $45,000 5 $2,200,000 -$2,750,000 $55,000 -  $75,000 $60,000 -  $85,000 inc. 75 $180,000 - $280,000 19 $900,000 -$1,300,000 63-65 DB5 Coupe Vantage 64-65 DB5 Volante (DHC) 64-65 DB5 Shooting Brake 65-66 DB6 Volante Sh. Chassis 65-69 DB6 Coupe 65-69 DB6 Coupe Vantage 65-69 DB6 Shooting Brake 69-70 DB6 Mk2 Coupe 69-70 DB6 Mk2 Volante 70-72 DBS V8 72-73 AM Vantage 74-79 AM V8 S2/3 886 inc. 1,321 inc. 6 66-69 DB6 Volante (long chasssis) 140 67-72 DBS (6 cyl.) 240 $55,000 -  $85,000 $85,000 - $125,000 787 38 399 70 1,259 $20,000 -  $30,000 $30,000 -  $40,000 $33,000$45,000  n/c (All Volante Dropheads had "Oscar India" wood dashes.) 299  $40,000  $40,000  inc. 645 inc. 123 $100,000 - $145,000 $60,000 -  $95,000 $95,000 - $135,000 $55,000 -  $75,000 $60,000 -  $85,000 $50,000 -  $70,000 $85,000 - $125,000 $15,000 -  $32,500 12 37 n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 4% 4% n/c n/c n/c 4% n/c n/c 3% n/c n/c n/c n/c 4% 4% n/c n/c n/c 24% 26% (S. IV-V SS triple-carb engine add $5,000, S.V covered headlights add $5.000.) $80,000 - $125,000 n/c 6% n/c (Add up to $100,000 for factory team race cars, e.g. I VEV and 2VEV.) $90,000 - $110,000 $95,000 - $120,000 2% 4% 18% 33% 19% 11% 3% 3% n/c 4% 4% n/c n/c 4% n/c 15% 18% 16% n/c new entry n/c 4% 0% (21 w/automatic, 9 w/5-speed & Vantage, 8 w-5-speed and standard engine.) n/c n/c n/c 79-82 Volante Drophead  79-85 AM V8 S4 (carb.)  86-89 AM V8 S4 (injected) 82-85 Lagonda Saloon 83-86 Volante Drophead 85-87 Lagonda Saloon 86-89 Volante DHC (inj.) 88-89 Lagonda Saloon 90-93 Virage Coupe 91-93 Virage Volante 350  -  $60,000  -  $57,500  $50,000$80,000  n/c $25,000 -  $37,500 $65,000 -  $80,000 (Injection became standard in late '86.) n/a inc. n/a n/a $28,000 -  $45,000 $65,000 -  $90,000 $45,000 -  $60,000 $60,000 -  $90,000 n/a $125,000 - $165,000 62-64 Mini-Cooper  64-66 Mini-Cooper S  55 53-55 100-4 (BN1)  55-56 100-4 (BN2)  100S  February, 2001  A USTIN/MORRIS 30,000*  13,922  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c (AM V8 S2/3 "Pre-Oscar India" V8s have leather dashes. Production for S3 Vantages was 43.) n/c n/c ("Oscar India" 54s can be identified by their wood dashes.) (Add $10,000 for factory "Vantages." 172 "cosmetic Vantages" built for US market; add $10,000.) n/c I% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c (Add $30-40,000 for Wide body. For all V8 Astons add $4-7,000 for 5-speed and $15-20,000 for European spec Vantage [+85 hp].) $7,500 $14,500 HEALEY -  $10,000 -  $19,500 3,924  55  55-56 100/M Le Mans (factory)  1,159  $18,500 -  $24,500 $19,500 -  $26,000 $95,000 - $115,000 $30,000 -  $42,500 n/c n/c (Model years and non-S production numbers for US models only.) AUSTIN - 10,688  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 13% 5% 5% n/c 7% 655  $120,000 - $150,000 348  $190,000 - $245,000 n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 5% n/c 13% 4% 2% Price Range  3 mo / 1 yr Change  Years  Model  56-59 100-Six BN4 (2+2)  59-61 3000 Mk I (BT7) 2+2  # Prod.  Price Range  10,286  $16,500 - $20,000  4,150  built.) 10,825  $18,000 - $25,000  (All Mark Is are double carb.) (Add $4,000 for 2-seat 3000 Mk I [BN7]. 2,825 built.) 61-62 3000 Mk II (BT7) 2+2  62-64 3000 Mk II (BJ7)  6,113  $19,000  5,095  $18,000 - $25,000  Change 3 mo / 1 yr 7% n/c  (Production of early BN4s, built at Longbridge, with non-6-port heads, was 6,045. Later, Abingdon built 6-port head, production was 4,241.) (BN6 two seat add $3,0  n/c  n/c  (The BJ7 featured the first roll-up windows.) 64-67 3000 MK III (BJ8)  64-67 BJ8 Factory Rallye cars  58-61 Bugeye Sprite  62-71 Sprite  (Add 10% for Phase II BJ8.)16,314 7  48,999  80,360  21-29 3-Litre (Saloon or bitsa)  * Open, matching #s / orig.  26-30 Big Six (bitsa)  27-31 4 1/2-Litre (bitsa)  28-30 Speed Six (bitsa)  31  *Matching #s / original  *Matching #s / original  *Matching #s / original  30-31 4 1/2-Litre S'charged  30-31 8 Litre  4 Litre  33-36 3 1/2-Litre Saloon  *Rare/attractive/open  36-39 4 1/4-Litre Saloon  *Rare/attractive/open  46-52 Mark VI Saloon  47-52 Mark VI Coupe  47-52 Mark VI Drophead  52-55 R-type Saloon  1,634  inc.  23-29 3-Litre Speed Model (bitsa) inc.  * Matching #s / original  1,390  $26,500 - $36,000  $80,000 - $100,000  $2,250 -  BENTLEY n/c  n/c  n/c  7% 2% (All 3000 Mark II BT7s and BN7s [side-curtain cars] are triple carb. Add $10,000 for 2-seat Mk II [BN-7], 355 built.I00-Six/3000 add $2,000 for factory 2-seat hardtop, $1,000 for 4-seat hardtop. Deduct $1,500 for disc wheels.) $26,000  n/c 16% n/c $8,000 - $12,500  $3,500  inc.  $100,000 - $175,000 $90,000 - $130,000 $80,000 - $150,000 $60,000 - $100,000  545  $200,000 - $400,000  inc.  $300,000 - $475,000  669  $150,000 - $250,000  n/c  n/c  1,177  $22,500 - $40,000 $75,000 - $160,000  50  1,234  $25,000 - $45,000  $75,000 - $125,000  inc.  inc.  (38-39 MR/WC series, add /5%.) 5,201  52-55 R Cont./Fastback/HJM  55-59 SI Saloon  55-58 SI Cont./Fastback/HJM  55-59 SI Cont. DHC/LHD  55-59 SI Cont. DHC/RHD  58-59 SI Cont. Flying Spur  59-62 S2 Cont. (M/PW)  59-62 S2 Cont. DHC  59-62 S2 Saloon  62-65 S3 Saloon (LHD)  62-66 S3 Cont. "Chinese Eye"  62-66 S3 DHC "Chinese Eye"  63-66 S3 Cont. Flying Spur  31-36 SS I Coupe  31-34 SS II Coupe  35-36 SS 90  36-40 SS 100 2 1/2 Litre  38-40 SS 100 3 1/2 Litre  35-40 SS Jaguar Saloon  38-40 SS Jaguar DHC  45-49 Mk IV Saloon  47-49 Mk IV DHC  49-51 Mark V Saloon  49-51 Mark V DHC  49-50 XK 120 Rdstr. (alloy)  51-54 XK 120 Roadster  51-54 XK 120 Coupe  53-54 XK 120 Drophead  54-57 XK 140 Roadster  54-57 XK 140 Drophead  $75,000 - $110,000  inc.  $30,000 - $40,000 $11,000 - $20,000  inc.  $45,000 - $75,000  2,320  $17,500 - $30,000  208  $110,000 - $185,000  3,107  $17,500 - $25,000  $85,000 - $140,000  431  ('Left drive cars will bring a minimum 20% premium in the US.) 55-58 SI Continental (PW)  inc.  $52,500 - $90,000  inc.  $250,000 - $300,000  inc.  $125,000 - $150,000  inc.  $50,000 - $85,000  388  $30,000 - $45,000  inc.  $50,000 - $85,000  1,922  $15,000 - $22,000  1,318  $28,000 - $35,000  312  $35,000 - $55,000  inc.  inc.  $65,000 - $120,000 $70,000 - $100,000  JAGUAR n/a  $30,000 - $40,000  n/a  $32,500 - $42,500  n/a  $100,000 -$150,000  190  $110,000 -$150,000  118  $160,000 - $185,000  n/a  $18,000 - $25,000  n/a  $35,000 - $45,000  n/a  $22,000 - $28,000  n/a  $45,000 - $60,000  n/a  $15,000 - $20,000  n/a  $40,000 - $55,000  240  2,678  $25,000 - $37,500  1,769  $37,500 - $50,000  7,391  $38,000 - $52,500 $75,000 - $125,000  (SE option: dual exhausts, spoke wheels, cams, etc. add $5,000.) 3,347  $35,000 - $55,000  2,740  $37,500 - $57,500  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c 19% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 17% n/c n/c 3%  n/c  n/c  n/c  19% 14% 6% 9% n/c n/c n/c 59 50  $500,000 - $850,000  100  $250,000 - $750,000  inc.  $400,000 - $450,000 $200,000 - $325,000  $450,000 - $900,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  3%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  32% n/c n/c n/c 10% 10% 4% 3% n/c 5% n/c 4% 8% n/c n/c n/c 16% n/c 11% 13% 14% 13% 7% 8% 8% 9% 8% 18% n/c 8% n/c n/c 12% n/c n/c n/c 19%

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Years  Model  54-57 XK 140 Coupe  58-61  XK 150 Rdstr. 3.4/3.8  58-61  XI( 150 DHC 3.4/3.8  58-61 XK 150 FHC 3.4/3.8  59-61  XK 150S 3.4 Rdstr.  59-61  XK 150S 3.4 DHC  59-61  XK 1505 3.4 FHC  51-56 Mark VII Saloon  57-58 Mark VIII Saloon  59-69 Mark IX Saloon  62-64 Mark X/4200  56-59 MK II Saloon 2.4  60-66 MK II Saloon 3.4  60-67 MK II Saloon 3.8  50-53 XK C-type  53-55 XK D-type  56-57 XK-SS  # Prod.  2,797  Price Range  (MC option: C-type head, cams, suspension, spoke wheels add $5,000.) 1,339  2,489  4,101  $25,000  $32,500  $32,500  $22,500  (Add $5,000 for 3.8L engine.) 1,466  inc.  inc.  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  83,000  inc. 2.4  inc. 2.4  $50,000  $45,000  $35,000  $12,500  $11,500  $16,000  $7,000  $7,000  $9,000  $20,000  -  $70,000  -  $65,000  -  $37,500  -  $15,000  -  $14,000  -  $19,000  -  -  $9,000  $9,000  -  $13,000  -  $30,000  54  $700,000  - $800,000  77  $900,000  -$1,200,000  18  $850,000  -$1,100,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  (Add $10,000 for 3.8L 150S FHC & DHC. Add $25,000 for 3.8L 150S Roadster.) n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 32% (Deduct $2,000 for disc wheels, $2,000 for automatic, $1,500 for no overdrive.) n/c n/c n/c (Price ranges for XK C, D and SS Jaguars are determined by provenance. completeness and originality. A car with all of its original parts and no stories will bring three to four times what a "bitsa" that has only a few authentic parts will.) 61-62 XKE Factory Lightwt.  61-62 XKE Cony. 3.8 flat flr.  61-62 XKE Cpe. 3.8 flat flr.  62-64 XKE Convertible 3.8  62-64 XKE Coupe 3.8  64-67 XKE Cony. 4.2 (SI)  64-67 XKE Coupe 4.2 (SI)  66-67 XKE Coupe 2+2  7,827  7,669  inc.  inc.  9,548  7,770  4,220  8,627  4,855  5,326  7,990  7,297  16  $800,000  - $900,000  $35,000  $23,000  $32,500  $20,000  $32,500  $20,000  $9,000  (Deduct $3,000 for automatic transmission.) 68-71 XKE Cony. 4.2 (SII)  68-71  XKE Cpe. 4.2 (SII)  68-71  XICE Cpe. 2+2 (SII)  $20,000  $15,000  $11,000  $30,000  $17,500  -  $47,500  -  $28,000  -  $45,000  -  $27,500  -  $45,000  -  $27,500  -  $12,000  -  $30,000  -  $19,000  -  $14,000  (Add $1,000 for A/C. Deduct $3.000 for automatic transmission.) 71-74 XKE Cony. V12 (SIII)  71-74 XKE Cpe. V12 (SIII)  -  $47,500  -  $24,000  91-93 XJ 220  97-  XK8 Coupe  97-  XK8 Convertible  (Due to changes in US DOT laws, XJ 220s can now be brought into the US.) n/a  n/a  300  $250,000  - $300,000  $50,000  $55,000  JENSEN 66-76 Interceptor II/111 FHC  74-76  Interceptor III DHC  72-76 Convertible  76  GT  53-58 Six  57-60 Seven SI  60-68 Seven S2  68-70 Seven S3  70-73  Seven S4  74-82 Caterham 7  56-60 Lotus XI (SI & S2)  58-63 Elite SI&2 (Climax eng.)  6,387  inc.  JENSEN10,453  inc.  110  242  1,350  350  625  n/a  270  1,076  9,053  inc. SI  inc. SI  $7,500  $17,500  HEALEY $4,250  $4,000  LOTUS $30,000  $22,000  $17,000  $16,000  $10,000  $9,500  $50,000  $27,500  68-74 Elan S4 Convertible  68-74 Elan S4 Coupe  67-68 Europa SI  69-72 Europa S2  72-74 Europa TC/Special  inc. cvt.  4,798  inc. S1  $16,000  $14,500  $14,000  $9,000  $8,000  -  $40,000  -  $28,000  -  $23,000  -  $19,000  -  $12,500  -  $12,500  -  $70,000  -  $37,500  inc. cvt.  8,969  inc.  inc.  97  55  75-80 Eclat SI Sprint  78-80 Esprit SI  60  2,894  4,032  2,225  1,302  718  $13,000  $8,000  $5,000  $5,500  $8,500  $75,000  $45,000  $6,500  $4,500  $7,500  $8,000  $8,000  -  $20,000  -  $18,000  -  $17,000  -  $12,000  -  $10,000  -  $16,500  -  $12,000  -  -  -  $60,000  -  -  -  -  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  (This number represents "complete body units" finished or not. Actual production number runs from 1,029 to 1,076.) 62-64 Elan SI Convertible  64-66 Elan S2 Convertible  65-68 Elan S3 Convertible  65-68 Elan S3 Coupe  67-74 Elan Plus 2  $7,500  $8,000  (217 TC/Specials were numbered, the rest were decaled and stickered.) 65-66 Elan 26R (S1 & S2)  68-70 Europa 47  62-66 Cortina MkI  67-70 Cortina Mk2  74-80 Elite SI  -  $12,500  -  $90,000  $8,000  $7,000  $9,000  $9,500  -  $13,000  n/c  -9%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 16% n/c n/c n/c n/c 20% n/c n/c n/c n/c 5% 18% 31% n/c n/c 6% 13% 11% -  -  -  $9,000  -  $20,000  $5,500  $5,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c -  $65,000  -  $70,000  -4%  -4%  n/c  n/c  4%  n/c  6%  n/c  2%  n/c  5%  n/c  n/c  3%  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c -  $30,000  -  $45,000  -  $47,500  -  $27,500  n/c  5%  3 mo / I ■ r  n/c  n/c  Change  n/c n/c n/c 5% Years  Model  78-80 Esprit S2  80-82 E. Turbo/Carbs (Giugiaro)  83-85  E. Turbo  85-87 E. Turbo/Inj. (Giugiaro)  88  89  E. Turbo S4 (300 bhp)  90-91  Elan M-100  # Prod.  1,045  378  1,023  506  E. Turbo (new style/220bhp) 495  E. Turbo (SE gearbox, 230bhp)121  385  64  3,855  Price Range  $12,000  $10,000  $14,000  $17,000  $17,000  $18,000  89-93 E. Turbo SE (intercl., 264bhp)1,608  $19,000  94-95 E. Turbo S4 (282 bhp)  95  $35,000  $35,000  $16,500  -  $16,000  -  $12,000  -  $21,000  -  $25,000  -  $23,000  -  $25,000  -  $33,000  -  $45,000  -  $45,000  -  $30,000  Change 3 mo / 1 yr n/c  n/c  n/c  5%  17% n/c n/c 20% n/c  new entry new entry new entry new entry new entry 8% 94 Elan 52 800 $14,000 - $25,000 new entry (Elan S2s were built for UK and ROW only. Lotus purists insist these are not true Loti. Of course, that begs the question about the earlier Elans with Isuzu engines...) MG 45-49 MG-TC  49-53 MG-TD  53-54 MG-TF 1250  55  MG-TF 1500  n/c n/c 4% n/c 6% n/c 2% n/c 5% n/c n/c 3% n/c (S111 deduct $3,000 for automatic, $2,000 for disc wheels, $1,000 for no A/C. Add $3,000 for factory hardtop.) 10% -8% -7% 55-59 MGA Roadster 1500  55-59 MGA Coupe 1500  58-60 MGA Twin Cam Rdstr.  58-60 MGA Twin Cam Cpe.  59-61  MGA Roadster 1600  59-61  MGA Coupe 1600  60-61  MGA DeLuxe Rdstr.  61-62 MGA 1600 MkI1 Rdstr.  10,000  29,664  6,200  3,400  58,750  inc. rdstr.  2,111  inc. rdstr.  31,501  inc. rdstr.  82  61-62 MGA 1600 MkII Coupe inc. rdstr.  61-62 MGA MKII DeLuxe Rdstr.  62-67 MGB Cony MK I  68-74 MGB (chrm. bmper.)  75-80 MGB (rbber. bmper.)  65-67 MGB-GT  68-74 MBG-GT  8,719  313  387,675  inc.  inc.  $17,500  $14,500  $14,500  $14,500  $13,500  $9,500  $17,500  $16,000  $14,000  $10,000  $16,500  $14,000  $9,500  $16,000  $6,500  $6,000  $3,500  73-76 MGB-GT V8  67-69 MGC Convertible  67-69 MGC-GT  61-62 Midget  62-66 Midget  66-74 Midget  75-79 Midget  2,591  4,550  4,449  $5,000  $4,500  $6,000  $6,000  $6,000  -  $23,000  -  $17,500  -  $17,000  -  $20,000  -  $16,500  -  $12,000  -  $24,000  -  $18,000  -  $17,500  -  $11,500  -  $19,000  -  $17,500  -  $13,000  -  $18,500  -  $12,000  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  $9,500  $5,000  $7,500  $6,000  $8,000  $8,500  $8,000  16%  7%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 5% n/c n/c 2% n/c n/c 2% n/c n/c 16% 7% n/c (MGA/B deduct $2,000 for disc wheels excpt. Twin Cam/DeLuxe. B add $1,000 for factory hardtop, $500 for overdrive.) 125,597  inc.  (Deduct $1,000 for automatic transmission.) 16,080  36,202  99,896  72,185  MORGAN 45-53  Flat radiator models  54-68 Plus 4 (Triumph eng.)  54-90 4/4 (Ford powered)  62-68 SS  68-90 Plus 8  750*  4,754  n/a  101  $15,000  $18,000  $15,000  (Factory built only, matching numbers.) 3,000*  29-35 P II closed / formal  31-35  P 11 Cont. Saloon  22-29 20 Saloon  29-36 20/25 Saloon  36-38 25/30 Saloon  38-39 Wraith  46-55  Silver Wraith  56-59 Silver Wraith "S"  *Other coachwork  *Other coachwork  *Other coachwork  ROLLS - 1,767  *Rare/open coachwork  *Rare/open coachwork  36-39 Phantom III, closed/form  *Rare/open coachwork  inc.  inc.  2,940  inc.  3,827  inc.  1,201  inc.  491  1,783  inc.  760  2,359  2,716  inc.  832  2,297  16,717  571  505  $50,000  $24,000  $80,000  -  $19,000  -  $22,000  -  $19,000  -  $65,000  -  $28,000  -  $70,000  - $200,000  $80,000  - $150,000  $20,000  $35,000  $17,000  $35,000  $20,000  $40,000  $20,000  $20,000  $40,000  -  $70,000  -  $35,000  -  $85,000  -  $40,000  -  $90,000  -  $90,000  -  $50,000  -  $80,000  (Includes 4.9L engine and power steering.) 49-55 Silver Dawn Saloon  55-59  Silver Cloud I Sal.  59-62  Silver Cloud II Sal.  60-62 Silver Cloud II DHC  60-67 Phantom V  62-65  Silver Cld III Saloon  $30,000  $18,500  $19,000  -  $47,500  -  $24,500  -  $24,500  $95,000  - $125,000  $42,500  $30,000  -  $85,000  -  $40,000  $15,000  $23,000  $26,000  -  $27,500  -  $25,000  -  $33,000  -  $80,000  -  $40,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  ROYCE $30,000  inc.  $150,000  - $350,000  710  inc.  $35,000  - $125,000  $35,000  150%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  -8%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  -4%  -13%  -8%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c (Prices are for 4-seat models. 2-seat and DHC add $4,000. SS add $4,000.) n/c  n/c n/c n/c -3% n/c 16% n/c n/c -8% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -4% n/c -8% 29% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 62-65 SCIII HJM DHC (LHD) *50 $250,000 - $350,000 n/c n/c (Deduct $100K for RHD or non-factory conversions. Factory-built DHCs are properly termed "adaptations.') 66-76 Silver Shadow Sal.  67-70 Silv Shad MPW Cpe.  67-70 Silv Shad MPW DHC  -11%  -11% n/c  n/c  n/c n/c (Rebadged as Corniches in 1971, w 6 3/4L engine.) Sports Car Market n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c $2,750  $2,500  $2,500  $2,000  -  -  -  -  $3,250  $3,000  $3,000  $2,750  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c

