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This morning (Sat Oct 22) Janet, Tony and I were walking over to the Pitti Palace which is across the river and about a half mile away from our apartment. It is impossible to see and grasp the entire Palace with all the art work and the gardens in one visit, so this time we were going to have a closer look at the famous Boboli Gardens.

As we approached the Piazza in front of the Westin Excelsior Hotel we came upon a staggering sight of some 35 Ferrari Enzo Automobiles.

We stopped and watched as more Enzo’s approach under police escort and and one by one they filed passed us to their parking spot.

It seems they were part of the historic Ferrari / Maserati Challenge races taking place at the Mugello Circuit this weekend. I was told there were 60 Enzo’s in all representing several countries. One Enzo had an American flag painted on the roof. We were told it was from New York.

In a city where one is surrounded so much beauty every day and in every way, The Enzo’s for a brief moment were an artistic happening in the great Florentine tradition.
Very impressive!

Francis G (Frank) Mandarano
Car Guy Tour