Sheehan Speaks

Room for Four

Mechanics, parts suppliers and restoration shops do not discriminate; Ferrari parts and labor do not relate to market value (Part I: More seats, less money. The early 2+2s) {vsig}2007-8_2044{/vsig} In the late 1950s, Aston Martin and Maserati found a very lucrative market niche supplying GT cars to owners who wanted […]

Whipping the Prancing Pony

When it comes to older Ferraris, what once was supercar performance is now dated, and speed costs money. How fast do you want to go? {vsig}2007-7_2053{/vsig} There’s always been a direct connection between how much fun your sports car is, and how fast it goes. Best of all is a […]

Enzo Crashes: Repeat as Needed

This Enzo was a stunt car in the filming of “Redline,” and had unquestionably been used hard and put away wet {vsig}2007-6_2022{/vsig} As virtually everyone in the car world knows, on March 26 actor Eddie Griffin crashed a Ferrari Enzo at Irwindale Raceway in L.A. while practicing for a promotion […]