SUCASAS MOTOR CO; Sucasas Motor Company JHl/USA llc choose the city of Tacoma, WA to build a worldwide spectacular American exotic car that promises to compete for the leadership of the exotic car market in the world with Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches. A market worthy approximately 4.5 Billion Dollars with more then 55.000 cars sold annually. The project is extremely unique and ambitious and comes to fulfill one of the hugest gaps of the market in USA and worldwide; the absence of an American Exotic Car world-Class that can compete in the same level of the top companies and still can be sold for ½ of the price of the competition. That’s the motive behind the project. Sucasas Motor Company believes that is time to America to have it’s own American Exotic Car to compete worldwide.


The SUCASAS HS1 evokes the spirit of this country “One nation under God” and carries half million dollars in technology to deliver the best performance, to be the number one seller exotic car in the world, and still be sold for half of the price of the competition. SUCASAS HS1 is a masterpiece, drop gorgeous, classy, elegant, powerful, look mean and has the spirit of racing as well. SUCASAS has charisma, and a very unique-world class design to please the American and European taste. The Sucasas HS1 is street drivable and racing engineered, and still is financial achievable for anyone in the planet that is serious to own an exotic sports car. In January, the car and the project it was official unveiled in a private ceremony for 55 people, mixed with car enthusiasts, racers, friends, and general people: Astonishment, admiration and the general belief that now we have a car, to go out there and to compete for the market with the top dogs. SUCASAS HS1 shall be the next steep for Corvette, Vipers, Mercedes, and BMW owners, because there’s no exotic car in the range price of US$ 125 k and 195 K in the market. In the other side it is a great alternative for millionaires, exotic car owner’s and enthusiasts to have a car that first is an American, offer the charisma, uniqueness and status with a better or equal performance for half of the price, of the famous ones, so instead to be on the garages like happen with the big guys. The SUCASAS HS1, will be on the streets everyday, go to work during the week and racing in the weekends.


Sucasas Motor Company is opening the doors of an entire world of new business worldwide and the concept to bring two different words of consumer’s together will cause a massive impact in the sales and will generate thousands of new business opportunities for several segments of the market. America needs an American Exotic Car; it will boost the American pride, will generate jobs and will give the confidence for a entire new generation to invest on this country. In order to transform the SUCASAS into a worldwide success, it is vital to please the American market and the European market; whose leads the world in manufacturing and selling exotic cars. That’s why the spine of our marketing strategy is to target the top elite leagues of racing cars in the world. In order to earn the respect of the consumers, the press and to boost the sales worldwide, we must to be able to compete and to win in two of the most prestigious leagues of racing in the world; Formula One and Alms in America and the European version; 24 hours of Le Mans. Note: We have invitation to participate of American Le Mans league already.


The sales projections for The SUCASAS are very realistic, but the potential of the market for the SUCASAS HS1 is approximately in 5 to 7 years, to sell between 3000 to 7000 cars/year with gross sales of 750 million annually. Our Business plan which is very skeptical predicts that we will be selling 10 cars in the first year and progressively reach 1000 cars/year in 2014 totalizing US$ 150.000 million dollars yearly basis plus accessories and merchandise. Only in USA, the three main brands; Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche sells all together: 10,000.00 cars every year. Sucasas is looking for 10 % of the market in 5 to 7 years.


In January 2005, we finished to build the 1/5 scale model completely engineered and ready to blow into a full scale model. The 1/5 scale model is exactly the real car, with final renderings and all technical information needed to blow into a real size car. By building the first prototype in 1/5 scale model we were able to save almost 6 months in the real construction process of engineering and operations and thousands of dollars in labor. Also, we were able to prepare a detailing plan of construction per phases, predicting suppliers, chronograms and methods avoiding on site problems. Sucasas Motor Company is about to give one more step ahead towards the main and most important goal; To build a “real running prototype“. We need to have a real car to show to the press, potential customers as well as to the world that we are serious about business and we are capable to build this car in a large scale. This is a world class project and we are using the latest technology available and the same suppliers used by Boeing, NASA and Ultra-high tech boats manufactories in the development of the SUCASAS HS1. Our goal is to start to sell cars out of the first prototype, so we can finance our own growing process. People buy car if they can see, touch, and drive. That’s why is fundamental to have a real running prototype to show. We have a detailed business plan published in our website; so anyone interested can take a closer look in our plans and to get more details about the project. We already have pre-schedule debut in Las Vegas, Semma, Pebble beach, and several other shows to debut the SUCASAS HS1. In order to speed up the process of construction and to go to the next step, Sucasas Motor Company are seeking sponsors and investors (around Tacoma primarily and USA) that will benefit tremendously of this great opportunity and this great moment in history. Welcome to the spectacular world of SUCASAS MOTOR COMPANY, a land of dream, faith and achievement.

God bless America and the SUCASAS HS1.
Henrique Sucasas

Contacts: 253.212.1991 ( Tel/Fax) e-mail :
The company will promote in June/July, presentation’s meeting just for potential investors/ sponsors/ and potential buyers where the entire company business plan and programs shall be stretched on details. Anyone interested please send an email to: hsucasas@sucasasmotorcompany .com. Seats are limited and the company requires confirmation.
Ruby Collection Business room –Tacoma Downtown
Dates to confirm: 3 meetings in June and 2 in July (if necessary).


Sucasas Motor Company will produce three versions of the Sucasas, our basic version is already more powerful then any competition.


Design/Creation : Henrique Sucasas
Concept : Henrique Sucasas
Final Renderings : Henrique Sucasas and Dean Arnold ( protoyping).
Mid Engine
Characteristics : Racing car engineered to be street legal in USA and Europe
Engine : V12, V10 AND V8
: Minimum 650 Basic versions to 1100 top version for racing.
Transmission : Paddle Shifting
Wheel base : 110 inches
Ground Clear : 06 Inches
Speed : Approximately 190 to 220 MPH – 320 Km/h
0-60 Mph : Less then 4 seconds

Base Price: US $ 177.000,00 (V12 version)
Base Price: US $ 150.000,00 (V10 version)
Base Price: US $ 127.000,00 (V08 version)


Sucasas Motor Company is located in Tacoma, WA, and has all the structure and know how to manufactory this prototype including engineers, skilled employees, tools, equipment and suppliers;
3 Offices:
2 offices in USA
1 office in Sao Paulo, Brazil
110.000 Square foot of land in South Tacoma way
3 Buildings fully Equipped with 1/2 million dollars in equipment.
Production Capacity: 10 to 30 cars a month (once the molds are ready)
Men power: 15