This Week’s Classic Mystery Photo

After being discharged from the RAF, Frank Whittle relieved his boredom by tinkering with a recovered secret Messerschmitt prototype. In the process, he invented drag racing, the “rail”, the flame paint job, and [Michael May and Jim Hall notwithstanding] became the first to mount a wing on a groundbound vehicle.” — Paul Nieman


The monthly Mystery Photo has been an SCM tradition for 25 years. Each week, we’ll share one of our “greatest hits” photos from the past and give you a chance to provide a new witty and provocative caption. Each week’s winner will be announced in the Newsletter. Share your caption for this week’s photo in the comments below. Subscribe to SCM and enjoy a brand new Mystery Photo contest each month.

Tony Piff

Tony Piff - SCM Auctions Editor and Photographer - %%page%%

Tony has long trumpeted the virtues of collecting Japanese cars. His daily driver is a 1970 Toyota Hilux — the one with the turn signals on top of the fenders. His popular “Rising Sun” column keeps a pulse on the J-tin market.

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