By now, many of us are getting used to days at home. Oregon’s governor mandated a stay-at-home policy on March 23, so it’s been two weeks-plus at home for most of ACC’s staff, although I started a week earlier since I’m part hermit.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that has the ability to work from home and the days of the week still mean something to you. Perhaps the days are blurring together and the best way you can mark time is counting the finished projects in the garage or around the house. Or maybe the more efficient way would be to count the mounting beer cars in the bin.

However you are marking time during the pandemic, I’m sure looking at a calendar is not of much use right now. If anything, it’s a reminder of all of the activities you’d normally be participating in right now.

There is a date on the calendar that auction companies have circled and you can look forward to as well — June 27.

That last Saturday in June will see six sales happening, with four of them within the U.S. Yes, it is over 11 weeks away, but it doesn’t hurt to have something to look forward to.

Leake announced on Monday that their Tulsa sale will slide down the calendar from earlier in June to June 26–27.

Mecum moved their Indianapolis sale to run from June 23 to 28. The 2,000-car mega sale is still consigning cars, with some incredible early Shelby Mustangs and L88 Corvettes among the featured lots.

Oh yeah, if those weren’t enough cars for you, Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast sale was originally scheduled for that now-packed weekend.

Another sales happening on or around June 27 include Vicari’s Dalton, GA, sale.

Two previously scheduled auctions have postponed their sales, but dates to be determined. Raleigh Classics had their summer sale scheduled on that weekend, and VanDerBrink Auctions had the Denny “Kannonball” Kannenberg Collection slated for that weekend as well.

If you happen to be in Europe at the time, or still stuck there, make your way to Essen, DEU, for the rescheduled Techno Classica Essen, where both RM Sotheby’s and Coys will be hosting sales alongside the car show.

Now, none of this is set in stone. We all see by now how fluid this situation is, and how the only one controlling the timeline is the novel coronavirus.

Stay at home, stay healthy, and we’ll get on with it in a while.

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