Who else enjoyed a raucous night on Saint Patrick’s Day at home?

Anyone, anyone, anyone?

Maybe the bars/pubs/lounges are still open in your area, and you had a chance at some normalcy in these odd times.

You’re not going to find any sense of that in the auction calendar.

In addition to RM Auctions moving their Palm Beach sale exclusively online and Barrett-Jackson kicking their Palm Beach sale down the road six months to mid-October, Bonhams has just announced that their sale at the Greenwich Concours has been canceled along with the concours. The Connecticut events are expected to resume next year.

Furthermore, late Monday evening MAG announced that their mid-April collector-car auction has been canceled following the advice of the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services. Their next sale will be their summer sale in Reno, NV, August 6–8.

I don’t think I’ve looked forward to summer this much since I had to worry about my GPA.

However, we’re not there yet. Maybe this is a good time to take that car you were going to consign (or had already) and punch it up a level. That could mean the deepest clean it’s ever received. Or maybe that means properly running wiring in a loom within the engine bay.

If you’re going to be hanging out around the house for the next little while, spend some time with your car as well. Just let the hangover pass first.

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