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The Shops’ Side of Restos Gone Bad

The ink was barely dry on “When Restorations Go Bad” (March 2016, p. 42) when Legal Files received an email from George Medynski: “Nice article. But call me anytime if you want the other side of the story.” I’m always happy to start a quest with a thrown gauntlet, so […]

Jim’s Blog: When do you DIY?

Old American cars are hard to kill. Park your Chevrolet or Ford for a year or so and you’ll see what I mean. Other than a dead battery, I’m willing to bet nothing bad will have happened, save for maybe some stale fuel. Charge it up, clean out the tank, […]

Jim’s Blog: Outsmarting Restoration Problems

Old cars offer an un-ending supply of small problems to solve. Figuring out creative solutions — especially for the serious head-scratchers — is one of my favorite things about classic car ownership. Here’s a project I’m working on right now.   A few months back, I wrote about finding a […]