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      Years  Model  71-76 Corniche SI Coupe 71-76 Corniche SI Cony. 75-85 Camargue 77-81  Corniche S2 Coupe 71-76 Corniche S2 Cony. 77-80 Silver Shadow II 77-80  Silver Wraith II  # Prod. 780 1,233 514 310 1,595 8,425 Price Range $22,500  $32,000  $25,000  $25,000  $36,000  $16,000  (Production number includes Bentley T2.) 2,145  53-55  Alpine Rdstr. (early style) 60-67 Alpine Roadster 67  65-67 Tiger Mk 1/1A (260 ci) Tiger Mk 11 (289 ci) 46-49 1800/2000 Roadster 53-54 TR2 Long door 54-55 TR2 Short door 55-57 TR3 (sm. mouth) 69,251 6,450 633 4,501  8,628 inc. 13,378 $19,000  SUNBEAM n/a $7,000  $4,500  $17,000  $18,000  TRIUMPH $11,000  $13,500  $13,500  $13,000  -  $15,000 -  $20,000 -  $20,000 -  $20,000 n/c 6% 6% n/c (TR2/3 deduct $2.000 for disc wheels, add $750 for overdrive, add $1,000 for factory hardtop.) 10% 10% 12% 12% The English Car Shopping Centre ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regularclassifiedonly$15permonth.Parts/Parts Wanted Ads FREEfor private party subscribers! A C 64 COBRA CSX2303, 3 yr restoration, currently has 347 cu in stroker motor, 486 hp on pump gas, 4-spd toploaded w/custom Billett aluminum overdrive, comes with 289 cu in alum T-10, wire wheels, tires, other parts, car is beautiful, call for more info $160,000. 650-400-0357. 650-2599776.CA 65 COBRA, 289, late car with rack and pinion, Concours condition, dark blue, black leather, some subtle modifications, correctly done, none better $159,000. Matthew deGarmo Ltd, 203-852-1670. CT ASTON MARTIN / LAGONDA 50 LAGONDA, white w/green leather int, Everflex top, all aluminum body, dual overhead cam engine, independent rear susp, designed by Bentley and previously owned by Jack Nicholson, totally restored, rhd, 35.5K mi $50,000. Josh, 212-9293909. NY 60 DB4 COUPE, burgundy/black, excellent original CA car, no rust from new, all new brakes, runs and drives superbly 562,500. 310-657-9699. FAX 310-6579698 CA 61 DB4 COUPE, wonderful driver, dark grey metallic, red leather, rare factory sunroof, original radio and manual $59,500 firm. Matthew deGarmo Ltd, 203-852-1670. Cr 67 DB6 VANTAGE COUPE, Cumberland grey w/black interior, 5-speed, a/c, lhd, recently restored, straight, correct & very solid, call for details $69,850. Stephen or Patrick, DIrs, 617-783-1800. MA 68 DB6 VANTAGE VOLANTE, lhd, 5spd, restored in York red w/tan leather, exAston Martin Co owner Peter Livanos, a beautiful example of this rare model $185,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-6537555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 76 V8 COUPE, red w/blk leather, 36K mi, auto, a/c, rust & accident free, professionally restored $40,000. 954-752-4112. FL AUSTINHEALEY 55 BNI, red, new black leather top, s/s wires, brakes, plus much more, all correct, drives excellent, call for more info $18,500. M Hartz, 910-793-0990. NC February, 2001  56 100M, beautiful, 100% frame-up restoration, professionally restored by Tom Kovacs of Fourintune, finished 6/00, Reno red, black seats w/red piping and blk top 552,500. 508-228-1416 days. MA 58 100-6, gold w/white int, chrome ww, triple SU carbs, nice condition $15,000. 636-239-6781. MO 60 Sebring hi-perf 289 Cobra engine, C4 auto, 9" Ford rear, Mustang suspension, hardtop, 4-season car $14,500. Bob, The Autoworks, 201-358-0200. NJ 60 BUG EYE SPRITE, radically restored, 1275S engine, disc brakes, Minilites, roll bar, perfect white paint w/black interior, new top w/sliding windows, no bolt left unturned, better than new, nice and fast $23,850 call for details. Stephen or Patrick, DIrs, 617-783-1800. MA 63 3000 MARK II CONV, absolutely a stunning high quality professional restoration w/production record certificate authenticating originality $46,500. Almeida's Classic Cars, 209-667-7828. CA 65 3000 MK III ROADSTER, metallic blue w/dark blue leather int, new drk blue soft top, new carpet, all new metal fenders, new chrome, all original components, recently restored, car is mint $38,900. Sam, Goud Classic Autos, 718-721-7021. FAX 718-721-6928 NY 66 3000 MK III, blue, restored, chrome wheels $27,000. Northshore Sportscars, 847-247-0447. IL 67 3000 MK III, blue over white, chrome wires, professional restoration 5 yrs ago, perfect running condition $25,000. 410682-4430 days. 410-592-2726 eves, EST. MD 67 3000 MK III BJ8, red w/blk sweeps, restored in 91, exc cond, 62K mi $23,500. 403-609-2484. CANADA AB BENTLEY 31 SPEED 6 VANDEN PLAS, fabric bodied tourer, excellent matching #s, older restoration, a magnificent model $375,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 353-1/2 LITRE DROPHEAD, (150 CR), Park Ward, very nice CA car, new wheel discs and Connolly leather int $89,000 trades considered. Vintage, 941-355-6500. FL 54 R-TYPE CONTINENTAL, dhc by Graber, Geneva show car, very low miles, totally unique, the only 1 in the world, rich burgundy, magnolia hides, wonderful driving car, superb condition $240,000. WE Quint, 441624880523. 44589923530.UK JAGUAR 50 MK V DHC, 3.5 litre, elegant project, the subject of a 7-yr, $40K restoration, needs finishing, will be a show winner when completed $45,000. Cosmopolitan Motors, 206-467-6531. FAX 206-4676532 WA 50 XK 120 ROADSTER, JCNA Councours winner, white, red leather, blk top, well documented, all original tools, fender skirts, immaculate, mechanically flawless $49,500 offer. Matthew deGarmo Ltd, 203-852-1670. CT 51 XK 120 FHC, silver/red leather, outstanding cosmetics, new wood, etc $48,500. Vintage, 941-355-6500. FL 55 XK 140 ROADSTER, red/red, show quality restoration on original black plate rust-free CA car, C-type cyl head, dual exhaust, spats and disc wheels $50,000. Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914997-9136 NY 56 XK 140MC, special one-off roadster/ race car, Concours quality, show winner, unique & handsome $40,000. Cosmopolitan Motors, 206-467-6531. FAX 206467-6532 WA 63 E-TYPE SERIES I, roadster, 3.8 litre, red w/original blk int, absolutely untouched, 2nd owner, rust-free car, original 69K mi, excellent running and driving, a pristine example of a beautiful Series I $35,000. FAX 305-864-4350 FL 64 XKE ROADSTER, yellow, new blk top & int, new front suspension & brakes, very original aluminum center console, engine detailed & polished $35,000. Ron, 952446-1686. MN 66 E-TYPE ROADSTER, a rare find, 2owners, history from '66, garage kept, books and records, chrome ww, superb mechanical cond, exceptional interior, rebuilt original engine, matching #s, outstanding condition $56,000. 949-6504718. CA 68 SI 1/2 E-TYPE, roadster, 4.2 litre, red/ biscuit, professional show quality restoration $49,900. Vintage, 941-355-6500. FL 69 XKE SERIES II, roadster, 6-cyl, 4-spd, a/c, fawn, beige, original, 20K ml, 2-owners $44,000. 816-836-4500. 816-2296500.M0 1969 XKE 2+2, British Racing Green/ Biscuit. All original, no restoration. 21 K miles. 6 time 1st place winner in Hillsboro and Palo Alto. $33,000 Firm. 831-625-1877. CA 73 XKE SERIES III CONV, hardtop, burgundy/biscuit, fully restored in and out, 25K ml, new rubber and original Borrani ww, spectacular rust-free CA car $39,500. Tom, 732-530-8832. NJ 76 XJ6C, 125K mi, burgundy w/biscuit leather, excellent original CA car, 2-owners $11,000. 714-693-2685. CA LOTUS 60 ELITE, white/black, Series II, Stage II, 1216cc Climax sohc, 61,515 mi, VIN 1308, CA car, always garaged, ZF gearbox, chrome ww, orig blk plates, spares, ask for detailed list, collection of articles, road tests, manuals & clippings $25,000 for all/firm. 949240-2197. CA 69 ELAN S4, twin cam, knock-offs, 33K orig mi, restored CA car $16,000. Northshore Sportscars, 847-247-0447. IL 98 ESPRIT, V-8, 14K miles. Yellow with black interior. K40 radar, Alpine stereo, CD. Lotus dealer maintained, '99. 0.Z. wheels, perfect, two roofs. $62,000. 561832-4675. FL M.G. 32 MG J2, excellent original condition, black with dark blue leather interior, interesting history $32,000. Paul Lane, 203243-1984. CT 55 MG TF, 1500, green w/tan leather, tan top and full tonneau, disc wheels, chrome rack, #2 cond $19,950. 209-765-2886. ID 58 MGA CONVERTIBLE, white, 83K mi, body-off restoration in '88, vgc, only 2K mi since restoration, chrome ww, clean, solid, extremely roadworthy car, garaged and largely driven in CO, needs some chrome $12,800. 814-865-0624. PA 61 -  -  -  $27,500 -  $40,000 -  $35,000 -  $33,000 -  $45,000 -  $25,000 $25,000 $9,000 $6,000 -  $19,500 -  $24,000 Change  3 mo / 1 yr n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -4% n/c -23% 8% -7% n/c n/c n/c 11% 8% Years  Model 57-61  TR3A (lg. mouth) 62-63 TR3B 61-65 TR4 65-67 TR4A 68  TR250 69-74 TR6 (small bumpers) 75-76 TR6 76-81  TR7 79-80 TR7 Convertible 80-81 TR8 Coupe 80-81  TR8 Convertible 71-73  Stag 62-67  Spitfire Mk I/II 68-70  Spitfire Mk III 70-74 Spitfire Mk IV 75-80  Spitfire 1500 67-68 GT6 Coupe Mk I 69-70 GT6+ Cpe. (Mk II) 70-74 GT6 Coupe Mk III # Prod. 58,236 3,331 40,253 28,465 94,619 inc. 112,368 inc. 2,497 inc. n/a 82,982 65,320 70,021 95,829 15,818 12,066 13,042 Price Range $13,000  $13,000  $7,500  $9,000  $8,500  $7,500  $6,000  $2,500  $3,500  $4,000  $7,500  $6,500  $2,500  $2,500  $2,250  $2,500  $3,000  $3,250  $2,750  -  $20,000 -  $20,000 -  $10,000 -  $11,000 -  $12,000 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  $9,500 $8,500 $3,500 $4,500 $6,000 $9,500 $8,500 $3,500 $3,500 $3,250 $3,250 $3,500 $4,000 $3,500 Change 3 mo / 1 ■ r 14% (Add $500 for IRS, $1,000 for surrey top [TR4/TR250], add $750 for overdrive, deduct $1,000 for disc wheels.) 8,484 10% 10% 3% n/c 14% 3% n/c 8% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 8% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c •

