Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight #10 – Steve Volk – Executive Director of the Shelby American Collection

This week, Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight focuses on Shelby American Collection Executive Director Steve Volk. Steve and host Darin Roberge discuss the collections inception, it’s direct relationship with Carroll Shelby, the incredible array of extraordinarily significant vehicles and memorabilia on display and how you can put a piece of Shelby history in your garage, while […]

Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight #9 – BREAKING NEWS with Ed Winkler – Co-Director of the Arizona Concours d’Elegance

BREAKING NEWS – THE ARIZONA CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE IS BACK! Ed Winkler, Co-Director of the Arizona Concours d’Elegance visits to talk about the all-new upcoming 2023 show, the new and improved event site, layout, categories and cars and what it took to pull all of it together. Join us every Monday night at 7:00 EST for […]

Keith’s Blog: No Need to Hurry

I attended my first Barrett-Jackson auction 30 years ago, in 1992. There might have been one or two other people on the plane to Phoenix from Portland who were going to the auction. At that time, it was a relatively unknown event. When I arrived, I recall being stunned and […]

Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight #8 – Blakley Leonard – Founder of the MB Market

Buy, Sell, Hold returns this week with a spotlight on The MB Market Founder Blakley Leonard. Blakley and host Darin Roberge examine the origins of Blakley’s fascination with Mercedes-Benz, the development and current positioning of The MB Market, advantages of selling on a marque exclusive platform and The MB Market’s involvement in the upcoming SCM 100 […]

Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight #7 – John Saccameno – Owner of Sport and Specialty Restoration

Buy, Sell, Hold returns this week with a spotlight on Sport and Specialty Restoration Owner John Saccameno. John and host Darin Roberge talk about past and present restorations, the future of the classic and collector service and restoration business and what you should and shouldn’t do when looking to have your new project restored.  Join […]

Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight #6 – J.R. Amantea – President & Founder of GT Motorcars

This week, Buy, Sell, Hold has a spotlight on GT Motorcars President and Founder J.R. Amantea. J.R. and host Darin Roberge discuss J.R.’s rise through the Concours judging scene, the building of the GT Motorcars market presence, and past and present inventory, including his recent acquisition of FIVE Ferrari F40’s. Join us every Monday night at 7:00 EST for new episodes of Buy, […]