Charlotte, NC, March 11, 2006 – Salvador Dali, the artist, poet, genius, and showman once said, -Until the invention of machines there had never been perfect things, and man had never seen anything so beautiful or poetic as a nickel-plated engine.” Photographer Jonathan Kendall (Blog: captures the poetic beauty of the machine in his “Celebrating the Art of the Automobile” exhibition at Green Rice Gallery for one-showing on the evening of Friday, April 7, 2006, 6:00 pm in the NoDa art district of Charlotte, North Carolina. This event is a great way to highlight an automobile-centric weekend in Charlotte along with the Charlotte Auto Fair at the Speedway. Exotic, rolling art that is expected to attend are from marques Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche with owners, representatives and clubs in the Carolina region invited.

Jonathan’s work is inspired by the passion, craftsmanship, and freedom of the automobile – The Art of the Beautiful Machine.

The automobile has arguably been the most important machine of the past 100 years, generating freedom and mobility while driving commerce and connecting people. Its seductive qualities often have been the closest many people get to art and sculpture. Photographer/designer Jonathan Kendall has had a long affair with the automobile, including the passion, the freedom, the speed, and detailing of fine machinery for over 40 years.

A new collection of exceptionally detailed, large format photographs highlights the beauty and the detailed intricacy of the world’s most desirable automobiles. Mr. Kendall has an interesting perspective for exploring the fine, intricate detail of the inner workings of an engine or the seductive curves of a hand-formed body. He explodes these images to a surreal size of three, five or even six feet high so the craftsmanship is exposed and brought to a hyper-real state where the most minuscule element is evident. The allusion to the
human anatomy and physical form are sometimes unmistakable and striking. In other pieces, the light and reflections bring the forms to life and convey meaning to these inanimate objects of desire.

Aldous Huxley once said, ‘speed is the only entirely novel sensation of the twentieth century.’ Mr. Kendall’s romance with speed has run through years of sports car and stock car racing, collecting, and admiring the fine sculpture and engineering of fabled cars. Designers and visionaries such as Enzo Ferrari, Ettore Bugatti, Ferdinand Porsche, and Battista ‘Pinnin’ Farina have seen this world of motion, style and freedom as art and form. Mr. Kendall has found a new opportunity to express the splendor of exotic automobile and the artisans who construct them.

This unique event will be a part of the NoDa Gallery Crawl and the Green Rice Gallery commitment to bringing fresh and provocative artistic ideas to the community. For directions to Green Rice Gallery, click to or call Allison at 704-355-0300.

The exhibition is co-presented with the assistance of Charlotte residents, Donato Bonacquisto of Foreign Cars Italia ( &
Ferrari Club of America member, and Bob Saville, President of the Porsche Club of America’s Carolina Region & Exclusive Motors (

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