Auburn, IN – Almost 4 months after the controversy regarding the ownership of Pope John Paul II’s personal vehicle, Judge Pamela Hollis has agreed to grant Kruse International the right to auction the 1975 Ford Escort GL, at No Reserve. (Case Number 05-24115)

The federal court has given the ‘all clear’ to Kruse International, and the vehicle will be auctioned at the Las Vegas Hilton during the 32nd Annual Las Vegas Fall Auction, October 28th and 29th.

First, per James Rich’s request, the vehicle will once again be placed on display at the American Heritage museum in Auburn, Indiana. The public is welcome to view the Escort with a purchased museum entrance ticket. The car is expected to arrive October 3rd.

This vehicle is the most extraordinary 1975 Ford Escort GL ever to be available to the public. This vehicle, 4 months ago and still today believed to bring $2-5 million, will be offered at No Reserve. Pope John Paul II’s 1975 Ford Escort GL will be going home with a new owner.

It is nearly impossible to determine the value of this legendary Pope’s personal car, especially since he asked that all his personal belongings be destroyed after his passing. Dean Kruse said it will be impossible to determine the value of this car because it can be on display for hundreds of years if protected properly.

A single car for his personal use, and a humble car used only for transportation, this vehicle is possibly the only car personally owned by Pope John Paul II. He is believed to be the only Pope that had a personal vehicle during his papacy. Not only is this car a piece of history, but it is rare; rare not because of the make and model, but because of the incredible legacy of the original owner and the fact that he sold this vehicle while in the Vatican as Pope. The Vatican, with the Pope’s blessing, chose Kruse International to sell the vehicle in 1996. The car was then sold to James Rich.

This vehicle is not the Ghia or LeBaron limousines from the Vatican, or the M430 Mercedes-Benz that was later given to the Vatican for Pope John Paul II’s personal use. The automobile for sale is a humble mode of transportation; humble like his character. This vehicle is the most extraordinary 1975 Ford Escort GL ever to be available to the public.

The 1975 Ford Escort GL; this car blended Pope John Paul II into the rest of the world. The miles on this vehicle were put on by the Pope himself.

The purchase, and now seller, went to the Vatican to personally receive the keys from Pope John Paul II. This face-to-face meeting is fully documented with photographs. James Rich said he was very humbled by this “once in a lifetime experience.”

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