Keith’s Blog: What Cars Should Star on the 2021 SCM 1000?

We’re already talking about the SCM 1000 for 2021.

We always have a featured marque, although all cars from 1973 and earlier are welcome to apply. Your chances of being accepted are just a little better if you enter a featured-marque car.

In 2018 we featured Alfa Romeo. This year it was Porsche. In 2020, English cars will star on the SCM 1000.

I like the look of the field when it has a focus, with a smattering of outliers Read More

Keith’s Blog: Selling the SCM Sprint Speciale

I’m sticking to the 105 Series Alfa Romeos.

As I trim and adjust the SCM fleet, I’ve had to make some decisions about which cars appeal to me the most — and which ones work the best.

I’ve always thought that that the 105 Series pre-smog Alfas (roughly 1963-68) represented the high point of that period. They have 5-speed gearboxes, 4-wheel disc brakes, heaters that would drive you out of the car and reasonable creature comforts.

All of the cars Read More

Keith’s Blog: A Ford Falcon for the SCM 1000?

Last week I explored the two-pedal options for the 2020 SCM 1000. I was looking at cars from 1974 and earlier — and under $50,000.

Among the many thoughtful responses I got were those encouraging me not to overlook the compact American cars of that era. Suggested were Ford Falcons, Chevrolet Novas and Corvairs.

You can find decent driver examples of all of these for under $25,000. They are easy to make reliable, and once they are set right they Read More

Keith’s Blog: Which Slushbox for the 2020 SCM 1000?

I’m a planner. There’s always a chance that my clutch leg won’t be fully operational time for the 2020 SCM 1000.

I plan on driving the route, so I’ve been musing about affordable, 1974-and-earlier two-pedal options.

If I had an unreasonable budget, my first two choices would be either an Iso Lele or a Maserati Ghibli coupe. Both have engines powerful enough to mask the power-and-joy-robbing characteristics of the 3-speed automatics from that era.

However, both cars are well over Read More

Keith’s Blog: SCM’s Ferrari GT4 on Bring A Trailer

SCM’s beloved 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 is on Bring A Trailer at No Reserve!

Click here for the listing.

The auction ends Thursday at 1:35 p.m.

This is a remarkable car. I bought it from Fantasy Junction a year ago, flew down to Oakland with Bradley and drove it up the coast to Portland.

While Bradley (and my co-pilot Richard Lincoln’s dog Carrera) were a little cramped in the back seats, they made it.

This Ferrari has been documented Read More