1985 Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupe

One of the most influential designs of recent decades, the Audi Quattro brought four-wheel drive into the motoring mainstream. Introduced in 1980, the Quattro was based on the outwardly similar coupe’s body shell but used a different floor pan to accommodate its four-wheel-drive transmission and independent rear suspension.

Phenomenally fast and sure-footed on the road, the Quattro excelled in international rallying, winning the Manufacturers Championship for Audi in 1982 and 1984 and the Drivers Championship in ’83 and ’84, but its enduring legacy would be the demonstration of four-wheel drive’s advantages for passenger cars. Since then, Audi has gone on to apply its Quattro 4WD system to many other models but only the original (or “Ur”) version is spelled with a capital Q.

The rare Audi Quattro Sport was originally manufactured in April 1985 (confirmed by Audi AG) and delivered new to Oman, where it was purchased by Richard Davies on November 13, 1986. It shows no signs of ever being used for competitions. Mr. Davies kept the car in Oman and used it until August 1990. There is a 1990 service invoice and an Omani registration document on file. The car was imported into the U.K. later that same year by Mr. Davies and registered as B702RJF. The current owner purchased the car in August 2001, and it was subsequently resprayed in Proteo Red Mica, its current livery. It has been in storage for the past seven years, the last MoT being issued in November 2006 at 52,554 kilometers (approximately 32,600 miles).

The Quattro is currently undergoing engine work (change of belts, etc.) and a partial respray to the front end, where it was damaged some years ago prior to storage. Currently with MoT, the car also comes with Swansea V5C document and a file of supporting documentation.

Jeff Zurschmeide

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