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ARIZONA, ROUND ONE: 439 CARS SOLD FOR $6.8M SPORTS CAR 10 IA Cl • V The Gu!de to Collecting Classic, Antique, Sports, Hot Rod dr, Muscle Cars Celebrating 15 Years of Sports Car Market 1989-2003 • Ferrari 550 Barchetta — Supercar or Closeout Special? • 1958 AC Roadster — Connoisseurs Only Need Apply • SWB 911s — Finally Getting Some Respect • Revs 'R' Lls — AlTa GT Junior • Will All the Good Sports Cars Disappear? MARCH 200 03> o 74470 91750 USA $5.95 CANADA 58.95 WWW SPORTSCARMARKET COM

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1971 FERRARI 365GTB/4  'M BEACH 1926 BENTLEY 3-LITER SPEED MODEL BOATTAIL 1964 PORSCHE 356C CABRIOLET 1955 MERCEDES-BENZ 190SL ROADSTER C.AR SPECIP411.ST.F. - DAVID GOODING  TERRY LARSON  TODD WERTMAN  JACK C. BOXSTROM  866-762-8284 david@rmauctions.com 866-762-8284 todd@rmauctions.com 613-476-9132 jack@rmauctions.com 480-984-8501 tlarson@rmauctions.com MIKE FAIRBAIRN  ROB MYERS  PATRICK VAN SCHOOTE ....858-454-1800 patrick@rmauctions.com 800-211-4371 mike@rmauctions.com 800-211-4371 rob@rmauctions.com 800-211-4371 UATALOGS & BIDDER REGI:,ikATION ONE CLASSIC CAR DRIVE, BLENHEIM, ONTARIO, CANADA NOP 1A0 TEL: 519-352-4575  FAX: 519-351-1337 For further information on additional lots please visit www.rmauctions.com [Premier] J.J.BEsTBANc &Co.  PUTNAM PASSPORT TRANSPORT dR

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• Vol. 15, #3 Cast-iron lovers rejoice as Alfa 2000 brings $24,500 at Silver's Ft. McDowell sale. ON-SITE MARKET REPORTS 28 Silver Auctions Ft. McDowell, Arizona 38 Kruse International Scottsdale, Arizona 44 Artcurial Briest Poulain Le Fur Paris, France 48 Kruse International Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 53 Petersen Auction Group Salem, Oregon PROFILES 20 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina Supercar or closeout special? 24 1958 AC Ace Roadster Like a single-malt Scotch, an acquired taste. 56 1968 and 1970 Alfa Romeo 1300 GT Jr. Turn your daily commute into a mini-Targa Florio. 58 1899 Clement-Panhard Voiture Legere Type VCP Two-family centenarian for $77k. 60 1965 Porsche 911 The world has finally noticed. 64 1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Phaeton Flamboyant coachwork, pedestrian powerplant COLUMNS 6 Shifting Gears Keith Martin 8 The Inside Line Cindy Banzer 14 Collecting Thoughts Punishable Offense 15 Ask the X-perts Save Some For Me by SCM Analysts 18 Legal Files Leasing and Warranties by Alexander Leventhal 19 Bike Buys 1932-56 Norton International by Paul Duchene 22 Sheehan Speaks 512 BB LM: Finally A Winner by Michael Sheehan 61 Porsche Gesprach SCs and Studs by Jim Schrager 66 Affordable Classics 1966-76 Jensen Interceptor by Gary Anderson 68 Motobilia Add Some Neon by Carl Bomstead CLASSIFIEDS 23 Ferrari 26 English 57 Alfa Romeo 59 Etceterini 63 German 65 Vintage Race Cars 65 American 72 Resource Directory 74 Showcase Gallery 78 eWatch Elvis Sighting by Carl Bomstead DEPARTMENTS 10 You Write, We Read 11 Auction Calendar 51 Display Advertisers Index 55 Fresh Meat 59 Vintage Rally Calendar 66 Mystery Photo 67 Reviews 70 Mystery Photo Answers 70 Twenty Year Picture 71 Comments With Your Renewals 76 Neat Stuff 76 Glovebox Notes 45 - 1963 Jaguar Mk ll 3.8 Sedan - Awful paint, sagging leather, surprises at $16k. 40. 1956 Porsche 356A Coupe - Freshly painted, wavy bodywork, still makes $12.722. 52 - 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible - Our analyst says $37,630 is cheap for a restored, lowmileage car.

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cc I've probably driven as many miles on antique auto tours as anyone"... 0111111L- a  •  • •• • And Grundy's Complete Coverage Lets Me Tour With Confidence. Finally, a collector car insurance program that is sensitive to your needs and your wallet. • AGREED VALUE COVERAGE • NO MILEAGE LIMITATIONS • HIGH LIABILITY LIMITS AVAILABLE Find Out How Much You Can Save. Call for a fast, accurate quote: 800-338-4005 or log on to: www.grundy.com for a real-time quote in all 50 states. 400 Horsham Road, Box 1957, Horsham, PA 19044 WORLDWIDE 1Zithie (.1 ■, Director ot the Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV. ° • * — 1932 Stutz . .

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Lord, Won't You Buy Me a 4Matic Benz or the first time in 18 years, there's a new car with SCM Managing Editor Cindy Banzer's name on it, headed our way. Well, not exactly brand new, but new to the Martin-Banzer family. A 1999 Mercedes E320 4Matic sedan in champagne with tan leather, it's currently on a transporter making the journey from St. Louis, Missouri, to Portland, Oregon. F You might wonder why we would buy a recent production car 2,000 miles from our home. It came down to price and product. Once Cindy had decided on a budget of $30,000, the search began. As 4Matics are popular in the Pacific Northwest, those in the inventory of local dealers were priced thousands of dollars above retail book. They refused to negotiate, and often didn't even bother to return phone calls. We turned to the Internet. A car located in Cleveland looked promising, described in the listing and in e-mails we exchanged with the seller as, "perfect, never smoked in, ready to go, needs nothing." We asked subscriber and appraiser Don Shury, who lived nearby, to examine it. The car lot turned out to be an abandoned gas station filled with cars in various stages of decrepitude. In this case, "perfect" was a car with the "check engine" light on, a cigarette-scarred ashtray and large scrapes down its grime-covered sides. We passed. Another SCMsubscriber surreptitiously e-mailed us a list of results from dealer auctions around the country. 4Matics were cheap! Having found the Shangri-La of used Benzes, we enlisted SCM Mercedes specialist Scott Featherman to assist us. He cautioned that exceptional cars rarely make it to auctions, as dealers keep them to retail. We were sure he was wrong. Scott contacted a dealer who attends auctions and asked him to keep an eye out for something that met Cindy's criteria—a nice car, with no stories, good miles and, of course, dirt-cheap. If he found the right car, we guaranteed that we would, with a modest profit for him included, buy it. A few days later, the dealer called Scott with his report. He had watched 400 late-model leasereturn Mercedes go through an auction, 15 of them 4Matic sedans. Of those, all but one had stories of one type or other, ranging from extensive paint work to repaired frame damage. The one nice car sold for full retail, and the myth of buying great cars cheap through a dealer auction was exploded. Although we have not yet seen the car ourselves, by systematically exploring local, regional and national options, we believe we were able to find what we wanted, at our price. Using the SCMdatabase, a collector can look up the serial number of a Maserati Birdcage or 427 Corvette Sting Ray and see if there is any record of it crossing the block. For buyers of latemodel cars, the Internet makes the market a national one, and warranty computers and Carfax provide access to a car's past that was never before available. This is a true benefit of the electronic age. There is a caveat. No matter how well the data checks out, the final part of any deal must be a visual inspection. There is simply no substitute for a personal examination, whether it is a 40-year-old 356 or a four-year-old 320. As for the money we've saved? I'm sure we'll find a way to squander it on one of our ancient collectibles. For instance, the bills for the new engine on our two-stroke Saab 96 are just starting to come in, we're finishing a restoration of a factory hard top for Cindy's 1978 Alfa and with spring coming, all five of our motorcycles have started to ask for fistfuls of $50 bills to be thrown their way as well. North to Alaska We have another SCM road trip planned. We are going to drive an old sports car up the Al-Can Highway from Portland to Anchorage. We hope to leave in late June and take at least ten days to get to Anchorage. My coconspirator will be Bjarne Holm, a high-school buddy who shamed me out of my MGA and into my first Alfa many years ago. All I need now is the right car. A TR6 seems like a good candidate; if you have one to sell me, drop me an e-mail at kmartin@ sportscarmarket.com . Or if you have another candidate you think I should consider, I'm open to your suggestions. I would prefer a convertible that is relatively rugged, and it must be fully fettled. The perfect car for the Al-Can? Disheartened, we made more calls to local dealers and private parties, without any success. Returning to the Internet, on eBay we found a Stannarked 1999 4Matic offered by Plaza Motor Company (www.plazamotor.com ), an authorized Mercedes dealer in St. Louis. The salesman, Kieran Gutting, was affable enough, and the car carried a reasonable "Buy It Now" price of $29,500. The printouts from the Mercedes service computer held no surprises, and the Carfax came back clean. A few parries and ripostes later, the deal was done, contingent upon a visual inspection. After adding a four-year, 100,000-mile extended factory warranty, the final price was $30,500. Subscriber Rob Sass of Passport Transport, which is headquartered just five minutes from the dealership, examined it for us, confirmed the condition and handled the exchange of cashier's check for title. And as we pack our bags to head to Retromobile in Paris, Cindy's new Mercedes is already in a Passport truck, destination Portland. 6  We are still in search of a Ferrari GTC/4, but somehow that doesn't seem like the appropriate car for the Al-Can. And as there are too many cars in the Martin-Banzer garage, you'll note we have aggressively lowered the prices of our big Healey and Mondial in this month's Showcase Gallery. On the Cover "Femme au Volant," which illuminates our cover this month, was created by Alain Levesque. Jacques Vaucher, of 1 'art et I 'automobile gallery in New York City, described the painter's style as a synthesis of Italian Futurism, Russian Constructivism, French Cubism and German Bauhaus. Levesque has been a member of the Automobile Fine Arts Society (AFAS) since 1997, was the featured artist at the Meadow Brook Hall Concours in Michigan and his work has been shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Prints of "Femme au Volant," from a signed and numbered edition of 200, are available from Part et I 'automobile for $190 plus shipping. Each measures 16 x 21.7 inches. 631/329-8580, or www.arteauto.com . (NY)• Sports Car Market

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Bonharri Incorporating Brooks Auctioneers Museum of Transportation Brookline, Massachusetts • A Sale of Collectors:. Motor .Cars,. Motorcycles and Automobilia 3 May 2003 Entries Now Invited Bonhams' second Boston area sale will be held in May, 2003 at the Museum of Transportation, home of the Larz and Isabel Anderson collection of pioneer motor cars. Some of the finest classic and collector motOr cars and motorcycles will be offered:from this lovely suburban Boston location along with a selection - of fine automobilia. For more information about consigning a vehicle, please contact: — Mark Osborne (415) 391 4000 mark.osborne@bonhams.com Andrew Reilly (415) 503 3285 andrew.reilly@bonhams.com Malcolm Barber (415) 861 7500 malcolm.barber@bonhams.com www.bonhams.com USA 220 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco California 94103 (415) 391 4000 (415) 391 4040 fax Europe 10 Rue Blavignac 1227 Carouge-Geneva Switzerland +41 (0) 22 300 3160 +41 (0)22 300 3035 fax UK Montpelier Street London SW7 1HH +44 (0) 20 7393 3900 +44 (0)20 7393 3905 fax

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SCM Events and News 6/"How To Examine a Collector Car" is Editor Martin's new multimedia presentation, which will make its debut at the third annual SCM Insider's Seminar at RM's Amelia Island sale, Friday, 3/7/03. The two-hour event will also include a hands-on examination of cars being offered, and unlimited on-site consultation with SCM experts. $175/$300 for two ($250/$400 non-subscribers). Space is limited. Contact david. slama@sportscarmarket.com , phone 503/261-0555 x206. (OR) t/Dave Brownell and Jerry Lettieri of Automobilia Auctions will hold their annual March noreserve automobilia auction on 3/15/03 at Clearing House Gallery in Wethersfield, CT. More than 500 auto catalogs, tin and cast iron toys, gas globes and other items will be available. 802/362-4719, 860/529-7177. (VT) VSCM Ferrari specialist John Apen's one-minute "Motor Week" segments have begun airing on PBS and the Speed Channel. The segments are shot on location at various auctions. Apen describes a collector car that is to be auctioned, and estimates what it will bring when it crosses the block. "We're the Antiques Roadshow of collector cars," said Apen. News I/British Car magazine, published by SCM English-car specialist Gary Anderson, has been purchased by Motorsports Marketing, the publishers of Grassroots Motorsports magazine. According to Anderson, British Car will be relaunched this spring as Classic Autosport magazine, with a focus on technical and performance issues, and increased coverage of other marques. Anderson will remain as editor of the publication, and the first issue of Classic Autosport will be on the newsstands by 6/3/03. For a preview, visit www.classic autosport.net . 6/H&H Classic Auctions has hired Matthew Kershaw to head their department of automobilia and related collectibles. Matthew, 29, has worked for Alfa Romeo, MercedesBenz and Saab, and owns an extensive collection of car sales brochures. www.classicauctions.co.uk . 6/Mercedes-Benz now offers spare parts dating back to their very first model, the 1886 Benz Patent Motor Car. Parts are manufactured to the exacting factory standards and are available through Mercedes-Benz dealers, together with 80,000 additional parts for more recent vehicles. www.mbusa.com/classic. 6/Passport Transport has been named the official carrier for the Saratoga Automobile Museum, in Saratoga Springs, NY. Passport coordinated and transported the initial 30 collector automobiles needed for the museum's grand opening last June. www.passport transport.com . 8  VRM Classic Cars has hired Rod Egan as chief operating officer and John Kruse as automotive specialist. s/BuyaVette.com, a new Corvette classifieds Web site, invites you to list your Corvette, Corvette parts, accessories and memorabilia, free of charge. There is no limit as to how many listings you may have. Events VJoin Peter Brock, Dave McLellan and Jerry Burton for a twohour discussion about the Corvette, 3/7/03, in Amelia Island, FL. Tickets are $75 each, and the seminar will act as a prelude to the eighth annual Amelia Island Concours, 3/9/03. 800/811-8448, fax 904/731-5004, www.ameliaconcours.org . (FL) VMore than 35,000 hot rod en- thusiasts will make their way to the Stadium Exhibition Center for the Seattle Roadster Show, 3/7-9/03. 877/236-0632, fax 503/2360672, www.hotrod shows.com, info@ hotrodshows.com . (OR) VThe National Classic Car Show for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands takes place 3/7-9/03, in Antwerp, Belgium. +49 (0) 2407-17300, fax +49 (0)2407-17711, www.siha.de , info@siha.de. (DE) VA total of 200 cars will be accepted to participate in this year's Tour Auto, 4/7-12/03. The route will start in Paris and end in Cannes, via Dijon, Vichy and the Olympic Savoy region. E-mail ppeter@peter.fr, fax +33 (0) 1 42 59 48 28, www.tour-auto.com . (FR) VSCM Freeloader Extraordinaire Ed Pasini kicks off his fifth annual No Frills Iron Bottom Motoring Tour, 4/10/03. The free three-day event is open to anyone with a car built prior to 1978. Rack up 1,000 miles on the back roads of Southern California. No sign-up is necessary; just show up at the Rose Bowl (Arroyo Blvd. and Seco St.) at 7 a.m. And remember, this is no frills. E-mail: epas356@aol.com. 6/The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA, is celebrating Ferrari as art, 4/13-7/20/ 03. La Bella Macchina: The Art of Ferrari will include selections from the Klemantaski Collection of racing photographs; 14 racing, road and sports Ferraris; and other special Ferrari-related objects. 757/664-6200, fax 757/664-6201, www.chrysler.org. (VA) VThe 27th annual Spring Carlisle Swap Meet and Car Corral, 4/23-27/03, is expecting to draw 120,000 enthusiasts. Located in Carlisle, PA, this will be the first Carlisle event of the season. www.carsatcarlisle.com . rally. Fax +44 (0)1886 833144, info@hero. org.uk, www.hero.org.uk. (UK) t/The British Motorcar Club is holding the 20th annual British Motorcar Day, 5/17/03, at Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA. 500 entrants and thousands of spectators are expected. 770/ 804-9380, fax 770/804-9385. (GA) Auctions VMecum Auctions will debut a new auc48 Nardi/Danese Alfa offered by RM at Amelia tion, 3/1-2/03. A selection of hot rods, muscle cars and other special interest vehicles will be at the Manatee Convention Center in Palmetto, FL. 800/468-6999, 815/568-6615, www.mecumauction.com . (IN) 6/Kruse International goes to Florida for their 31st annual Ft. Lauderdale sale, 3/1-2/ 03. Among other cars offered will be a 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A with a 340-c.i. V8 and original build sheet. 800/968-4444, www.kruseinternational.com . (IN) VRM's Amelia Island auction, 3/8/03, features a 1948 Nardi/Danese Alfa 6C 2500 Mille Miglia Spider, a 1956 AC Bristol roadster, a 1963 Jaguar lightweight E-type race car and a 1971 Ferrari 512 M. 800/ 211-4371, fax 519/ 351- I 337,www.rm auctions.com. (CN) VSpectrum's 4/46/03 Palm Springs Car Classic will see more than 1,000 cars cross the block. Approximately 30 cars will be sold at no reserve on Friday night alone. 818/999-0832, fax 818/999-0816, www.palmspringscarclassic. corn. (CA) VBarrett-Jackson is now accepting consignments for their West Palm Beach, FL, sale, 4/11-13/03. 480/421-6694, fax 480/421-6697, www.barrett-jackson.com . (AZ) t/Bonhams will hold its first auction in Los Angeles, 5/31/03. Details on consignments and location can be gathered from 415/391-4000, fax 415/391-4040. www.borthams.com . (CA) 6/Bonhams' Brookline, MA, sale will be held in the Museum of Transportation, 5/3/03, and will feature more than 50 cars. 6/11M Classic Cars will offer 500 cars at their second annual Houston Classic auction, 5/16-18/03, which will in part benefit Rotary International. In attendance will be a 1925 Duesenberg A open tourer with coachwork by Fleetwood and a 1947 Lincoln Continental V12 convertible. 800/211-4371, www.rm auctions.com. (CN) Transitions t/Spend a week participating in either the Scottish Malts Reliability Trial or the Scottish Malts Classic Car Tour, 5/12-16/03. Visit distilleries, race about the Scottish countryside and enjoy Britain's premier summer historic road 6/Gianni Agnelli, 81, passed away 1/24/ 03. He ruled Fiat for six decades, becoming managing director in 1963 of the company his grandfather founded in 1899. Despite turning Fiat into a global powerhouse, sales and market share have slumped in recent times, with a $1.3b loss estimated for 2002.• sports car market

