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 XAMINE 151 CoiNCTO  INSIDER'S GUIDE TO MIMI SPORTS CAR MARKET1 Keith Martin's Guide to Collecting Classic, Antique, Sports & Muscle Cars Celebrating 15 Years of Sports Car Market 1989-2003 INSIDE: • Affordable Classic - 1992 Corvette LT1 Convertible JULY 2003 • Exploding the Myth of the $6,000 912 • Five Onsite Auction Reports • Should Your Insurance Company Fix Your Gearbox? USA $5.95 CANADA $8.95 WWW.SPORTSCARMARKET COM • '37 Garton Zephyr Pedal Car Cheap at $3,410

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RM AUCTIONS INC. THE DOUBLETREE HOTEL AT FISHERMAN'S WHARF, MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA AUGUST 15&16, 2003 1967 ASTON MARTIN DB6 1937 MERCEDES-BENZ 540K SPORT CABRIOLET 1966 CORVETTE 427 COUPE 111111111111MEINIES• 1967 FERRARI 330 GT BY MICHELOTTI 1970 JAGUAR XKE ROADSTER 1957 JAGUAR D TYPE REPLICA MIKE FAIRBAIRN  TERRY LARSON  TODD WERTMAN  JACK C BOXSTROM  800-211-4371 inike@rmauctions.com 480-984-8501 tIarsonOrmatictions.com 866-762-8284 loddOrmauctions.com 613-476-9132 jackOrmauctions.com PATRICK VAN SCHOOTE....858-454-1800 patrock@rmauctions.com JOHN KRUSE  260-925-6789 jkruse @ rmauctions.com ROB MYERS  DONNIE GOULD  KEN WALLACE  DAN SPENDICK  JONATHAN HOOKER  800-211-4371 rob @ rmauctions.com 954-566-2209 dgould@rmauctuons.com 734-547-2400 kwallace@rmauctions.com 905-206-1500 dspendick@rmauctions com 519-352-4575 jhooker(Prmauctions.com 800-211-4371 ONE CLASSIC CAR DRIVE, BLENHEIM, ONTARIO, CANADA NOP 1A0 TEL: 519-352-4575  FAX: 519-351-1337

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SPORTS CAR MARKET ; Keith Martin, Publisher  Vol. 15, #7 The Dean is back and gets $61,480 for this '68 Shelby GT 500 at Auburn. ON -SITE MARKET REPORTS 46 Collector Cars Intl Branson, mo 54 Kruse International Auburn, IN 59 Bonhams & Butterfields Brookline, MA 66 Silver Auctions Reno, NV 70 Bonhams PROFILES 26 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC Phil Hill's choice as a great GT. 32 1967 Lotus Elan Sprint S3 coupe As reliable as the Chicago Cubs. 36 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider Brilliantly written ad brings top dollar. 38 1973 Citroen SM coupe Only moderately ugly. 40 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS A true first-tier collectible. 43 1948 Lincoln Convertible V12 coupe What price fun? 4  Newport Pagnell, UK COLUMNS 6 Shifting Gears Keith Martin 8 The Inside Line Cindy Banzer 1 5 Affordable Classics 1992 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 convertible by Mike Yager 16 Ask The X-Perts '70 GSX Stage II by SCM Analysts 1 8 Legal Files The Covered Gearbox by Alex Leventhal 28 Sheehan Speaks Boanos on Boats by Michael Sheehan 41 Porsche Gesprech The $6k 912 Myth by Jim Schrager 74 Bike Buys 1985-2003 Yamaha V-Max by Paul Duchene 75 Motobilia 1937 Pedal Car by Carl Bomstead 84 eWatch Selling My Resto-Rod by Carl Bomstead DEPARTMENTS 10 Auction Calendar 12 You Write, We Read 13 Display Advertisers Index 20 SCM Picks Monterey Weekend: Four pages of insider's tips 44 Comments With Your Renewals 44 Vintage Rally Calendar 73 Fresh Meat 74 Mystery Photo 76 Reviews 78 Mystery Photo Answers 78 Twenty Year Picture 81 Neat Stuff 81 Glovebox Notes CLASSIFIEDS 30 Ferrari 34 English 37 Alfa Romeo 39 Etceterini 39 Vintage Race Cars 42 German 44 American 79 Super Showcase Gallery 80 Showcase Gallery 82 Resource Directory 48 1957 Chevy Bel Air Fresh nut & bolt restoration brings $57,240 at Branson. 62 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 It's a Lambo love-fest as Bonhams & Butterfields gets $70,500 for GT with older restoration. 69 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28 Coupe Forty-degree temperatures don't stop Mitch Silver from achieving $35,700 for factory-coded Z28. Sports Car Market

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cc  1111111111ww--- I've probably anven as many miles  I. on antique auto tours as anyone"... ■••• • ' • And Grundy's Complete Coverage Lets Me Tour With Confidence. Finally, a collector car insurance program that is sensitive to your needs and your wallet. • AGREED VALUE COVERAGE • NO MILEAGE LIMITATIONS • HIGH LIABILITY LIMITS AVAILABLE Find Out How Much You Can Save. Call for a fast, accurate quote: 800-338-4005 or log on to: www.grundy.com for a real-time quote in all 50 states. 400 1 lorsham Road, Box 1957, Horsham, PA 19044 WORLDWIDE — 1932 Stutz .  • •  • • Richie CR ne — Director of the Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

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Shifting Gears / Keith Martin Black Lfis and Blue 308s m  love you guys. When a new SCM hits my mailbox it frets like a letter from good friends. Seriously. So as your friend, Keith. I want to help you enjoy a Ferrari and NOT LOSE LOTS OF MONEY ON IT Which can be done despite your last two experiences, with your 330 American and the Mondial. (Recall, I warned you not to buy the 330 America beforehand and only learned about the Mondial after the fact.) "Cindy, your current plans to acquire a 308 GTS QV are great except for one thing: color I don't want to initiate a divorce here, but a blue Ferrari will probably be MUCH harder to sell, and bring significantly less money, than a red or other popular-color one. "I believe that you should marry people forever, but not cars. So at some point you'll be a seller And you'll be competing with a bunch of 308s in red, black and other colors that people actually want. "My concern is that when it comes time to sell your nice blue 308, it may take you a long, long time, and the price you get may be very, very low. So I urge you to rethink your color choice—would a red 308 really be so bad? "If you insist on blue, my advice is that the price MUST start with a 2, even for a low-miles QV in excellent condition with recent cam timing belts. Ignore the asking price—I doubt the seller will have other competing buyers. And don't ignore the '78 and '79 carbureted cars, which I think are great, also, and are cheaper It's the '80 through '82 injected two-valve cars I'd avoid. And don 't limit your search to an '85 QV—an '83 or '84 QV are quite the same. And of course, for a few bucks more, you should consider a 328, which is really better in every way.—Your friend and longtime subscriber, Randy Simon" (via e-mail) There's a short answer here and a long one. First, from Cindy: "Randy, color may not seem like a big deal, compared to the way a car accelerates or handles. But an exotic, even an entry-level one like a 308, is as much a high-end fashion accessory as it is a car "When I was a little girl, I was told that I didn't look good in red. Consequently, I've never worn that color, and would never consider owning an exotic in that color "I have intense attachments to my personal cars, unlike, of course, my husband who seems to change cars as often as most people change their shoes. 400i, it wouldn't have been the same experience. And as far as color, I learned very early in my relationship with Cindy that for her, having a car that she feels she looks good in is twothirds of the romance. And this next Ferrari is her car. My next Ferrari, most likely either a GTC/4 or a Daytona, will come later, and condition will really more important to me than color. So long as it's black or red, of course. If a 308/328 in a saleproof color crosses your desk, please let us know. We'll let you buy it right, and then gladly offer you a (modest!) profit as you move it on to us. And thanks for your continued friendship and support. The SCM Alcan Corvette As you read this, plans call for me to be somewhere be- 64- tween Whitehorse, in the Yukon, and Tok, Alaska, headed north on the Alcan highway. Our ride will be the latest addition to the SCM fleet, a 1992 Corvette coupe. Accompanied by my high-school friend and now Anchorage resident, Bjarne Holm, we expect to take seven days to make the 2,600-mile journey. Our Corvette is black over black, fully loaded, with the LT I engine, six-speed manual gearbox and the relatively rare adjustable suspension. Having covered just over 66,000 miles, it appears to have led a decent if not pampered life. Bill Woodard, another hopeless gearhead and my partner in the car, found it as a trade-in at a local Lexus dealer. It needed a clutch, and after some haggling he bought it for $11,200. We're in the car around $12,000 at this point, and my first impression is that it represents an enormous amount of car for not very much money. The targa roof removal and storage process is a bit Byzantine, but we'll have it figured out before we leave. Bill will fly to Anchorage with his wife, Nita, in early July to drive the 'Vette back to Portland. We'll let you know just how many windshields we use up on the round trip. On the Cover Will look good with a Dawson Creek, BC', souvenir .sticker on "Certainly, if a good 308/328 in another interesting color comes along, I'd consider it. But why buy an exotic car; a dream-fulfillment car, in a color you don't really want just because it might be easier to sell later on? Would you buy a suit cut in a way that didn ?flatter you because you got a great deal on it? Would you buy a painting with a color scheme you didn't enjoy, even if it were cheap, just because it would be easier to find a buyer for it down the road? I don't think so." And now my answer: As an end-user rather than a dealer, to a degree the price becomes secondary to your desire. Yes, at $22,000 I probably paid too much for the 330 America I pulled out of a barn in Missoula, Montana. But over two years, as I fought my losing battle to make it a good car on a shoestring budget, each experience was a learning one. In the process, I ended up putting a few thousand miles on a relatively rare car—one of 50 built—and got to experience a 4-liter, 300-horsepower engine in that most attractive of Ferrari 2+2s, the 250 GTE body. If I'd gotten a "better deal" on a different car, say a four-headlight 330 or a 6  Carmel Valley offers some pleasant motoring on Highway G16, which leads east from the town of Carmel, south of Monterey, joining Highway 101 near Soledad. As the Monterey weekend is just around the corner, it seemed appro- priate to have this painting of a 250 Ferrari Testa Rossa by Jay Koka on our cover. Titled "Carmel Valley Road 016," it depicts this iconic car as it flashes in and out of the sunlight on this scenic and challenging twolane highway that is often used by enthusiasts to shuttle between different events during the weekend. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Koka emigrated to Canada in 1956 and currently lives in Ontario. A member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society, Koka has been a featured artist and poster artist for the Meadow Brook Concours, Bloomington Gold, Concours of the Eastern United States, Reading Ferrari Concours, Ferrari Club of America Annual Meets and the Cavallino Ferrari Classic of Palm Beach. His work, "348 at Carregi," was on our October 2002 cover. "Carmel Valley Road 016" is available as a 36- x 20-inch signed and numbered print on watercolor paper in an edition of 49, for $275. A full-sized Giclee print on canvas, at 36 x 48 inches—the same size as the original painting—is $550. Contact the artist at jaykoka@jaykokastudio .com, phone 519/746-1350 or visit www.jaykokastudio.com .• Sports Car Market

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Bonham17 BUTTERFIELDS INCORPORATING BROOKS AUCTIONEERS An Important Sale of Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars and Related Automobilia Friday August 1, 2003 Newport, Rhode Island od111, onsignments Now Invited After years of successful association with the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club (RREC) in Great Britain, Bonhams is delighted to announce that the North American-based Rolls-Royce Owners' Club (RROC) has invited us to conduct a sale at their annual meeting at Newport, Rhode Island on Friday 1 August 2003. Consignments are limited to Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars and automobilia related to both of these venerable British marques. For more t a vehicle, pl Mark Osborne (415) 391 4000 mark.osborne@bonhams.com Andrew Reilly (415) 503 3285 andrew.reilly@bonhams.com Steven Zick (312) 475 3922 szick@butterfields.corn Malcolm Barber (415) 861 7500 malcolm.barber@bonhams.com Pictured: The ex-Jacquelyn de Rothschild, 1929 Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom I, Coachwork by Hibbard & Darrin, Chassis no. 5235KR. Bonhams & Butterfields, 220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco, California 94103 (415) 861 7500, (415) 861 8951 fax, www.bonhams.com 4122 2003 Bonh.m,0 3, •  ,3,1 No 40010536

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The Inside Line / Cindy Banzer News  scm Happenings Please send news, event or auction information to insideline@sportscarmarket.com . vCoker Tire Company has a Fresno, CA, sales and service facility, with a full-service store and current Coker Tire products. 800/ 251-6336, www.coker.com . (TN) ,.'Putnam Leasing President Steven Posner announced Twyla Grimsley as Putnam's new Midwest Lease Manager. Formerly RM's General Manager of Classic Car Productions in Michigan, Twyla brings 14 years of classiccar specialization to her new role. 866/9053273, www.PutnamLeasing.com . (CT) vJoin SCM experts in California for the second annual Insider's Seminar at RM's Monterey auction, Saturday, 8/16/03, from 9 a.m. to noon, Doubletree Hotel. Learn from Editor Martin's new presentation, "The Unfair Advantage, Secrets of Buying and Selling Right." $175/$300 for two, ($2251$400 non-subscribers); space is limited. Contact David Slama, 503/261-0555 x206, david.slama@ sportscarmarket.com. See ad on p.77. (OR) vSCM Editor Martin returns for the sixth year as Master of Ceremonies at Concorso Italiano 2003, celebrating Lamborghini's 40th anniversary, 8/15/03, Black Horse Golf Course, Seaside, CA. www.concorso.com . vSCM and Steve Austin's Automobilia have again joined forces to produce a Car Collectors Dream Tour, led by Editor Martin, Austin and me. The 2004 Italy/Monaco Tour includes touring Northern Italy, the Monaco Histories, and more. Dates are 5/9-18/04. Limited to 40 persons. $3,600 pp/do; air not included. Contact Steve Austin at 800/452-8434, steveaustin@canby.com. See ad on p. 24. scm people  Position Wanted vA new graduate of the UMass Isenburg School of Management is seeking an entry-level position in the Boston/New England area. Qualifications include a degree in Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration and co-manager of the Earth Foods Café and internship at the Gloucester House Restaurant, Gloucester, MA. Work experience includes logger in the Oregon forests, lifeguard and janitorial work. Plus, from the age of six on, monthly duties of stamp-licker and hand-addresser of his parents' magazine, Sports Car Market. Dependable, hard worker. Eric Banzer, 978/317-7669, cbanzer@sportscarmarket.com . Recovering VMartin Swig, founder of the California Mille and one of the fathers of the American vintage car scene, is expected to make a complete recovery from a recent major surgery. Cards may be sent to: 19 Wolfback Ridge Rd., Sausalito, CA 94965. 8  Events  vThe Alfa Romeo Owners Club's national convention, Alfas by the Beach, 7/3-6/03, features track event, time trials, fireworks and tours of South Florida. Mmosko@aol.com , www.aroc-usa.org. vDream cars of the '50s and 100 years of Ford Automobiles are featured at the 31st Annual Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance, 7/ 20/03, in Forest Grove, OR. Over 350 rods and antique, classic, sports, special-interest and custom cars are expected at the Pacific University campus. 503/357-2300, www.forestgroveconcours.org. (OR) vThe 20th anniversary of Modena Mo- torsport is celebrated at Langenfeld, Germany, 7/23-24/03, at the F-1 racetrack Ntirburgring. 1948-73 classic road and competition Ferraris; Formula cars of all decades, Ferraris and others; extraordinary Ferraris, including the 333SP, 365 GTB/4 Comp and nev, Enzo may participate at no cost. +49 2653 80 18, classicsincamera@aol.com . (DE) Spyder  Enterprises presents the Monterey International AutomobiHa Expo, 8/12-13/03, in Monterey, CA. This indoor event, bringing together the finest dealers in automotive Monterey, CA. Inspired by the Goodwood Festival of Speed, 100 notable historic sports and racing cars are expected, including a '57 Ferrari 250 GT S1 PF cabriolet and a '37 Talbot-Lago T150 C Figoni et Falaschi coupe. 212/980-9060, www.quaillodge.com/events_ details.cfm. (NY) vChrysler presents the 30th annual Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races, 8/15-17/03, at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The Races feature a century of Ford's racing legacy. 831/242-8203, www.MontereyHistoric.com. (CA) vThe national Lotus owners club, Lotus Stovebolt Special at Pebble, now and then. memorabilia, features vintage-only posters, photographs, rally plates, badges and more. 831/659-5335, singer356@aol.com . (CA) vRalph Lauren's 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic-1990's "Best of Show"—along with nearly 50 other historical Bugattis will be at the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, 8/17/03, in Pebble Beach, CA. The concours will also celebrate the centenaries of Ford and Buick with prewar classics and Ford woodies. A Stovebolt Special, a Baldwin Mercury and a Payne Special are expected for this year's featured class, "Road Racing Rods." 831/6221700, www.pebblebeachconcours.net . (CA) vQuail Lodge presents "The Quail," A Motorsports Gathering at Quail Lodge, 8/15/03, celebrating Vintage Car Week in Ltd., toasts the Lotus Esprit at its national meeting, 8/15-17/03, in Grand Island, NY. Lotus lovers invited. 716/861-1412, tvacc @LotusOwners.com. (NY) vThe 2003 Lincoln Highway Anniversary Cross Country Tour, 8/17/03-9/1/03, celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway Association and the 75th anniversary of the dedication of "America's First Transcontinental Highway." The tour starts at Times Square in Manhattan, NY, and ends 3,300 miles later at Lincoln Park in San Francisco, CA. All types of autos and mo- torcycles are welcome to participate. 330/4567869, rrubin@neosr.com . (OH) VCarlisle Events hosts a 1953 Corvette reunion displaying 1953 first-year Corvettes for Corvettes at Carlisle's 22nd annual celebration, 8/22-24/03. Unique displays, Corvette celebrities, an auction, a parade, a 1,300-vendor swap meet and a 700-space car corral will all help celebrate Corvette's 50th anniversary in Carlisle, PA. 717/243-7855, www.carsatcarlisle.com . (PA) vThe invitation-only ninth annual Glenmoor Gathering of Significant Automobiles, 9/14/03, will include about 200 vehicles and feature "Classic American Muscle Cars," at the historic Glenmoor Country Club in Canton, OH. 330/966-3600. (OH) • Sports Car Market vSpecialty Transport, Inc., a press fleet management and automotive special events company, announced five new offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and Miami, which officially opened in May. Specialty Transport now serves six auto manufacturers with national press fleet services: Audi, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Volkswagen. www.specialtytransport.com .

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CHRISTIE'S INTERNATIONAL MOTOR CARS The ex-Rt. Hon. Lord Carbery / D.Cameron Peck 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 40150hp London-to-Edinburgh Tourer Coachwork by Cann Ltd. Estimate: $550,000-650,000 The 1952 Turin ft New York Auto Shows / ex-Bill Devin  1952 Siata 400L Spyder Prototype  Estimate: $280,000-380,000  Exceptional Motor Cars at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center Auction  17 August, 6pm  Enquiries  Malcolm Welford  mwelford(&christies.com Tel: (+1 310) 385 2699 Miles Morris  mmorrisachristies.com  Tel: (+1 212) 636 2277  PEBBLE BEACH' Catalogues US: 1 (800) 395 6300 Worldwide: 44 (0)20 7389 282 www.christies.com Venue Pebble Beach Equestrian Center The ex-Howden Ganley / Reine Wise!! / Jean Pierre Beltoise 1972 BRM P180 Works Fl World Championship Car Winner of the 1972 Race of Champions, Brands Hatch Estimate: $250,000-300,000

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PREView Ifyou have news, event or auction information about the collector car hobby, send it to insideline@sportscarmarket.com. vA 1970 Lincoln Mark III and a 1965 Ford Mustang fastback are among the many cars at Mecum's Heartland Nationals auction, 7/4 - ormiv.„ 6/03, with Goodguys Rod & Custom Association in Des Moines, IA. 815/568-8888, www.mecumauction.com . (IL) 6/Artcurial-Briest-Poulain-Le Fur will conduct its Autos: Luxury, Sport and Collection sale, 7/7/03, at the Hotel des Ventes in Palais des Congres, Paris, France. +33 1 42 99 20 20, vvww.auction.fr. (FR) vAn ex-Horace Gould 1953 CooperBristol Mk II, a 1950 Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica and a 1959 Tec-Mec F/415 GP SingleSeater are among the cars to be offered at Bonhams' sale of Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars and Related Automobilia, 7/11/03, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, in Chichester, Sussex, England. +44 207 393 3900, www.bonhams.com. (UK) vOver 250 cars, including a 1924 Ford Model T 1-ton flat bed will cross the block at Kruse International's 31st Denver Collector Car Auction, 7/18-19/03 in Denver, CO. 800/ 968-4444, www.kruseintemational.com . (IN) vA 1971 Lamborghini Espada and a 1974 Jaguar XKE convertible are among the many - Calendar  All dates listed are current at time of publication. Contact information for most auction companies may be found in the Resource Directory in this issue. Please confirm dates and locations before attending any event. E-mail auction info to: insideline@ sportscarmarket.com . JULY Missouri — July 5 KRUSE — Kansas City Iowa —July 4-6 MECUM — Des Moines Wyoming — July 5-6 SILVER — Jackson Hole France —July 7 Snag this cat from Mecum. consignments for Mecum's 5th Annual Mecum Road America Auction, 7/18 - 20/03, at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, WI. ./The ex-Jacquelyn de Rothchild, 1929 Rolls-Royce Springfield Phantom I will be among the classics offered on 8/1/03, when Bonhams & Butterfields joins the RollsRoyce Owners Clubs' annual meeting in Newport, RI, with a Rolls-Royce and Bentley sale. 415/861-7500, www.butterfields.com . (CA) vA 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Henley roadster, one of five remaining correct examples, will be featured on 8/2/03, when RM Auctions presents its eighth annual Vintage Motorcars at Meadow Brook Hall, at the Shotwell-Gustafson Pavilion of Oakland University in Rochester, MI. 519/352-4575, www.rmauctions.com . (CN) V A 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and a metallic red 1965 Ford Mustang convertible will be for sale along with an expected 900 10  ARTCURIAL-BRIEST-POULAIN-LE FUR — Paris England — July 11 BONHAMS — Sussex Idaho—July 12 SILVER — Post Falls Oregon — July 12 PETERSEN — Roseburg Wisconsin — July 12 ICA — Iola Colorado —July 18-19 KRUSE, VINTAGE GAVEL — Denver Montana —July 19 SILVER — Missoula Wisconsin — July 18-20 MECUM — Elkhart Lake England —July 23 H&H AUCTIONS — Derbyshire England — July 23 BONHAMS — London Michigan — July 26 KRUSE — Brooklyn England — July 26 CHEFFINS — Bedfordshire AUGUST Rhode Island — August 1 BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS — Newport Michigan — August 2 RM AUCTIONS — Auburn Hills Nevada —August 7-10 SILVER—Reno Michigan —August 8-10 RM CLASSIC CARS — Novi Missouri — August 9 KRUSE — St. Louis Germany —August 9 BONHAMS — Niirburgring California — August 15 BONHAMS & BUTTERFIELDS — Quail Lodge California — August 15-16 RM AUCTIONS — Monterey Michigan — August 15-16 ICA — Pontiac California — August 16 RUSSO AND STEELE — Monterey Kentucky —August 16 KRUSE — Sparta Indiana — August 16-17 MECUM — Valparaiso California — August 17 CHRISTIE'S — Pebble Beach California — August 22-24 MECUM — Pleasanton Pennsylvania — August 22-24 MECUM — Carlisle Indiana — August 29-30 Sports Car Market VINTAGE GAVEL — Auburn Idaho —August 30-31 SILVER — Sun Valley Indiana — August 28 - September 2 KRUSE —Auburn SEPTEMBER England — September 5 BONHAMS — Goodwood Illinois — September 6 KRUSE — Chicago Massachusetts — September 6 KRUSE — Boston Indiana — September 13 KRUSE — Auburn Kentucky — September 13 ICA — Louisville Switzerland — September 13 OLDTIMER GALLERIE — Toffen Washington — September 13 SILVER — Tacoma England — September 13-14 BON HAMS — Beaulieu California — September 20 KRUSE — Fontana New York — September 20 RM AUCTIONS — New York Kansas — September 19-21 MECUM — Kansas City South Dakota — September 27 ICA — Sioux Falls Iowa — September 27-28 MECUM — Des Moines Texas — September 27-28 KRUSE — New Braunfels• Crossing The Block Cruise home from Reno in this Chevelle. other cars at Silver Auctions' Hot August Nights, at the Reno Sparks Convention Center in Reno, NV, 8/7 10/03. 800/255-4485, www.silverauctions.com . (WA) 6/11M Auctions presents the Woodward Dream Cruise Classic Car Auction, 8/8-10/ 03, at the Novi Expo Center in Novi, MI, one week before the Woodward Dream Cruise. 734/547-2400. (MI) s/Bonhams & Butterfields will offer a Sale of Collectors' Motor Cars and Automobilia, 8/15/03, at the Quail Lodge in Cannel, CA. Cars already consigned for the sale include a 1932 Delage D6 and a 1946 Fiat Mille Miglia. vA 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K sport cabriolet capstones RM Auction's Monterey Sports and Collector Car Auction, 8/1516/03, in Monterey, CA. Almost 200 sports, racing, classic and muscle cars will cross the block. 519/352-4575. (CN) VA 1967 Shelby GT500 full restoration and a restored 1969 Corvette 427/435 roadster will appear at Russo and Steele's all-noreserve auction, 8/16/03. Monterey Sports and Muscle at the Marriott will bring 75 European sports cars, muscle cars, customs and hot rods to downtown Monterey, CA. 602/252-2697, www.russoandsteele.com . (AZ) 6/Christie's hosts a sale of Exceptional Motor Cars, 8/17/03, at the Equestrian Center in Pebble Beach, CA. A 1907 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and a '31 Alfa Romeo 8C-1750 Le Mans are among the offerings. 310/3852699, www.christies.com. (CA)*

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AND SUDDENLY, NOTHING IS THE SAME CADILLAC XLR 320-hp 4.6L Northstar V8 VVT: 0-60 in 5.9, 1/4 in 14.3. Magnetic Ride Control: world's fastest reacting suspension system. Tap-up/tap-down 5-speed auto: manual involvement when you want it. Light but rigid body structure, RWD with rear-mounted transmission: exacting precision, superb control. Push-button start. Retractable hardtop: fully automated. XLR, available this summer.

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You Write, We Read All letters are subject to editing. Please address correspondence to SCM, PO Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Fax 503/253-2234, e-mail: copved@sporiscarmarket.corn Dear SCM: In regards to the March 2003 Porsche Gesprach article (page 61) about head studs breaking on low-mileage 911s ... the low-mileage cars are usually the ones from the Northeast that are put away for the winter due to the salt on the roads. While stashed away in the garages and barns, mice find a perfect nesting place up inside the fan shroud and on top of the cylinder barrels. The nest blocks the air to the cylinders that they're over and the acid in the mouse pee doesn't help the surrounding studs. When the cars come out in the spring, even though the oil temperature registers normal there is localized over-heating which the weakened studs on the intake side can't take. Then it's off to the shop for a new set of head studs and "whileyou're-at-its." The way to prevent this is to include a thorough inspection up inside the fan shroud and in the spark plug holes with a mirror and flex-light as part of the annual spring service on these cars. Not a bad idea for seldom-driven 356s either. Hope you and your readers can use this info.—George Nelson, via e-mail Dear SCM: I just read your review of the Ferrari 456 GT (Sheehan Speaks, April 2003, page 26). I own a 1995 model. I generally agree with your assessment, however I think you overstated the maintenance costs. I received a major service on my 456 last year in Montreal (Ferrari of Quebec) including timing belts, valve adjust, coolant and brake flush, etc and the bill came to $2,700 US. The 456 has a distinct service advantage over the midengine Ferraris in that the engine does not have to come out of the car for this service.—Todd Lockwood, Scudi USA, via e-mail Dear SCM: Here's my opinion on the 288 vs. F40 question in the May 2003 "Ask the X-perts" (page 18): The F40 is simply more "bang for the buck" for most potential buyers. However, values of F40s in the States are higher than those of European F40s. It should be noted that the US-spec F40 is quite a different car from the European version and just 213 examples were produced by 12  the factory specifically for the US market. To simply state that over 1,300 F40s were built (and therefore they are more common than the 288 GTO) does not paint the full picture. The rarity of the US F40 appears to be supported by their values relative to European cars. The Ferrari factory invested $11 million toward US certification, fitted the US cars with dual-skinned aluminum gas tanks (instead of rubber cells as in the Euro cars), added chassis, bumper and door reinforcements, fitted different seats, and finally coaxed the catalyst-equipped engines up to 515 bhp (as opposed to 478 for the Euro cars) in order to make them US legal. Thus, US F40s are not only relatively rare, but a limited series of their own. I'm sure this has something to do with their higher values, relative to both Euro versions and 288 GTOs. Also, a small detail on another subject: Your Market Report for the RM Amelia Island sale (May SCM, page 30) states that the Ex-Shah of Persia 1960 Maserati 5000 GT "is 1 of 2 powered with a modified engine," giving the impression of just that: i.e., that the engine has been modified since production. The Shah was a real sports car enthusiast and always had the first of a special specification car completed for him by the factory itself. Thus the report would have been more accurate to simply describe the engine and its specifications as being factory built and installed. —Joe Sackey, Laguna Niguel, CA Dear SCM: I agree with Steve Ahlgrim that the F40 is "worth more" than the 288 because of looks. For the gold-chain set, the F40 looks like a race car. I have owned about a dozen Ferraris—including a 288 and F40—and the car I've owned the longest, and still own, is the 288 GTO. I have over 40,000 miles on the car (some of my Ferraris had over 100,000 miles on them when I sold them). It's been stuck in traffic in 100-degree heat and it doesn't overheat. Driving to and from work in stop-and-go traffic doesn't faze it. It has electric windows, a radio, normal door handles, no wide sill to climb over (my wife hated getting in and out of the F40) and it's relatively rare. I've tracked the car several times and it has no problem keeping up with F40s, 550s and 360s. Pretty amazing for a mid-'80s car. Yes, F40s will appeal to more people. The astute buyer, however, will purchase a 288 over an F40.—Stephen Hill, Palo Alto, CA Dear SCM: I've been a subscriber for over two years now, and am also an SCM Gold member. I've decided to contact you regarding a car I own that you don't recognize the existence of in any of the guides, the 1967.5 Datsun 2000 Roadsters. There were fewer than 1,000 units produced. They were the predecessor to the high-windshield versions which you recognize. These cars, however, were very different. They had 150-hp (no smog crap) overhead cam engines with five-speed transmissions which gave them a pretty storied history in SCCA events. There are less than 80 of these cars known to exist worldwide. If you have never been exposed to the car, you might look at a couple Web sites for info. (www.datsun.org , www.3 I Is.org). I'm petitioning you for some recognition as these are great fun, and are becoming very collectable. One recently sold for $32,000. I know they never come across the auction block, but does that exclude them from your publication? I had a whale of a time getting proper value insurance due to the lack of recognition. If I can be of any help for reference info, please contact me at tminerpcav@aol.com . Miner, via e-mail —Tim Dear SCM: Just thought I'd point out a minor error I found in the Affordable Classics column of the June issue (page 15). The writer stated that the naturally aspirated, 1600-cc four-cylinder in the Toyota MR2 produced 130 hp at 6,600 rpm; that was the (JIS) rating for the domestic Japanese version of the same engine. In the US, the rating was 112 hp at the same 6,600 rpm, which was raised through minor tweaks to 115 hp for the 1987-89 models. As I understand it, the higher JIS rating reflected less stringent contemporary Japanese emissions regulations, paired with SPORTS CAR MARKET EDITOR & PUBLISHER MANAGING EDITOR Cindy Banzer ART DIRECTOR EDITORIAL MANAGER PROJECTS COORDINATOR David Slama GRAPHIC ARTIST Kirsten Hegg SUBSCRIPTIONS Kristen Hall-Geisler COPY EDITOR Bill Neill SENIOR AUCTION ANALYSTS Dave Brownell Dave Kinney AUCTION ANALYSTS B. Mitchell Carlson Scott Featherman John Apen Chip Baldoni CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Michael Sheehan CONTRIBUTORS I.T. MANAGER Adrian Gilles INTERNET SPECIALIST Matt King DATABASE SPECIALIST FINANCIAL MANAGER DESIGN CONSULTANT Darin Halkides Deanne Pierce Scott Abts ALFA ROMEO SPECIALIST Pat Braden (1934- it••• ADVERTISING INFORMATION Tyler Roy-Hart artdir@sportscarmarket.com *** 503/261-0555, ext. 202 fax 503/253-2234 www.sportscarmarket.com INQUIRIES ABOUT YOUR SUBSCRIPTION? TO SUBSCRIBE 800/289-2819 fax 503/253-2234 Toll-Free 877/219-2605, ext. 208 service@sportscarmarket.com *** P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 FEDEx/DHL/UPS: CORRESPONDENCE 306 SE 8Ist, Portland, OR 97215 ••• The information in Sports Car Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we must disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timelieness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material, data, formats and intellectual concepts in this issue copyright 2003 by the Alfa Romeo Exchange, dba Sports Car Market magazine, in this format and any other used by Sports Car Market magazine. Copyright registered with the United States copyright office. Sports Car Market 2002) Raymond Milo Steve Serio Tom Young Donald Osborne Keith Duly Steve Ahlgrim Gary Anderson Carl Bomstead Bengt Halvorson Alexander Leventhal Jim Schrager Richard Hudson-Evans Tyler Roy-Hart Stephen Siegel Keith Martin

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Display Advertisers' Index Alfa Part  American Hobbyist Insurance  BB One Exports  Black Book  37 Horseless Carriage  Intercity Lines  57 Italparts  Bonhams & Butterfields.... 7, 33 Brian D. Moore  Cadillac  Christie's  Chuck Shank  Classic Showcase  Coker Tires  Collector Cars Int'l  Concorso Italiano  Cosdel International  Cosmopolitan Motors Cranbrook Concours Doe's Jaguars  Don Rose  eBay Motors  Exotic Car Transport Featherman & Co.  Girard Perregaux  Glenmoor Gathering Grand Prix Classics  Grundy Insurance  Hagerty  Haley Motorsports Collection  73 JC Taylor Insurance  61 J.J. Best Banc & Co.  Kruse International  44 Mecum Auctions  Meguiar's  11 9 Morgan West  67 Octane magazine  71 Parish Heacock  28 Passport Transport  23 Premier Financial  51 Putnam  18 Re-Originals  85 RM Auctions  34 Russo and Steele  65 Samuel Designs  14-15 Silver Auctions  71 30 Steve Austin's 88 39 Symbolic Motors  69 Vintage Rallies  44 O000h Baby! No One Babies Your Baby Like We Do. W _ W tw • '  el—ftNaiN Please Call or E-mail for a FREE QUOTE. 1-800-221-3936  I FAX 413-436-9422 www.intercitylines.com July, 2003  = 552 Old West Brookfield Road •Warren, MA 01083 The official transporters for: The Auto Collections • Barrett Jackson • Bloomington Gold • Corvette Mike • Mecum Auctions • The Petersen Automotive Museum 13 34 13 39 41 55 86-87 35 19 34 61 69 49 27 31 37 2-3 53 Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo .... 30 29, 75 65 79 67 Spyder Enterprises  Great Vacations  24 21 59 5 Vintage Motors of Sarasota... 25 17 World Travel Inc  Zymol  42 63 horsepower ratings which were calculated somewhat differently than US SAE ratings. I think the prices you have listed in the SCM Price Guide are pretty spot-on, but only for the naturally aspirated models. From what I've seen in classifieds in newspapers and on the Internet, and in the semi-official MR2 classifieds Web site (Xcars.com ), the supercharged models generally command $2,000-$3,000 more than the naturally aspirated cars, all else being equal. I understand that MR2s are far from the most sought-after cars on the planet, but I do believe the hefty premium for the supercharged models would be confirmed by anyone searching for a good example. This is all esoterica, I'm sure, to owners of Ferraris and other exotica, and the last thing I'd want is for us "Mister Two" enthusiasts to somehow get lumped into the same category as all those sensitive 928 owners out there. Hell, we're just happy to be included in the Price Guide! Lastly, I'd like to thank SCM for continuing the Affordable Classics column, which dem- onstrates SCM's philosophy of inclusiveness based on shared enthusiasm, not necessarily one's portfolio size. Which isn't to say that I'm not determined to own a Ferrari someday, and sooner rather than later...—John LeBlanc, Littleton, CO Errata James Cobb, Editor of the Automobile Section of the New York Times, pointed out that our reference on page 55 of the June issue to a "Ford-O-Matic threespeed" was incorrect. Indeed, the Ford-O-Matic was a two-speed automatic transmission. The photo below had an incorrect caption in the June issue. Lotkctur kmwri.411FInbbvist Over 80 vendor booths, including Laura Bergan of American Hobbyist Insurance. With Intercity, delivery is always painless. We're "car people"and we understand how hard it is to part with your baby. So when the time comes to let go and relocate your automobile, choose the company that specializes in automobile transportation. Intercity is equipped with enclosed transporters, liftgate loading, insurance coverage, and door-to-door service.We deliver anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. A sophisticated QUALCOMM satellite tracking system closely monitors your vehicle's exact location at all times. So relax she'll be fine.

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Your garage is not worthy Of the masterpiece you've put together That only looks like it cost a fortune And while most flaunt their cars by driving fast You show off standing still ©2003 oily inc. All nyhts r6Sl,rv.:ocfyartcrttx.  iCJIJU. .11 u  tra,),;narh', ckirpiA Designated liadetniiks and bjanda are the property of their feipeciy. e °wrier's. All iteirs st_blect to ayallabiltty bb ler Motors

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Affordable Classics 1992 Corvette LT1 Convertible 1 992 represented a milestone year in the life of America's sports car. The one-millionth Corvette was built, ground was broken for the National Corvette Museum, and Corvette made its performance comeback with the introduction of the LT I as the base engine. While from the outside, all of the 1984-1996 C4 Corvettes looked very similar, connoisseurs know that 'Vettes from '92 on are the ones to have. Successfully overcoming the challenges of federal emission standards, fuel economy and safety regulations, the 350-cubic-inch, 300-hp LT1 was heralded as the second coming of the Chevrolet small-block V8, which first saw light in 1955 as the 265. The LT1 offered a 50-horsepower, 20% increase in power over its predecessor, and had the highest net output for any production small block in Chevrolet history. Other upgrades in 1992 included computercontrolled ignition timing, a low-restriction exhaust, higher compression ratio, new camshaft and free-flow cylinder heads. Chevrolet's innovative "reverse direction" cooling system was also introduced with the LT1, which routed coolant to the heads first rather than from the water pump through the block and ultimately to the heads. This updated cooling strategy permitted higher bore temperatures and reduced ring friction as it improved cooling around valve seats and spark plug bosses. Bosch's sophisticated traction-control system—Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR)—tweaked the car's existing anti-lock brakes to improve acceleration and stability in all weather conditions. Every 1992 Corvette rode on Goodyear's new state-of-the-art Eagle GS-C tires. Their unidirectional, asymmetric tread offered superior wet and dry handling on the high-performance map. Further, as engineers discovered that engines equipped with Mobil 1 synthetic oil performed better without an oil cooler than engines with an oil cooler using petroleumbased oil, the synthetic oil became standard on all LT1s ('92-forward Corvettes do not have an oil cooler). Some problems did arise, most notably with the car's Opti-spark distributor, which was eventually recalled due to a faulty drainage design. Another potential issue involves the optional, three-way-adjustable FX3 suspension. This complex system requires that shocks be replaced individually and expensively, to the tune of approximately $200 each. Some owners opt instead for aftermarket shock replace- July, 2003 Here's why thousands of you turn to eBay Motors to find everything you need. klakt! 11111  101) IS III good condriuni. ments, which typically cost as much for an entire set of four as just one of the FX3 shocks. Additionally, if the main actuator control happens to fail, the set-up reverts back to stock settings, eliminating the system's fundamental adjustment feature. This actuator has also been discontinued and, therefore, cannot be replaced. The built-in engine diagnostics can prove troublesome, as the on-board computer may throw an incorrect code as the result of a related component's malfunction, leading to costly and unnecessary parts repairs. When looking for a '92 LT1 convertible, pay particular attention to the condition of the soft top, as replacing one can cost as much as $1,000. There are many Corvettes to choose from, so don't buy one with an undocumented ownership chain or evidence of slipshod repairs. Note the condition of the tires, as they can cost upwards of $800-$1,000 to replace, and warped brake rotors are not uncommon. Six-speed cars bring at least a 10% premium over automatics, and were originally sold in far fewer numbers. Cars in good colors like red and black, with under 50,000 miles and no surprises, can be found in the $18,000-$20,000 range, are a terrific value and, if properly kept, should depreciate little in the years ahead.—Mike Yager, president, Mid-America Direct, Inc. (www.madvet.com )* Year produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  1992 5,875 $40,145 $15,600-$20,750 $1251$225 Opti-spark: $490 Driver's-side frame rail (between battery and A-arm) Engine # Casting 4: upper left rear deck; I.D. 4: Pad at rear of engine, usually on driver's side, sometimes on passenger's. Club  Web site  Hundreds of local Corvette Clubs exist www.corvetteforum.com Alternatives... 1997 Porsche Boxster, 1994 Dodge Viper, 1991 Sateen Mustang SCM Investment Grade  D Motors :F.BuyItNow Don't want to bid on an item? If the thing you want has the "Buy it Now" icon next to it, you can buy it right away without waiting. It's easy to find what you're looking for. Save three of your favorite searches and be notified when items you want become available. * Every eBay user has a feedback rating. This rating is based on past transactions. It helps ensure we all know who we're dealing with. GEDiZie'PayPal is the fast, easy and secure way to pay on eBay. Use your credit card or bank amount to pay instantly and get your items faster.