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66 MGB ROADSTER, British racing green, new top, new leather int, completely restored, engine rebuilt, balanced trans and rear, also chrome ww, beautiful, many spares $12,500. 603-424-4434. NH 67 MGB, Dark green/tan. Totally restored, in, out, and underneath. New everything. Overdrive, centrelock Minilights, leather. Show quality and functionally superb. Trades. Photos at www.sportsleicht.com $20,000. Alex Dearborn, 978-887-6644. MA 68 MGB/GT, Blk/blk, new motor, smog exempt. $4,500 firm. 408-649-3984. 559935-2228. 69 MGC ROADSTER, red/black leather int, Minilite rims, exc cond, no rust, 4-spd with o/d, show and drive $12,500. British Connection, 630-553-9023. IL 73 MGB, Convertible, solid original. Runs excl, chrome bumper, wire whls, $2,950. 510-568-0405. MORGAN 53 flat rad, powered by high-performance Triumph engine, perfect detail, excellent condition $29,500. Autoworks, Bob, 201358-0200. NJ 56+ 4, runs and drives, no rust, steel wheels $11,500. British Connection, 630-5539023. IL 59 + 4, rhd, 3-position dhc, vgc, runs and drives, all #s matching, rare find $17,500 obo. 818-341-0505. CA 60 + 4, TR3 engine, body-off restoration, all new wood, complete engine rebuild, red w/blk leather int, complete documentation and photos of restoration, driven 15K since completed, never in rain, always garaged $21,500. Don Homan, 925-443-9440. CA ROLLS ROYCE - 25 SILVER GHOST, British Ghost with boattail replica body, 140AU, 2-seat-configuration, 4-wheel brakes, ready for use or touring $125,000. Glyn Morris, 847-9459603. IL 27 SPRINGFIELD BREWSTER, rhd, total restoration, div, wide whitewalls, dual sidemounts $105,000 obo. Ellerman Collection, 804-784-0011. VA 31 PHANTOM 1, St Martin's Town Car by Brewster, SI 66PR, lhd, very sound, original condition, recently used for touring $75,000. Glyn Morris, 847-945-9603. IL 51 SILVER WRAITH DHC, the only Mulliner convertible built on Silver Wraith chassis, one of 2 2-passenger convertibles $195,000 trades considered. Viintage, 941-355-6500. FL " The Last Thing a Great Car Needs' • The original classic look  • Custom sizes for all vehicles • Free Swatch samples • 11 colors available • Factory Direct Nibbed Rubber Back Call: 800 461-3533 www.cocomats.com COCO MATS Y(pdated Ntptoved Driver Rubber PALM  FIBRE Hand Selected Cocos & Sisal Matting Heel Pad 61 SILVER CLOUD II CONV, (HJ Mulliner design 7504), lhd, US delivery, factory air, ps, ph, pw, less than 84K mi, quite original & excellent throughout $159,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-5229900. FL 63 SC III, 4-door Ihd saloon, sand over sable, beige leather, carpet overlays, 14K orig mi, 1 of the finest examples, 1 owner 35 yrs $70,000 obo. 406-832-3231. MT 65 SC III MPW CONV, blk w/blk hides, mechanically superb, paint and exterior to the highest standards, factory a/c, build sheets available, new tires, 25 yrs of service records $82,500. 720-220-5974. CO 66 SC III CONT CONV, lhd, very good cond (LCSC107B) $100,000. 805-4961001 fax/phone. CA 76 CORNICHE CONV, silver over royal blue, blue top & leather, 49K miles, main- J. J. FINANCIERS OF FINE CLASSIC AUTOMOBILES BEST 4-12 YEAR TERM S ANTIQUE • CLASSIC • MUSCLE • EXOTIC • ROD • SPORT PURCHASE • REFINANCING • PREQUALIFY FOR AUCTION APPLY NOW BY PHONE OR FAX - OPEN 6 DAYS 1-800-USA-1965 FREE 10 MINUTE LOAN APPROVAL Fax 1-508-945-6006. Apply at www.jjbest.com "8.99% APR fixed rate on $100,000, 10yrs with payment of $1266.21 monthly. Simple interest, no pre-payment penalty. Rate in ad correct at time going to press, all loans fixed rate. Corporate loans available. DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME. 62  Sports Car Market SPORTS CAR FINANCING 8.99%* TRIUMPH 55 TR2, beautiful frame-off restoration, far exceeding price of car, always CA black plate car, photo documentation, the finest $26,900. PA Motor Sports, 610-666-1966. FAX 610-666-9422 PA 61 TR3A, red/tan, overdrive, wire wheels, restoration Sportscars, 847-247-0447. IL $16,000. Northshore 66 TR4A, new red paint, no-rust ever, low mi, new blk leather int, wire wheels and IRS $14,000. 636-239-6781. MO 68 TR250, documented frame-off restoration, rebuilt engine, chrome ww, CA car $19,500. 949-650-4718. CA 71 TR6, green with tan interior and top, restored by perfectionist, looks and runs like new $13,900. 419-394-2371. OH 76 TR6 ROADSTER, British racing green with brown interior, restored TR6 in the right color $15,500. 314-524-6000. MO 80 TR8, gold, Fl, new tires, top and performance improved engine $6,950. 509-2351414. WA LITERATURE Manuals & Books for all English Cars & Bikes: Service manuals, Parts manuals, Owners manuals, History Books; see www.books4cars.com 206-721-3077. 888-380-9277. PARTS For Sale: 4 Jag XICE wire wheels, balanced, with Dunlop tires. Like new. 831625-1877. • tained in pristine condition its whole life, call for complete history, celebrity owned $43,500. 530-435-2627. CA & co.

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i r ;ERMAN C R Chassis number: 11102712001644 T his Mercedes-Benz offers classic style motoring with modern reliability and convenience. Furthermore, the 3.5-liter version of the 280SE coupe and convertible has the cachet ofbeing one of the rarest Mercedes-Benz models ofthe past 30 years, with a production run of just 4,502. Like many desirable cars, the 280SE 3.5 was created at a time oftransition. It was based on the WI 11 platform, introduced in 1961, with all-independent suspension and disc brakes on all wheels. The 280SE series was spared air suspension and received coil springs at all four corners. Into this proven and highly developed base was installed Mercedes-Benz's new V8 engine, which developed a smooth and flexible 200 bhp (DIN) with a maximum 211 lb./ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm. This engine was an important development for Mercedes-Benz and the descendants of this V8 were still in production well into the 1990s. On this car it delivers its power through a four-speed automatic transmission, the option preferred by most customers. The handsome body style originated in 1961, but benefited from the many improvements in production techniques Mercedes introduced in the 1960s. This combination of classic styling, modern build values, and superb running gear makes the 280SE 3.5 an unusually interesting car, arguably the German equivalent of a coachbuilt Bentley. With a top speed of 125 mph, 0 to 60 mph in 9.6 seconds and every creature comfort, this magnificent five-seat convertible is as desirable today as at its introduction. It offers high-speed comfort in the grand style, which may be why the model was a particular favorite of film stars. This exceptional 3.5-liter convertible was restored in Germany to "95 point" condition and is described by the vendor as "very good" in every respect. The V8 engine was overhauled, the coachwork stripped, painted and lacquered, the interior retrimmed in the finest quality leather, the wood veneer polished, the transmission overhauled, the electrics refurbished, and even the chassis restored. The car is said now to look and drive like new, resplendent in dark metallic green with parchment hide upholstery and a new dark green top, a very attractive color combination. German registered and accompanied by a fresh TtiV certificate, this is a superb example of one of the most sought-after Grand Tourers of the period. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  This comprehensively restored car sold for $68,414 including buyer 's commission at Brooks' Oldtimer Grand Prix, August 5, 2000, at the Niirburgring in Germany. The price reflects the continued status of these competent touring machines, which offer style, speed and comfort equaled by few other five-seat open cars.  Web site  Alternatives  PORSCHE • MERCEDES-BENZ * BMW UND ANDERE Market Review Buyer's Guide 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3.5 Cony. high price (about twice as much as the next-generation 1970 250C sixcylinder coupe and about the same as the monster 300SEL 6.3 sedans). With only 1,232 3.5-liter open cars built, they are rarer than the legendary 300SL Gullwing. The 3.5-liter engine provides more power and torque at lower rpms than the six-cylinder engine it replaced, while the weight penalty is a modest 55 pounds over the six. Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  1,232 3.5 convertibles $14,297 (1971, West Coast) $60,000-$80,000 $300 $40 On horizontal radiator support On engine block near flywheel '66-70 Bentley drophead, '56-59 BMW 503 cabriolet, '69-73 Rolls-Royce Corniche  Introduced late in the 1969 model year, the 3.5 coupe and convertible were sold through 1971. A113.5s are equipped with the "low grille." The radiator grille's size and position were changed from the original 1961 220SE design, making it 100 millimeters wider and placing it 70 mm lower This small change modernizes the front end, giving it more pleasing proportions, and a much more modern look than the earlier "high grille" cars. These were hand-finished cars built in low volumes due to their February, 2001  Mercedes-Benz Club of America, 1235 Pierce Street, Lakewood, CO 80214 www.mbca.org Although sold in the middle of the SCM price range, the description of this car includes some items ofconcern. First, the car is noted as a "95 point" restoration. This might disappoint the vintage M-B crowd, who like their cars pretty darn close to 100%. The description says the car was "lacquered," but today the paint ofchoice is usually some version of urethane enamel. Lacquer, although easier to shoot, repair and color match, lacks the durability of modern two-part urethane paint. Also of concern is the statement that the chassis had been rebuilt, which may indicate previous—and possibly substantial—rust damage. It is always important to ensure that any 280SE convertible didn't start out life as a coupe. The second three digits of the serial number must be 027 if built by Mercedes as an open car, 026 i f a coupe (for 1970 cars). We can see this is a legitimate convertible. The 280SE convertible remains one of the most sought-after postwar Mercedes-Benzes. Editor Martin had an opportunity to drive a 220SE "high grille" convertible, on loan from the Mercedes Classic Center in Stuttgart, in the New England 1000 a couple of years ago. "We expected the car to be underpowered, but it wasn't," Martin related to me. "It was able to maintain 100 mph on decent, straight-enough two-lane roads. And best ofall, with the top down 1969-71 and the heater cranked up, we could enjoy open-air motoring in brisk weather, along with a high degree ofcomfort." Add another 1,000 cc and 50 hp, and the 280 would be that much better Assuming there are no surprises lurking, and the quality of the restoration work was to a high standard, this car can be considered well bought. Perfect, 99-point cars, when offered in the right venue, can bring more than $100,000.—Jim Schrager (Historical data and photo courtesy of auction company)• 63

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by Jim Schrager It's Better To Be Soft D ear Mr. Schrager: Which is better, soft or hard? In reference, ofcourse, to the long-term value ofa 911 Targa with a soft rear window versus the glass rear window. (I know, at first you thought it had something to do with Viagra, gold chains and manual shifters) I've always loved the look ofthese open- backed Targas, but have only seen them as 912s. Do you know how many were produced and would you say, all things being equal, the soft rear window is worth a premium over the standard Targa? Also, I own a 1996 993, silver/black, six-speed, with less than 23,000 miles. Do you imagine these cars will be considered premium 911s to own in the years to come due to their styling and being the last air-cooled 911s?—M.L., via e - mail I'd value a soft rear window 911 Targa at about $2,000 more than one with a glass window. For 1967, the first year of production, there was no glass rear window available, and all 718 911 and 483 911S Targas were built with the removable plastic rear window. Porsche developed the glass rear window starting in the 1968 model year to solve two problems: first, the unexpected body flex of the Targa, due in part to the flexible window and second, to eliminate the maintenance needed by the delicate plastic insert. Given a choice, buyers in 1968 and 1969 overwhelmingly chose the glass rear window model. By the end of the 1970 model year, all Targas came with glass rear windows. Because the soft rear window was an option and cars with it do not have a separate chassis number, it is not known how many were made beyond the first year of production. For the same reason, the number of early 911 coupes with sunroofs is not known. Evidence derived from observation, however, suggests that both options are rare. Regarding your 993, as the last of the air-cooled 91 I s, it will always have a special place in the hearts of Porschephiles, but probably not in their pocketbooks. It will take years before the 993 stops depreciating and starts to increase in value. To compare, consider the 911SC, another landmark Porsche. It shows little sign of heading back up in value, even though they are more than twenty years old. Prices have been stable, and they are great cars, but there is little collector interest. The real value-killer here is production 64  numbers. Over 60,000 SCs of all flavors were produced. In the world of Ferraris, the 308/328 is derided as a "mass-production" car, and just 10,000 of those were made. Further, when the 348 was introduced, it looked, for better or for worse, completely different from the 328 it replaced. By comparison, all 911s share visually similar characteristics, further depressing their collectibility. If you like the car, by all means keep it and enjoy it. But it will depreciate just like a used car for maybe 20 or 25 more years before the price will start to strengthen. And really, aren't there a lot of other sports cars you might want to enjoy during the next two and a half decades? Even the most valuable mass-produced Porsche, the 356 Speedster, needed 25 years after production ceased for its values to climb above $10,000, and that was a car produced in far more limited numbers than even a single year's output of the 993. During the past several months, I've written about my positive experiences buying and selling parts and literature on eBay. Recently, however, I have received a disturbing number of letters from Porsche enthusiasts who have bought cars on eBay, sometimes with disastrous results. There is a common theme to these horror stories: misrepresentation, either through ignorance or treachery on the part of the seller. Some actual examples: A supposedly rebuilt engine delivered with an obvious crack in the block, a freshly restored 356 with floor pan rot "repaired" using Bondo and undercoat, major body damage artfully disguised with computer photos taken from just the right angle, and a 1963 Super 90 356 with a completely wrong 1600 Normal engine from 1959, a fact the seller failed to disclose. e Bay Caveat 911 Targa "hard back" is valued at a bout $2,000 less than the "soft back." No picture on a computer monitor can substitute for a hands-on examination of a car or for personal references. When bidding, first take a look at the seller's feedback, and contact a few previous buyers. If the seller has no feedback, be very, very careful. Second, if you are serious about a car and the reserve seems reasonable, offer to have the car inspected, at your expense, before the bidding ends. Alternatively, you can make your high bid contingent upon an inspection, but this is a little more unwieldy for a seller. Some sellers won't be interested in having their cars inspected. If this is the case, exit that screen and walk away from the computer. The instant thrill of buying a car with the click of a mouse will quickly fade and be replaced by months of remorse as you struggle with a lousy car purchased at a lousy price. Be careful.• Sports Car Market

