— “Sometimes, I feel like the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote when he suddenly runs off a cliff.” — “Mad Mike” Hughes in 2003

Las Vegas, NV – (December 17, 2004) – On Saturday, March 5, 2005, Michael “Mad Mike” Hughes will do something spectacular in Downtown Las Vegas – he’ll travel almost 400 feet off a 50-foot ramp to make the leap across Binion’s Horseshow Casino in his custom, turbo-powered Lincoln Stretch Limo.

Yes, in a L-I-M-O.

Hughes is willing to take the ultimate gamble: “If it is driving off a building Vs. working in an office – You can have the office!” Hughes is tired of being asked about his injuries but he understands the fascination: “Mostly, it just takes too long to explain and the bottom line is that it’s just the thrill of the jump, the ultimate rush in this world!”

Los Angeles Times Dubbed Him “The Daredevil Chauffer”
This is not exactly his first stunt. In fact, 48-year old “Mad Mike” is the Guiness Book Record-Holder for jumping in a Lincoln Town Car stretch limo in 2002. In 2003, The Los Angeles Times quoted him as “the Evel Knievel of the limousine industry …the daredevil chauffeur.”

To absorb the blow from the landing, “Mad Mike” Hughes raps himself in bubble wrap: “It sounds funny, but bubble wrap works the best.”

eBay Offer – Take The Ultimate $100,000 Ride

If you think that riding a roller coaster on top of a casino is the wildest ride in Las Vegas, think again. And you better think hard.

Try jumping 400 feet off a 50-foot ramp in a Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo over a casino in Downtown Las Vegas. One single seat is being auctioned off on eBay to accompany Michael “Mad Mike” Hughes on his March 5, 2005 jump of a lifetime.

Media Materials Available Now

Existing videos of both successful and unsuccessful jumps from Mad Mike’s limo-jumping career are available to the media upon request. Also, please go to www.LimoLaunch.com to see him in action, and to learn about the latest news, events and parties surrounding the event on March 5, 2005. Call Darren Shuster, Media Representative, at (818) 744-1851 to get overnight delivery of past videos for review and usage.

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