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Ask The X-Perts Original Rules, Fake Drools ear X-perts: I am the second owner of a white 1970 Buick GSX My uncle ordered the car and I've had it for about five years now. It 's not restored, but mostly original. It's got some options: air, windshield antenna, power brakes, power steering and the desirable Stage 1 option. It's pretty clean but the chrome is showing its age. I drive it and take it to local cruise nights. It currently has 72,358 miles. It's been "tuned up" with some simple bolt-ons (750 Holley, Edelbrock B4B manifold, Hotchkis suspension components, Bilstein gas shocks, Hooker Super Comp Headers and a sweet 21/2-inch mandrel-bend exhaust exiting through Flowmasters). D I have all of the original parts. It is a real, numbers-matching car I know it's pretty rare and have never seen another white one. I've had it appraised at $29,500 as it is. Could you give me an idea what it is worth on the open market? If I restored it to original specs, what's the upside potential? I've looked in many publications and never seen a '70 GSX for sale.—E W., PA Dave Kinney responds: A 1970 GSX is quite a car. Only 678 1970 Buicks total, including coupes and convertibles, were equipped with the GSX option, which was an additional sub-series on top of the already powerful Gran Sport 455 model. As for your "tuned-up" components, some of them (the Edelbrock B4B and Holley carb) sound suspiciously like Stage II equipment, which my sources tell me was dealer-, not factory-, installed on all cars. Did Unc' have the Stage II equipment installed by a dealer or did he do a "cheater set" himself? It's worth looking into, as proof of a period-correct Stage II upgrade would be a real bonus. Without seeing the car (or, in fact, knowing if the top goes down, which could make a huge difference in price), I can't put a value on your car, but I will say that a $29,500 appraisal for insurance and replacement value doesn't sound out of line on the face of it. I would suggest a few things to do right away, however. First, find out about the possible Stage II equipment, and see if any of it is legit. If it is, leave it on the car. If it isn't, take it off and replace it with the original stuff you have in storage. With almost any car, and Dear X-perts: One of the cars lam considering is a Ferrari Mondial coupe (okay, not necessarily a collectible car but one I would hope I could drive daily and still get the kids in). My question is regarding the price differential I see in your Price Guide between the Mondial 3.2 ($28,500-$32,500) and the Mondial t ($32,500-$40,000). I have seen a much larger price premium (both asked and received, as far as I can tell) for a "t" vs. a 3.2. Why does the market assign so much more value to the "t "?—Joseph Carbonaro, via e-mail Keith Martin responds: First, I have learned from recent experience selling my own 1984 Mondial QV cabrio that the prices listed above, for coupes, are probably on the high side by at least 20%. Frankly, Mondials are unloved cars, and the coupes are even harder to sell than the cabrios. While this means you can get a great deal on one if you look and bargain hard, it also means you're going to have a very difficult time finding a buyer when you go to sell. Part of the reason for the discrepancy in the prices is that the 3.2 is simply an older car (1986-88) than the "t" cab (1989-91). The "t" does have a slightly larger engine, at 3.4 liters vs. 3.2, and some other improvements. But it's really the same car as the 3.2. ( lieck ./Or.factory US dealerinstalled options. But here's what else I have learned. Most of the cabs you see on eBay or in the Ferrari Market Letter brag about the major service, including belts, being done not many miles ago. But they rarely mention the time frame. As SCM readers know, the belts should be replaced every five years, regardless of how few miles have been covered. (As an aside, our Ferrari expert Mike Sheehan thinks that a lot of the belt replacement talk is just pure bunk. He said, "In my three decades of being around 308s, I've only seen one belt break. But now that everyone has bought into the five years and out theory, we're all stuck with it.") A Mondial is easier to take care of than a 400. muscle cars especially, original stuff rules and fake stuff drools. Second, spend some more money and get the best appraiser you can find (the one with the best credentials) to update the written evaluation you already have. And make sure it remains up-to-date. Third, get as much documentation as you can out of Buick and GM, or whoever in the Buick club can help, and do it as soon as possible—start today. You will thank me later. Upside? I would have to say that this car has plenty of it, as it is a true, limited-production muscle car from near the end of the muscle car era. And with the addition of the luxury equipment (A/C, power steering and brakes), it's got just the kind of comfort features that we elastic waistband boomers want in our collector cars, the things that actually make them fun to drive. Some of the muscle cars with big motors, no air conditioning and better-to-throw-out-an-anchor brakes are a little tough to stay friendly with. 16  So figure you'll spend another $6,000 or so when the five-year period is up. Another real gotcha with these cars is the window winders. The gears are made of plastic, and the grease Ferrari uses on them at the factory turns hard with age (nice planning, guys). The gears can't really be cleaned and replaced the way they can be on the older cars, and it can cost several thousands of dollars if you have to replace all the window motors. Hence the references in eBay listings to the speed of the power windows. In their defense, they are a much better four-seat car than the earlier 308 GT4s, and less troublesome to take care of than the gray-market 400i 2+2s that you'll find in the same price range. So my advice is to only look at cars that have had a service in the past two years, and whose power windows go up and down at a reasonable rate of speed. 3.2 or "t" doesn't make much difference; documented maintenance is far more important. Don't let asking prices or supposed high bids on unsold cars on eBay deter you from offering what you want. Start low—you may be surprised. Send the X-perts your questions. E-mail copyed@sportscarmarket.com or fax 503/253-2234.* Sports Car Market

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Just Because You're Over 60, Doesn't Mean Your Rear End Has To Drag On the contrary, Hagerty presents a truly uplifting offer. 24-hour flatbed roadside assistance for your classic. Whether you need a tow, a can of gas, a jump or even if you're just locked out, we'll be there. It's just one of the many benefits that await you when you become a member of the revolutionary new Hagerty Protection Network, the perfect complement to the finest classic car policy in the business. To join the Hagerty Protection Network, or to learn more about the many other benefits we have to offer, give us a call. With the new Hagerty Protection Network, things are really looking up, including the rear end of your classic. Collector Car Insurance 1-800-922-4050 I www.hagerty.com All roadside assistance services are provided by Coach-Net. Membership in the Network is provided by HagerryPlus, LLC, a non-insurance licensed affiliate of the insurance product issuer, Hagerty Insurance Agency, Inc., a fully licensed insurance agency.

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Legal Files / Alex Leventhal Your Gearbox Has Insurance Too M ost (and probably all) auto insurance policies, collector-oriented and otherwise, are very clear that mechanical failures, as well as normal "wear and tear," are not covered under their policies. Basically, this means that if your shocks wear out, or you over-rev your engine and throw a rod, your auto insurer will not pay for the damage. This makes sense and should not come as a shock to car owners. What may come as a surprise, though, is how a major insurer attempted to use these provisions to avoid paying a legitimate claim arising out of a two-vehicle accident. I became aware of this matter when one of the gentlemen involved in the accident in question contacted me to explain the events leading up to the damage to his vehicle and to his filing a claim with his carrier. He was out for a drive in his TVR 350i and was slowing down for a red light, with the vehicle in gear, when he was hit in the rear by a Ford Expedition. Despite having his foot jammed on the brake, his TVR was pushed forward for close to 30 feet by the Expedition. When he got out, the driver of the Expedition, who was no more than five-foot-four, said that she had simply not seen the TVR as she was slowing for the light. She added that she thought it was unsafe for anyone to drive a vehicle so low that people in normal (!) vehicles could not see it. You can't take the Chequered Flag if your car doesn't make the event! COSDEL INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION The only experienced shipper of high-value sports and racing cars to road, track and concours events world-wide. We take care of everything! You just FLY & DRIVE! Martin E. Button Inc. Phone: 415-777-2000 Fax: 415-543-5112 'Email: info@cosdel.com Quality Service Since 1960 We are the exclusive shipper for all three major Monterey Auctions. 18 The TVR driver had his vehicle towed to a body shop. His carrier sent an adjuster and all parties agreed not to total the vehicle, but instead that the insurer would pay for the repair of the rear bumper, valance and trunk lid. In due time, the body was repaired and the owner went to the shop to pick up the car. The body repair was top notch, and that there was no sign, cosmetically, that the car had been hit. When he got in the car to drive home, however, the gearbox sounded like a coffee can full of bolts and it popped out of second gear whenever he went past half throttle. He turned around and brought the car back to the shop. He also called and notified his insurance company. While most of us with collectorcar insurance would likely have had no trouble in this situation, that wasn't the case here. Neither carrier's reaction was positive or customer-service oriented. Their attitudes were that a mechanical component, like the gearbox in question, was specifically not covered by the terms of his policy. In fact, the carriers were wrong about this. While a purely mechanical "failure" was not covered, damage to mechanical components as a result of an accident most certainly was covered. In any event, it was at this point that the man contacted me seeking advice. TVR 350i—get it fixed inside and out. I told him he would have to "educate" the carriers as to the fact that this loss should be covered, and to the fact that the gearbox damage was as much a result of the accident as were the crushed bumper and crumpled trunk lid. He called me back a few days later and told me it was the carriers' opinions that, even assuming mechanical components could be covered, the gearbox could not have been damaged in the accident, and the insured must have been "trying to get one over" on the carriers by getting pre-existing damage paid for. At this point I intervened. I had the owner get an affidavit from his mechanic stating there was no pre-existing damage to the gearbox. I sent this to his carrier and called the adjuster on the phone. I explained they were obligated to pay for damage and, should we be required to settle this matter in court, the judge or jury was unlikely to share his view that the "big, powerful consumer" was trying to take advantage of the "sweet, innocent insurance company." I also explained that their legal fees would be much greater than the $1,500 estimated to fix the gearbox. I admit that these types of tactics do not usually work with insurance companies and that, in fact, their response is, more often than not, "Go ahead and sue me." Insurers normally have attorneys on retainer to fight these sorts of battles and figure that the sheer cost to the consumer of hiring an attorney will allow them to win by attrition when they are threatened. In this case, however, probably because of the strength of our argument and the small cost involved in the repair, the insurer relented and agreed to pay to repair the gearbox. If you should suffer an accident, you should be aware of the distinction between mechanical failure and damage to mechanical components. If an engine, gearbox or other mechanical item is damaged in an accident (or through vandalism, etc.), it is covered in the same way that bodywork and paint are. This is not to say that insurers will be eager to pay for this type of damage, as this matter illustrates. However, understanding of the law involved and the rights and obligations of the parties, as discussed herein, will help ensure that owners of vehicles, classics and otherwise, are appropriately indemnified. Mr. Leventhal is an attorney in New York. His comments here are general in nature and are not a substitute for consultation with an attorney.• Sports Car Market

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SCM Picks / Monterey Weekend Insider's Gun e to të onterey Weekend Historic Races - Auctions - Concours - Tours - Art Exhibits - Automobilia This four-page Insider's Guide is a list of contacts and other key bits of information about the events that we thought would be of most interest to SCM readers. On page 25, you'll find a timeline that illustrates just how action-packed these days are.—David Slama There's nothing else like it anywhere, and all enthusiasts owe it to themselves to go at least once. But be warned—chances are, after the first time, you'll be hooked and find yourself coming back year after year. E Monterey Historic Automobile Races Inside Tip: Friday's practice session is less crowded and the best day to get close to the cars in the paddock. Walk around the entire course and pick your favorite spots to watch Saturday and Sunday'staces, am. –SIG p.m. Friday. 04a04414Suzilday $25-$250 Where: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, off Hwy 68, Salinas. Web site: www.montereyhistoric.cotn Cast:  very August, thousands of automotive fanatics flock to the picturesque Monterey Peninsula for the greatest collection of vintage car events in the world. Enthusiasts come to race, to tour, to exhibit and to just talk about their cars. The Quail—A Motorsports Gathering Where: Quail Lodge, five miles SE of Carmel on G16 (Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley. Web site: www.quai llodge.com/events_detai I s.cfm Cost:  $90 Inside Tip: New event, modeled after high-end European gatherings. Will feature exquisite cars, along with fine food prepared by the chefs from Bernardus Lodge and Quail Lodge. 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Friday When:  Pebble Beach Tour of the Monterey Peninsula Where: Start/Finish: Polo Field, Portola Rd. and Alva Lane, Pebble Beach. Route: 17 Mile Drive and Highway 68, Pebble Beach. Web site: www.pebblebeachconcours.net/infolurn#tour Eligibility: Open only to cars entered in the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours. Tour participation acts as a tiebreaker during Sunday's Inside lip: The cars will be parked on Ocean Avenue in downtown Carmel awing lunch for viewing. A great chance to see them up judging. Wham 100  ; cinseWithout,  Lindh:  cettcntThurd aatk.=. lb:10046c:: ,  e crowds; _ _  • •:.•••..  •

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1931 Alfa Romeo 6C/8C 2600, s/n 101014852  1972 Ferrari Dino 246 CTS, s/n 03988  1937 Alfa Romeo 8C2900B, s/n 412021  1986 Porsche 962C, s/n 962-118 1968 Brabham BT21 F2, s/n AM-270 1997 McLaren Fl GTR, s/n 19R 1990 Ford GT40 MK V 427, s/n P-1131 1965 Ford AC Cobra 427 S/C, s/n CSX3058 1997 Ferrari F310B, s/n 175  2000 Porsche 996 GT3-RS, s/n 692068 1969 Porsche 917K, s/n 917.020  1981 Lola T600, s/n T600-HU3 1989 Porsche 962C, s/n 96233102100A0 1955 Jaguar D-Type, s/n XKD-515 1975 Lola T294, s/n1294-65 1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB, s/n 2701/CT 1946 Maserati 4CL-1500, s/n 1581 1973 Porsche 911 RS, s/n 9113600788  1971 Ferrari Daytona Spyder Cony., s/n 13663 SYMBOLIC MOTOR CAR COMPANY' 7440 La Jolla Boulevard, La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 454-1800 www.symbolicmotors.com 1978 Porsche 935 K3, s/n 9118202197

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SCM Picks / Monterey Weekend RM's Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction Where:  Web site: www.rmauctions.com Cost:  When:  Top seller- of the '02 weekend was RM:s '62 Ferrari 330 TRAM Testa Rossa at 36,490,000. Bonhams & Butterfields Collectors' Motor Where:  Quail Lodge, five miles SE of Carmel on G16 (Carmel Valley Road), Carmel Valley. Web site: www.butterfields.com Cost:  When:  Preview: 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. — Bidder Registration free, Catalog/Admission $40 Inside Tip: Watch for notable barn finds and historically important race cars. The automobilia selection is the best of the weekend. 5:00 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, — 1:30 p.m. Friday Auction: 1:30 p.m. automobiles follow) — completion Friday (automobilia first, Last August, Bonham- & Braterfieldr achieved $610,250, twice the presale estimate, for this '54 Maseran 46G Sport Spider Russo and Steele Monterey Sports and Muscle Where:  The Marriott, Calle Principal and Delmonte Ave., Monterey. Web site: www.russoandsteele.com Cost:  Free admission to preview. Auction limited to registered bidders only, $ 1 00. chr Cot-vette - LS 1 -ace or lust ),ear Inside Tip: These are the newest guys on the block, and are working hard to carve out their niche. Look for some great muscle cars. All cars offered at no reserve. When:  Preview: 10:00 a.m. — Midnight Friday, 10:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. Saturday Auction: 5:00 p.m. — 11:00 p.m. Saturday hristiels Exce tional Motor Doubletree Hotel Fisherman's Wharf, Portola Plaza, Monterey. General Admission (good for 3 days) $30; Catalog, $50; Bidder Registration (includes catalog) $125. Inside Tip: Over 150 collectible cars, the largest selection of the weekend, will cross the block during this two-evening event. Reception: 6:00 p.m. Preview: 9:00 a.m. Saturday — 10:00 p.m. Thursday — 6:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Auction: 6:00 p.m. — Midnight, Friday and Saturday

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Tit b‘M fn  n COLLCCTOP branfon, /10. October 17,18E119 2005 I CAP AUCTIOn 1936 Cord 810 RCICPVC  1955 rord Thunderbird F10 PC/CIM 1969 lhelby OT 500 no PCIUM 1969 Ihelby OT 350  no RCICPVC Additional Offerinw: 1970 rond ruftan3 /slack 1 428 no RC.ICPVC, 1970 rord fluttans /lack 1 551 no RC./CPV ; 1966 rord fluitans Convertible no 12C.IUVC; 1955 Chevrolet bel Air no RC.IC PVC; 1954 rercury flonterey Convertible no RC.ICRVC, 1959 rord Ikyliner Retractable no PC/C PVC; 1949 ilercury 2 Door f ecian no PC./CPX; 1955 rord Crown Victoria no PC/"C PVC ; 1939 rord 2 Door fedan no PC/CPV, 1967 Pontiac OTO no PC/CPVC; 1968 AM 2 Door raftback Coupe no PC./CRV -- • 1955 rord Thunderbird no RUC PVC• 1931 rord Victoria tor biddins or confi8nment information pleafe call Uf direct at 800-555-5063, or vifit our web fite at wwwbranfonauction.com . 1411■IM,MI■I L O NOW , ■  MIN■■■•IIVAIMMIA=1,•■■■•■■■■I'MAIMIll■ M  Ak 1,1.113.11:VMMII.A•NAIMIE ■•••11M•IMIINNOMIMIN

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SCM Picks / Monterey Weekend Pacific Grove Auto Rally Where:  Pacific Ocean Spanish Bay PACIFIC GROVE Pacific Grove RaIN Start/Finish 0  MILES N  I Start: Lighthouse and Forest Ave., Pacific Grove Route: From Pacific Grove through Pebble Beach, Carmel and Monterey. Web site: vvww.pgautorally.com Cost:  $45 or $55 with dinner. Monterey Bay Eligibility: Run what you brung, first 275 cars accepted. Inside Tip: Fun, low-key way to enjoy your car without spending a ton of dough. When:  1:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m. Friday Automotive Fine Arts Society Exhibit Pebble Beach Concours Tour Start/Finish Carmel Boy   Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Tour route Pacific Grove Concours Auto Rally route Ferrari Club Concours ..................... •-• QUAIL LODGE Steve Austin's Great Vacations & Sports Car Market introduces the ITALY & MONACO CAR COLLECTORS TOUR Join Keith Martin, Cindy Banzer and Steve Austin on a 9-day Car Collector and Motorheads extravaganza Touring in Italy & Monaco; Italian sports car factory tours and museums; admission to collector car auctions with private previews; special seating privileges at the 4th Monaco Historic Races; private paddock tours hosted by celebrity drivers and much more Tour Date: May 9-17, 2004 Tour Price: $3600 per person/twin occupancy/air not inc. For information or reservations, contact Steve Austin at: 1-800-452-8434 or steveaustin@canby.com Please note: For tour quality, we are limiting the tour size to a maximum of 40 people. Please book early 24  Sports Car Market

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cy,  , Thursday .August 14th RM Auction Preview Pebble Beach Tour of the Monterey Peninsula Bonhams & Butterfields Auction Preview RM Auction Reception Monterey Historic Automobile Races Bonhams & Butterfields Auction Preview •  Cantors° Italian Russo and Steele Auction Preview RM Auction Preview Christie's Auction Preview Blackhawk E Russo and Steele Auction Preview 's Auction P RM Auction Preview Monterey Historic Automobile Races Ferrari Club Concours Blackhawk Exio Monterey Historic Automobile Races Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Russo and Steele Auction RM Auction Russo and Steele Auction Preview RM Auction Bonhoms & Butterfields Auction Blockhawk Ex.° Alipritqc e M 0 1' 0 R or SARASOTA IN(  VINTAGE MOTORS EXCLUSIVE FACTORY AGENT OF  ' a" 1-•;1• 11  69. r"1) FDR.-5 FROM SPIRT 70 IIIIISH j • •  .1 • • DAILY Eli Short Nose D-Type DBR2 Tempero is proud to create hand-crafted reproductions of many of the world's most famous sports and racing cars. Our cars are based on the manufacturer's original designs, and are built to each customer's individual specifications. They have been upgraded to reflect modern requirements of safety and performance. Each car is lovingly and skillfully constructed from sheet aluminum using the time-honored methods employed by reputable coach building companies. Classics start at $130,000. Temper()  July, 2003 3 XKSS Models In Production (us() cu.slom boat  195(1 1960 cic inq lossics: C Type -‘411,44 .4: 1,4 1997 Ferrari 355 Spyder Red / Tan. books, tools. Dealer major service, 31K miles, Clean $96,500 2836 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34234, USA Phone: 941-355-6500 Fax: 941-359-0810 sales(/' temperocars.com Web: Vintagemotorssarasota.com 65 + Cars In Inventory Buying, Trading and Consigning American Classics, Eurosports, Rolls/Bentley and Collection liquidations. Always Buying. Web: Vintagemotorssarasota.com 1968 Porsche 912 Coupe.White/Black clean, solid, very nice paint. $12,500 1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spyder w/hard tp, Red / black, Restored $32,900 Lightweight E-Type I xtri3 1 Lister Costin Testurossa

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Ferrari Profile 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC Chassis number: 10673 Engine number: 10673 A fter being imported from California in 1968, some mechanical work was done to this car and it was repainted. The present vendor purchased it in 1995 with 54,414 miles, and in 1998 spent $58,000 on the engine, chassis and a retrim of the interior. $34,500 was for rebuilding the engine, including replacement of both heads and rebuild to "un-leaded" specifications with all new valves, etc., as well as a re-bore and 12 new oversized pistons. Approximately $3,000 each was spent on brakes, suspension, exhaust, electrics, air conditioning and transaxle. Interior refurbishments were $4,000. Thirty pages of invoices relating to its post1988 servicing and refurbishment are available. Mileage is now 59,700. Black with matching leather interior and red carpets, this superb Fer- rari Grand Routier is presented in very good condition in every respect. This GTC coupe sold for $71,435, including buyer 's premium, at Bonhams' Olympia, London, auction on December 2, 2002. Richard Hudson-Evans, SCM's reporter, judged it 2+ condition with thick but unmarked pre-1995 repaint and with a new, slightly sat-in interior None other than Phil Hill and Paul Frere, separately, declared the GTC, in 1966, as one of the best GB' ever made, and over 600 left the factory between 1966 and '68. Even today, those who have owned many Ferraris proclaim the GTC to be the best driving of all the vintage VI 2s. Cheap by two-seat Ferrari standards, GTCs regularly change owners for $60,000 to $100,000. Prices of GTCs bottomed in the mid-'70s, and long-term owners have enjoyed modest but not spectacular appreciation. 1 recall the warning that Mike Gorley, our service manager at FAF (the authorized dealer in Atlanta of which 1 was the majority owner) and a long-term GTC owner, gave me in 1977: "Better buy a GTC, they will be over $10,000 before the end of the year" This car was previously sold at a 1995 auction for about $80,000. Assuming that the seller at Bonhams was the earlier purchaser of the car, he had gotten a firsthand education about the dangers of buying an older, newly painted, goodlooking "exotic." Prior to his 1995 purchase, he probably realized that most 28-year-old cars that haven't been completely and competently restored Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  First, remember that on any under-$100k 12-cylinder exotic, the three most important factors are condition, condition and condition. So if buying in a venue where you can't do a test drive or have your mechanic check out a car, do what the new owner did here: Buy an exotic with a fistful of repair invoices. with A/C, radio, power windows, disc wheels SCM Price Guide  Chassis #  I Ingine #  Right front chassis rail, plate on right inner fender rune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Club  Web site  Alternatives  Right side, near starter motor, back of block $3,000-$3,500 $300+ Ferrari Club of America, P.O. Box 720597, Atlanta, GA 30358 www.ferrariclubofamerica.org Maserati Ghibli Spider, Jaguar XICE Series I roadster, Is° Grifo SCM Investment Grade  have some critical components that need attention, such as worn valve guides, leaky rings, weeping water pumps, weak synchros, etc. However it's doubtful that he realized the full extent of his potential liability. From the figures in the catalog, it appears that he "invested" $127,000 in just the purchase and repair bills, and assuming a normal Bonhams 10% seller's commission, he netted about $56,000. So the 5,300 miles he drove cost approximately $71,000, or $13/mile. Which, by the way, makes our Editor 's $1.76/mile cost for his recently-sold Mondial seem downright reasonable. How do you avoid the fiscal immolation this hapless owner endured? 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC Lot #265, S/N 9307 Condition: 2Bonhams; Gstaad, Switzerland; 12/20/2002 Not sold at $63,937 SCM ID# 29709 You will be much further ahead than if you buy a rat, even a handsome one, and fix it yourself Why? Well, due to some unexplained law of economics, repairs are much cheaper if you buy them from the previous owner rather than your mechanic. Just as you don't get 100% of your money back for home improvements, so too with car restorations. This particular car is a prime, although not unusual, example of how the market discounts repairs. The seller bought the car for $80,000, put in $58,000, and got back $56,000. The buyer on the other hand, bought the car for less than the 1995 price and got all the repairs thrown in for free. As the car has only covered 1,700 miles since the 1998 engine work, the new owner will probably have to adjust the valves, clean the carbs and fool with the advance weights in the distributors (that's plural). But even with all that, I would have to say he's going to come out just fine on this. At $71,435, the new owner can put another $10,000 into this car for cosmetic enhancements without going under water 1966-68 600 Approx. $17,100, $85,000-$125,000 Sometimes at auctions the forces of audience enthusiasm conspire to push a car to unexpect- edly high prices. At other times, lack of the same, and, I would hazard to say in this case, a failing paint job leading to an unexciting visual presentation, means that someone got a good buy. GTCs will never have the values or visual panache of their predecessor, the 275 GTB. But they are much more satisfiiing to drive. And this car appears to be ready to give its new owner quite a few good miles of motoring, and maybe even at a reasonable cost per mile. 1 hope the seller had a business use for his Ferrari so that he can at least use the loss as a write-off—John Apen (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Bonhams.)• COMPARABLES 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC Lot #343, S/N 9131 Condition: 1 Bonhams; Fontvieille, Monaco; 5/18/2002 Sold at $91,181 SCM ID# 28398 Sports Car Market

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Why Not Lease? • Early Termination Without Penalt y • Specializing in Highline, Exotics, & Vintage Motorcars • Fast Response... No Son g, No Dance, No Stories _FINANCIAL SERVICES "Serving Your Leasing Needs Since 1978" Phone: 203-267-7700 • Fax: 203-267-7773 47 Sherman Hill Road, Woodbury, CT 06798 www.WhyNotLease.com

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Sheehan Snpnkc The Dollar is Falling! The Dollar is Falling! ore than a few self-proclaimed market gurus have been running around like the proverbial chickens with their heads removed, all aflutter because the Euro has appreciated by over 25% against the dollar in the past few months. Visions of container after container being filled in Long Beach with old cars, and destined for England, Holland or Germany fill their heads. Well, it's always nice to have something to get excited about. But let's take a little closer look at the picture. M First, it is just a tiny segment, although a highly visible one, of the car market that is affected by any currency swing. Further, the economy in Europe is still in the toilet, far worse than the situation in the US, as their central banks have been slow to cut interest rates to get things moving again. Further, the endemic economic problems caused by the cradle-tograve care offered by most European governments continue to bedevil their economic planning. What this means is that even though prices of cars in America may be falling relative to the Euro, there still aren't a lot of Europeans out there buying cars, certainly nothing like the gold rush of 1988-91. Of course, the rich are different. Especially the European car-collecting rich. More than anything else, what sets European collectors apart is the way they use their cars. Unlike the American preoccupation with sanitized, beautified concours and tea-cup racing, where, when two cars enter a corner, each driver is expected to graciously say to the other, "After you," Europeans hammer their cars. For instance, in the recently completed Modena Cento Ore, 275 GTB/C S/N 7271 GT fell off the road in the final special stage, and bounced off a few trees before coming to rest. The owner's reaction? "Where's the nearest carrozzeria? I need to get this thing fixed before the next event." As events like the MCO, Tour Auto and Tour d'Esparia become more popular, Europeans have begun to scour America for cars. And because so many of these cars were originally sold in the US, there are still barnfinds or unrestored original cars to be found. After the sprinkling of a few hundred thousand Benjamins, second-tier Ferraris such as Boanos, Lussos and 275 GTB/2s can be made competitive in their classes, with a total outlay of one-third that what an SWB or TdF would cost. Proudly offering the world's finest collector vehicle tires and wheels since 1958. GTB/C S/N 7271 meets tree number one. Coker Tire 1317 Chestnut Street Chattanooga, TN 1-800-251-6336 www.coker.com 37402

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EUFUWEiN SPORTS., 441V1 CAN IVILJLE. HOT Rolos CUSTOMS ONE mnamnr After visiting tree number two. Project cars—such as alloy-bodied Boanos, Lussos and 275 GTB/ 2s—that can be converted into relatively low-dollar (in the Ferrari world) priced GT racers are the most sought-after model today, with project alloy-body Boanos and Lussos bringing as much as $150,000 and project 275 GTB/2s bringing as much as $175,000. Restored alloy-body Boanos will bring $250,000-plus in the US, restored Lussos will bring $200,000-plus and restored 275 GTB/2s will bring as much as $300,000-plus. Today, these prices are cheap for Europeans, so these cars are going overseas. As an example of the market swing, I sold 250 Lusso S/N 5859 GT to England in February for $195,000 US. The same 250 Lusso is now being offered, only four months later, by an English dealer for £195,000, which is €273,000 or $315,000. I only know of one first-tier car that has gone to Europe recently, 250 LM SIN 6105, and I can only speculate at the buy and sell prices. I believe the buy was $2,200,000 and know the car was bought by an English dealer. We'll have to watch the adverts to see what he hopes to get for it. I also sold 333 SP S/N 012 to Europe in May. With current exchange rates, it was simply cheaper than any of the 333 SPs on the market in Europe, even after adding in freight and import duty. While I don't traffic in Jaguars, Austin-Healeys or Porsches, conversations with dealers that do sell these cars confirm the same trends. Anything that can be raced, from a Jaguar 120 to a Healey 3000 or a Porsche 356, has a better chance of selling, for higher dollars, to a European buyer than an American one. This is especially true for ratty cars, essentially sale-proof in the US, that can become good platforms for event cars. atssoli woo. CSX 4213 Shelby Cobra 427 Presented during the prestigious Monterey Historic Races & Pebble Beach Concours weekend Short nose GTB/2s are worth more in Europe than here. - While Lussos and 275 GTBs are crossing the Atlantic at a rapid rate, the American market for production cars such as Daytonas continues to show token appreciation, while 550 Maranellos, 456 GTs and even 360 coupes continue their predictable pattern of depreciation. Certainly the devaluation of the dollar has had a catastrophic effect on the gray market. as there's no way to buy a late-model serial-production Ferrari in Euros, pay for it to be legally imported into the US, and come out ahead. So if you've got a nasty Lusso, or a very early 911, or a Jag 120 roadster with a decent body but a trashed engine, you might just have better luck getting good money for the car from a European buyer than from an American one. But if you are thinking of selling, I urge you to move fast. Currency swings are as much a matter of economic policy as they are of business realities, and if the world suddenly decides it wants a stronger dollar, it's a stronger dollar we'll see.• AUGUST 2003 480.517.4005 www.russoandsteele.com LIVE! NlIconrtry

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i•-imml■  Ferrari Classifieds ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. 61 250GT SWB s/n 2701/GT. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 66 Asa coupe, red with tan interior, frameoff restoration, 1,000cc 4-cyl Ferrari motor, knock-offs. $24,000 obo. 630-878-2300, 630-673-2208. IL 67 275 GTB/4, silver with black interior, new gray carpets and new xwxs, 60k kilometers, absolutely on the button. tomcwatgaol.com . $395,000. 209-6688064. CA 67 330 GTC, silver, bordeaux, Platinum Award winner in 2002 plus completed 2002 Colorado Grand. 714-662-7600. CA 69 Dino 246GT, s/n 00316. US model, beautiful red paint, 60k miles, black interior, full service, books, tools, cover, excellent condition throughout, shown at Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach. Possible Countach trade. $75,000 obo. 561-2520177. FL 71 Daytona Spyder conversion s/n 13663. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 72 365 GTC4, red, I bought it from original owner 3 years ago and am buying a 456 GT, exc original condition. $49,000. 775530-0111. NV 72 Daytona coupe, red/tan, only 36,425 miles. car is like new, recent tune-up and service completed. VIN 16211. $129,500. 818-984-3123. CA 75 308 GT4 Dino, black/black, pristine condition, professionally maintained, original owner Mrs. Bill Hannah of Reno, NV. Serious buyers only. $25,200 obo. 949249-2058. CA 78 308 GTB, blue, tan leather, second owner, 20k miles, no dents or scratches, just received 20k-miles Ferrari service. $27,900. Gene 800-339-6341. ME 78 308 GTS, black, maroon, nev■ tires, wheels redone, new 2nd gear synchro, engine out, complete major service, runs excellent, engine tuneup, carbs rebuilt, very nice car, 50k miles, car runs excellent. $32,900. 614-471-7535. OH 83 308 GTSi QV, 36.000 miles, red/black, needs paint, all service including belts just done. $28,500. 727-798-9800. FL 84 308 GTSi, red/black, immaculate condition, loaded, 40,000, 35,000 service completed. $38,000. 732-836-1256. NJ 99 Maranello Grigio alloy, K&N filter, Tubi exhaust, 7100 miles, looks and drives as new. Tires as new. jisesoMit nerscape.net. 516-365-1385. NV PA R TS Original Ferrari factory manuals, brochures, memorabilia. Huge stock of original Ferrari items from early Scuderia Ferrari to current Enzo Ferrari model and everything in between. Download catalog at www.ferrariliterature.com. 407-292-6363. Fax 407-566-9625. FL* CO FxPer Hide There's Experienced Partner. Services Include: Appraisal Pre-Purchase Inspection Advisory Expert Witness Vehicle Location and Consignment Restoration and Collection Management On-Site Auction Counsel • Certified Appraiser - IAAA - International Automotive Appraiser Association • Calcified Master Technician - ASE - National Institute for Automotive Service Excellent- • Advisory Board Member - NADA Classic and Collectible Appraisal Guides • Auction Analyst/Reporter and Contributor - Sports Car Market Magazine • Society of Automotive Engineers • Society of Automotive Historians no Substitute for an an automotive consultant specializing in over twenty years of hands-on professional , Scott invaluable partner for those seeking an ent, qualified and objective opinion. Gladwyne, Pennsylvania www.FeathermanCo.com Free Initial Consultation 610.645.5595 FENLMERMAN 6/ CO Pebble Beach Monterey August 15-17 On-Site Private Counsel Call now to reserve your time! America's Oldest Ferrari Dealership

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Never get in a car with strangers "Their honesty, integrity and sincerity are unmatched." -A.K., Brooklyn, New York "Their performance has been great. That's why I keep going back." -A.B., Daytona Beach, Florida "I have no hesitation recommending them." -m.K., Tucson, Arizona Thousands of car aficionados advise their family and friends to lease with us. We'd love to show you why. Putnam Leasing AL Go with people you trust toll free 866/90-LEASE (866/905-3273) www.PutnamLeasing.com Actual quotes from Putnam Leasing customers: initials used to protect their privacy. Sole authorized leasing agent for Ferrari Club Of America  A40S- ezegiL, CAVALLINO CLASSIC

