Cherry Hill, NJ. January 30, 2008 –American Collectors Insurance, Inc. ( today announced a new partnership with Johnny Lightning to help inform collectors about options for protecting their valuables. While many collections begin as labors of love, the size and value of collections can both grow rapidly, making American Collectors’ specialized collectibles coverage program a significant next step in maintaining the enthusiast’s collection.

Consumers may be able to add collectibles coverage to a homeowner’s policy, however the key to American Collectors’ program is the specialized coverage it offers.

“Homeowner’s insurance is meant to specifically protect the home and its contents. The policy is usually quite limited in its ability to cover collectibles,” states Laura Bergan, Director of Marketing for American Collectors Insurance, “Even if collectibles are covered by the homeowner’s policy, the normal exclusions – such as accidental breakage, flood and earthquake – will apply. Additionally, homeowners insurance will not typically cover collector market value and normally a big deductible – $500 or more – applies.”

Since 1976, American Collectors Insurance has provided a program of affordable, specialized coverage for collector vehicles nationwide and expanded its insurance programs to include automobilia and other collectibles because of the tendency of classic car owners to collect automotive-themed memorabilia. The policy for collectibles provides coverage for loss or damage caused by accidental breakage, fire and theft, as well as natural disasters such as windstorms, earthquakes and floods along with access to a truck accident lawyer in case of serious collision damage.

“American Collectors’ program is a great fit for Johnny Lightning and we’re excited to be working with them,” said Tom Zahorsky, Johnny Lightning Senior Designer, “Both companies share the same dedication to providing superior products and services to passionate collectors. We know that collectors are extremely passionate about their collections, and now with an American Collectors policy, they can go that extra step to protect what they love.”

Why should collectors consider collectible insurance? There are five good reasons:

– Collectors often spend large amounts of time and money on their collections, without realizing that their collections may be seriously uninsured or underinsured

– Because American Collectors specializes in insuring collectibles, its policy is designed with the needs of collectors in mind

– In the event that a collector does need to make a claim on his policy, the deductible is just $100 per occurrence

– Coverage is affordable. In most states, $10,000 of blanket coverage can be purchased for just $75 per year. Additional coverage is available for collections which exceed $10,000 in value

– It’s hassle-free. Most collectors can apply over the phone or online to obtain coverage

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