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Gernran Car ibuditerly Price Guide The Quarterly Price Guide reflects a retail buying and selling range for cars in very good to near excellent condition-significantly above a "daily driver" and one step below regional concours; a strong #2 on the accepted 1-5 scale, 1 being the best. These values are set by sales activity, primarily in the United States, as well as conversations with owners, dealers and collectors. As condition and history are the ultimate determinants of value, each car must be evaluated according to its own merits. Prices below assume cars with "no stories attached." An automobile priced above our guide is not necessarily overpriced, nor is one priced below a bargain. * Indicates approximate production numbers. Years  Model  # Prod.  Price Range  PORSCHE 356 50-55 356 Coupe "pre-A"  50-55 356 Cabriolet  54-55 356 Speedster 6,539  $17,500 - $25,000 $42,500 22,500  30,000 50,000 14%  25% (Two-piece windshield until April, '52. One-piece ''bent" window until Oct. '55. Standard one-piece curved from then on.) 1,685  1,233 n/c 3% 56-59 356A Coupe 56-59 356A Cabriolet 56-58 356A Speedster 59  356A Convertible D 13,010 3,367 2,911 1,330 (This is total production for all GS and GT cars. Numbers below included.) 56-59 356A Carr. GS Cab.  56-59 356A Can-. Speedster  56-59 356A Carr. GT Cpe.  56-59 356A Carr. GT Speedst  541  140  $75,000  $95,000 - 85,000 75  $125,000 541  $110,000 72  $125,000 (There were 7 pushrod GT Speedsters built.) 60-61 356B Coupe (T-5 body)  60-61 365B Cabriolet (T-5)  60-61 356B Roadster (T-5)  60-61 356B Notchback (T-5)  8,556  3,091  2,649  1,048  62-63 356B Coupe (T-6) 62-63 356B Cabriolet (T-6) 62  62  62-65 Can-era 2 GS 62-64 Can-era 2 Cab. 63-65 356C Coupe 63-65 356C Cabriolet 63-65 356 Coupe SC 63-65 356 Cabriolet SC $9,000 $25,000 $35,000 $8,000 -  110,000 -  145,000 -  -  -  -  -  180,000 14,000 n/c n/c n/c -  135,000 n/c n/c 32,000 45,000 12,000 356B "twin grille" Rdstr. 356B Notchback (T-6) $15,000 -  $26,500 -  $50,000 - $8,500 -   13,507 3,174 inc. cpe. inc. cab.   19,000 34,500 65,000 14,000 n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c $15,000  $30,000  $50,000  $36,000  (356, 356A: Add $2,000 for Super engine.) 56-59 356A Carrera GS Cpe  - - - - 20,000 35,000 60,000 50,000 n/c n/c n/c n/c 8% 3% n/c 16% n/c 6% 3% n/c n/c 9% n/c 12% n/c n/c 11% (Spotter's Note: T-5 body has gas filler cap inside trunk, T-6 has external gas filler cap. Add for 356 B: Super engine, add $2,000; Super-90 add $3.000.) 6,289 3,096 248 697 360 88 $122,500 -  135,000 25,000 40,000 30,000 50,000 $82,500 -  100,000 $17,500 - $30,000 - $20,000 -  $35,000 -  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 6% 4% 14% 6% (For all 356 Porsches: Additions: sunroof $3,000; Rudge wheels, $10.000; hardtop on a Cabriolet, $1,000: hardtop on a Speedster $4,000. Deductions: wrong engine per Kardex: subtract 15% of value. Improper exterior color for year of car: subtract 25% of value.) 911 65  911 Coupe 2.0  66-68 911 Coupe 2.0  67-68 911 Targa 2.0  67-68 9I1S Coupe 2.0  67-68 911S Targa 2.0  911L Coupe 2.0  911L Targa 2.0  68  68  69-71 911T Coupe 2.2  69-71 911T Targa 2.2  69-71 911E Coupe 2.2  69-71 911E Targa 2.2  69-71 911S Coupe 2.2  69-71 911S Targa 2.2  72-73 911T Coupe 2.4  72-73 911T Targa 2.4  Original Small Bumper, Short Wheelbase Cars $10,000 -  $8,500 -  $9,000 -  $13,000 -  235  10,399  1,427  4,689  1,160  $12,500 -  1,169  307  $9,000 -  $9,000 -  13,019  7,303  5,027  935  1,430  $8,500 -  $9,000 -  $9,500 -  $10,000 -  $14,000 -  13,000  10,000  12,000  16,000  16,000  10,000  10,500  Small Bumper, Long Wheelbase Cars 12,000  12,500  13,000  13,500  20,000  (Deduct 15% for 1969 cars with 2.0L engines.) $10,000  $10,500  9,964  7,968  72-73 911E Coupe 2.4  72-73 911E Targa 2.4  72-73 911S Coupe 2.4  72-73 911S Targa 2.4  73  (Add $2,000 for 73 1/2 91IT w/ CIS injection.) 1,916  3,180  1,914  2,131  $14,000 - 20,000  12,500  2,490  $11,000 -  $11,500 -  $15,000 -  $15,000 -  13,000  13,000  13,500  20,000  20,000  74-77 911S Targa 2.7  74-77 911S Coupe 2.7  74-75 Can-era Cpe. 2.7 Euro  74-77 Can-era Cpe. 2.7 US  Federalized Bumper, Narrow Body Cars 16,977  76-77 Can-era Cpe. Euro 3.0  74-77 Can-era Targa 2.7 US  76-77 Can-era Targa Euro 3.0  February, 2001  inc. abv.  inc. abv.  inc. abv.  inc. abv.  inc. abv.  inc. abv.  1,580  $50,000 - 62,500  16,000  $14,000 -  $7,500 -  $8,000 -  $9,500 -  $10,000 -  $13,500 -  $14,000 -  13,000  14,000  15,000  16,000  10,000  9,500  n/c  6%  5%  2%  6%  3%  5% 12% 14%  20% 7% 6% 6% 3% 5%  5%  2%  2%  6%  6%  5%  4%  2%  2%  n/c  n/c  5%  n/c  11% 10% 7% 7% 10% 36% 10% 9% 7% 9% 6% 30% (Additions: sunroof +$1.000. Deductions: 4-speed transmission. -$1,000; Sportomatic trans, -$1,500.) Carrera RS Coupe 2.7  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  -2%  -3%  25% 7% -3% n/c n/c -4% -8% -6% 17% n/c 28% 10% 3 mo / 1 yr Change  Years  Model  78-83 911SC Coupe 3.0  78-83 911SC Targa 3.0  80  82  83  75  # Prod.  911 "Weissach" Ed.  911 Ferry Porsche Ed.  911SC Cabriolet 3.0  35,607  27,678  408  4,187  930 Turbo Cpe. (3.0L)  76-77 930 Turbo Cpe. (3.0L)  78-85 930 Turbo Cpe. (3.3L)  Price Range  911SC and Carrera: Federalized Bumper, Wide - $16,000 -  $16,500 -  $17,500 -  200  $18,000 -  $18,000 -  284  $16,000 -  2,596  $18,000 -  10,004  $18,000 -  87-89 911 Turbo Cab. (3.3L)  87-89 911 Turbo Slant (3.3L)  87-89 911 Turbo Targa (3.3L)  84-86 911 Can-era  4,363  675  21,000  20,500  22,000  22,500  22,000  Change 3 mo / 1 yr Body Cars n/c  n/c  -8%  -6%  n/c  930 Turbo/911 Turbo Carrera/911 Turbo 22,000  23,000  25,000  $22,000 -  2,002  $28,000 -  $25,000 -  $25,000 -  657  26,000  35,000  35,000  35,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  91-93 C2 Turbo Cpe. (Type 964) 5,125  $35,000 - 42,500  84-86 911 Carrera Targa  84-86 911 Can-era Cabriolet  87-89 911 Can-era  (Add 20% for 1992 380 hp S models. 80 built.) Carrera/Speedster/America 36,834  $17,000 -  19,502  $18,000 -  $19,000 -  87-89 911 Carrera Targa  87-89 911 Can-era Cabriolet  88  89  89  89  911 Can-era Club Sport  (339 coupes. I Targa.) 911 25th Anniv. Cpe.  911 25th Anniv. Cab.  911 Speedster  90-91 911 Can-era 2  90-91 911 Carrera 2 Targa  90-91 911 Cam 2 Cab.  90-91 911 Carr. 2 Speedster  89-91 911 Can-era 4  90-91 911 Carr. 4 Targa  90-91 911 Can-.4 Cab.  92-93 911 America Rdstr.  96-97 993 Twin Turbo  66-69 912 Cpe. (1.6L)  76  70-73 914-4 1.7L  70-72 914-6  71  72  72  72  914-6 GT  914 R  916 (2.7 RS spec eng.)  914S (aka 914-8)  73-76 914-4 2.0L  74-76 914-4 1.8L  77-82 924 80-82 924 Turbo 87-88 924S Coupe 78-82 928 83-86 928S 87-88 928S-4 89-90 928S-4 91-92 928S-4 (Add $1,500 for 928 GT.) 944 83-85 944 Coupe  86-87 944 Coupe  88-89 944 Coupe  89-91 944S2 Coupe  90-91 944S2 Cabriolet  92-93 968 Coupe  92-93 968 Cabriolet  n/a  n/a  n/a  $4,000 -  $5,500 -  $6,000 -  6,500  7,000  8,000  ('S' add $750, Turbo add $2,000, 'S' Turbo add $2,500.) n/a  $11,500 -  n/a  $14,500 -  n/a  $17,500 -  n/a  $20,000 -  14,000  20,000  20,000  25,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  -8%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -8% 65 (Add $500 for Targa.) 912E Coupe (2L)  22,283  inc.  inc.  inc.  $21,500 -  $22,500 -  $24,500 -  340  875  inc. abov  $25,000  $23,500  (For USA. 120 coupes. 100 cabs. 80 targas.) 2,065  $27,500  $43,000  n/a  $24,500 -  n/a  $24,500 -  n/a  $28,000 -  n/a  $46,000 -  n/a  $24,500 -  n/a  $24,500 -  n/a  $30,000 -  $45,000  $80,000  n/a  n/a  912 29,212  2,099  914 114,479  3,351  11*  4  20  $3,500 -  $11,000 -  (Custom built for Porsche family members.) inc. abv.  inc. abv.  924 n/a  n/a  n/a  928 n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  $6,000 $9,000 $12,000 $18,000 $22,000 -  -  -  -  -  8,000 12,000 13,500 23,000 28,000 n/c n/c n/c -2% -8% n/c n/c n/c -2% -8% 2  $100,000  $5,000  $4,000  $3,500 $3,500 $4,500 -  -  -  $5,000  $5,000  7,000  7,500  5,000  14,000  $75,000 - 150,000  $75,000  $75,000  125,000  125,000  150,000  7,500  5,000  4,500 5,500 6,000 9%  14%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  4%  n/c  n/c n/c n/c 9% 14% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 4% n/c n/c n/c n/c 19,000  20,000  22,000  24,500  25,000  28,000  29,500  27,500  31,000  48,000  28,000  28,000  31,000  50,000  28,500  28,500  35,000  50,000  95,000  -16%  -11%  -2%  -3%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c -4% -1% n/c n/c n/c 5% (2,918 US legal production. All 75, 80-85 930s are gray-market. Deduct 35% for gray market, 50% if no EPA/DOT papers.) 86-89 911 Turbo (3.3L)  n/c -6% n/c -2% -3% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c (Add $4.000 for factory wide-body appearance group. add $6,000 for factory turbo-look.) n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c

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  Years  97-  Model  Boxster Roadster  # Prod.  Price Range  Boxster n/a  $32,500  Competition Cars (Price ranges for Competition Porsches are determined by provenance, completeness and originality. A car with all of its original parts and no stories will bring three to four times what a "bitsa" that has only a few authentic parts will.) 54-55 550  56-57 550A  58-59 RSK  59-62 695GS Abarth Carrera  60-61 RS 60/RS 61  64-65 904 GTS  66  67-68 910/907  68-69 908-01/908-02/908-03  69-71  917 LH/K/10/20/30  73-74 Carrera RSR 2.7  Carrera RSR 3.0  73  73  86-88 959 "Komfort"  90  $325,000  39  $350,000  34  $450,000  21  $375,000  35  $500,000  120  $375,000  65  $300,000  34  $350,000  62  $500,000  57  -  400,000  -  425,000  -  700,000  -  500,000  -  700,000  -  450,000  -  400,000  -  550,000  -  900,000  75,000  n/c  n/c  (Includes Le Mans coupes. Most 550As were sold in the US. and have only SCCA history. Add at least 25% for cars with international, documented provenance.) n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  (25 FIA non-turbo endurance cars, 20 Can-Am type open cars.) $50,000  70  $750,000  - 1,750,000  -  (15 3.0 RSRs were built in 1974 for IROC.) Carrera RSR 2.8  109  $100,000  43  $175,000  200*  $150,000  MERCEDES300SL 54-56 Gullwing (Type 198.040)  61-63  Rdstr.  1,400  $175,000  57-60 Rdstr. (drum brake, T. 198.042)1,858 $150,000  inc.  $165,000  -  250,000  -  175,000  -  200,000  6%  2%  n/c  6% 12% 14% 54-64  190SL Convertible  63-67 230 SL  67-68 250 SL  68 71  280 SL  - (Disc brake from SN 2701, alloy engine block from SN 3049. Additions: Rudge wheels, +$15,000; factory luggage, +$4,000; factory hardtop for Roadster +$5,000. Deductions: No belly pans, -$3,000; no top bows on Roadster -$10,000; no metal top cover on Roadster -$5,000.) $22,000  25,881  (Add $1,500 for factory hardtop) 23012501280SL 19,831  5,196  23,885  Later SLs 71-72 350 SL Roadster  73-77 450 SLC Coupe  74-77 450 SL Convertible  78-80 450 SLC Coupe  78-80 450 SL Convertible  81  380 SLC Coupe  80-83  380 SL Convertible  84-85 380 SL Convertible  86-87 560 SL  88-89 560 SL  90-92 300 SL  90-92 500 SL  97-  SLK Roadster  49-51  170S Cabriolet A  51-55  220 Cabriolet A  220 Cabriolet B  220 Coupes  54  53  300 4-door Sedan  These SLs and SLCs should be regarded as -used cars" without huge collector potential. Therefore, condition is the prime determinant of value. n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  15,304  66,298  inc.  inc.  inc.  45,056  inc.  inc.  49,347  inc.  n/a  n/a  n/a  $7,500  $7,000  $9,000  $8,000  $11,000  $7,000  $10,000  $12,000  $18,000  $23,000  $34,000  $38,000  $36,000  $28,000  $35,000  $30,000  $30,000  52-53 300S (2-door) Cab.  52-53 300S Coupe  52-53 300S Roadster  52-53  300b 4-door Sedan  54-55 300b 4-door Cabriolet  56-67 300c 4-door Cabriolet  55-58 300c Sedan  55-58 300Sc Coupe  55-58 300Sc Cabriolet A  55-58 300Sc Roadster  66  203  $150,000  216  $15,000  $60,000  6,214  91  141  $175,000  $12,500  $45,000  $50,000  $14,000  n/a  n/a  98  $140,000  49  $190,000  53  $250,000  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  11,000  8,500  11,000  10,000  13,500  10,000  13,000  16,500  24,000  27,000  39,000  43,000  40,000  Other Collectible Mercedes 2,394  1,167  950  83  51-53 300 Cab. D (4-dr. Cony.)  51 - 642  -  (Production number includes A,B,C models.) n/a  -  -  35,000  45,000  40,000  40,000  (13 hardtop coupes w/sunroof 70 w/o. Add 10% for sunroof) $50,000  75,000  18,500  -  165,000  80,000  -  225,000  -  -  -  -  16,500  75,000  80,000  17,000  -  185,000  -  250,000  -  300,000  -10% n/c -9% n/c n/c -6% n/c n/c n/c -2% -3%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  -12% -13% -5% n/c n/c -13% n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 12% n/c nic 111i,i,,, tit, '14  1 NII : i.,1 ,...--- --7,:I. . - 41&■ lia ; __-  ....... ott 40111‘41111111111111r9  " ..... ---,...... ..... .,.....111:111111KIIIIIIIMI iiiiinning (1) 1 111111111111111 .•  ., $16,000  $17,500  $20,000  -  -  -  22,500  22,500  30,000  (Deduct $2,500 for no hardtop. Add $1,500 for 4-speed. Add $3,000 for ZF 5-speed) n/c  n/c  n/c  -7% -4% 2% -  32,500  n/c  n/c BENZ -  200,000  -  300,000  -  175,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  2% 6% 33% 6% (Production includes 104 four-cylinder 904s, 12 six-cylinder 904s, 6 eightcylinder 904s.) 906 Carrera 6  4% -5% 8% n/c n/c 5% 12% n/c (Some 959s were built up from parts. and VIN numbers higher than 290 have been observed. "Komfort" street models were equipped with power leather seats, A/C, P /W, etc.) 68-71 71-74 7% 7% -  40,000  Change  3 mo / 1 yr n/c  -3% 56-59 220S Cabriolet  57-60 220S Coupe  58-62 300d Cab. D (Adenauer)  300d 4-door Sedan  220SE Coupe  58-62 58-60 58-60 Cabriolet  60-65 220SEb Coupe 2-dr.  60-65 Cabriolet  62-67 300SE Cabriolet  66-68 250SE Coupe  66-68 Cabriolet  68-78 300/450SEL 6.3 / 6.9  68-69 280 SE Cab (hi grille)  70 low grille 6 cyl.  70-71 280 SE Coupe 3.5  70-71 Cabriolet 3.5  86-87 190E-16 valve  95-97 C 36 Sedan  55-62 Isetta 250/300  57-59 Isetta 600 2+2  56-59 507 roadster  3,290  2,081  n/a  n/a  n/a  16,902  inc.  3,127  6,213  inc.  6,525  5,187  inc.  4,502  $26,000  $13,000  65  $105,000  $14,000  $14,000  $32,500  $10,000  $22,000  $25,000  $8,000  $25,000  $7,000  $28,000  $35,000  $15,000  (Subtract $1,500 for no A/C, add $1,000 for console shift automatic.) n/a  n/a  $60,000  $11,000  $35,000  BMW 158,728  34,813  $7,000  $8,500  253  $200,000  -  -  10,000  11,500  -  240,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c 6% (Additions: Rudge knock-offs, $10,000; factory hardtop, $10,000. Deduct: $15,000 if sedan replacement block.) Most serial production BMWs are just "used cars," hence value is determined solely by condition. 2800CS  9399  , Bavaria 4-door  71-72 3.0 CSL  72-74 3.0 CS  67-70 1600 Coupe  68-71 2002 Coupe  72-74 2002 Coupe  72-74 2002 Tii Coupe  75-76 2002 Coupe  77-80 320i Coupe  81-83 320i Coupe  84-85 318i Coupe  84-87 325e Coupe  87-88 325i Coupe  87-89 325i Convertible  325i Convertible  630 CSi Coupe  90-91 77 78-82 633 CSi Coupe  633 CSi Coupe  635 CSi Coupe  83-84 85-87 88-89 635CSi Coupe  88-89 750iL 4-door  90-91 750iL 4-door  91-92 850i Coupe  79-80 M1 Coupe  88-91 M3 Coupe  39,056  1,039  11,063  277,320  339,084  inc.  38,703  inc. 2002  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  see note  $6,000  $2,500  $16,000  $8,500  $2,500  $3,250  $2,500  $5,000  $2,800  $2,000  $3,000  $4,500  $6,250  $6,000  $9,000  $12,000  $5,000  $5,500  $6,000  $9,000  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  85-90 M5 4-dr. (Euro)  91-92 M5 4-dr.  87-88 M6 Coupe  86-87 L7 4-dr.  87 L6 Coupe  95-97 M3 Coupe  96-97 Z3 Roadster (4 cyl.)  97-98 Z3 Roadster (6 cyl.)  (MI production numbers include Group 4 & 5 comp. models.) 12,500  15,000  28,000  18,000  7,500  450  n/a  2,000*  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  (Z3 M series, add $4000.)• $10,000  $13,000  $24,000  $14,000  $6,000  $9,000  $25,000  $22,000  $29,000  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  11,500  34,000  25,000  38,000  $12,000  $10,000  $13,000  $26,000  $75,000  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  8,000  3,000  23,000  11,000  3,500  4,000  4,250  6,500  4,500  3,750  4,250  6,000  7,000  9,500  11,000  15,000  6,500  7,000  7,500  11,000  14,000  12,000  16,000  30,000  90,000  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  (6-series sales for 78-82 were 32,292. US sales 77-83 were 8,785.) above  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  3%  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c -4% -16% -2% -7% -20% -29% -9% 22% n/c -14% -2% n/c -16% -5% 4% -10% -18% -  -  -  80,000  15,000  n/c  n/c  -3%  40,000  -  -  32,000  17,000  -  130,000  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  18,000  18,000  40,000  13,000  28,000  35,000  10,000  30,000  11,000  36,000  45,000  21,500  (Add $1,500 for factory sunroof subtract $1,500 for no A/C.) inc.  Years Model  # Prod.  Price Range  Change 3 mo / 1 yr , n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c  n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c 17% n/c -18% Sports Car Market