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English Car Profile 1967 Lotus Elan Sprint 53 Coupe Registration number: SPY 539H Chassis number: 36/7352 T he late 1960s marked a turning point for Colin Chapman and his Lotus Company; the car racing manufacturing business had grown dramatically since he raced his Lotus Mk II for the first time in Silverstone in 1950. Typically light and simple, the Lotus 49 of 1967, with its new Cosworth Ford DFV unit, was campaigned with great success by Fl icons Jim Clark and Graham Hill. But it was outshined by the triumphant wedge-shaped Lotus 72 of 1970, which, in the stylish black and gold John Player Special livery, took the young Emerson Fittipaldi to his first Fl World Championship in 1972. From the tiny, poised Coventry Climax-powered Elite of 1957, Lotus road-going cars were efficient and fast, offered exceptional handling and cornering power but did not compromise on comfort and ride. The Elan Sprint coupe was one of the most desirable fast cars of its time, and time has in no way diminished its appeal. Powered by a rugged Ford-based twin-cam straight four, Elans had put on a little weight, as creature comforts such as fitted carpets and improved ventilation systems were introduced. The promising young Tony Rudd was asked to find more power from the engine. His response was the smooth, seemingly unbreakable 126-hp unit with "big valve" cylinder head. Top speed was maintained, while acceleration from 0-60 mph was a fleeting seven seconds. The present owner acquired this Lotus in 1988. During his ownership it has seen relatively limited use, but has been attended to when necessary, and work carried out has included restoration of the chassis and engine rebuild since when it has been run in, covering a mere 1,000 miles. The paintwork and interior are in good presentable condition throughout. Although renowned as an Achilles' heel of the model, the electrics are reported to be good, including the windows, and electronic ignition is fitted. This car sold for $10,145, including buyer :s premium, at Christie 's London auction, held March 24, 2003. The Elan is a much-loved English 1960c groovy kinda car; much the same way the Chicago Cubs are a much-loved kooky kinda baseball team. Everyone roots for the underdog and prays that someday they will have their moment in the sun. And so the Cubs almost win; the Elan almost makes sense. Underdogs with endearing qualities get people interested ... you want to be the one who says, "See, 1 told you one day this team would prevail!" or "I told you I could drive the Lotus all the way to the deli and back without calling for a tow truck!" Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Alternatives  Web site  sleds from Hethel since 1991. Since that time, Lotus has sold the "new" M-100 Elan, the Esprit SE, S4, 54S and V8. These modern Loti are built to a high quality and are truly underappreciated by the masses. These cars are all great joys to sell. Except that every potential customer mentions his Uncle Fiskus who owned an Elan that never ran. They rant about engine fires, parts falling off and lights going out at 70 miles per hour And the punchline—these beautiful and pointless stories always segue to, "Are these new cars any better?" Frankly, 1 could guarantee that Uncle Fiskus would be happy in a new Lotus. But old myths die hard. Chassis plate fitted in engine bay driver's side near firewall; sometimes on the inside of a door panel, on the chassis (in a number of random spots), under the rear bumper SCM Investment Grade  In theory and on a sunny summer day with the English Classic Car gods looking favorably down on you (your own Emma Peel by your side), the Lotus Elan could be a great joy to own and operate. Unfortunately, the gods Lucas, Glassfibre, Rust and Chapman all have to be well liquored up for those four horsemen to be in agreement on letting you drive peacefully on that sunny day. There's the rub. English car gods are rarely in benevolent agreement. Let me explain how I know this. My reticence towards the 1960s Elan comes from being a Lotus dealer I've had the honest-to-goodness pleasure of selling these fine 1967 Lotus Elan Sprint S3 roadster Lot #96, SIN 457366 Condition: 3 RM; New York, NY; 9/21/2002 Not sold at $17,600 SCM ID# 29110 Triumph TR4 surrey-top, Alfa Romeo GTV, pre-1968 MGB-GT Lotus reMarque, P.O. Box L, College Park Station, MD 20741 www.lotuscarclub.org Porsche 356B coupe, Back side of engine block 9,053 (all Elan SI -S3) approx. $3,021 $9,000-$12,000 $800 $18 1966-1968 Ferry Porsche built his cars to run forever; Colin Chapman built his early cars to fall apart the moment the warranty ran out, plain and simple. Read the Lotus history books—anecdotally, it's always mentioned that Chapman understood that more parts sales lead to higher profits. The Mazda Miata is truly successful because it does everything the Elan was meant to do, and never breaks. Lotus should be flattered that it inspired such a great success. The Sprint S3 is a magnificent design that simply sputters from marginal engineering. This car should be heralded in classic circles. Instead, where do you think the saying, "Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious" comes from? The Elan that was sold at auction here seemed like fair value. Logic dictates that a more completely restored car would be a better overall value, as the spread between a basket case vs. a concours winner is not that extreme. The condition of this car falls in the middle and the price is accurate to the marketplace. If it had been an open car, even though it would not handle as well, it would have brought as much as $5,000 more. I'm a little surprised this Elan was found to be auction-worthy by Christie s; nicer cars are easily found. Nonetheless, for not much money, the new owner can go play boy racer, and pretend he is Jimmy Clark or Graham Hill—at least until he needs to call the tow truck. Again. —Steve Serio (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Christie S.). COMPARABLES 1970 Lotus Elan Sprint S4 coupe Lot #196, SN 7352 (perhaps same car) Condition: 2 Christie's; London, UK; 12/3/2002 Not sold at $8,635 SCM ID# 29637

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Bonham17 BUTTERFIELDS AUCTIONEERS b APPRAISERS ;KrQuail Lodge 15 August Sale of Important Collectors' Motor Cars, Automobilia, Jewelry and Watches August 15, 2003 Consignments are now invited Entries are now invited for this year's internationally renowned auction of Collectors' Motor Cars at Quail Lodge Resort and Golf Club. Now in its sixth year this annual West Coast sale has become synonymous with fine cars and record prices, and this year's sale will be further complimented by a selection of outstanding collectors' automobilia, timepieces and jewelry. Pictured: The ex-Don Ricardo 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL 'Gullvving . sold at Quail Lodge 2002 for $244,500 Inquiries to: Mark Osborne on (415) 391 4000, mark.osborne@bonhams.com, Andrew Reilly (415) 503 3285, andrew.reillyebonhams.com, or Malcolm Barber (415) 861 7500, malcolm.barberti)bonhams.com USA Bonhams & Butterflelds 220 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco California 94103 +1 (415) 391 4000 +1 (415) 391 4040 fax UK Bonhams Montpelier Street London SW7 1HH +44 (0) 20 7393 3900 +44 (0) 20 7393 3905 fax Europe Bonhams 10 Rue Blavignac 1227 Ca rouge-Geneva Switzerland +41 (0) 22 300 3160 +41 (0) 22 300 3035 fax www.bonhams.com

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ASTON MARTIN 68 DBS, Ihd, 5-spd, completely rebuilt motor by British Motor Service, fresh wires and wheels. $30,000. 425-793-1801. WA 77 Aston Martin, stunning Oxford green with camel, three owner California car from new, past Concours winner with light miles since, Series Ill, auto, chrome bumpers and dual mirrors. www.captnjqadams.com . $36,000. 360-379-8832. WA 79 Volante, convertible, jubilee silver, green, auto. 27k miles, mint condition. $63,000. 941-497-6750. 2000 DB7 Vantage, Coupe Special, dark blue metallic factory paint, parchment/ blue interior, Burl elm wood package with factory upgrade stereo and sports wheel, 1 owner, 14,500 miles. No scratches, dings, or stories. For pictures, e-mail me paul@pineloch.com. Paul 407-8593550 x201. Home 407-894-8361. FL AUSTIN 62 Mini Cooper, red, black, never rusted, 1275cc, 14,000 miles, excellent cond, alloy wheels. $7,500. Bob O'Hara 863635-9008. FL AUSTIN-HEALEY 54 100-4, original color non-metallic Healey blue, running, not rusty, very straight, needs restoration. shereedewey@grar.com . $8,300. 616-891-5973. MI 55 100-4, 50,000 miles, just restored, excellent. 440-546-9191. OH 55 100S, fully race prepared for Vintage Racing. 2002 Louis Vuitton Concours d'Elegance contender at Hurlingham ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCL ON Club. White over Lobelia Blue. FIA papers. SVRA Blue Book. Full information pack available for serious inquiries. meford464@taol.com. $125,000. Mary Ellen Ford, 434-923-8389. VA 56 100-4 BN-2, drove into the barn 15 years ago, will need paint, interior. No tire kickers. acaceca@aol.com $12,500. 770345-5399. GA 63 3000 Mk 11, green, black leather, tricarb, roll-up windows, rt hand drive, mint. $28,900. 516-541-9541. NY JAGUAR 51 Mk V dhc, lhd, the most solid original car, no rust, runs well, new red leather interior, same owner last 25 years, car in NJ. $30,000. 302-542-6814. DE 52 Mark VII, dark burgundy, in good running order, garaged but must move. $6,000 or best offer. 718-622-8306. NY 59 XK 150 roadster, black/red, new tan top. Many improvements with full documentation. JCNA '02 score 99.7, first in class. $85,000 firm. 314-854-0802. MO 60 XK 150 dhc, rebuilt engine, 3.8, 4-spd w/overdrive, matching #s, British ivory with red leather int. Wilton carpets, wire wheels, polished head, very orig, judged 9.962 JCNA Driven Class, two time 2nd Place trophy, show or drive. $60,000. 845638-2896. NY 63 E-type roadster, red/tan int, black top, stunning, head turning driver, 8K mi. on 8-year-old restoration, excellent condi- UDE INTERNET POSTING! LY $15. [ion. fun to drive, runs/sounds great, all s/n match, s/n 879116. $30,000. 317-8442268. IN 67 XKE roadster, 4.2 Series 1.5, stunning cosmetic refresh, primrose with biscuit interior, triple SUs, #s match, 4-speed, very strong mechanically, rust-free Southwest car, all chrome in perfect condition, new chrome wire wheels & tires, original tools, jack. $32,000. 505-281-2736. NM 68 E-type, Roadster Series 1.5, Silver with black interior, and top. Comes with rare factory hardtop. 53k miles. Only three owners with full documentation since new. Frame-off restoration to concours standards. JCNA/DVJC 99pts. Matching numbers, stainless steel exhaust. $55,000. 215-628-4961. PA 71 XKE 2+2 coupe, burgundy, tan leather, 36,000 recorded miles, V12, automatic, air, good body and paint, spoke wheels. $16,500 obo. 636-332-3073. MO 74 E-type V12 roadster, perhaps one of the best examples of' unrestored Series III, factory hardtop, air conditioning, 4-spd and wire wheels, complete records and numerous awards. JDC member. $42,000. 614975-3504. OH LOTUS 70 Lotus Type 61 Formula Ford, Holbay, gold leaf colors, chassis #AM3, raceready. 334-559-1588. $18,000. AL. I THE WORLD'S BIGGEST & BEST JAGUAR WEB SITE *A  LARGEST INVENTORY OF ALL MODELS DOC •S JAGS TEL: (480) 951-0777 WO 12 11:›W 1 I E I r.s  N....'  -0, .  FAX: (480) 951-3339, AZ ASK FOR "DOC" • E-mail doc@docsjags.com RESTORATION CENTER (623) 869-8777 23047 N. 15 Lane, Phoenix, AZ FLASH! The Morgan Factory has just announced... This is the last year of Plus 8 availability in USA! NO REPLACEMENT MODEL IN SIGHT! DON'T MISS OUT! BUY OR ORDER THE BEST PLUS 8 EVER BUILT BEFORE IT'S HISTORY! NEW CALIFORNIA LEGAL PLUS 8's: tow Inferno Red Metallic - fuse delivery BMW Titanium Silver - June delivery Blu Pozzi - Late June delivery. Black Emerald - In Stock! Grigio Ingrid Metallic - June delivery. PRE-OWNED: '93 Plus 8, BRG/tan leather, 9.8k miles, alloy body, absolutely as new gasoline +8. '89 4/4 Corsa Red/ton leather, 1600«, 5 speed, 18k miles, FOB London. '87 Plus 8, Silver Alloy/black leather, 22k miles, new top, reclining seats... '84 Mus 8, Corsa Red/black SS buckets, 35k miles, Euro bumpers, rack and pinion... '67 Plus 4 SS, Ivory/black leather, ex-Ralph Lauren, fresh service, hoses, radials... '66 Plus 4/4 seater, Tan/black, 1 Calif. owner until '97, local since, 87k miles, 72 spoke wheels, 100% orig. car incl. paint, black leather. '65 4/4 Series V Racing Morgan, BRG, 1550a Cosworth, fast, sorted and fresh! '65 Plus 4, Burgandy/black wings, 2138cc SuperSport spec. motor by Greg Solow... '64 Pius 4 Dropheod SS, #5730, Brick red/dark tan, LawrenceTune Triumph, [HO... '63 Plus 4 Four passenger, #5258, Red/black leather, 56k miles, stunning concours prepared car. '63 4/4 Series V,#B999. Black/red. SVRA rocecar, 1700c«rossflow, excellent power to weight ratio! '61 Plus 4, Polished alloy/blue, alloy head, Webers, VanDyne Engineering engine, 200HP at 6800 RPMS! '61 Plus 4, Red, Webers, LawrenceTune 2138«, Konis! '60 Plus 4, BRG/black, rebuilt motor, recent paint new tires, foglites, painted wire wheels, drives wonderfully. www.MorganWest.Net • 3003 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA SANTA MONICA, CA Dennis Glavis, Managing Director • (310) 998-3311 aiorGeles.: QThrriatic 61 Iowa Avenue • Paterson, New Jersey 07503 800-631 -7796 • In NJ 973-742-2692 • Fax 973-742-8369 You can't trust them with just anyone. Prized Possessions. t_J• 40.1z s. No matter what your prized possessions are, our award-winning equipment provides immaculate, enclosed, door-to-door transport. We offer containerizing for overseas shipping, automobile storage, and pier service. Featuring HighwayMaster satellite tracking/communication systems. Visit our web site at wwwborselesscarriagesom AVKAI • UAW urritig

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COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONEERS The Mecum Auction at 5th Annual Road America July 18-19, 2003 Collector Car Auction Featuring: Sport, Import, & Race Cars with the BRIC Brian Redman International Challenge at Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin PREVIEW PARTY Friday, July 18, 2003 • 7 p.m. AUCTION: ALL CARS WELCOME Saturday, July 19, 2003 • 7 p.m. Limited to the First 100 Entries! Call today for advance registration to buy or sell! Ilioject_ffs -N-1  .4e1,7-Baz-lc-fat B15-5613-13131313 • www-MecumAuction.corn

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Alfa Romeo Profile 1967 Duetto Spider eBay Motors, item #2413790064 L ast month, we wrote "How to Get Bottom Dollar for Your Alfa," and described a pathetically written eBay auction—item #2410837 I 34—that resulted in the sale of a nasty Duetto for $2,651. As chance would have it, as that issue went to press, we came across another Duetto on eBay Beautifully presented, the car, even though in a generally not-sought-after color of ivory (creme), brought a top-of-market $15,950. Below are excerpts from the listing, with our analysis following. Alfa Romeo produced the so-called Roundtail spider from 1966 to 1969. The Spider was called that due to the sloped shape of the decklid, which differentiated it from later Spiders. Roundtail Spiders have a most beautiful design which makes them among the most desirable everyday Alfa Romeos to own. They were from a period of Alfa manufacture that represents the best of times, just prior to major emissions and safety changes, yet benefiting from many of the modern advances of the mid-to-late 1960s. Powered by a twin-cam four cylinder of 1570cc, the Duetto offered good performance and an attractive "Spider" body. The body featured bumpers that were set into the front and rear wings as well as a front grille set below the front bumper. The Duetto came with twin carburetors and four-wheel disc brakes. Production of the Duetto finished in 1967 after only 12 months and only 6,325 were ever produced, making them a rare collector's car. The example offered here is a very straight and unmolested survivor. It had lived in Southern California most of its life and the last owner enjoyed her for the last 18 years. The exterior has recently been refinished to its original luster, painted in its original ivory and is free of dents or scratches, showing only minuscule imperfections (i.e., chips). The black could fault the seller for However, there is a photo of the chassis tag, and it reveals that this car was originally built for the German market. The orange, Euro-spec turn signal lenses, rather than US-legal red, support this. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCA/Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives  1966-67 6,325  •1 $3,950 $10,000413,500 $250-$275 $12-$18 Stamped on the engine firewall On a boss under the distributor Alfa Romeo Owners Club of America, 10 Raskin Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 wvvw.aroc-usa.org 1970-72 Porsche 914-6, 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, Triumph TR-6 SCA1 Investment Grade  interior has also been recently updated. It still retains the correct engine and transmission in their stock configuration. The form of the entire front end is completed by the still-intact headlight covers. From the direct front and rear, one can see the integrated design of the bumpers for the car. These bumpers were much more style than substance, serving to protect the car little from actual damage. A lot of money has been spent to enhance its already stellar performance. It is not a show car, but a very beautiful and powerful driver. Happy bidding and good luck! After 58 bids, this Duetto sold on May 8, 2003, for; as mentioned above, $15,950. First, let's start by trying to learn a little something about the car from the photos. Unfortunately, neither the chassis number nor the engine number were listed in the description, perhaps the only thing I 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Lot #1883, S/N AR1470386 Condition: 2 Bonhams & Brooks; London, UK; 12/4/2000 Sold at $11.573 SCM 1D# 24665 However, since the speedometer reads in miles rather than kilometers, this instrument was clearly changed out at some point. The seats appear to be redone in leather, an acceptable upgrade from vinyl. The standard rubber floormats have been upgraded to carpet, and the vinyl pattern to the top appears a bit too smooth. Finally, the Alfa Romeo script on the trunk appears to have been bent and then painted black, which is strange, as this script is widely available in the aftermarket. The engine bay itself appears correct but isn't detailed, which is unfortunate given the way the rest of the car is presented. The unusual clips used to fasten the air-cleaner crossover tube are missing. Finally, the engine cam covers appear to be painted with a black-crackle finish, which is incorrect but common. But at a computer monitor 's 72 dpi, everything else on the car looks scrumptious. It appears to have all of its dainty stainless-steel bumpers intact, and the headlight covers that came in the trunk of the 1967s (they were illegal by DOT standards) have been properly installed, with the headlights 'frenched" into the fenders. The little raised area behind the grille is still in evidence, a detail that is often lost when Duettos get their inevitable Bondo nose jobs following the equally inevitable collision. The wheels and tires appear to be the correct 15 inches rather than the 14 inches that followed in 1969 (there was no 1968 model year for Alfa in the US due to smog and safety issues), and the dash top doesn't seem to have any cracks. $16,000 is all the money in the world for a Duetto, and for this amount, one might expect a car with a detailed engine bay. But good Duettos are hard to find, and ones that aren't painted red even more difficult. Clearly, the bidders interested in this car were attracted by the professional and thorough presentation of the car in its online venue and were prepared to pay up to own it. Assuming the car is as good as it looks, I would call this deal a good one for seller and buyer both.—Keith Martin (Deccriptive information provided by classbenz@aol.com .)• COMPARABLES !Pqraupp! 1976 Triumph TR6 Lot #158, S/N CF574130 Condition: 3+ Mecum; Elkhart Lake, WI; 7/20/2000 Not sold at $12,075 SCM ID# 10083

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Al a Romeo C assi ie s ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15.  31 6C8C 2600 s/n 101014852. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com . 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. 56 Super Leggera 1900 sport coupe, all aluminum body, needs total restoration, worldwide shipping. www.stevesbritishcon nection.com $7,000. 630-553-9023. IL 58 Giulietta Spyder Veloce, solid, complete, needs restoration, negotiable, VSCCA eligible. dnmeicpa@aol.com . $7,750. 203-488-8878 evenings. CT 58 1900cc Super, completely original condition, LaPantera of Italy, police, 4speed on column, light green, green, gray interior, perfect, chauffeur driven. $14,500. 914-316-2561, 914-632-4039, leave message. NY 63 Sprint Speciale Giulia, cardinal red, very good mechanicals, complete car, body, exterior needs upgrade of previous restoration, sound, strong, beautiful, historic, mechanical rebuild 2002, Tipo 121, highly tuned, priced to sell. $17,000. 802365-7674. VT 65 GTA 1600 coupe, time warp example with original paint and only 8,040 kilometers from new, in storage for many years, all stock, no changes or modifications, twin plug head, runs perfectly but needs brakes and servicing, originally a French delivery model, hence the low price. $75,000 or close offer. Mark Smith 610584-8800. PA 66 Giulia Sprint GT, very red beautiful Bertone coupe, new red/black interior. engine, 5-speed transmission, dual stock Webers, all rebuilt, no rust, nice paint. looks great, drives as it should. $7,850 oho 850-492-1412. FL 69 Duetto cony, white with black interior. carburetor model, a good original car, runs and drives well. www.gullwingmotorcars. corn $8,950. 718-545-0500. Fax 718-5451308. NY 69 1750 GTV, mechanically excellent, aesthetically very good, rebuilt original 1750 with Norman head and Euro cams. rebuilt suspension, steering, and brakes, all work within last 10K miles, older respray in original Giallo ocra, dry except for minor rust on the doors, perfect bumpers, original wheels. wbpeale(i-qahoo.com . 650-226-4661. CA www.alfapartscatalog.com $8,900. 73 GTV, red, black interior, Webers. rebuilt 5-speed, very good condition. fredshufsocal.rr.com . $8,500 obo. 714898-2945. CA 73 Spyder, restored. $9,900. 5 14-3280440. QC, Canada. 76 Spyder, nice original condition. 65K miles, no rust, always garaged, red with black interior, both tops, 1978 Spyder parts car included. $7,000. 909-654-2596. CA 81 GTV6, 55k miles, mechanically maintained, runs excellent, body rusted, good for restoration or parts, complete parts car included. I also have many parts for this car, clip sections too, hardware. $1,500. 631-669-1245. NY. Largest online parts and accessories catalog with factory part numbers, images, parts diagrams, and online ordering! / Original parts and hard to find NOS. '(Rebuilds, sheet metal, restoration and aftermarket parts. '(High performance components. '(Full line of Alfa Romeo factory gifts, accessories and collectables. /Prompt worldwide delivery. From Giulietta to 164, factory authorized Alfa Romeo parts provider, over 30 years of exclusive Alfa Romeo experience. 800 890 ALFA (2532) 510 525 9435 www.alfapartscatalog.com SPECIAL Complete Seats, Seat Covers and Cushions Made From Scratch in Italy. Original Vintage Wool Carpet, Carpet Savers and Original Vinyl. - ALSO AVAILABLE - 250 SWB Competition 250 Tour De France 365 GTBI4 Daytona 355 Fl Spyder Ferraris Replacement for Connolly Leather Now Available. 550 Maranello 246 Dino 250 Lusso1275 GTB 250 GTO 713-849-2400 www.reoriginals.com

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1973 Citroen SM Coupe Chassis number: SBSCO0SC2131 he SM is the symbol of demise of Citroen as an independent company. It is also the story of corporate management embracing the "bigger is better" theory, and the engineering department wanting to make a better and more sophisticated car, but ending up with something that was just more complex, less reliable and infinitely more expensive than the models it already had. T In the late '60s, Citroen, at last freed from family control, embarked on a buying spree: It acquired Panhard, Berliet (trucks, tanks and such) and Simca's factory near Paris, built a huge (and very costly) new factory and formed a joint holding company with Fiat, which among other things gave it the ownership of proud (but financially weak) Maserati. If this was not enough, a joint venture with NSU was formed to develop the Wankel engine. All of this was made possible with funds from Michelin (a long-time Citroen backer and an investor in the stock of the new joint holding company), along with some creative bookkeeping. Citroen's engineers, still elated from the success of their revolutionary but also quite bizarre DS models, were itching for another Tour de Force. Nothing else but a superb Grand Touring car would do, and it had to be both glamorous and technologically light years ahead of anything else. Maserati and its chief engineer Ing. Alfieri were called to come up with a solution. The existing V8 models—the Ghibli and Indy—were too heavy and too long for a front-wheel-drive design (Citroen's signature). And their engines were considered crass and "American-like," unacceptable to the sophisticated French. Alfieri delivered a prototype engine in six weeks, after cutting (literally) two cylinders off the 4.7-liter Indy engine. This solution looked like a bargain, but by the time the V6 was adapted to front-wheel drive and reduced to under 2.8 liters to avoid confiscatory French engine-size-based taxes, it was as expensive as a brand-new engine would have been. The "cheap" V6 had problems of secondary harmonic vibration, which could not be resolved Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives  by the technology of the day. Other complex and costly peripherals included a distributor that was really two separate units in a single casting and a five-speed gearbox mounted ahead of everything. It was extremely complex, with two input shafts and all indirect ratios, not to mention a Rube Goldberg shift linkage which had to be machined to aerospace tolerances, and was still very bulky and slow. But this was just the beginning. The revolutionary (and repair-shop delighting) hydro-pneumatic suspension of the DS was grotesquely expanded to include a large hydraulic liquid reservoir, a pressure accumulator, twin high-pressure pumps, hydro-pneumatic shock absorbers and a power steering pump, something called Van-Power power steering. This last gem was like no other power steering on the planet. In reality it was a servo mechanism, with the driver's steering-wheel movement only indicating the direction the servo was to take. The mechanical components of the steering system were eliminated from the equation, meaning no resistance—when you turned the wheel, it merely sent a signal telling the system in which direction to compress fluids. Unfortunately. Yr.." 38 ,AN 1973 Citroen SM coupe Lot #I04, S/NAC7300SD0224 Condition: 3+ Barrett-Jackson; Los Angeles, CA; 6/15/2001 Sold at $10,260 SCM ID# 24323 that left the driver with zero road feeling through the wheel. Instead of using a series of springs to give the illusion of the feel of the road, as proposed by Alfieri, an extremely complex hydraulic governor was constructed, giving virtually no sense of effort in straight-line steering, and maximum effort at full lock. $9,000 (not sold in US) $12,0004 14,500 $70/5700 $75 Passenger side, between end of steering rack and A/C blower case Driver's side, middle of the block Secretariat SM Club de France, BP 68, 42162 Andrezieux Cedex, France www.citroensm.org SCM Investment Grade  Maserati Quattroporte II/III, Citroen DS-21, Jaguar Mk 113.8 This car sold for $8,155, including buyer 's premium, at Bonhams' Geneva auction, held March 10, 2003. A .friend once said of the SM, "It was the greatest handling and riding car, ff you have never driven another car before." The .front-wheel disc brakes were mounted inboard, with calipers so complicated that master mechanics cried when they had to service them. All this was mounted in a very sturdy (and heavy) monocoque, clothed in a Citroen-designed, very aerodynamic and moderately ugly body. In order to accommodate all the gadgets and widgets, the grand touring 1+2 coupe offered virtually no useful room in the rear seats, and the trunk space was minimal. Al close to 3,000 lb, it was not exactly a dragster. 1970-75 12,920 However, the PR department excelled in Inarketing it and the motoring press of the period loved it, bestowing awards left and right. In 1972, alias selected as Motor Trend 's car of the year The initial success of the car was largely due to people buying it on the strength of period motoring press' glowing reviews, and then being ashamed to admit that they made a mistake. But the end of the CitroenMaserati partnership was near In '73, Fiat pulled out. Michelin quit at the end of '74, and tight-fisted Peugeot became the owner of Citroen and the Maserati-Citroen holding company. Nearing bankruptcy, Citroen was acquired for a rock-bottom price. And the demise of the SMfollowed soon thereafter SMs trade in a very thin market. While a few in the US that have been perfectly restored by specialists can bring up to $30,000, most bedraggled ones change hands in the $8,000 to $10,000 range, and are no bargains at that. Let's hope the buyer of this car got lucky, and has a car with no rot, perfect service records and no immediate needs. In that case, he paid a fair price for a car that will look quite natural each morning making its coffee and baguette run into the village center before heading to the shop for its daily service.—Ramond Milo• COMPARABLES 1972 Citroen SM coupe Lot #220, SIN SB.SD-00SD1678 Condition: I- Bonhams; Monte Carlo, Monaco; 5/1212001 Sold at $25,570 SCM ID# 23561 Sports Car Market

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Vintage Race Car Classifieds ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCL UDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. AC Cobra Mk IV; flawless aluminum body, Halibrand knock-offs, factory hood scoop, 700 miles, owned 14 years. $65,000. 7 16-689-0980. NY B-23 Chevron, #25, one race on a full Clarkson rebuild of Cosworth YB, FG gearbox, just crack checked and ready to 20, spares, wheels and nose, support available. $90,000. 203-375-5140. CT McRae F5000 GMI 008, prof restoration and race prep, red, STP livery, chrome suspension, 4 wins, show quality, none faster. $69,500. 614-332-8112. OH Triumph TR6, SVRA logbook, professionally built and maintained, ATL Aeroquipped, Panasports, adjustable suspension, gas shocks. $17,800. 614-332-8112. OH 52 Jaguar XK 120 lhd, V8 Special, Vette 327 w/Muncie 4-speed, beautiful rust-free original, orig Calif black plates, power and grace as they raced in the '60s, pro-built, absolutely no disappointments. $21,500 obo. 805-466-1015. CO 59 Elva Courier Mal, super modified, beautifully prepares ex-SCCA race car, full race MG engine, close ratio transmission, Accusump, fuel cell, roll cage, show quality paint, alloy interior, Panasports, Carrera shocks, the best of everything, identical to the 2002 SCCA E Production National Champion winning Elva, sacrifice at $29,500. 203-377-6746. CT 59/60 Chev Witton vintage sports racer. VSCCA and VARAC logbooks, fully restored and sorted, asking $67,000. Jim 802985-3415 home, 802-769-5961 work. VT 64 Sunbeam Tiger, prototype #I, built by Ken Miles, s/n B9I09464, various one-off features, fully documented w/signed letter from Ian Garrard, mentioned in every Tiger hook, nut and bolt restoration performed while owned by Bo Cheadle, 100% correct and authentic. royalbooks@aol.com . $74,900. 303-918-0079. CO 67 Mustang, oval track, race car body, interior stripped out, 4-point roll cage, front frame-stub, spring adjusters, extra front sheet metal, other parts available: banded 9" rear end, 456 gear, roll bar tubing, asphalt tires. $400. 317-828-1942. IN 69 Ford Boss 302 Trans Am, raced by independent Al Costner, well documented, complete turnkey, well sorted, front runner in Historic Trans Am. $150,000. John 360486-9003. WA 68 Lola T-140 F-5000, all the original and right stuff, Chevy, Webers, Hewland, new ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. fittings, fuel cells, mint and race ready, illness forces sale. Chuck Kirkbride 508760-0542. MA 68 McKee Cro-Sal wedge Can Am, significant history, extensive professional nut and bolt restoration, extensive documentation, true turnkey. $90,000 or partial trade. 760-451-9448. CA 70 Datsun PL5I0 turnkey GT4 race car, fresh L16, option 2 5-spd, lots of spares, tech inspector's favorite, offers lots of track time for minimal wrenching, failing eyesight forces sale. bigband4u@juno.com . $12,500. Including open trailer. Chris 714099205246. CA 74 Mini, full race 1300, built in England for the Mini Miglia series, very quick and trick, with Longman head/Weber, Jack Knight gearbox, etc, tax paid in USA. islandl@ste.net . $17,500. 727-785-2439. FL 75 Lola T294 s/n T294-65. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 76 Lola 460 Formula Atlantic, fresh, extensive professional correct nut and bolt restoration, Jennings BDA, John Collins corners and gearbox, truly turnkey. $35,000 or partial trade. 760-451-9448. CA 80 Alfa 179B-004, Giacomelli points winning car, great sounding, competitive, Italian 12-cylinder Ft car at 1/3 price of a Ferrari, race ready, tons of spares, recent paint, fresh engine. pstonebergaiiusa.net . $190,000. 925-258-0175. CA 81 Lola T600 s/n T-600-HU3. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 81 GR 3, three time Can Am Series championship winning car, 1982 Al Unser Jr., 1983 Jacques Villeneuve and 1985 Rick Miaskiewicz, all log books, hasn't turned a wheel since 1985, extensive spares package, as raced condition. rmias@aol.com . $215,000. Rick 303-783-9115. CO 97 Ferrari F310B s/n 175. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA* Specialized in Italian car parts & pre-war car parts. WA CITROEN 71 2CV4, red, good condition. $4,200. 321631-0252. FL FACEL VEGA 57 FV4, rare narrow body with Hemi engine, solid lifters and dual four-barrel carbs, 41,000 orig miles, power windows, steering and brakes, recent front end rebuild and radials, runs strong and fast, needs paint and interior, some rust in rockers, floor and trunk solid, good dash. Icarvell@nycsr.com . $23,500. Lou 212688-7205. NY 61 Facellia, one owner with 26,700 original miles, no accidents or corrosion ever, always indoor stored, body and undercarriage superb original condition, interior all original with seats only recovered, older repaint and replacement soft top, recently serviced, full history, manuals, publications, etc. $19,750. 207-282-5030. ME ITALIA 70 roadster, 4-spd, cold a/c, 351 engine, completely restored, custom stereo, 12 CD changer, 6 speakers, custom logos on floor mats, stunning to drive, ready to show or go. $40,000. 323-756-5647. CA LAMBORGHINI 65 350 GT, original and correct, older restoration, runs extremely well. Best offer. 805-969-5819. CA 76 Urraco P200, 66 produced. $25,000. 214-648-2885, 512-922-1644. TX. 89 Anniversary, red/tan with red piping. Euro bumper, rear wing, 5,000 miles. $89,000. 440-460-0161. OH LANCIA Aurelia, convertible, light blue metallic, black leather interior, original top, 2 owners since new, perfect condition, kept by old-timer, factory tech. $75,000 obo. 914316-2561, 914-632-4039. NY 61 Flaminia coupe, Pininfarina (not Touring), 2,8, V6, 4-spd, strong drivetrain, 92,000 miles, solid body, leather interior, easy restoration. $5,000 b/o. Ron 413-6637673. MA MASERATI 62 3500GT Competizione, red, factory prepared for the 1962/63 Tour de France. Aluminum fuel tank, Monza fast fuel filler. Engine has a factory large intake cold air box. 0-miles engine rebuild with Ross forged pistons. For 1993/94 Shell Historic Challenge. FIVA papers applied for. $49,000 US. 434-923-8389. meford464@aol.com. 70 Ghibli Spider, 5-spd, red with tan leather and black top, well restored and beautiful, 48k miles, price below market. Inammc@aol.com $95,000. 480-5299202. AZ 80 Kyalami, I of 150, red, tan leather, 5-speed, a/c, excellent condition, a Texas. California car, used in The Great Book of Sports Cars. $23,500. 207-282-5030. ME* GLENN/100R ciAmE 1-i Nci OF SIGNIFICANT AUTOMOBILES GLENMODR September 13-14, 2003 COUNTRY CLUB Canton, Ohio www.glenmoorgathering.com • 330.966.3600 Ferrari Maserati Lancia Fiat  WWW.italpartS.COM Alphen aid Rijn-Holland July, 2003 borghini Fax: +31(0)172-240536 E-mail: info@italparts.com 39

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German Car Profile 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS Chassis number: 904/067 n 1963, the imminent threat of Abarth's Simca 2000, which was to be raced in the European 2-liter championship, was the impetus for Porsche's creation of the Can-era GTS. Porsche chassis designer Hans Tomala decided the required production run of 100 cars could not be quickly and cost-effectively produced in the traditional weldedtube frame format. He therefore specified chassis construction combining tubular and flat-sheet steel construction, bonded to a fiberglass body structure. I Design of the body was entrusted to company stylist Ferdinand Porsche III, known affectionately as Butzi. Butzi's attractive 904 lines and efficient chassis sported independent wishbone suspension with coil-overs, four-wheel disc brakes and rack-and-pinion steering. Weight distribution was excellent since, unlike the 356 and 911 road cars, the engine was installed ahead of the rear axle with the five-speed gearbox behind it. Most 904s were fitted with an upgraded version of Porsche's tried-and-true four-cylinder, 2-liter, four-cam, plain-bearing racing engine that developed a healthy 180 hp in street trim. Results came quickly for the new GTS in 1964, with perhaps the most significant being the overall win for Colin Davis and Antonio Pucci in the Targa Florio. They managed to beat all the Cobras, Farraris and Abarth Simcas in this classic open road race, in spite of the much smaller displacement of the Porsche engine. Further victories in 1964 and 1965 included class wins at 12 Hours of Sebring, Nurburgring 1000, the Daytona Continental, Le Mans 24 hours, Rheims 12 hours, Spa 500 km, Watkins Glen 500 and SCCA production championships in the US. The fine balance of speed, handling and braking combined with decent fuel economy and superb reliability meant long-distance and rally competition suited the 904 perfectly. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  ,SVMPrice Guide  Tune-up/major service  This particular 904 was sold new at Brumos Porsche in Jacksonville, FL, and delivered to George Barber of Birmingham, AL. Its history was lost until 1971, when a Porsche dealer in Vermont, Al Alden, bought the car off a used car lot in Bridgeport, CT. The car was repainted the wrong silver and fitted with a 2.2-liter 911S mechanically injected motor, as well as a competition 906 transmission. When Alden died, the 904 was purchased from his estate by his brother Ray, who set out to restore and preserve the car. Last year, the current owner turned the 904 over to the respected Porsche specialist Gunnar Racing of West Palm Beach, FL, for a "no expense spared" refurbishment, including a total strip of all old paint and respray in the original "Sebring" silver. During this process it was discovered that the car retained all of its original body components that showed no signs of damage. The body fit and panel gaps are therefore reported to be as delivered from the factory, as is all chrome and Plexiglas. In addition, the car sports original correct outside mirrors, lights, turn signals, lenses, headlamp covers, instruments, gas tank, oil tank and gas cap. The 911S six-cylinder engine and 906 gearbox are fresh and the braking system has been rebuilt, including new calipers, flex-lines and cylinders. The five alloy wheels are date-coded and fitted with new Michelin AS tires and original-style alloy hub caps. Can-era GTS cars rarely appear on the open market, making the purchase of 904/067 not only an excellent investment but a fun experience 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ Berlinetta Lot #157, SN 10511AR750090 Condition: 1- Brooks Europe; Monaco; 5/26/2000 Sold at $199,122 SCM 1D# 9670 . Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  as you explore its dual-purpose character at Laguna Seca, in the New England 1000 or on the Tour de France. This enticing 904 sold for $253,000, including buyer's premium, at the RM Phoenix auction, January 17, 2003. I judge this to be a fair price to both buyer and seller, and an especially superb bargain for a buyer more interested in using his car on the road than having a numbersmatching piece offurniture. 904s have quietly grown to be one of the great collectible Porsches, at least partly because they are wonderful cars to drive. However; 904s have two serious issues. First, the fussiness of the stock four-cam engines tend to limit the ability to get in the car and in a carefree manner roll up the miles. Although this was the ultimate version of the four-cylinder Porsche Spyder engine, with plain bearings and all the updates possible, it is difficult to achieve serious durability with what was always a race car engine. 1%3-64 120 $7,425 $375,0004450,000 approx $1,500 (for four-cam engine) $400 (for four-cam engine) On horizontal bulkhead under front hood Stamped into alloy engine block near fan shroud on passenger side Club  Porsche Club of America, 5530 Edgemont Dr., Alexandria, VA 22310 Web site  esti -nen; irade  www.pca.org Alternatives  Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ, Cobra 289, Michelotto 308 GTB All four-cylinder four-cams are service-intensive and cost a small fortune to rebuild, while the six-cylinder 911 engine, with a few simple updates, is both more powerful and far more durable. So the real solution to using and enjoying a 904 is to rid yourself of the worrisome four-cam and get a great early 911 engine, as has been done here. In my view the 1970-71 2.2-liter S with mechanical fuel injection is the absolute top choice. These 2.2 S engines are short-stroke, high-compression powerhouses without substantial emissions-control clutter and they have a powerband with gobs of high-rpm torque. With their mechanical fuel injec- tion still intact, they make a spine-tingling shriek as they shoot to redline. The second great headache with the stock 904 is chassis rust in the fiat metal panels bonded to the fiberglass pieces. This rust can be partially hidden, is catastrophic and is wildly expensive to restore. A chassis evaluation by an experienced restorer is a must prior to purchase. Given that this car is freshly and completely restored, and assuming that the structural integrity of the steel chassis components is without question, it represents a wonderful way to have a piece of Porsche history that you can drive anywhere. I try to be detached and objective in my analysis of collectible Porsches, but with this 904, I can say only positive things. In my opinion, the new owner has a good example ofa historically significant mid-engine Porsche model that can be driven on the street. And even with its incorrect engine, due to its increased drivability, this particular car will appreciate at the head of the marker—Jim Schrager (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of RM.)* COMPARABLES 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS Lot #434, S/N 904/092 Condition: 3- RM; Monterey, CA; 8/18/2000 Sold at $264,000 SCM ID# 10275 4 RM Auc tions

