RIVIERA BEACH, FL (August 29, 2006) –For enthusiasts with a penchant for speed coupled with an appreciation for unique design, Mosler Automotive now offers custom interiors in the true hot rod tradition.

For customers who want to personalize their Mosler MT900s with an exclusive interior package that no manufacturer would ever mass-produce, Mosler Automotive will design and sculpt “the right stuff.”

Mosler’s in-house design team, utilizing Unigraphics technology, can design any outrageous or understated configuration instrument panel a buyer desires, provided it fits within the confines of the current vehicle.

To produce the interior of your dreams, Mosler technicians will create a crystal clear acrylic mold, a solid version of the eventual lightweight carbon dash, using an exacting CNC machine to cut the materials, and then hand rub the finished pieces to a smooth finish. The buyer’s vision then will be rendered in carbon fiber and installed in his or her Mosler MT900s.

Two instrument cluster electronic packages will be offered and Mosler will custom design and manufacture aluminum instrument and control surrounds to integrate into the newly sculpted panels. Plus, each customer may keep their acrylic dash sculpture once the project is completed.

For customers who want to take customizing their interior to the next level, Mosler also offers custom center consoles and door panels that integrate seamlessly with the overall design aesthetic. Prices for the custom dash start at $120,000, while consoles and door panels can be created beginning at $60,000 each.

Custom interiors will not be duplicated on other customer’s vehicles. “Customizing supercars is a growing trend,” says company founder Warren Mosler. “Pininfarina recently completed a $4,000,000 custom vehicle for a client based on the Ferrari Enzo platform. While that custom concept was quite comprehensive, it proves that people are willing to pay to have something created that reflects their personal vision.”

An exotic car with a truly international pedigree, the Mosler MT900s is built in very limited numbers for a discriminating coterie of racers, collectors and investors. The cars are manufactured in Florida and sold exclusively through “Mosler Mike” Vietro’s facility in Anaheim, California.
The road-going Mosler MT 900s is a 435-hp, LS6-powered, ultra-high performance two-seat, mid-engined road car, with aggressively styled bodywork and race car heritage.

In third-party testing it officially set 9 performance records for acceleration, braking and handling, including an impressive 0-60mph time of 3.1 seconds. The supercar has successfully completed U.S. EPA Emission and crash testing, including DOT and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification, and is available now.

For sales, contact Mosler Mike at (714)630-1776. For additional information on Mosler Automotive, the Mosler MT 900s or its European racing schedule, visit www.MT900.com .

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