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Sportwagen u erkaufen ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular classified only $15 per month. Parts/Parts Wanted Ads FREE for private party subscribers! BMW 38 328 WENDLER CONV, dismantled for restoration, 95% complete $85,000. FAX 49-731-24457 GERMANY 41 327 CABRIOLET, black w/deep red int, VIN 87279, a fine example $52,000. Brian, 206-769-6030. WA 56 ISETTA EUROPEAN 250, bubble window, small Euro head and taillights, excellent condition $13,500. 520-2446521. 502-968-0184.KY 60 CHADWICK 700 MINI, Transporter, Saxomatic trans, very rare and collectable, 300 original miles, in museum last 30 yrs $16,500 obo. 610-626-4220. 610-9091420 cell. PA 62 ISETTA 300, rare British built sliding window coupe with sunroof, 3,300 orig mi, runs and drives great $9,800 US$. 519-2457087. CANADA ON 70 2800CS, auto, 72K CA mi, new Alpine white finish, show car $11,500 obo. Bill, 310-793-8989. CA 78 635CSI COUPE, 4 speed, call for details $3,800. 631-878-2911. NY 80 M-1, 19,388 mi, superb in every way $98,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL 81 M-1, white, 8,900 mi, all original inside and out, absolutely mint, showroom condition, never raced, US legal, top speed 162+ mph, 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, 5-spd, less than 400 street models produced $79,000. Fritz, 415-681-3423. CA MERCEDES-BENZ 35 500K, Kombination roadster, blk/tan, an unusually graceful body by Windovers with flowing pontoon fenders, restored bodily and mechanically by MercedesBenz at Stuttgart in 1984 $475,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510653-9754 CA 53 300S ROADSTER, ivory, tobacco leather & top, fitted luggage, a phone book of records, never rusted or wrecked, maintained to the highest caliber from new, 1960 CA title $177,500. 530-435-2627. CA 54 300S COUPE, an excellent black plate CA car in black w/red leather, chrome and trim very good, rare sunroof, fitted with SC engine, Becker Nurburg radio $110,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 55 300SL GULLWING COUPE, white/ black, 400 miles on a fresh professional restoration, #481, one of the best $229,000. PAR Exotics & Classics, 914-637-8800. NY 57 300SL ROADSTER, ivory with red leather, Euro model, 85,0001cm, excellent condition throughout, new paint and interior, runs & drives superbly $164,500. 310657-9969. FAX 310-657-9698 CA 60 220SE CABRIOLET, 4-spd, ivory w/ red leather and tan top, total restoration completed to show condition $59,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 1960 220SE CONVERT IBLE, Black/ beige. Nice original car with excellent history from new. Drives reat, too. Photos at www.sportsleicht, com $29,500. Alex Dearborn, 978-8874 644. MA 1960 220SE CONVERTIBLE, Dark red/ tan. Beautifully restored California car with thorough recent updating of all systems. Spectacular and ready to enjoy. Photos at www.sportsleicht.com $110,000. Alex Dearborn, 978-887-6644. MA 1962 300SL ROADSTER, 56,000 documented miles. Spectacular original condition, never restored. Recent thorough major service. Trades wanted. Photos at www.sportsleicht.com Alex Dearborn, 978-887-6644. MA 64 300SE CONVERTIBLE, 6-cyl, auto, It blue w/dk blue top, red leather, ps, pb, a/ c, air suspension, restored $34,500. Chicago Car Exchange, 847-680-1950. FAX 847-680-1961 IL 64 220 CONVERTIBLE, 4-speed, 5 passenger, excellent condition. VIN #11102510065063 $25,000. Leonard Quartur, 724-941-7934. PA 68 280SL, 5-spd, total rest oration, metallic green, cognac int, $60, 000. Joe, 210349-9248. TX 69 280SL ROADSTER, au to, silver, black interior, 2-tops, ps, pb, AM- FM stereo, new paint, rust-free, 56K mi, 2-owners, pristine cond $24,500. Chicago Car Exchange, 847680-1950. FAX 847-680-1961 IL 1970280SE SEDAN, Looks like new one, with original paint and interior and superb mechanics. FL/CA history, absolutely no rust. Photos at www.sports leicht.com $11,000. Alex Dearborn, 978887-6644. MA 70 600, swb, all original from new, still mint, dark gray, black leather, all options, excellent service history $59,000. Matthew deGarmo Ltd, 203-852-1970. CT 75 450SL, hardtop convertible, green, 170K mi, good running condition, very drivable, needs upholstery work, new tires $16,000. 814-438-2126. PA 79 450 SEL, 6.9, Silver blue. 136K orig. 2nd owner. Ex cond. $15,000. 415-4413342. PORSCHE 53 540 AMERICA ROADSTER, #12353, engine #P40055, nice original condition, drives very well, 42K mi, Sebring history, 5 owners from new $350,000 interesting trade? Monte Shelton, 503224-3232. OR 57 SPEEDSTER, cream w/red leather and tan canvas, pristine example, beautiful de- German Classifieds contined on page 69 Vintage Rally CALENDAR  FEBRUARY 5. The Model-T Ford Club, Dunedin, New Zealand. Contact: John Gray, 217 Helensburgh Road, Dunedin, NZ; +64 3 476 7773; jbgray@xtra.co.nz . MARCH 9-11. Includes road rally. Contact: 800/ 811-8448 (FL). Amelia Island Concou rs d'Elegance, Forza Amelia, 11-16. Pre-1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT car, any Ferrari or any 12-cylinder car of any year. Contact: Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www vintacrerallies (Tim Exclusively 280SL's Low mileage and original cars are our specialty to buy or sell. Several cars in stock for immediate delivery. FINANCING • LEASING • TRANSPORTATION TONY LaBELLA CLASSIC CARS 2 Springdale • Cherry Hill, New Jersey (888) 840-1700 www.tonylabella.com February, 2001 6th Annual Speedster Endurance Run and Lowland Tour, 23-24. Sun Country Model-T Club, Apache Junction (Phoenix), Arizona. Contact: Robert W. Hayne; 602/953-3020 (AZ); www.users.uswes. net/-terry loftus/scmtc.htm. 24-25. Event is open to any pre-1981 British car. Contact: Robert Rushing or Mike Pentecost, at slime@stInet.com or tonkaman@peoplepc.com ; 314/995-8664 (MO). All British Car Event & Road Rally, 30-April 1. Lake Havasu, Arizona. Contact: Rich Timian, DACbert@aol.com . 6th Annual Missouri Endurance Rally, APRIL Hillbilly Millie, 1-5. Drive 1,000 miles through Arkansas, stopping at the best restaurants and hotels. Space for only 24 cars. Contact Anatoly Arutunoff, ph/fax 918/743-0891 (OK). MAY 2001 Mille Miglia, 17-20. Will accept 8th Annual National Rally (Tour), 2- 370 cars built between 1927 Contact: 011-39-0304-8093 (1 Monterey NASCAR Chalk Laguna-Seca Raceway, Montei nia. Contact: 800/327-SE( laguna-seca.com . and 1957. ITALY). nge, 19-20. ey, CaliforA; www. 9th Annual New England 1 Contact: Rich and Jean Taylo 6069; www.vintagerallies.con Wine Country Classics Hi es, 19-20. Sonoma, Californi www.searspoint.com ; 800 (RACE) for tickets. JUNE 000,20-25. r, 800/645- toric Raca. Contact: 870- 7223 ■MINE. torcar Rally, 7-10. Cars 25 years or older are desired, but exceptions may be made for late models in the spirit of the event. Contact: 206/323-0624 (WA); seacpn@ collegeplan.org . 9th Annual BMW Seattle Classic Mo- MTFCA Regional Tour, 25-29. The Long Beach Model-T Club, Catalina Island, California. The tour is limited to the first 50 cars. Contact: Tony Bowker, 619/ 789-3954, tonybowker@aol.com . SEPTEMBER Forza Mille V12, 30-October 5. Open to any Ferrari or any V12 of any year. Contact: Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . NOVEMBER 4th Annual Texas 1000, 4-9. Pre-1975 sports, racing or GT cars, or any Ford-powered (interpreted lobe Aston Martin, Jaguar, Panoz, Talbot, Saleen, SVT, and Cobra CSX 4000, among others) sports car of any year. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/6456069; www.vintagerallies.com .• 67

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*********** *** I  k Chassis number: VC57T174804 i i, oday, the words "tuner car" conjures up images of an AMG or Renntech-equipped Mercedes. Or per- When Chevrolet introduced the Camaro in 1967, it was a direct response to Ford's Mustang. The "pony cars" were different executions on the same theme: a long-hood, short-deck four-seater with engine choices ranging from a minimal six-cylinder to a high-performance V8. The Camaro could therefore be a sensible choice for the young family, if equipped with a six-cylinder or modest V8. It could be optioned as a sports luxury car with air conditioning, power steering and brakes, and upgraded interior, all the way down to fake woodgrain dashboard and console panels. The third choice was to head toward go-fast options, with drum brakes all around (they weighed less than the discs) and a radio/heater delete, and then head to the speed shop for performance modifications not on the list of GM options. The demand was there for more than just a normal 350 V8, and even the 396 V8, introduced part way through the 1967 model year, couldn't satisfy the drag-stripper's need for speed. Nickey Chevrolet, located on Irving Park Road in Chicago (the backwards K was Nickey's trademark) was involved in selling go-fast race parts for Chevrolets, as well as selling new Chevrolets. Owned by Edward and John Stephani, Nickey joined forces with Bill Thomas Racing in Anaheim, California, to build and sell turn-key race cars, and to provide all levels of performance parts for Chevrolets. Nickey's thriving catalog business made it possible for Camaro owners to build their own street racer, one part at a time. Nickey/Bill Thomas Racing had two plants to convert small-block cars to 427s, the Chicago location serving the East and Midwest, and the California location taking care of the thriving West Coast market. Advertising for the Nickey/Bill Thomas Racing Camaros (as well as Novas and Chevelles) was not subtle. One 1967 ad read, "Here is where you go to get all of the go power, and your Chevrolet High Performance parts, PLUS the knowhow to make you GO." Not sports cars for the stringed-back glove set, Nickey Camaros were drag racers for the street and helped Chevrolet stay involved with racing, albeit on the sly. haps a Stillen-equipped SUV or a McLaren Mustang. But long before these high-impact, sophisticated cruisers existed, a group of dealer-based "tuners" were turning out supercars of a different sort. Baldwin-Motion, Dana, Nickey and Yenko were all Chevrolet dealers who sold modified bowtie products ready for the dragstrip, thinly disguised as streetable (and thereby finance-able, and in theory, insurable) cars. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  Web site  Alternatives  The era of the dealer-built tuner Camaro was short lived. The increasing cost of insurance made selling 427-equipped cars a nearly im- 68  From Grand Classics to Twin Stripes of Smoking Rubber C 1967 Nickey Camaro 427 RS/SS . ! -SA Bill Thomas-built cars Base Camaro coupe ($2,572) plus Nickey conversion ($1,000-$2,000) for $3,600 to $4,400 total Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  possible task. By 1969, as claims statistics from earlier years filtered in, it became nearly impossible for an insurer to write a policy at any cost. Baldwin-Motion survived the changeover to the new body style in 1970, even introducing a 454-equipped model of their famous Phase III. The final death blow to dealer-built tuner cars was the fuel crisis of the early '70s; few outside of the serious racers had any use for a car that measured its fuel requirements in terms of minutes per tankful. This 1967 Nickey Camaro was offered for sale at the Mecum Chicago Auction on November 3, 2000, with a pre-sale estimate of $80,000 to $100,000. It sold for $70,550, including buyer 's commission. Finished in Tahoe Turquoise with a black interior, its factory options include power steering, power brakes, console, gauge package and the rare RS/ SS, Rallye Sport/Super Sport combination. (RS/SS cars are easily identified by the combination of SS badging and hideaway headlights.) The Nickey-installed equipment on this car includes a triple-carb 427-cubic-inch/ 435-horsepower L-89 motor, a fiberglass hood and aluminum heads. 1967-69 approx. 300 $275 $13 Driver's door hinge pillar (1967), dashboard (1968 on) Engine # Front of passenger side head Club ... Yenko Sports Car Club, c/o Tom Clary, P.O. Box 375, Alton, MO 65606 www.yenko.net Yenko, Baldwin-Motion, and Dana Camaros At $70,550, this clean example was bought right in the middle of the range expected for a fully equipped and well-documented Nickey Camaro—and proper documentation is a must on a Nickey, Yenko or the like, as backyard-built cars from this era will not ever see this kind of value. The original and subsequent owners of these tuner cars were among those most likely to update their cars on a weekly basis, using whatever new go-fast part had arrived at the local speed shop. Consequently, very few unmolested examples remain, adding to this car 's value. While tuner Camaros trade in a very thin market, the few who care about them are obviously willing to pay exotic Corvette prices for hoppedup pony cars.—Dave Kinney (Photo courtesy of auction company)• Sports Car Market