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The Myth of the Good $6,000 Porsche M any readers on a budget write asking for advice about buying a 912. They see them selling on eBay for $6,000 and less, and they want in. They've found a true affordable classic that fits a tiny budget, the stuff that gearheads' dreams are made of. But in real life it doesn't play out that way. The under-$6,000, nicelooking, good-driving 912 with no problems and no stories just doesn't exist. That isn't to say that you might not be the lottery winner who finds the deal of a lifetime on a great 912, but chances are that what you're going to get for $6,000 is a nasty car that will have a huge appetite for greenbacks. Readers of this column already know that I'm not a fan of budget 912s, but more about that later. I'm frank with readers who contact me. If you really can't spend a dime over $6,000 for a Porsche, then save your lunch money until you have enough to play the game. A $6,000 Toyota Corolla can be a wonderful car that provides tens of thousands of trouble-free miles until it needs a $49.95 tune-up. But Porsches—and Alfas, Ferraris, MGs, Triumphs and the rest—just don't abide by the same rules. You can buy a pretty nice 912 for $8,000, and that gets me to the subject of this article. You can also, for about the same price, buy a decent 911. And if you can stretch and pay up to $12,000, there are a fair number of 911 options open to you. Here's why to shy away from 912s: They are often subjected to neglect and abuse due to the financial constraints of their owners. Worse, they can be very expensive to repair, almost as much as the far more powerful, and desirable, 911. Further, while prices of older 911s seem to be creeping up across the board for nice examples, 912 prices remain relatively flat, except for concours examples. And what's the point of buying a perfect, trailer-queen four-cylinder Porsche when for the same amount you can have a very nice daily-driver six-cylinder one? Not for those with Toyota budgets. So, I often counsel, why not consider a cheap 911 instead of a 912? A look at the SCM Price Guide reveals that the cheapest 911s are the 1974-77 cars. Let's examine these as an alternative to the 912, with a target price of $10,000-$12,000; the lower in that range the better. I recently hopped out of a delightful 1975 911S Targa that was selling for just $8,500. It was Guards Red/tan, with 105,000 miles, no serious rust and decent but not great paint. It had updated Carrera chain tensioners. It reminded me that there can be some real bargains out there, even for those with a steak appetite and a meatloaf budget. The real problem with the 1975-77 cars is the tremendous heat generated by their emissions equipment. The 2.7-liter CIS (constant injection system) engines, under normal operating conditions, get very hot, which causes their head studs to pull out of the engine cases. This leads to an expensive repair bill of, say, $8,000 or so. In many cases, this is more than the car is worth. To repair the problem, the engine must be taken Antique Automobile Insurance Agency 1-888-ANTIQUE (1-888-268-4783) wwwjctaylor.com July. 2003 41

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all the way apart, with new pistons and cylinders frequently needed. The case has to be machined to install "case savers," which allow new head studs to be rethreaded into the case. But I have two pieces of good news: First, the 1974 cars, also with the 2.7-liter engines, did not share this horrendous problem, as they did not have the disastrous "thermal reactors" in the exhaust system that produced the high heat levels. Further, if the 2.7 engines are carefully maintained, tuned and eventually rebuilt, they can be very satisfying to drive, with the kind of edgy, exciting performance you would expect from an early 911. And they deliver the type of trouble-free durability the 911 is well known for. 1974s have another special feature, and that is the 7.31 ring-andpinion, which was changed to 8.31 in 1975 and later years. The lower numerical rear end makes the engine feel livelier in US driving conditions. Due to the long fifth-gear ratio, the 1974 models are not buzzy on the freeway even though the final drive ratio is lower. There is more good news. Starting with model year 1976, Porsche implemented fully galvanized body and chassis construction (with the exception of the front fenders, which weren't galvanized until 1981). This means that with decent routine care, '76 and '77 cars will have a far lower chance of rotting away than earlier models. The 911S models of 1974 and 1975 have very healthy ratings of 175 horsepower, nearly as much as my favorite 2.2S engines, which have 180. The '74-'75 engines feel surprisingly strong and make plenty of torque down low. I'm not enamored of the standard 911 in these two years, as it had just 150 horsepower and isn't nearly as exciting to drive. Due to emission controls, the '76-'77 cars all had 165 horsepower, and the 911S model was buried for good. (It was replaced by the far more powerful '76-'77 Turbo Carrera, but that isn't a car for the budget-minded). A critical part of examining any 1974-77 911 is to have evidence of a fully documented rebuild, done by a quality shop, using all the right stuff. This includes "case savers" on all 24 head studs, new studs, most likely a new set of factory pistons and cylinders, a check of the crankcase to ensure that it doesn't need an align-bore, and updated silicon-bronze valve guides. For the 1975-77 cars, look for removal of the thermal reactors, and on the 1976-77 cars, an 11-blade fan in place of the hotter-running five-blade fan that was standard. (Note: Before removing any emissions equipment, be sure to check your local emissions standards to be sure your car can still be in compliance. In some areas, 1975-77 cars no longer need to meet regulations, and in others, emissions requirements get lessened as a car ages, so the thermal reactors are no longer necessary. But do your research before you start pulling stuff apart.) My Pick Among this lot, I'd first look for a 1974 911S, realizing that rust is still a real possibility. If I wanted to dodge the corrosion issue, there's nothing wrong with a 1976-77 with a no-excuses rebuild. The 1975 cars would have the least appeal to me as they can still rust and have the troublesome engines, and the longer rear-end ratio makes them feel slower. In the test drive, any of these models should surprise you with power and smoothness. Don't expect flawless cosmetics on anything below $10,000. I continue to advise people to walk away from rusty 91Is unless it is an early 911S (1967-73) and they are prepared for a project. Taking one of the 1974-77 cars with a bad engine is financial folly; the idea here is to buy a car someone else has dropped a fortune in previously. Likewise, forget about a Porsche-quality full repaint. Plan instead to accept the cosmetic flaws as you find them. And in all cases, do realize that whatever you end up with in the under-$12,000 range, you will not have a highly collectible car. Buy one of the '74-'77 911s simply as a bargain in terms of cost versus performance. Be prepared to be thoroughly surprised by its competency as a road machine, rather than viewing it as an investment vehicle. As much as I respect the opinion of those who like 912s, I continue to maintain that a decent 911 at $10,000 will always be a better deal than a perfect 912 at the same price. E-mail your Porsche questions to copyed@sportscarmarketcom, or fax them to 503/253-2234.* German Car Classifieds ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. BMW 57 lsetta, rare 3-wheeler, excellent condition, new upholstery, stereo, luggage rack, car cover, 1-cylinder Tecumseh 16-hp engine, body raises up on jack to get to engine. modela@lasercom.net . $6,500. 909-766-0604. CA MERCEDES-BENZ 55 Gullwing, alloy body, speed world record, 1 of 29. 818-368-7226. CA 55 300SL, 18,600 original documented miles, matching numbers, five owners, red, black leather, recently serviced, excellent mechanical condition, drive anywhere, West Coast car, 100% rust-free. $215,000. 248-887-5107. MI 63 300SL Roadster, Second owner, ground-up restoration, disc brakes, alloy block, both tops, luggage, Nardi steering wheel. $260,000. 928-468-6212. AZ 74 450SL, convertible, original, no rust, immaculate auburn red paint, mint original saddle interior, both tops, perfect original cloth top, only 29,800 miles. $25,000. Ken 614-888-9446. OH PORSCHE 55 Speedster, serial  #80879, engine #60493, just completed complete restoration, pictures available. rlwilson@coxinet.net. $69,500. 405-6270719, 405-752-9098. OK 58 356A, beautiful black coupe with camel colored interior, rare bench seat, 1600S with Weber carbs and Mahle pistons and cylinders, all mechanicals in excellent condition, just needs to be driven regularly. pa mneddieat msn.com . $18,000. 512-2189431. TX 114 Travel begins here . . . 41/4 Stephanie Warrington The Official Travel Agent for Sports Car Market Specializing in International Travel, Custom Vacations & Groups 503.231.5103 800.594.0805   42 email: stephanie@wtpdx.com  700 NE Multnomah, #478 Portland OR 97232 World Travel Inc. 62 356B coupe, factory Super coupe, new original color red exterior, new red interior with German carpets and black piping, new brakes, all numbers matching, 60k miles, fresh rebuilt engine. $19,900. 918-2991211. OK 69 9I7K s/n 917.020. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com . 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 73 Carrera RS touring, #1414, blood orange car with dry European history, very correct and original, price reflects condition. $94,500. 561-367-9972. FL 73 91IS Targa coupe, silver with black leather interior, air conditioning and 5-spd transmission, North Carolina and Florida car, excellent body, motor rebuilt with tensioners updated, books and records from new, extremely nice original. enzoggwi.net. $29,750. Bob 207-283764. ME 78 Porsche 935 1(3 911 8 202197. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 80 911 SC Targa, dark blue, full black leather interior, 5-spd, forged wheels, a/c. power, many updates, lowered tensioners. shifter only, 9,000 original miles, showroom condition, like new. $27,500. 716941-6146. NY 83 91ISC. Red, beige interior, unrestored, unmolested, unaltered. 92K miles, professionally maintained, factory spoilers, looks and drives like new. $18,000 obo. 614-889-0211. OH 86 962C s/n 962-118. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 89 962 Street Comp. s/n 962 331 021 00 AO. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company. www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA. Sports Car Markei

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American Car Profile 1948 Lincoln Convertible V12 Coupe Chassis number: 8H176644 1 942 was a tough year to introduce a new model, as the advent of WWII led to the cessation of all passenger automobile production. When Lincoln resumed production in 1946, what had been a bold restyling of the Zephyr model in 1942 was already starting to look dated. The front end retained the massive appearance it had established before the war, with the headlights still flanked by the parking and turn-signal lights. Pent-up consumer demand for new cars did not require immediate styling changes post-war. However, the previously-used 305-c.i. version of the V12 had proved to have cylinder walls that were often too thin, so early in 1946 the bore was reduced, returning the displacement to 292-c.i. and horsepower to 120, 125 in 1947. In 1948, Lincoln stylists were furiously working to bring out a new line of post-war models, so their offerings that year were merely warmedover versions of the 1946-47 cars. The more con- temporary-styled Cosmopolitan, with modern independent suspension and a V8 engine, appeared in 1949. The name Zephyr had disappeared forever with the advent of WWII; the Continental name disappeared in 1949 and would be revived in the mid-1950s with the introduction of the Mark II. The elegant car pictured here, called, simply, a Lincoln convertible coupe, was the last V12 model produced by the manufacturer. So "classic" was the styling of the '40s Continentals that by 1954 an organization was founded to promote their survival. Few if any other cars can claim such a following so soon after going out of production. This car sold for $28,080, including buyer 's premium, at the Barrett-Jackson West Palm Beach auction, April 10-13, 2003. Out of favor for many years, due to their styling (heavy compared to the earlier Zephyr), and mechanicals (a primitive pre-war designed suspension and stodgy performance from the V12), it was just a decade ago that they began to be appreciated for what they are—an interesting footnote to automotive history This car was purchased for $35,200 by the immediate past owner at The Auction, in Las Vegas, on Apri121, 2002. (SCM, 7/2002). While it was in his ownership, he repaired the radio, the under- Years produced  Number built  Original list price  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Alternatives  Web site  6,470 (all Lincolns I948—no breakout of cony. found) $3,142 $875 $50 1947-48 clutch housing and transmission case Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club, c/o Bob and Margo Mead, Membership director, LZOC, PO Box 422-1, Hazel Green, AL 35750-0422 SCM Investment Grade Right side of cowl, top of Same as chassis number, on top of transmission housing Chrysler Town & Country convertible, 1947 Cadillac Series 62 convertible  seat heaters, the lighters and the courtesy lights. The overdrive unit did not work, and no attempt was made to fix it. The owner also purchased a Lincoln spotlight and correct rearview mirrors, which were never installed but sold with the car He also purchased an original owners manual and advertisements on eBay. He explained, "1 had a year full of true gearhead fun finding stuff that had to do with the car ... I contacted the Henry Ford Museum and got the original build sheet (it was black, with red leather interior, but all the other bits [radio, heater antenna] were original). I got into deep chats with folks on the Lincoln and Zephyr Owners Club Web site on subjects like 'what were the original tools in 1947 Cadillac Series 62 convertible Lot #256, S/N 8444084 Condition: 2 RM; Amelia Island, FL; 3/10/2000 Sold at $37,400 SCM ID# 14262 www.lzoc.org August, 1948? 'and generally experienced the Zen of Zephyrs." The seller an SCM subscriber further explains, "I loved the car It was perfect for what I wanted out of it, which was a driver/occasional vehicle that was different, with emphasis on design. It won an AACA Senior First in 1988, and the car was invited to the Greenwich (CT) Concours in 2002: We went and had huge fun, and got a lot of nice comments. I drove the car for a year, and it worked perfectly—a lot of fun, high degree of attention-getting, easy to drive around town and, in fact, on the highway, despite the absence of overdrive. I sold it mostly because it was time to move on. ... My daughter Liz, who turned 16 while I had it, got a similar kick out of driving it." The cost of ownership was not light, however He spent $5,000 in repairs. The net loss after one year of ownership, before transportation, storage and auction fees for the sale, works out to about $12,000. Expensive? Yes, but I doubt if there are many new cars selling around the $35,000 or $40,000 mark that cost less for ownership in their . first year and none I can think of would garner an invitation to a major concozirs, turn as many heads, have a top that goes down or be propelled by a V12 powerplant. The classic buy-high-and-sell-low equation is not all that is at work here. Most cars tend to sell within a price range, and the buy and sell figures represent both ends of the scale on this particular car. Our previous owner here paid what he needed to for what he wanted, had his fun, and was willing to take what he could get when it was time to move on. Classic cars can be expensive, and you have to pay to play. But what price fun? In this case, the net loss on the financial side is only one part of the ownership equation. I'm sure if you ask the seller and his daughter if the year with the car was worth what it cost them, they'd smile and nod yes.—Dave Kinney (Historic data courtesy of Jim Raymond at Classic Lincolns, lass iclincolns.com )* COMPARABLES  1947 Cadillac Series 62 convertible Lot #65, S/N 8458779 Condition: 2-F Christie's; New York, NY; 4/29/2000 - Not sold at $24,000 SCM ID# 2451

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American Car Classifieds ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! ONLY $15. AUBURN 30 685, burgundy, black fenders, recent 100-point restoration. 563-243-1273. IA 35 Salon Eight phaeton, maroon, tan top, tan leather, show quality or tour. 563-2431273. IA BUICK 70 GS 455, Ken Bell engine, #s matching, red exterior, white convertible with pearl white interior, auto console, ps, pb, pw, tilt, cruise, 95,000 original miles, excellent condition. $33,000. Paul 618-398-0500. IL CADILLAC 84 Eldorado Biarritz convertible, red metallic with original white leather interior and top, 4.1 V8, loaded with options, magnificent original condition. theautomuseum@yahoo.com . 631-218-1300. NY CHEVROLET 53 Corvette, #261, body-off restoration, museum quality, very original, judged NCRS Top Flight at Carlisle Regional, be part of the 50th Anniversary celebration. sjsokoloffacomcast.net . $139,000. 610649-8239. PA 60 Corvette, 283-270 hp. matching #s, dual quad, body-off restoration. Honduras maroon, black interior, very straight no hit body, excellent frame, ready for show or drive. $60,000. 603-668-2108. NH 63 Corvette split-window coupe, 327-250, $10,800. auto, ps, pb, pw, midnight blue, owned for 28 years, 67K, numbers don't match but all mechanics are Corvette from the '60s, garage kept, driven sparingly, stock condition, no accidents. $24,900 cash. 732458-2516. NJ 65 Impala SS convertible, 327, auto, ps, ph, posi. matching numbers, excellent in/ out, white, black top, white buckets, 61,000 mi. original. $13,500. 518-393-8264. NY 66 Nova SS, exceptionally nice car, 283 V8, 4-speed, power steering, brakes, beautiful arctic white, blue bucket interior. looks, runs & drives as new, shipping arranged. $18,900. 503-682-2172. OR 72 Nova, burnt orange SS coupe, no rust ever, original 350 V8 with 350 trans, loaded with accessories including SS wheels, mint original vinyl top and bucket seat interior, gauge package, air conditioning; very rare find, same ownership 14 years, always garaged. $19,750. 315-488-0707. NY 73 Monte Carlo, 454, #s match, blue, no rust, rare swivel seats, needs resto. goodcarma@sbcglobal.net . $2,995. 310285-8252. CA PLYMOUTH 73 Road Runner, all matching numbers, build sheet, 400 engine, all drivetrain restored, posi rear. ps. detailed throughout, new exhaust, factory a/c car. AM-FM, mist green with white strobe, no rust, straight body, all original equipment included. owner's manual. drourke(Ool.com . $18,500. 508-872-5312. MA. ril1111114IIIMT1111111 1.1 11 • kt:I I Law II:1 I've enjoyed the magazine. This time I'm going for the Gold!—Alan Jackson, Purcelvile, VA Cover, and if necessary create, a Japanese collector car market.—John Rossland, Roslyn, NY SCM is great as it is! But tell your disgruntled fright pig, fakey-do, orphan and fast-depreciating modern-era car owners (especially 928 and Testarossa) to complain to Motor Trend, Car and Driver or Road & Track with their rationalizations for their poor investments. We don't want to hear them.—Frank Creede, Rancho Santa Fe, CA While contemplating the purchase of a terminally rusty Alfa GTV, I asked myself what Keith Martin would do. SCM's mantra of "walk away from rust" caused me to do so—and saved me much grief—Charlie Hanson, Beaux Arts, WA Thirty-minute television show showing cars at auction. Vibbert, Lafayette, IN — Steven Top-notch publication. I love the "fright pig" cars.—John Romas, Saint Louis, MO Go back to sports cars—not bikes, planes, VW buses, Humvees. More Ferrari info.—David Brown, Pioneer, OH Love the mag. One of the few I read cover to cover of the 20 or so I get.—Donn Connor, Los Angeles, CA Keep the bike review.— Thomas Ponzo, Glen Head, NY More detail on engines and drivetrains in auctions. Drop the LHD on those cars that never produced any RHDs. Great publication.—David Miller, FPO AR David, SCM is read worldwide, and readers in other countries may not be aware that some models, and I assume you are talking about American, were LHD only. Hence the inclusion of the information.—ED. Keith: I love your sometimes blunt and biting comments. Keep it up!—Wrniam Preston, Prescott, AZ And thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments and your renewals.—Cindy Banzer and Keith Martin• Vintage Rally Calendar let.a12• 0/dio-cviee RESTORATIONS Twenty years dedicated to the meticulous restoration of the world's finest exotic, vintage and classic motor cars. APPRAISING SERVICES AVAILABLE: DECLARED VALUE • LOSS DAMAGE • ESTATES 2347 GOLD RIVER ROAD • SUITE N • GOLD RIVER, CA 95670 AUGUST 30th Annual Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races, 1517. Presented by Dodge, featuring Ford's Racing Heritage. Laguna-Seca Raceway, Monterey, California. Contact; 800/327-SECA, www.lagwiaseca.com. (CA) 28th Targa Rusticana, 31. This one-day rally, based at Llandrindod Wells, and run by the Oxford University Motor Drivers' Club, is an excellent introduction to the sport of classic rallying. Details from Stuart Collins, +44 (0)1792 655562. (UK) HALEY The MOTORSPORTS Collection Prints & Posters Models Books Automobila & More Limited-Edition Fine Art Motoring Prints by Nicholas Watts Jay Koka Randy Owens John Ketchell Sports Cars - Grand Prix - Fl - Le Mans www.haleymotorsports.com View & Order Online  SEPTEMBER Telephone (636) 828-4389 World Cup Rally 2003, 28October 8. The rally returns to the Sahara Desert, with a 10-day drive starting and finishing in France, with a crossing of the Mediterranean to Tunisia. Classic category classes are 2 liters and below, and over 2 liters, with the World Cup Trophy going to cars on sale 1991 and later. Rally some of the wide open spaces you normally only see in movie epics and pound some of the smoother tracks left over from the Dakar Rally during a remarkable experience of Northern Africa. +44 1235 851291, www.worldcuprally.com (UK) Forza Mille, 28-October 3. Open to any Ferrari or 12-cylinder of any year. Presented by Mercedes-Benz USA. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) OCTOBER Rallye Biarritz, 11-18. Restricted to 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars. Planned to be run in a cloverleaf format, participants will stay at the Hotel du Palais, taking daily ventures into Bilbao, Pamplona, Pau and the Pyrenees. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) NOVEMBER Texas 1000, 2-7. Pre-1975 sports, racing or GT cars, or any Ford-powered (interpieted to be Aston Martin, Jaguar, Panoz, Talbot, Saleen, SVT and Cobra CSX 4000, among others) sports car of any year. Presented by Ford Motor Company. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT)*

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Market Report Overview THIS MONTH: SCM Experts rate 151 cars! 1. 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT coupe, $495,200, B 2.1913 Simplex 75 HP, $315,000, B&B 3.1924 Mercedes-Benz 28/29 sport phaeton, $226,500, B&B 4.1924 Hispano-Suiza H6C roadster, $193,000, B&B 5. 1905 White Type D tourer, S136,000, B&B 6.1909 Stanley Steamer Model R roadster, $133,000, B&B 7.1930 Packard 745 phaeton, $101,200, B&B 8. 1925 Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost, $92,000, B&B 9.1930 Packard 745 phaeton, $89,700, B&B — "I think the new owner wanted a red Porsche more than a correct one." Dave Kinney, Branson ike the swallows coming home to Capistrano, collectors worldwide are preparing for their annual journey to Monterey. For those contesting the concours, the moment of truth is at hand as final assembly commences and fettling begins. That "Tour Participant" ribbon on the windshield might just be the tiebreaker necessary to get you to the winner's circle. L Vintage racers are putting the finishing touches on their fresh engines, stretching the rules with clever ways as numerous now as they were when the cars were new. To put this all in perspective, one veteran of the professional racing circuit said to me recently, "It's not cheating until you're caught." And for the auction gang, haggling is going on with auction houses for prime spots, with car haulers for guaranteed delivery times and with prep shops to make sure the cars are fully detailed when they are loaded onto the trailers. RM Bnce Ra  Bonham s.Hendo.n,r_ ton, FL $8M $7M $6M $5M $4M $3M $2M $1 M SO  z SCM 1 6 Scale  - Condition Rating:  In this issue, you'll notice our first "Insider's Guide" to the Monterey weekend. The graph that shows all of the events, and how they overlap, points out just how crowded the six days have become, starting with the new Monterey International Automobilia Expo on Tuesday and ending with the Christie's extravaganza on Sunday. Our predictions on prices during the weekend? Barring unforeseeable international drama, prices of great cars will continue to climb, average cars will bump a bit just because of the excitement and fright-pigs will end up eating slop, again. This is a time when the wealthy collectors are duking it out for the best, and no one wants a project unless it is a car with extraordinary significance. SCM will have a presence at nearly every event during the weekend; we look forward to seeing you.—Keith Martin Recent Sales Comparison - Showing percentage of cars sold and sales total tr, co Lr) 0,1 EFY Co Co 6s Co CO  Nc•D 59 MGA is a harmless way to begin collecting. iNSide Co Collector Cars International, Branson, MO (CCI)  Kruse, Auburn IN  Bonhams & Butterfields, Brookline, MA (B&B)  Silver r Portland. OR, Christie s 6- London , VVest Pairn   Beach, FL  cc, Bog) krusen mo 1  National concours standard/perfect  2 Very good, club (amours, some small flaws  BrooklineB, Soilnvhearrn s NewP Pagnell' . Reno. N 3: Average daily driver in decent condition  4. Still a driver but with some apparent flaws  Silver, Reno, NV (S)  p.46 p.54 p.59 p.66 Bonhams, Newport Pagnell, UK (B)  p.70 5. A nasty beast that runs but has many problems 6. A wretched car only good for parts SALES THIS ISSUE 10.1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2, 570,500, B&B Top-selling DB4GT. scmBest Buys 1. 1961 Triumph TR3A roadster, 529,150, CCI 2. 1959 MGA roadster, $7,420, K 3. 1967 Intermeccanica Italia/Torino convertible, S28,750, B&B 4. 1963 Cadillac 62 convertible, $13,125, S 5. 1967 Ford Mustang coupe, $5,408, S 67% for $2, 275,640

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Market Reports  Collector Cars International Branson, Missouri April 25-27, 2003 Auctioneers:....Tom "Spunky" Assiter and Mark Gellman Number of automotive lots. Number of automotive lots sold. Sale rate: Sale total: High sale:  239 142 59% S1,964,643 #143, 1999 Shelby Series I, sold for S90,100, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium: 6% (Included in prices of sold lots.) Report by Dave Kinney Market opinions in italics W hile some of the bigger players in the acution marketplace continue to slug it out over more, new and bigger locations, Jim and Kathy Cox are happy to continue to develop their Collector Car International just where it is. World domination isn't in their plans, so they don't get caught up in the Byzantine world of having to scramble to attract million-dollar headline Cobras. The Coxes are happy to operate efficiently, make money and run a good show. And what's wrong with that? Sometimes focusing on product rather than flash can be a very rewarding way to grow a clientele, along with a business. Branson, Missouri, is not the crossroads of the nation. But it markets itself as a destination where everyone can go and have a good time, with plenty of shows starring well-known names in the world of country and easy-listening music—including Glen Campbell, the Osmonds and Andy Williams—and comedians and specialty acts from all corners of the globe. In a world where for some the thought of air travel and the subsequent hassles can be daunting, Branson is easily accessible to a large part of the American population by car, by motorcoach (what you and I still call "bus") or motor home. Jim Cox is the rare operator who understands and follows this simple formula for success: Hire the best and stand back while they do their thing. Cox has hired experienced backroom auction staff, and has Mark Gellman and Spanky Assiter—two of the best in the business—for auctioneers. The auction continues at the same first-rate venue it has been at for the past few years, the former Mel Tillis Theater. Cars worth noting included a #1-condition 1961 Triumph TR3A that sold for a believed auction-record price of $29,150, a 46  1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible that was a small bargain at $57,240 and a 1937 MG SA that found a new home at $25,652. However, it must be said that even given all the hard work of the players involved, the sales result of $1,964,643 was down from last year's Spring Branson total of $3,008,408. Some thought this might reflect that buyers of under-$100,000 cars are really being hit hard by the current economic dramas, as worries about whether they will have a paycheck next week take on more importance than picking out which restored 1967 Corvette coupe they want to put in the garage. But my understanding is that this was still a good sale for Collector Cars International, with 142 sellers turning cars into cash, and 142 buyers going home with fresh booty on the trailer. Like McCormick in southern California and Silver in the Pacific Northwest, Jim and Kathy's auctions continue to be a local, well-thought-of and user-friendly place for collectors to meet and move merchandise.—D.K. ENGLISH #154-1937 MG SA Sedan. S/N QPHG2314. Black/tan leather. RHD. Odo: 12,386 miles. 2288-cc Wolesley Super 6 engine. Beautiful jewel-like Jaeger gauges are a highlight to an otherwise needy interior; wood and leather are center outlet. Taillights are clear with visible red and amber bulbs. Early Italian Job meets Fast and Furious? Very good paint, clean interior, very good chrome. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $7,750. Some doubts here about the 1966 registration; looks to be a newer vintage. That said, a very good deal on a usable and well equipped Mini Cooper; in need of the periodcorrect twin red racing stripes to complete the package. #194-1970 JAGUAR XKE 2+2 Coupe. S/N 1R43840BW. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 98,064 miles. 4.2-liter, auto. A/C, ps, pb. Red Line Michelins are a nice touch. Claimed $22k invested in restoration, believable as well aged and in need of refurb. Appears to be quite complete, no obvious missing items noted. Painted wire wheels. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $25,652. Sure, it's rare, but now what? Worth more than the price on the other side of the pond; perhaps the purchaser; a dealer, is hoping for a further weakening of the dollar to turn his purchase into pounds. Well bought, but a limited market. #193-1961 TRIUMPH TR3A Roadster. S/N TS75515L0. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 794 miles. Four-cylinder, four-speed with $22k doesn't buy much. Decent repaint, some chrome pitted. Original seats hard. Rubber windshield gasket dry, cracking. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $13,515. A real-world price for a 2+2 and a fair buy, but no bargain. Too much remains to be done on this example, and that's just the sniff we can see. The 2+2 body style has aged well in my mind, but they will never catch up with coupe prices. #370-1971 TRIUMPH STAG Convert- ible. S/N LE2759LBW. Burgundy/tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: 35,603 miles. Fresh radials to the rear, fresh exhaust. Paintwork old but still has some life, some chrome peeling. Good glass, original interior appears clean, carpets very Sports Car Market Collector Cars International - Branson, MO overdrive. Absolute body-off, 100-pt restoration, very close to perfect throughout. Not even dust found on undercarriage. A fresh and correct restoration, complete except for tool kit. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $29,150. Can a car be both a world-record price and a bargain at the same time? This one was. Purchased by a long-time SCM'er for his permanent collection, this is one that will turn eyeballs at a Triumph meet. #108-1966 MINI COOPER Coupe. S/N AXXNNAMMBD031500. Black/black vinyl with red piping. LHD. Odo: 63,981 miles. Wood dash and door panel caps, AM/FM cassette, Michelin tires. Custom twin exhaust with AL.4

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Collector Cars International - Branson, MO  ,74 #117-1979 TRIUMPH TR7 Convert- ible. S/N TCT103264UCF. White/black vinyl, green and white plaid cloth. LHD. Odo: 12,577 miles. Claimed miles are original, believable. Paintwork appears original, one or Market Reports by a Stewart-Warner one. Driver's seat is concave through use, dash good, door panels show wear. Some color differences in panels. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $7,102. Big money for a little car, and a ho-hum example at that. Karmann Ghia's styling was dated even in the late '60s, and performance was not even an issue—they were slugs. Now owning one is all about nostalgia. Fully priced, but no harm done. good. Not bad, but who cares? Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $4,200. The Stag represents a proposed move upmarket for the troubled British car industry of the 1970s. It didn't work then with the Stag and it still not happening now. This one sold cheap; they tend to be tough to find new homes for at any price. #231-1974 TRIUMPH TR6 Convertible. S/N CF188110. Sable/saddle vinyl. LHD. Odo: 63,748 miles. Michelin Red Line tires, trunk rack. Everyone's love-to-hate-it color, sable brown, is the problem here. Driver's door has a bend in the front, opened too #322-1968 MERCEDES-BENZ 250 SL Roadster. S/N 250SL003157. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 88,144 miles. Radio delete, still has blank-out plate. Poor wood tops off very two small chips, however no other flaws evident. Missing center cap on both rear wheels, all else complete. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $5,700. As the only person on the face of the earth who currently feels these cars have an upside sometime and somewhere, I'll continue out on this thin limb and say this example was worth the bid—that said, the seller should have cut it loose. GERMAN #351-1965 PORSCHE 356C Coupe. S/N 218016. Red/gray tweed. LHD. Odo: 49,533 miles. Alpine roof rack, lowered suspension, good paint and chrome. No radio, steel wheels with hub caps. Tweed interior, along with dash, tired but complete interior, good paint and chrome. Outside of top looks good, headliner dirty. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $21,500. 1968 was both the final year for the 250 SL and the introduction yearfor the 280 SL. If the high bid shown was real, the seller should have let this one find a new home—full price here, even with the hard-to-find four-speed. hard or too wide. Interior very clean, balance of paint and chrome/brightwork good. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $9,000. High bid was all the money that could be expected for this TR6, as plenty of cars in better colors are not hard to find for just a few dollars more. TR6s are a good choice for a low-end sports car; parts and repairs are relatively easy. #348-1974 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER SHADOW Sedan. SN SRC17950. Sable Brown/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 73,676 miles. Paintwork problems start at color choice, get worse with color variations. Decent resprayed well done, though not something likely to win a 356 club or P.C.A. show. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $21,200. rely surprising result as the custom interior will be lots of work to return to original. 1965 was the _final year for the beloved 356 "bathtub" style, but I think the new owner just wanted a red Porsche more than a correct one. #123-1967 VOLKSWAGEN KARMANN GHIA Coupe. S/N 147419046. Light green/ black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 41,535 miles. Craig AM/FM cassette. Driver's door fit off. Watertemp gauge, originally a VDO unit, replaced #127-1970 VOLKSWAGEN KELLMARK GT Coupe. S/N 1102587280. Red/ tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: 8,017 miles. AM/FM cassette, pop-up sunroof. Plenty of Dino and Prancing Horse badges. Listed on car card as a "Ferrari Dino 246 replica." That said, finished to a good quality, good door fit and professionally done interior. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $6,572. Usually the Kellmark cars are poorly ('i/at all) finished, with incomplete electrics and Trabant style quality. This was the exception. However it's worth noting that the builder received $20.00 per hour for his handiwork. Unloved car, fair price. #346-1983 PORSCHE 911 SC Coupe. S/N WPOAA0916DS121638. Black/burgundy leather, most wood good. Lots of evidence of recent care, change the color and enjoy. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $12,190. Sable Brown was a popular color of the day, but disco was popular too. Now, it's a color almost no one wants, but that's an opportunity for a savvy purchaser to jump on board. Bought cheap, worth more at the retail level. July, 2003 47

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Market Reports  leather. LHD. Odo: 15,213 miles. Sunroof, air conditioning, power windows, Blaupunkt radio, whale tail. Yokohama radials, aftermarket tinted glass. Claimed original paint, believable, at least in part. Owner asking $15,000 post block. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $12,900. Bid was a tad low, but not unrealistic. If the miles were correct, and books and records verifring such are present, this car is worth the owner's ask in a heartbeat. #182-1992 PORSCHE 968 Convert- ible. SiN WP0CA296XNS840487. Amethyst metallic/gray partial leather. LHD. Odo: 61,548 miles. 3.0-liter four-cylinder engine, six-speed. List price new $53,171. Sold --. 1• ■ ••••1, - Ailk 4100 ITALIAN #129-1975 FIAT X1/9 Open. Red/black. Single racing seat (no belts!), set up for Emod Racing. VW motor mounted amidships, with spare top and hardware. Moda (by BBS) wheels, AM/FM cassette. One ding near front of hood, chip above passenger-side headlight. All books and records. Run with synthetic oil. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $18,285. Price achieved is no surprise—right on the retail mark. Miles are average, cosmetics are above average and seller had left plenty of information for potential bidders to digest. Both sides in this transaction look like winners. #379-1992 MERCEDES-BENZ 500 SL Convertible. S/N WDBFA66E5NF052899. Black/black leather. LHD. Odo: 84,033 miles. Soft top only, 18" wheels. Condition is commensurate with miles, which is to say a little Collector Cars International - Branson, MO #363-1956 CHEVROLET NOMAD Wag- i on. S/N VC560018882. Orange, white/orange, crème vinyl and cloth. LHD. Odo: 90,139 miles. 265-c.i. V8, automatic. Very nice, fresh but not quite. Leather surfaces rock hard, JVC AM/FM CD. A dangerous dog; don't get too near or it might bite. Cond: 5-. NOT SOLD AT $8,500. Just a parts car that still runs. Ifyou get caught with one of these in this shape, just park it at the first needed repair and start listing the bits on eBay. You might get somewhere close to your cost back, and it's your best hope. interior, very good chrome, wide whites, bumper overriders, mud guards. Some paint problems starting to appear, including a scratch, bubble forming in paint seam. Cond: 3+, SOLD AT $22,790. My prediction is for more paint problems to appear soon, and no cheap fix to stop the deterioration is possible. The quality of restoration in all cars determines how long the car will remain fresh; this one is past its "sell-by" date. #171-1957 CHEVROLET BEL AIR Convertible. S/N VC57B191420. Matador Red/ red, silver. LHD. Odo: 290 miles. 283-c.i. V8, auto. AM/FM cassette. All elass new and date aluminum dash and console professionally fitted. Good paint, was well detailed. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $1,908. Worth more for parts or; indeed, as decoration to hang on the wall ofyour garage. If E-Mod eligible, it was the bargain racer of the century. A race car with no seat belts? I don 't think so. What else is missing? AMERICAN #148-1949 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY Convertible. S/N 7410837. Burgundy/burgundy leather. LHD. Odo: 3,458 miles. A no-longer-fresh restoration, but still coded correct, one piece has some delamination. Twin antennas, fender skirts, power top, Continental kit. Quite fresh, nut-and-bolt restoration with numbers-matching block, head, intake manifold. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $57,240. Seller is an SCM subscriber; as is the buyer A very nice example, just a tick or two away from a typical Barrett-Jackson 1957 Be! Air but here its at a $20,000 discount. This buyer shops auctions for bargains and found this one to take home. #208-1958 CHEVROLET IMPALA Coupe. Deep blue/blue, silver vinyl. LHD. Odo: 60,054 miles. 348-c.i. V8, two-speed Powerglide auto. Power steering, fender skirts, tired, but still miles left for a driver. Original top has light fray marks, some wear evident in interior, light scratching to paint. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $19,716. Earlier ran as Lot #180 to a high bid of $19,500. A small bargain if the car checks out okay under the hood and passes state inspection. It's more than possible to drop $5,000 in repairs even on a good one, so still a possible gamble. #13-1994 PORSCHE 968 Convertible. S/N WPOCA2968RS840154. Silver/black leather and vinyl. LHD. Odo: 60,678 miles. Sold with branded title. Obvious paintwork in most areas, some of it to almost acceptable quality 48 EA.., " with excellent paint, chrome, wood and interior. Cloth top has a slight fit problem, some gaskets and window parts weak. Nice, but not of the same quality of others recently seen at auction. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $70,000. This is the car keeping the price guide writers up at night, as the prices seem to be like lobsters at a high-end restaurant, "priced fresh daily." Bid seems a bit low, but reflects condition. spinner hubcaps, curb feelers, wide whites. AM/FM cassette. Some very slight variations in color match, bright-sun visible only. Very clean, looks like resto is a few seasons old. Sports Car Market

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Starting an MGA. It's like a secret handshake. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the secret handshake. Key in the ignition, turn one click, pull the choke and then the starter knob Try turning the key to engage the starter and OOPS... a broken key, an immobilized MGA, delays and problems. An unfortunate transport event for many, but not for Passport Transport. We invented enclosed auto transport in 1970. Shipping your treasured vehicle won't be trial and error for us. Experience Counts. www.passporttransport.com 1 800.325 4267 PASSPORT Z f L',Z•Z Z  A FedEx Custom Critical Company Z Z

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Market Reports  Cond: 3. SOLD AT $27,772. 1 thought this car was more than fully priced for condition. However, coupes have been coming on strong in price, so someone who is really in touch with the '58 coupe market might have thought this a slight bargain. #364-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N V0867S116703. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 10,762 miles. V8, automatic. Replacement AM/FM cassette, sale includes original radio, also. Paintwork was LHD. Odo: 15,077 miles. 289-c.i. V8, automatic. Power top, pony interior, AM/FM cassette. Trunk rack, fresh top. Paintwork and chrome good, interior is far from fresh and has plenty of needs. Cobra gas cap, valve covers and air filter look tacky. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $13,515. The state-issued title is no help. Best described as an average car at an average price. Replacing incorrect parts on a 1966 Mustang involves a Visa card, a catalog and an 800 number; so no major harm done. Watch the expenses, and enjoy. #124-1967 MERCURY COUGAR XR7 Coupe. S/N 7F93A558507. Red/burgundy leather and vinyl. LHD. Odo: 72,455 miles. 289-c.i. V8, auto. A/C, ps, pb. AM radio, full Collector Cars International - Branson, MO year Eagle tires. Good paint, chrome; most trim just fair. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $13,780. Nice, but was it an Eliminator; an Eliminator 428 Cobra Jet or just an XR-7? 1 think! would need a good bit more information before spending the hard-earned stuff on this example. It must be one of the three listed cars, right? of good quality, now some cracks and spiderwebbing appearing. No harm, if it can be bought cheap. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $25,970. Cheap, but not cheap enough. The best bet for the new owner will be to let it remain as a driver, use it for trips to the ice cream parlor and avoid dumping 10 cents in restoration costs into it. Have fun, enjoy, pray for inflation to return. #134-1965 FORD MUSTANG Convert- ible. S/N 5F08C624171. White/red vinyl. LHD. 289-c.i. V8, Hurst four-speed. Low-options Mustang—no power top, regular interior, no power brakes. Interior is a mix of new #160-1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO SS 350 PACE CAR Convertible. S/N 124679N626650. White, orange stripes/orange houndstooth vinyl. LHD. Odo: 6,392 miles. 350-c.i., 330-hp V8, Z 11 pace-car optioned Camaro SS restored to a good stan- console. Interior has musty smell that would be hard to duplicate in a lab (the room, not the dog). Shift mechanism loose, toggle switches have plastic "bats" missing. Paint shows signs of quickie respray. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $7,102. Can the long-suffering brotherhood of Cougar owners rejoice? Have we moved out of the shadow of big-brother Mustang to a point where some of our beloved cars are worth restoring? Well, maybe. Almost twice the expected price on this hurting example. #203-1967 PONTIAC GTO Convertible. S/N 242677K120862. Dark blue/white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 62,958 miles. 400-c.i. V8, fourspeed. Door gaps are nothing short of worldclass bad, paintwork best described as lumpy. and replaced, some excessive fade. Very good paint, too much overspray needs correcting. Firestone Firehawk tires out of place. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $13,462. Another ho-hum Mustang, this one is usable as is, would be a good candidate for a "road restoration," i.e., drive it while you improve it. Low options limit the upside, however; maybe best to use it and sell it when a suitable replacement is found. #317-1966 FORD MUSTANG Convertible. S/N DR139567M0. Red/black vinyl. dard. Door fit a tiny bit off, not hateful. Console delete. AM/FM cassette, ps, pb, Rallye wheels, rear deck spoiler. Very good paint and chrome, clean throughout. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $30,740. Undervalued in today's marketplace. I'll mark this one in the well-bought column; they have a great look just sitting still. The Camaro, now out of production, was an aspirational car for millions of teens for three decades. Upside for prices? It's there. #125-1970 CHEVROLET NOVA SS Coupe. S/N 114270W290480. White/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 80,176 miles. 350-c.i. V8, auto. A/C, power steering and brakes. AM/ FM, 1/2 console. Interior has peeling door Has more problems than we have space to list. Interior tired, has replacement wood steering wheel. A $45k resto away from being worth $30k. Cond: 5-. SOLD AT $15,582. Another triumph of hope over reality, this car has needs that just won't quit. At some point, every GTO has its price where it represents a bargain. And from 20 feet away, this car was a great buy. Just don't go any closer #228-1969 MERCURY COUGAR Coupe. S/N 9F93R543372. Blue/black vinyl. LHD. 428-c.i. V8, auto. 428 Cobra Jet with both XR7 and Eliminator badging, someone is hedging his bets (luxury vs. performance) on this one. Power steering and brakes, rear spoiler, Good- 50 panel, small flub in uncracked dash, cloudy Plexiglas over speedo/odo gauge. Plenty of overspray, lots of flaking inside door jambs. Claimed numbers matching. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $8,215. Nova SS cars are the ones Nova collectors are looking for now—the SS designation makes them much more collectible Sports Car Market

