Keith Martin

Keith’s Blog: Touring is Back

It’s been two years since I have been on a tour. I first had some medical challenges, which were followed directly by the pandemic. Effectively car events have been off-limits for me for a long time. But as we gradually emerge from our health crisis, a thoughtful return to normal […]

Keith’s Blog: Caravan to Concorso is a Go!

Are you ready for an adventure? A tour with no route book, no pre-determined places to eat and where you make your own reservations? Where anything that moves under its own power is welcome? If so, considering joining us in our annual pilgrimage from the Pacific Northwest to Monterey. Here’s […]

Keith’s Blog: Touring for Cars Old and New

We’ve been kicking around some thoughts about sports cars tours. I wanted to share them with you and get your reactions. I believe the future of tours will revolve around events that involve driving, immersion in the geography and culture of the areas you are in, and nightly “Conversations with […]

Keith’s Blog: The SCM Volvo is Gone

For $21,000, someone has become the new owner of the SCM Volvo 122S. Our friends at Avant-Garde Collection listed it for us on Bring a Trailer. “Being an automatic really held it back. If it had been a stick with overdrive it would easily have brought another $10,000,” said the […]