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CHRISTIE'S INTERNATIONAL MOTOR CARS Our inaugural auction in May 2002 at Rockefeller Center totaled over $3.8 million, and established three new world record prices. Currently our specialists are accepting consignments for our June 2003 auction and would be pleased to provide you with a complimentary auction estimate. Christie's Collectors' Car Auction a Exhibition at Rockefeller Center Auction Thursday, 5 June 2003 Enquiries Miles Morris mmorrisachristies.com Tel: (1 212) 636 2277 Consignment Deadline 10 April 2003 Malcolm We!ford mwelfordachristies.com Tel: (1 310) 385 2699 Venue 20 Rockefeller Plaza New York 10020 Catalogues US: 1 (212) 636 2500 Worldwide: 44 (0)20 7389 2820 www.christies.com

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You Write, We Read All letters are subject to editing. Please address correspondence to SCM, PO Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Fax 503/253-2234, e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com Dear SCM: I was reading the January SCM on the way home from Phoenix and noticed the 1939 Cadillac V16 limousine featured in eWatch (page 78) that was offered on eBay Motors. Carl Bomstead mentioned that, due to a cracked block, the car remained unsold at a high bid of $12,000. It didn't remain unsold for long. My friend Ron e-mailed the owner in Oregon. They talked, discussed the block, and Ron decided he could have the engine welded. He bought the car sight unseen for a few thousand more than the top bid, trailered it home, and I spotted the car outside his house the next morning. Two things sold Ron on the car. The first was the fact that the body was absolutely rust-free, straight and original, including the black paint. The second was the interior, which was also original and virtually like new—no rips, tears, stains or burns, including the door panels. The headliner was a little tatty but not bad. Anyway, since buying this car, Ron took the engine block to San Francisco, had it welded by a fellow he knows over there (the process was done in three stages, so it wasn't a simple job), and he's starting to put the engine back together. Ron is in the sheetmetal business, so he knows welding and metalworking, and he's confident that the engine is now as solid as it was new. Personally, I think Ron got himself one helluva deal.— Michael Lamm, Stockton, CA Dear SCM: Your magazine is absolutely fantastic. Real information, guides and values. Most of the UK mags, such as Classic & Sports Car or Classic Cars have all gone "soft" with glossy pages, 60% adverts and socalled "buyers guides" or articles like "The Truth About the Wandango Supercum Mk HI" that actually tell you little or nothing. Please don't go soft.—Nigel Petas, via e mail - Dear SCM: A few comments regarding your January issue. You stated the 1953 Buick Skylark was "not particularly pleasant to drive" (page 32). Well, my sister had one. At the time it felt much more surefooted than my 1953 Lincoln Capri convertible or my mother's 1954 Caribbean. Ah, that was a swell lineup in our driveway. 10  Next, onto the "Affordable Classics" article (page 66). The Hemi engine might have been available on the Dodge Dart in 1969, but not in 1968. I had a pewter 383 GTS convertible with all stripes deleted, dark green interior and top (not a combo recommended in the catalog, but very nice nonetheless), 3.25 limitedslip differential and quick-ratio manual steering. Dog dish hubcaps, too. I traded it for a Quattroruote Zagato. I wish I could have taken the Serenissima sticker off the 4R to keep. Finally, are you just trying to scare people, or are you having fun talking about ridiculous amounts of money ("Sheehan Speaks," page 20)? A "minor rip in driver's seat" costing $2,500? You repair it with a leather patch kit. Half an hour, maybe $10. $300 for an inoperable horn? $100, tops. "Hose Job" is right—it's your article. By the way, I highly recommend the 100 Hours of Modena. You can't beat dinner at Righini's castello with its staggering car collection. Also, it's the only place I've seen a two-wheel-drive bicycle—the handlebars are a crank for the front wheel.—Anatoly Arutunoff, Tulsa, OK Dear SCM: Back in the early 1970s I bought a Lotus 18 from Pierre's Motors, in Portland, Oregon. Bright orange, it used to have fenders (I think Pierre might have tossed those) and belonged to a Reed College student. That couldn't have been Keith Martin, could it? Although I still have pictures, I unfortunately had to sell it in 1975 due to lack of money and storage. Received my purchase price back of $9,000. Sigh.—William Groesz, Redmond, OR In the early '70s, while at Reed, I had a '59 Giulietta Spider Veloce, a '63 Giulia Spider Normale, a '67 Duetto, a '65 El Camino, a '62 Falcon two-door and a '63 Country Squire wagon. Sadly, no Lotus 18.—ED. Dear SCM: I attend a lot of car events and usually receive one of your generously provided sample issues. I very much enjoy the publication and find it most informative. It is about time I squeezed the eagle and came up with the bucks for a subscription. — Ed Gilbertson, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, San Francisco, CA Ed, glad to have you on board. Its been a pleasure getting to know you at all the various events. I appreciate the hard work you and all the other concours judges do.—ED. Dear SCM: Responding to Bob Schiff's letter in the January issue. Bob wants you to tell him how to service, store, and restore his collector cars. No! You do a great service telling about the market. There are many other publications out there that cover Bob's desired topics; over and over and over. I don't want to read about oil changes in your magazine! Don't waste your valuable pages spoonfeeding those who want one publication to serve all their needs. Don't cater to those too lazy to make any effort to learn about their cars through other means. Joining a marque club dedicated to one's automotive love will give much more satisfaction and information than some general Popular Mechanics article about storing your car for the winter, or how not to get ripped off by the local transmission shop. Okay, I'm finished. MI — Vic Skirmants, Warren, Vic, we appreciate your thoughts. Just as you have built an enviable reputation by focusing on 356s, we will continue to focus on the market for cars of interest. At the same time, there continues to be a dearth of information about what really goes into owning and maintaining a collectible car today (just think—the first 911 is now 39 years old) and we will offer, from time to time, hints and suggestions concerning maintenance that we think are relevant. But don't worry—you won 't see "Ten Tips to Get Your Panhard Ready for Winter Storage" anytime soon in SCM.—ED. Dear SCM: I've been a subscriber since 1995 and have by and large dropped my subscriptions to the others. I read your magazine once upon its arrival and then, again when time permits. Hence these comments now about Cuban cars (July 2002, page 6. An article in the NY Times advocated restoring the jury-rigged cars in Cuba, SCM maintains they should be left alone.—ED.) You Write, We Read continued on page 69 SPORTS CAR C11022111 EDITOR & PUBLISHER Keith Martin MANAGING EDITOR Cindy Banzer ART DIRECTOR Tyler Roy-Hart EDITORIAL MANAGER Brian Rabold PROJECTS COORDINATOR David Slama GRAPHIC ARTIST Kirsten Hegg SUBSCRIPTIONS Kristen Hall-Geisler COPY EDITOR Bill Neill SENIOR AUCTION ANALYSTS Dave Brownell Dave Kinney Richard Hudson-Evans AUCTION ANALYSTS John Apen Chip Baldoni B. Mitchell Carlson Scott Featherman CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Gary Anderson Carl Bomstead Bengt Halvorson Alexander Leventhal Jim Schrager Michael Sheehan CONTRIBUTORS Steve Ahlgrim Raymond Milo Steve Serio Tom Young 1.1. MANAGER Adrian Gilles INTERNET SPECIALIST Matt King DATABASE SPECIALIST Darin Halkides FINANCIAL MANAGER Deanne Pierce DESIGN CONSULTANT Scott Abts ALFA ROMEO SPECIALIST Pat Braden (1934-2002) ••• ADVERTISING INFORMATION contact Tyler Roy-Hart 503/261-0555, ext. 202 fax 503/253-2234 andir@sportscarmarket.com . ••• TO SUBSCRIBE 800/289-2819 fax 503/253-2234 www.sportscannarket.com INQUIRIES Asour YOUR SUBSCRIPTION? Toll-Free 877/219-2605, ext. 208 service@sportscarmarket.com ••• The information in Sports Car Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we must disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timeliness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material, data, formats and intellectual concepts in this issue copyright 2003 by the Alfa Romeo Exchange, dba Sports Car Market magazine, in this format and any other used by Sports Car Market magazine. 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Auction Calendar All dates listed are current at time of publication. Contact information for most auction companies may be found in the Resource Directory at the back of this issue. Please confirm dates and locations before attending any event. MARCH Alabama — March 1 KRUSE — McCalla Florida — March 1 KRUSE — Miami Louisiana — March 1 ICA — Gonzales Florida — March 1-2 KRUSE — Ft. Lauderdale Florida — March 1-2 MECUM — Palmetto England — March 3 COYS OF KENSINGTON — London Florida — March 8 RM AUCTIONS — Amelia Island Arkansas — March 8-9 KRUSE — Hot Springs Switzerland — March 10 BONHAMS — Geneva Arizona — March 14-16 ICA — Gilbert Illinois — March 14-15 MECUM — St. Charles Texas — March 15-16 !CRUSE — New Braunfels France — March 16 OSENAT — Fontainebleau California — March 22-23 MECUM — Pleasanton Florida — March 22-23 KRUSE — Ft. Myers Florida — March 22-23 VINTAGE GAVEL — Ft. Myers England — March 24 CHRISTIE'S — London Tennessee — March 28-29 MECUM — Knoxville ARTCUR1AL BRIEST POULAIN LE FUR — Paris France — March 31 APRIL California — April 4-6 MECUM — Del Mar California — April 4-6 SPECTRUM — Palm Springs Canada — April 4-6 RM CLASSIC CARS — Toronto Texas — April 5 ICA — Amarillo England — April 5 CHEFFINS — Cambridgeshire England — April 9 H&H AUCTIONS — Derbyshire Iowa — April 11-13 MECUM — Des Moines ll000h Baby! No One Babies Your Baby Like We Do. Florida — April 12 KRUSE — Daytona Beach Oregon — April 12 SILVER — Portland Pennsylvania — April 12 RM COLLECTOR CARS — Andreas Florida - April 11-13 BARRETT-JACKSON — Palm Beach Michigan — April 25-27 RM CLASSIC CARS — Novi Missouri — April 25-27 CCI — Branson Canada — April 25-26 CAR CRAZY — Calgary Idaho — April 26 SILVER — Boise Switzerland — April 26 OLDTIMER GALLERIE — Toffen England — April 27-28 BONHAMS — London MAY Indiana — May 2-4 KRUSE — Auburn Missouri — May 2-3 MECUM — Kansas City Massachusetts — May 3 BONHAMS — Boston Nevada — May 3-4 SILVER — Reno England — May 7 H&H AUCTIONS — London England — May 10 BONHAMS — Newport Pagnell Texas — May 16-18 RM CLASSIC CARS — Katy Illinois — May 23-25 MECUM — Belvidere Canada — May 23-24 OKOTOKS — Okotoks Indiana — May 24 KRUSE — Indianapolis Oregon — May 24 SILVER — Bend France — May 26 ARTCURIAL BRIEST POULAIN LE FUR — Paris Monaco — May 26 BONHAMS — Fontvielle Nevada — May 30-June 1 KRUSE — Las Vegas California — May 31 BONHAMS — Los Angeles JUNE England — June 4 H&H AUCTIONS — Derbyshire New York — June 5 CHRISTIE'S — New York New York — June 6-7 KENSINGTON MOTOR GROUP — Bridgehampton Oklahoma — June 6-8 KRUSE — Tulsa• With Intercity, delivery is always painless. We're "car people"and we understand how hard it is to part with your baby. So when the time comes to let go and relocate your automobile, choose the company that specializes in automobile transportation. Intercity is equipped with enclosed transporters, liftgate loading, insurance coverage, and door-to-door service.We deliver anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. A sophisticated QUALCOMM satellite tracking system closely monitors your vehicle's exact location at all times. So relax she'll be fine. Please Call or E-mail for a FREE QUOTE. 1-800-221-3936 FAX 413-436-9422  a www.intercitylines.com 552 Old West Brookfield Road •Warren, MA 01083 The official transporters for: The Auto Collections Barrett Jackson • Bloomington Gold • Corvette Mike • Mecum Auctions • The Petersen Automotive Museum March, 2003 11

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SCM at the Cava!lino Classic Photos by Scott Featherman , ,,:rso d'Eleganza

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1931 Alfa Romeo 6C/8C 2600 101014852 1934 Alfa Romeo Tipo B (P3)  50003 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C2900B  412021  1959 Alfa Romeo G.S.V. 07502 1968 Brabham BT21 F2  AM-270  1961 Davin SS  DSS1 1954 Ferrari 500 Mondial  0434/MD  1959 California Spyder  1501/GT 1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB  2701/GT 1971 Ferrari Daytona Spyder Conversion 13663 1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS  03988  1997 Ferrari F310B  175 2001 0-Force F3000 02  1955 Jaguar D-Type XICD-515 1970 Lola T210 HU/10  1975 Lola T294 T294-65 1981 Lola T600  T600-HU3  1963 Lotus 19  19-163  1946 Maserati 4CL-1500  1581  1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing 00288 1957 Porsche Carrera GT Speedster  83735  1984 Porsche 911SCRS Rally Car 100505 1986 Porsche 962C  962C-118  1987 Porsche 959  900003 - ArXTIvf www.SymbolicMotors.com Phone (858) 454-1800 Fax (858) 454-1890 1A.111i .1( 7440 La Jolla Blvd. • La Jolla CA 92037

