Keith’s Blog: Would You Sign Up for the SCM Expedition?

Would you sign up for the SCM Expedition?

I watched with admiration and envy as the Copperstate 1000 added an off-road component. The Copperstate Overland is a six-day, five-night romp through the wilds of Arizona.

A fully-supported luxury “glamping” moment, it is open to pre-1979 rigs, and limited to just a handful of participants — less than twenty.

Accommodations are a mixture of hotels and luxury campsites.

This is not inexpensive. The entry fee for their September event is $11,500.

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Keith’s Blog: Don’t Forget to Ask About the Keys

I’ve gotten spoiled by Bring a Trailer.

One of the benefits of their bespoke listing format is that sellers have learned to be complete in their descriptions. If they are not, the BaT peanut gallery is sure to chime in.

A case in point. A friend of mine recently purchased a 14-year-old BMW from a private party.

When the car arrived, he discovered that it had only one key, and there were no owner’s manuals.

Getting another key and having Read More

Keith’s Blog: Which Car for a Road Trip?

In just a few days, Bradley and I will be heading out for a 1,600-mile road trip.

This journey is long overdue. It’s been almost two years since we threw our bags in the back of a car, put the top down and headed out from Portland.

Our travel and vacation options are limited in this COVID-19 era. Last December, Bradley and I went on a cruise in the Caribbean. I can’t imagine doing that now. We would be immersing Read More

Keith’s Blog: This Week a Ferrari Got Away!

Last week it was a 1975 Citroën DS23 that I backed off on. It sold for $37,800.

This week’s temptation was a 2003 Ferrari 456M GTA.

Matt Crandall at the Avant-Garde Collection is constantly getting in the way of my attempts be a thoughtful, patient collector.

I asked him to handle some of the title work on my SL 55 that arrived from California. He mentioned he has just listed a 456 on BaT and  “you might want to come Read More

Keith’s Blog: No Citroën for Me

When SCMer Greg Long listed a 1975 DS23 Pallas on Bring a Trailer, it caught my attention. In addition to being a very-late model with a 2.3-liter engine, it had a Citromatic 4-speed automatic that you shifted manually.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Citroëns.

Whenever I see one, my collector car heart starts to race just a little bit.

I owned a 1959 ID19 when I lived in San Francisco during the ‘70s.

I chased a Mehari for Read More

Keith’s Blog: The Uber Rollback Program

Three strikes and you’re out. That’s been my philosophy with old cars for some time.

Recognizing that a car that comes into the SCM Collection may not have been used regularly, I anticipate a period of unreliability as they are put into service.

However, our 1965 Volvo is testing my patience.

When it first arrived, I had specialist Cameron Lovre at Swedish Relics check out the car. He remedied many issues with the worn-out front suspension, dried-out window gaskets Read More

Keith’s Blog: A Father’s Day Trifecta

I celebrated Father’s Day in car-guy style.

In one day, my 13-year-old son Bradley and I drove special cars from three different eras.

We started by taking the 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce out of storage. My good friend Neil D’Autremont has been managing the SCM cars. The car was on the button.

I’ve owned this car for more than 30 years, and I have pictures of my daughter Alex (now 28) and Bradley in the same car when Read More

Keith’s Blog: Finding New Experiences in Paris — and with Cars

When my daughter Alexandra and I go to Paris, our dinner the first night is always at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte. It’s a European chain that is known for its steak and fries (frites) — and its savory green-tinged steak sauce.

Your only choices are how you want your meat prepared, and which wine you wish to accompany your dinner. You know exactly what you are getting and how it will taste. The restaurant never lets you down.

It’s always Read More

Every Car Is a Book

Think of the world of collectible cars as a giant lending library.

While every book is different, most have just five chapters.

Aware. Acquire. Activate. Exult. Farewell.

These are the five chapters that mark the relationship with every collector car that comes into your life. When the last chapter is completed, it’s time to close the book and return it to the shelf.

When its next caretaker selects the same volume, it is new to him or her — and Read More

Keith’s Blog: It’s All About the Suspension

As we shuffle the SCM car collection, one thing has become evident.

With an old car, the most important thing you can do is make sure its suspension is in top shape.

By their nature, sports cars that are now a half-century old have not had easy lives. In addition to being driven hard, nearly every one of them has gone through owners with modest budgets and even more modest mechanical skills. So they have suffered minimalist repairs — often Read More