You have received this email because you have (or have had) one or more Abarth cars, or you want to have one…and you are reachable by electronic mail. Your name/email address was gathered because you’ve expressed interest in exploring an electronic method for sharing Abarth information, or you are friends with someone who has. During recent weeks, several of us who have spent a long time around Abarths and who communicate by email, have been developing an idea to electronically connect as many Abarth enthusiasts together as possible, assembling large groups of enthusiasts with common interests and also several general interest circles.

So far, the list of potentially interested enthusiasts tops 450 and well over a 150 of these have email addresses that we’ve captured. Thumbnail records indicate that the total group could far exceed 1000. Even 100 active enthusiasts would be enough to have tons of email chatter and a lot of fun. Some “specialty auto email groups” we know of started with as little as 15 enthusiasts…and now flourish. Early participants in our group are most of the “active Abarth enthusiasts” you know.

We have decided to call the group AEW, or Abarth Enthusiasts Worldwide. All future emails will have a subject title which begins with AEW, so you can more easily distinguish it from “spam”. We expect participation from the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Perhaps, there will also be enthusiasts from Africa.

Accurate information about Abarth cars has always been difficult to get. In some cases, you have information to share, or maybe you need information. Probably, you fall into both categories. Some of you have parts to sell, other need parts. Some are interested in racing the cars, or want to know what articles were published about the model you own. Many of you have questions you can’t answer. Help is on the way. Just join us!

Now for some electronic talk: We have located a server in a data center and have found a (volunteer) person to administer it. The use of this resource will be provided free to us with no recurring costs. A modest amount of disk space is available on this server where we can develop a site; however, the amount of content we anticipate putting up on the site will require additional disk space. As part of the goodwill to our web host (the owner of the server and internet connection), we’ll need to collectively invest in some more hardware as the site grows.

We plan that our website (or most of it) will be username and password protected (so the entire internet world will not know you). Once you join us, you’ll share information with those in your interest group, and hopefully with the larger AEW group. You’ll also (over time) be able to download manuals, photos, and articles from the site. Everyone who enjoys Abarths has something to contribute. I’ll bet you do!

In order to best assemble interest groups and see how large all the groups are, we’ve attached an AEW Electronic Interest Worksheet. Save it to your computer’s hard disk. Then fill out a copy of the Worksheet and attach your completed worksheet to a new email. Send it back to me at the email address below. Use the email Subject: AEW Worksheet. As you can see from this email, your name and email address has been concealed from the group.

Note: You’ll have to be able to read Microsoft Word documents to see and fill out the form. Send me a note if you have trouble and we’ll take your information in another way.

Please contact other Abarth enthusiasts that you know and ask them if they have received this email. If they haven’t, forward it (with the attached blank Worksheet) to them. Or you can send us their name and email address and we’ll do it!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Greg Paris

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