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Not Every Car's an Adam 12 As printed in AutoWeek, December 9, 2002 Market Branson Collector Car Auction, Branson, Mo. October 18-20 1969 Plymouth Fury I four-door sedan 440 c.i. V8, - column-shift automatic, dog-dish hubcaps. Dressed up in period Kansas City Highway Patrol livery, including gumball light, police radios, siren, KHP stickers. Poor quality repaint (probably to KHP standards), visible rust on rear valance. Paint masking and preparation abysmal at best. SOLD AT $4,200 respected by every officer he commanded and worked alongside, and both his sons are currently with the NYPD. There is a story about this that still chokes me up. A friend of this sergeant kept telling him he had to see this restored NYPD 1971 Fury, and before he did, he passed away. With 20 NYPD Harleys, my car led his hearse down the highway he once patrolled, also passing the officers who had to work that day parked on the side of the road lined up at attention saluting the sergeant they respected so much. I have also led many motorcycle charity runs. One was the closing of the NYPD Emergency Service fund for the officers killed at the World Trade Center—we went with the survivors, wives, children and parents of these officers to Ground Zero where the 23 names carved into the police memorial wall were unveiled with the aviation unit of the NYPD doing a fly-by and the Harbor unit at the water's edge. A wreath was placed, there was a dedication and then we watched as these family members climbed a ladder to trace and touch each name as if their loved one was actually there. I also make a yearly trip to Washington D.C. to be a part of the Police Memorial Week to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting people like Mr. Martin. I can do many other fun things with my police cars as well. A few weeks ago Dan Aykroyd had a free Blues Brothers concert for the rescue workers of the WTC. He rode my Harley onto the stage while the restored police cars lined the entrance to the show. Every auction seems to have one of these replica "Adam 12" cars. They're certainly cheap enough to build, as the market value of a '69 Fury is somewhere between 50 cents and $1. Add $49.95 for a paint job with a one-day guarantee, and $25 for all the surplus police junk, and there you are. I can only see two uses for these cars, the first being driving in the annual Fourth of July parade with your lights flashing, and the other scaring kids who are parked, watching the submarine races at the local lovers' lane. If those are the kinds of things that toot your horn, then I suppose this car should be considered well bought. —KEITH MARTIN The Response I would like to reply to Keith Martin's comments in AutoWeek. The subject was a 1969 Plymouth Fury Kansas Highway Patrol car sold at Collector Cars International's Branson, Missouri, auction. But let me first give you some background I have been with the New York Police Department Highway Patrol for five years as an auxiliary officer and own a restored NYPD 1971 Fury patrol car (green, black and white), a 1974 Harley-Davidson FLHP NYPD, a 1968 Adam 12 Belvedere (no, not every car can be called an Adam 12 car, as Martin states), a 1967 Dodge Coronet New York sheriff car, a 1973 Fury and a 1961 Fury, both NYPD cars. Let's start with a question: if I restore a Mustang, what can I do with it? Hit the local car show, sit in a lawn chair and apply sunblock for five hours—not as exciting as Mr. Martin's plans for a restored police car. I belong to a group called the Historic Police Car Honor Guard, and let me give you an idea of some functions I've attended with the restored police vehicles. I have led many a parade, including the NYC Columbus Day parade down 5th Avenue, and the occasional July 4th parade. I have performed funeral escort duties for police officers to honor the proud history of the largest police department in the country. One in particular was for a retired sergeant from the Highway Patrol who loved old cars and had a proud career with the department. He was loved and 14 The car affects people. One woman rushed over to me at a local car show, her face glowing. She grabbed me and said "Oh my god, my father was the commanding officer of your Highway Patrol Precinct in 1971 (a motorcycle precinct at that time), and he used to come home in a car exactly like this to see me when I was a little girl." This brought back such nice memories, as her father had passed away about a year before. At another car show, one of the staff stopped me as he was directing us into the show and said "The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck. I drove these cars, and to see it 30 years later is fantastic!" I can keep on going. In the three years since I finished my car, I have never been more honored, proud, emotional and just plain happy with any other car I've owned. Mr. Martin fails to understand the history of police cars and how important it is to preserve. I suggest Mr. Martin attend two events in 2003. The first is the third annual Antique Police Car Show at the New York City Police Museum on June 7, which I organize. After the show, we will convoy to the police memorial near Ground Zero for a brief ceremony. The second event is Chrysler At Carlisle, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, July 11-13. This year's theme is police cars and the Dodge return to the police car market. As for these cars not having any value, a 440-c.i. 1969 Fury equipped with the police package and restored to its original glory of a Kansas Highway Patrol car is worth more than 50 cents to $1. And $25 for surplus police junk? My project started three years before the car was done, researching and trying to find antique police equipment long discarded by the police department, matching special order paints not recorded on paint charts, and reproducing door decals not seen in 30 years. Of course, this is not as difficult as opening 15 catalogs and ordering every repro part for that Mustang that sits for five hours at the car show. We know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there are times that opinion is useless. Please tell this to Mr. Martin. Maybe he will think or research a little before he honors us with his words of wisdom. I could have been a little harsher, but after reading the above, maybe Mr. Martin will keep his opinions to himself—GD., via e-mail We're impressed with the dedication you bring to restoring and using vintage police cars. However, there is a wide difference between your carefully researched, painstakingly assembled cars and the hodge-podge, backyard specials we often see at auctions. Your dedication makes the cars you build special; the absence of same makes the cars such as the one reviewed here just an old used Mopar, with a few gadgets stuck on it, slammed together for resale. No more, and no less. I stand by my comments in AutoWeek.—ED.• Sports Car Market

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Ask The X-Perts Save Some For Me D ear X-perts: Something troubles me about the world of classic cars: Will there be any good ones lefifor me? Specifically, will it be possible for me tofind a good Lancia Aurelia Spyder or a Lamborghini Miura S five years from now? I realize no one can predict what kind of money will be needed to acquire one of these gems five years down the road, but what about the supply? Will they all be either bastardized beyond reason by restoration hacks or disintegrated by time? I am 35 years old and have a financially secure job with the IRS, yet with wife, kids and private school tuition, I fear many desirable cars will be gone before I can start my collection. Am I being paranoid?—John Maxwell, Dallas, TX Keith Martin responds: Yes, you are being paranoid. In fact, there are more good collectible cars available now than ever before, and each new restoration of a barn find adds another to the group. Further, with the two examples you give, the Aurelia and the Miura, they have a high enough value that, excepting a bum-to-the-ground catastrophic accident, they will always be rebuilt after a mishap. Interestingly, the cars that are increasingly hard to find are good examples of common cars. Take, say, a 1976 Chevrolet Vega. They were all treated badly, and by now most are just traces of ferrous oxide sprinkled on the dirt floor of a junkyard. In fact, trying to find a perfect Vega, original or restored, is today more difficult than finding a perfect Aurelia or Miura. Ten years from now, it will be even harder. Of course, that begs the question, why would anyone look for a perfect Vega? Dear X-perts: In the January issue, Steve Ahlgrim reported on a 1981 Ferrari 308 GTBi (page 18). I have been thinking about buying a 308 for some time, and was very interested in his comments about the injected The City nt Easier to find than a Vega. cars. In the article, Ahlgrim states, "Bad examples exhibited some telltale signs, such as stained paint around the license plate." Could you explain what the stained paint behind the plate might look like, and what other signs I should look for?—C. G, State College, PA Steve Ahlgrim replies: It is true that 308s with suspect engines will often stain the back panel of the car. If you take the license plate off, the paint will be lighter in the area the plate has covered. Normal washing will not remove the stain; however, spraying the area with a grease dissolver like 409 or Fantastic before washing it will remove the stain. Polish will also remove the Spectrum Auction Company 23295 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364 11 •-___frEsERyzi „ NO Car Show & Auction 1966 Pontiac GTO VIN 2421762122373 5&6, 2003 April 4, Hot Rods, Roadsters, Classics, Antiques, Sports Cars and Exotics! that 'IUD Tim Don't miss these 3 WORLD CLASS events: • 9th Annual Cruise-in!  ~~ March, 2003 Classic Car Auction! Annual Palm Springs Concours d' Elegance! 7 "•"■■•=7 111 ii 7 ^ 19. 3 !trees 2CV VIN 63C81184 FEATURING A FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL - APRIL 4TH 30 CARS TO BE SOLD NO RESERVE! FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL STANLEY ZAHN (818) 999-0832 FAX (818) 999-0816 www.palmspringscarclassic.com E-mail: stanley@spectrumauctions.com 15 f

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tion guide does not mention ivory white as an option for the Series I, and the only color combination with the red interior is black Jam at the point where, i f 1 am going to repaint the car it is time to choose the color Any help would be appreciated—David Spellberg, via e-mail Gary Anderson replies: I assume you've got the Original Jaguar EWatch out for 409 CM CI 308 stain, but not as well as the chemical cleaning products. I mention this because a knowledgeable seller will remove the stain, but an amateur will not. Another sign to be aware of involves the large three-inch hose that directs air into the intake plenum. If the hose has oil in it, the engine is suspect. The more oil, the worse the engine. I'm hesitant to make a definitive statement that the hose should not have any oil in it at all, but I've been told there shouldn't be any. Since you are considering buying a 308, let me take this opportunity to reiterate my summation of the "i" models. While these cars do offer cheap entry into Ferrari ownership, I wouldn't necessarily recommend them. Either spend a few more bucks and buy a Quattrovalvole, or opt for a carbureted model instead. Dear X-perts: Jam in the process of restoring my Jaguar E-type roadster and am concerned about the exterior color When I researched the car through Jaguar archives I found out the original color was black It is currently an ivory white. Ifyou go to the Jaguar club S Web site (www.jcna.org ), they mention that as long as the color combination was an available option the color is acceptable. The Jaguar restora- Type by Phillip Porter and Jaguar E-Type 6- and 12-Cylinder Restoration Guide by Dr. Thomas F. Haddock, since these are the two standard references for concours preparation of E-types. In Porter, the "white" colors are listed as pearl and cream. Pearl was offered with dark blue and red interior trims from 1961 through 1964, and cream with cream and red interiors in 1961 and 1962 and black interior in 1963 and 1964. I'm not certain what the "pearl" shade is, but one well-respected Jaguar restoration shop I talked to confirmed my understanding that what the book calls "cream" is what most of us often refer to as "ivory white" or "Olde English White" and that these are all pretty much synonymous for an offwhite with just a hint of yellow in it. In any case, my reading of the Jaguar Concours judging guidelines is that you can use virtually any Jaguar paint and trim color on any model, whether or not the color or combination was listed in the brochures for that model, based on the argument that any standard trim or paint color could be special-ordered. I think you'd be on firm ground if you decided to finish your car in cream with a red interior since these colors were available all through the Series I period and were even used in combination with each other during the first two years of E-type production. However, before you invest the money to do that, I'd recommend you check with the current chairman of the Jaguar Concours program just to make sure. His/her name should be available on the Web site, or on query to the national president. It's always frustrating for entrant and judge alike to find themselves arguing over an expensive item like the paint or trim on the judging field when the money has long since been spent. Mr. Anderson is publisher of British Car magazine (britishcarcom). Send the X-perts your questions. E-mail copyed@sportscarmarket.com , or fax 503/253-2234.• Affordable, Agreed Value Insurance for Hobbyists American Hobbyist Insurance is dedicated to serving car hobbyists of all stripes. Whether your collector vehicle is a classic sports car, or a new, limited-production vehicle (or anything in-between), we can help. The policy provides Agreed Value coverage, one charge for liability and no restrictive mileage limitations.* Visit our website for an instant, on-line quote or call: 1 (800) 395-4835 wvvw.AmericanHobbyist.com 2501 S.E. Aviation Way • Stuart, FL 34996 I / AMERICAN HOBBYIST INSURANCE AGENCY Underwritten by American Reliable Insurance Company * Certain restrictions and limitations apply and may vary by state. Not available in all states. CA Lic# 0892730  16 SCM 02/03 Sports Car Market

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CHRYSLER  0 0 PRESENTS: ( —  517.1.- Lot # 183 - 1958 Mercedes-Benz 30051 Roadster DALV1 E ACI-1 APRIL 11-13, 2003 CLASSIC CAR AUCTION ( I. TH FLOPII A EXI)O ( I 'TER AT THE SOUTH FLORIDA FAIRGROUNDS For over thirty years, Barrett-Jackson Auction I Company has brought the World's finest automobiles and most discriminating car collectors together in Scottsdale, Arizona, for what is internationally recognized as the World's Greatest Classic Car Auction. Lot# 195 - 1930 Packard 745 Victoria Waterhouse Coach We are pleased to continue the BarrettJackson tradition with the announcement of our new event in association with Manheim's Palm Beach Auto Auction. 0 Lot# 221 - 1957 Ford Thunderbird The same lifestyle and amenities that make our Scottsdale event so appealing to our elite clientele, will most surely be apparent in Palm Beach. From shopping to golfing, exquisite dining and relaxing spa resorts, you will find many ways to enjoy your stay, along with the offering of many of the rarest, most sought after automobiles a car collector can imagine. Held in the new 85,000 square foot South Florida Expo Center, just minutes away from the majestic Atlantic Ocean. We are proud to announce the addition of the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Auction to our event calendar. Auction Location: South Florida Expo Center at the South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411 (From Florida's Turnpike take Southern Blvd. exit / from 1-195, exit Belvedere Rd. or Southern Blvd.) Lot# 162 - 1950 Ford Woody Custom S/W Call for Bidder/Consignor Info 480-421-6694 Consignments now being accepted BARRETT-JACKSON 3020 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 P 480-421-6694 • www.barrett-jackson.com 40101111110K Lot# 430- 1919 Ford Daytona Speedster Recreation WESUALM BEACH-In association with... Nes ----"" ) inv I. Showiloats Jeep,"

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Legal Files / Alex Leventhal Lease a Car, Lose a Warranty L easing new cars has become increasingly popular, but a recent decision by the New York State Court of Appeals should give you pause before you run out to acquire that new car. If a manufacturer chooses not to back up his warranty on a leased car, at least in New York, you won't have the federal government to help you out. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, passed in 1974, protects consumers by requiring warrantors to repair defects or malfunctions covered by a written warranty without charge and in a reasonable time, and to provide a refund or replacement when this obligation cannot be met. In other words, it is the legal muscle behind a manufacturer's warranty. The Act also contains provisions of particular interest to hot-rodders and customizers, as it requires that warrantors honor their warranties on vehicles equipped with aftermarket parts, unless the warrantor can prove that the failure of the warranted part is directly related to the presence of the aftermarket part. The Act provides for enforcement of its provisions by allowing plaintiffs to file suit for alleged violations in any appropriate state or federal court. Actual and consequential damages, including attorney's fees, can be awarded for violations. The Magnuson-Moss act, in short, has been a boon to vehicle purchasers, especially those who buy temperamental exotic and sports cars, whose equally temperamental foreign manufacturers were not historically very responsive to warranty claims. Further, the act has encouraged aftermarket suppliers, as an auto manufacturer may not arbitrarily void, let's say for example, an engine warranty just because you put on a performance air cleaner. In the case of Mark DiCintio v. DaimlerCluysler Corporation, et. al., New York State's highest court, the Court of Appeals, recently ruled that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and the protection it provides, did not apply to lessees of vehicles, only to purchasers. It is likely that other states will follow suit the next time this issue is presented. The New York decision is "persuasive" as opposed to "binding" authority, but it seems likely to be followed, particularly because the New York interpretation seems in keeping with the letter, if not the spirit of the Act. The facts of the case that caused the Court to take this position were simple. The plaintiff, DiCintio, leased a new 1999 Grand Cherokee, and A Lease Is Not a Purchase The Court of Appeals held that the Act did not apply to leased vehicles. They based this decision on the fact that the Act, in its language, states that it is applicable only to "a buyer (other than for purposes of resale) of any consumer product..." (15 USC § 2301[3] [emphasis added]). The application of the Act hinges on whether the plaintiff was a "buyer," (i.e., whether a "sale" had occurred). Neither "buyer" nor "sale" is defined within the Act, but the Act was enacted against the backdrop of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)Article 2—the nationally standardized law regarding the sale of goods. The UCC requirement for a sale is a "passing of title," something that does not happen at the inception of an automobile lease. Consequently, the Court held that "because DiCintio never obtained title to the vehicle, its lease to him plainly was not a sale under the UCC" and that therefore DiCintio is not protected by the Act (DiCintio v. DaimlerChrylser). In response to this, DiCintio argued that the Act requires a functional determination of whether a "sale" has occurred, apart from the passage of title. On this issue the Court ruled that "despite the similarities between DiCintio's lease and a sale, we cannot accept that the lease qualifies as a sale under the Warranty Act, even assuming that the Act requires courts to analyze this issue in functional terms and without regard to the passage of title. Unlike a buyer, a lessee like DiCintio remains free not to exercise the option to buy. In that event, the lessee simply relinquishes possession of the vehicle at the end of the lease term, and may do so even sooner under certain conditions. "A lessee, moreover, pays less than a buyer—according to DaimlerChrysler, a buyer's monthly payment for a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo might be triple DiCintio's lease payments—and enjoys a somewhat different bundle of rights, as the lease's restrictions on use suggest." This, they say, serves to "fortify our conclusion that the Act should be construed as written, to exclude leases like DiCintio's." The consequence is that, in New York State, persons who lease rather than purchase new vehicles are not covered or protected by the Warranty Act. They are still protected by the New Car Lemon Law and other statutes, but this does not completely make up for the loss of all of the rights under the Act, particularly with respect to aftermarket parts and jurisdiction. Further, other states will likely accept the New York ruling, and hold accordingly the next time this issue is presented in their jurisdiction. Undoubtedly, cases like this are rare. But you should be aware that if you lease a car and it turns out to be a lemon, you may be forced to duke it out with the manufacturer alone, rather than having a heavyweight like the federal govenunent in your corner. Mr. Leventhal is an attorney in New York. His comments here are general in nature and are not a substitute for consultation with an attorney• Market Reports in Next Month's Issue: Lease a 2003 911 for $1,528 per month and hope it's not a lemon. had a raft of problems with it upon taking delivery, including a failed automatic transmission, a pull to the left and a rough idle. He brought the vehicle back to the dealer for repairs under warranty on more than seven occasions, but was never successful in having the problems eradicated. He asked the dealer and DaimlerChrysler to either release him from his obligations under the lease or to provide him with a new vehicle. Both parties refused and DiCintio sued, alleging a claim under the Warranty Act. DaimlerChrysler moved to dismiss this cause of action, arguing that the Act did not apply to leased vehicles, only to purchased vehicles. 18 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, Arizona RM Auctions Phoenix, Arizona Russo and Steele Scottsdale, Arizona Sports Car Market

