I know it. You’re probably thinking what kind of an idiot wants a collection of cars from 2003?

Well, what kind of idiot buys cars that jump out on the auction block? What kind of idiot goes after just one make of car? What kind of idiot goes after cars of a certain time?

It’s all just different flavors of the same disease that unites us — collecting cars.

So, why 2003 in particular?

Well, a specific year is a specific goal for a collection, which puts on focus on the cars, which — at least to me — is far better than the random scattershot of “Oooh, shiny paint.”

Second, I graduated high school that year and liked the cars I saw then. Tell me that story doesn’t sound at least a little familiar.

My 2003 wish list is:
Ford Focus SVT
Subaru Impreza WRX
Mercury Marauder
Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
Mini Cooper S
Hyundai Tiburon

Next time, I’ll break down why each car made the cut.

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