1971 Citroën SM Coupe

What makes this Citroën SM special is that it is as close to a new car as is possible to be following a no-expense-spared restoration. It was given to the renowned Garage du Lac, run by Vincent Crescia in Switzerland, for a total mechanical and body rebuild.

New or refurbished parts were fitted throughout, and the gearbox, running gear, steering, wiring, hydraulic and cooling systems were all restored to new. The body was completely dismantled and elements that showed any defect were replaced, with the rest sanded, stripped and prepared before being repainted. Any accessory that was less than perfect was replaced.

To restore the interior, the owner went to Barron-Sellier in Lyon, who re-upholstered the car in tobacco-colored leather. They also put leather trim on the dashboard, steering wheel, glove box, sun visor, rear shelf and part of the pedals. The wool carpets are also trimmed in leather.

Today, the car is part of a British collection that was featured in Octane magazine. Presented in metallic brown with alloy wheels, this coupe is equipped with the famous 2.7-liter V6 170 bhp engine developed by Maserati. Mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, the engine powers the car to 220 km/h (136 mph) in the total comfort and safety provided by the hydraulic system. These qualities have brought the car great success in rallying, including victory in the 1971 Rallye du Maroc.

This coupe is without a doubt one of the most stunning examples it is possible to buy. By returning this car to as-new condition, the owner has paid a fitting tribute to one of the most extraordinary Gran Turismo cars of its generation, both technically and stylistically.