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Bike Buys / Paul Duchene_ W 1932-58 Norton International hen the overhead-camshaft Norton International was introduced in 1932 it defined the classic British racing motorcycle of the 1930s. The 490cc single was loud, fast, elegant and bulletproof. The engine survived virtually unchanged until 1958—a Sopwith Camel in a world of jets. Small numbers of factory racers—called Manxes—boosted the International's image, dominating the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races for 30 years. They're still tearing up vintage grids today, but at $35,000 apiece, they're out of most enthusiasts' price range. However, road-going Internationals can be found for half the price of a Manx if you want 1930s Lawrence-of-Arabia-style thrills, noise and vibration. And you have rarity on your side: In 30 years, Norton never actively marketed the Inter; it was handmade slowly and cost as much as a small sedan up until its final year of 1958. Internationals have race breeding. A 1930s Clubman's International (the privateer bike) was the equivalent of a factory works racer of three or four years earlier. After WWII more and more Manx parts found their way onto Inters. Racing Manx models were made to special order until 1962 but the last street Inters left the works in 1958—and there were only 12 that year. The bikes seldom come up for sale but here's what you get if you can find one. els. Engines are naturally noisy and leaky, worn transmissions have excessively long shifter throws and you'll be slipping the clutch up to 30 mph. Simple enough for DIY tune - ups. The tall, single-cylinder engine is even more imposing than a BSA Gold Star, with a towering camshaft drive on the right side, the same as the exhaust. The valve gear is exposed, an archaic idiosyncrasy that sprays oil over the legs of dedicated riders. A Lucas magneto generates just enough electricity to run the motor and the lights. The "Garden Gate" plunger rear suspension was fitted in 1938, with Norton Roadholder telescopic forks added in 1939. But the real improvement came in 1953 when the Inter got the welded Featherbed frame. This frame was used on Norton twins as well, making some bits easier to find. If you're considering an Inter, check with the owners club to make sure your bike hasn't been cobbled together from more common mod- Like driving a Lagonda Rapide or an Alvis Speed 20, the International is all about presence. Each time the sparkplug fires, the torque from the huge single cylinder will send you 50 feet down the road. It's probably not the best choice for a cross-country ride but for plunking around back roads with other British bike enthusiasts, it's bound to bring a smile to your face along with, of course, bruises to your backside.• Years produced  Colors  Number produced  Engine  Transmission  Weight  Price new  Value today  Perfect Inter rider black and silver, some chrome panels; postwar Featherbed models polychromatic gray and chrome 1932-58 490-cc overhead-camshaft single four-speed 420 lbs. Cost of full service/tone  Engine #  .. $160 in 1932, $480 in 1958 $11,000-$15,000 about $10 (DIY) Left side of casing below cylinder fins Thinks two cylinders are for sissies Rating:***** is best Fun to ride 1!(-*1.1-.11.1• Ease of maintenance **)..)-.5Appreciation A-1.r.wer less than 2,000 _ — •Irtirlirget. '01 .! 1971 Maserati Indy: 4.2-liter V8; 4 Webers; 5-sp ; factory a/c; power windows and disc brakes ; restored in 2000; LOW miles; Over $45,000 invested. A great buy at $29,000. Since 1979 9848 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 713-541-2281 fax 713-541-2286 kand k@swbell.net 1968 Maserati Mistral Spider: Body by Frua ; 1 of 35 ; 4-liter ; 5-5p ; 4-wheel disc brakes ; superbly restored 5 years ago, and has been in a private collection since. $89,900. 1957 Maserati 250F Replica: 3/4-scale built by Allegretti, who was the original bodyworker on the original 250F and Birdcage. Only TWO in the world!! Great piece of automotive race history for display. S39,000. March, 2003 1977 Maserati Khamsin: Been in private collection since restoration in 1997 ; Euro bumpers; 5-5p; power windows ; factory a/c ; everything works perfectly; outstanding car. $39,900. 1972 Maserati Ghibli Coupe: Red/tan ; 4.9 SS ; power steering, brakes and windows ; factory a/c; automatic; been in a private collection since superb restoration in 1997/98 ; less than 500 miles on restoration ; only 120 made ; OUTSTANDING car. $45,000. 19

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Ferrari Profile 2001 550 Barchetta Pininfarina Chassis number: 124036 T o mark the world-renowned carrozzeria's 70th anniversary in 2000, Ferrari invited Sergio Pininfarina to submit designs for a front-engined roadster that would capture the spirit of past Maranello classics, such as the 166 Mille Miglia, 250 GT California Spyder and 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder. In its manufacturer's own words: "Ferrari has always created very special runs of cars, and the 550 Barchetta Pininfarina was developed with the aim of being a unique Ferrari—one that deliberately seeks to be more provocative and less rational than the rest of the range." By "less rational" Ferrari was referring to the fact that the car was exclusively intended for open-air use, its only weather protection being a manually erected soft top for emergencies. The Barchetta's stylish interior emphasizes the car's sporting nature, featuring carbon-fiber race seats trimmed in leather, while the rear roll bar and specially strengthened windshield surround provide additional structural reinforcement. The all-alloy, 48-valve, 5.5-liter V12 engine is the same as that of the 550 Maranello, developing 485 hp at 7,000 rpm for a top speed of 185 mph. As well as Pininfarina's 70th anniversary, the introduction of the 550 Barchetta celebrated 50 years of collaboration between Ferrari and Italy's most famous carrozzeria. Announced Ferrari: "As such, only a limited run of 448 cars will leave the Maranello factory gates during 2001, each individually numbered and carrying a plaque inside with the car's own serial number and Sergio Pininfarina's signature." Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price guide  Chassis number 124036 was supplied by Ferrari concessionaire Forza SpA, of Turin, Italy, in May 2001. The total distance traveled to date is 7,500 km. Offered in as-new condition, the car is Italian registered and comes with cover, books and tools. This car sold for $209,595, including buyer 's premium, at the Bonhams Olympia auction held December 2, 2002. The 550 Barchetta was introduced with the slickest marketing plan in Ferrari 's history. It began with Ferrari announcing plans to make a small Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives Although these handpicked buyers had to sign an agreement promising not to sell their 550s for one year, or to sell them back to Ferrari, in fact they began changing hands immediately. The feedingfrenzy initiated by speculators and "gotta have one buyers quickly drove prices upwards of$475,000. Now, two years later, Barchetta spotter Greg Rossier recently noted 38 Barchettas advertised. The turnover is not unreasonably high for an exotic car, but it is more than expected considering Ferrari 's customer selection process. The lack of a serious top has been cited as a reason from a few owners who were selling their Barchettas, but it 's more likely profit taking and a "been there, done that, what 's the next flavor of the month car" attitude that 's actually fueling sales. 2000-02 448 approx. $258,000 $325,000-$350,000 $6,500 N/A Frame rail, passenger's side of engine compartment Passenger's side of engine in front, just under where head meets block Ferrari Club of America, P.O. Box 720597, Atlanta, GA 30358; Ferrari Owner's Club, 8642 Cleta St., Downey, CA 90241 www.FerrariClubofAmerica.org; www.FerrariOwnersClub.org Ferrari Daytona Spyder, Lamborghini Diablo SVT roadster, Ferrari 330 GTS SCM Investment Grade A run of a convertible version of the 550 Maranello, which would be built in limited numbers and inherit the heritage of the special Spyders before it. The supercustomers who made the list were invited to Italy for tours and events that included a lavish reception and unveiling of the Barchetta at Luca di Montezemolo 's personal estate. The marketing plan worked, and the entire Barchetta production was immediately sold out at the list price of approximately $258,000 each. A darker view of the plan might note that the Barchetta was introduced at the tail end of the 550 Maranello 's production. Supply had begun to exceeded demand and prices were sliding. The 550 's replacement, the 575 Maranello, was not ready for production yet and something needed to be done to shore up the sales. The marketing department called for a "special edition " and the Barchetta was the answer to the call. The price brought by this Barchetta is highly influenced by the fact that Europeans do not have the same appreciation for convertibles as Americans. An open car is an impractical vehicle for high-speed Autobahn travel and a topless car would be almost useless in rainy England An equivalent Euro-spec Barchetta, with EPA /DOT paperwork, should bring $20,000 to $40,000 more in the US. A US car in the same condition, but with fewer miles, would bring $300,000 to $325,000. The buyer of this Barchetta appears to have gotten a good deaL His purchase price was at the very low end of the presale estimate and surpass - ingly, less than the original purchaser paid for the car This price trend should cross the pond to the States soon enough, but the sky won 't fall com- pletely. There is always a good following for convertible Ferraris, espe - cially ones that are attractive and have exceptional performance, like the Barchetta. It won 't be another Daytona Spyder in terms of value or longterm blue-chip standing in the Ferrari pecking order; but neither will it ever be a Straman-cut Testarossa. As an aside, prior to the Barchetta, Ferrari had built fewer than 1,000 open V12 Ferraris in its entire history, with production runs from just a handful to 200. They have always enjoyed a good following and premium resale values. The Barchetta 's production of 448 cars was nearly 50% of the total of all the open-top VI2 Ferraris produced in the previous half century, and as we all know, high production numbers and ultrahigh values never go hand in hand—Steve Ahlgrim (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Bonhams.)• 2001 Ferrari 550 Barcherta Lot #352, SN 124036 (same car) Condition: 1 Sold at $218,458 gem ITU! 7$2111S Comparables Bonhams; Fontvielle, Monaco; May 18, 2002 2002 Ferrari 550 Barchetta Lot #334, S/N 124293 Condition: 1 Bonhams; Fontvielle, Monaco; May 18, 2002 Sold at $224,510 crkt 1fli',RAI A

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Sheehan Speaks The 512 BB LM Finally a Winner, After All These Years F errari's philosophy has always been to incorporate, when possible, their racing technology into their road cars. In the early 1970s, the flat12 "Boxer" technology used in the early 1970s Ferrari Formula One and Ferrari 312 PB Sports racers found its way into Ferrari's flagship 12-cylinder sports cars, the 365 GT4 BB ("Berlinetta Boxer") and the 512 BB/BBi that followed. There was no factory effort to campaign the 365 GT4 BB, for it was simply too big and heavy, and the engine sat too high over the transaxle for competitive racing. The rival Porsche RSR Carrera of 1974-75 was already a highly developed race car that excelled in endurance racing. With the introduction of the 5-liter 512 BB engine, and with substantial encouragement from wealthy privateers who wanted to race a Ferrari GT car (and who were willing to pay $80,000 plus spares to own a Ferrari-built race car), Ferrari produced a series of 25 silhouette race cars based on the 512 BB. Called the BB LMs, the first three were introduced at the 1979 Daytona 24-hour race. These cars benefited from all-new Pininfarina-designed and windtunnel-tested bodywork. They were 16 inches longer than the production 512 BBs, with smooth bodylines and fender fairings. The roofline extended to the tail, thanks to a plexiglass rear window, and a rear wing added much-needed downforce. Ten-inch-wide front wheels and 13-inch-wide rears put the rubber to the ground. But all of these modifications were too little and too late. While the 1979 Ferrari 512 BB LM's Lucas-injected flat-12 produced a claimed 480 horsepower, the engineers at Porsche had evolved the Porsche 935 IMSA into a 700-plus-horsepower twin-turbo rocket. With brakes from the 917, the 935 IMSA was able to out-brake the 512 BB LM into the corners, go through the corners faster thanks to wider tires and lighter weight, and then leave the Ferrari a speck in the mirror on the straights. Non-competitive in 1979, the 512 BB LM was even less competitive by the end of its racing career in 1983. Still a speck in a 935's mirror S/N 26683, ex NART team car, as raced by the author - In the mid-late 1980s, 512 BB LMs became a popular choice for the Ferrari club member who wanted a factory-built race car and could afford the $75,000 price tag. The Ferrari market madness of the late 1980s soon escalated 512 BB LM prices, with 512 BB LM S/N 35527 selling for $1,300,000 at the Coys Nurburgring auction in August 1989 and S/N 29505 selling for $1,000,000 at the Orion Solo Ferrari auction in Monaco in November 1989. Prices of BB LMs collapsed in 1991, along with everything else. By 1995 you could buy a decent BB LM for around $300,000, and it was once again popular as a Ferrari club track day car. In 1996, Jean Sage and Jacques Swatters started the Shell Historic Ferrari Challenge in Europe, creating an event where one could see and be seen driving a historic racing Ferrari, with eligibility restricted to Ferraris up to the 365 GTB/4C Competition Daytonas of 1974. Thanks to a worldwide economic boom and stock markets rising almost everywhere, the Historic Ferrari Challenge quickly became very popular, with hundreds of entrants eager to participate in a Ferrari factorysanctioned series. As a result, prices of eligible competition Ferraris started climbing. 22 In 1998 Ferrari of North America hired David Seibert, organizer of the American 348 and 355 Challenge, to add a US Historic Ferrari Challenge to the 348-355 Challenge race weekend. The US organizers included models up to the 512 BB LM to offer more owners a chance to exercise their cars. Ferrari owners, always looking for the unfair advantage that would allow them to trounce their wealthy buddies on the track, discovered immediately that the 512 BB LM was the car to have if you wanted to win in the US Ferrari Historic series. But as you can imagine, no BB LM owner would think of racing his car today without spending mountains of money to make it faster and more reliable than it ever was when new. The BB LM engine was rated at 480 horsepower in 1979 but recent dyno tests have shown 460 horsepower to be a more realistic number. Today's engine builders add titanium connecting rods, titanium valves, valve springs from an IRL car and many hours of cylinder head porting work. This, combined with a modern, equal-length, pulse extractor exhaust system and a triple-disc Quarter Master clutch, can result in 520 honest horsepower from the same engine tested on the same dyno. When originally raced, brakes were one of the weak spots. Consequently, the original cast (as in heavy) 15-inch wheels and Girling brake calipers have been replaced with much lighter 16-inch modular wheels, modern, lighter brake rotors and bigger and better four-puck Brembo calipers. The transaxles, another problem area on the 512 BB LMs, are now updated with new main shafts and transfer shafts made from space-age materials, closer ratio gears and modern racing syncro rings. The entire chassis has been stiffened by replacing the 1-mm aluminum riveted floor pan with a 3-mm floor pan bonded and riveted in place, the muffler-tubing-quality roll bars are replaced with a much stronger cage assembly, and bracing is added to the engine compartment to reinforce the rear chassis/suspension area. Modern Eibach springs and double adjustable shocks allow a lower ride height and suspension fine-tuning simply not possible when the BB LMs were new. While the factory quoted 2,400 pounds as a racing weight for the 512 BB LM, 2,500 plus was a more realistic number. Today, using lightweight aluminum radiators, modern heat exchangers in place of oil coolers and thin carbon-fiber panels, BB LMs weigh in at 2,400, track ready. While a well-driven 512 S, 512 M or 612 Can-Am Ferrari should easily dominate the US Historic Ferrari Challenge, none have been entered on a regular basis. Today's 512 BB LMs are very fast, easy to drive, dependable race cars. After all these years, they are winners at last—at least in the US Ferrari Historic Challenge. If it were possible to put a modern, evolved 512 BB LM into a time machine and return it to the 1979 Le Mans race, it would be a much better car in every way than when it was new. Sadly, on the Mulsanne straight, it would still be just a speck in the rearview mirrors of the 700-horsepower Porsche 935s. Which is partly why the Ferrari-only Historic Challenge was created in the first place. If the big guy from Stuttgart wearing the silver jumpsuit keeps beating you up, just don't let him play in your sandbox anymore.• Sports Car Market

