Welcome to the 2024 Sports Car Market Pocket Price Guide. For this year’s edition, we have leveraged the expertise of our team of auction analysts and marque experts to bring you the smartest value guide in the collector car market. We asked each of our contributors to identify the models that make up the bulk of today’s auction action, cars that are both interesting to collectors and exciting to bidders. This clean-sheet approach yielded more than 1,000 valuations covering the breadth of the market and reflecting those vehicles that we report on every month in the pages of Sports Car Market.

We hope you use the Pocket Price Guide as a starting point for your research. Our price ranges are meant to get you in the “ballpark,” but we would be remiss if we did not also encourage you to dig deeper. There is more pricing information at hand today than ever before, from online sources such as the SCM Platinum Auction Database to sales results published by auction companies themselves. With online auctions happening around the clock, “current” prices can change almost as rapidly as in the stock market.

With easier access to information, we have seen condition and specification having a greater impact on sales prices. Buyers have been willing to pay up for the best quality cars. In certain segments, the market has begun moving more quickly. Some models have experienced sharp increases in sold prices, with every auction result topping the one previous, only to slide back in a matter of months when demand is satisfied. These trends just reinforce the need to do your homework in deciding how much to spend for any collector car.

That said, although our vehicles may be financial instruments, they are first and foremost cars. If you enjoy your collector cars, whether by driving or showing them or just admiring them in your garage, you have earned returns on your investment no matter the price.

— Jeff Sabatini, Editor-in-Chief, Sports Car Market

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