Keith’s Blog: Upgrading Your Cars

When the SCM 1965 Volvo 122S automatic arrived last week, SCMer Dean Koehler arrived to inspect the car.

Dean is the founder and the self-appointed Volvocrat of the PDX Round Fender Volvo Club. He’s also the iron-fisted content arbiter of the PDX Volvos FB page.

As he walked around “ELF” (my powder-blue 122S) he immediately and emphatically said, “Just don’t touch anything on the car. Leave it alone. Don’t modify it like you always do. It runs fine now.”

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Keith’s Blog: Caravan to Concorso Is Back!

Mark your calendars.

The third annual Caravan to Concorso will leave Portland on Saturday, August 8.

With the addition of the Volvo 122 Automatic to the SCM fleet, I’ve got a ride even if my clutch leg isn’t completely up to snuff.

Any pre-1975 car is welcome. Aside from providing a route and cities for overnight stops, we will be on our own. We’ll just head south on I-5, cut over to the coast near Eugene, then follow 101 South.

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Keith’s Blog: Should I Sell the SS?

The 1961 Alfa Sprint Speciale is finally coming back to life. Nasko has built an all-new gearbox for it, using the original small-bushing tailpiece but with updated synchros inside. It’s been road-tested and is ready to go.

The gray and red leather upholstery and gray carpets that Matt Jones had made in Bologna is being shipped to Guy’s Interior Restorations as we speak. He figures a couple of weeks to get in installed.

My asking price of $120,000 seems to Read More

Keith’s Blog: Scottsdale — It’s the People, Not the Cars

I’m just back from five days in the Sonoran desert.

My time there was a whirlwind of visiting auctions, receptions, participating in seminars and reconnecting with friends old and new.

This week reinforced my belief that the primary secret sauce of land auctions is the social opportunities they provide. They are a car-collector magnet, bringing people with common interests from all walks of life and from locations around the world.

An online auction offers other advantages, but it can never Read More

Keith’s Blog: Heading South

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Scottsdale.

Last year, I missed the desert action for the first time in three decades.

But not this year.

I’ll see you first at the SCM Insider’s Seminar on Thursday morning, at 9:30 am in the Gooding & Company Auction Tent. “Priced to Sell, Determining Value in an Uncertain Market” is the topic. Donald Osborne, Steve Serio, Carl Bomstead and I will be there to share our thoughts and answer your questions.

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Keith’s Blog: Give Yourself a Winter Drive

This January, if the weather allows, block out an afternoon to get behind the wheel of one of your vintage cars and just go driving. Having some friends join you in their old cars would make it even better.

Pick a destination that requires driving on some interesting roads. Even better, have a nice place to eat with a decent view as the destination.

Reflect on each of the steps below – things that you may do automatically. Don’t take Read More

Keith’s Blog: Cruising into the Holiday Season

I’m sitting in the observation suite on board the Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas.

A 15-deck Freedom-class cruise ship, it is 1,112 feet long (almost four football fields) and displaces 155,889 tons.

I thought a Caribbean cruise would be a total escape from cars for me and my son, Bradley, but there was a modern Morgan on display in the three-story central promenade. We didn’t try to buy it.

Bradley and I enjoy cruises. They are trips where I Read More

Keith’s Blog: What Cars Should Star on the 2021 SCM 1000?

We’re already talking about the SCM 1000 for 2021.

We always have a featured marque, although all cars from 1973 and earlier are welcome to apply. Your chances of being accepted are just a little better if you enter a featured-marque car.

In 2018 we featured Alfa Romeo. This year it was Porsche. In 2020, English cars will star on the SCM 1000.

I like the look of the field when it has a focus, with a smattering of outliers Read More