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Ferraris For Sale ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Only $15. 54 500 MONDIAL, s/n 0434/MD. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 59 CALIFORNIA SPYDER, s/n 1501/GT. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.corn. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 61 250GT, sin 2701/GT. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 67 275 GTB/4, 6-carb, 6,000 original miles, sell or trade. Manny Dragone, 203-3354643. CT 71 DAYTONA SPYDER, conversion sin 13663. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 72 365 GTC/4, silver with black interior, 22K miles, one owner, all books & tools, fantastic original car. $57,500 b/o. 530-4352627. CA 72 DINO 246 GTS, s/n 03988. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 78 308 CTS, anthracite/tan survivor, 38,000 miles, runs excellent. $32,500 might trade. 715-372-8930. WI 81 308 GTSi, red with black int, just serviced, 40K ml, new paint clutch, timing belt, tires, water pump, runs, drives excellent, must sell. $26,000 possible trade. 805-6875696. CA 82 512 BBi, s/n 38713, red with black Boxer trim, black dash and tan interior, 1,200 miles, all books and tools, the car is 100% original and perfect, original owner. $92,500. 908626-0922. NJ 83 308 QUATTROVALVE, US version, 47,100 miles, 45K service including belts, clutch, tires and brakes, fly yellow/black, no nicks, chips or scuffs. $37,995. Bob, 281370-7355. TX 97 F310B, s/n 175. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA PARTS Original Ferrari factory manuals, brochures, memorabilia. Huge stock of original Ferrari items from early Scuderia Ferrari to current Enzo Ferrari model and everything in between. Download catalog at www.ferrariliterature.com . 407-2926363. Fax 407-566-9625. FL• Specialized in Italian car parts & pre-war car parts. VIA Ferrari Maserati Lancia Fiat  www.Italparts.com Alphen aid Rijn-Holland borghini Fax: +31(0)172-240536 E-mail: info@italpaits.com INTERIVIECCANICA • Mirrors ITALIA • APOLLO 'Bumpers  • Emblems  A, ,  RON TONKIN GRAN TURISMO America's oldest lawn ;Dealership FERRARI '01 '98 '98 '98 '97 '97 '97 '97 '95 '86 '79 456M GT  355  GTS F1  355  GTB Fl  New  Blu/Tan 6,300 rill  Red/tan 7,000 mi. Red/Blk 355  Spyder  15,000 rn  Blu/Tan 456  CT  17,500 mi  Red/Tan 355  spyder  12,000 al,  Blk/Blk 355  GTB  355  Gra  355  GTB  328  GTS  9,600 n  Blu/Blu 20,000 m... Red/Blk 15,000 mi.. Blu/Tan 33,000 mi.,  Blk/Red 308  Dino 074  27,000 mi  . Red/Tan MASERATI Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo is taking orders for the all-new Maserati Spyder and coupe. NEW VEHICLES Currently in Production '02 Coma Spyder  Titanium/Bordeaux '02 Coma Spyder  Silver/Blue '02  6-speed Spyder Black/Tan '02  Corsa Coupe  Metallic Red/Tan We are also a Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta and Cagiva dealer. www.motocorsa.com  (503) 292-7488 We can arrange shipping anywhere. Call us if you need help locating your ideal car or motorcycle. 'Exterior Trim  S ITALIA REPRODUCTIONS  Call for Catalog PO. BOX 2360 • ATASCADERO, CA 93423  805-466-6293 There's Experienced Partner. Services Include: .Appraisal Pre-Purchase Inspection Advisory Expert Witness Vehicle Location and Consignment Restoration and Collection Management On-Site Auction Counsel • Certified Appraiser IAAA - - International Automotive Appraiser Association • Certified Master Technician ASE - - National Institute for Automotive Service Excellenc • Advisory Board Member - NADA Classic and Collectible Appraisal Guides • Auction Analyst/Reporter and Contributor - Sports Car Market Magazine • Society of Automotive Engineers • Sockty of Automotive Historians nTaTi o  WE BUY ALL FERRARIS & MASERATIS  All Cars Seen At www.tonkin. corn KASEOATI 203 N.E. 122nd, Portland, OR 97230 (503) 255-7560 (800) 547-4455 March, 2003  FEADERMAN G/ CO Gladwyne, Pennsylvania www.FeathermanCo.com Free Initial Consultation 610.645.5595 RM Auction Amelia Island Private Counsel Call now to On-Site reserve your time! 23 no Substitute for an ,Scott is an invaluable partner for those seeking an ent, qualified and objective opinion. an automotive consultant specializing in over twenty years of hands-on professional 'Weatherstrip •Windshields 'Interior Parts 'Much More!

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English Car Profil 1958 AC Ace Roadster Chassis number: AEX456 L ike all British manufacturers, AC struggled after WWII. Its product line consisted of visually freshened designs on chassis carried over from before the war, and sales stagnated as competing constructors introduced new styles, engines and chassis. AC faced imminent ruin, but recognized its salvation in a one-off racer built in 1953 by Vincent Davison on a simple chassis designed by John Tojeiro. The frame consisted of a pair of closely spaced three-inch diameter tubes with a single cross member and four-wheel independent suspension using transverse leaf springs. Its simplicity was perfectly suited to AC's artisan construction techniques, and a prototype was quickly built for the 1954 London Motor Show. AC called it the Ace. Not only lightweight and nimble on its four-wheel independent suspension, the Ace also wore a simple yet attractive body, recalling a Touring-bodied Ferrari Barchetta. The body was built using superleggera ("superlight") techniques, a framework of three-quarter-inch tubes supporting a hand-built and welded aluminum skin. With the aluminum block AC engine, the Ace weighed well under 2,000 pounds. Production began in 1954 and 686 were built before the Ace was succeeded by the Ford V8-powered Cobra. Development of the AC engine continued throughout the Ace's life. The vendor reports that he acquired this left-hand-drive example in 1989 from the original owner, and that the mileage of 28,000 is accurate. He confirms that the car has never been involved in an accident, nor has it ever required rust or corrosion repair. The car is in remarkable unrestored original condition. While quite presentable overall, the paintwork shows the effects of years of daily use, with several small chips, dings and other minor flaws apparent. The original gray leather—while showing no rips, cracks or tears—does display minor sun fade. The original wheels have been replaced with new, correct, chrome wire wheels. The vendor reports that he commissioned a valve job several years ago, but no other mechanical work has been required and the car runs properly. Although some AC-engine cars have had head gasket problems, the modem fix is to install copper 0-rings on each cylinder, which was done on this example at the same time as the valve work. One of 223 AC-engined Ace roadsters that left the factory, this time-capsule car offers its new owner an opportunity to experience the car as AC built it—not as a restorer did. This car sold for $49,500 at RM's Monterey sale in August, 2002, and was then sold again for $49,820 at RM's Novi, Michigan, sale November 5, 2002. No explanation was offered as to why the car reappeared on the block so quickly, but these things happen in the auction world. It is said by some that appreciation of the original AC Aces is an acquired taste, like the appreciation of a single-malt scotch. Certainly, more enthusiasts prefer the Shelby Cobra than one of the AC-, Bristol-, or Zephyrpowered Ace roadsters that preceded the Cobra. But then, judgingfrom TV ads, more people drink Budweiser than the smoky distillations of Scotland. The AC Aces were marvelous cars. Though with an outward appearance not dissimilar to Austin-Healeys and MGAs, Aces actually had almost nothing in common with those burly road warriors beyond the steering wheel and signal assembly they shared with the Healeys. Healeys and Years produced  Number produced SCM Price Guide Tune-up Distributor cap Price new Chassis # Engine #    Clubs  Altematives  SCM Investment Grade  1958 AC Ace roadster Lot #266, S/N BEX468 Condition: 2+ MGAs were constructed around four-inch square frame rails, with solid steel superstructures and load-bearing panels. By contrast, AC Aces were built like sports racers, with delicate tubes carefully welded to form a minimal chassis around which lightweight aluminum was hand-formed into graceful curves that somehow suggested high-speed performance. Also, by contrast, the Aces gained their superb road-holding ability with transverse leaf springs at front and rear fastened at their center and supporting independently mounted wheels at their ends. Healeys and MGAs, on the other hand, used huge coil springs at the front and a solid-axle cartspring rear suspension to keep their wheels on the road. 1954-63 223 $50,000-$70,000 $200 $30 $4,750 Data plate screwed to footwell Chassis plate and stamped on flange on exhaust side of engine block AC Owners Club Ltd. do James Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St, Portland, OR 97225 Jaguar XK 120 and 140, Austin-Healey 100M, Porsche 356 Speedster There were, of course, some limitations. The six-cylinder AC engine was almost 30 years old when the Ace was introduced With three SU carburetors, it produced 85 bhp in the early cars, though judicious changes in cam and tuning added 30 more horses by 1963. No wonder that Ken Rudd and other racers instead chose the Bristol, and later the Ford Zephyr, engines for competitive versions. Nonetheless, lighter and more responsive, even the AC-engined cars could outperform most other sports cars. Unfortunately, they also cost much more. By the time Carroll Shelby decided to drop a Ford V8 into the capacious engine compartment, the company was desperate enough to accept his offer and the English-engined ACs were rendered obsolete. The sale of an unmolested and unrestored AC Ace is quite unusual With only 223 ever produced and many of those lost to club-racing accidents or illfated Ford conversions, there aren't many original roadsters left. Of thosefew, most have already benefitedfromfull-bore restorations. Thefortunate buyer of this car has found a piece of history and might simply check the seals, replace the brake shoes, renew thefluids and drive it for afew years in its original state while deciding when, if ever, a full restoration is appropriate. This car was well bought. At the low end of the SCM Price Guide, there's lots of room for cosmetic and safety upgrades without financial risk Had he been in the audience when the gavel fell, this writer would have had his paddle up and been mentally clearing a space in his garage.—Gary Anderson (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of RM Auctions.)• Comparables Barrett-Jackson; Los Angeles, CA; June 16, 2002 Sold at $68,000 SCM ID# 28548 Bonhams; London, England; December 12, 2001 Sold at $37,559 SCM ID# 28037 1955 AC Ace roadster Lot #811, S/N AE9I Condition: 2+

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AC 60 ACECA BRISTOL, option-packed alloy coupe version of the famous Ace Bristol, 100-D2 engine with overdrive matched to 4.3 rear ratio, a rare factory option that provides outstanding performance, burled wood, leather & wool interior, exterior needs restoration. $36,500. Ron Leonard, 970259-0108. CO 85 AC COBRA Mk IV, guardsman blue, white stripes, tan leather, body never hit, 100% original paint, stroked 5-liter, Trickflow alum heads, Crower roller cam & arms, very fast, located in Michigan. Jerry, 520818-0743. AZ ASTON MARTIN 79 VOLANTE, convertible, 5-spd, silver with navy top and leather, 17K miles, one owner, as new. $59,000 best offer. 530-4352627. CA 87 LAGONDA, burgundy, camel, 21,500 actual miles, perfect in every way, books, tools, records, sold for $229,000 new, a oneowner gorgeous Lagonda for under $40,000, all trades considered. 800-930-4002. 954895-7940. AUSTIN-HEALEY 54 BN1, original color Healey blue nonmetallic, running, not rusty, very straight, needs restoration. $8,300. 616-891-5973. MI 55 100S, fully race prepared for Vintage Racing. 2002 Louis Vuitton Concours d'Elegance contender at Hurlingham Club. White over lobelia blue. FLA papers, SVRA Blue Book Full information pack available for serious inquiries. meford 464@aol.com $125,000. Mary Ellen Ford, 434-923-8389. VA ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Only $15. 56 100/4 BN2, Pacific green w/black interior complete in Jan 03, this previously restored car has undergone a complete engine, driveline, hydraulic, electrical, interior and exterior professional restoration by Von's Austin-Healeys. bhuselton@aol.com $35,000. 843-342-5471. SC 57 BN4, 200 miles since very detailed ground-up restoration following National Concours standards on clean West Coast Healey, some discreet Mk 1 mechanical upgrades, no expense spared. coxon@gte.net 425-252-6592. WA 58 BUGEYE SPRITE, white/black, hard top, tonneau, removeable roll bar, tow bar, fender flares, aftermarket wheels, seats, exhaust, tube shocks, new carpet kit (not installed), everything works, drive anywhere. srybaj@yahoo.com $9,500. Joe Ryba, 631-267-8876. NY 60 BUGEYE SPRITE, frame-off restoration, red with black interior, original Rallye wheels. $10,000. 201-768-3423 nights. NJ 66 3000 Mk III, Olde English White, red orig int and top, very good cond, paint is 8 out of 10, dash is new with walnut veneer, new Mini-Lite wheels with new tires, MotoLita wheel, engine has orig 78K, never rebuilt, body is straight and rust-free. joeficarra@yahoo.com $29,950. Joseph Ficarra, 417-294-1060. MO 67 BJ8, show car, 63,000 miles, black/red, 1,000 miles on fresh engine, clutch, polished carbs, hand-rubbed burl oak dash, new top, Lucas lights. metroeng@bestweb.net $30,000. 845-878-4321 wkdays. NY BENTLEY 30 BIRKIN BLOWER, A magnificent recreation in 2001 on Rolls-Royce chassis. Aluminum bodywork over an ash frame, 4.5-liter supercharged Bentley Mark IV engine producing 225 bhp. Peterson Engineering has built the car with an unbelievable attention to detail. POA. www.ContinentalAutoSports.com , 630-655-3535. IL JAGUAR 51 XK 120, roadster, black with red & cream interior, convertible top, breathtaking restoration of this lifelong California car, full weather equipment, perfect for concours & competition. $52,000. Jean-Marc, 818-7302556. 818-784-3903. CA 51 Mk V, dhc, lhd, the most solid original car, no rust, runs well, new red leather interior. $30,000. 732-938-5326. 52 XI{ 120, roadster, totally restored, best of everything, cream w/light brown interior and top, runs and drives great, less than 100 miles since restoration completed 5 years ago. edidejr@hotmail.com $65,000 neg. Ed, 570298-2356. PA 53 XK 120, dhc, #677906 is an A titled car with 30,000 miles, British Racing Green and saddle leather interior, meticulously restored, all numbers matching car and an asset to anyone's collection. $65,000. 724864-3820. PA 55 D-TYPE, sin XKD-515. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors. corn. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA NEW CALIFORNIA LEGAL MORGAN PLUS 8'S: Blu Pozzl (Navy blue, non metallic) Mulsanne Green (HRG) Fountain Blue (Silver blue Metallic) Griglo Ingrid Metallic (Silver Champagne) Black Emerald (dark green pearl metallic) PRE-OWNED: '87 Plus 8, silver alloy/black leather, reclining seats, walnut dash, Nardi wood rim steering wheel, 22k orig, miles, new black sailcloth top. '84 Plus 8, Corsa red/black SS buckets, ribbon mahogany dash, chrome instruments, Euro bumpers, rack and pinion steering, MotoLita steering wheel, 35k miles. 87 Plus 4, BRG/black leather, painted wire wheels, mechanically gone thru stem to stem, drives great '65 Plus 4 SuperSport, #5926, 2 owner, 100% original 39k mile car; BRG/black SS buckets, Derrington steering wheel, LawrenceTune intakes, rocker cover, exhaust, new rear springs, front end rebuilt, racing stub axles, 4.1 limited slip cliff, bonnet strap, new top/tonneau, fog lights, badge bar. Drives like a new SuperSportl '64 Plus 4 Drophead SuperSport, chassis #5730, frame off restoration, shown 4 times, 4 Best in Class, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, 1999, Morgan Class; Best in Class @ Cambria (Western National Morgan Meet); totally correct, 1 of 4 or, arguably, 5 Drophead SuperSports ever built. LHD, Brick Red Exterior/Dark Tan interior, Webers, correct LawrenceTune ancillaries, 72 spoke stainless wire wheels, MotoLita steering wheel. '63 Plus 4 Four passenger, chassis #5258, red/black leather, painted wire wheels, new paint, new leather, fresh service, new diaphragm clutch, badge bar, bonnet strap. Gorgeous car! VINTAGE RALLY EQUIPMENT: Nelda, Heuer, Minerva, Breitling. orlon WEST Authorized Morgan Motor Car Dealer Dennis Glavis, Managing Director • (310) 998-3311 wvm.MoRcANWEsr.Nrr • 3003 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA March, 2003  56 XK 140 DHC, matching numbers, Florida car, runs and drives perfectly, excellent chrome, leather, carpet, wood and headliner, no rust. clese16809@aol.com $35,000. 404291 -0497. 404-231-0324. GA 57 XI( 140 MC OTS, roadster, overdrive, maroon/biscuit, tan top, numbers match, frame-off restoration by 3K Restorations, numerous concours wins, rallied, thoroughly maintained, completely sorted, located in Arizona. $88,000. Aagaard, 801272-9979. UT 59 XK 150S, roadster OTS, winner several Concours, red with black interior, absolutely beautiful condition. lmagnusxk@ aol.com $75,000. Lawrence, 415-693-6033 work. 925-735-6144 home. CA 61 3(10E, roadster, #875250, lhd, matching numbers, outside bonnet latch, welded louvers, flat floor, red/tan, tan top, fully restored engine, trans, interior, good paint. cwa4286@aol.com $49,500 obo. Wayne, 615-383-8484. TN 65 XKE SI, roadster, 4.2L, triple carbs, in process of total restoration, no rust, body in primer, motor being rebuilt, new owner can pick upholstery, paint. $20,000. Tom, 404233-6932. GA 67 XKE, 4.2 roadster, dark blue with gray interior, 2,000 on professional restoration, tri-bar headlights, Jaguar Trust documentation. $58,500 obo. 718-980-1914. NY 69 SERIES II, roadster, 4.2L triple carbs, 3.79 rear, total renovation, matching #s, red, black, new everything, 4-spd. $50,000. Tom, 404-233-6932. GA 70 XKE, roadster, red with biscuit leather and new tan top, very nice condition. $20,000. Jim, 708-288-2588. 708-3879934. IL 73 XKE, roadster, standard shift, garaged, white with navy leather interior, 46K miles, second owner, all maintenance records available, tonneau, original driver's handbook, this is a working angel. $31,500 offer. 510451-0707. CA 73 XICE Sill, V12 roadster, green with tan top, cold a/c, pb, pa, 44,000 miles, auto, new interior, top, poly bushings, s/s brake lines, most receipts, original LA registration. $42,000 obo. 772-463-6683. FL 76 XJ6C, Pillarless coupe, regency red/ biscuit, all options, very good condition, call for details. $7,850. Bill Pope, 770-7516735. GA JENSEN 67 INTERCEPTOR, 115 of 148,36K documented miles, interesting history, all documentation from new, repaint with correct color. 607-849-3095 days. NY 74 INTERCEPTOR III, saloon, red with tan leather interior, complete restoration, Chrysler 440-c.i. Magnum V8 engine, transmission, electrical, exhaust, interior, wheels, tires, paint and chrome, many extras, California 2 owner car, showroom condition. $22,000 obo. Jim, 714-964-3340. CA LOTUS 62 SUPER SEVEN S2, rhd, black interior, Minilites, new tires, 1275-cc engine, new trans, 29,500 miles, exceptional original condition. $21,000. 310-435-0340. CA 65 ELAN S2, coupe, in storage for 25 years, very good condition, runs well, all original including knock-off wheels, certified road safe. riverpair@aol.com $12,900. 239-5437408. FL 68 ELAN S4, roadster, knock-offs, head just done, strong driveline, needs paint, rugs. $10,900 offer. 203-744-3061. CT 70 ELAN, white S4 roadster, knock-offs, good condition. $15,900. Geoff Howard, 203-744-3061. CT 71 ELAN S4 SE, dhc, 1,000 miles on frameoff restoration, Webers, new knock-offs, dash, stainless headers, dynoed 137-hp twin cam, virtually everything restored or replaced, too much to list. $22,500. Alan Andrea, 847-433-7900 days. 847-2342776 eves. IL 83 ESPRIT, Turbo, 52K miles, white/maroon, leather, well maintained, 3rd owner. mcw280Z@ao1.com $14,000. 856-7834252. NJ M.G 54 TF, convertible, racing yellow exterior with brown interior, cream canvas top, beautiful car in and out, manual transmission, excellent running/driving, everything works, needs nothing. $14,500. 786274-1348. FL 59 MGA, twin cam coupe, rare, original, complete car needing total restoration, many new parts. jollyrogersmo@hotmail.com $8,500. 413-259-1722. MA 67 MGB, roadster, red, recent restoration. $5,500. 214-824-6707. TX 74 MGB, white/black upholstery, older restoration in excellent overall condition, drives beautifully. $10,500 obo. 631-5371868. NY TRIUMPH 1974 Triumph TR6, rebuilt mechanics, redlines, full tonneat, teak dash,white, black top and interior, reliable and beautiful. $10,500 949-499-5557. CA• 25

