Month: October 2023

Keith’s Blog: A Tale of Two Slushboxes

At a certain point during my recovery from my stroke, I decided to look for classic cars with automatic transmissions. While universally loathed by enthusiasts — including me — I hoped that maybe I was just overlooking what might be a decent motoring experience. I bought two automatics. The first […]

Keith’s Blog: My Favorite Things

Last week I asked you to pick four cars for a $500,000 collection. Your many and diverse answers can be seen below this blog. This week I’ll tell you what my three-car collection would be, and why. I’m not setting a price boundary for myself, as market value has nothing […]

Highway Star

1977 Toyota Carina S/N TA31012280. 4,200 miles. “1.6-liter inline-4, 4-speed manual transmission, yellow, white and blue paint, black vinyl with cloth inserts, widened 13-inch steel wheels with Advan rain tires, AE86 coil-over suspension, Celica Works over fenders, Vitaloni Sebring mirrors, Celica front spoiler, ‘Slit Spoiler’ rear diffuser, Momo steering wheel, […]

Big Benz Bang for the Buck

There aren’t many high-end sports cars that become truly affordable, both in purchase price and in real cost of ownership. The 2002–08 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, however, is one such unicorn. Typical market prices are less than the cost of a new Toyota Camry, and you get a sweet supercharged V8 […]

Big Damage, Limited Recovery

It sure seemed like a great idea. “Pete” was flying all the way across the country for Monterey Car Week, and there was a Ferrari he wanted for sale in Monterey. He planned to check out the car, buy it if it was a good one, and ship it back […]

Auf Wiedersehen

We filled the tank of our 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG for the first time on July 1, 2020. The odometer read 45,389 miles. We had purchased it from a collector in the Los Angeles area for $22,500. SCM Contributor Philip Richter had urged — no, commanded — me to buy […]

Keith’s Blog: Your $500k Car Collection

We do this exercise every so often. I offer a target and you start throwing darts. We played the original version on an SCM tour bus headed to the vintage Monaco GP. I think our target then was $25,000. Times have changed. Here’s today’s challenge: Tell us your four-car collection […]

Keith’s Blog: BMW E30 vs. Volvo 240

There’s been plenty of discussion about how Bring a Trailer has changed the world of collecting. The simplest example goes back to the early days of SCM. When we wrote about a Ferrari Dino selling at Barrett-Jackson, the magazine was the only place that sale would be covered in any […]