Irvington, NY (March 2007) – XV Motorsports is pleased to announce the arrival of their all new tilt steering column for MOPAR B and E bodied cars.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and XV needed a true bolt in tilt steering column for the B and E bodied MOPARS. After months of development they finally had the solution. The result is a direct bolt in steering column equipped with tilt, hazard light switch, with or without a keyed ignition and an optional turn signal mounted switch that can be used for high beams replacing the foot actuated floor switch, or for a number of other applications.

“We searched high and low looking for the right steering column”, said XV President John Buscema. “The columns available cost too much in time and fabrication to make them fit properly and even then didn’t meet all of our needs. We knew we weren’t the only ones with this problem, so we put our resources into the project and we’ve created a solution.”

Some of the key features of the new XV steering columns include, but are not limited to:

* Only true bolt on column available – The column bolts directly to the factory mounting brackets ensuring a quality fit and ease of installation.
* Roller bearing support at the bottom of the shaft – This is a critical feature for those wishing to use a rack and pinion steering setup. This is the only column on the market to have this feature.
* Various install kits – Kits available to connect the column to either rack and pinion or original factory style applications.
* Tilt Column – Allows user to find the proper steering angle for their particular driving style and aids in vehicle entry and exit (E-bodies that are easy to get into!).
* Designed for use with popular aftermarket steering wheels – This allows the customer to use the steering wheels of their choice.
* Additional switch on the turn signal stalk – This allows the restorer to relocate the high beam switch, or use it for other popular applications such as Nitrous Oxide, etc.
* Available with or without keyed ignition switch – Now you have a choice. B Bodied cars are available either way and E Bodied cars come with the keyed switch.
* Choice of finishes – Available in chrome or ready to paint steel to custom color match to your vehicle.
* Exclusivity – These columns are ONLY available from XV Motorsports and are available now.

When restoring that old MOPAR and feeling like you’re stuck with spending too much money to have a steering column freshly fabricated for your car, remember the folks at XV Motorsports have a solution for you.

About XV Motorsports
Xtreme Velocity is the only company of its kind and recognizes the demand of classic cars and the need for modern day performance. XV components and systems are truly unique in the industry having been fully developed, engineered and tested in computer-simulated and real world environments utilizing the most state of the art automotive technology.

What XV has accomplished is truly an amazing feat in the world of car enthusiasts, combining the beauty of a classic with the maneuverability that only the most modern technology can provide.

XV Motorsports offers a wide range of products and services stemming from turning classic muscle cars into modern supercars. They offer complete 5.7 and 6.1 HEMI engine packages, the most advanced suspension systems available for classic Mopars, products and solutions for professional builders as well as do-it-yourselfers. For those looking for a rare, collectible original muscle car, XV Motorsports also offers investment grade and driver status muscle cars the way the factory intended them to be.

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