SANTA CLARA, Calif., (September 14, 2006) – Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. today announced the explosive Japanese Pop (J-Pop) and Hip Hop music song lineup that will be featured in The Fast and the Furious – the truly authentic drift racing video game. Inspired by the events of the Universal Pictures’ film, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The Fast and the Furious video game will be releasing this September for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system

With more than 30 cutting-edge tracks, The Fast and the Furious music features acclaimed

J-Pop, Hip Hop and Techno artists such as Lemon Drop Kick, HIME and ATLAS PLUG as well as up-and-coming acts in the U.S., Europe and Japan including 30 SECONDS TO MARS, ZEBRAHEAD and FAR EAST MOVEMENT.

“In creating the most authentic drift racing video game, we carefully selected music that would compliment the culture and origin of this sport and lifestyle,” said John Whitmore, Director of Internal & External Development at NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. “With true-to-life drift racing elements, pro drift racers and licensed manufacturers and cars, The Fast and the Furious video game immerses players into the unbelievable, ultra realistic underground of drift racing. The addition of J-Pop and Hip Hop music tracks from these popular artists is the icing on top.”

The Fast and the Furious video game features a ground breaking drift mechanic that makes drifting accessible to both beginning and veteran racing game drivers. Gameplay features revolutionary new systems like the Drift Indicator that make The Fast and the Furious the most accessible realistic drift game yet. Perched at the forefront of the drift racing phenomenon, the video game features a Revolutionary Drift Model that is fun and approachable for players of all skill levels; model cars, cinematic camera angles straight from the movie, unique boss challenges, stunning visuals with over 100 JDM Tuner, Classic Muscle and Concept cars as well as robust customization options all of which encompass the drift racing world!

Developed by Eutechnyx, The Fast and the Furious video game is rated “T” for Teen and is scheduled to ship September 26 for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

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About the film

From the producer of the worldwide blockbuster hits The Fast and the Furious and its sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious, comes the latest installment of the adrenaline-inducing series built on speed—The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift . Set in the sexy and colorful underground world of Japanese drift racing, the newest and fastest customized rides go head-to-head on some of the most perilous courses in the world.

Sean Boswell (Black) is an outsider who attempts to define himself as a hot-headed, underdog street racer. Although racing provides a temporary escape from an unhappy home and the superficial world around him, it has also made Sean unpopular with the local authorities. To avoid jail time, Sean is sent to live with his gruff, estranged father, a career military-man stationed in Tokyo.

Now officially a gaijin (outsider), Sean feels even more shut out in a land of foreign customs and codes of honor. But it doesn’t take long for him to find some action when a fellow American buddy, Twinkie (Bow Wow), introduces him to the underground world of drift racing. Sean’s simple drag racing gets replaced by a rubber-burning, automotive art form—with an exhilarating balance of speeding and gliding through a heart-stopping course of hairpin turns and switchbacks.

On his first time out drifting, Sean unknowingly takes on D.K., the “Drift King,” a local champ with ties to the Japanese crime machine Yakuza. Sean’s loss comes at a high price tag when he’s forced to work off the debt under the thumb of ex-pat, Han (Kang). Han soon welcomes Sean into this family of misfits and introduces him to the real principles of drifting. But when Sean falls for D.K.’s girlfriend, Neela (newcomer Kelley), an explosive series of events is set into motion, climaxing with an ultimate high stakes face off.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is directed by Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow, Annapolis) and written by Chris Morgan (Cellular), Kario Salem (The Score) and Alfredo Botello. The film is produced by Neal H. Moritz (xXx, S.W.A.T.) and executive produced by Clayton Townsend (The Skeleton Key, The 40 Year-Old Virgin).

This film has been rated PG-13.

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