Richard is one of the premiere automotive trimmers in the world. He, along with Derrick Dunbar (who I would also like to nominate), have completed interiors for Pebble Beach winning projects. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none. Plus, they are open to sharing their knowledge and expertise with those up and coming in the industry.

It’s typical of Ron McCall that his company is named “McCall’s Transmissions”- this doesn’t even begin to state the breadth of his expertise. He IS a magician with gearboxes, especially the complex ZF transaxles that are fitted to Panteras, GT40s, Boras, and Mangustas, but he also restores Enzo-era Ferraris, works on Bugattis at vintage race meetings, builds complete cars, is a formidable competitor in American Iron racing- he’s the complete car guru. He’s incredibly skillful, ridiculously modest, and absolutely honest. Read More

An ex-Gullwing restorations fellow who started a business with his now deceased brother. Their first shop was a home garage, but is now ‘commercial’. They have worked on coachbuilt VWs, Feraris, hot rods, Mercedes Benz, Rolls, Cunninghams;You name it. Dave is honest, forthright, and detailed. Great body work and project oversight. He has done my restorations about 2 decades and has acted as a sub for bigger name shops.

Giovanni was born in Sicily, and has restored Italian automobiles for over 40 years. He is the “go-to” guy for anyone with an Italian car in the Midwest United States. There are always a few Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Fiats, and often Etcenterini in various stages of repair in his shop. He is a master, and also very patient and fair. He also is the chief mechanic for Team Stradale and here is more background:

David is a graduate of McPherson College and I’ve had the privilege of working with him both as an employee and an outside contractor. David is knowledgeable, smart, driven and has a passion for restoration. He and his team are tireless and demand perfection.

Dustin has worked his way up in the vintage Ferrari restoration world over the last 15 years or so. He started as a simple mechanic, and is now a highly regarded expert in the field. Dustin judges at several concours including Cavallino Classic, Ferrari Club of America events, and Pebble Beach. Dustin researches every aspect of our restorations and ensures every detail is correct. He has been very key to the success of MPI, and even more crucial to our Read More

Mariah is out on the edge of preservation and restoration. She has both an artistic eye for what should be done to a car and also the technical eye for how to do it. She, with her company, have been researching historic paint techniques and hope to reintroduce vintage paints to make cars significantly more authentic-looking than is possible with current paints. Mariah has deep experience not only with contemporary paint techniques but also the methods of preserving and stabilizing Read More

Blake is an inspiration for any young kid who feels light headed when they see, hear, or smell classic cars around them. I went to school with Blake @ McPherson college. Its exciting to see a classmate succeed the way he has. He had an idea of what he wanted, & he’s now taken a special build to SEMA in Vegas.

In Paul Russell’s own words, “He is a consummate craftsman”. Chris and I were in the McPherson College Auto Restoration Program together, and he was above superb talent even then. He deserves to be recognized for his talent and skill.

For years, Luke has been teaching students the art and science of restoration. His dedication to excellence in teaching and preservation of history spreads his considerable knowledge and skills to future restorers. This has a geometric effect, producing many more restorers who will secure our automotive legacy and future.

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