A few weeks ago, in my discussion of how I bid online, I mentioned the different models I was watching. I concluded by saying that Chevrolet Corvairs and Porsche Macans were also currently on my watch list.

Looking at online auctions is a lot like no-risk fishing. You bait your hook by putting cars on your “notify me” or “watch list,” then go on about your daily activities. Every now and then, without warning, your electronic bobber disappears under the surface as your list gets a hit.

The no-risk part is that once you have a successful strike, you are not committed to reel in your catch. You can just do some casual browsing and decide how interested you really are.

Because I’m not really in the market, I don’t have to have a logical or defensible reason to watch any particular car. A vague interest is all that is required.

With Macans, I have been entertaining the idea that a more modern Porsche that would hold my mobility scooter might be worth considering. Right now, our 2000 Land Rover Disco II does an admirable job. On the plus side, despite its 240,000 miles (my son Bradley calls it “the moon rover,” as it has traveled far enough to have gone to the moon), it has been reliable. Doug Shipman at Ship’s Mechanicals keeps it well-fettled. I doubt that it is worth much more than $7,500. Sadly, with the upgrades we have done to it we have about $15,000 “invested,” so selling it is not going to put a wad of dough in our pockets.

I recently had an Uber ride in a new Toyota RAV4 and was impressed by the comfort and layout of the cabin. A friend noted that he thought the Macan had a similar feel, so I spent some time in a Macan cockpit. Indeed, it were attractive, purposeful and comfortable.

I put the Macan on my watch list and soon enough they started popping up.

I’ve learned that they are not cheap to buy and if you are unlucky (think: transfer case or PDK problems), not cheap to own. Like so many newer cars, your best bet is to get a used one from a dealer with a CPO warranty that will cover you for your years of ownership.

What can I expect to pay? $40k to $50k should get me a three-year-old car with a clean CARFAX and reasonable miles.

However, this does not compare well to the zero dollars it will cost me to keep our Disco. Just think, I’m already $50k ahead! Reinforcing this is the fact that we seem to be putting about 3,000 miles a year on the Disco, with a couple of mild Rover Club trail runs and weekly drives to the ski slopes in the winters.

So at no cost and with no stress, I was able to go Macan hunting and make a decision that as of today, keeping the Disco is a better choice. Thank you, online auctions, for the lesson.

Next, we’ll discuss Corvairs, Avantis and Corvette C3s.

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  1. I bought a 2017 Macan S in 2020 when I retired. It came from a dealer and had 29,000 miles, but was not CPO so I bought a 5 year Porsche extended warranty. The warranty has paid for itself fixing small problems like a valve cover oil leak and a thermal housing leak. Porsches are not cheap to fix.
    I’ve taken several long trips like Seattle Palm Springs, and Seattle to Rennsport. I’ve owned a lot of cars, and in my experience it’s the greatest road trip car of all time.
    I also own a ‘69 912. My grandson is fond of telling me I don’t own two Porsches, I own one Porsche and “a truck”. They are versatile as heck, especially if you can find one with factory roof rails.
    Life is short. Buy the Macan!

  2. Get a Stelvio.

  3. Thanks for the info. Lack of dealer support on the Alfas scares me.

  4. For greater reliability why not a Lexus GX460? Instead of status not smarts like Range Rovers and Porsche, you get reasonable accommodations, capacity and average fuel mileage.

  5. A Macan lets me keep going on Porsche events. Not many active Lexus clubs.

    • You should get a Macan and enjoy the Porsche events. Stop thinking about the cost and justification to buy or not to buy another brand.

  6. Paul Simon: …God makes His plan, the information’s unavailable to the mortal man.

    If I were to suggest that a Macan is not a real Porsche, in the way that my X Type wagon is not a real Jaguar, I might offend someone, or provoke them. But I wouldn’t try to hang the hat of Porsche affiliation solely on a Macan. So, now that I HAVE offended everybody, let me point out that Keith Martin is automatically welcome at marque gatherings where the rest of us might not be without a key fob. For capacity, reliability, and overall satisfaction, I think the Lexus is hard to beat, even if it is a little less exciting. What about a Panamera?

    Oh, and please, whenever possible, let us refrain from mentioning grandchildren in these comments- I already feel old. Why rub it in?

    • A Panamera doesn’t really do a great job of carrying his mobility scooter. I’ve had one a couple times as a loaner, and although I think they are great cars, I find them hard to get in and out of. I’ll stick with the Macan.

  7. Hi Keith, buy a Macan. I’m on my 3rd GTS and am a self-confessed Porsche nut have owned all the early good stuff viz;’ all the esses and a ’73 RS. The latter was outstanding but as I regularly tell my mates, the Macan is the 2nd best Porsche I’ve ever owned! Don’t think I’ll be buying an electric one tho. An ICE model does me just fine.

    • Ditto to Ian, my GF picked up her 2019GTS ( 0nly 58k mileage ) as a daily driver for reasonable money and 3rd party warranty. this may one of the best Car -trucks I’ve driven briskly. Plenty of uumph, selectable suspension, super comfy for 4, etc etc. I couldn’t be more please. And to the Lexus vs Porsche,; Lexus may wear the durability – reliability contest, yet a Macan will win the smiles per miles evaluation everytime. Never stop driving. Cheers

  8. Not interested in a Panamera. My Hyundai Sonata does everything I need in a 4 door for much less $$$$

  9. I am looking forward to hearing about the C3 vettes.

    BTW I get grief all of the time for my SRT-10 Ram (Viper Truck) from all o fmy Viper friends. I just reply back that I look so much cooler then they do every time i enter or exit the truck.

    Kool points disappear when you struggling to get in or out at cars and coffee.