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concorso ITALIANJ® Friday, August 15th, 2003 • 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Arill° NeW  uncing Black Horse Golf Course Location -  at Monterey Bay Seaside, California. Black Horse is located just minutes north from central Monterey. Take the Fort Ord Main Exit from Highway 1, and follow the signs. No more hour wait in traffic to get in and out. HONORING LAMBORGHINI'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY and the USA introduction of the Lamborghini V - 10 Gallardo. SALUTING ITALIAN SPYDERS & BARCHETTAS Wind, Sun & "Fantasia." FEATURED DESIGNER: PIETRO FRUA & HIS WORK Commemorating Frua's 90th birthday with a spectacular display of one FERRARI — A SYMPHONY IN METAL A magnificent display of Ferraris. THE CONCORSO BURN-OUT Introducing a new dimension of smoke, noise & action. EXPANDED CORRAL AREA Featuring Vector's 25th Anniversary Reunion & the beautiful Riva Boats. FASHION, OPERA AND OVER 100 VENDORS - TO RECEIVE A SPECTATOR EVENT BROCHURE, REGISTER YOUR CAR OR PURCHASE ADVANCE TICKETS: — Tel: (206) 232-0365 • Email: ci@concorso.com • Web: www.concorso.com - offs. CC CC THE BLACK HORSE CLASSIC A Ferrari-Maserati Competition. A limited number of qualified significant examples will be judged. Trophies for the top awards will be supplied by the prestigious Schedoni of Modena. LC THE MODERN 111 FERRARI CONCOURS U. Post Daytona and 246 GT/GTS Ferraris built prior to Dec. 1993. I'rc enter] by.. Benefiting the Youth of Monterey Peninsula. In Association with  GP GIRARD-PERREGAUX - -Supporting Sponsors. II 4983Arn , Participating Sponsor MEGIMARIS M A S ERATI preaier ,

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Market Reports  (and valuable) than the standard cars. This car needs and all, brought a premium for its condition. #161-1970 PLYMOUTH CUDA Coupe. S/N BS23N0B2247985. Panther Pink/black vinyl and cloth. LHD. Odo: 29,319 miles. 440-c.i. V8, auto. Rebuilt motor, transmission and front end, exhaust and interior freshly re- cent uninspired paint job, factory mags. The appeal is clear here—big block and a fourspeed. Tow something or just burn rubber. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $10,600. The GMC version of Chevrolet's El Camino, later known as the Caballero. If this sounds a bit expensive for an old truck, 1 think it will sound like a bargain in a few years. The GMCs always trail the El Caminos in price. #35-1975 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N Z37J5S432181. Burgundy/ burgundy vinyl. LHD. Odo: 32,248 miles. 350-c.i. V8, four-speed. Flat seats in trashed interior—door panel cracked, pull handle line dyed yellow. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $9,805. The 1975 through 1979 Corvettes are at the low ebb of the price scale, so they are the bargain bin of 'Vette ownership. Price paid was right in line with current prices. #327-1984 BUICK RIVIERA Convert- placed. Very dirty underhood, cheapo air filter sits on top of fresh-appearing Carter AFB carb. Headers, alternator appear crusty. Mirrors missing. Swirl marks. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $12,500. The price of a nice example can easily double the high bid here. I would argue that spending $30,000 for a good one is a better bargain than this cull at $12,500—less heartache and fewer surprises. #138-1970 CHEVROLET NOVA YENKO DEUCE CLONE Coupe. S/N 114270W307419. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 78,483 miles. 350-c.i. V8, automatic. Fresh restoration, made into a Yenko Deuce ible. S/N 1G4AZ67Y9EE435436. Burgundy/ burgundy leather. LHD. Odo: 88,416 miles. 307-c.i. V8, automatic. Full power. Tired but not played out. C racked windshield could Collector Cars International - Branson, MO missing. A/C, AM/FM, tilt/tele, pw, pb. Fresh compounding to paint has plenty of residue but is quite nice visually. Accel ignition, BF Goodrich Comp T/A radials. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $7,738. Just the way you want to buy a 'Vette from the 1970s—the paint and chrome are decent or better and the easy-to-do (and relatively cheap) interior shows badly Carpets, seats and door panels can be replaced in a weekend—and provide a good return. #45-1979 DODGE LIL' RED EXPRESS Pickup. S/N D13JS9S184796. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 55,232 miles. 360-c.i. V8, auto. Nice paint, shame about the rest. Pitting chrome, rusty aftermarket wheels, cloudy clone. Very good paint, chrome, rubber, glass and interior. Full ground-up, well done. Hood tach, American Racing mags. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $20,352. Well over twice the price expected for a Nova coupe, yet half-price for a Yenko had it been a real one. Personally, I'd spend less for a non-clone, or more for a real Yenko. An auto '70 Nova 350 is no/a tough car to find; I think the seller did great. #312-1972 GMC SPRINT Pickup. S/N 5D80H2K502517. Silver/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 39,530 miles. 454-c.i. V8, four-speed. Full console, cowl-induction hood. New exhaust, tires and brakes. Smoke at startup. Re- present a problem. However this car looks to remain a driver for some time to come. All there, just nothing special. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $6,360. Sold right where it should, a correct market price at the start of summer for a use-it-and-expect-it-to-get-you-where-you 'regoing type of quasi-collector car Cheap transportation with a top that goes down; sell it next spring for the same amount. #12-1989 BUICK REATTA Coupe. S/N 1G4EC11C9KB903889. Red/saddle leather. LHD. Odo: 100,525 miles. No reserve. Wear to driver's seat, leather cracked through in glass. Interior has worn door panels, silver trim on dash is delaminating. Homemade wooden speaker box, some wear to seats. Exceeds bad '70s standards. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $7,155. A special edition model, with wood side rails, graphics, side pipes. Most problems are not tough fixes. Throw out speakers, ,find an interior kit and get decent rims; you can go Big Pimpin' farmboy style. An excellent example runs about twice this price. #375-1979 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 1Z8789S431633. Yellow/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 75,893 miles. 350-c.i. V8, automatic. Looks to be a non-professional restoration: good but not great quality interior fit, decent paint. Glass and chrome excellent, Goodyear outlined white-letter tires with out- 52  places. Paint on front and rear bumpers is faded, has cracking on clear coat. Paintwork weak in places. Just a driver, but one with a little upside. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $2,756. Buick's only two-seater A great buy for a driver—almost free, and it 's a nice ride that's just a little different The upside? The parts value (including the now-impossible side windows/mirror combo) are worth more than the purchase price. Good job. #324-1993 CHEVROLET SILVERADO Pickup. S/N 1GCDC14100Z195685. Black/ Sports Car Market

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Market Reports  gray cloth. LHD. Odo: 91,885 miles. V8, auto. 1993 Indy Pace truck edition. Has prior damage title, photos showing damage to passenger side displayed. Very clean presentation, has been professionally detailed and looks quite sharp. A/C, ps, pb, AM/FM cassette, bedliner. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $7,738. Pricey, but not a surprise, as this vehicle showed very well and photos of the prior damage showed some bent sheetmetal as opposed to a twisted frame. Still plenty of useful value left, but $5,738 would have sounded a bit more reasonable to me. #357-1995 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 1 GI YY22P9S5103014. Purple/ graphite. LHD. Odo: 81,030 miles. Six-speed, LT1 motor. Dual lumbar seats. Bose CD I NTE R NATI 0 NAL Kruse International 121;121 Kruse Auction Pork, Auburn, Indiana May 1-4, 2003 Auctioneers.  Dean Kruse, Daniel Kruse, Number of automotive lots:  Number of automotive lots sold.  Sale rate:  Sale total:  Mitchell Kruse, Stuart Kruse, Matthew Kruse, Brent Earlywine and Kenny Garman 700 384 55% S6,346,512 High sale: #E45, 1935 Packard Super Eight convertible, sold for $116,600, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium: 6% (Included in prices of sold lots.) :441k Reported by Phil Skinner Market opinion in italics A player, glass top. No paintwork evident, interior clean but not without wear. Just a car to be bought for price, if you can get past the color. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $14,840. The new owner gets a usable car, with lots of miles left, for a decent buy. Miles are a bit high for a 'Vette, would be light on any other American production car. Buyer and seller should console themselves; good deal for both. #158-2001 COBRA REPLICA Roadster. S/N BB061301351MWH188. Blue, white stripe/black tufted vinyl. LHD. Odor 400 miles. 351-c. i. V8, five-speed. B&B replica, side pipes, 9" Ford rear end. Cheapo Grant GT steering wheel, paper-clip roll bar, VDO vintage-style gauges. Build quality appears decent. Lousylooking wheels. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $24,380. Finished replica-kit Cobras seem to be settled in the $25,000 range for decent examples with light miles, more for better recognized builders and more options, less for used-up cars or lopo motors. Sale price right.* 54  11 over northeastern Indiana, posters were hung up in business establishments, roadside stops and anywhere room could be found, proclaiming, "The Dean is Back." Featured in the color illustration was Dean Kruse, who in December 2002 bought back the family business, Kruse International, reportedly for less than ten cents on the dollar of what eBay had paid for the company in 1999. The Spring Motorfair was the first major event to be staged at Kruse Auction Park under the "old management" banner, and nearly everyone in the Kruse organization seemed to be beaming with pride. Dean had made some strong promises about this and future sales at the Auburn facility, including the "big one," Fall Auburn, set for 11 days of action in late August and early September. This year's Spring Motorfair was considerably different from the last event I attended. The number of automotive consignments was up sharply from just under 500 in 2002 to right at 700, plus motorcycles. Working the crowd for bids were two faces long absent from the Kruse podium: Dean's two oldest sons, Mitchell and Stuart. In past years the Spring sale has been spread over three days, with Saturday running the famous dual auction lanes. This year, the sale was expanded to four days, with two lanes running on three of those days, albeit with a limited schedule on Friday. Taking some getting used to was a new system of lot numbers, with an alpha code used to indicate which day and lane the car would be running. Also new this year was software that printed out the bill of sale right on the sales floor, hailed as a major timesaver in the purchasing process. American muscle was the name of the Collector Cars International - Branson, MO game. For instance, more than 20 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SSs were offered. A 1955 Mercury Montclair Sun Valley sold for a robust $37,365, while a 1963 Buick Riviera coupe, with the 325-hp engine, went to a happy buyer for $9,699. Another sale of note was a 1939 V12 Lincoln Zephyr, which brought for $31,800. Dean Kruse had promised this would be the biggest and best Spring Motorfair in its 12-year history, and this was a promise that was kept. This year there are four more sale events scheduled for the Kruse Auction Park, with the promise that this year's Labor Day event will be bigger and better than ever before. Frankly, while I'm sure Dean liked the money he got from eBay when he sold his business, it looks like to me he likes having his business back, and his family around him, even more.—P.S. ENGLISH #E111-1949 MERCURY M-47 1/2-TON Pickup. S/N MD83H4932754. Dark green over black/brown vinyl. LHD. Flathead V8, 3-speed. Very unusual pickup restored to perfection inside and out, with typical deluxe appointments of the day. Sheet metal, paint, chrome all impeccable. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $40,810. While prices for these late-'40s pickups have been rising the past couple years, Chevy has generally taken the lead. However, Fords and this rare Mercury, when presented in top condition, command the same prices: when doing a truck, do it right. #H30-1953 AUSTIN LONDON TAXI Three-Door Sedan. S/N FX37153719. Black/ black leather. RHD. Tired and well used, running under its own power but not sure for how long. Strong smell of stale gas, sheetmetal solid but, like interior, showed years of use and abuse. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $2,544. The fabled American cab-maker Checker has been doing very well when presented in this condition, but for a London taxi, especially RHD, after the Sports Car Market

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Kruse International - Auburn, IN  novelty has worn off the buyer may wake up and wonder, "What did I do?" #D225-1955 PARAMOUNT ROIS LAGO Coupe. S/N G1610L379. Copper metallic/tan vinyl. LHD. Studebaker V8, Borg-Warner auto. Borrowing styling cues from a number Guide for an average example. Seems about right for buyer and seller, and a very inexpensive way to enter the collector car hobby #H32-1959 MGA Roadster. S/N GHNL37996. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 69,900 miles. No attempt made to pretty up this one. Several chips around the hood opening, paint of sources and body parts from even more, this example of British folk art was supposedly used in making of '50s British film. It has seen a few updates but nothing substantial. Cond: 5. NOT SOLD AT $7,500. Jokes could be made all day at the expense of this car. Sadly, fully restored it probably wouldn't bring the reserve the seller was looking for in its present condition. But it was a one-of-a-kind (thank God!). #E72-1958  MGA  Coupe.  S/N H1MA4340900. Red/black vinyl, red piping. LHD. Odo: 7,100 miles. Older paint starting to show some minor aging; very minor paint chips around hood, uneven lines around same and right door had a bit of a droop. Miles recorded since restoration. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $11,448. Several thousand below SCM Price starting to dull-out and chrome showing signs of pitting. Accessory bumper lights seemed to be pointing in different directions. Mileage believed to be from new. Heater. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $7,420. A bargain, even for a beater MGA. These are harmless cars, easy to drive and easy to fix. As a convertible, this was cheap— maybe the buy of the weekend. door and hood lines. Die-cast trim showing some signs of minor pitting. Redline tires, fog lights. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $26,500. While the bid was called to $32,000—where it was turned down—this was reported as an afterblock sale by the auction staff #E73-1973 LEYLAND MINI CLUBMAN Two-Door Station Wagon. S/N V2112952. Dark green/tan vinyl. RHD. Odo: 27,830 miles. Mileage from new. Appeared to have an Market Reports #B7-1961 JAGUAR XK 150 Convertible. S/N BS 838414. Dark green/tan leather. LHD. Restoration a few years old, some wavy body work toward the rockers, minor chips along TOMOIESILIE flNANCINQ CLASSIC EXOTICS SPORTS OFFERING LOW NATIONAL FIXED RATES STARTING AT DEALERS' BEST ALLY • CUSTOMERS' BEST FRIEND • 10 MINUTE LOAN APPROVAL Long terms 4 to 10 years • Fixed Rates Purchase • Refinancing • Prequalify For Auctions- APPLY to be driving that special automobile OPEN I DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED 6 DAYS A WEEK  July, 2003 APPLY ONLINE AT WINVV.JJBEST.CONI *5.44% APR ON $100,000, 8 YEARS $1289.45 MONTHLY. SIMPLE INTEREST, NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY. CORRECT AT PRESS TIME. THIS AD HIGHLIGHTS ONE PROGRAM- DIFFERENT PROGRAMS AVAILABLE. 55

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Market Reports  older quality repaint, metal and door aligned surprisingly well and engine bay was cleaner than one would expect. Cast alloy wheels. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $7,102. With current popularity of the reborn BMW Mini, originals are seeing continued interest. This was strong money for an "estate" and for "wrong-side" steering. GERMAN #G69-1968 MERCEDES-BENZ 250 SL Convertible. S/N 11304412003114. Dark blue/black leather. LHD. Older quality repaint holding up well. European plate was decora- finish, paint showed some fresh chips and pits. Driver's door was a little tight, with front bumper showing signs of being used to gently judge distances in front of the car. Cast alloy wheels, late-model stereo. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $14,000. Market has been soft on Meraks for some time. They have exotic styling, but with a less-than-impressive V6. Bid could have been taken. AMERICAN #H63-1923 DUESENBERG MODEL A Sedan. Body by Millspaugh & Irish. S/N 972. Eng. #1353. Dark blue over black/gray broadcloth. LHD. Older professional restoration. Needed some tune-up help and a good run on spares, rear deck trunk, single Pilot Ray light. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $101,000. Offering big classics is one of the Kruse family traditions. However, values have been soft for the past decade. Perhaps brought to this sale as a show piece rather than a sale piece. #E44-1936 PACKARD TWELVE DIETRICH Dual Cowl Phaeton. S/N 904276. Light yellow/tan leather. LHD. V12, threespeed. Restored in the late 1980s, age starting to show with some minor paint flaws and tion only, as this was an American import from new. Right front tire looked a little more worn, possibly indicating front suspension problems. Minor water leak around hardtop's rear seal. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $10,000. Popularity of these late 1960s SLs is rising. A four-speed is a plus. Price was below current market levels; smart move to hold onto this one. ITALIAN #130-1974 MASERATI BORA Coupe. S/N AM117/490-5762. Gold metallic/black leather. LHD. Odo: 57,600 miles. Older paint had a couple of custom touches, like extra marque badge added to B-pillar. Front of car Kruse International - Auburn, IN the open road. Custom coachwork had been brought back to original standards of color and finish. Soft trim may have been a bit too economical. Body, paint, chrome all good. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $108,500. While the name Duesenberg is magic, the Model A isn't the legendary Model J, hence the prices are less. However recent changes to CCCA rules have opened this model for touring and judging, which should enhance its value. #H68-I929 CADILLAC MODEL 341B Convertible. S/N 322740. Tan over dark brown/brown leather. RHD. Older restoration. Stale fuel. Minor paint wear and tear around hood opening and driver's door, rumble seat chipping. Soft trim still very clean and tight, top wasn't displayed in up position, though. Enclosed side-mount spare tires, red spoke wheels. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $160,000. While this timeless beauty went unsold, a similar-condition 1935 Super Eight convertible sold at $110,000, about 60% of the value of this car meaning this package should have been able to pull $185k-$200k with the right crowd in attendance. showed some road use. Seat, floor and pedal wear all seemed to match the mileage. Straight enough. After-market stereo. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $28,620. Boras are extremely competent cars when properly set up, but finding a mechanic who can understand them is the tricky part. If this car has no major needs, this was a fair price. But that's a big if, especially without a pre-purchase inspection. #D251-1980 MASERATI MEFtAK SS Coupe. S/N ZAMCA21064A222778. Red/ medium brown leather. LHD. Barbeque-style #E49-1939 LINCOLN ZEPHYR Coupe. S/N H11701. Black/gray broadcloth. LHD. V12, 3-speed. Older resto done on semi-professional basis. Signs of use in passenger compartment and around trunk area. A couple minor dings to stainless steel trim, driver's door working. Overall detailing in order, especially the undersides. Whitewalls, dual side-mount spares. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $72,500. While the novelty of the steering wheel being mounted for export might seem interesting, most people in the US want to drive on the left side. Price would have to be low to warrant conversion to LHD. #H69-1933 AUBURN TWELVE Convertible Sedan. S/N BB2458U. Light blue over dark blue/gray leather. LHD. Older restoration to concours standard, excellent paint, chrome and soft trim. Mechanics seemed in order. Well maintained and driven on rare occasions, lately mostly over auction blocks. Dual side-mount 56 latch stuck in open position indicates need for some attention. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $31,800. Surprisingly, this is the only V12 made during the CCCA's era that isn't a classic. But values have risen sharply for prime examples to more than double this bid, meaning room for improvement while still having a worthwhile and classy-looking driver Sports Car Market

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Kruse International - Auburn, IN  #E93-1947 CHRYSLER WINDSOR HIGHLANDER Convertible. S/N 70570170. Dark red/red plaid cloth. LHD. Six-cylinder engine. Older restoration, garage kept and wood/dark brown leather. LHD. Odo: 38,750 miles. Eight-cylinder, Fluid Drive. Sheet metal sporting at least a 10-year-old repaint that held up well, wood original and well cared-for. Soft trim and rubber door scuff plates show nominal wear and tear. Radio, heater, spotlight, fog lights. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $41,000. Woody wagons are still the hottest post-war four-doors on the market, and this rare example was well worth a little more money than bid. Let's hope the termites don't decide to lodge at this DeSoto motel. shown only occasionally. Needed some coaxing to run, typical of car for show rather than go. Sheetmetal straight, paint rich, chrome surprisingly good, soft trim tight and clean. Fluid Drive. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $29,415. Bid on the block was $29,000 even, post-sale reported this one going for $27,750 plus the commission. #E97-1949 DESOTO DELUXE Station Wagon. S/N 50021719. Tan with natural #E65-1953 PONTIAC NATIONAL Three-Door Ambulance. S/N P8XS4736. Red/gray vinyl, white headliner. LHD. Based on production sedan, restored better than most professional cars. Paint economical, interior came off the rack. Chrome and electrics in good order, straight body; undercarriage, engine compartment need to be gussied up. Red lights, siren, stretcher. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $18,020. Last fall a record $29k was paid for a Pontiac ambulance; this was not as nice a op and bottom near perfection. Only major flaw was very minor hazing to glass panel. Body straight, chrome and paint excellent all around. Plexiglass top, factory A/C, spotlights. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $37,365. This' may have set a record for a '55 Sun Valley. Not many made, fewer left, prices on all mid-1950s Ford and Mercury hardtops are rising. Look for Mem to be about 10-15% behind Ford. #H44-1957 STUDEBAKER GOLDEN HAWK Coupe. S/N 6104098. Brown metallic, tan scallop/black vinyl. LHD. Paxton supercharged 289 V8, auto. Partial restoration, Affordable, Agreed Value Insurance for Hobbyists American Hobbyist Insurance is dedicated to serving car hobbyists of all stripes. Whether your collector vehicle is a classic sports car, or a new, limited-production vehicle (or anything in-between), we can help. The policy provides Agreed Value coverage, one charge for liability and no restrictive mileage limitations.* Visit our website for an instant, on-line quote or call: 1 (800) 395-4835 www.AmericanHobbyist.com 2501 S.E. Aviation Way • Stuart, FL 34996 Underwritten by American Reliable Insurance Company * Certain restrictions and limitations apply and may vary by state. Not available in all states. CA LicA 01392730  July, 2003  SCM 02103 57 •••••Market Reports car But in light of new appreciation for firemen and ambulance attendants, decent examples of the pro-restored emergency vehicles are going up in value. #E60-1955 MERCURY MONTCLAIR SUN VALLEY Coupe. S/N 555L118810M. White over medium green/green, white vinyl and cloth. LHD. 272-c.i. V8, automatic. Professional restoration with eye to authenticity, AMERICAN HOBBYIST INSURANCE AGENCY

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Market Reports  Kruse International - Auburn, IN mechanicals seemed authentic but restoration clearly done to a budget. Missing top-line wheel covers and some other flash usually associated with these South Bend performers. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $17,000. Of all postwar American orphan cars, Studebaker has the biggest following. However, their collectors are known for being frugal (i.e. cheap), generally keeping prices down. Owners who think they have a gold mine may want to reconsider the values. #G101-1958 EDSEL RANGER Coupe. S/N W8RG700528. Light blue, white scallop/ white vinyl, blue cloth. LHD. 361-c.i. V8, Teletouch auto. Amateur touch-up to cosmetics both inside and out. All options appeared to vinyl, cloth. LHD. 427-c.i., 435-hp engine, 4-speed. All numbers on build plate and underhood matched, making this a factory hipo car. Unique color, restored to high degree of authenticity. Minor body wave, no worse than factory. Some stainless showed scuffing. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $19,000. A true performance car; the offer only covered a part of restoration. But value is limited to just a few thousand above this bid. #D62-1966 DODGE CHARGER Fast- back. S/N XP29E61258395. Burgundy/black vinyl. LHD. 383-c.i., 330-hp V8, automatic. Economical cosmetic restoration to make black vinyl. LHD. 428 CJ V8, 4-speed. Older semi-pro restoration with attention to detail, not made up to be faux-KR, this car is real down to the soft trim. Car wasn't show-stopping, but looked like it could be driven with confidence. Radio, heater, cast alloys. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $61,480. While KR convertibles have been pushing the $120k mark, and fastbacks have been coming close to the $80k level, this wasn't top condition but it was nice. The price was top dollar for this car These are still on an upward swing. #H110-1969 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 442 Convertible. S/N 344679N373616. Dark red, maroon accents/burgundy cloth, vinyl. LHD. 350-c.i., 325-hp engine, auto. Older resto done on a budget. Great curb appeal and be working, including push-button tranny. California car showed no sign of major damage or rust, even in the typical areas; underhood the weakest spot. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $7,420. The Edsel is one of America's most popular orphan cars. Even lower-priced examples like this one are ,finding more value than several years ago, but only when the hard parts—like hood ornaments and taillight lenses—are present (like here). #D16-1963 BUICK RIVIERA Coupe. S/N 7J1101317. Light blue/medium blue vinyl. LHD. 401-c.i., 325-hp engine, auto. Basically original car with lots of toys. Soft trim decent his look decent going over the block, quality skimped on in paint finish and soft trim fit, engine sounded strong and no leaks were noted. Spinner wheel covers. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $10,706. Sold late in the sale on Sunday on its second chance on the block, actually got a $100 raise over first crossing. Car seemed to be complete and, as an early muscle car; this warrants more respect than the quickie redo it's had. #D68-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE STING RAY Convertible. S/N 194677S10918. Yellow, black stripe/black vinyl. LHD. 427-c.i., 435-hp engine, M-21 4speed. Professional restoration from a couple could be driven. Not ready for concours dr cuit, but respectable Saturday-night cruising with clean metal, no waves or bulges, decent chrome with no pitting or rust. A/C. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $20,935. For what is considered to be one of the premiere muscle cars, and with a top that goes down, this price represented a decent buy, with room for a little profit or for a lot of fun as a driver #G117-1970 SHELBY GT 350 Fastback. S/N 0F02M482312. White, blue stripe/black vinyl. LHD. 302-c.i. V8, auto. Restored in accordance to the build tag except for color change from bright yellow. Lots of shortcuts with seat stitching beginning to pull and stress cracks on plastic dashboard cover. Minor pitting to die-cast chrome around scripts and taillights. Full power, A/C. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $9,699. One of the best-looking Buicks ever produced, the Riviera has long been undervalued. This was a decent price for a car with some relatively minor cosmetic problems; potential for profit and fun with this one. #D54-1963 FORD GALAXIE 500 Fastback. S/N 3U66R176643. Rose metallic/black 58  of years back, could be freshened up to NCRS levels. Body panels proper, no sign of typical front-clip stress cracks around headlight pods. Rallye wheels, side pipes, AM/FM. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $70,000. One of a number of similar big-block '67 'Vettes at this sale, most from the same consignor; most went home. Bigticket muscle like this is hot in the market, but it's possible to find these cars everywhere, not just at auctions. #D167-1968 SHELBY GT 500 Fastback. S/N 8T02S143326-01293. White, blue stripe/ in restoration, and left door was a little out of alignment. Hood also had an unusual bow two-thirds back. Radio, heater. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $38,000. Lack of quality affected the bidding coming up to the seller's reserve. While the values of these last Shelby Mustangs have lagged behind the earlier editions, recently there has been renewed interest. Sports Car Market

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Kruse International - Auburn, IN  #D85-1973 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1 Fastback. S/N 3F05Q158142. Dark green, silver stripe/dark green vinyl. LHD. 351 Cleveland, automatic. Restored as original, with a few short cuts but no modifications. Paint Market Reports EB showed some blotching, common for repaints. Decal alignment close to perfect, all the right parts in place, but car needed detailing all around. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $12,700. This was the end of the line for original Mustang performance, and though the advertising hp ratings were down, it was still a potent car. Collector interest is gaining on these late firstgeneration pony cars; seller was wise to hold on to this one. #G39-1976 CHEVROLET VEGA-COSWORTH Fastback. S/N 1V77U6U182958. Black, gold trim/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 43 miles. Four-speed. Even when new, the Vega had a rust problem. Very minor bubbling near C-pillar, engine ran well enough. Gold-tone alloy wheels. Original miles. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $10,000. Today most people as- sociated with Cosworth have never heard of a Vega. Similar low-mile examples of this car have been seen trading hands for about $3,000-$4,000 less; if real money was behind this bid, the seller should have jumped for joy.• Profiled in SCM next month: 1997 Ferrari F355 Spyder 1929 Mercedes-Benz SSK roadster 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III BJ8 1903 Martini 14/18-hp 4.1-liter Type Rochers de Naye racer 1965 Shelby Mustang GT 350 "R" B Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine! 4 Driving Days—September 21 to 26, 2003 Any exotic sports car of any year Allard Reunion, Austin & Texas Hill Country! 4 Driving Days—November 2 to 7, 2003 1975 or earlier sports, racing or CT cars $3995 per couple, all inclusive Amelia Island Concours & Collier Museum! 4 Driving Days—March 14 to 19, 2004 1975 or earlier sports, racing or CT cars $3995 per couple, all inclusive 4 Driving Days—May 23 to 28, 2004 1975 or earlier sports, racing or CT cars $3995 per couple, all inclusive $3995 per couple, all inclusive TEXAS 1000 B01 ,010 9 Butterfi eld Brookline, Massachusetts May 3, 2003 Auctioneer:  Number of automotive lots.  Number of lots sold:  Sale rate:  Sale total:  Malcolm Barber 65 47 73% 52,520,185 High sale: #438, Simplex 75hp, sold for $315,000, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium: 15% on the first 5100,000, 10% thereafter (Included in prices of sold lots.) Report by Scott Featherman Market comments in italics onhams' second annual auction at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts, featured a large selection of automobilia, motorcycles and automobiles from the Edwin GREAT VINTAGE RALLIES! FORZA MILLE FORZA AMELIA NEW ENGLAND 1000 Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine! Vintage Rallies 80 Jackson Hill Road, Sharon, CT 06069 800-645-6069 fax: 860-364-5899 www.vintagerallies.com July, 2003  59

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Market Reports  C. Jameson Estate. The typical Bonham's assortment of automobilia warmed up a strong and enthusiastic crowd, with bidders purchasing 75% of the collection of automobiles that followed. The Jameson collection, all pre-war models, accounted for 27 of the 65 total automobiles offered, amounting to $1,978,150 in sales, 78% of the total. Top sale was a 1913 Simplex 75hp. This rolling chassis with incomplete engine, some body panels and miscellaneous parts, craving full restoration, brought a stout $315,000. A beautifully restored and impressive 1924 Mercedes-Benz 28/90 sport phaeton sold for $234,000. A majestic dark blue 1924 Hispano-Suiza H6C short-chassis roadster sporting a Zborowski-style body sold for $193,000. A nicely restored and charming steam-powered 1905 White Type D Canopy-Top touring car brought $136,000. All the preceding were ex-Jameson. There were buyers for the ample selection of restoration candidates, "sympathetic" or otherwise. Again from the Jameson collection, a front-wheel drive, transmission-mounted-forward-of-the-engine 1929 Cord L-29 limousine with original interior sold for $51,750.A 1929 Rolls-Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost limousine with Barker coachwork, mostly original, brought $92,000. A 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I tourer with an elegantly styled body, yet undetermined coachbuilder, attracted $52,900. All sale prices were representative of the current market. ENGLISH #427-1925 ROLLS-ROYCE 40/50 SILVER GHOST Limousine. Body by Barker. S/N 118AU. Eng. #TU 115. Black. RHD. Odo: 1,395 km. Very old paint, past nice patina, Bonhams & Butter fields - Brookline, MA 6,630 miles. Reported recent restoration. Modest-quality paintwork, uneven with sanding marks. Doors don't fit well. Brightwork, including chrome wires, fine. Interior shows well, dash still presentable. Chassis and engine compartment clean and tidy. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $30,475. MG-TC was the car that started the American market for British sports car ownership. Attractive-looking TC, but top dollar paid considering modest level of workmanship—almost $5,000 over top estimate. #462-1953 MG MIDGET TD Road- ster. Body by JS Inskip. S/N TD24996. Eng. #25207. Red/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 31,231 miles. Older repaint faded, many flaws. Both dull, uneven, chipped. Panels fit okay, doors fit well. Trim weathered but not deteriorated. Leather showing wear but presentable, carpets replaced, wood cracked. Chassis greasy/ dirty, but appears sound. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $92,000. This Barker-coachwork limo featured dual side-mounted spares, fold-down luggage rack and roof rack. Unlike the earlier 40/50s, this one has four-wheel brakes. While showing its age, this Silver Ghost appears as a nice unmolested example. #428-1929 ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM I Tourer. S/N 115KR. Eng. #0Q35. Creme yellow. RHD. Odo: 73,134 miles. Paint old, dull, chips and small dents. Panel fit okay, doors Post-war European, mostly sports cars, did not fare as well under the hammer. There were exceptions. A handsome dark blue with tan Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2, with aging cosmetics and reported recent engine rebuild, was strong at $72,450. A well-presented metallic blue 1978 Ferrari 400 GT, with a rare five-speed gearbox and service records, sold for a healthy $35,075. A natty 1948 MG TC roadster, black over red leather and recent modest-quality restoration, found a high of $30,475. The high bid on the 10 cars that missed the cut were awfully close to, if not within, their hypothetical fair-market range. With this year's bountiful Jameson col- lection and good selection of additional offerings, Bonhams and its newly acquired Butterfields should be satisfied with these sales results. With a desirable selection of automobiles, professional service and quality venues, Bonhams & Butterfields should be able to continue with its aggressive US expansion. As B&B, under the workmanlike direction of Malcolm Barber, sets about creating a regular and predictable US auction schedule, New England collectors should be able to count on this auction for the foreseeable future. (Note: Bonhams auctioned the remaining Jameson collection at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, England, May 17 .) — S.E 60  doors sagging. Interior worn with - tired appearance. Soft top beat and frame rusty. Trim not bad. Lots of surface rust on chassis. Would question structural integrity of this example. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $16,675. One of reported 10 modified TDs by New York importer JS Inskip, stretched 10 inches to accommodate two rear seats. Sale price was over SCM #2 low end for unmodified TD Roadster, and this car is in need of much reconditioning to reach that condition. #463-1966 MORRIS MINI 'COOPER S RALLYE REPLICA' Sedan. S/N M/AZS4 5377661. Medium blue/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 2 miles. Reported totally rebuilt and modified body and running gear. Paint finish and panel fit good, right door sticks. Interior well still fit and work well. Front bench redone in black vinyl and decent, rear leather deteriorated, holes in carpet. Trim has strong patina. Chassis is dirty/greasy yet appears sound. Soft top shot. Cond: 5+. SOLD AT $52,900. The actual coachbuilder of this "Torpedo "type tourer body is unclear Limited ownership history. Price seems in line with condition and provenance. #459-1948 MG MIDGET IC Roadster. SN TC1851. Black/red leather. RHD. Odo: done, roll cage, Restall bucket seats, worksstyle dashboard. Plexi windows some scratches, hazing. Brightwork nice. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $23,000. Turbo engine modified and reported dyno tested at 100 hp. Chassis well finished and detailed, suspension powder coated. Overall workmanship appears well done. Looks fin and fast! #477-1966 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER SHADOW Sedan. SIN 1157. White/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 18,763 miles. Reported extensive restoration 1998, brakes overhauled 2002. Mediocre respray, tape lines, overspray. Panels straight, doors don't close well, glass rattles. Trim, some slight pitting. Leather dry but serviceable, wood cracking, carpets incorrect. Sports Car Market

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Bonhams & Butterfields - Brookline, MA  Ford Cortina engine, Triumph running gear and Lotus type coil-over shocks. Comes with spare wheel set and racing slicks. Decent buy considering condition. FRENCH #437-1924 HISPANO-SUIZA H6C Road- Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $19,550. Chassis has lots of surface rust, oil leaks', very dirty. Even with recent service receipts, apparent questionable workmanship does not inspire confidence. Price on the high side for condition. #467-1975 DUTTON B-TYPE Roadster. S/N S693919KAN. Green/black vinyl. LHD. Odor 5,207 miles. UK kit car, fiberglass and Panels relatively straight. Dash still presentable, wood okay. Leather supple. Trim work has nice patina. Engine and chassis clean but not detailed. Catalog states engine may need work. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $193,000. One of the few short-chassis 8-liters and reported to be one of two low-radiator models known. Original bodywork is not known. Current coachwork since 1979 is the "Zborowski" style. Soared above high estimate of $160k. aluminum. Paint quality fair, now faded with numerous cracks. Interior vinyl intact, but very dirty throughout. Windshield cracked. Tires and wheels decent. Neglected overall appearance. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $3,450. 2-liter GERMAN #440-1924 MERCEDES 28/95 Sport Phaeton. Body by Daimler-Benz. S/N 27003. THE CPI VALUE GUIDE IS NOW AVAILABLE FROM BLACK BOOK! • Want to know what that '55 Chevy you used to have would be worth today? • Is a late model Ferrari or Lamborghini on your shopping list? • Interested in sedans from the 40's, cool cars from the 50's, or muscle cars of the 60's? "Anything less is a guess" • How about exotic cars from AC to Zimmer? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the CARS OF PARTICULAR INTEREST VALUE GUIDE is for you. Published bi-monthly by Black Book®, it contains values for collectible, luxury, exotic and highline cars and light trucks from 1946. dikta d3(2401, ® Don't make a huge miStake! Call 800-554-1026 today for your FREE sample! July, 2003 Now  vs BIZZARRINI lit no GrO Ian la a aarneth 1, LION Hui? *Pi Subscribe online www.octane-magazine.com Hotline number 01144 1795 414972 OCTANE is a new magazine from the UK, featuring the world's greatest cars, from the pioneers to the latest supercars, and the people and events that surround them. OCTANE is compiled by the hest motoring writers and photographers, and includes a regular column by Sir Stirling Moss. Subscribe to OCTANE now! CCU 0306SSCM NL .W: "LssuFEN OCTANE MAGAZINE $75 SPECIA L 6-  SUBSCRIBE TO THE MODERN MAGAZINE FOR ALL CAR ENTHUSIASTS ster. S/N 11452. Eng. #302259. Dark blue/red leather. RHD. Odor 19,841 km. Older repaint showing its age, small cracks, some bubbling. Eng. #55588. Red, wood siding/brown leather. RHD. Odor 70,861 km. Early '90s high-quality restoration. Paint and wooden coachwork finish and panel fit very good. Chrome and trim excellent. Interior very well done. Engine and chassis also well done and detailed. Ownership history reported to be well documented. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $226,500. The 28/95 used an aircraft-derived six-cylinder engine, the DF80 with shaft drive. This very nice example was well bought, and shows that pre'30s cars, of interesting configuration, continue to gather strength in the market.. #464-I955 PORSCHE 356 Coupe. S/N 53964. Red/tan vinyl. LHD. Odor 92,017 miles. Mediocre respray, multiple flaws. Door jambs roughly finished. Gaps off. Windshield gasket old. Chassis has lots of fresh thick undercoating. Seats soft, carpets new but not correct, gauges okay. Engine detailed but compartment poorly done. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $12,075. Later pre-A model. Bent one- Market Reports (31

