I have known Jason Wenig for over 20yrs professionally and personally and Jason always comes across professionally but with a personal touch. Jason’s creations at the Creative Workshop have been recognized in many levels and are all a result of the passion he puts in everything his puts an effort into.

I know Jason Wenig since long time and since then I had proof of his uncommon passion, knowledge and culture of rare historic and vintage sport automobiles. Jason is a true gentlemen and his automobile culture, patience and perseverance are a guidance for his craftsman team. Each of their extraordinary restoration shows the evidence of perfection as synonym of their passion.

Owner & coordinator of a diverse group of craftsman that build great cars, Have worked with them over the past 18 years, always top notch rsuts and a pleasure to deal with.

I met Jason at The Festivals of Speed when he had finished the Sport Speciale, a one-off classic style sports car reminiscent of the 58′ Ferrari 250. I was so intrigued on how he pulled this off that I included him in a book and film I was writing that can be seen here https://youtu.be/yBbm2aPxA6A

Throughout many years of industry interaction, both personal and with/for and on behalf of, local vintage car clubs, what shine’s well above Jason’s superb expertise in the knowledge and abilities to create and bring forth Concours d’elgance “plus” automobiles, is his personal positive attitude, combined with superb business ethics and just an “all-around” great guy to know, be with and work with.

Jason has an active interest in researching every car that enters his shop.He is always accessible to his customers. He has assembled a talented team of specialists that understand and enjoy their work.

They exemplify ” restoration”. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is unmatched. Their desire, ability, and commitment to restore to better than new is evident in the finished product.
I have never seen an organization and its leader in this endeavor so committed to making not only the restoration community better, but the community at large. Jason and Company are always at hand to assist with a charity function.
I was first a customer, became a friend, and Read More

Because I am in this business a log time and Jason’s work never fails to impress me. And even more, it’s turned out at this quality level in a timely manner. He coordinates thses crazy, unique and complicated projects several at a time. He never “over restores”. AND still has time to host first rate car community gathering projects often (like cars and coffee’s) at his shop. Jason is absolutely the real deal. I know a ton of restorers and Read More

Jason’s shop does the best work I have ever seen.I have been collecting cars for many years and his work is top shelf.

Jason is a total gearhead, loves fine, rare Automobiles and can find something exciting about (almost …) anything on 4 tires. A warm, friendly attitude, utter competence at his craft, a staff of experienced artisans completes Jason’s ability to offer every service desired to owners; from exceptional automobiles to the more “common-yet-beloved” cars everyone loves. He’s a first-class guy with a first-class shop; I know this because I brought him a 1929 Peerless (one of 3 known survivors) a few Read More