1938 Lincoln Zephyr Street Rod

The ringmen worked this sale hard, and at its dramatic conclusion the ownerswere high-fiving as though they’d just won the lottery

1992 Spider Veloce Covertible

The nimble little sportster of The Graduate fame is now a mature, if slighty portly, cruiser with a tidy little tuck to its nose and tail. Sort of like wht Mrs. Robinson most likely had.

1967 Plymouth Satellie Hemi Convertible

Values of original Hemi cars with solid bodies and accurate restorations hav been steadily moving into the stratosphere, with $200,000 no longer unheard o for the right cars

1937 Cord WestchesterStreet Rod

Purists cry out in despair when custom cars are made from desirable models, bt in this case the builder told me he had found four Cord Westchester bodies in a Texas wrecking yard and used ?the worst of the four

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