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Market Reports  Mit ...11ft Bonhams & Butter fields - Brookline, MA 250 Le Mans specs in the late 1960s. Sold at Kruse Auburn 8/2000 for $159,000. Replicas are priced based on quality; this bid was in the lower acceptable price range. Mk' piece windshield. Reported recent restoration with fresh engine rebuild Mediocre and inconsistent workmanship leaves many questions and unknowns. Bid fine for condition; market is strong only for the good examples. #458-1957 BMW 507 Convertible. S/N 70021. Blue/red leather. LHD. Odo: 30,146 km. Older fair-quality repaint. Panels wavy and gaps all off. Trim decent. Wheels nice. #443-1966 GHIA 450SS Convertible. Body by Ghia. S/N CS4008. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 42,098 miles. Paint finish presentable, flaws starting to show through, cracks on IF- 40.00. S/N AR19000O2186. Gray/black, white leather. LHD. Odo: 89,670 km. Older paint finish deteriorated, many cracks and chips. Right side door hard to close. Chrome pitted. Leather seats still presentable, carpets are worn though in spots. Tired overall appearance. Rare Ghia coachwork. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $34,500. Reported to be unrestored, known ownership history and actual miles. Won Best Unrestored Car award at Concorso Italiano in 1999. Bid was in the reasonable range for condition and provenance. Sold Christie 's 8/2002, $35,320. NS Brooks 8/2000, $55,000. Seats and door panels fine, rest of interior tired. Chassis a mix of old and new undercoating. Underhood presentable. Engine reported not original, yet correct type. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $170,000. 253 total production. Includes hardtop. Reported color change from white and modifications to cooling system. This example appears weary overall. Bid is somewhat low, but with its stories and apparent condition, no one got excited #465-1961 PORSCHE 356 Roadster "Conversion." Body by Karmann. S/N 202014. White/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 197,450 miles. Hardtop coupe with "chopped top." All gaps #448-1959 STANGUELLINI FORMULA JUNIOR Race Car. S/N 00169. Red/red. RHD. Paint condition very presentable. Some chips and slight stress cracks. Panel fit as-new. Interior and chassis well done, clean and tidy. toiNer"  - , — -4-zq LS Reported total restoration completed in 1997 by Goddard of RI and KRT Motorsports in MA. VSCCA logbook available. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $36,800. Stanguellini made more than 100 of these Fiat-powered single-seater racers, which set the standard until Lotus and Cooper arrived in 1960. Not really competitive in vintage events anymore, still a lot offun for not much money. off, especially the doors. Heavily worn paint and much Bondo work. Recent recovered seats and door panels. No carpet, no door seals. Dash tired. Chrome door handles pitted. Lots of fresh undercoating. Cond: 5+. NOT SOLD AT $7,475. Catalog states '62, but serial number is '61. Does it matter, though? Reported to have an SC engine and C four-wheel disc brakes. "Original" roof panel included! Structural integrity unknown. Bid was generous considering scaly condition. ITALIAN #455-1955 ALFA ROMEO 1900C SPRINT SERIES 2 Coupe. Body by Ghia. 62  #451-1962 FERRARI 250 TESTAROSSA REPLICA Sports Racer. Body by Fantuzzi. S/N 4045. Eng. #4045. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 18 miles. Reported restored in 1990 and "upgraded" in 2002. Panel fit fine •-•-•••■■■■• '  , hood. Hardtop has large scratch. Trim decent. Interior okay, left front seat torn, headliner looks tired. Chassis dirty, lots of oil mess under engine. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $34,500. Catalog states first owner was Johnny Carson. Fewer than 20 of 52 are believed to still exist. That said, bid could have been higher #442-1967 LAMBORGHINI 400 GT 2+2 Coupe. Body by Touring. S/N 1276. Eng. #1675. Blue/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 69,885 miles. Presentable older repaint showing its age, some bubbles, cracks. Door fits off a bit, otherwise decent panel fit. Front seats redone to decent standard, rear seat showing wear. Carpet, gauges fine. Engine compartment tidy. Some fresh undercoating. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $70,500. Claimed ownership history, build sheet and documented restoration with concours 1st place 1987. Reported recent engine rebuild and major maintenance. Strong price paid considering aging cosmetics. Increased market interest in early Lambo #476-1967  INT ERMECCANICA ITALIA/TORINO Convertible. S/N 50017. Black/black leather. LHD. Odo: 16,149 miles. Panel fit and gaps close to original build quali- and paint finish nice overall. Chassis and interior very presentable, clean and tidy. Borrani wires and period Dunlop tires in good condition. Reported many "new-old-stock" Ferrari parts. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $148,000. Catalog states re-creation using 250 GTE 2+2 chassis and engine #4045, completed to Sports Car Market

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Bonhams & Butter fields - Brookline, MA  ty. Older repaint still presentable. Trim, wheels fine. Seats and gauges are acceptable but interior has a tired look. Chassis has some surface rust but appears sound. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $28,750. First of only 97 made. Reported modified: Ford 289 modified to 302 hp, disc brakes all around. Extensively upgraded suspension to more contemporary standards. A lot of car for not very much money; at this price a bargain. #474-1967 LOTUS ELAN S3 SE Road- ster. S/N 457366. Green/black vinyl. RHD. Odor 1,081 miles. Repainted to fair standard, both doors stick. Gaps and panel fit close to Market Reports and maintenance records. 400s have same mechanicals as the desirable two-seat models, at a 50% to 70% discount. Strong price paid,. hope mechanicals are sound. #470-1982 FERRARI 512 BBI Coupe. Body by Scaglietti. S/N ZFFJAD9B0004050. Red/black. LHD. Odor 24,149 km. Recent respray, quite decent overall, minor flaws to right 61,384 miles. Paint presentable, overspray and tape lines in door jambs. Hood fit off, other panel and gaps decent. Ding in deck lid. Door hinges rusty. Interior okay, driver's seat worn with slight tear, some other leather pulling out. Peeling undercoating. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $28,750. Frua design. Chrysler V8 engine and automatic transmission, tubular spaceframe, solid rear axle. This example stated to have ownership history and extensive service records and documentation of restoration in 2000. Bid well below estimate of $40k-$45k. AMERICAN original build specs. Interior overall fair, carpets worn and torn. Soft top has small tear. Wheels and trim okay. Chassis has some fresh undercoating. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $17,250. SE equipment package, extra 15 hp, closeratio gear box, higher rear ratio and power brakes. Catalog notes records back to 1977, new clutch and "Big Valve "conversion. Market-correct buy. #471-1972 FERRARI 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA Coupe. Body by Pinifarina. S/N 15117. Yellow/black leather. LHD. Odo: 33,969 miles. Recent refinishing, decent quality, some minor blemishes. Left door fit off. Courtesy rear panel behind door. Panel fit and gaps fine. Seats show considerable wear, tear on driver's seat. Dash leather peeling. Chassis clean but not detailed. TRX tires—fronts new, rears old. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $56,350. Never produced for US market. Same owner for past 16 years. Reported major service, belts done in 2003, other service records. Appears decent. Boxers are great bang for the Ferrari buck; market moving up slightly, bid was just on the low end. SWISS #446-1970 MONTEVERDI 375/4 HIGH SPEED Sedan. Body by Fissore. S/N 3007. Pearl black metallic/tan leather. LHD. Odor We Apologize lights missing for doors, just open holes. Interior redone, appears fresh and presentable. Pitting to rear bumper. Hole rusted through on left side floor at footwell. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $97,750. Catalog states original mileage, same owner for past 18 years, considerable recent refurbishment. With the Daytona market being soft, and good examples available, anything with issues won't entice buyers. This bid was in the reasonable range. #453-1978 FERRARI 400 GT Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 24019. Eng.# 00324. Blue metallic/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 96,983 km. Nice overall appearance. Decent repaint, some stress cracks on hood edges and nose. Peeling paint in door jambs. Interior shows well, some wear on the seats. Mags and tires like new. Undercarriage standard road fair, engine compartment clean. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $35,075. Never produced for US market. Rare five-speed. Reported known ownership history July, 2003 z■ mol may be out of your reach. While our brilliant shine, exacting quality standards and customer satisfaction are world renown, you may not be able to find the zymol your car needs. Not to worry. All of the products, instructions and Authorized Reseller locations are available OnLine and on CD-ROM. So... your zymiil is simply a login or telephone call away. zymol may be a reach but  car deserve it! and your ©2003 zymOl Enterprises Inc. www.yrnol.com 1-800-999-5563 zymol 63 #426-1905 WHITE TYPE D CANOPYTOP Touring Car. S/N C1571. Burgundy/ burgundy leather. LHD. Nicely restored. Qual

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Market Reports  ity paint finish has a few chips but looks great. Leather seats and carpeting well done. Trim nice. Chassis also well done and highly detailed. Wood artillery wheels good and tires same. Fringed surrey top like new. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $136,000. Two-cylinder steam engine producing about 15 hp. (Announced on block that engine is 1904.) Chassis crafted of oak and steel plating. The steam-powered White has great presence. Veteran cars of interest continue to climb in price. #439-1909 STANLEY STEAMER 20HP MODEL R Roadster. S/N 5003. Red, black trim/burgundy leather. LHD. Restored. Quality repaint very presentable, some small restorers think chassis started as seven-passenger and has been shorted 10 inches. Believed to be one of only three Simplex 75-hp models to exist. One of the last American-made chain-driven cars. About $6,500 when new. #425-1918 DETROIT ELECTRIC BROUGHAM Coupe. S/N 19446. Black/ green fabic. LHD. Older repaint with many cracks, chips and dings. Door fits okay. Interior is well worn but appears original and— Body similar to some Model TT trucks that were converted under license to Ford. Rugged and uneven finish but no apparent rust or rot. Vinyl seat and top okay. Dash presentable. Tires dry-rotted. Skis need wax. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $13,800. No documentation on this snow buggy. Comes with front axle, six artillery wheels and tires. Snow chains included. Front skis were manufactured by The Snowmobile Company, West Ossipee, NH. Will make a fun toy on the next snow day, after edge-sharpening. chips, cracks. Brass trim has nice patina. Interior well done and in good shape. Chassis clean and well detailed. Wheels and tires good. "Mother-in-law" seat behind seating for driver and passenger. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $133,000. 1 of 5 remaining, according to catalog. The 1909 Steamer was upgraded with stronger wooden frame, engine and handbrake for the rear wheels. Strong condition and provenance brought top price. #450-1910 HUPMOBILE MODEL 20 Runabout. S/N 4125. Eng. #41. Red, black/ black leather. RHD. Older restoration. Paint shines, but cracks appearing. Nice patina to #417-1922 STEVENS-DURYEA MODEL E Touring Car. Eng. #133. Red over black/ black leather. LHD. Odo: 68,000 miles. 80-hp Bonhams & Butter fields - Brookline, MA besides the musty smell—pretty decent for 84 years old. No report or mention of running condition. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $28,750. Detroit Electric was probably one of the most successful of the electric-car builders during this period. The electric-car business peaked about 1916, but with the current state of the world, perhaps the buyer is preparing for the future. #424-1919 FORD  FRONTENAC "FRONTY SPECIAL" Race Car. S/N 3405. Red/black vinyl. RHD. Older repaint still shows well, minor flaws. Blue color chassis frame clean and in decent condition. Interior inline six-cylinder engine. Older repaint—deteriorated, runs, sanding marks, dings. Panel and door fit fair. Interior leather cracked, carpets worn through in spots. Trim weathered. Chassis dirty but appears sound. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $29,900. Ten different body styles were offered on the Model E for 1922-23. Just under lower-estimate money. brass. Interior leather, rubber, trim and wood all good. Engine and chassis clean and very presentable. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $15,525. While not eligible for London to Brighton, in the UK there are still a variety of events that this car is eligible for And its modest performance is sure to make any short trip into a day-long enduro. #438-1913 SIMPLEX 75HP. S/N 1204. Bare metal. RI-ID. Currently disassembled. Rolling chassis with engine attached but not fully assembled. Seat, flrewall, steering wheel attached. Includes some body panels and other boxed parts: wiring harness, starter motor, magneto, carburetors, ignition switch, shocks. Cond: 6. SOLD AT $315,000. Noted Simplex 64 #418-1929 CORD L-29 Limousine. S/N FD1395. Yellow, black/dark gray fabric. LHD. 299-c.i. straight eight. Non-running condition, reported to be complete, needing restoration. and engine compartment in good shape. Two downdraft Winfield carbs; a pair of Weber 40 DCOE carbs on a fabricated intake also comes with car. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $23,000. Early dirt-track car with modified Model T engine and Frontenac speed equipment. Frontenac speed equipment and many of the dirt track cars were designed by Louis Chevrolet. Top end featured double overhead cams with dual carbs. Fair market price. #414-1919 FORD MODEL T Snowmobile. Black/black. LHD. Odo: 11,157 miles. Paint old and deteriorated. Door and panel fit fair. Chassis not rotted or heavily rusted. Interior wood trim in rear quite good. Cond: 5-. SOLD AT $51,750. Coachbuilder unknown. Reported to be 1 of 62 L-29s that were delivered from Indiana without a body. Might be a Sports Car Market

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Bonhams & Butterfields - Brookline, MA  candidate for a sympathetic restoration. Almost $7,000 over top-estimate price. #415-1930 FORD MODEL A Roadster. S/N A3295771. Dark green/tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: 3 miles. Older decent repaint presentable but showing its age. Interior clean, tidy. dash Chrome good. Interior quite presentable. Tan canvas top fair condition. Chassis clean. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $101,200. This Deluxe Eight is fitted with a 421 four-passenger phaeton body. Rear windshield, fitted luggage. Well below estimate of $130k-$160k, but market price. #419-1930 PACKARD 745 Phaeton. S/N 183166. Eng. #183286. Dark blue/dark blue leather. LHD. Odo: 77,790 miles. 385-c.i. eight-cylinder, three-speed. High-quality older Market Reports prepared, clean. Paint and chrome very good. Reported to be sitting for some years and will require some work. Catalog states that life may have started as limousine coachwork but dismantled in the Forties. Short-wheelbase version. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $77,050. Engine was rebuilt and installed. Reproduction transmission, clutch, firewall included. Exhaust system, instrumentation, radiator, brass grille, fuel tank also included. Chrome wire wheels good. Suspension, shock and some brake parts included.  r chrome starting to pit. Exterior trim okay. Engine compartment and chassis not detailed, but condition appears sound. Soft top satisfactory. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $16,100. Decent buy While the market for Model As isn't going anywhere, you can have a lot offun in one for not much money. Price was precisely in the middle of the estimate range. #420-1930 PACKARD 745 Phaeton. S/N 185529. Eng. #182962. Dark green, light green/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 1,052 miles. 385-c.i. eight-cylinder engine, three-speed. Older restoration still showing well. Paint has some chips and blemishes. Door fit off a bit. paint, holding up well, some very small cracking and stress cracks. Panel fit fine, left side doors off a bit. Chrome nice. Chassis and undercarriage clean. Interior shows well. Soft top fair. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $89,700. This Deluxe Eight has the four-passenger phaeton body. Rear windshield, folding luggage rack. Again, far below estimate of $120k-$150k, but in line with the current market. Classics like this are not strong today, and represent good buys. #432-1931 DUESENBERG MODEL J Rolling Chassis Only. S/N J297. LHD. Well #431-1931 DUESENBERG MODEL J Rolling Chassis Only. S/N J253. LHD. Well prepared, clean. Paint and chrome very good. Catalog states coachwork by Willoughby but was dismantled in the Forties. Long-wheelbase version. Engine rebuilt and installed, reproduction transmission and clutch included. New bumpers included. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $71,300. Instrumentation reported complete. Includes radiator; brass grille, fuel tank, exhaust system. Reported to be sitting for some ..5'e•rdzevrcerig,.esf A LI -I- 0 NA 0 -1- I E FIN E-, TO BE RELEASED: AUGUST 1s172003  *Lamborghini Miura Collector's item offered by world renowned automotive artist Steven Samuel. *Limited edition print produced from a Steven Samuel original entitled "4407". Each print accompanied by a brief car history, framed to an overall size of 16"x20", matted, signed and numbered by the artist. "4407" by Steven Samuel features a 1970 Lamborghini Miura P400S chassis #4407 originally delivered to Mr. Frank Sinatra. This rare automobile is soon to be auctioned at Christie's Collectors' Car Auction & Exhibition in New York with an unbelievable 36,840 original miles on the odometer. • This beautifully framed print will be available only to 250 collectors ensuring this offer will be as rare as the car itself. * Contact Samuel Designs to express interest in this offer and to reserve your copy. As the demand for this item will certainly exceed the quantity available, we suggest you act quickly to place your order. we also suggest you inquire about owning a much sought after Steven Samuel original for yourself by taking advantage of his willingness to fulfill private commissions.  44110K 41 IP IA <pr., E : 905.664.5873 July, 2003 ,49,15 nreafe;wA EMAIL: steves@samueldesigns.ca CORRECT & IMMACULATE Rare opportunity to own the best $45,000 ONO by 7/30/03 full details and photographs online www.donrose.com or telephone (617) 513-0388 65 wvvw.s smusIcie signs. ca ( 1 of 64 Factory SE Examples)

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Market Reports  years and will require some work before a body can be added. Still, a cheap way to get started on a custom Duesie. #457-1939 FORD V8 STANDARD Station Wagon. S/N 91A79A1987. Eng. #563C527. Black/tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: 97,527 miles. Reported frame-up restoration completed 1992. Silver Auctions Reno, Nevada May 3-4, 2003 Auctioneers.  Number of automotive lots.  Number of automotive lots sold.  Sales rate:  Sales total:  Paint finish and woodwork done to decent standard and still quite presentable. Interior shows well, seats and wood good. Trim and glass good. Chassis finished well, surface dirt only. Cond: 2 - Mitch Silver and Bob Graham 147 56 38% S608,370 High sale: #231, 1969 Chevrolet Comoro 728 coupe, said for S35,700, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium: 5% (Included in prices of sold lots.) . SOLD AT $60,950. Reported same owner since 1977, receipts and documents of restoration. This was the standard "woody" with the optional larger V8 engine. Top price paid as the woody market continues upward. #445-1954 LINCOLN CAPRI Coupe. S/N 54LA52941H. Red/burgundy, black. LH D. Odo: 81,994 miles. 317 V8, auto. Reported T complete engine and transmission rebuild 2001. Older paint showing its age. Rust hole right quarter, other bubbles starting. Panel fit uneven, gaskets deteriorated. Chrome okay, slight pitting. Engine, chassis appear original. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $8,050. Dash looks original and presentable, seat okay, carpets new First Ford overhead-valve V8, produced more power per cubic inch than competitors. Popular today in the Carrera Panamericana. Perhaps will be used as a base for a racer Fair price.• Market reports in next month's SCM: Mecum - Belvidere Bonhams - Monte Carlo Kruse - Las Vegas Christie's - New York Kensington Motor Group - Bridgehampton Mecum - Pomona (Hot Rod Auction) 66  Report by Terry Parkhurst Market opinion in italics he theory behind this auction was that Silver's Hot August Nights, held in Reno in August, is so successful that an event called "Reno in the Spring" could capture some of that excitement. So Mitch Silver partnered with B&T Custom Rods and Restoration to stage an auction on the fifth floor of the parking garage of John Ascuaga's Nugget casino, seemingly a good choice for an auction. But some variables conspired to work against this auction, most notably the weather and competition from other venues. The temperatures in the Reno/Sparks area were still winter-chilly, with snow visible in the surrounding mountains. Around 4 p.m. on Saturday, the wind kicked up and started blowing through the open parking garage, and a large part of Silver's crowd retreated to the indoor warmth and the always-tempting slot machines. Sunday, it blew the entire time with an estimate of the temperature in the garage at 40 degrees. Further, Kruse held its Spring Auburn auction the same weekend, although the crossover between these two events is probably quite small. Nonetheless, the varied selection of cars and their general quality gave a pretty good market snapshot for muscle cars, microcars and even a sports car or two. A well-known purveyor of small cars from West Linn, Oregon, journeyed to this auction with a 1956 BMW Isetta—his stock in trade—and a 1957 Messerschmitt KR-200. The latter sold for $13,125, while the Isetta bid to a high of $11,200 against a reserve of $16,000. The biggest sale of the auction was a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, one of several GM muscle cars that did well. Local resident Rich Bozzio said he did "all the work except the paint" on the Camaro. It was flamboyant Bonhams & Butterfields - Brookline, MA Hugger Orange with black racing stripes, and Bozzio had a scrapbook detailing the restoration work, always a smart move by someone intending to get top dollar. Offered on the second day of the auction, it sold within five minutes at $35,700. Two GTOs did well: a 1964 convertible, which sold for $31,500, and a 1967 hardtop, brought by Portlander Mark Young of the Chev Connection, who is better known for his Camaros and Corvettes. The hardtop Goat sold for $23,205. A stunning Jaguar XK 140 roadster bid to $45,000 late on Saturday but remained unsold. The sports cars that sold were from North America: a Pontiac Fiero with a V6 for $1,312, a 1974 Bricklin SV1 for $5,500 and a 1988 Chevrolet Corvette for $9,345. A Hot August Nights-style rod that didn't sell was a 1951 Nash Statesman painted a three-stage Persimmon Orange with gold pearl and set upon a complete 1965 Chevrolet El Camino modified chassis. A custom-built dash in the Nash featured niceties such as a frenched-in radio within the glove box. But it brought a best bid of just $20,000 at this auction, and the owner decided to hold onto it, possibly until the August event. Just as it took a while for Kruse to get its Spring auction going, it may take a couple of years before West Coast enthusiasts put April in Reno onto their calendars. But given the absence of events in Northern California, and the attractiveness of the casinos, there is a logic behind Reno and April for an auction. But please, Mitch, either move the next one indoors or give all the bidders mukluks and electric socks.—T.P. CANADIAN #208-1971 BRICKLIN SV1 Gullwing Coupe. S/N 0004 1 AB4500706. White over black/light gray cloth. LHD. Odo: 44,000 miles. 360-c.i., 300-hp V8, 4-speed. Body Illij611111t6e -, =111111 --, •••••• without dents, but the gullwings fit as well as original (i.e., not that well). Dash looks to need rewiring and the seats need cleaning. Engine is an American Motors unit; seems to run okay. Factory-spec stick shift. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $5,775. Bricklin had a legendary reputation for poor build quality. Assembled in Canada, its selling point was reportedly safety. Only 200 were built with stick shifts, giving this car a little more value. A bit cheap here, hope the gullwing doors will stay open. Sports Car Market

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Silver Auctions - Reno, NV  ENGLISH #71-1956 JAGUAR XK 140 Roadster. S/N 5811598. Eng. #64611. Black/red vinyl. LHD. Looked like a recent restoration. Paint Market Reports coupes, which have become just used cars. This was a good buy. #230-1990 JAGUAR XJS Convertible. S/N SAJTW4B44LC I 75902. Beige/white leather. LHD. Odo: 115,479 miles. Sheepskin covers, so the seats are a question mark. Exterior is average, paint shows some care. Aero body cellent; interior looks as if it was just redone. Paint has held up well with plenty of gloss and body is very straight. 191-cc engine runs well, no smoke. AM radio, dome light, clock. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $13,125. Not as rare as a Messerschmitt convertible, but still desirable to microcar buffs. May be titled as either a motorcycle or a car. Historical value due to the designer being best known for the Mel 09 fighter of WWII and the Me262 jet fighter AMERICAN excellent. Very nice interior with correct piping. Engine bay is clean and well detailed. Top looks new. Cond: I -. NOT SOLD AT $45,000. While 120s are more pure in their design, the 140s are far superior to drive. Bid was low here by at least $10,000. #237-1975 ROLLS-ROYCE CORNICHE Convertible. SIN DRX18150. White/gray leather. LHD. Odo: 62,000 miles. Leather in good shape—clean and still reasonably soft. mods are factory options, still fit alright. Engine bay shows use, but hoses, fittings okay. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $12,075. Built just after Ford bought Jaguar; while new body mods were being tried and the engine and electricals were being sorted out. The convertible body might help keep the value, if an owner can keep up with the maintenance. GERMAN #47-1957 MESSERSCHMITT KR-200 Coupe. S/N 82432975. Eng. #72J537225. White/red. RHD. Odo: 3,919 miles. From a private collection. Fit of the cockpit cover is ex- #13-1931 FORD A Roadster. S/N 680951. Yellow over black/brown cloth. LHD. All steel body in good shape. Radiator cap not working and wrong headlights for body. Restoration completed in 2000, prior to owner's death; just five miles driven since. Rumble seat a nice option. Engine bay clean and detailed. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $13,755. Model A roadsters are soft Body straight, with no dings and paint still glossy. Top looks like replacement. Chrome good; engine bay a bit dirty, but no major oil leaks or bad rubber apparent. SOLD AT $21,000. Convertible Rollers have considerably more value—fewer were made—than the IFW MONTEREY INTERNATIONAL AUTOMOBILIA EXPO When: "Concours" & "Vintage Races" week. Tuesday, August 12, Noon - 8 pm & Wednesday, August 13, 10 am -6 pm. Where: The Embassy Suites, US 1 & Route 218 just north of 68. Why:  A relaxed, indoor event to see and buy outstanding examples of serious automobilia from the finest international dealers. What: Only original vintage posters, photographs, rally plates, badges & pins, mascots & hood ornaments, signs, original art, desk & display pieces, scale models, literature & books, signed items, postcards, etc. Contact: Spyder Enterprises 12290 Saddle Road, Carmel Valley, CA 93924 Office & Fax: (831) 659-5335 E-mail: singer356@aol.com August 12 & 13, 2003 + July, 2003 67 1990 PORSCHE 962 #162 Group C Kremer car - ran three races in 1990 FIA Championship. Totally original, never crashed, livery as raced. Very low total hours. Car look is brand new. 3.0 litre water/water twin turbo 750 h.p. engine rebuilt by Porsche North America 1999. Five speed gearbox. ECU updated by Bosch 1998. New turbos and custom JRZ shocks 2001, extra nose, wheels and other key spares. Most sophisticated 962; among last cars made at a cost from Porsche of $880,000. For sale $340,000. Photos of car @ www.asidoors.com/porsche962 Chuck Schank (815)498-4600, CWS356@hotmail com

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Market Reports  right 170W, Silver Auctions - Reno, NV as their fans are getting on in years. They're much easier to live with than the Model Ts and make good Sunday club cars. Values may get a little bump as Ford celebrates its centennial. #236-1941 FORD 1GC Pickup. S/N 186414010. Dark blue/blue vinyl and cloth. LHD. Odo: 60,000 miles. 221-c.i. V8, stickshift. Incorrect interior done reasonably well. done with good prep. Redone interior with more modern materials. Engine bay well detailed. Body complete with single side-mount tire. New running boards. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $18,900. There were two cab styles in the 1949-54 GM pickups: three- and five-window. The .five-window is more desirable because it never appeared again. The new Chevrolet SSR is an attempt to emulate the style of these machines. #213-1953 CHEVROLET SERIES 210 Two-Door Sedan. S/N C53BI65853. Gloss black/gray vinyl. LHD. Odo: 4,769 miles. 350-c.i., 350-hp V8, auto. Lowered in front with frenched-in headlights. Bodywork done ;i101„it AC•fr6r-- ',.., ■  1106,...."--if - j ty ■■■ "0E46 and Africa. The Falcon is surprisingly popular with those under 35, as an alternative to tuner imports. May not appreciate, but will certainly keep value. #8-1964 PONTIAC GTO Convertible. S/N 24267P176698. Silver gray/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 25,069 miles. 389-c.i., 360-hp V8, auto. Three two-barrel carbs on an engine bored .060 over, with forged pistons, hardened valve seats and Elgin cam. New chrome, dash- Exterior very straight, with new paint. New exhaust system and wide whitewalls. Linex bedliner slightly cracked. Side-mounted spare on driver's side. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $15,960. The early Ford pickup shared a lot of mechanical components with the cars of that period. PreWWII pickups are very rare, especially 194041, and are going up in value every year. The fathead V8 in a truck is good as gold. #45-1952 LINCOLN CAPRI Coupe. S/N 52LA6068H. Red, white/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 94,670 miles. Redone, incorrect interior of velour and vinyl. 12-volt electrical retrofit . well, paint seems good. Underneath is a Camaro front-clip and 10-bolt rear end. Interior redone, in good shape, although incorrect. But it's a street rod, so who cares? Cond: 3. SOLD AT $12,390. Fat-fendered American cars are finding new life as "resto-rods," machines with most of the look of originals, but with updated drivetrains. The values vary according to the quality of the work. This was a fair deal all around. #4-1963 CADILLAC SERIES 62 Convertible. White/black vinyl with cloth inserts. LHD. Odo: 52,000 miles. Bead-blasted and repainted to a high standard. New chrome plating, upholstery and dash by Nevada shops. with new wiring. Repaint is just okay. Door fit very good, body straight. Engine bay shows use. Power windows. Auto. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $4,620. These Lincolns have a certain cachet since they were run—successfully—in the original Carrera Panamericana. From a time when Lincoln meant not only luxury, but performance. Will never be coveted cars, price was correct for a driver: #106-1953 CHEVROLET 3100 Pickup. S/N LMB196576. Red/gray cloth. LHD. Odo: 1,471 miles. A combination of well-cared-for original items and restoration. Respray well board, frame springs and glass. Pontiac Historical Society documentation. Body decent, paint average. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $31,500. The GTO 's reputation exceeded its specs; there were faster muscle cars. Documentation is critical as it 's easy to build clones from LeMans and Ternpests. Strong price here, but not unexpected given the surge in muscle car prices. #84-1966 FORD THUNDERBIRD Convertible. S/N 6Y85Z124605. Red/white leather. LHD. Odo: 83,556 miles. Automatic. Roadster tonneau cover from aftermarket supplier. Mileage believed original but undocumented. New top, brakes, window motors, exhaust, gas tank. New four-core radiator. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $13,125. Nearing the end of the finned Cadillacs. The build quality of these machines was good and these will always be desirable cars. Much less cartoonish than the rocketfinned '59s. This was a bargain if all pricey-tofix accessories are working. #217-1964 FORD FALCON FUT URA Coupe. S/N 4175115951. Red/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 73,898 miles. 260-c.i., 225-hp V8, automatic. Paint looks good, likely respray. Interior looks original and in very good shape. Chrome excellent. Engine bay slightly detailed. Power-steering factory option. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $7,875. The 260-c. i. V8 option in the Falcon actually was campaigned in rallies in Europe 68 Needed either heavy color sanding or possibly a complete respray. Interior and top good. Body was straight with no dents, panel fits decent. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $17,850. Square birds ('64- '66) never had a factory roadster option. One of their selling points was a wraparound rear seat, akin to a sofa. Prices have been slowly climbing for this model, so this price was no surprise. #53-1967 PONTIAC GTO Coupe. S/N 24177Z112707. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 88,578 miles. 400-c.i., 350-hp V8, auto. Excellent paint and chrome. Vinyl top in very good shape, as is the interior. Engine bay clean and well detailed. Factory A/C and Detroit's idea of fog lights. Body is straight, with no dents, rust spots or abrasions. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT Sports Car Market

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Silver Auctions - Reno, NV 11<%ilf•iftimby Market Reports $23,205. By 1967 GTOs had lost their aggressive angularity, replacing it with a lithe, sensual look which was far superior to the rubber snout nose cars just over the horizon. Fair price here, $5k more than it would have brought five years ago. #218-1967 BUICK RIVIERA Coupe. S/N 494877H90. Sunburst Orange/gray cloth. LHD. Odo: 60,186 miles. 425-c.i. V8, automatic. House of Color paint, well prepped ■•■ tith automatic. Tilt steering wheel. Good paint and the interior is in outstanding shape. Engine bay rough, dirty and not well detailed, lowly twobarrel carb. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $5,408. Hardtop coupes are keeping their value, but collectors really want four-speeds more than autos. For just having some weekend fun, this was a good buy. #231-1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z28 Coupe. S/N 124379N652114. Eng. and green/white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 12 miles. Equipped with side curtains. Electric power of 72 volts, 110/220 volts on board-charging, regenerative braking. Body in excellent shape, same with interior. There's only 12 miles on the odometer, so what to expect? Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $3,465. Ford divested itself of the Think car when it saw little demand. The cars were built in Northern Europe and designed to compete with DaimlerCluysler's Global Electric Motorcars. Not legal in all states, the Think 's value is limited. Perfect for Sun City.• C 11044L4S.* 4 —.1011l ■ ‘`- and applied. Interior is incorrect, redone in cloth. 17-inch Centerline wheels, Air Ride suspension. Chrome appears new, or at least well cared for. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $14,700. The Buick Rivieras from 1963-67 are well regarded among Buick buffs and are rarely modified. This car kept the basic lines intact, which works in its favor. Surprisingly strong price paid here, given the mods. #75-1967 FORD MUSTANG Coupe. S/N 7R01C19386. Dark green/light green vinyl. LHD. Odo: 42,000 miles. 289-c.i., 225-hp V8, Insurance for Classic Cars Costs Less Than You Think! SAMPLE QUOTE 1953 Jaguar XK120 Insured Value $60,000 Liability & UM: $50,000 Annual Premium: $326 Ask for Gary Gandy • "0" Deductible  • • • GREA TA illItgzAN (800) 678-5173 www.parishheacock.com July, 2003 Parish' Heacock INSURANCE FOR AUTOMOBILE ENTHUSIASTS Grand Prix Classics (858) 459-3500/3512 fax www.grandprixclassics.com 69 • 24 Hour Claims Service • "Agreed Value" Coverage • Credit Card Payment Option • One Liability Charge  • "A" Rated Insurance Co. #V0510DZ. Hugger Orange, black stripe/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 60,000 miles. 302-c.i., 300hp V8, 4-speed. Repainted to high quality. Engine rebuilt to correct standards; stainless steel valves to run unleaded. Muncie M-21 transmission and 12-bolt Positrac rear end original. All original sheet metal in great shape. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $35,700. Correct, Norwood, Illinois-built cars such as this are the cream of the crop. Factory coded X-33, D-80 options and build sheets are important. Z28s were TransAm eligible and built to compete in that series—overall champions in 1968-69. #251-2002 FORD THINK Fixed-Head Roadster. S/N 1FABP20512010197. White Looking for a deal? Ready to trade up? Visit SCM's Super Showcase & Showcase Galleries Buy, sell, trade or just browse (see pages 79 & 80) 1953 FERRARI 250 EUROPA

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Market Reports  Bon ha ms Wnrkc cervirp Actnn Martin Npwnnrt Pnnnpli Buckinghamshire, UK May 10, 2003 Auctioneer:  Number of automotive lots.  Number of automotive lots sold:  Sale rate:  Sale total:  James Knight 36 24 67% S2,275,640 High sale: #222, 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT coupe, sold for S495,200, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium: 15% on the first S48,000, 10% thereafter (Included in prices of sold lots.) Report by Richard Hudson Market opinion in italics - B Evans onhams' fourth staging of its allAston Martin auction—which fits very nicely in its portfolio, alongside annual specialist fixtures for Ferraris and Rolls-Royces—was again well supported by members of the AMOC as well as, on this occasion, by James Bond fans, a motor coach load of whom had made pilgrimage from Switzerland. For both Aston and Bond fans, the main 186-mph front-engined supercar with 600bhp uprated engine option raised $266,400. Early cars were in short supply here,with no prewars this year and only two early postwar Feltham-made David Brown cars offered. Both DBs sold, though, with a relatively recently restored 1955 2/4 Mk II convertible generating a strong $93,920 and an externally okay 1954 2/4 Mk I coupe in need of a retrim bringing $38,640. By contrast, and totally contradicting past auction form where the model has been the most popular and pricey with the marque faithful, both DB5 entries failed to sell, albeit both were unexceptional examples. Surprisingly, too, only one of the two DB4 entries found a new home, with a freshly revived 1961 Series 4 making $78,960. Newport Pagnell-built V8s were in more plentiful supply, though, with a dozen crossing the block, their prices ranging from $22,080 for an okay-ish 1978 RIM auto to $106,240 for a one-lady-owned-from-newin-1987 and still very sharp Volante LHD auto soft top. More modern Virages are increasingly good values, like a 1993 Volante RHD auto softtop secured for $56,960. DB7s such as the 1997 Volante LHD auto soft top, which sold for $84,240, tend to make the retail money their frequent trade entrants cannot achieve in showrooms.—R.H.-E. ENGLISH attraction was witnessing a 2002 V12 Vanquish, driven by Pierce Brosnan on the set of the latest 007 blockbuster Die Another Day, go under the hammer. Claimed by the EON film production company to have been the main "hero" car, and therefore never exposed to special effects or any stunt-driving abuse, the still Aston Martin factory-owned chassis number 172 was strongly contested until Bonhams Director James Knight's gavel determined ownership in favor of Peter Nelson of The Cars of the Stars motor museum, at a price of $336,800. The $495,200 top price of the afternoon was invested in one of the 75 DB4GTs built, only 30 of which were LHD. Reportedly having a DB6-style tail for a while—though happily now with body profile corrected and really well presented throughout—the 1961 LHD coupe returned home to Switzerland, where it was originally supplied. Apparently devoid of any period competition history, it had been most recently exercised in various high-profile US touring events such as the Colorado Grand 1000. The other big-numbers lot to find a new home in this now annual one-stop shop for Astons, which was once again held in the hydraulic ramps-lined Works Service Department, was a 2000-made and still all mint Vantage Le Mans. Believed to have been the last sold new in the run of just 40 built, the 70  #207-1954 ASTON MARTIN DB2/4 MK I 3.0 Coupe. Body by Mulliner. S/N LML/ 773. Eng. #VB6J/249. Black/beige. RHD. Odo: 1,469 miles. Mileage indicated since 1989. Body sound with no splits to wheel arches. 1996 repaint good. Still original leather 4..... • rm. ,  I ' "3 j:* s Mb , • --Bonhams - Newport Noel!, UK Alfin drums. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $93,920. This one had $112,000 in bills on file. Ragtop 2/4s don't come much better than this, hence the topestimate price paid. Really much nicer to look at than to drive, but then that can be said about many of the cars from this period. #222 1961 ASTON MARTIN DB4GT - Coupe. S/N DB4/GT/0144/L. Eng. #370/ 0144/GT. Aston Racing Green/black. LHD. Odo: 65,000 miles. Apparently $500,000 spent since 1990 on return to standard-spec, with half cage and extinguisher added. Colorado Grand, Copperstate 1000, California Mille and New England Tour 1000 participant. Only very minor cosmetic wear. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $495,200. I of only 30 built with LHD. Even though devoid of any period competition provenance, over top-estimate price paid, proving DB4GTs continue to appreciate strongly. Seems cheap compared to $712k Christie 's got for 0134/L in 02/2003. #205 1962 ASTON MARTIN D84 - SERIES 4 Coupe. S/N DB4/853/R. Eng. #370/ 839. Silver/slate. RHD. Odo: 98,917 miles. Usual sills, jacking points, outriggers, door bottoms and engine bay sides replaced 1988 very cracked, painted years ago. Clean 2001 rebuilt motor in incorrectly matte black bay. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $38,640. Low to midestimate valuation correct for condition. While cheap, was at least $5,000 more than it would have brought two years ago. Values going tip or just the Euro appreciating? Probably a little of both. #221-1955 ASTON MARTIN DB2/4 MK II 3.0 Convertible. Body by Tickford. S/N AM300/1104. Eng. #VB6J/625/L1. Creme/ blue. RHD. Odo: 1,705 miles. Mileage since long, drawn-out resto completed by known specialists in 2000, when it won AMOC concours. All still mint and well detailed, particularly underhood with spare spark plugs and jack correctly stowed. Factory L 1 head, twin exhausts, when motor rebuilt. In more recent receipt of repaint, replated brightwork and retrim, all excellent, with much mechanical and electrical refurbishment. Cored: I. SOLD AT $78,960. Top-estimate valuation correct for instantly retailable example, albeit too patina-less for some. These are really handsome cars that were undervalued during most of the '90s. Nice ones like this have come on strong—this was on the cheap side in terms of US prices. #203-1966 ASTON MARTIN DB6 MK I VANTAGE Coupe. S/N DB6/2735/R. Eng. #400/2765/V. Blue metallic/black leather. Sports Car Market