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ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regularclassifiedonly$15permonth.Parts/Parts Wanted Ads FREE for private party subscribers! BUICK 41 SUPER CONVERTIBLE, cream, one family owned, beautiful; original $33,500. 419-668-1884. OH 47 ROADMASTER CONV, restored to a very nice driver, dark maroon w/dark red leather and tan top, some recent restorative work, manual trans $45,000 obo. Carey Kendall, 805-689-6262. CA 55 SUPER, 17K documented miles, like new, spectacular car $33,000. 419-6681884. OH CADILLAC 47 CONVERTIBLE, Series 62, fresh bodyoff authentic restoration, French grey, full blue leather interior, all mechanicals rebuilt, auto, awarded 97 points in 2000 CCCA Grand Classic $62,900 offers. 623815-8121. AZ 56 ELDORADO BIARRITZ, convertible, total rust-free car before restoration, always 1st at shows, original alpine white color, proper twin carbs w/batwing filters, excellent running car, drive or show, partial trades will be considered, call for details $68,000. Ron, 361-526-2087. TX 57 ELDORADO CONVERTIBLE, copper metallic, spectacular, 57K miles $65,000. 419-668-1884. OH ■••-- CAMARO 67 RS/SS, 350/295, auto. ps, pb, tilt, wood wheel, console, gauge package, all 4's match, emerald turquoise, black deluxe, 28K orig mi, Protect-o-plate, 100% factory correct, complete Concours restoration, Gold Spinner award, 997 out of 1000 point $29,900. 845-452-1115 9-8pm EST. NY 68 SS COUPE, new car trade, 350 V8, auto, a/c, 8,100 low orig mi, unrestored original, red, nicely equipped with ps, vinyl top, Ralleys and spoilers, it still smells new, call for more details $24,900. Porter Chevrolet, 302-453-6800. DE 69 396/375, matching 4s, L-89 alum heads, LeMans blue/black, restored, tilt/tele column, rosewood wheel, deluxe 4.11 rear end, more rare than Z-28's, only 311 units made $24,900 obo. 800-913-3357. MO CHEVROLET 55 BEL AIR CONVERTIBLE, excellent frame-off restoration, coral and gray exterior with matching correct interior, 265 V8, auto, excellent in every detail, 41 cond and show ready $42,900 trades considered. 423-538-5100 M-F 8-5. TN 57 CONVERTIBLE, turquoise ext, white top, matching interior, 220 hp, power pac engine, power steering, pb, spinner caps, professional frame-off restoration, detailed engine compartment, detailed frame, show or drive $48,500. 918-369-5551. OK CHRYSLER 49 WINDSOR CONVERTIBLE, stunning, 1-owner 50 yrs $39,000. 419-6681884. OH 54 NEW YORKER CONV, Hemi, auto, ps, pb, p top, pw, 80% restoration on a rock solid car, new red paint, chrome, upholstery, wiring, exhaust, engine freshened, runs and drives, needs final assembly $14,500. Buster, 570-784-4927. 570-784-9174. FAX Dlr PA CORVETTE 55 1/700, complete restoration, correct #01111, beautiful 1/180 Gypsy red, white coves, red interior, fully restored, matching #s, correct plug wires, chrome valve covers, Powerglide, original owners manuals $56,950. Fraser Dante, 770-641-8354. GA ;fel0 PRECIOUS METALS TRANSPORTATION OF FINE AUTOMOBILES • SPECIALIZING IN DOOR-To-DOOR PERSONALIZED SERVICE • STATE- OF- THE- ART, FULLY- ENCLOSED 6-CAR TRANSPORTER • EAST COAST, SOUTHEAST, MIDWEST & "SNOWBIRDS" • ALL MAJOR NATIONAL COLLECTOR AUTOMOBILE EVENTS CALL: 1-888-PRECIOUS! MASTEN VAN LINES, INC., 70 MONROE AVE., CRESSKILL, NJ 07626 WEB: WWW.GO-PRECIOUSMETALS.COM E-MAIL: PRECMETALS@AOL.COM FAX: 201-894-0188 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR SHOW-WINNING CLIENTELE! German Classified cont. from page 67 tailing and panel fit $65,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-6539754 CA 59 356A CABRIOLET, silver, red leather, 4500, a mint older restoration, a show winner, $44,900. PAR, 914-637-8800. NY 62 TWIN GRILLE ROADSTER, T-6 body, 1 of 248 made, 1,000 mi since full restoration, red exterior, cream leather interior, '62 Nardi steering wheel, many extras $75,000. Rick, 310-420-4632. CA 63 CARRERA II COUPE, Cardex ok, white w/exc orig blk leather, electric sunroof, orig manual, tools, and radio, 1 of the most original mint examples, 2-owners February, 2001  $115,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-6537555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 64 SC/GT COUPE, 1 of 6 produced by factory, aluminum doors, hood, decklid, restoration started, body complete $115,000. 770-394-6815. GA 65 356C CABRIOLET, silver/burgundy, black top, 600 miles since restoration, rebuilt motor, matching 4s $34,900. 610-4348778. PA 70 911S COUPE, red/blk int, 78K mi, #421, a mint original 2.2 liter (MFI), car is located in CT $18,700. PAR, 914-6378800. NY 71 914, 5-spd, yellow, 58,302 orig mi. Great shape. $5,900 bo. 650-349-9938. 56 red w/beige coves, red interior, original 265 V8 motor, 3-spd trans, very rare factory power windows, both tops available, fresh restoration, absolutely gorgeous $47,500 obo. 954-782-0028. FL 57 283/270 hp, 4-spd, cascade green with beige cove and interior, total NCRS restoration, as new condition, tuns and drives excellent $45,500. 518-758-7706. NY 58 CONVERTIBLE, red with black interior and soft top, fuel injected, 4-spd with both tops, nice paint, chrome, excellent interior, drives perfect $44,900. Corvette Mike, 800-327-VETT. CA 62 black over red, 327/360 fuel injected, recent rebuild of original motor, runs awesome, everything rebuilt or replaced on car, metallic brakes, hardtop only, lots of eye appeal $42,000. 570-693-1848. PA 62 black with red interior, excellent unrestored condition, original paint, all #s match, all paper work, B title $42,900 serious inquiries. 724-539-7603. 724-2386699 voice mail. PA 64 STINGRAY CONV, red with black top, tan interior, matching 4s, mint condition, V8327 cu, 300 hp, 4-spd, knock-off wheels, as seen on Cheers, driven by Ted Danson as Sam Malone $99,000. 954-438-6043. FL 67 ROADSTER, 427 tri carb, 400 hp, pb, dark green with black top and tan interior, excellent condition $51,000. Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 70 CONVERTIBLE, 454/390, auto, pa, pb, pw, a/c, tilt/tele, AM-FM, posi, 2 tops, Monza, red/red. 69K mi, 4s match, history, Bloomington certified $36,500. 303-6995077. 303-514-0221.M FORD 65 SHELBY GT 350, SFM5S267, white w /blue stripe, front roll bar, knock-offs, early restoration, Concours winner, great history, only 6K ml, long time storage, needs mechanical work, perfect candidate vintage race car, show car $45,000. Ed Swart, 310530-9715. CA 68 SHELBY GT 500KR CONY, red/blk int, white top, fresh Concours restoration by well known company, total ground-up and rebuild on engine and trans, 10-spoke, ps, pb, smog, 4-spd $79,900 bo/Shelby trade. 410-592-6680. MD 69 SHELBY GT 350, 4-spd, a/c, 64K mi $36,000. 216-961-9007. OH KAISER 1951 MANHATTAN, 2dr cpe. Rare car. Exc cond, reblt motor. $6,500. 415-3177223. PONTIAC 55 STARCHIEF CONV, older restoration, needing a complete renovation $17,500. 480-699-6160. AZ 65 GTO CONVERTIBLE, fabulous restoration, extremely rare, factory 3x2s, 4-spd, complete Gardner concours exhaust system, factory a/c, PHS documentation and window sticker, red w/white int, white pw top, and more $45,000. Fraser Dante, 770-6418354. GA 66 GTO CONVERTIBLE, red w/white int, odometer 33K mi, orig bill of sale, 389 4-bbl, auto, ps, pb, pw, pw seat, AM-FM, factory a/c, tilt, loaded, outstanding $43,900. 972-931-3357. TX LITERATURE Manuals & Books: 1913-1991: Service manuals, Parts manuals, Owners manuals, History Books, all makes; see www.books4cars.com 206-721-3077. 888-380-9277. • CORVETTES WANTED Prefer '53 - '72 RESTORED... SERIOUS... toll free: 888-592-5086 www.corvetteswanted.com 72 911E, superb example, steel flares, 6s & 7s, 240 hp, blueprinted and balanced, extremely fast, an all black Targa $14,500. 941-482-8434. FL 1973 9111, Red, collectors car, 61K ml, exc cond. $17,000. 650-572-1991. 73 RS TOURING, red/blk, orig engine, tools, documented and receipted restoration records to Pebble Beach standards $99,500 Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914-997-9136 NY 75 911S, brown/brown int, cloth sport seats, 5-spd, no rust or fillers, 83K, cookie cutter wheels, new brakes, tires $11,500 obo. 315-769-3539. NY 97911, Twin turbo. White/gray, 1 owner. 25K miles, loaded. Mint orig. cond. All books, records. Rich Thompson, 949248-4220. CA LITERATURE Manuals & Books for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW, NSU & others: Service manuals, Parts manuals, Owners manuals, History Books; see www.books4cars.com 206-721-3077. 888-380-9277. WANTED Wanted: Fitted luggage for 280SL. Also, want Mercedes-Benz sales awards, pins, service awards. R.P. Ritner, S. 4417 Farr Rd., Spokane, WA 99206. R.P. Ritner, 509-922-3431. WA • 69

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I1111 Resource Director; L AUCTION COMPANIES Blackhawk Collection/"The Auction." 925/736-3444, fax 925/736-4375. 3600 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville, CA 94506-3600. Barrett-Jackson Auction. 480/421- Dan Kruse Classic Car Productions. 210/495-4777. 11202 Disco Dr., San Antonio, TX 78216. Kensington Motor Group Inc. 631/ 537-1868, fax 631/537-2641. P.O. Box 2277, Sag Harbor, NY 11963. KenMotor@aol.com Monterey Classic Car Auction. 800/ 211-4371. P.O. Box 1889, 601 Capitol Ave., Vallejo, CA 94590. Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions. 760/320-3290, fax 760/323-7031. 602 East Sunny Dunes Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92264. www.classic-carauction.com RM Classic Car Auctions. 519/352- 4575, fax 519/351-1337. 825 Park Ave. West, Chatham, Ontario, Canada N7M 5J6. Silver Auctions. 800/255-4485. 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@ spokane.net; www.silverauctions.com Spectrum Auction Company. 818/225- 8828, 760/323-1057, 805/966-6940, fax 818/225-8848. 23291 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. www.spectrumauctions.com A PPRAISALS Steve Cram's Automobile Appraisal Service. 415/567-1087, fax 415/5671245. In business for 29 years, licensed, totally independent one-man operation. Work accepted by Lloyds of London, Midlands and all US banks and insurance carriers. No charge for phone consultations. (CA) Dave Brownell's Vintage Auto Appraisals. Phone/fax 802/362-4719. 25-plus years experience nationwide and internationally. Single cars or entire collections. Brass cars to contemporary supercars. Complete services from pre-purchase to insurance, donation, estate, expert witness, e-mail: dbrownell@sprynet.com Charles W. Clarke. Phone/fax: 860/ 658-2714. Automotive consultant/appraiser. Hartford, Connecticut area base. State ofConnecticut licensed. 40 plus years automotive experience, appraisals and wherewithal to address most any situation. We can travel. (CT) Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/467- 6531, fax 206/467-6532. Complete appraisal services for any and all vehicles of particular note. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. We will help you in your time of need: we negotiate for you. Settlements, insurance, disputes, estates, pre-purchase, donations, etc. E-mail: appraisals@cosmopolitanmotors.com 70  6694, fax 480/421-6697. 3020 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. email: info@barrett-jackson.com Bonhams and Brooks. 415/391-4000, fax 415/391-4040.500 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94102; Montpelier St., Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1HH. 44207-228-8000, fax 44-207-585-0830. Christie's. 310/385-2699, fax 3 10/3855875. 360 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. www.christies.com Coys of Kensington. 44-207-584-7444, fax 44-207-584-2733. 2-4 Queen's Gate Mews, London, England 5W7 5QJ. Dana Mecum Auction Company. 815/ 568-8888, fax 815/568-6615. P.O. Box 422, Marengo, IL 60152. Kruse International. 800/968-4444, fax 219/925-5467. P.O. Box 190, Auburn, IN 46706. USAppraisal. 703/759-9100. 25 years experience with collector automobiles, available nationwide. Call or visit our web site. David H. Kinney, ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers). e-mail: dhkinney@ usappraisal.com; web: www. usappraisal.com (VA) Joseph L. Troise Appraisals. 415/332- 8183. Serving SF Bay Area and northern California. Prompt, personal, professional and affordable service for insurance, legal, IRS and pre-purchase inspection. Free phone consultations. baba@ sfgate.com ; www.bestyellow.com/classic/index.htm Auto Appraisal Group. 800/848-2886. Serving 33 states, valuation, insurance, divorce, trusts, estates, charitable gifts, diminished value, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness. www.autoappraisal.com , e-mail: aag@autoappraisal.com. "Not just one man's opinion." Classic Car Research. 248/557-2880. Fax 248/557-3511. 15 years in business, IAAA, for loans, estates, divorce, insurance and pre-purchase. Detroit area, will travel. www.jmkclassiccars.com or kawifreek@msn.com . A UTOMOBILLA Spyder Enterprises: 516/367-1616, fax 516/367-3260. Authentic vintage posters and memorabilia (1950-60s). Safety accessories: Halon fire extinguishers; patented lead-alloy knock-off hammers; Ferrari tool kits. Free 30 page list (SASE + $1 postage) RFD 1682, Syosset, NY 11791. BUY/SELL/GENERAL Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/467- 6531, fax 206/467-6532. 2030 8th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Experts in collector cars worldwide. Whether buying, selling, evaluating, consigning or appraising, we cut the edge on the current market. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. Top prices paid; from one car to entire collections, condition and location are no obstacles. "We covet the rare and unusual, whether pedigreed or proletarian." E-mail: sales@cosmopolitanmotors.com. Fantasy Junction. 510/653-7555, fax 510/653-9754. Large selection of exotic street & race cars. 1145 Park Ave., Emeryville, CA 94608. Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars. Mark Hyman, 314/524-6000, fax 314/524-0340. Specializing in buying and selling European sports can:. Over 80 in stock. We buy single cars or complete collections, any condition, any location. Quick action. Call today for the straight scoop on the market. (MO) Grand Prix Classics. 858/459-3500, fax 619/459-3512. Specialize in the buying and selling of historic sports cars and racing cars. Automotive books, videos, art library. 7456 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037. Oldtimer Garage. 41-31-819 00 00, fax 41-31-819 51 91. Gurbestrasse 3, CH3125, Toffen, Bern, Switzerland. www.oldtimergarage.com www.historicalcars.com We Buy—We Sell—We Find. Europe/US/Asia/Far East. If you are looking to buy or sell a vehicle(s) with historic or collector appeal, try us. 30 years of experience, your satisfaction our priority. Any time—Any place—Any where. www.historicalcars.com. COLLECTOR CAR FINANCING J.J. Best & Company. I-800-USA- 1965, fax 508/945-6006. The largest national leader on Antique, Classic, Exotic, Rod and Sports Cars with rates starting PII=R  Advertise in the SCM Resource Directory. List your business, product or service here. Fifty words, only $295 per year. Call 503/261-0555 for information. at 8.49% and long terms from 5 to 12 years. Call, fax or e-mail your application today for quick 10 minute approval. Efficient and professional service is what you deserve so don't hesitate, call us today to be in the driver's seat of your dream car tomorrow. jjbest@capecod.net COLLECTOR CAR INSURANCE American Collector Car Insurance. 800/360-2277. Get the "Agreed Value" coverage you need, at a price you won't believe! Visit us on-line at www.American CollectorsIns.com for an instant rate quote, or call 800/360-2277. Insuring collector vehicles since 1976. Available in all states except AK, HI, SC and WY. We look forward to serving you Hagerty Classic Auto Insurance. 800/ 922-4050. No-hassle coverage for your collector car. Plans tailored for your needs. Extremely cost effective. COLLECTOR CAR LEASING Putnam Leasing. 800/278-0071, fax 203/629-1937. Established in 1983, Putnam Leasing is the nation's preeminent leasing company of classic, exotic and luxury automobiles. Our key to success is offering our clients professional service with integrity. We create tailor-made programs that will exceed your expectations to lease the legends. Premier Financial Services. 203/267- 7700, fax 203/267-7773. With over 20 years of experience specializing in exotic, classic and vintage autos, our Lease/Purchase Plan is ideal for those who wish to own their vehicle at the end of the term as well as those who like to change cars frequently. Our Simple Interest Early Termination Plan allows you the Flexibility of Financing with the Tax Advantages of Leasing. We make leasing as simple as turning the key. www.WhyNotLease.com CLASSIC CAR TRANSPORT Cosdel International. 415/777-2000, fax 415/543-5112. Now in its 33rd year of international transport. Complete service, including import/export, customs clearances, DOT & EPA, air/ocean, loading & unloading of containers. Contact Martin Button, (CA) e-mail: www.info@ cosdel.com; web site: http:// www.cosdel.com Passport Transport. 800/325-4267, fax 314/878-7295. Classic and specialty cars delivered anywhere in the USA. Special event services, including Pebble Beach, Monterey Histories, Barrett-Jackson, Chicago Histories, etc. 26 years of experience, insured, dependable. (MO) Intercity Lines, Inc. 800/221-3936, fax 413/436-9422. Rapid, hassle-free, coast to coast service. Insured, enclosed transport for your valuable car at affordable prices. State-of-the-art satellite transport tracking. Complete service for vintage races, auctions, relocation moves. www.intercity lines.com (MA) TNT, INC. 518/236-4166, fax 518/2364549. Personalized auto transport service—door to door, coast to coast, open carrier or enclosed carrier. Winching and 24 hour security. First class equipment. Dependable and insured. (NY) PC BEAR Auto Transport specializing in all types: hobby, collector vehicles, toys, neat old stuff, regular cars, parts, and winching. Life long car nut. Equipment serviced and maintained by me. Clean driving record since 1959 in all states. ICCMC, US DOT insured, I sleep in my truck while transporting. Inspection and check delivery service. Door to door delivery. PC Bear, 135 Broad St., Akron, PA 17501. 717/ 859-1585 Talk to me anytime. Thank you. tory. List your business, product or service here. Fifty words, only $295 per year. Call 503/261-0555 for information. RESOURCE DIRECTORY Advertise in the SCM Resource Direc- RESTORATION/GENERAL Guy's Interior Restorations. 503/224- 8657, fax 503/223-6953. Award-winning interior restoration. Leather dyeing and color matching. 431 NW 9th, Portland, OR 97209. Creative Workshop. 954/920-3303, fax 954/920-9950. 118 NW Hill St., Dan i a, FL 33004. 1st Place Results. Antique, exotic and vintage race car restorations our specialty! Quality at realistic rates. Over 25 years experience. No job too small. Brochure available. www.restoreautomobiles.com Interior restoration and repair. Leather/hair a specialty. Authentic methods and results. 20 years experience. For color info call Connie Ware, 503/2841054. (3/01) VINTAGE EVENTS Cannonball Baker Classic. Contact West: Martin Swig 415/292-2701, fax 415/ 292-2790. New York City to San Francisco, California, October 1, 2001. The Colorado Grand. 1,000 mile tour of western Colorado. Pre-1961 sports cars. Frank Barrett. 970/926-7810, fax 970/9261815. Alfa Ricambi. 818/956-7933, fax 818/ 956-5160. Comprehensive supply of parts that puts authorized dealers to shame! To maintain and restore your Alfa, vintage or current. 6644 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91201. A L FA ROMEO Parts 9435, fax 510/524-3636. Large selection of parts from 1900 series to Milano. Efficient, personal service. 1221 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. Jon Norman's Alfa Parts. 510/525International Auto Parts. 800/788- 4435, 804/973-0555, fax 804/973-2368. Huge computerized inventory of Alfa/Fiat/ Lancia parts, 1956 to present. Excellent, knowledgeable service. Fast! 68-page catalog. Route 29 North, PO Box 9036, Charlottesville, VA 22906-9036. Black Bart's Emporium. 800/473- 0078, 219/471-7278, fax 219/471-6359. 2639 Goshen Road, Ft. Wayne, IN 46808. America's largest supply of badges and emblems for Alfas and other exotics, plus other interesting special parts. Complete your restoration. Performance Motoring Associates 831/338-9703. Fax 831/338-2031. Former Alfa Romeo dealer and 20 time SCCA racing champion, Al Leake, has accumulated over 30 years experience and racing knowledge to compliment his new restoration shop in Boulder Creek, CA. Specializing in Giulietta/Guilia. PMA has an extensive inventory of cars, racing components and parts. Light weight body panels, Sebring racing suspensions and complete restorations now available at PMA Racing. e-mail Alleake@aol.com 12895 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006.(CA) The DiFatta Brothers, LTD. 800/638- 7656. Info, 410/426-7524, fax 410/ 426-8194. 5928 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206. Largest importer of Alfa, Fiat & Lancia parts on the east coast. Decades of Sports Car Market