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The 3rd Annual Sports Car Market Insider's Tour at Amelia Island March 7, 2003 SCM AMELIA ISLAND INSIDER'S SEMINAR Presented by RM AUCTIONS INC. PASSPORT L. 2-Mr.:: 1ff Tar:— Itar= A FedEx Custom Critical Company HOW TO EXAMINE A COLLECTOR CAR L • Three-Hour Seminar (Friday, 3/7, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) An Insider's Look At The RM Amelia Island Auction Keith Martin, Cindy Banzer and the SCM experts invite you to join them for an informationpacked three-hour seminar, held in the midst of the RM's Amelia Island Sports Car Auction. Participants will be part of an exclusive, intimate group that will participate in a no-holds-barred discussion of the collector car market as well as hands-on examinations of cars that are going to be crossing the block. The seminar will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Friday, March 7, 2003. New Multimedia Presentation Martin will debut his latest multimedia presentation, "How to Examine a Collector Car." Seminar participants will learn the techniques the experts use to make a quick analysis of a car, including how to determine the quality of its restoration and clues that can lead to an assessment of its mechanical condition. The Field Walk Then, participants will divide into small groups to examine cars that will be crossing the block. SCMexperts will explain how to evaluate paint and body work, how to decide how Price Guide values relate to auction prices, what kind of services the auction company will provide to help understand a car, and how to decide how much to bid. Participants will then return to the auction tent for a final wrap-up. • The Field Walk: Experts Help You Inspect Cars • Unlimited Consultation with the SCM Professionals • How to Spot Hidden Hints That Reveal Condition Register Today Space is strictly limited and previous events have sold out quickly. Cost, per person, for the seminars, field walk and unlimited personal consultations with the SCM staff is just $175, $300 for two for SCM subscribers. (Non-subscribers, $250/$400.) Tuition is refundable, less a $50 processing fee, if requested prior to March 4, 2003. Don't be left out. Send in the form below today with your payment to secure your space. For more information, contact David Slama at 503/261-0555 ext. 206, e-mail david.slama@sportscarmarket.com . We'll see you there. SPACE IS LIMITED! DEADLINE - March 4, 2003 (Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. Don't be left out!) Name  (If registering for more than one person, please place additional details on separate sheet.) Address City  State  Best Phone E-mail Fax Payment in Full Required Ci Enclosed is my check made out to Sports Car Market (or) Ci Charge my VISA/MC Total Amount $  Card #  Signature  • And Much, Much More... Send this form to SCM Amelia Island Insider's Tour 2003 PO. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 Fax 503/253-2234; Phone 503/261-0555 x206; e-mail: davidslama@sportscarmarket.com Exp. Date  Zip  Collector Car 63 Boat Insurance  FINANCIAL SERVICES . Premier

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Market Report Ove evi 11 1  • 1I-= Silver at McDowell, up $400k over last year. TOP SALES THIS ISSUE T 1.1939 Bugotti 101/57coupe, $214,556, A 2. 1971 Lamborghini Miura coupe, $139,928, A 3. 1998 Dodge TNT King Snake Viper cony., $74,550, S 4. 1966 Chevrolet Corvette cony., $67,225, S 5. 1941 Lincoln Continental cony. street rod, S64,050, S 6. 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC coupe, $60,636, A 7. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette coupe, $56,438, S 8. 1956 Mercury Montclair cony., $53,000, K 9. 1992 Bentley Turbo RI sedan, $47,700, K 1 0.1982 Ferrari 512 BBi coupe, $46,643, A his month it's the little cars that matter. Cars like the nice 450 SLC that was bought for a shade over $5,000, and the '67 GTO convertible that changed hands for $19,000. In the five auctions our reporters attended, there were no million-dollar cars. While those cars may attract attention when they cross the block, in fact the vast majority of the merchandise we report on every issue is the affordable stuff that makes up the heart of the market. On the up side, 1967-69 Camaros continue to gain strength, and proper Z/28s no longer surprise when they sell in the high 30s. Mopars, especially Hemis and 440 Six Packs, are strong, understandably as they represent the zenith of the muscle car era. MG-TDs, ignored by the market the past few years, seem to be having a little surge, perhaps because they are more useable than the TCs that preceded them, and less expensive than the TFs that followed. It appears that the dot-com boom of '55-'58 Chevrolet prices may have slowed. As you might expect given the escalation of values during the past few years, restored cars are literally pour- ing out of restoration shops and hobbyist garages across the country. But the demand for Bel Air convertibles is not insatiable, and soon everyone who wants one badly enough to shell out $100,000 will have done so. We've observed the same thing before, with V12 Ferraris in the late '80s, and we'll surely see it again with other marques in the future. Lovers of Testarossas and Boxers will have yet more daggers thrust through their hearts this issue, as Artcurial Poulain sold an '82 512 BBi for just $46,643, and an '85 TR for a mere $35,448. At these prices, a TR that needs serious engine work is really just a parts car, with no hope of repairing it and recovering the money spent. The Ferrari crowd is a fickle one, and as 550 Maranellos make TRs and Boxers seem increasingly old-fashioned, values of the older cars continue to suffer. There are few surprises in this issue. Despite an economy that continues to drift and uncertain global politics, the collector car market continues to hum along. With banks now offering one percent annual interest for CDs, collector cars continue to look ever more attractive as a place to park your money.—ED. Kruse and Silver Arizona, 1999-2003 $8,000,000 $7,000,000 $6,000,000 $5,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 • Kruse iNSide Silver, Fort McDowell, AZ  Kruse, Scottsdale, AZ  Artcurial  Poulain,  Paris,  France Kruse,  Ft.  Lauderdale,  FL  Petersen, Salem, OR  p. 28 p. 38 p. 44 p. 48 p. 53 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Silver • Auction Companies Key: S = Silver K = Kruse A = Artcurial Poulain P = Petersen SCM 1-6 Scale n  • 1 National concours standard/perfect 2 Ve  ood, club concours some small flaws 3: Average daily driver in decent condition 4. Still a driver but with some a arent flaws 5 A nasty beast that runs but has many problems SCv. Best Buys 1. 1969 Chevrolet Z/28, $27,500, S 2. 1957 Ford Fairlane, 28,885, K 3.1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL, $18,020, K 4. 1946 Lea Francis 14hp tourer, $16,791, A 5. 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC, S5,040, S

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Market Reports  noon, running near 90% for several hours. For dealers, it's either a last chance to flip a car because there's now no more room on the car hauler, or to pick up a deal on one more car to fill the car hauler. Mitch has worked hard to carve out his niche during the great Arizona auction shootout, and you can expect to see him at Ft. McDowell for the foreseeable future.—B.MC. CANADIAN Silver Auctions Fort McDowell, Arizona January 10-13, 2003 ()N Y Auctioneers: Bob Graham, Mitch Silver and Steve Dorsey Number of lots: 423 umber of lots sold: 237 Sale rate: 56% Sale total: $3,189,611 High: Lot #269, 1941 Lincoln Continental convertible street rod, sold for $77,175, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 5% Report by B. Mitchell Carlson Market opinions in italics ou can say this much about the Silver Auction in Arizona: It's consistent. Over the past few years, the number of lots consigned, plus the percentage sold, have not fluctuated greatly. Once again, more than 50% of the cars sold during the weekend, in a few cases more than once. Mitch and his team have produced an event that works very well. Part of that is the venue; the Fort McDowell Casino makes a good fit for this type of sale. Another benefit of this location versus Kruse's Rawhide locale is reduced sales tax for the buyers who take possession locally, as the reservation is exempt from the city of Scottsdale's additional tariff of 1.25%. One thing they can change, as far as I'm concerned, is the use of canned sound effects (e.g. laughter and applause). A tactic they have started using in the last year, and one I personally find annoying, it seems more appropriate for dopey morning radio shows. In the consignments, muscle cars were dominant. It appears that perhaps the activity in street rods is starting to wane, proving once again that no price bubble lasts forever. And then there's the question of how much personal taste and current trendiness is wrapped up in the building of a rod. While an NCRS Top Flight Corvette will be judged to the same standard in 20 years, today's hot street rod could be next year's parts car. Since they once again conducted their sale on Monday, and Kruse finished on Sunday, virtually all of the fresh cars at Silver on the last day had Kruse window stickers on them. While it is tiresome to see some cars cross the block for a third time, Mitch's "Montana rules" (suits forbidden and boots required, for attire) made Monday an even more laid-back atmosphere than usual. The sales rate was quite good and the dealers seemed to like it. In fact, they did a phenomenal job of selling on Monday after- 28  splitting. Filler in the rear quarter panels. Windshield gasket very heavily cracked and splitting. Vintage accessory gauges under the dash, dash pad is toast (or at least overbaked in the sun). Cond: 4. SOLD AT $3,000. The Meteor a low-priced model offered by Canadian Mercury dealers, was a Ford gussied up with Mercury trim. While rare in the US, this was still just a clapped-out car seeking a bottom-feeder #181-1963 CHEVROLET CORVAIR MONZA Sedan. S/N 396901362. Fawn metallic/fawn vinyl. LHD. Odo: 63,247 miles. Sixcylinder. GM of Canada assembled; however, it has the rear of a '60 model, including the powertrain, grafted on (probably collision repair on the cheap a long time ago). Lousy repaint, seats starting to split. Right carb running too rich. No engine detailing. Cond: 4-. SOLD vinyl. Steering wheel unrestored and severely cracked. Weatherstripping and trim rubber a mix of old and new, wavy running boards. Nice underhood detailing. Flathead V8 runs out just fine. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $13,545. Since Canadian Mercury dealers were independent of Ford dealers from 194810 1968, they had their own line of trucics that were identical to Fords in all but the trim. While uncommon down here, they have only a slight price premium over Ford trucks. #164-1963 METEOR CUSTOM Coupe. S/N 56946 265A63L. Copper/beige vinyl and nylon. LHD. Odo: 95,903 miles. Old repaint over minimal body prep. Rain gutters rusty and #183-1949 MERCURY M-47 Pickup. S/N MD83M4926894. Dark blue with black fenders/blue and black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 66,011 miles. Excellent paint, fresh chrome, new seat AT $1,155. Originally ran without a reserve on Saturday, "selling" for $1,890. However; it reappeared on Monday Perhaps the first buyer got coldfeet (and not justfrom the car s heater, either). ENGLISH #40-1953 MG-TD Convertible. S/N 22381. Light yellow/burgundy leather, black cloth. LHD. Odo: 11,303 miles. Cloth spare tire cover, Moto-Meter. Robust exhaust note, with some Silver - Ft. McDowell, AZ blue smoke. Plenty of valve lifter noise means that it's running to specs. Tidy engine room, dash plaques on right cowl show it has been well traveled in MG circles since restoration. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $16,275. Values of TDs have been soft lately (not too may people want to drive a car that makes a Geo Metro look like an Excursion), making them a decent buy. This car appeared ready to use immediately, a plus. #435-1964 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER CLOUD III Sedan. S/N SFU479. Maroon/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 88,856 miles. Webasto sunroof and relocated power antenna fitted by factory. Undercoated. Sanding scratches in some chrome window trim from old repaint that is fading and cracking on top. Lucas fog lights, new seat belts. Crack in lower left corner of driver's door frame. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $18,000. Not that SC Ills are particularly rare, but for a somewhat unusual semi-open sedan, it deserves a better bid than what a standardissue SC would bring. #465-1974 TRIUMPH TR6 Convertible. S/N CF16124U. Burnt orange/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 54,975 miles. Dashboard wood starting to fade and crack. Good repaint, original chrome is holding up well. Only lightly detailed underhood. Dashboard cover. Overall condition congruent Sports Car Market

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Silver - Ft. McDowell, AZ  Market Reports with miles indicated. Richard Petty bumper sticker. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $6,615. Since TR6s are picking up in value, appears to have been bought right. NASCAR and Triumph fans usually don't intermingle, so that was the only question mark here. #294-1976 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE Convert- ible. S/N FM45886. Yellow/navy and yellow vinyl. LHD. Odo: 84,909 miles. No top. Aftermarket wood steering wheel (brilliant choice 3+. NOT SOLD AT $20,500. Too far below book ($34,000) to let go. A showroom is a better venue for this car. Too much of a stigma attaches to Rollers at auctions, since many with problems end up crossing the block #77-1990 JAGUAR XJS V12 Convertible. SN SAJNW484I LC173694. Light brown metallic/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 72,578 miles. the engine lid. Weatherstripping dry-rotted. Driver's mirror fogging up along the edges. An old basic paint job. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $7,665. Nothing says "I care about the cars I sell" like leaving the top down overnight at auction, allowing dew to settle on the interior Old Beetle prices continue to be strong, even for beaters like this. #88-1969 PORSCHE 911E Coupe. S/N 119220150. Chocolate brown/tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: 83,116 miles. Severe paint chips on trunk lid and one nasty dimple up front. Rear glass without a top) heavily weathered. Left rear running light inoperable. Owned by a doo-dad freak, since the car was festooned with scores of emblems, badges and car show plaques. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $3,600. How can anyone expect more than used-car money for a topless car that isn ? prepared or even covered at night? #105-1979 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER WRAITH LWB Sedan. SN LKR38765. White, tan pinstripes/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 133,968 miles. Automatic. Adhesive pinstripes. Older Repaint mediocre at best. Wood in the console delaminating and Scotch-taped in places. Outside edges of seats worn and stitching starting to come undone. More rumble to exhaust than stock. No reserve for a good reason. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $8,295. Since the Ford touch hadn't reached this Jag, the consignor should be a happy camper Maybe the new buyer can drive it a few miles and then turn it before something expensive self destructs. GERMAN #229-1958 BMW ISETTA 300 Coupe. S/N 515156. Aqua metallic and white/white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 1,766 miles. Folding vinyl sunroof. scratched in several places. Very slight door droop. Light smoker. Non-stock exhaust tips. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $9,600. Re-ran on Sunday to an $8k no-sale. Either price would have been plenty. Turning a light smoker into an nonsmoker will be a very, very expensive process. And if left alone, may become a heavy smoker soon. #422-1970 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SL Convertible. S/N 113.044-12-017044. Red/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 37,080 miles. Automatic. Hood fit off. Some new chrome (bumpers), some faded original chrome (turn signal surrounds). repaint cracking in the corners ahead of the Apillar and over the headlight contours. Exhaust note more robust than stock. Fine leather inside. Older vinyl replacement roof starting to ripple. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $11,550. Bought by someone who succumbed to the "Rolls-Royce for the money of a Chevy" line. You can look rich for cheap, but you'll never get a Roller to run well for cheap. Best bet here is to enjoy it while it lasts. #39-1984 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER SPUR Sedan. S/N SCAZN42ALCX08589. White/tan leather and vinyl. LHD. Odo: 59,146 miles. Automatic. Recent repaint masked by original pinstriping. Excellent interior. Some light UV damage to the black plastic trim. Overall well maintained. Dealer consignment. Cond: March, 2003 -, Very fresh low-quality paint job, new interior. No hubcap emblems and rear emblem on gas cap is severely faded. Very reluctant to start when cold. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $10,100. Bid was more than enough. It's safe to say the microcar trend has passed, unless you have a very rare, and very well done, example. Today, most are bought as garage ornaments. #151-1961 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Convertible. Body by Karmann. S/N 32006552. Red/gray cloth and vinyl. LHD. Odo: 87,348 miles. New fuel pump and voltage regulator on a well-manicured stock engine bay, except for a garden hose substituting for the drain hoses in lir , 4, : . 4 71111,' Leather is getting stiff and is in need of attention, if not replacement. Hard top package shelf and inside door panel tops are fading. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $15,500. Bid was correct, ifnot slightly generous. Especially true with the swings on prices realized in these pagoda-top cars. #54-1974 MERCEDES-BENZ 450SL Convertible. S/N 1070441 2017219. Navy/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 115,226 miles. Automatic. Soft top window severely yellowed and fabric fading. Unkempt engine bay. Constant belt squeal (at least, I hope it's just a belt). Mild scrape across most of the right side, just above 29