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Bonhams - Newport Pagnell, UK  Market Reports #242-1970 ASTON MARTIN DBS Coupe. S/N DBS/5677RC. Eng. #400/4755/S. Red/ beige leather. RHD. Odo: 112,151 miles. Old paint poor, bumpers and brightwork very poor, RHD. Odo: 77,254 miles. Flat paint marked, brightwork only fair—rear-quarter bumper plating rubbed away. Original leather cracked but still soft. Fresh clutch. Five-speed transmission. Three owners since 1977. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $44,160. Top-estimate price forthcoming for "worker" example of DB6 with preferred manual shift. Assuming good mechanicals, a very fair buy. #208-1967 ASTON MARTIN DB6 MK I VANTAGE Coupe. S/N DB6/3208/R. Eng. #400/2964NC. Winchester Blue/blue. RHD. ing. RHD. Odo: 18 miles. Mileage since fiveyear Australian resto which included engine and transmission. Repaint, replated/replaced brightwork and retrim all still mint. Shipped to US 2002 and, only recently, to UK for auction. Factory-fitted auto gearbox and Webasto sunroof. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $51,520. Very bright and shiny, though devalued slightly by autoshift and fabric sunroof and therefore not as desirable or as highly valued in UK marketplace as Vantage-engined, manual-change Lot #208. $4,480 below lower estimate accepted. #220-1970 ASTON MARTIN DB6 MK II VANTAGE Coupe. S/N DB6MK2/4259/ R. Eng. #400/4602/VC. California Sage/tan. RHD. Odo: 37,990 miles. Only 3,000 miles since $80.000 resto in 1998. Three owners. wires rusty, leather acceptable, traces of water in oil declared. ZF power-assisted steering, dual-servo Girling disc brakes all round. Automatic. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $8,464. DB6 motor fault potentially expensive to resolve, though car was cheap enough to allow for repairs and still not be hopelessly buried. #239-1978 ASTON MARTIN V8 Coupe. S/N V8SOR12046. Eng. #V/540/2046/S. Odo: 9,353 miles. 1980s US resident, 1989 Monterey participant. Californian renovation 1989-96, since when changed hands several times Stateside. Paint now slightly flat, brightwork very good, retrim still good in over-soft leather. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $65,760. $6,400 under lower-estimate price was still reasonable result for another DB6 with manual change. #232-1967 ASTON MARTIN DB6 MK I Coupe. S/N DB6/31271R. Eng. #400/3186. Aqua Verde Metallic/parchment, green pip- Evidence of masking, touched-in scabs below passenger-side rear window, retrimmed seats much sat-in, woodrim wheel cracking. Fair triple Weber-fed engine bay presentation, electronic ignition. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $72,800. Desired money was forthcoming for this Mk II Vantage with desirable manual shift. www.clissicshowcase.com • go Exotic Car Transport ORLANDO FLORIDA Open and Enclosed Carrier Service! ...  "Offering a Fine Selection of Classic European Vehicles World Class Restoration Facility, Guaranteed Show Winners" Sales Dept: 760-747-3188 • Buying/Restoring: 760-747-9947 • Fax: 760-747-4021 San Marcos, CA 92069-3028 USA • management©classicshowcase.com Classic Showcase July, 2003 Get the whole story of Exotic Car Transport, visit us on the Worldwide Web." 1-800-766-8797  ... www.exoticcartransport.corn _.........._  ,  ,  , _  _  , Nationwide Transport of Exotic, Vintage and Luxury Automobiles Indoor Storage Available 71 , _

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Market Reports  Turquoise/beige. RHD. Odo: 78,842 miles. Early "Oscar India" model. First of three owners ennobled (Lord McAlpine). 1988 resto at Works Service. Repaint still unmarked, brightwork good, original leather very cracked. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $22,080. Nice, genuine V8, with good history, which was well landed for $2,200 under estimate. #241-1982 ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA Sports Sedan. S/N 13128. Eng. #V/580/3128. Green metallic/creme. RHD. Odo: 34,259 miles. Sills replaced 1992, paint unmarked, jection motor used in later cars. Sills replaced late 1990s. Unmarked paint excellent, brightwork good, slight wear to driver's seat leather. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $47,840. Lovely example deserving top-estimate price valuation. #212-1987 ASTON MARTIN V8 VOLANTE Convertible. S/N SCFCV81C7HTL15511. Eng. #V/585/551I. Windsor Red/magnolia. LHD. Odo: 61,133 km. Proverbial "one-lady- Bonhams - Newport Payne!!, UK room, paint appeared reasonable, but some bubbling around windshield and minor stone chips. Driver's side seat leather slightly grubby. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $62,240. Mid-estimate valuation slightly too generous, as anyfusspot would need to filnd back to bare metal repaint. #229-1988 ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA SERIES 4 Sports Sedan. S/N SCFDL0159XKTR13571. Eng. #1357I. Buckinghamshire Green/magnolia leather, 1 leather dirty, plastic bumpers drab. Air conditioning renewed, electronic dashboard overhauled and recalibrated 1999. Alloy wheels, discreet whitewall tires. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $11,408. Lot of complicated machinery for $4,600 below lower-estimate price paid. Such AM Lagondas get cheaper by the auction, and heaven forbid you should ever have to troubleshoot the electrics. #204-1985 ASTON MARTIN V8 Coupe. STNI SCFCV88153FTR12482. Eng. #V/580/ 2482/S. Cheltenham Beige/magnolia, brown piping. RI-ID. Odo: 22,954 miles. Genuine low mileage from new, with full official agent owner" car, Monaco resident, too. 1 of 172 later cars with Weber fuel-injected motor. Original paint and brightwork still good, only slight wear to driver's seat. FSH. Cond: I - . SOLD AT $106,240. Handsome car in great color combo—although, at $14,240 over estimate price, strong money paid. #236-1987 ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE Coupe. Body by Zagato. S/N SCFCV8IZ5HTR20034. Eng. #V/580/0034/ X. Inverness Blue-Black/pale blue and gray. service history. Repaint thick with masking evidence, chrome good, possibly original interior very clean. Fuel pumps converted to "solid state," multi-stack CD player, Cobra alarm system. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $46,920. Even though "007 01" registration was not included (sold separately for $26,680!), buyer thought car alone was worth $5,300 over top estimate and was not put off by "weddings" color combo. #211-1986 ASTON MARTIN V8 SERIES 5 Sports Sedan. S/N SCFCV8/8 I SOGTR/ 12490. Eng. #V/585/2490/S. Salisbury Blue/ magnolia, blue piping. RHD. Odo: 70,394 miles. First Series 5 with pre-production in- To-__ , ,.. -7-- ..  11 iiihk -1,...-; 0____I le" _..,.-. „.. . 41g . RHD. Odo: 14,365 miles. Chassis plate displayed between seats confirmed this was #34 from 50 of these Italian-bodied Astons. Only two owners. Handling kit, all original, stone chips to mirror backs, radar detector. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $100,000. $104,000 sought unachievable here. $80,000 might have been on. Onetime ultimate Aston to have seems rather ugly now. Some Zagato designs (TZ1) are timeless, others, like this, are simply a short-lived fashion statement. #218-1988 ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE SERIES 3 Coupe. S/N SCFCV8IV7JTR12603. Eng. #V/580/2603/ X. Chichester Blue/parchment, blue piping. RHD. Odo: 44,706 miles. From across show . ,IL 11111111wmp dark green piping. RHD. Odo: 11,000 miles. 1988 British Motor Show stand car. Much recent expenditure at Works Service, including uprating transmission with 4-speed "Sport" mode auto-box. Repaint thick with few marks, windshield surround poor, dash cowling recovered. Rest of interior original. Cond: I-. SOLD AT $39,560. Mid-estimate money forthcoming for cosmetically okay example in great mechanical/electrical condition with benefit of factory bills and some nice Motor Show history Most AM Lags don't achieve anything near this valuation. #201-1993  ASTON  MARTIN VIRAGE VOLANTE Convertible. S/N SCFDAM1C9PBR60058. Eng. #8960058A. Gold/black. RHD. Odo: 44,082 miles. Very minor marks to still original paint, trim only fair with driver's seat leather creased. Receipt for 2001 work including replacing engine ECU, replacing front brake calipers and pads, and fitting two new rear tires. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $56,960. Top estimate met for slightly better-condition Virage Volante than Lot #233. With 330 bhp, 160-mph top speed, 0-60 mph in under seven seconds, such hand-built supercars have become super value. #243-1995  ASTON  MARTIN VIRAGE LIMITED EDITION Coupe. S/N SCFCAM2S8RBR50416. Eng. #LE/89/ 72 Sports Car Market

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Bonhams - Newport Pagnell, UK 50416/A. Porsche Midnight Blue/parchment, blue piping. RHD. Odo: 26,018 miles. Vantage heads, Volante side vents in front fenders, fog lamps in chin spoiler. Recaro fronts, top-of-range Pioneer. Paint very good with few marks, interior excellent. Four-speed automatic. Cond: I-. SOLD AT $63,120. Number 6 of only 10. Sensational machine, sensational value even at top-estimate price paid. #214-1997  ASTON  MARTIN DB7 VOLANTE Convertible. S/N SCFAA4114VK201574. Eng. #AM1/0301358. Grampian Green Metallic/forest green. LHD. Odo: 49,780 km. Alpine radio/cassette/six-CD changer, air conditioning and power top mechanism. Fabric freshly renewed, only light wear M■11.1111 _Air  i / ...0" ••••• _mar,— a ilkokoa - _ ,  —7 ..-- -----  i to paint, interior and engine bay. Five-speed transmission with sports exhaust system, originally delivered to Germany. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $84,240. $12,240 over top-estimate valuation higher than likely retail for this car #230-2000  ASTON  MARTIN VANTAGE LE MANS Coupe. S/N SCFDAM2S8XBR70246.Aston Martin Racing other Day" Bond movie; no exposure to special effects or stunt-driving abuse. Owned by Aston, never registered, perfect cosmetically. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $336,800. In out-bidding competition here, Cars of Stars Museum established this latest 007 Aston's value.• More, more, more! Have 30,000 car evaluations at your fingertips when you upgrade to SCM Gold. Just $50 per year for subscribers. Subscribe online at www.sportscarmarket.corn, or e-mail scmgold@ sportscarmarket.com Tired of wrenching on your old car?... BB One Exports Buys Vintage Cars! Call. Fax or Email Today._ Live Happily Ever After. (Or Buy Another One From BB One Exports!) Green/charcoal. RHD. Odo: 17,735 miles. Number 12 of 40 made. Works Service-developed V600 (600 bhp at 6500 rpm!) engine, super sports exhaust, five-speed close-ratio gearbox, traction control, CD changer. A/C, central locking, anti-lock brakes, alloy wheels. Entirely mint. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $266,400. Just over mid-estimate valuation has to be correct. #237-2002 ASTON MARTIN V12 VANQUISH Coupe. S/N SCFAC13372B500172. Tungsten Silver/charcoal. RHD. Odo: 20 miles. Main of three "hero" cars from "Die An- Date sold: 5/10/03 Sale location: eBay Motors; #2414933340 Details: 117 miles. Eight-cylinder, automatic. Warranty, V-60 phone, bi-xenon headlights. Sale result: Sold at $95,000, 1 bid. Seller's feedback: 1 Buyer's feedback: -1 MSRP: $78,785 NADA.com: $73,190 Other current offering: April Miller (Springfield, MO; www.aprilmillencom). Asking $89,500 for a 30-mile example. 2003 Porsche Carrera 4 I ;144 ,App ), (f) Date sold: 5/21/03 Sale location: eBay Motors; #2415756496 Details: 3,689 miles. 3.6-liter, 320-hp DOHC six-cylinder, six-speed. 18" wheels. Sale result: Sold at $70,100, 47 bids. Seller's feedback: 46 Buyer's feedback: 0 MSRP: $96,360 Edmunds.com: $96,248 Other current offering: John Holtz (Rochester, NY; www.johnholtz.com ). Asking $90,230 for a new model. 2003 BMW Z8 Alpina itrliul""' Fresh Meat Real market prices for current "flavor of the month" cars. 2003 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Date sold: 5/20/03 Sale location: eBay Motors; #2414891699 Details: 10 miles. 4.9-liter, 375-hp eightcylinder, five-speed automatic. One of 500. Sale result: Sold at $179,900, 2 bids. Seller's feedback: 13 BB One Raymond Milo, le patron  July, 2003 323.656-7483 Exports bbone8v@dslextreme.com fax 323.654.8788 8375 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90069 Buyer's feedback: Private auction MSRP: $137,595 Edmunds.com: $137,413 Other current offering: Tom Bush BMW (Jacksonville, FL; www.tombushbmw.coin). Asking $139,295 for a new model.

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Bike Buys / Paul Duchene 1985-2003 Yamaha V-Max A fter 18 years, the Yamaha V-Max is still the ultimate factory hot rod. It has the attitude of a '60s Hemi'Cuda—huge intakes and fat tires—and the takeoff of a '60s Saturn rocket. But like the 'Cuda (and the Saturn), it doesn't do comers. Origins of the V-Max go back to the lumbering 1981-93 Venturer tourer, Yamaha's failed competitor with the Honda Gold Wing. The V-Max is fitted with a 1198-cc V4 that puts out 143 horsepower and gives a top speed of 140 mph. The V-Max is built specifically for the US, where triple-digit speeds send you to jail but street racing up to 75 mph is, among the intelligence-challenged, regarded as a sign of virility. The cornering issue is real. With most of its 596 pounds over the back wheel, plus the rider (even the gas is carried under the seat), there's not much weight on the spindly front tire and the flexy frame. In 19 years, the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association has only had two novices ever try to race a V-Max. Neither completed a single race lap. "One guy made it as far as turn five, then he hit the guardrail and broke his leg," recalls OMRRA Secretary Janice Logan. The V-Max engine has bigger valves than the Venturer, a stronger crankshaft and an increased (to 10.5) compression ratio. Yamaha Straight-line exhilaration. wisely kept the Venturer's shaft drive, which probably saved owners a fortune in chains, and the rubber meets the road through a 15 x 150/90 tire, huge when the bike was introduced. (The 1985 Gold Wing made do with a 16 x 140/90.) When shopping for a used V-Max, avoid those that have been dropped—feel the edge of the silencers for scrapes. Don't buy one with a bald rear tire. If the owner didn't change that, he probably didn't change the oil, either. Don't worry about high miles, as the engines are good for more than 100,000 miles with regular service. You can pick up an old V-Max in decent shape from about $3,000 and it is guaranteed USAPPRAISAL MONTHLY MYSTERY PHOTO Response Deadline July 25, 2003 to embarrass an MV Agusta Brutale or Ducati Monster on any straight stretch of road. And since you won't be doing any of those tricky leaning maneuvers through the corners, you won't need any of those goofy-looking fancy leather outfits, either. A denim jacket and some leather boots, and a willingness to hang on tight when you crack the throttle, is all you need to be the archetypal V-Max owner.• Years produced  Number produced  Engine  Transmission  Weight  Value today  Price new  Engine #  1985-2003 Colors ....Ranges from sober maroon to screaming yellow, carbon fiber and matte black 20,000 approx. 1198-cc, water-cooled, V4 Five-speed 596 lb Cost of full service/tune  Frame #  $5,299 in 1985, $10,899 in 2003 $3,000 and up $570 for major 16,000-mile service On the headstock Between the cylinders on the left Perfect V-Max owner: Thinks twisty roads are for sissies. Fun to ride: ***tor in a straight line, 0 stars in corners Ease of maintenance tn!ete:e Appreciation ** LN. N is hest) SCM Gold Volume 3, Number 1 Your Gold Password is gold1234 WARNING: Upgrading your subscription to SCM GOLD may cause your keyboard to sizzle! I) The sale results, including buyer's premium, from the Bonhams Ferrari only aucion in Gstaad, Switzerland, December 20th, and Artcurial Briest Poulain Le Fur's Auction in Paris, France, December 16th, are posted in the ' Latest Auction Results" page within the 'Gold Members Only" area of our Web As an SCM GOLD member, you will receive exclusive e-mails giving you nearinstant auction Our Photo, Your Caption Be the author of the most accurate, creative or provocative response and receive a sure-to-be-collectible-someday 1/18 scale collector car model courtesy of USAppraisal. Ties will be arbitrarily and capriciously decided. Fax your response to 503/253-2234. e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com; snailmail: Mystery, P.O. Box 16130, Portland OR 97292 74 ="".. *MON ==— M1111111■1111111=11. results. Plus advance notice of SCM events, seminars and tours. You'll have complete access to 15 years of SCM auction results, 24 hours a day. Join the thousands of SCM subscribers who have upgraded to SCM GOLD. Start getting the inside information you need, sent so fast it may cause your computer to smoke like a two-stroke Saab! All of these benefits are just $50 a year for subscribers, ($80 for non-subscribers). Sign up today online at www.sportscarmarket.com , or e-mail scmgold@sportscarmarket.com .

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Motobilia /Carl Bomstead Don't Restore That Pedal Car Object:  Auction:  Estimate:  Sale Price: tuff is where you find it, and that is not always where it is most expected. Auctions that advertise automobilia will, of course, attract the collectors. But when a catalog arrives that specializes in early gambling and casino memorabilia, you don't expect to find much in the way of our kind of stuff. S Peter Sidlow and Pat McGuire gained control of the Victorian Casino Antique Auction (www.vcaauction.com ) a few years ago and Peter, a collector of vintage road maps and country-store items, added a new dimension to the event with his extensive contacts in the collecting community. However, vintage casino-related items are not still prominently presented among the 1,000 lots offered. Among the highlights were a very early Sherry whiskey bottle with the label in the glass that sold for $1,980 and a Jennings floor-model cigarette machine that brought $3,300. 1937 Garton Zephyr Pedal Car—Lot #765 Victorian Casino Antique Auction; Los Vegas, Nevada: April 12-13, 2003 None given $3,410, including 10% commission NO RESERVE 41131111NIIIE mulawnr omILIF! 111.11,10 Of EILM CI F. E.121, NI lQHr, AMER ICAUSI MUSC IL E, 1-1OF1 flDS23, CUSTOMS. 1934 Chevrolet Hot Rod 37 Garton Zephyr One piece of interest to car guys was Lot #211, a 30- x 36-inch Gulf Oil poster from the 1920s. It features an attendant in front of a period gas pump, fueling a lady's roadster. In the background is a single-engine aircraft. It seems nearly every oil company in the country attempted to tie their product to the aircraft industry after Charles Lindbergh's historic flight. The poster sold for $525 plus 10% commission, a bargain considering one sold for $2,500 last year at a collectibles show in Columbus, Ohio. Several restored pedal cars were presented, and the most interesting, Lot #765, was not even pictured in the catalog. It was a rare, swoopy 1937 Garton Zephyr. The art-deco styled full-size car was referred to as the "Point Nose," and the features of the Lincoln Zephyr were exaggerated on the pedal car. The Garton Toy Company was one of the first to produce pedal cars; its early offerings were made of wood, but this one was steel. This car sold for $3,410, which should be considered a bargain since a similar car sold on eBay about 18 months ago for around $5,300. Collectors should note that in the pedal car world, unrestored cars in good condition are much more desirable than those that are restored. Restoration of the car sold here could devalue it by a couple thousand dollars, plus the cost of the work itself—not a wise investment. Proving it's committed to the automobilia game, Victorian Casino has been selected to auction the Lloyd Mays estate's large collection of pedal cars at its October event in Las Vegas. A portion of the Mays collection of Chrysler Town & Countrys was offered by RM last year. If the pedal cars are anywhere near as interesting, it will be a sale well worth attending.* July, 2003  ENTRIES Marriott 11-11otiell August 16th 2003 NI co inriterey Nawil 480.517.4005 CONSIGN www.russoandsteele.com 75

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Reviews is best. Two copies of books, videos, CDs etc. must be furnished for review Please send both copies to SCM, PO. Box 16130, Portland OR 97292 Barney Oldfield: The Life and Times of America's Legendary Speed King Author:  Publisher: Brown Fox Phone:  Web site: www.brownfoxbooks.com ISBN:  Size:  William F. Nolan 805/684-5951 1-888978-12-0 51/2 x 81/2 inches, hardbound, 232 pages Price:  Rating:  $32.50 Old-time race fans *1.•eaCasual enthusiasts ** From the turn of the 20th century until the 1920s, race driver Barney Oldfield was a self-created legend. Other drivers may have had more skill or earned more victories, but Oldfield was an earthy populist champion in an era when most race drivers came from the upper crust. Oldfield became famous for taking Ford's 999 automobile up to the amazing milea-minute figure of 60 mph in 1903. He also drove European machinery, including the ferocious chain-drive "Blitzen Benz." He set records in the front-drive Christie, a car re- Barney Oldfield By W011an, Ans-ss. s liv.stsu y Kg Toyota 20000T Author: The Complete History of Japan's First Supercar Shin Yoshikawa Publisher: Kai Art International Phone:  E-mail:  ISBN:  Size:  661/245-0918 kai@frazmtn.com 0-932128-10-6 Price:  Rating:  13 x 10 inches, hardbound with slipcase, 352 pages $100 Japanese car lovers, Shelby historians and Bond 007 fans ***1:its• '60s sports car lovers **** At last, we have the first fully documented story of Japan's first supercar, the Toyota 2000GT. This book explores the YamahaToyota relationship, which involved the development, marketing and ultimate demise of the car. The beginning of the sports car market in Japan, as well as the involvement of the great Japanese drivers of the ear, are all depicted in these pages. Detailed photos accentuate the English and Japanese text. The research, explanations and recounting of experiences by the men who developed the car make this book unique. In the Speed Trials and Racing chapter, the description of the Shelby relationship for the 1968 SCCA "C" production is the only documented history of Carroll Shelby's association with Toyota. The "Bond Car" story, along with the history of the Peter Brock program are all puted to be a death trap, as well as car designer Harry Miller's Golden Submarine, alleged to be safer because it enclosed the driver with a roof. Oldfield competed at Indianapolis and also in road courses like the Pan-Pacific race from Los Angeles to Sacramento. With three divorces, many race wins and lots of crashes, he comes across as a Babe Ruth figure with an appetite for booze, broads and brawling. This book has a breathless tone, portraying Oldfield bellowing threats, boasts and insults to anyone who gets in his way, including other drivers, race sanctioning organizations and unscrupulous promoters. Of course, you have to wonder who was present to write down all this spirited dialogue. Not author William Nolan, who was born in 1928. Presumably these comments from the mouth of Oldfield, which appear on nearly every page, have been invented. But who are we to criticize this creative reporting technique, which has recently been made popular by the august New York Times? This Oldfield biography, first published in 1961, was out of print for years and has been reprinted by Brown Fox Books. Not strictly accurate, it is still fun to read and will inspire you to throw your Honda Accord full-speed and sideways into the next turn, with an unlit cigar gripped in your teeth.—Bill Neill 76 Author: Mazda MX-5--The Full Story of the World's Favourite Sportscar Brian Long Publisher: Veloce Publishing Phone:  Web site: www.veloce.co.uk ISBN:  Size:  Price:  Rating:  +44 01305 260068 1-903706-51-3 (Miata edition) 1-903706-21-1 (MX-5 edition) 81/4 x 10 inches, hardbound, 192 pages $49.95 Mazda enthusiasts ,A1,11.11:, Everyone else *** here for the first time, in one place. For a 2000GT enthusiast, this book is a bible. Engine, interior and production are all documented, along with the early methods of merchandising a Japanese sports car to a world market that viewed Japan's industry as limited to transistor radios and toys. The beautiful cover and high-quality binding are all reflective of the seriousness of the word "supercar." The book's size and weight are perfect for the enthusiast or the casual page-flipper, and it's very accurate in every detail. While the validity of the car's place in history may be argued, no one can dispute that the 2000GT is one of the great stories of "watershed" cars that never made it. Like the Tucker, it was years ahead of its time, and it took others to capitalize on its innovations.—Craig Zinn Mazda's MX-5 Miata has been a recordsetting sales success, as well as an influential product that contributed to the resurgence of a long-neglected category, the two-seat sports car. It's a remarkable story by any measure. Traditional sports cars, while compellingly romantic, tend to be small-selling niche products at best. So it should come as no surprise that the case for the little droptop's creation was not an easy one to make to management, given the conservatism of even a forwardthinking car company like Mazda. Author Long takes us back from the 1920 birth of the Hiroshima-based manufacturer of cork products to the period in the early '80s when the "Light Weight Sports" car project was being conceived. The author, originally from the UK and now living in Japan, provides a detailed yet readable history at first. Where the book falters is in diverging from the human narrative once the car goes on sale. Rather than the provided dry recitation of yearly specification and color changes, I would enjoy learning more of what the car's creators, not to mention those in competing companies, thought of the Miata's early and ongoing success, as well as its effects throughout the industry. A particular strength of the book is in its visual presentation. There is a fascinating collection of reproduced  advertising  M the huh Story of the VVorci s Favourite Soortscat print from many international markets, plus a plentiful number of mostly color photographs. However, I would have liked fewer %-view beau- ty shots and a few more detailed pictures (like, say, under the hood of the aftermarket Ford 5.0-powered Monster Miata and the factory's hydrogen and electric concepts). For the MX-5/Miata/Roadster enthusiast—and there are certainly more than a few—this is a nice addition to the library. For the casual reader, it's like a ride in the passenger seat: close, but not the full experience.—Lyn Vogel Sports Car Market

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PASSPORT E EN 'A1, 10411011.] RM AUCTIONS INC. Present The 2nd Annual RM Monterey SCM Insiders' Seminar "THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE" August 16, 2003 • Monterey, CA Don't be left out! Learn how to buy and sell smart. Keith Martin and the experts at SCM will share with you, in a new multimedia presentation, the secrets that they have learned from years of buying, selling and appraising cars professionally. Use the information to take the upper hand in private negotiations or public bidding. Avoid having dreaded buyer's remorse and relax in the security of knowing you have made wise decisions. Following the presentation there will be an expert-led field walk through the cars going up for auction. See and learn how an expert examines a car. Get one-on-one advice and tips that will save you money, time and frustration. The seminar will be held on Saturday, August 16th, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Doubletree Hotel in Monterey. Register Today! Space is strictly limited and previous events have sold out quick- ly. Cost, per person, for the seminars, field walk and unlimited personal consultations with the SCM staff is just $175, $300 for two for SCM subscribers. (Non-subscribers, $2251$400.) Tuition is refundable, less a $50 processing fee, if requested prior to July 31, 2003. Don't be left out. Send in the form below today, with your payment, to secure your space. For more information, contact David Slama at 503/ 261-0555 ext. 206, e-mail david.slama@sportscarmarket.com . One-Day Seminar • The Field Walk: Experts Help You Inspect Cars • Unlimited Consultation with SCM Professionals • Tips That Will Give You The Unfair Advantage • And Much, Much More Collector Car fir Boat Insurance HAGER11) FINANCIAL SERVICES Premier SPACE IS LIMITED! DEADLINE - AUGUST 8, 2003 (Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't be left out!) Name (If registering for more than one person, please place additional details on separate sheet.) Address City Best Phone E-mail State Fax Zip Signature Send this form to SCM Monterey Seminar 2003 P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 Fax 5031253-2234; Phone 503/261-0555 x206; e-mail: david.slama@sportscarmarket.com Payment in Full Required II Enclosed is my check made out to Sports Car Market 0 Charge my VISA/MC  Total Amount $ Card #  Exp. Date

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Twenty Year Picture American Icons $60,000 $55,000 $50,000 $45,000 $40,000 $35,000 $30,000 $25,000 $20,000 $15,000 $10,000 1984  1986  1987 1986  1989  1989  1991 1990  1992  • • 1993  • 1 954 Corvette convertible 1963 Corvette convertible 1972 Corvette convertible Mystery Photo Answers Fire up the limo, Thelma Lou! We gots to git back in time fer "Masterpiece Theater" on the dish!! !—Lawrence Hamilton Pugh, New Orleans, LA Despite statements to the contrary by his press agent, rumors persist that recording artist and now actor Marshall Mathers preferred to continue living in his childhood home.—Myles H. Kitchen, Aptos, CA Tonya,  did  "Get A Spot In The Shade" Camp David, the Clinton years.—Jim Weaver, Kansas City, MO Heads, I win. YOU sleep in the trailer.— LM Vincent, Issaquah, WA I'm sorry, President Hussein, this is the last palace you have left.—John Reeder, Greensboro, VT Lincoln's second attempt at "niche" marketing, the Lincoln "Peckerwood" met with even less success.—Lawrence Hamilton Pugh, New Orleans, LA 78 you remember to put the car in the garage? —Rich Coparanis, Beaverton, OR Elvis is in the house!—Sam and Susan Grasso, via e-mail An SUV for the trailer-on-a-box set —Jay Putt, Setauket, NY No longer needed at the White House, Monica Lewinski returns to her roots.—Glenn Roberts, via e-mail Divorce ... Ain't it a shame.—Paul McDonald, San Francisco, CA For Sale: 2-bedroom/1-bath mobile home. Need extra bedrooms? No problem.—Paul S. Black, Miami, FL They always say to be careful when hiking in the forests—you never know when you might come upon a drug lord's marijuana farm.—John Draneas, Portland, OR West Virginians celebrated with pride the installation of a new portico on the governor's mansion.—John Clinard, Mission Viejo, CA We won it on Springer—Rex Alexander, Tulsa, OK Obviously, he does not have a wife.—David Sweet, Salem, OR In the valley where one's "prowess" is judged by the size of the house, it was well understood by Harry that it's really the length of your carport—Dale R Peterson, Manson WA Although having won the lottery, Bubba still maintained his roots ...—Michael Shaw, Stone Mtn., GA I know the trailer is not what you had in mind, but I do take you to all the great parties, don't I?!—Ron Burns, via fax Oh yes! I know that guy, he lives in that beautiful luxury limo that he keeps parked by his storage building.—Ele Chesney, Toms River, NJ And this month's winner of a sure-to-becollectible-someday 1:18 scale model courtesy of Dave Kinney 's USAppraisal is John Clinard, for his appreciation of the regional styles that state government buildings incorporate.• Sports Car Market 1994  1996  1996 1997  1999  1998  2001  2000 2003 2002 Prices are for cars in excellent condition. This information is provided courtesy of Cars of Particular Interest Value Guide. CPI is the guide most often used by by credit unions to determine load values of collectible domestic and imported cars. Ph: 888/ 760-2267, www.blackbookusa.com •

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Grow, '••-• 1973 Porsche Carrera RS. White wired. Engine rebuilt by RUF Germany. Body restoration outstanding. $79,500. Bruce Harmon, 802/253-9601, or brucedharmon@aol.com . (VT) Wanted: Ferrari 308 GTS carb or QV. SCM Managing Editor Cindy Banzer has decided it's time for her to have her own Ferrari. No-stories car, friendly price, please. Blue or other interesting color preferred. Will fly in and drive home. 503/2610304, cbanzer@sportscarmarket.com . (OR) 1989 Porsche Speedster. 6,800 miles. As new. White/black leather, NC. $49,999.99. 310/823-3028. (CA) HOT AUGUST NIGHTS GREATEST NOSTALGIC CAR AUCTION IN THE WORLD August 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Reno • Sparks Convention Center UPCOMING EVENTS Jackson Hole • 150 Cars Jackson, Wyoming • July 5th-6th Hot August Nights • 900 Cars Reno, Nevada • August 7th-10th Sun Valley. 250 Cars Sun Valley, Idaho • August 30th-31st Arizona in the Fall • 250 Cars Fort McDowell • November 8th-9th BOISE, IDAHO • NOV 15TH JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING • JULY 51H-6TH POST FALLS, IDAHO • JULY 12TH RENO, NEVADA • AUG 7TH-10TH • HOT AUGUST NIGHTS • FIVE STAR INVITATIONAL SUN VALLEY, IDAHO • AUG 30TH-31ST TACOMA, WASHINGTON • SEPT 13TH PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA • OCT 18TH PORTLAND, OREGON • NOV 1ST ARIZONA IN THE FALL • NOV 8TH-9TH FORT MCDOWELL • JANUARY 16TH-18TH • FORT MCDOWELL ARIZONA AUCTION MORE AUCTIONS TO BE ANNOUNCED TO BUY OR SELL 1-800-255-4485 WWW.SILVERAUCTIONS.COM June, 2003 COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS 79

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SCM Showcase 2002 Lotus Esprit, twin turbo. 25th anniver sary edition, 1900 miles. As-new condition, both tops, black/black. $69,500. 805/964-3122 autoappraisals@cox.net . (CA) 1973 450SL California car until 2002, No rust, recent service at Hatch&Sons, new top, no body work ever, 49k. Car is south of Boston. 508/8800009, andrewcconti@aol.com . (MA) 1994 Mercedes SL500, auto, all options, factory hard top, navy, black, slate, fully inspected, stored winters. 64,175 mi. $29,900. dalejrfan@core.com . - .40 4 ay 1997 Mercedes SL600, auto, all options, charcoal glass top, champagne, black, charcoal, fully inspected, stored winters. 82,310 mi. $39,900. dalejrfan@core.com . i dagirk.,,o 1953 XK 120 roadster TWO-TIME NATIONAL WINNER. Judged the closest thing to perfection. Extremely strong engine with 3.8-litre block. Drive or show. $159,500 firm. 480/951-0777, www.docsjags.com . (AZ) 1960 XK 150 "S" roadster sInT831819DN. 3,500 miles since full rebuild in 2000. Matching numbers, new chrome, paint, interior and Avons. All records. $82,500. 480/951-0777. www.docsjags.com. (AZ) 1967 4.2 E-type roadster (ots) Series 1 with 59,000 original California miles. Rust and accident free. Matching numbers. ONLY KNOWN 4.2 GUNMETAL GRAY, $49,750. 480/951-0777, www.docsjags.com . (AZ) . Lotus-Cortina Mk1 Special Equipment Model Extraordinary. Info: www.donrose.com . 1959 Jaguar XK 150 roadster. Black/red, new tan top. Many improvements with full documentation. JCNA '02 score 99.7, 1st in class. $85,000 firm. 314/854-0802. (M0)(Aug) 1958 Jaguar XK 150 drophead coupe. Rare automatic. Olde English White/new red interior. Over $15,000 spent on refurb. $43,500. Dave Gardner 330/656-1761, dherron.home@juno.com . (OH) Porsche 550 Spyder (Beck). Silver, red leather interior, 150-hp VW engine, tubular framed, fast, nimble, new condition. 5,000 miles, always garaged, $28,500 offers? 617/876-9741. (MA) 1962 Imperial Crown convertible. One prior fastidious owner. 63,000 miles. Extensive recent mechanicals. $24,900. Sam Haberman, 248/5415942, sammyh@wwnet.com. (MI) offi 1976 Jaguar XS. Dark blue/biscuit. 59,750 miles. Euro model, matching #s. Third owner. $6,500 appraisal. Dick Harms, 248/625-0288. (MI) 1981 Ferrari BB512 #35649 red/tan, carbed model, EPA/DOT, 24,000 miles. Complete eng/ trans rebuild by Norwoods ($30,000) less than 1,500 miles ago. $68,500. 502/253-5666. (KY) 1959 356A race car. Ext. oil coolers, engine/ cockpit Halon system, fuel cell, too many extras to list. $22,500. For complete media package, 412/ 580-9278, duncan_neilson@hotmail.com . (PA) F 1994 XJS convertible 45k miles. Fresh 40k inspection. Red, tan interior, black top. New transmission and radiator. Jaguar serviced. Full history. $25,500. 949/499-5557. (CA) 964 356SC coupe, black/black, very nice #2, garaged CA car. No rust, recent paint, clutch, starter, battery, service. $22,500 obo. Jamey, 949/492-5438, Jholbrook01@yahoo.com . (CA) 1963 Jaguar XKE coupe. Triple Black. Good #2, no rust. Runs and drives excellent. Wire wheels, new tires. Odo reads high 50s. Trades possible. $21,500. 941/928-4234, 941/921-6206. (FL) 1971 Car Craft magazine 426 Hemi Cuda Clone, as seen Dec. '98 Car Craft. 510 hp. Complete resto, no expense spared. $67,500, trades possible. 941/928-4234, 941/921-6206. (FL) 1955 Lancia B2OS Aurelia 4th Serie Speciale. 100% ground-up restoration. Full leather. Totally original, for discriminating collectors only. Completely rust free. 305/665-5411. (FL) 1941 110 Deluxe Sedan (1482DE). Total body off professional restoration. Everything new. 1st in class, Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance 2000. $21,000. Don Kiesbuy, 509/924-7936. (WA) 1970 280SL roadster, hard & soft tops, excellent condition. Runs & looks great. Appraised for $26,000, asking $20,500. 817/239-7700, Scott@sandlin.com . (TX) 1955 Jaguar "D" type, 1 of 14 Tempero Ltd all-aluminum monocoque, 900 miles since new. 4.2-liter Jaguar twin-cam, 4-speed w/overdrive. $115,000. 913/915-6789. (KS) Late 1983 308GTS1 Quattrovalvole 33k miles Fresh 30k inspection. Rosso Rubino. Pristine appearance. Superb performance. Full history . Unmolested. $39,900. 949/499-5557. (CA) 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider. Great paint, new top, great interior, Shankle suspension, MareIli elect. ignition. 71,000 miles $6,500. Ken, 425/2559616. (WA) 1959 EL CAMINO, V8, Powerglide, posi rear end, power steering & brakes, good paint, new interior. $19,500. Walt Sweyer, 360/225-7562, luvtrees@pacifier.com . (WA) 1927 Packard 3-36 8-cyl roadster, 26,800 total miles, excellent restoration (Pebble, CCCA Senior), gorgeous original leather, ultra rare. $109,000. 805/927-5044, gdz@besttnet. (CA) 1987 Ferrari 412 2+2. V12, auto, air, 18,000 miles, runs like it looks. Interesting trades up or down? $45,000. 770/951-8801. (GA)

