Associated Platinum Record: 39180


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  1. Description says “Presented in as new condition”. However, the VIN quoted is incorrect (HBJ88L29107 (one too many “8s”), the car has a light configuration under the headlamps consistent with a body number from 76138 and up, whereas its body number was probably 73XXX (as 29104 body is 73926 and 29115 body is 73938). Even high-dollar restorations have been found with messed-up identities. Although possible to be registered as a ’66, 29107 was built in late September 1964. The (incorrect) dual lights under the headlamps could mislead someone to think the car was, indeed, built in 1966.

  2. Reported in Sports Car Market (Nov 03, page 75) that 29107 was a ’65, was Ice Blue. Automobile Magazine (Nov 03, page 123) stated that is was restored to “Concours-winning standard” and “sold at $90,201”. The photo of the car above shows it is not “Ice Blue”, but apparently Black. Would a concours-winning car in 2003 be completely re-painted two years later? Is this the same car as in 2003?