Keith Martin

Keith’s Blog: Touring for Cars Old and New

We’ve been kicking around some thoughts about sports cars tours. I wanted to share them with you and get your reactions. I believe the future of tours will revolve around events that involve driving, immersion in the geography and culture of the areas you are in, and nightly “Conversations with […]

Keith’s Blog: The SCM Volvo is Gone

For $21,000, someone has become the new owner of the SCM Volvo 122S. Our friends at Avant-Garde Collection listed it for us on Bring a Trailer. “Being an automatic really held it back. If it had been a stick with overdrive it would easily have brought another $10,000,” said the […]

Keith’s Blog: Which Car to Monterey?

We are gearing up for our annual Caravan to Concorso. Run “cowboy-style” as tribute to Martin Swig’s love of irreverent motoring, we know only a few things for sure. Everyone is welcome, but sports cars are preferred. There are no entry fees or route books. You’ll get an SCM hat […]

Keith’s Blog: A Ferrari Afternoon

I’ve been driving sports cars on Marmot Road since 1969. That was the year I moved from San Francisco to Portland to attend Reed College. Over the past decades, I’ve discovered a variety of ways to go from my home, loop around Mt. Hood and return. I’ve driven my “Circuit […]