SOUTH BEND, Indiana (APRIL 18, 2007) – The guesswork of deciding which aftermarket wheels will look best on your car, truck or SUV has been eliminated. Visitors to can now compare printed images of their favorite vehicles fitted with different wheels, before spending hundreds, even thousands, on a purchase. The trend of personalizing and improving a vehicle’s looks and performance, whether it is a sports car or minivan, with a set of aftermarket wheels has fueled an $8.4 billion dollar market segment.

In the Upgrade Garage at anyone can select and view their current vehicle, a new or used vehicle for which they might be shopping, or perhaps their dream car – even down to the color.

A selection of wheels that fit that particular vehicle is presented, and selecting one virtually installs a set. Clicking on the new ‘Print Page’ button generates a PDF image that can be printed for later viewing or saved for electronic sharing. Access is free and does not require registration.

There is no limit to how many images can be printed or saved, and with 31 brands of wheels in stock ranging in size from 14- to 26-inches there are thousands of combinations to choose from. Close ups of each wheel’s spoke design and lip detail are also available.

Since 1979, The Tire Rack is the country’s largest independent tire tester and consumer direct source for tires, wheels and performance accessories. The family-owned company has grown from a single-point retail store in Indianapolis to encompass over 1.5 million square feet of high-tech distribution space across the country. A diverse and broad in-stock inventory from 16 major tire and 31 wheel brands can be delivered anywhere in the country in two days or less. More than 4,800 independent Recommended Installers are available to service customers’ installation needs nationwide, making The Tire Rack the complete solution.

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