The 2005 Carolina Trophy – a five-day vintage road rallye through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains around Asheville, North Carolina – will utilize one of the most advanced and portable timing and scoring systems available. The CD 200 from Belgium’s CD Concept.

The Carolina Trophy places great demands on the timing and scoring system. The roads are some of the most challenging in North America, with dramatic elevation changes, serpentine switchbacks, and remote mountain climbs, all set in the most scenic and often remote areas of the Blue Ridge. The vehicles that compete in the Carolina Trophy include vintage motorcars from marques such as; Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Maserati, Alfa-Romeo, Alpine-Renault, AC, Austin-Healey, Corvette, Ford, Bentley, Roll-Royce and more. As a result, the timing and scoring equipment has to perform seamlessly from start to finish. It must allow for fully wireless operation, including the use of hidden checkpoints, across a wide area, all with split-second precision and faultless reliability.

The CD 200 is a fully electronic and fully wireless timing system. Entrants carry a small “puck” or digital chip in their car. When the car passes through a timing checkpoint, the car’s information is instantly transmitted to Rally HQ, where a computer processes the data. Entrants do not have to stop and punch cards or even slow down for checkpoints – they just continue on at speed. Once the stage is complete, the stage time for each entrant is recorded and a hard copy printout is generated for each vehicle. The result is precise timing and scoring, with exceptional reliability and convenience.

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