1993-95 Mazda RX-7

The final iteration of the RX-7 was either the greatest track weapon the world has ever known or the harshest street machine to bottom out on the lip of a driveway

The mid-priced sports car market of the early 1990s was one the meanest parties on the planet. Japanese supercars like Mitsubishi’s 3000GT, Toyota’s Supra and Nissan’s 300ZX were giving the Corvette a run for its money. With the hot new Miata Read More

Stefan Lombard

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Cars have been the thing since his earliest years, and he still owns enough Tyco electric track to reconstruct the Nürburgring. Unlike most gearheads, he didn’t get his first car until age 24—a completely un-sporty, un- collectible 1980 Volvo, which he cherished on the snowy roads of Montana. He spends his days immersed in the two great joys of his life—words and cars—and reckons there is no better job out there. He lives with his wife Shannon in Portland, Oregon. They are expecting their first child in April.

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