Lately, I’ve noticed the word “recreation” is being used more and more in our hobby/industry. The good thing about this is that at age 50, I realize how I need to spend more time in the gym. Maybe I’ll get back in shape.

All jest aside, they seem to be trying to use the word to say “re-create”. But how do you recreate something? In my opinion, you can create something. Then you can evolve it. You can invent it. You can even re-invent it. You can resurrect it. You can rehabilitate it. You can restore it. However, you can only create something once.

Now you could create a clone. However, to have a clone you have to take a piece from an original. From the automotive “clones” I’ve seen, there is not a piece of the original on it.

Or you could create a replica. That’s a novel concept. By the way, the Smithsonian has been using this concept for well over 100 years. So why couldn’t our hobby/industry just use the word “replica”?

One last thing, what’s the difference between a replica and a counterfeit? It’s pretty simple. A replica doesn’t try to trick anyone that it’s something it wasn’t. A counterfeit, does.

Dana Mecum

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