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1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint

Introduced in 1951, the 1900 was Alfa Romeo’s first post-war design and the first model intended for series-production. It was also the world’s first such car available with both a twin-cam engine and a five-speed gearbox – and there was synchromesh on every ratio. Given Alfa Romeo’s history, it was […]

No Longer The King

It’s painful to watch once high-performing veteran athletes in the last years of their careers, as they try desperately to hold on to their departing glory. We see less of their past brilliance than of their current diminished capabilities. I thought about this while piloting my ’64 Ferrari 330 America […]

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

The Giulia range was introduced by Alfa Romeo in 1962, sharing similar bodies and identical chassis to the earlier Giulietta series. Engine capacity was increased, however, to 1570cc and the gearbox now housed five forward ratios instead of the Giulietta’s four. The increased engine capacity provided 12bhp more, but more […]

The Never-Ending Auction

If I were running an auction company, I’d be paying more than a little attention to the proliferation of cars being sold through the Internet. While much of the hype about the Internet is admittedly overblown, nonetheless there are trends emerging that bear watching.Amongst the proliferating on-line auction sites, the […]

Bring on the Mosquitoes

Would you have bought it anyway?That’s what we seem to be asked most frequently about our 1964 Ferrari 330 America, pulled from a barn in Butte, Montana last October.As the bills pile up, and the car remains stationary, that’s a fair question.Since taking delivery of S/N 330GT5077, we’ve had Nasko […]

They Shoot Pintos, Don’t They?

Although Peter Egan at Road & Track probably doesn’t pen his monthly column just to goad us into philosophical musings about the hobby we share, nonetheless he’s done it again. In a recent column, he writes of stumbling across a derelict TR4 in a barnyard, and making the obligatory $50 […]

1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spring Zagato

Alfa Romeo’s successful Giulietta range debuted in 1954 with the arrival of the Bertone-styled Sprint coupe, the Berlina saloon not appearing until the succeeding season. Veloce models with improved performance followed, and the agile Giulietta SV quickly established an enviable record in production car racing, notable victories including a Granturismo […]

When Old Cars Were New

“It was a grand time to be writing about cars,” said Car and Driver’s Brock Yates at the recent International Automotive Media Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was referring to the ’60s and early ’70s, when the horsepower race between American manufacturers was in full swing, Ford was locked […]

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super

The Giulia TI was Alfa Romeo’s flagship performance saloon in the 1960s and became a popular choice with the Italian police force of the era. The exceptional Giulia TI pictured here not only boasts a contemporary racing pedigree, having competed in the 1964 Solitude Rally driven by Heinz Heinrich, but […]

A Red Egg for Christmas

Our day started innocently enough. Seven-year-old daughter Alexandra and I headed to a local swap meet in search of a pre-’55 American car to use in Martin Swig’s La Carrera Nevada event. While wading through the rusting junk, a.k.a. valuable restorable collector cars, she pulled suddenly at my sleeve.“Look Daddy, […]