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Neat Stuff / Bengt Halvorson 1 Revolution Lift 1101111101 _ This new light-duty lift line, designed especially for enthusiasts, features the design expertise of Rotary Lifts, a well-established professional lift company. The four-post Revolution Lift, rated at 7,000 lb, meets all ANSI/ALI standards, is free-standing and doesn't need to be bolted down. A caster kit is included for moving the lift without a vehicle. The lift also has its own 110- or 220-volt power unit, and also a drip tray to help protect another vehicle or other items stored below. Latch bars are adjustable to provide a level lift surface on uneven base surfaces. Available in four colors: red, yellow, blue or black. Price: $2,950. Revolution Lifts, 800/604-3359, www.revolution lifts. com . Backup Warning System With  the high costs of even minor bodywork, this handy backup warning system will probably pay for itself soon enough by helping avoid scratches and dents. The Poron Mini3 backup warning system uses an ultrasonic transmitter/ receiver system to monitor the distance from an obstacle behind your vehicle while parking. As you approach the obstacle, the audio warning increases in urgency (up to 80 dB) and a voice tells you how far you are, anticipating a collision if the obstacle is less than eight inches away. Shifting into reverse activates the system, and detection begins at about eight feet. It works the same regardless of lighting or weather conditions. Installation requires basic familiarity with wiring, but it is simple and takes less than two hours. An installation video is shipped with most units. Price: $279.99. Poron USA, 800/869-8866, www.poronusa.com . Brembo Evolution Brake Kits for Porsche These brake kits, from industry leader Brembo, will provide a significant performance upgrade from OEM brakes—they're the exact same brakes used in many race cars and are also said to have improved pedal feel and heat control. Aluminum four-piston calipers are used in the "floating disc" design, and Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines are used. Each kit includes cross-drilled, cadmium-plated rotors for all wheels. The large June, 2003 calipers are painted black, but they may be ordered in any color, including factory paint codes to match the car color. Installation requires just a few hours, and there's no need to modify the master cylinder or antilock system. Price: $1,645-$4,995, depending on model. Pelican Parts, 888/280-7799, www.pelicanparts.com . Ferrari Mountain Bike Price as tested: $57,905 Likes: Superb engine and gearbox; easy-touse power top; attractive styling; surprisingly good sound system. Though not actually made by Ferrari, this is the closest you can get to a Ferrari bike. Developed by Colnago in cooperation with Ferrari, the high-performance Colnago CF2 bears the Ferrari prancing horse and Ferrari Red paint, and is a highest-echelon professional-quality mountain bike. The CF2 has CNC machined Ergal 7075 parts, full front and rear Rock Shox suspensions with adjustable rebound damping, a carbon-fiber front triangle and light alloy rear triangle. A special "On-the-Fly Lockout" keeps suspension movement down during extreme maneuvers. The handlebars and seatpost are Colnago carbon, the saddle is by San Marco and the shifter and wheels by Shimano, with titanium axles. The company is making the bike in a limited edition of 1,000. Price: $6,942 (€5,833.33). Ferrari Shop, www.ferrari.com . Kiwi Floor Tiles Looking for an alternative to painting your scuffed-up garage floor yet again? These Kiwi Tiles, which install by simply interlocking with each other, are made of high-impact polypropylene, so they can withstand tough shop use and even jack stands. They offer good traction, are stain resistant and make a more comfortable surface to sit on than the bare floor—especially in extreme temperatures—thanks to the insulating layer of air in the tiles. The Perforated style comes in nine different standard colors, while the new Diamond Grip pattern comes in seven different colors. Custom colors are also available. The company boasts that they're price competitive (and a lot less work) compared to conventional garage-floor painting. They measure 13.1 square inches, and they're less than a half an inch thick. Price: $2.93 per square foot. Kiwi Tile, 800/998-5494, www.kiwitile.com . Price as tested: $29,330 Likes: Ford's ubiquitous 4.6-liter V8 is a heavy breather here, with 305 hp and gobs of torque just off idle; great muscle-car sound; slick-shifting short-throw gearbox and smooth clutch—for a muscle car; back seat better than most 2+2s, with enough space for children or small adults. Gripes: With the exception of the nice mattealuminum shift knob, the outdated interior gear reeks of cheapness; poor fit and finish inside; poor wet-weather traction; disappointing, muddy sound system. Fun to drive: ***** Fun to look at: Overall ownership exprience: **-a. Verdict: Driving the Mach 1 provides an instant shot of adrenaline, but for many the novelty might soon wear off. With street-racer types revving their engines alongside, the Mach 1 tends to attract all the wrong kind of attention. As a daily driver, most would tire of the bad-boy exhaust, cramped interior and dubious traction.—Bengt Halvorson *** Gripes: Dashboard controls not as clear as they could be; very expensive. Fun to drive: Fun to look at: Ov erall ownership experience: **** Verdict: This is by far the best Porsche offered today. It's got the perfect blend of visual excitement and performance. I would own one in a heartbeat, if only Porsche hadn't decided to let the price go into the stratosphere. What ever happened to the "entry-level Porsche" concept the Boxster was supposed to represent? And what's going to happen when the Euro appreciation kicks into the price? Best bet: Get one when it comes off a three-year lease.—Keith Martin 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 A brief look at cars of interest that have passed through the SCM stable. 1.1-AA AA is best Glovebox Notes 2003 Porsche Boxster S

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Resource Directory Advertise in the SCM Resource Directory. Call 503/261-7127 x202 for information, email artdirgsportscarmarket.com . AUCTION COMPANIES Artcurial-Briest-PouIain-Le Fur. 33-01 42 99 20 20, fax 33-01 42 99 20 21. Maison de vente aux encheres, 7, Rond-Point des Champs Elysees, 75008 Paris. e-mail: artcurial@auction.fr. www.poulainlefur.com. (FR) Barrett-Jackson Auction. 480/421- 6694, fax 480/421-6697. 3020 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. email: info@barrett-jackson.com. (AZ) Bonhams. 415/391-4000, fax 415/ 391-4040. 220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94103; Montpelier St., Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1HH. 44207-228-8000, fax 44-207-585-0830. (CA) Christie's. 310/385-2699, fax 310/ 385-0246. 360 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. wwvv.christies.com. (CA) Dana Mecum Auction Company. 815/568-8888, fax 815/568-6615. P.O. Box 422, Marengo, IL 60152. (IL) eBay Motors, a part of eBay Inc. List your car for sale for only $40 and pay $40 more when it sells. Visit the "Services" section on www.ebaymotors.com for more details. H&H Classic Auctions. 44-1925 730630, fax 44-1925 730830 Whitegate Farm, Hatton Lane, Hatton, Cheshire, England. WA4 4BZ info@classicauctions.co.ulc, www.classic-auctions.com . (UK) Kruse International. 800/968-4444, fax 260/925-5467. P.O. Box 190, Auburn, IN 46706. (IN) Kensington Motor Group, Inc. 631/537-1868, fax 631/537-2641. P.O. Box 2277, Sag Harbor, NY 11963. KenMotor@aol.com. (NY) Palm Springs Auctions Inc./Keith McCormick. 760/320-3290, fax 760/323-7031. 244 N. Indian Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92262. classiccarauction.com . (CA) RM Auctions, Inc. 310/246-9880, fax 310/246-9744. 9300 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. #550, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. www.rmauctions.com. (CA) Russo and Steele. 602/252-2697, www.russoandsteele.com . (AZ) Silver Auctions.  800/255-4485, 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@spokane.net; www.silverauctions.com. (WA) Santiago Collector Car Auctions. 800/994-2816, fax 405/8436251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116. E-mail Rocky: rockydb5@sbcglobal.net . (OK) APPRAISALS Dave Brownell's Vintage Auto Appraisals. Phone 802/362-4719; fax 802/362-3007. 25-plus years experience nationwide and internationally. Single cars or entire collections. Brass cars to contemporary supercars. Complete services from pre-purchase to insurance, donation, estate, expert witness. E-mail: dbrownell@sprynet.com. (VT) Charles W. Clarke. Phone/fax: 860/658-2714. Automotive consultant/ appraiser. Hartford, Connecticut area base. State of Connecticut licensed. 40-plus years automotive experience, appraisals and wherewithal to address most any situation. We can travel. E-mail: cwc-cars@cox.net. (CT) Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/ 467-6531, fax 206/467-6532. Complete appraisal services for any and all ve- 82  hicles of particular note. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. We will help you in your time of need: We negotiate for you. Settlements, insurance, disputes, estates, pre-purchase, donations, etc. E-mail: appraisals@ cosmopolitanmotors.com. (WA) USAppraisal. 703/759-9100. 25 years experience with collector automobiles, available nationwide. Call or visit our Web site. David H. Kinney, ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers). Email: dhkinney@usappraisal.com; Web: www.usappraisaLcom. (VA) Joseph L. Troise Appraisals. 415/332- 8183. Serving SF Bay Area and northern California. Prompt, personal, professional and affordable service for insurance, legal, IRS and pre-purchase inspection. Free phone consultations. joetro@pacbell.net ; www.bestyellow.com/classic/index.htm . (CA) Auto Appraisal Group. 800/848- 2886. Serving 33 states, valuation, insurance, divorce, trusts, estates, charitable gifts, diminished value, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness. www.autoappraisal.com , e-mail: aag@autoappraisal.com. "Not just one man's opinion." (VA) Classic Car Research. 248/557-2880. fax 248/557-3511. 15 years in business, 1AAA, for loans, estates, divorce, insurance and pre-purchase. Detroit area, will travel. www.jmkclassiccars.com or kawifreek@msn.com . (MI) Dean V. Kruse. 260/927-1111, fax 260/920-2222. Certified appraiser with 35 years in the business, appraisals completed for most of nationwide banks and insurance companies. Kruse International auctions more than 10,000 collector cars per year. One car or collections, donators, estates, disputes, pre-purchase inspections, attorneys, buyers, sellers. All inquiries kept confidential. E-mail: dkruse@myvine.com. (IN) Featherman & Co. Inc. 610/645-5595. Scott Featherman has over 20 years experience and is both a certified IAAA appraiser and ASE master technician. Complete services include appraisals, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness and advisory. Personal, prompt, confidential—available nationwide. For more information, see our listing in SCM Display Advertisers Index. E-mail: scott@feathco.com, Web: www.FeathermanCo.com. (PA) AUTOMOBILIA Spyder Enterprises: 831/659-5335, fax 831-659-5335. Authentic vintage posters, postcards, memorabilia (1960s and earlier); mainly focused on Porsche. Ferrari and racing. Leather accesories for Porsche 356; Halon fire extinguishers for your classic car; Ferrari 250/275/330 repro tool kits. Free 36 page list of all items by email at: singer356@aol.com . (NY) L'art et ['automobile gallery & auction house: 631/329-8580. 25 years of experience, 2 auctions yearly (June & December), catalog subscription $20/ year or online at www.arteauto.com . We carry a large collection of out-ofprint books, vintage posters, prints, artwork, literature, memorabilia, etc. E-mail: jvautoart@aol.com, fax: 631/ 329-8589. (NY) BUY/SELL/GENERAL Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/ 467-6531, fax 206/467-6532. 2030 8th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Experts in collector cars worldwide. Whether buying, selling, evaluating, consigning or appraising, we cut the edge on the current market. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. Top prices paid; from one car to entire collections, condition and location are no obstacles. "We covet the rare and unusual, whether pedigreed or proletarian." E-mail: sales@cosmopol itanmotors.com . (WA) eBay Motors, a part of eBay Inc. The World's Online Marketplace. Consistently ranked the best automotive site on the Web by Nielsen/NetRatings. Everyday drivers, collector cars, auto parts and accessories, motorcycles and automobilia. List your car for sale for only $40 and pay $40 more when it sells. Every vehicle transaction is covered by $20,000 in free insurance. Visit the "Services" section on www.ebaymotors.com for more details. Fantasy Junction. 510/653-7555, fax 510/653-9754, www.fantasyjunction.com e-mail sales@fantasyjunction.com . Specializing in European collectible autos and racing cars from the 1920s to the 1970s, with over 50 cars in stock. Bruce Trenery has over 25 years experience in this business, based in the East Bay area. Clients and contacts worldwide with satisfaction as the hallmark. 1145 Park Ave., Emeryville, CA 94608. (CA) Grand Prix Classics. 858/459-3512, fax 619/459-3512. Specialize in the buying and selling of historic sports cars and racing cars. Large extensive poster inventory. Automotive books, videos, art library. 7456 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037. E-mail: info@gran dprixclassics.com ; www.grandprixclass ics.com. (CA) Oldtimer Garage. 41-31-819 00 00, fax 41-31-819 51 91. Gurbestrasse 3, CH-3I25, Toffen, Bern, Switzerland. www.oldtimergarage.com. (CH) www.historicalcars.com We BuyWe Sell-We Find. Europe/US/Asia/Far East. If you are looking to buy or sell a vehicle(s) with historic or collector appeal, try us. 30 years of experience, your satisfaction our priority. Any time-Any place-Anywhere. www. h istoricalcars.com . MotorCities.com- We'll sell your collector car or motorcycle in 30 days or less or you don't pay!-You pay nothing up front, 1-5% commission upon sale-Custom-Built eBay Auction Pages-Digital Photography Services-Free Market Appraisal-Give us a shot! There's nothing to lose-Phone: 801/ 792-1882, Fax: 443/342-0755, E-mail: sales@motorcities.com. (UT) COLLECTOR CAR FINANCING J.J. Best Banc & Company. 800/ USA-I965, fax 508/945-6006. The largest national leader on Antique, Classic, Exotic, Rod and Sports Cars with rates starting at 7.99% and long terms from 5 to 12 years. Call, fax or e-mail your application today for quick 10 minute approval. Efficient and professional service is what you deserve so don't hesitate, call us today to be in the driver's seat of your dream car tomorrow. www.jjbest.com. (MA) COLLECTOR CAR INSURANCE American Collectors Insurance. 800/360-2277. We've been taking the hassle-and expense-out of insuring collector vehicles since 1976. Get the collector coverage you need, at a price you won't believe! Visit us online for an instant rate quote, www.AmericanCollectors.com, or call toll-five. Available in all states except AK and HI. (NJ) Hagerty Collector Car Insurance. 800/922-4050. Collector cars aren't like their late-model counterparts. These classics actually appreciate in value so standard market policies that cost significantly more won't do the job. With Hagerty, we'll agree on a fair value and cover you for the full amount. No prorated claims, no hassles, no games. See what Hagerty can do for you! Call 1-800-922-4050, or visit our Web site at: www.hagerty.com . (MI) American Hobbyist Insurance. 800/395-4835. From "brass & wood" antiques to modern day classics, our program accepts a wide range of collector vehicles. Enjoy excellent coverage & low "collector" rates. No strict mileage limitations in most states. Call toll-free or visit us online at American Hobbyist.com . (FL) COLLECTOR CAR LEASING Premier Financial Services. 203/ 267-7700, fax 203/267-7773. With over 20 years of experience specializing in exotic, classic and vintage autos, our Lease/Purchase plan is ideal for those who wish to own their vehicle at the end of the term as well as those who like to change cars frequently. Our Simple Interest Early Termination plan allows you the flexibility of financing with the tax advantages of leasing. We make leasing as simple as turning the key. www.WhyNotLease.com . (CT) Putnam Leasing. "Your Best Way to Lease the Best." Greenwich, CT: 800/278-0071; Scottsdale, AZ: 888/9955800. Sole authorized leasing agent for Barrett-Jackson and Cavallino Classic. Lease to own. Custom-tailored leases from 24-60 months. Equity transfers and early-termination rebates for business and individual needs, serviced coast to coast. Dealer inquiries welcome. New, preowned and collectibles since 1983. Please visit www.PutnamLeasing.com. (CT) RESTORATION/GENERAL Guy's Interior Restorations. 503/ 224-8657, fax 503/223-6953. Awardwinning interior restoration. Leather dyeing and color matching. 431 NW 9th, Portland, OR 97209. (OR) VINTAGE EVENTS The Colorado Grand. 1,000 mile tour of western Colorado. Pre-1961 sports cars. Frank Barrett. 970/926-7810, fax 970/926-1815. (CO) CLASSIC CAR TRANSPORT Cosdel International. 415/777-2000, fax 415/543-5112. Now in its 33rd year of international transport. Complete service, including import/export, customs clearances, DOT and EPA, air/ocean, loading and unloading of containers. Contact Martin Button, (CA) e-mail: info@cosdel.com; www.cosdel.com. (CA) Passport Transport. 800/325-4267, fax 314/878-7295. Classic and specialty cars delivered anywhere in the USA. Special event services, including Pebble Beach, Monterey Histories, BarrettJackson, and Auburn. Standard-of-theindustry service since 1970. (MO) Sports Car Market

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TNT, INC. 518/236-4166. fax 518/ 236-4549. Personalized auto transport service-door to door, coast to coast, open carrier or enclosed carrier. Winching and 24-hour security. First class equipment. Dependable and insured. (NY) Intercity Lines, Inc. 800/221-3936, fax 413/436-9422. Rapid, hassle-free, coast-to-coast service. Insured, enclosed transport for your valuable car at affordable prices. State-of-the-art satellite transport tracking. Complete service for vintage races, auctions, relocation moves. www.intercitylines.com . (MA) PC BEAR Auto Transport specializing in all types: hobby, collector vehicles, toys, neat old stuff, regular cars, parts, and winching. Life long car nut. Equipment serviced and maintained by me. Clean driving record since 1959 in all states. 1CCMC, US DOT insured. I sleep in my truck while transporting. Inspection and check delivery service. Door to door delivery. PC Bear, 135 Broad St., Akron, PA 17501. 717/859-1585. Talk to me anytime. Thank you. (PA) Concours Transport Systems. 253/ 973-3987, fax 253/851-4707. Enclosed auto transport nationwide. Lift gate loading, experienced personnel. Classic & exotic cars. Special events—fully insured. Fred Koller, owner. fredkoller@ concourstransport.com, www.concours transport.com. (WA) ENGLISH Repairs / Restorations / Race International Motor Car Repair, Inc. ph/fax 845/226-9027, Hopewell Junction, NY. Specializing in the repair of all British cars. Factory trained RollsRoyce and Jaguar technician. Located an hour and a half from the New York Metropolitan area. Pick-up and delivery arranged. Call Jeff Palmero. (NY) AC JWF Restorations, Inc. 503/643- 3225, fax 503/646-4009. Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. AC restoration specialist. 35 years experience. Partial to full restorations done to street or concours standards. (OR) AC Owner's Club Limited. 503/ 643-3225, fax 503/646-4009. US Registrar: Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. The World's largest organization of AC owners and enthusiasts. AC ownership not required. Monthly magazine. (OR) Austin-Heale ■ Austin-Healey Club USA. 888/ 4AHCUSA, fax 503/528-0533. P.O. Box 6197, San Jose, CA 95150. Oldest national Austin-Healey club and factory club heritage. The resource for all current and future owners. Members receive Austin-Healey Magazine, Resource Book, calendar, tech assistance, book discount. Annual dues still just $35. Visa/MC accepted. Visit our Web site: www.healey.org. (OR) Aston Martin Rocky Santiago. 405/843-6117, fax 405/843-6251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Specializing in Aston Martins, all years, all conditions. Buy/selUconsign. If you are buying or selling, please call. Also have other English cars, including Healeys, MGs, Triumphs, etc. (OK) Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (AR1/ VRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. June, 2003  www.VintageRacingServices.com, www .Automoti veRestorations.com . (CT) Aston Martin Owners Club East Coast and Canada Contact: Robert Stockman, Chairman: 386/446-8081 386/ 445-6000 RMSAMRAD@PCFL.com 20 Marbella Court, Palm Coast, FL. 32137 Sponsors many events including social, concours and speed throughout the year from the east coast to the Mississippi. Historical information, technical resources and sales information relating to old and new cars available to members. (FL) Jaguar Jaguar Clubs of North America. 888/CLUBJAG, Write: JCNA, Dept. SCM, 9685 McLeod Rd., RR#2, Chilliwack, BC, CANADA V2P 6H4. Join the primary organization of Jaguar enthusiasts in US/Canada. 52 local clubs provide social and other activities. JCNA sponsors championships in concours, rally, slalom. Members receive hi-monthly Jaguar Journal magazine. www.jcna.com. (BC) Morgan Northshore Sportscars. 847/247- 0447. Authorized Agent for Morgan Motor Company. Sales. Service, Restoration for all vintage British Marques. Always buying clean original and restored examples. Austin-Healey, Jaguar, MG, Triumph. Visit our Web site, northshores portscars.com, Lake Bluff, IL. (IL) Rolls- Royce/Ben t Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARI/ VRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars Sales, restoration and transportation. VintageRacingServices.com, Automotive Restorations.com . (CT) Peter Hageman, Vintage Automobiles. 206/954-1961, fax 425/287-0660. P.O. Box 554, Kirkland, WA 98033. Prewar European autos, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, specializing in vintage Bentleys. (WA) ALFA ROMEO Parts Jon Norman's Alfa Parts. 510/5259435, fax 510/524-3636. Large selection of parts from 1900 series to Milano. Efficient, personal service. 1221 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. (CA) Centerline. 303/447-0239, fax 303/ 447-0257. Restoration and replacement parts, Giulietta through 164. Free catalog. www.centerlinealfa.com . (CO) International Auto Parts 800-788- 4435, 434/973-0555, fax 434/973-2368. Est. 1971. Over 90,000 Alfa/ Fiat/ Lancia parts, 1956 to present, in stock, ready to ship. Fast, knowledgeable service + same day shipping! FREE 76 page catalog. 4351 Seminole Trail, P.O. Box 9036, Charlottesville, VA 22906-9036. (VA) Black Bart's Emporium. 800/473- 0078, 386/325-1122 Fax: 386/325-1122 105 Myrtlewood Point Road, East Palatka, FL 32131. America's largest supply of badges and emblems for Alfas and other exotics, plus other interesting special parts. Complete your restoration. (FL) Performance Motoring Associates 831/338-9703, fax 831/338-2031. Former Alfa Romeo dealer and SCCA racing champion, Al Leake has over 30 years of experience to compliment his new restoration shop. Specializing in Giulietta/Guilia. Extensive inventory of cars, racing components and parts. Lightweight body panels, Sebring racing suspensions and complete restorations now available. E-mail Alleake@aol.com, 12895 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006. alfaromeor estorations.com (CA) The DiFatta Brothers, LTD. 800/ 638-7656. Info, 410/426-7524, fax 410/ 426-8194. 5928 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206. Largest importer of Alfa, Fiat and Lands parts on the East Coast. Decades of experience-we know these cars, and we know the right parts. VISA/MC. Orders, www.difatta.com . (MD) Re-Originals. 281/807-1945, fax 281/807-1946. THE US source for original upholstery materials, original rubber mats and gaskets, and original, new European taillights, headlights, grilles and door panels for most Italian cars ('47-'78). Additional distributors wanted. (TX) Repairs / Restoration Nasko's Imports. 503/771-1472, 5409 SE Francis, Portland, OR 97206. Oregon's oldest and most respected Alfa repair and performance tuning facility. Milano spoken here! Ask about our used Alfas for sale. Fast work, fair prices. (OR) Dan Sommers's Veloce Motors. 503/274-0064. 1425 NW Flanders, Portland, OR 97209. More than two decades of helping Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini owners keep their cars on the road while not emptying their bank accounts. Other foreign cars serviced as well. (OR) FERRARI / MASERATI / LAMBORGHINI ETC. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. Sales, 800/547-4455, 503/255-7560. Service and Parts, 800/944-6483, 503/257-9655. America's oldest and most dedicated Ferrari dealer. New and used exotic cars. Also, huge parts department with fast, fast service. 203 NE 122nd Ave., Portland, OR 97203. (OR) Garry Roberts & Company. 949/ 650-2690, fax 949/650-2730. 922 Sunset Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Specializing in sales of Ferrari and other exotics. Consignments, brokerage services, references available. Extensive computer database. 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Largest dealer of exotic Ferraris, Jaguars, Alfas and other cars in the world. Always a superb array of important cars on display. Interesting trades always considered. www.symbolicmotors.com. (CA) Michael Sheehan. 949/646-6086, fax 949/646-6978. Always looking for cars to buy, from rare one-offs to serial production ordinaries. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus—call me first or call me last, I'll make you the best cash offer. Buyers, let me use my thousand-plus car database to help you find a car, or verify the history of one you are looking at. (CA) Thomas Shaughnessey Consulting. 949/366-6211, fax 949/366-6827. Professional buyer of Ferraris, primarily '50s, '60s and '70s. Also have extensive Lambo and Maser experience. Additionally deal in Ferrari engines. Plus—have more than 350 Ferrari wheels in stock. Call today for straight talk and honest advice. San Clemente, CA. (CA) Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (AM/ VRS). 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com, www .AutomotiveRestorations.com. (CT) GERMAN Mercedes-Benz Alex Dearborn in Topsfield, MA. 978/887-6644, fax 978/887-3889. Buying, selling and trading vintage Mercedes. Specializing in 300SLs. Large database of older MBs. www.dearbomauto.com. (MA) Gull Wing Group International. Gary Estep, 530/345-6701. 776 Cessna, Chico, CA 95928. Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of 1954 to 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupes and Roadsters. You do not have to be an owner to belong. Member benefits include: twelve monthly magazines per year plus a national convention that rotates its location around the country. Also, reproduction parts and much more. (CA) Mercedes-Benz Club of America. 800/637-2360. MBCA, 1907 Lelaray St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909. World's largest Mercedes-Benz club, 33,000 members, all models, 1886-onward; excellent 120-page color magazine, The Star, with how-to tech articles, history, new models, racing, hundreds of cars for sale, ads free to members, much more. New car raffle, tech assistance, national events, more; dues $45/yr. www.mbca.org . (CO) Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARV VRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386- 0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com, www .AutomotiveRestorations.com. (CT) Porsche 356 Registry. 810/688-9090, fax 810/688-9091. 356 Registry, 3359 Kings Mill Rd, North Branch, MI 48461. A club for those interested in 356 Porsches. The Registry Magazine is published six times a year. 356 ownership not necessary. Dues $30 annually. Membership information: Barbara Skirmants. www.356registry.org. (Ml) AMERICAN Shell)) Shelby American Automobile Club. 860/364-0449, fax 860/364-0769. P.O. Box 788, Sharon, CT 06069. Over 5,000 members, 50 Regions throughout the world. Dedicated to the care and preservation of the cars that Carroll Shelby produced. Two national conventions a year, semi-annual magazine, bimonthly newsletter as well as a registry. (CT)* 83

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recently found myself in the position of having too many cars and not enough money. It has happened before and my ever-understanding spouse thinks it will probably happen again. Lunch with the guys, as is often the case, was the problem. A friend recently bought a 410 Superamerica and needed to get rid of a couple of cars to help fund the acquisition, and I had been thinking of getting something a little more "significant" in my collection. The result was that a 1952 Delahaye by Letourneur & Marchand, built for the Paris Auto Salon, followed me home, and I had a few months to come up with the cash to cover the deal. I My '54 Corvette went quickly, but I still was a little short, so I listed my '48 Chevrolet convertible resto-rod on eBay Motors. For those who have not sold anything on the Internet, the process is fairly simple: Load your digital photos in the "My Pictures" file of your computer and follow the step-by-step process under the "Sell Your Item" banner on eBay. I started with a low initial required bid of $10,000 and placed the reserve at $35,000, which is what I had paid for the car. The first day, the bidding went up $5,000 and I had several inquiries about the car. Several people also asked about the reserve, and I mistakenly told people what it was. By doing so, I drove away those who would not pay my price and thus they did not move things along by bidding. I was offered all kinds of trades and was asked all kinds of questions, which was to be expected. I answered them promptly and was encouraged when the bidding went up another $10,000 on the last day, to $25,000, but that was still $10,000 short of where I needed to be. An offer of $30,000 after the auction ended would have cut that gap in half. But I did not feel like losing money on the car, so I will keep working on it. The total cost for my auction listing was about $60, less than I would have paid for an ad in the local Auto Trader. And although I didn't sell my Chevy, I did learn something about how the market at large values it. Clearly, I've got one of two choices ahead. I can either work hard to hand-sell the car at my price, which will require finding someone who values the car as much as I do, or simply accept that to move it on quickly, I'm going to have to eat the loss. Sadly, it wouldn't be the first time this has happened to me—or to readers of this column, I'm sure. SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Sports Car Market magazine (ISSN #1527859X) is published monthly by Keith Martin Publications, PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292. Periodicals postage paid at Portland, OR and additional entries. Subscription rates are $58 for 12 monthly issues in the US, $78 Canada/Mexico, Europe $88, Asia/Africa/Middle East $98. Subscriptions are payable in advance in US currency. Make checks to: Sports Car Market. Visa/MC accepted. For instant subscription, call 24-hours 800/289-2819, 503/252-5812; fax 503/252-5854. 84  The following are the pieces I caught in my eNet while trolling this month. EBAY #2172086241-1930s PACKARD NEON SHOWROOM SIGN. First Bid: $1.00. Number of Bids: 38. NOT SOLD AT: $6,675.50. Date: 5/5/2003. There are only a EBAY MOTORS #2414222818-356B PORSCHE NOS OWNERS MANUAL. First Bid: $49.99. Number of Bids: 5. SOLD AT: $75.70. Date: 5/15/2003. The 356Bs do not have the following that the As enjoy, and their lesser value carries over to the related collectibles. Even so, it is difficult to understand why an as-new owners manual for a 356B would not bring at least $100 or more. This was stated to be from the collection of Vasek Polak, and if that can be verified it should add a touch more to the value. EBAY MOTORS #2414144782—ARC MODEL #1000 CAR RECORD PLAYER. First Bid: $49.99. Number of Bids: 38. SOLD AT: $2,600. Date Sold: 5/11/2003. This new- handful of these early Packard signs known, and this has #22 stamped in the case. They are a touch over three feet in length and 16 inches tall. The case is an ornate brushed copper, with "Packard- in neon on one side and "Ask The Man Who Owns One," which is not in neon, on the other. A very desirable sign but with the limited graphics I would think that the high bid should have been enough to send the piece down the road. EBAY #3605756742—ATLAS TIRES VINTAGE POSTER. First Bid: $25. Number in-the-box record player was the hot item in the late '50s and could play a dozen of your favorite 45s. It was best played when you were watching the submarine races with your date, as a slight bump in the road would cause the needle to leave a deep scratch across the record. The amount paid was not out of line with what other similar-condition players would bring, and is just the thing to finish off the restoration of your '59 Bel Air convertible. However, if you really care about having good music in your old car, vintage radios can now be retrofitted with modern electronics, including CD players, for under $1,000. EBAY #3605245460—SEASIDE GASO- of Bids: 10. SOLD AT: $355. Date: 5/4/2003. This was the bargain of the year! Who could pass on this piece of vintage tire advertising, which showed a couple of charming children at the wheel of an early car? A bunch of people did, as there were only five different bidders, and it sold for a fraction of its value. Another example of this poster sold a year ago for $2,500, and the buyer felt he had paid a few hundred under the market. As luck would have it, the same guy bought this one too, so he stands to make a couple large when he sells the extra one. LINE UNIFORM PIN. First Bid: $9.99. Number of Bids: 12. SOLD AT: $1,030.89. Date Sold: 4/29/2003. Seaside was a West Coast petroleum company that was purchased by Tidewater Associated at the end of WWII and in turn was acquired by Phillips 66. It continued to use the brand until the late '60s. As mentioned in the April issue of SCM, this is the type of badge that would have sold for at least twice the amount realized here when the badge market was boiling a few years ago. The price made here reflects the current market.• POSTMASTER Send address changes to: Sports Car Market PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292 CPC IPM Sales Agreement No. 1296205 Sports Car Market

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1936 AC, Coupe 14K Original  1964 Bentley S.3 RHD  1993 BMW 850ci Garnet Red/Cream 55k  1994 BMW 840ci Red/ Cream 66k  1938 BSA Scout Roadster Project  1941 Cadillac Sedan RHD Ex-Maharaja/ Low, Low Miles  1947 Cadillac Convertible Outrageous Original  1958 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan Fresh Motor  1961 Cadillac Convertible Superb Driver  951 Daimler Roadster Bristol Condition & Ram  936 Delahaye 135 Labourdette 3 Position Drophead  1946 Debhaye 135 MS Gentleman's Racer  1924 DodgeTourer Proper Older Restoration  925 Dodge Roadster Lovely Patina & Rebuilt Motor  960 Dodge Pickup 0I'Veller  1999 Dodge Viper RT/10 Hand-painted by Lassen  $45,000.00 $17,995.00 $28,995.00 $27,995.00 Inquire $27,500.00 $55,000.00 $8,500.00 $25,000.00 $29,995.00 $175,000.00 $375,000.00 $15,995.00 $18,995.00 $4,500.00 $175,000.00 1958 Echidna Vintage Racer Historical, Successful, Rare  5275,000.00 964 Face! Vega Facel ifi Driver/Project  966 Ferrari 330 GTS Long-term Owner  984 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole/ 40K  970 Fiat 500 Moretti Restored with sunroof  924 Franklin Tourer Dead Stock Origami  1910 Hupmobile Brass Roadster Ex-Harrah  959 Jaguar Mark I Recent Partial Restoration  961 Jaguar Mark ll Custom Cabriolet, Project  967 Jaguar XICE Roadster Red/Black Full Restoration  972 Lancia Fulvia Zagato,1600cc  $9,500.00 $185,000.00 $25,995.00 $7,995.00 $25,995.00 $39,995.00 $9,500.00 $22,500.00 $75,000.00 $17.500.00 1939 Lincoln Zephyr V12  1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible V-12/ Restored  1956 Lincoln Mark II White/ Original & Proper  1931 Mercedes Benz 370 Manheim Cabriolet  1960 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Roadster Several Available  $22,995.00 $59,995.00 $25,000.00 $140,000.00 From $7,500.00 to $21,500.00 1965 Mercedes Benz 220 SE CabAnthracite/ Zebra Wood ...$35,000.00 1966 Mercedes Benz 600 SWB Blue/ Zebra Wood  1974 Mercedes Benz 280 SLC 5-speed/ European Model  1979 Mercedes Benz 450 SL Roadster Black/ Black  1965 MG MGB Roadster Silver/ Blue/Wires/ OD  $27,995.00 $7,995.00 $10,995.00 $8,995.00 1950 Monet Goyon 125cc Motorcycle Only 1 in US/Original  $5,995.00 1955 Moto Morini 125cc 2-Stroke Motorcycle Fabulous  1961 M.V.Augusta 150cc Pickup Parts Delivery Truck  $4,995.00 $5,995.00 1954 Nash Rambler Pinin Farina Coupe Streamline Design.. $10,995.00 1960 Nash Metropolitan Proper Driver  1971 Oldsmobile Toronado Running parts car  1939 Packard 180 Super 8 Sedan  1940 Packard V-12 Rollson Town Car  1965 Pontiac Tempest Convertible 326  1980 Porsche 911 SC Targa Low Miles  1991 Porsche 911C4 Blue/ 110k  1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 LHD  1979 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II Fresh Paint  1960 Rover American Conversion Sweetie Pie  $8,995.00 $1,995.00 $49,995.00 $199,500.00 $9,500.00 $14,995.00 $27,995.00 $17,500.00 $19,500.00 $4,995.00 1973 Triumph Stag Convertible Club Concours Restoration .110,500.00 1955 Volkswagen Beetle 1 Owner  $5,995.00 WATERCRAFr 1947 Western Fairliner Torpedo  Fully restored to lake Tahoe specs 1947 Harco 40' Mahogany Pleasure Yacht  $75,000 $120,000 Twin 440s. Cruises at 35 ins. Art Deco head turner. Very expensive when new. 1955 Chriscraft 29 Beautiful ex-Tahoe Mahogany Speedboat  $48,500 Twin Hercules 6 cyl. Small galley and head. Recent re-fitting. Fascinating history. 1958 Richardson 41'  FUR SANG DE ARGENTINA The world's best Bugatti replicas, hand made in Argentina,Type 35B with supercharger. Virtually all parts are interchangeable with original. Blindingly fast as experienced by Phil Hill.Type 52 children's electric cars,Testarossa electric cars. Bugatti vices and spare parts. Expertly crafted and finished by our brothers down south in the land of silver and metal crafting masters. Cosmopolitan Motors LLC is proud to be the Exclusive Importer for Fur Sang in North America. RECYCLED OLD GROWTH TIMBER Hundreds of thousands of board feet of old growth Douglas FirTongue and groove, clear vertical grain with no nail holes. Eighty years old from five hundred year old trees, also California Redwood, 2x4, 2x6, 4x6, 6x8, 3x12, perfect original condition, previously used in food production never exposed to toxins or chemicals. Impossible to find on today's market. Inquire. $55,000 Formerly of the Miller Brewing family, hence its name "High Life: Very nice boat. Always Buying - Experts in Shipping. We appraise collector cars world-wide for insurance or settlements. (206) 467-6531 Fax (206) 467-6532 2030 8th Avenue - Seattle, Washington 98121 cosmopolitanmotors.com

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UPCOMING AUCTION CALE DAR FOR MORE INFO CALL 800.968.4444 OR LOG ONTO WWW.KRUSE.COM June 21 Auburn, IN - 1st annual Rod and Custom Auction June 28 Gonzales, LA - Bob Dean Estate Auction July 18 & 19 Denver, CO - The 31st Denver Collector Car Auction August 9 & 10 Colfax, CA - Colfax  Collector Car & Farm  Equipment Sale  August 16  Auburn, IN - Sport E.,  Compact Show  August 23 - 27  Auburn, IN - Automobilia and Collectibles Sale  August 27 - Sep 2  Auburn, IN - Auburn 2003 Classic Car Auction and  Show - 33rd Annual  5,000 Cars  September 6 Topsfield, MA (Boston) -  Collector Car Auction -  25th Annual  Auburn, IN - 1st Annual  Military Memorabilia  Equipment and  Vehicle Auction  September 13  September 20 Fontana, CA - IRL Collector Car Auction INTERNATIONAL Consign Your Car Today! con 8001968.4444 September 27 Indianapolis, IN - Indy Concour d Elegance September 27 - 28 New Braunfels, TX - San Antonio/Austin Classic Car Auction - 58th Semi-annual October 4 Auburn, IN - October 8 - 1st Annual RV & Motorcoach Auction 11 Hershey, PA - The Hershey Auction November 1 Auburn, IN - 1st Annual ALL NO RESERVE Collector Car Auction - Every car is NO RESERVE! November 8 - 9 Auburn, IN - 1st Annual Antique Auction November 21 - 23 Dallas, TX - Dallas 2003 Collector Car Show and Auction - December 13 Auburn, IN - 31st Annual 1st Annual Jewelry Auction JANUARY 2004 January 21-25 Scottsdale, AZ - 33rd Annual Collector Car Auction and Show Over 250 cars will be featured. Many makes and models will be represented, showcasing some of the finest vintage cars in the Rocky Mountain region. Consign Today! 800.968.4444 www.kruse.com •RUSE INTERNATIONAL Buyer Premium 6% Kruse International is pleased to be back in Denver with Vintage Gavel and John and Ed Soneff. THE 31ST COLLECTOR CAR AUCTION DENVER July 18 & 19, 2003

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A ThuB e33rdAnnual u1111103 AUGUST 23 thru SEPTEMBER 2  Nks / f _■et. 41.4 le Alt se, •,• • ,t  -4 IA& 11.111 - 11 RUSEI  ,1 AT THE KRUSE INTERNATIONAL 480 ACRE AUCTION PARK • AUBURN, IN • 1-69 to Exit 126 800.968.4444 • www.kruse.com Buyer Premium 6% .Auctioneers: Dean V. Kruse IN Lic 6AU1000027. Brent Earlyvvine IN Lic# AU01049489 •Smi .4 5,000 COLLECTOR CARS INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box 190 • Auburn, IN 46706 ENTER YOUR CARS TODAY! INVITATIONAL EVENT BE A PART OF HISTORY The World's Largest Collector Car AUCTION & SHOW

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FERRARI 360 GT Automatic Chronograph GIRARD -PERREGAUX WATCHES & FINE EUROPEAN JEWELLRY 1900 Simtit.i, ■ Hots  60035  Till.1.111P ■ r: 817.266.7900 rill I rill E: 800.277.2699 Visit GIRARD-PERREGAUX at www.gitard-perregaux-usa.com