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Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight is Sports Car Market Magazine’s flagship YouTube show. Each week, host Darin Roberge sits down with some of the Collector Car Markets most active, interesting and influential minds, and they discuss marketplace news, trends, events and of course, the best cars to buy, sell and hold.

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Pacers, Pintos and Vegas, Oh My! Looking at overlooked affordable Americans from the 1970s: AMC Gremlin, AMC Pacer, Ford Pinto, Mercury Bobcat, Chevrolet Vega

SCM contributors Lowell Paddock, former GM senior executive, and Philip Richter, founder of Turtle Garage, take a light-hearted look at some underappreciated American cars from the 1970s. Was the Chevy Vega too much too soon? Are the AMC Gremlin and Pacer overlooked classics? Is a Ford Pinto wagon worth seeking […]

A Mercedes-Benz Four-Door Missile and DTM superstar. Looking at the potent and powerful 1984 to 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190 E-16V Einspritzen

Sports Car Market Publisher Keith Martin and SCM Contributor and German car authority Philip Richter examine the fascinating story behind the Mercedes-Benz 190E-16V. Whether in 2.3-16V or 2.5-16V form, find out what makes this four-door racing car for the street an affordable alternative to the E30 BMW M3. 

Having their moment in the sun, the 1989 to 2001 Mercedes-Benz R129 (SL 280, 300 SL, SL 320, 500 SL, SL 500, 600SL, SL 600) takes off in the market.

SCM Contributor and German car authority Philip Richter examines the Mercedes-Benz R129 SL Class(SL 280, 300 SL, SL 320, 500 SL, SL 500, 600SL, SL 600) to see what’s driving their increasing popularity in the market. One of Bruno Sacco’s most timeless designs and with everything from an inline and […]

29. Cici Muldoon

 Cici Muldoon studied physics and finance at Princeton University and holds a phD in Experimental atomic and laser physics from Oxford University. She is a full member of the International Chief Judge Advisory Group known as ICJAG, for whom she acts as PR director, and is a steering committee […]

28. Randy Nonnenberg

 Randy Nonnenberg is the Co-founder and President of Bring a Trailer, an online auction marketplace for collectible vehicles and more. He is from Northern California and worked in engineering and production at Audi and BMW for 10 years before taking the leap and working at Bring a Trailer full […]