Keith Martin

Keith’s Blog: How Many Cars Do You Need?

It’s the eternal recurring question for gearheads. How many cars to you really need? Usually, the answer is determined by how many parking spaces you have. But for the moment let’s assume you have unlimited space. I have found that when you get beyond five or six cars, you are […]

Keith’s Blog: How Alfa Romeo Lost to Porsche

In 1964, Alfa Romeo and Porsche were roughly on par with their mass-production cars. The 356C and the Giulia Spider Veloce had similar performance. But by 1970 the two companies were worlds apart and have continued to diverge. Two things happened. First, in 1965 Porsche introduced the 6-cylinder 911. It […]

Keith’s Blog: More Christmas Wishes

Last week we talked about the care and feeding of SCM’s 2006 Lotus Elise, 1971 Mercedes 250C and 2000 Land Rover Discovery II and what they each needed to be considered “in service.” Our 1971 Jaguar E-type V12 coupe has turned out to be our “go-to” car for long distance […]