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Market Reports  1. • • . or ,.. 41rm_ 5 the belt molding. Top body panels also sunburned. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $3,885. SLs this cheap are never a bargain, unless your local demo derby has an Uhlenhaut Cup series. The money spent to get the driveline back in shape will equal the price ofa good SL, and you '11 still have to replace the top, fix the bodywork, and paint it. #114-1979 MERCEDES-BENZ 450SLC Coupe. S/N 107.024-12026405. Cream/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 145,786 miles. Automatic, sunroof. Good original paint, but pinstriping is end of the world, but over the edge of it (for you Flat Earth Society members out there). It may be a one-owner car, but it has covered enough miles to make it just a used car Any price over four digits is a gift. #6-1997 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 2 Convertible. S/N WP0CA2992VS340365. Yellow/ black leather and cloth. LHD. Odo: 22,891 miles. Silver - Ft. McDowell, AZ operable. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $24,600. It could hold its own at local shows, but would need more detailing to make the concours circuit. Powerto-weight ratio poor compared to most other Alfas, so the show circuit is the way to go. A huge price for a cast-iron Alfa. #483-1969 ALFA ROMEO GTV Coupe. SfN AR1361294. Apple green/black leather. LHD. Odo: 110,223 miles. Engine punched out from 1750 cc to 2 liters. Body appears to have almost buffed out. Side of left seat bolster stitching splitting. Heavily faded package shelf cameting. Little old lady owner, with all service records from new, including recent dealer service. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $5,040. Generally speaking, the coupes are better cared for by longer-term owners than the drop-top SLs. They also tend to be half price, so this was a very good deal for the buyer Seller got her money's worth out of 24 years of service. Keep your receipts! #186-1979 PORSCHE 911 Custom Convertible. S/N 9119210830. Fly yellow/black. LHD. Odo: 84,600 miles. Cut Targa, with a Chevy Vortec 4.3-liter V6 stuffed into the back. • r  ;/, if itiki 111 v `‘..  '... .•-.0r."- Minor nicks in the repaint Seat bolsters and door panels fraying at contact points. The scary thing is that it almost sounds right, except no timing chain whine. No reserve. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $8,505. I could just see it: "Well, I blew up the engine in my 911, but the wife has this rusty old Astro van with a good V6 in it. So, I can save afew bucks if..." More than enough to make Schrager cringe; he'd probably go into a convulsive fit. #53-1980 MERCEDES-BENZ 450SL Convertible. S/N 107044 12062181. Brown metallic/beige leather. LHD. Odo: 91,096 miles. Automatic. Maintenance records indicate new transmission. Paint on nose very pockmarked. Leather wear is commensurate with miles indicated, as is the whole car. Original owner consigning. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $12,000. Not just the 30  Crack in the center of the windshield, side glass fit problems. Lots of fuzzy covers inside. Left taillight faded far more than the right side. Of course, the doors won't hold themselves open Cond: 4. SOLD AT $9,870. Afar nicer one sold on Sunday for $12,700. DeLoreans can only bring big money if they are very, very nice. "16k original miles" claimed here—oh really? ITALIAN #339-1959 ALFA ROMEO 2000 Spider. Body by Touring. S/N AR1020400407. Red/ black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 60,089 miles. Nice body and paint, but cracking windshield gasket left in place. New interior. Some light staining on the cloisonné emblem on the nose, seams in the upper package shelf area lifting, pits chromed over on vent window frames. Parking brake in- Original tires getting down to the wear bars, wheel weight adhesive residue on two wheels. Well-preserved paint with no nicks. Nicely maintained, but stainless exhaust outlets have much visible carbon. Dealer car, but title delayed. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $44,000. Re-ran on Monday to equal results. Current Kelley Blue Book value is $52,275. Just a nice used car that is depreciating quickly. IRISH #140-1981 DELOREAN DMC-12 Coupe. S/N SCEDT26T7B1004733. Stainless steel/ gray leather. LHD. Odo: 16,585 miles. Dull stainless, front and rear plastic facias very sun faded. been stripped, prepped and painted, then had the original trim, chrome and glass reinstalled. New leather. Ding in lower center of right door. Appears partially restored. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $7,500. A frequent flyer between the two sales, it was also run on Monday to a high bid of $7,400. Despite our Editor 's cars, green is rarely first choice of Alfa collectors. Not an unfair bid for a car that really needs major attention to be super nice. #428-1972 INTERNIECCANICA ITALIA Convertible. S/N 50388414. Black/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 21,446 miles. 351-c.i. V8, fourspeed. DOT/EPA exempt from new. Excellent older repaint. Seat backs coming loose. Generic replacement weatherstrips for the door glass are loose on the ends. Newer JVC AM/FM cassette. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $25,000. No money bid, quickly rolled offstage. Consignor was grumbling on about how Italias aren't appreciated. Even with reliable Ford V8 power (or probably more likely because of it), still not a hot item. In any case, bid was light by a few thousand. #2-1985 ALFA ROMEO SPIDER VELOCE. Body by Pininfarina. S/NZARBA5419F1023288. Black/black. LHD. Odo: 89,205 miles. Aftermarket stereo. Various levels of chrome quality. A couple of interior knobs are missing, glovebox fit askew, rearview mirror fogging up. Engine Sports Car Market

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Watch Earl Turn A '150,000'36 Cord Into A Draster. 4 He hooks it. He yanks it. He drags it away. Welcome to the heartbreak of Earl. The tow truck guy who always shows up when your classic breaks down. Fortunately, Hagerty has the answer to Earl. Introducing the Hagerty Protection Network - providing 24hour flatbed roadside assistance. Whether you need a tow, a jump or a can of gas, we'll be there. It's just one of the many exciting new features that await you when you become a - - - member of the Hagerty Protection Network — the perfect complement to the finest classic car policy in the business. One that already offers the unbeatable combination of Agreed Value coverage, zero deductible and only one liability charge per collection — no matter how many cars you own. To become a member, give us a call us today. It was only a matter of time before someone (HAGERTY gave old Earl the hook. Collector Car Insurance 1 800 922 4050 1 www.haoerty.com All roadside assistance services are provided by Coach-Net. Membership in the Network is provided by Hagertyllus. 1 non-insurance licensed affiliate of the insurance product issuer. I lagerty Insurance Agency, Inc., a fully licensed insurance agency.

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Market Reports  Silver - Ft. McDowell, AZ vinyl. LHD. Odo: 1 mile. Late-model LT1 motor, new interior, new top. Very fresh paint with a couple of pimples on the trunk lid. Serial bay detailing not befitting of this consigning dealer's usually high level of quality. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $6,195. Post-block sale. Fair price for one of the nicer Alfas we've seen recently, although no councours contender With pathetic build quality and cars that melt after 75k miles, the Italians can't make fun of Detroit. To GM, we say, get out of the Fiat deal. AMERICAN #41-1941 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL Convertible Street Rod. S/N 16H56-292. Forest green metallic/tan leather, green cloth. LHD. Odo: 22,397 miles. Basically a cross between An excellent 20-year-old restoration that has held up extremely well. Originally had a blue hard top, now has a white one. Otherwise, fully correct. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $26,000. Seller was justified for holding out for more. While there are a lot of T-Birds for sale, honest older restorations like this are hard to find. $35,000 wouldn't be unreasonable. #276-1958 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 58S106330. Aquamarine metallic/blue vinyl. LHD. Odo: 4,260 miles. 283/ number tag screwed on rather than spot welded. Enough door sag to require a healthy slam to shut properly. Moisture under rear emblem. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $33,600. This was more than enough paid. While you now have a very reliable cruiser, serious Corvette buyers will always be put off by the engine swap. Car would be worth more with a period powerplant. #45-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. SN 40837S105602. White/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 50,744 miles. 327/300 V8, automatic. Powersteering, power brakes, AM/FM. the original Continental and a Mark VIII, using the late-model's drivetrain, interior and a few trim pieces. Very professionally and tastefully executed. Only very light wear from occasional drive-to-show use. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $64,050. Third-highest selling car all weekend (second to another well-done '41 Continental street rod). While LCOC purists would turn their noses at it, it at least is what it advertises itself to be. #25-1949 ALLIS-CHALMERS G Farm Tractor. SN G11941. Persian orange/orange. Claimed $10k in restoration costs. It would have been $10,120 if they had recovered the steering 245 V8, four-speed. New interior and top. Superb body prep and repaint. Exhaust manifolds starting to burn off their protective coatings. Wide whitewalls yellowing. Overall, a handsome restoration that has been sitting for a while. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $51,000. I've only seen this paint color once before on a Corvette, and that was on a '59 with fuel injection and a Powerglide transmission at a private sale three years ago. The consigning dealer decided to wait, and he was right. #177-1958 FORD FAIRLANE 500 SKVLINER Retractable Hardtop. S/N H8RW151079. Red and white/red and white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 20,880 miles. Dual exhaust. N1**4610. Newer radials. Tight door fit, but could've used better masking inside the doorjambs. Aging original seals and weatherstripping contrast to remainder of restoration. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $29,000. Re-ran during Saturday's prime time for a $28,100 no-sale. With the automatic and slowpoke engine, more of a two-passenger Impala than a sports ear Amount bid was reasonable. #66-1965 FORD MUSTANG Coupe. S/N 5R07C243851. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 24,951 miles. Automatic, 289/250 V8. Base Mustang with add-on GT parts (pony interior, light bar, console). Power brakes, radials. Okay 44.41 wheel. Excellent metal prep and paint. Optional front ballast and rear drawbar. Bottom battery box seams starting to bubble. All new tires. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $4,200. Roger Welsch's A-C is a Holy Grail for both collectors and truck farmers. It is one of the best tractors ever made for cultivating, so many of the few built (from 194855) are still at work. With its narrow track, it fits in the back of an F-150. #122-1957 FORD THUNDERBIRD Convertible. S/N DFFH363694. White/two-tone blue, white. LHD. Odo: 61,925 miles. 312-c.i., automatic. Vent wings, T&C radio. Sits slightly low in the front, a pair of minor cowl dimples. 32  Emblem missing from glovebox door. Right rear quarter window fuzzies are mangled and are scratching the glass. Antenna bent to the rear. Good original upholstery, for the most part. Mediocre repaint. Most trim replated. Cond: 3 - N.......•■•" . SOLD AT $16,800. Fairly priced, since a month of detailing would really help this car At least the top mechanism works as well as any other period retractable top (i.e., park on a billiard-table smooth surface before even attempting to operate). Fair price for condition. #264-1962 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 20867S102214. Silver/black :ter- `51 repaint, most chrome new. Engine painted FoMoCo blue (one year too early). No reserve. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $8,400. There wasn't a data plate in the door, so I couldn't verify if it was born a red car. In the price range for a hohum hardtop, so there's no loss in moving it out, and with the extra goodies, no regrets on the part of the buyer Sports Car Market

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Symbols of Excellence... --r- -J - -  -r- _J  -J Tradition, precision, performance ... excellence. Some companies understand what it takes to set the standards in the industry ... they just do it better than everyone else. Passport Transport: fully enclosed auto transport since 1970. Experience Counts. 1.800.325.4267 Fax 314 878 7295 www.passporttransport.com PASSPORT A Fedbt Custom Critical Company

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Market Reports  #200-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 194676S106903. Light yellow, black stripe/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 85,517 miles. 427/425 V8, four-speed. Telescoping Silver - Ft. McDowell, AZ wood wheel, AM/FM. Superbly restored; one of only a handful of 'Vettes to receive the NCRS's Duntov Mark of Excellence. Consigned by an SCM Gold subscriber. Cond: I. SOLD AT $67,225. PRO-Team Corvettes thought there was money left here, so they bought it. A good deal for everyone involved. #205-1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 197377S110975. White with black stripe/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 10,093 miles. 427/ 435 V8, four-speed. Side pipes, Redline tires, cal Society. Aftermarket door lock plungers. Hood alignment off at left rear, door gaps wide in the front. Dash petrowood fading, otherwise good original interior. Older repaint. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $19,005. Right in the ballpark for a correct and decent driver ragtop Goat. Both buyer and seller did well. Documentation was a real plus—when will more sellers figure this out? Or maybe they don't want you to know you're really buying a rebadged LeMans. #68-1968 FORD MUSTANG GTA Coupe. S/N 7R01A127723. Light blue, white GT stripes/aqua vinyl. LHD. Odo: 115 miles. 289/ glass weatherstripping loose on the top. Twoslammer doors. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $7,200. If this was a convertible, it would be a $10k car on a very good day. As a hardtop, the bid was all the money in the world. #59-1969 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 194679S700899. Banana yellow/ black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 99,610 miles. 350/300 V8, four-speed. Undercoated. Aftermarket radio delete. Original interior was "upgraded" to leather from vinyl. High idle speed. Nice door fit. Very good repaint. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $56,438. It took three tries to get this car sold. With bids of $55k and $52k on Saturday and Sunday, the consignorfinally cut loose his $60k reserve on Move'em-out Monday. Price was fair enough. #3-1967 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE Station Wagon. S/N 7D23H121165. White and brown/brown vinyl. LHD. Odo: 28,677 miles. 390-c.i. V8. Radials, tinted windows, rustproofed. Original interior showing little wear. 250 V8, automatic. Aftermarket dual exhaust tips and radial tires. New paint, chrome, seats and vinyl top. Good underhood detailing. Strong appeal as a "cute car" chick magnet among the crowd. No reserve. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $8,925. Nicely done, but still the market stepchild to a fastback or convertible. However the buyer did very well if it's sorted out and drives as well as it looks. #255-1968 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 Coupe. S/N 124378N425966. Goodwood green, white stripes/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 16,669 miles. 302/290 V8, four-speed. Console with AM/FM cassette. Older repaint yielding a few cracks on corners. New bumpers, but balance of brightwork is original, with light pits and scratches. Typical GM panel fit. Overall, dolled up and made pretty. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $20,580. All the money and then somefor a plainjane convertible. Restoration (to use the term liberally) was not brilliant, and was done some time ago. On the other hand, prices of these Darth Vader 'Vettes continue to rise. #71 - 1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 Coupe. S/N 124379N692574. Red with black stripes/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 74,728 miles. 302/290 V8, four-speed. Power steering, power brakes, gauge pack console, chin spoiler. Aftermarket wood wheel, AM/FM cassette, Fresh chrome, Di-Noc "wood" (in the correct pattern) and paint. Roof rack full of luggage and trinkets. Long-term Arizona car recently redone to look pretty. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $6,500. Station wagons were really hot the past two years, but that segment seems to be cooling off Maybe all thefolks that wanted to emulate the "Leave it to Beaver" family have already bought their Country Squires. Bid was plenty. #65-1967 PONTIAC GTO Convertible. S/N 242677B123727. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 26,145 miles. 400-c.i. V8, automatic. Build sheets and documentation from Pontiac Histori- 34 gauge pack. Left taillight out, windshield washer bottle heavily yellowing, engine bay could use just a touch more detailing. Otherwise, restoration is right on the money. Cond: I-. SOLD AT $38,325. In the world ofAuctionland,wherefact andfantasy are somewhat intertwined, it was declared sold on the block Saturday. Sunday, it went across again and was declared a no-sale at $33,000. Both prices are easily justified by this car #113-1968 FORD MUSTANG GT Coupe. S/N 8F01J160793. Lime green metallic/two-tone green vinyl. LHD. Odo: 73,555 miles. Hurst four-speed. Older iffy repaint, with some healthy-sized chips along the hood opening on the driver's side. Original chrome starting to pit and fade. Windshield RTV'ed in place, left door Flowmaster dual exhaust. Missing right door mirror. Newer repaint, but original chrome is starting to wear. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $19,250. Not entirely an insulting bid, but this higher-profile collector car dealer/consignor doesn't sell at wholesale. Could become a regular on the auction circuit until he realizes that this Z/28, as it sits, is not concours material. #82-1969 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Coupe. S/N N/A. Light gold metallic/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 59,811 miles. 350-c.i. V8, automatic. Drive belt not connected to the air conditioning compressor. Power brake booster and master cylinder painted body color. Lowered front suspension. Weatherstrips starting to show serious wear. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $8,400. First- Sports Car Market