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experience—we know these cars, and we know the right parts. VISA/MC. Orders, http:/www.difatta.com Re-Originals. 281/807-1945, fax 281/ 807-1946. THE US Source for Original Upholstery Materials, Original Rubber Mats & Gaskets, and Original, New European Taillights, Headlights, Grilles and Door Panels for Most Italian Cars ('47-'78). Additional Distributors Wanted. (TX) Repairs / Restoration Britalia, Ltd. 510/548-0240, 2210 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702. We are SPICA and Bosch fuel-injection specialists with 25 years experience servicing Alfa Romeo. We are also intimate with many Maseratis. Nasko's Imports. 503/771-1472, 5409 SE Francis, Portland, OR 97206. Oregon's oldest and most respected Alfa repair and performance tuning facility. Milano spoken here! Ask about our used Alfas for sale. Fast work, fair prices. Italian Performance/GTV City. Don, 650/508-8178. 565-A Bragato Rd., San Carlos, CA 94070. Performance modifications, service, repair & restoration for Italian automobiles. Allow us to do a restoration for you. Dan Sommers' Veloce Motors. 503/ 274-0064. 1425 NW Flanders, Portland, OR 97209. More than two decades of helping Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati & Lamborghini owners keep their cars on the road while not emptying their bank accounts. Other foreign cars serviced as well. ENGLISH British Car magazine. 800/520-8292. The American magazine for British car enthusiasts. Classic profiles, historical articles, club events, technical information, restoration advice. One year (six issues) is $22.95. Repairs / Restorations / Race Sports and Vintage Cars, Inc. ph/fax 503/254-4012, 4815 NE 97th, Portland, OR 97220. 36 years of British car repair to a very high standard. Also prep cars for vintage racing and rallying. Jags, TRs, MGs, Healeys, Morgans, Lotus and oddball orphans like Riley and Singer welcomed. Call Peter or Sue Price. International Motor Car Repair, Inc. ph/fax 845/226-9027, Hopewell Junction, NY. Specializing in the repair of all British cars. Factory trained Rolls-Royce and Jaguar technician. Located an hour and a half from the New York Metropolitan area. Pickup and delivery arranged. Call Jeff Palmero. AC JWF Restorations, Inc. 503/643-3225, fax 503/646-4009. Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. AC restoration specialist. 35 years experience. Partial to full restorations done to street or concours standards. AC Owner's Club Limited. 503/ 643- Jaguar Clubs of North America. 888/ CLUBJAG, Write: JCNA, Dept. SCM, 9685 McLeod Rd., RR#2, Chilliwack, BC, CANADA V2P 6H4. Join the primary organization of Jaguar enthusiasts in US/ Canada. 52 local clubs provide social and other activities. JCNA sponsors championships in concourse, rally, slalom. Members receive bi-monthly JaguarJournal magazine. http://wwwjnca.com MGA Route 66 Classic Restoration. 918/ 851-7866, fax 918/438-7866. 15300 E. Pine St. Tulsa, OK 74116. Built to order. Exterior color, interior color and material, drive-line, wheels, tires, brakes, all your choice. Order your MGA today. Offered by Mirage Motorcars LLC. Rolls- Royce/Bentley Peter Hageman, Vintage Automobiles. 206/954-1961, fax 425/287-0660. P.O. Box 554, Kirkland, WA 98033. Prewar European autos, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, specializing in vintage Bentleys. FERRARI / MASER ATI / LAMBO ETC. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. Sales, 800/547-4455, 503/255-7560. Service & Parts, 800/944-6483, 503/257-9655. America's oldest & most dedicated Ferrari (and Lotus) dealer. New & used exotic cars. Also, huge parts department with fast, fast service. 203 NE 122nd Ave., Portland, OR 97203. Garry Roberts & Company. 949/650- 2690, fax 949/650-2730. 922 Sunset Dr. Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Specializing in sales of Ferrari & other exotics. Consignments, brokerage services, references available. Extensive computer database. Whether buying or selling, call. I constantly collect and sell all Ferraris, Maseratis & Lamborghinis. 310/ 274-7440, fax 310/274-9809. If I don't have what you seek, I can usually find it for you (at low prices). Please, call anytime for straight advice on the market. Finder's fee gladly paid. Randy Simon. (CA) Gentry Lane Lamborghini. 416/535- 9900, fax 416/535-8152. Also Canada's largest Ferrari parts inventory. Under new ownership. Call today with your needs. Jason Popovich, Canada (ON) Brian D. Moore Restorations. 916/635- 3559, fax 916/635-5824. 2347 Gold River Rd., Gold River, CA 95670. Specializing in restoration and reconstruction of exotic and vintage racing motorcars. Appraising service also available. Symbolic Motor Car Company. 619/ 3225, fax 503/646-4009. US Registrar: Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. The World's largest organization of AC owners and enthusiasts. AC ownership not required. Monthly magazine. Austin- Healey Austin-Healey Club USA. 888/4AH- CUSA, fax 503/528-0533. P.O. Box 6197, San Jose, CA 95150. Oldest national Austin-Healey club and factory club heritage. The resource for all current and future owners. Members receive Austin-Healey Magazine, Resource Book, calendar, tech assistance, book discount. Annual dues still just $35. Visa/MC accepted. Visit our web site: www.healey.org Aston Martin Rocky Santiago. 405/843-6117, fax 405/843-6251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Specializing in Aston Martins, all years, all conditions. Buy/sell/consign. If you are buying or selling, please call. Also have other English cars, including Healeys, MGs, Triumphs, etc. Jaguar February, 2001  71 454-1800, fax 619/454-1890. 7440 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92307. Largest dealer of exotic Ferraris, Jaguars, Alfas and other cars in the world. Always a superb array of important cars on display. Interesting trades always considered. By appointment only, please. www.symbolicmotors.com GT Motors. 818/546-2971, fax 818/ 546-2812. 741 W. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91204. Sales, service and concourswinning restorations of Ferrari. Always a wide range of quality cars in stock for sale. Friendly, top notch service at reasonable rates. Always in the market to purchase interesting Ferraris in any condition. Nastasi Racing Car Corp. 718/706- 7400, fax 718/706-8135. 27-19, 44th Dr. L.I.C. NY 11101. Expert service on all exotics. Specializing in Lambo service and parts. Buy & sell used cars. Former dealer and distributor. (NY) Michael Sheehan. 949/646-6086, fax 949/646-6978. Always looking for cars to buy, from rare one-offs to serial production ordinaries. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus— call me first or call me last, I'll make you the best cash offer. Buyers—let me use my thousand-plus car data base to help you find a car, or verify the history of one you are looking at. (CA) Thomas Shaughnessy Consulting. 949/ 366-6211, fax 949/366-6827. Professional buyer of Ferraris, primarily '50s, '60s, and '70s. Also have extensive Lambo and Maser experience. Additionally deal in Ferrari engines. Plus—have more than 350 Ferrari wheels in stock. Call today for straight talk and honest advice. San Clemente, CA. GERMAN Mercedes-Benz Sports Leicht Restoration, Inc. Call Alex Dearborn or Bruce Adams in Topsfield, MA. 978/887-6644, fax 978/ 887-3889. A vintage Mercedes full service company, specializing in the 1905L. Large database of older MBs for sale. Free listing for your car. Gull Wing Group International. Gary Estep, 530/345-6701. 776 Cessna, Chico, CA 95928. Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of 1954 to 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupes and Roadsters. You do not have to be an owner to belong. Member benefits include: twelve monthly magazines per year plus a national convention that rotates its location around the country. Also, reproduction parts and much more. Mercedes-Benz Club of America. 800/ 637-2360. MBCA, 1907 Lelaray St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909. World's largest Mercedes-Benz club, 33,000 members, all models, 1886-onward; excellent 120-page color magazine, The Star, with how-to tech articles, history, new models, racing, hundreds of cars for sale, ads free to members, much more. New car raffle, tech assistance, national events, more; dues $35/yr. www.mbca.org Tony LaBella Classic Cars. 856/424- 1500. 280SLs exclusively. 20 plus 280 SLs in stock for sale in any price range from above average drivers to show quality. Not a broker, we own all our inventory and Display Ad Index Alfa Ricambi  Autosport Designs, Inc.  Bonhams and Brooks  Brian D. Moore  Car Logistics  Centerline  Chequered Flag  Christie's Int.  Classic Cars.Com  Classic Showcase  Cosmopolitan Motors  Exotic Car Transport  Garry Roberts  Grundy Insurance  22 51 7 24 30 24 15 5 35 13 8 35 28 51 Guild of Automotive Rest. .... 19 Horseless Carriage  Intercity Lines  10 41 J.J. Best & Co. Financing  62 Jon Norman's Alfa Parts  22 Joseph L. Troise  K&K Motors  71 37 Kruse International  Maserati Club Int.  Yoseph ,C. 2-roise AUTOMOBILE APPRAISAL SERVICES For The Northern California Area Post war European cars a specialty, also book collections. Please call for a free consultation on all your insurance, legal & pre-sale needs. Affordable, fast and thorough service. (415) 332-8183 McCormick Auctions  Palm Fibre Coco Mats  Passport Transport  P&J Products  Precious Metals  Premier Financial  Pro-Team Corvettes  Re-Originals  RM Auctions  Silver Auctions  Spectrum Auctions  78-79 30 13 62 53 31 69 27 69 23 2-3 49 11 Steve Austin's Great Vac.  12 Symbolic Motors  80 Tony LaBella Classic Cars  67 Veloce Motors  23 are aggressively looking to buy top quality 280SLs. Technical and restoration advice always just a phone call away. Locations in New Jersey and Arizona. www.tonylabella.com Porsche Market Letter. 888/928-9111, fax 760/940-9170. Send check or Visa/MC to PML/SC, PO Box 6010, Oceanside, CA 92058. Find the Porsche you've been looking for. Over 1,000 Porsches for sale in every issue. 1 year, 12 issues only $55. (Can/Mex $65, overseas $75). PMLetter @aol.com; www.pmletter.com 356 Registry. 356 Registry, 27244 Ryan Road, Warren, MI 48092. A club for those interested in 356 Porsches. The Registry Magazine is published six times a year. 356 ownership not necessary. Dues $25 annually. Membership information: Barbara Skirmants. Porsche AMERICAN Shelby Shelby American Automobile Club. 860/364-0449, fax 860/364-0769. P.O. Box 788, Sharon, CT 06069. Over 5,000 members, 50 Regions throughout the world. Dedicated to the care and preservation of the cars that Carroll Shelby produced. Two National Conventions a year, semi-annual magazine, hi-monthly newsletter as well as a registry. •

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Sports Car Market Classified Order Form STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR DEAL • • • • Advertise your classic car in Sports Car Market magazine for as little as $15 per month. Just follow the five easy steps below. Deadline for entry is the 1st of the previous month (ie., December 1st for the January issue.) O I would like to place a text classified advertisement for $15/mo O I would like to place a 1 3/4" wide full-color Showcase Gallery advertisement for $44/mo • I would like to place a 21/2" wide full-color Super Showcase advertisement for $88/mo STEP 2: WRITE YOUR AD Please write your 25 word ad clearly in the boxes, exactly as you wish it to read, one word per box. Each word over will be an extra $1. (Use an extra sheet if necessary.) Please place my ad in this section: 0 Alfa Romeo 0 American O English  O Ferrari Type of ad: U Etceterini 0 German  0 Race Cars  STEP 3: CHOOSE YOUR METHOD OF PAYM O I've enclosed a check/PO for $  O Please debit my 0 Mastercard U Visa with $ Card number  Expiration date Signature  Address  City  Daytime phone  +11FA III VilIte] 71-01Z MAIL YOUR AD TO: Sports Car Market classifieds. 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, OR 97215 FAX YOUR AD TO: 503/252-5854 SMALL PRINT: Payment must be submitted with entry. • You must provide your full name, address and phone number. • All photographs will remain the property of SCM and will be reproduced as necessary. unless SASE is enclosed for return. • Advertisements received will be placed in the next issue subject to availability (not necessarily the following publication). • Deadline for entry is the 1st of the previous month (i.e., December 1st for the January issue.) • No responsibility can be accepted by SCM or its printer for any inaccuracy in the advertisement, or for any transaction arising between readers from advertisements published. INTERNET BONUS NO EXTRA CHARGE! Double your exposure! You reach the car collecting world when you place your ad. All Sports Car Market Magazine classified and Showcase Gallery ads are posted on the Internet at sportscarmarket.com . Call 503/261-0555 for information. 72 FOR DISPLAY  ADVERTISING  For information on increasing your business by advertising in Sports Car Market Magazine, call Scott Abts for availability and rates, at 503/261-0555, fax 503/252-5854 or e-mail: artdir@ sportscarmarket.com . SEND US YOUR AD ELECTRONICALLY! Send us your classified, or color showcase gallery car ad via e-mail to artdir@ sportscarmarket.com . Include the above information and please scan your pictures, 5" width at 300 dpi, saved in JPG format for best print quality. Sports Car Market IY1 Send me a copy of the issue with my ad. ($6) 0 Cars for sale 0 Parts for sale 0 Car wanted Li Parts wanted 0 Automobilia made payable to Sports Car Market Date STEP 4: FILL IN YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS First name  State  e-mail  Last name Zip 

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • SCM AUCTION REPORT: 30 SALES THAT DEFINED THE MARKET Auction Reports continued from page 48 face. Overall, a tired old tart. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $3,502. No reserve for a lot of good reasons. '76s are burdened with the dreaded SPICA injection, which, unlike wine, doesn't improve with age. This car should be driven until it drops and then abandoned. (Rubberbumper Alfas are much better cars than the equivalent year rubber-bumper MGBs, but can be bought for about the same price. If you're looking for a fun, cheap car to keep at your summer lodge, find a good '75 - '80 Alfa for under $5,000. Fun per dollar, they can't be beat.—ED.) #90 - 1979 FERRARI 308 GTS 2-dr. Targatop Coupe. S/N 29503. Odo: 39,896 miles. LHD. Red/tan and black leather. Top: black a fiberglass panel. Updated sound system. "Interesting" lifter tick. Cheesy Scuderia sticker under the engine hatch. One gouge in the paint under the passenger's side mirror was the most major of the small parking lot war wounds. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $25,235. Carbureted cars continue to do worse than the slower 2-valve injected cars in the US. If the engine was recently serviced on this car it was a good buy. If not, good-bye. (308s have settled into the $20- $35K price range. They will always turn heads, and if you're looking for a useable Ferrari without the complexity of a V12, this is the car. Prices will stay stable.—ED.) -13R0 OK S Europe January 14-16, 2000. Fountain Hills. AZ #431-1966 ASTON MARTIN DB6 Coupe. S/N DB6/2771/R. Navy blue/burgundy leather. acidic agent to its roof, which depressed the condition rating, although generally this was a tidy 2-owner example. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $10,670. A very cheap Ferrari. After the sale I saw it being driven away into the night and the London rush-hour traffic by its brave new owner Few of today's buyers seem to want these front-engined, 12-cylinder Pininfarina-penned razor-edge cruisers. (This is probably the absolute bottom of the 400 market, but it's not going to get any better Bland styling coupled with expensive upkeep and cheesy Fiat-sourced dash switchgear that rapidly goes bad add up to far more negatives than plusses. Unless you're offered a great one, for no money, don't bother—ED.) ably nearly ripe for a total refurb but $26,400 was cheap enough for an up-and-running DB6. (Brilliant DB6s are creeping close to $100K, but shaggy dogs are still going cheap. If all you want to do is drive the car, getting one with nasty paint but a good drivetrain is the way to go today—ED.) #404-1979 FERRARI 4001 Coupe. S/N 29161. Silver/blue leather. RHD. An auto and one with minor paint damage by some sort of white vinyl. LHD. Bucket seats, 383 H.O. V8, 4-speed. Centerline 5-spoke polished wheels (originals included, no tires mounted). Shown at local concours morning of the sale, later offered on the block. Sharp restoration and authentic numbers matching. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $28,350. Road Runners continue to be strong. While not a 440 or a Hemi, this car still broke $30K. Too bad DaimlerChrysler has killed Plymouth, isn't it? (The surprise here is that this year RRs sported the ugly "Star Wars Gone Bad" styling rather than the earlier, more appealing "Manhattan Taxi Cab" look Nearly $30K for a '71 is proof of the "Mopar Moment" we're seeing in the market. It's likely to continue.—ED.) -13RO OKS Europe March 6. 2000. Geneva. Switzerland #188-1953 LANCIA AURELIA B2OGT SERIES 3 Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N *NM wanted one, now is a terrific time to buy. However, 2003 might be just as terrific.—ED.) #414-1971 PLYMOUTH ROAD RUNNER Hardtop. S/N RM23N1E106600. Orange/ April 7-9. 2000, Palm Springs, CA #133-1967 MASERATI GHIBLI Coupe. S/N AM115062. Red/black leather. LHD. RHD. Last repainted 10 years ago when first attention to chassis and body was carried out. Apparently much regular work has had to be done since then to keep the old girl going, the latest bill being for replacing the carbs. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $26,400. Shabby here and there, but by no means too far gone, this DB6 represents the best value in the sale. Yes, in an ideal, fussy and non-cost-conscious world, it was prob- February, 2001 Cast alloy wheels, 4-speed. Some front-end chips from flying pebbles, soft seats and worn pedals. Mileage may have been well over the 60K indicated. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $15,225. Maseratis continue to take it on the chin in the market. Assuming this was a decent car, it was underpriced by at least $10K. (The continued softness of Ghiblis is a mystery, but not one to try to unravel with your own pocketbook. They continue to be too cheap, and look like they will stay that way. If you've always 2533. Eng.# 3210. Red/black. LHD. Ownership history includes Ex-Ferrari works driver Lorenzo Bandini. More recently, restored and comp-prepped by Sergio Gamberini. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $25,787. With FIA and GSA] papers for entry into historic races and rallies, and seemingly ready for some retro-action, surprisingly this once celebrity-owned hot rod had to be knocked down for less than low estimate. (Lancia B2OGTs, in fully sorted condition, are terrific buys at current market values. However, they have no following or value in the US, and in Europe, are not overly competitive in their historic racing classes. Further, who knows if the underlying drivetrain here is ready for several more seasons, or is ready to crawl to a restoration shop. So, this car was cheap, but simultaneously properly priced for the risks involved in an auction purchase.—ED.)• 73

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Maybe there should be a car-hauler concours at every auction. An oasis of collector cars in the desert at Fountain Hills. SCM'er Stan Shkuratuff hoping to steal this Morgan and send it back to Europe. Third peak from the left, then straight up for a mile. Hollywood Picture Cars mogul Scotty Boses selling Peter Brotman a street rod by phone. SCM auction reporter Gary Hoisington determining ff this SS is real or just a "badger:" Jim Grundy, of Grundy Insurance, wondering if this Healey would fit in his garage. Thursday and Friday (Jan. 11-12, 2001) of Silver/ Kruse auction week in Phoenix saw a downpour of Biblical proportions. We drove through four inches of hail and numerous flooded streets. But, by Sunday the soil had absorbed the moisture and the desert was hot and dry again. We'll have a complete report on the Silver auction next issue but, once again, Mitch, with his straightforward family-style event, managed to entice consignors to bring a wide variety of generally wellprepared cars, at reasonable prices, to his event. As a warmup to the next weekend's multi-million dollar Barrett-Jackson and RM events, the Silver auction reminded us that you don't have to write a sixfigure check to buy a collector car.—ED.• A good place to leave a note. SCM auction reporter B. Mitchell Carlson inspecting a Packard. The Taste Police must have been asleep fitted to this Rolls. when these wide whites and wires were . Silver auctioneer Steve Dorsey and SCM'er Bud Bourassa (Scottsdale).

