IRVINE, Calif. (July 2006) – Summer is in full swing and consumers know that means they need to apply sunblock and keep hydrated to stay protected from the heat. But many consumers don’t apply the same thinking to their cars, which can be just as susceptible to costly sun damage! Meguiar’s, the leaders in automotive appearance care, has developed Five Tips for Summer Car Care for drivers to keep their automobiles finish and interior protected from sun and heat and help maintain the car’s value and appearance.

“Environmental conditions, including acid rain, temperature, relative humidity and ultraviolet light all can have a negative effect on automotive paint,” says Mike Phillips, Car Care Expert at Meguiar’s. “Sunlight and excessive heat can be as damaging to a car’s finish and interior appointments as winter road salts. Plus, increased summer driving during vacations and trips means your car will be more exposed to tree sap, bird droppings and various other hazards. With a little attention and the right car care products, your car or truck will maintain its great looks, and you can avoid the often costly ravages of the summer’s heat.”

The five basic tips to keeping the factory finish shine and maintaining a great-looking interior during the hot summer months include:

1. WASH YOUR CAR FREQUENTLY: Not only does it keep your vehicle looking great, washing removes loose surface dust and dirt and protects the car by keeping contaminants like droppings and tree sap from bonding to the surface. After thoroughly washing your car with a safe high-lubricity car wash to remove surface dirt and debris, evaluate the condition of the finish in direct sunlight and in artificial lighting to be sure all foreign matter have been removed. Phillips also suggests washing a vehicle either early in the morning or just before sunset, never during the heat of the day, when washing products can too quickly dry, leaving unsightly water spots.

2. WAX YOUR CAR DILIGENTLY: Car wax protects your car’s finish like sun block protects skin. Waxes offer the most durable protection available today by creating a tough polymer barrier film with anti-corrosive agents and contain a UV protectant, just like your favorite sunscreen. And just like your sunscreen, car wax does wear off, so for maximum protection against the elements, we recommend waxing your car a minimum of 3 – 4 times per year.

3. STAY OUT OF THE SUN: Obviously, sun can’t be avoided, but try to park in a garage or covered parking structure on really bright days. Sunlight is one of the most damaging elements that affect a vehicle’s finish and interior appointments, as it accelerates the aging process of leather and vinyl surfaces. Heat from sunlight also bakes “above surface bonded contaminants” like tree sap mist and insects into the surface. If a car must sit out during sunny days, a car cover will help protect it from sun and from the wind, which can damage a car with airborne contaminants.

4. AVOID THE SALT: Summertime means trips to the beach and there’s no way to completely alleviate the ocean’s salt water spray. If a car must be parked near the beach, consider a car cover to reduce exposure to sun and salt. And be sure to wash the vehicle frequently (See #1) to eliminate the damaging effects of salt and salt water on its finish, underbody and interior.

5. RAISE THE SHIELDS: Use of a windshield sun shade to shield your vehicle’s interior from the sun keeps the light out and helps reduce the amount of heat buildup in the interior. A silver metallic reflector is an inexpensive, yet highly effective, way to keep interior surfaces from drying out and fading. Using this simple tool in conjunction with an interior surface product will insure leather, vinyl and even plastic components will last longer, and they will even be cooler when you slide behind the wheel for that next drive.

For more information on how to properly care for your car, log onto Meguiar’s How To Center at or contact Meguiar’s Appearance Care Specialists at 800-347-5700. Meguiar’s NXT Generation line including its NXT Generation Car Wash, NXT Generation Tech Wax and NXT Generation Tech Protect provides some of the best products for the ultimate protection and unbeatable shine for your vehicle.

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