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.COM Turf Paradise, Phoenix,A1 A packed tent on Saturday at Turf Paradise. Kruse is a company in transition as it moves from being family-owned to becoming a part of a large, publicly-held entity (eBay). The indicators are pointing in the right direction. The auction at Turf Paradise was more tightly focused, and better run, than that of last year's. With Barrett-Jackson overwhelmed by entries, the overflow is going to Kruse, which is generally raising the level of the entries. We'll have a complete review next month. Peter Brotman, of Pennsylvania Motor Sports, selling a Continental to Scotty Boses by phone. The regular gang was there, including Mark Hyman, Raymond Milo, Skip Dusseau (Rising River Motor Cars, Bigfork, MT) and Evan McMullen, with a typically eclectic display that included Bugattis, Rodin sculptures and French furniture. —ED.• The Meteor unsold at $38,000—a very cheap way to get into all the best vintage events. ii SCM'er Chuck Crail hoping an unrestored BMW 507 will pop out of the desert, and Rob Myers there to bid on it if it does. SCM auction reporter David Kinney trying to understand why there are six exhaust pipes on this 4-cylinder Morgan (see photo bottom right) Left: Robert Pass and the vehicle he uses to transport collectible Hot Wheels. Bruce Knox (right) wondering how Dean manages to keep track of everything crossing the block. The 3x2-exhaust Morgan (yes, the other side matches Author and SCM-reader Clive Cussler (upper right) watching as his '52 Meteor crosses the block. Dean Kruse working a COPO Camaro, trying to get every lost dollar for it—as he has for 30 years.

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on the bags of green necessary to fund a start-up e-commerce auction site. The requirements have moved from the "It's gonna be great" phase to "Show me the money." Those that can't show the money are quickly vanishing from sight, regardless of how many times we hit the refresh button. i -11/ he purse strings are tightening Key in Mobilia.com, which reopened in December with a splashy, well-advertised launch, and you'll get the message, "page unavailable." Of the 4,000 pieces of automobilia that were supposed to be offered, only about 10% made it to the Web before Mobilia's doors were shut for good. Mobilia joins a growing list of failed e-retailers whose servers are being permanently switched off. However, despite Mobilia.com's demise, there remains a thriving market in automobilia. If there is still a question as to where the market for high-quality porcelain signs is heading, consider the 9-inch Jenney Aero Gasoline pump sign that sold recently on eBay for $3,200, attracting 13 bidders. Jenney Manufacturing was founded in the Boston area in 1812 and entered the gasoline business around the turn of the century, finally merging with Cities Service around 1965. A Harbor Petroleum Products sign 39 inches high and in excellent condition was a no-sale at $7,099 on eBay as it was working against a $10,000 reserve, disappointing 19 bidders. In five colors of porcelain, it shows a fourengined Clipper seaplane and is one of the most desirable petroleum-related signs produced. A 1996 Bentley Continental Concours Edition with 22,000 miles garnered no eBay bidders willing to tackle the $260,000 required opening bid. This was one of eleven cars built for US market exhibits and one of the three displayed at Pebble Beach. A 1967 Kaiser-Jeep M-725 military ambulance received attention from 21 bidders on eBay, but $2,719.69 could not buy this 18,000-mile gem. With four swingdown bunks, it would have been the perfect Hershey camper. eBay offered a DeLorean with 200 kilometers. Residing in Switzerland and requiring an opening bid of $49,400, it was no surprise there were no takers, as the reserve was enough for two or three DeLoreans in the real world. Here are some additional pieces that caught my eye this month. Yahoo!Auctions #46169689— 1999 FORD 350 RYDER TRUCK. trayed in every conceivable promotional format imaginable. In the early 1900s, several versions of Bibendum were offered as hood ornaments. One of the iterations appeared at Brooks' Pebble Beach auction a few years ago and sold in excess of $8,000. This example is more common and while it appears in the mascot books, it may have also been used as a paperweight. Stated to have been found at an estate sale, it sold for a quarter of its value. Had it been listed under mascots, as well as under auto advertising, it would have hit a larger audience and thus had a better chance of attaining its true value. Tip: when searching for a piece, always search in both the title and the text description. You may come up with something mis-listed like this, and get yourself a bargain. First bid: $1. Number of bidders: 307. SOLD AT: $67,100. Date sold: 12/14/ 2000. This was the truck that was accompanied by a fifteen-car motorcade, two Palm Beach County sheriffs' cars and four television helicopters as it delivered 462,644 presidential ballots to Tallahassee, Florida. The truck had 31,297 miles on its odometer and normally would bring about $17,000. After spirited bidding, it sold for an enormous amount and also benefited a worthy cause, as the net proceeds are to be donated to the American Red Cross. It will be an interesting conversation piece for the next few months and then will be useful for helping the kids move when they go to college. Could the new owner's name be Chad? eBay #524118868—MICHELIN MAN ON PEDESTAL. First bid: $9. Number of bidders: 20. SOLD AT: eBay Motors #505773367— JOHN LENNON'S 1965 MERCEDES-BENZ 230SL ROADSTER. First bid: $17,600. Number of bidders: 80. SOLD AT: $70,000. Date sold: 11/28/2000. With 19,123 miles showing (or is that kilometers?) and documented with John Lennon's signature, wood and attempting to carve, shape, and sand it into something that resembled the image on the cover of the box. The result was always the same— a different chunk of balsa wood that did not bear any resemblance to the car on the cover of the box! Back then, the kits cost less than a buck, not the $105 that someone paid for this one. Don't let me near it... eBay Motors #518202760-1962 Ferrari 250 GTE. First bid: $15,500. Number of bidders: 17. SOLD AT: $21,601. Date sold: 12/13/000. 250 GTE 2+2s normally sell in the $30- $204.72. Date sold: 12/17/2000. The Michelin Man, "Bibendum," is one of the world's best-known trademarks. First introduced in the late 1800s, 01' Bib continues to represent Michelin tires. Over the years he has been por- this should be just the ticket for any Beatles fan with a few extra bucks. Without Lennon's involvement, this car would have a hard time cracking $20,000 on a good day, considering it has right-hand drive. If memory serves correctly, this same car sold a few years ago at a California auction for a number in the mid-$20s, so you have to wonder what caused the big jump in value. Perhaps it was the release of the new Beatles book and record. More likely, we will be seeing this car on the auction circuit with the associated hype of a $70K sale and the auctioneer looking for just a slight "bump" in the next bid. This sale does raise a fundamental question about celebrity cars and the Web. Traditionally, very few celebrity cars do well at auction, unless they are owned by a "flavor-of-the-month" star like Seinfeld, or by the truly ultra-famous, like 01' Blue Eyes. If the Ryder Truck and Lennon's Mercedes are not anomalies, perhaps an Internet auction, by putting a celebrity car in front of a huge audience, will be able to pull a huge premium over a regular "land" auction. We'll keep our eyes on this. eBay #502411472-1947 ACE MODEL SHOP HOT ROD. First bid: $55. Number of bidders: 7. SOLD AT: $105.75. Date sold: 11/24/2000. This model brought back memories of countless hours spent taking a chunk of balsa 40,000 range, so on the surface this looks like a shrewd buy. Reading the fine print indicates that some serious front-end work, caused by a brake failure, needs to be completed. The seller states that he has a good front bumper and grille, but does not mention whether they are included. With the brakes now redone and the interior stated to be in good condition, another question is whether any engine work is required. Then there's the expense of returning the front end to its original appearance. The answers will determine whether this was a wise buy or a case of one person assuming someone else's problems. eBay  #526898297-1941 PACKARD MASTER SERVICEMAN LAPEL PIN. First bid: $19.95. Number of bidders: 13. SOLD AT: $192.75. Date sold: 12/21/2000. Packard produced any number of pins and badges for their employees. There were at least three different ones for contributions to the war effort and a couple for sales and service achievements. A cloisonné name badge, in the shape of the Packard grille, was also available for the head service technician and they now sell for close to $2,000. This lapel pin, dated 1941, identified the wearer as a "Master Serviceman." Even though it was a bit pricey, it would be just the thing to wear at the next Packard Club dinner. Just don't wear it when asking for help replacing the fuel pump on your 1939 V12.•

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SCM Super Showcase The SCM 1972 Datsun 2407. 38,000 original, documented miles. Perfect in and  out. Recent $1,800 service. 510,000/offers/trades up or down. Keith, (503) 261-0333,  e-mail: kmortin@sportscarmarket.com  Race Car Trailers bought, sold and repaired. Full service for trailer maintenance  and custom fabrication. We are your source for race car trailer services in the Northeast. Several  trailers for sale. Intercity Lines (800) 221-3936. www.intercitylines.com (MA) (Apr) 1955 Porsche Speedster. S/N 80202, red/black. 49k miles. Superb, unrestored example. Interesting trades? S39,999. (503) 257-7047, (503) 251-1122 (OR) (Feb) 1936 Voisin C28 ChanceIlene Berline Aerodynamic. Chassis #53038. A unique  1955 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback by Hi Mulliner. RHD opportunity to buy one of the world's most unusual WIS. Superb condition. Restored in 1985. A  very exciting motorcar painted dark green with an ivory inset and dark green tartan plaid interior,  Charles S. Gail Automobiles (805) 568-1934, fax (805) 568-1533. (CA) (Feb)  SCM Showcase Gallery 101441 _ , Automatic. Lovely restoration. Burgundy with tan leather. A very late car with a 4.9 lite engine and special order specs. Charles S. Crail Automobiles (805) 568-1934, fax (805 568-1533. (CA) (Feb) 1960 Bentley S2 Continental Flying Spur by H1 Mulliner. LHD. Brewster green with tan leather. Factory air, power steering and power windows. Exceptional condition thorughout. In California from the '70s. 569,950. Charles S. Crail Automobiles (805) 568-1934, fax (805) 568-1533. (CA) (Feb) 1983 Mercedes-Benz 500SL Roadster. Beautiful Lapis blue & gray leather, 2 tops. 240-hp engine. Quick 0-60. Up-rated stereo, 16" wheels, 104k miles. Obvious pride of ownership. $16,900. Stan at CARISMA (208) 429-8615. (ID) (Feb) Jaguar, A Biography, by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. First  1948 Triumph 1 800 Roadster. One owner past 25  American edition, 1961. $100. Bill, (503)232-0842. (OR) (Feb)  years. Runs great. Needs paint. (970) 925-4366. Aspen. (CO)  (Feb)  1966 Aston Martin DB6. Unrestored, original in every way. Auto, RHO, runs and sounds strong. $35,000 US. Located in Tampa. (813) 645-4124 (FL) (Feb) 1984 Renault Alliance. (Ex-Alliance Cup Pro Car.)  Sparco/Weber/Koni, the best. Two 3rd places in 2000  season. 12 Mama wheels, spares. $2,750 obo. (916) 454-  III 5 (CA) (Feb)  Dodge V-10. 18,000 miles, fully equipped with fifth-wheel  tariler, sixteen foot with ramp door, electric jack hoists, beaver  tail, four wheel brakes. (831) 625-6476, fax (831) 625-1529.  (CA) (Feb)  1978  Alfa  Romeo  Special  Edition  Niki  Lauda  #218. Original 27,000 miles. Complete, all original car,  Stored. Runs, drives, looks great. 515,000. Joe, (630) 761-  0133. (IL) (Feb)  1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto. Great everyday car. Recent mechanical restoration. Perfect interior, great body. Stored. Runs, drives, looks great. 51 5,000. Joe, (630) 761-0133. (IL) (Feb) Important Collection of Automobilia to be Sold at Auction The automotive art, mascot, book, badge and literature collection of noted enthusiast Nicholas G.V. Jones is to be sold at no reserve by Automobilia Auctions Inc. on March 17-18 in Wethersfield, CT. Included are rare and desirable artwork by Nockolds, Gotschke, Gamy and Nevin, and radiator mascots including an Icarus signed by F'. Gordon Crosby. Club badges also form a part of the collection, as does some prewar Bentley and Lagonda sales literature, plus an extensive library including runs of Automobile Year, Autocourse and a number of English car club publications. ® Information: Automobilia Auctions, Jerry Lettieri, (860) 529-7177 or Dave Brownell, (802) 362-4719

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We'll See You in South Texas SAN ANTONIO/AUSTI CLASSIC CAI AUCTION March 16, 17 & 18, 2001 Friday, Saturday Rz Sunday Held in New Braunfels, TX 300 Cars Expected • cf)i•ectot ca/ auclitili 21)1)1 April 20 & 21 Friday 6 p.m. & Saturday 10 a.m. Held At The Denver Merchandise Mart 431 East 58th. Ave, Denver, CO 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible A fully documented numbers matching car with a fresh ground up, frame off restoration. Equipped with a V-8 400, 325 hp engine. Factory air conditioning, tilt, power steering, brakes, windows and top. An emaculate piece of American muscle car history. Make Plans To Attend This Sale! Log onto  WCOM ( Ift tad 51,011.50, PONTIAC DRIVING EXCITEMENT 1 1 1 , liar ""g-r8-44 1.4 FOR FREE COLOR BROCHURES AND MORE INFO, CALL. P.O. Box 190 • Auburn, In 46706 Auctioneer: Dean V. Kruse, FL Lk. #386 Time To Consign To This World Class Auction! Sell For Top Cash Price Through Kruse International's Buyer Network For More Information, Call Richard Sevenoaks at 800-722- •42 — for auction updates! SPONSORS t.:IRADER OUR  OLD CAR nadastides (A. All3NA 800-533-9911

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the 100 amilla/  SPRING AVri  • Be A Part of eBay/Kruse's National Advertising Campaigns and Websites • Live Auction Held at the 480 Acre Kruse Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana • 1-69 at Exit 126 • Auburns • Cords. Duesenbergs • Rolls Royces • Packards • Cadillacs • Mercedes • Classics • Antiques • 100 Corvettes • Mustangs • Thunderbirds • Muscles • 50's & GO's • Rods • Exotics • Ferraris • Porsches • Sports Cars • Race Cars • Celebrity Cars • Specialty Cars • Private Car Collections • Motorcycles • Boats • Car Corral • Swap Meet • Car Show • Vendors More Than You Could Ever Hope For! Over 800 Cars Expected Many to be Offered at NO RESERVE! there's Never Been a Better lime to Consign! *om V. R H ree o or a a ois iffirif Class. Car Auction May 4, 5 at 6 2001 At The Kruse International Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana Official Sponsor: 7 PONTIAC DRIVING EXCITEMENT. Cars Being Consigned Daily. For Updated Inventory, Log Onto: 1:111Vii mom? MOTORFAIR

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4 , - , 193  1 37  -4 )10 9000 Mille 199 .Gl'ulietta Spirits, gr ellIcaf‘f 964 2501M 1967 275 GIB/4 1968r-b3001.5-, - ` tbj•i'-' 512 5; '4•5 6:111./A:Spyder- „  - 1973 bpiq24ó GTS GIB/4 ' _ • .  la  • 195  K 1 1965 E-Type "whe 966 906 1969 '90B12 j./85,962 /Wit 1962 Mercedes Benz 30051. 1965 Cobra 289 Roadster- 1953 MG TD Supercharged 1954 Aston Martin DB 2 Cabriolet 1955 Cisitalia Abarth 207A Boano Spyder er a Jo 7440 La Jolla Bou ev La Jolla, CA 92037 tel 858.454.18 fax 858.454.1890 Tour our entire inventory on www.symbolicm