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Restoration - Service Sales - Automobilia Memorabilia - Gift Shop LEUIttor www.guildclassiccars.com Hours: Mon - Fri: 9:30 -5:00 Sat: 9:30 - 3:00 What is it about cars that gets all of us so excited? Well, women say it's because we are all sort of dumb and haven't graduated from post-pubescent adolescence, but we know that isn't true. Cars are an extension of our territory. Hell, they are how we get to the cave bear to hunt him down and eat him. They are symbols of what was once, ten thousand years ago, the shiniest, sharpest obsidian spear in the tribe. The more successful a hunter you are, the finer the car you will have to go hunting in. When you become really successful, well then you can afford really fine cars that you don't even bother to take out hunting except in the company of other successful hunters' cars. We call these events car shows and concours d'Elegance and they have replaced the old bonfire as a place for accomplished hunters to sit around and swap heroic tales of hunting mastodons, saber tooth tigers and huge packs of ravenous wolves. So tell me, can you afford to have just anyone hone and polish your spear or do you want someone to work on it who really knows how important it is to you and your tribe? Call us; we can make sure that the next time you have your car pulled up to the campfire, the other hunters are going to give you the respect you deserve. We can be reached by phone, fax, e-mail or just go out into the back yard and beat on a hollow tree. Chances are we will get back to you. The Guild of Automotive Restorers PO Box 1150, 44 Bridge St., Bradford, ON L3Z 2B5 Canada Tel: (905)775-0499 Fax: (905) 775-0944

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 Market Reports  generation Firebirds don't get much respect. Any 1969 Camaro in commensurate condition (or worse) would break four digits in price. As such, sold at market price; a lot of car for the money. #83-1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 Coupe. S/N 124379L530249. Yellow, black stripes/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 8,978 miles. 302/ 4 290 V8, four-speed. Correct-style stainless exhaust, right down to the crimping. Console with gauge pack. Base on clear paint to include the rally stripes. Right-hand backup light always on. Otherwise, restoration right on the money. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $27,500. Even with the need to exorcise a few more GM electrical demons from the car, it should be worth $30k any day of the week. A very good buy. #155-1970 PLYMOUTH GTX Coupe. S/N RS23U0C103573. Green metallic, white stripe/ white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 38 miles. 440-c.i. V8, automatic. All new interior. Air conditioning, TicToc-Tach. Missing horn button emblem. "Wood" Sure Grip differential. Flowmaster exhaust. New interior kit and non-OEM windshield. Minor steering wheel wear. No fender tag. Radials. $44k reserve. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $35,500. 'Cudas are climbing, so sellers are reluctant to cut them loose unless they get all the money. Still, this was plenty for an automatic 383. #95-1972 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE MALIBU Coupe. S/N 1D37J2L563808. Butterscotch, white stripes/tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: Registration number on dataplate ground down. Civilian off-road tires, self-inflation system removed, window tint. De-mil'ed M-60 mounted on turret. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $24,255. In line with real Humvee prices, and bought by a cinematic rental service. My real-world USAF experience with these in the 1980s are that ( ) camo paint is not masked, but sprayed right on, and (2) these weren 't as good as a one-ton Chevy diesel CUCV pickup. F NIL ,  r  .  ,  steering wheel rim worn down and cracked. Undercoated. Aftermarket exhaust tips and door lock plungers. Front side marker lights not connected. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $15,645. Correct pricing for this car, especially in an unspectacular color In red or black, would be worth a few thousand more. The number offolks actively seeking dark green Mopars is probably quite small. #231-1970 AMC JAVELIN SST MARK DONOHUE Coupe. S/N A0C79XP212326. 69,029 miles. 350/250 V8, automatic. Tilt steering, Soft Ray glass. Door window weatherstrips starting to dry rot. Older iffy repaint. Aftermarket CD player and speakers. Vinyl top starting to come loose at the lower trim moldings. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $9,100. Fair price for a nonspectacular driver but this crowd would've preferred it as a faux L56 SS 454 and paid more than twice as much. Perhaps in the future. #323-1975 DODGE DART Coupe. S/N LL29C5G223041. White with multicolored stripe/white vinyl, red and blue accents. LHD. Odo: 8,985 miles. "Hang 10" edition. New seats ...  . #84-1998 DODGE TNT KING SNAKE VIPER Convertible. S/N 1B3ER65E4WV401230. Red with white stripes/black and red leather. LHD. Odo: 11,410 miles. "Carbon fiber" cowl -11110141■:-,.... i i - ■ft.._.■■•■.__ _NI 0.,...■ la lii IL OIL 1110 trim worn on edges. Black trim on upper B-pillar panel fading. NACA hood duct and adjustable deck lid wing. Competition harness well used. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $74,550. At SCM, we usually don't recommend buying tuner cars, since longevity is sacrificed for a few more ponies. In this case, we still don't recommend it, but someone with a bidding paddle thought the exclusivity was worth $30,000 more than a stock example.• Testosterone On Wheels '85 AM General Humvee, 524,255, S (p.36) '98 Dodge Viper TNT King Snake convertible, $74,550, S (p. 36) and white vinyl half top. Fresh paint, new decals. Dash pad cover. Front quarter panels rippling in the lower rear corners. Driver's door window heavily scratched. Half of chrome is replated, remainder original. Cond: 3+ SOLD 36 '90 Chevrolet Corvette cony., $18,285, K (p. 44) '73 March Formula 2 race car, A (p.45) '85 Ferrari Testarossa, $35,448, A (p. 47) '70 Chevrolet Chevelle1.56 clone, $18,285, K (p. 52) Sports Car Market I Pale yellow/black vinyl, vinyl half top. LHD. Odo: 22,061 miles. 360-c.i. V8, automatic. A completely original car that has been heavily detailed. Dealer "installed" undercoating, aftermarket exhaust tips. Very minor crazing on some outside chrome. Original miles. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $18,000. Bid was way below the money for a rare and interesting car In a world fill offakey-doo Chevelle SS 454 LSos, this car deserves to be preserved by a caring owner #271-1971 PLYMOUTH 'CUDA Coupe. S/N BS23N1B438399. Orange Peel/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 16,311 miles. 383-c.i. V8, automatic. . 774. - .  22:4 r -•: , ....... i111111rNr.-mmormowl_MMI-al .  , ...---.._...... --•• -7"."= 7111111:. ! ) ci..4180‘, 4,1 f .4: 1111111WV2. Silver - Ft. McDowell, AZ AT $5,460. My definitive pick for the '70s car of the weekend. Very few survived, not because they were rustbuckets (which they were), but because the slant sixes refused to die and the cars were run into the ground. A valiant effort to resurrect one, indeed. #72-1985 AM GENERAL M-998 "HUMVEE" Tactical Truck. S/N 000653. NATO 1 camouflage/olive drab green canvas. LHD. Odo: 5 miles. A true mil-spec example (ex-USMC) depot modified to M-1025 (roof turret). Fresh camo paint neatly masked off.

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Market Reports  way back to being one of the top dollar and volume leaders in its segment of the market. As Dean increasingly exerts control over the course of his ship, expect to see once again the highcharged atmosphere and impressive results he has been known to produce in the past.—D.K. INTERNATIONAL Kruse International Scottsdale, Arizona January 10-12, 2003 Auctioneers: Dean Kruse, Dan Kruse, O  Bay is gone, but Kruse remains. That's the news, the good news and the bad news. News because Kruse is once again owned by Dean Kruse. Good news because the owner is the same Dean Kruse who built his business, one auction at a time, into the world's largest collector car auction company. But there is bad news, also, as Kruse has now entered yet another rebuilding phase. Just as the organization was making the transition from Kruse ownership to eBay, it is now making another transition back to Kruse. Many of the familiar faces and contacts from the eBay/Kruse era are gone, having moved on to other jobs in other towns. They will be replaced, but as to be expected with any large organization, there will be inevitable things that fall between the cracks during the change. E The first auction after Dean Kruse's repurchase was held in Fort Lauderdale (see auction report on page 48), which, by all accounts, was very good. The Rawhide sale, which is one of Kruse's largest events, was a less successful effort, with a 53% sales rate, and $3.6m in total sales. This was $900,000 less than last year's sale earned, though $100,000 better than 2001's result. The crowd seemed smaller than that of the previous year, and those in attendance didn't always seem focused on the cars crossing the block. The sales results cannot be attributed to the quality of the cars, as there were some truly great autos offered. Three cars of note that sold for less than the cost of their restoration are the 1911 Reo truck, the 1912 Standard Electrique and the 1957 Ford Fairlane convertible. SCM has long been an advocate of buying someone else's restoration, and this sale was a continuing reminder that those possibilities exist. Other notable sales include the 1968 Shelby GT500 KR convertible that took top honors at $120,840, and a one-owner 1969 MercedesBenz 280SL that went for $18,020. The Kruse name is almost interchangeable with the words automobile auction. Kruse, with Dean once again at the helm, will surely fight its 38 Brent Earlywine Number of lots: 380 aiumber of lots sold: 202 Sale rate: 53.1% Sale total: $3,609,247 High: Lot #489, 1968 Shelby GT500 KR convertible, sold for $120,840, including buyer 's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 6% Report by Dave Kinney Market opinions in italics plates, owner says car won Mexico City concours in 2001 and 2002. Now shows some age and use-related wear, but a very good quality restoration nonetheless. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $60,000. What can be said here? A great car, but a whopping great bid as well. Might be a long time before a higher amount is offered. #517-1960 MGA Convertible. S/N GHNL76965. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 57,382 miles. Painted wires. Good, but not great fair chrome, cut seats, poor carpets, weak door panels. Wire wheels painted to look like chrome. Sunkist level of orange peel to the paint. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $4,293. Another good reason to steer clear of the bidders' bar To the slightly tipsy, this car looks good at 10 feet. Any closer or any less judgement impaired, this car has needs and wants in every corner No bargain, even at this low price. #429-1971 MGB-GT Coupe. S/N GHD5WB223630G. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 96,727 miles. Owner says $9,000 recently spent on restoration, which is believable. New ENGLISH #504-1960 JAGUAR Mk II Sedan. S/N 213516. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 87 miles. Four-speed. Restored to a high standard, very nice throughout. Registered with Mexico City Kruse - Scottsdale, AZ Evidence of water leak at rear window. Starts quickly, no smoke. Good chrome. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $16,165. I hate to say it, but a dark Silver Shadow looks better with a pinstripe, whitewall tires, or both. Convict me of being a crass American, but the reserved British look just came off as drab. Fully priced, but worth it. #135-1970 MGB-GT Coupe. S/N GHD5UA189789G British Racing Green/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 10,387 miles. All the usual sins found on low-buck collectibles: shiny paint, paint. Most chrome weak. Poor fit to what appears to be a new grille. Door gaps a bit off. Wood surround to top of dash and door could have been nice, but poorly stained oak was used. Not hateful, just not nice. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $9,858. There are better cars out there for a better price, but this was a fair buy on a "driver" condition MGA. There seems to be a great deal of interest in MGAs at auction recently; after a littleflat spot, they are heading up in price again. #778-1969 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER SHADOW Sedan. S/N SRX7316. Dark green/ tan leather. LHD. Odo: 39,190 miles. Front passenger door fits poorly. Some light paint cracking. Respray work to leather well executed. paint and interior. Good chrome and glass. Lots of new little bits, such as taillight lenses. A good amateur job, ready for use or show. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $4,876. It won't win first in a concours, but will be no embarrassment at the local British Car Day either Less than $5,000 for a collector car is a leap offaith; this one looks like it will be a decent investment. Well bought. #435-1972 ROLLS-ROYCE CORNICHE Convertible. S/N DRX10938. Mason's black/ saddle leather. LHD. Odo: 71,183 miles. Nardi wood steering wheel. Gold-plated Flying Lady, AM/FM cassette. Bumper updates, rear center-mounted stoplight. Leather decent, as is Sports Car Market

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Kruse - Scottsdale, AZ  paintwork. Most wood weak. Was Big 0 Tires an original supplier for Rolls-Royce? Just a car all over. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $25,000. Of the thousands ofCorniche convertibles built, why does it seem that 85% of them are for sale at any given time? 1 think these are wonderful cars, but unlike what many new owners think, they won't change your life. Except to make you broke. #553-1973 JAGUAR XKE SDI V12 Convertible. S/N UD1S21908. Olde English White/ tan leather. LHD. Odo: 98,544 miles. Bad gaps, worse chrome (with actual dime-size rust spots). Market Reports side. Good chrome, glass and wood. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $47,700. The RL is the long version of the R, with an additional four inches in the rear doors. After a much-needed trip to DentsR-Us, this will qualify as a decent buy. Just don't let little Billy park his bicycle against the passenger doors anymore. dent. A time capsule, and a great example of a not great car. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $6,784. Almost no one cared for these when new. Who cares about them now? At this kind of money for a "distinctive" car with few miles, it 's worth a chance. Just don't forget to drag a magnet behind to pick up loose parts falling off as you drive. Paint quite good. Interior nice. Looks like someone spent a bunch of money, then quit. Many, many flaws remain. Ran through as Lot #205, 553 and 829, all to similar levels of apathy. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $37,000. Ran three times, but it's still no lady. In years of collector car auctions, I can count on one hand the number of cars that bid higher the second time in the same sale. Third time? No fingers required At auction, your first loss is your best loss. #563-1979 TRIUMPH TR7 Convertible. S/N TLT1032BYUCF. White/black and white tartan. LHD. Odo: 12,562 miles. California car. Factory air conditioning. Only light wear evi- #462-1992 BENTLEY TURBO RL Sedan. S/N SCBZPO3D2NCX44211. Dark blue/magnolia. LHD. Odo: 29,809 miles. "Little old lady CD player. Very good wood. Light wear to driver's seat. Very good paint, decent Vogue tires. Great colors, great condition. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $75,000. Look like your favorite washed-up rock star without suffering the indignities of the Betty Ford Center or actually appearing on VH1's Behind the Music. Great colors for the extrovert with everything. Very nice car, fair bid. owner." Very ugly K-40 radar detector controls mounted in console where ashtray would sit— presumably, the little old lady didn't smoke. Good paint marred by many dings on passenger GERMAN #223-1956 PORSCHE 356A Coupe. SIN 57277. Red/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 92,492 #547-1994 ROLLS-ROYCE CORNICHE Convertible. S/N SCAZDO2C5RCX50001. Red pearl/tan leather with red piping. LHD. Odo: 33,545 miles. All books, factory phone, uromoisnie FINANCING ANTIQUE CLASSIC EXOTICS . -- MUSCLE OFFERING LOW NATIONAL FIXED RATES STARTING AT 0 RODS 0 SPORTS DEALERS' BEST ALLY • CUSTOMERS' BEST FRIEND • 10 MINUTE LOAN APPROVAL Long terms 4 to 10 years • Fixed Rates Purchase • Refinancing • Prequalify For Auctions APPLY to be driving that special automobile APPLY ONLINE AT VVIII/W.JJBEST.CONI OPEN I DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED 6 DAYS A WEEK  March, 2003  *5.44% APR ON S100,000, 8 YEARS $1289.45 MONTHLY. SIMPLE INTEREST, NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY. CORRECT AT PRESS TIME. THIS AD HIGHLIGHTS ONE PROGRAM- DIFFERENT PROGRAMS AVAILABLE. 39

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Market Reports  #172-1970 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SL Convertible. S/N 11304412015184. Dark blue/palomino leather. LHD. Odo: 9,718 miles. Two tops. Kruse - Scottsdale, AZ price was real, this would represent a new level for the 365 GT 2+2. Getting seriously close to the price of a tired Daytona, which would rock the Ferrari world. Keep that chandelier away from the bidders' bar #731-1970 FIAT 500 Coupe. S/N 2516799. Gold/red vinyl with black piping. LHD. Odo: 3,600 miles. Vinyl sunroof. Very nice interior, miles. Fresh and shiny paint, new seats and carpets, some chrome very good. But the devil is in the details: bad door and hood gaps, wavy bodywork and chrome, ill-fitting dash pad, scratched glass. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $12,720. A freshly painted resale red Porsche 356 at auction—any warning flags going up yet? A good deal if this one gets a clean bill of health from the Porsche doctor, and the new owner doesn't try to improve the body. #752-1959 MERCEDES-BENZ 300D Lim- ousine. S/N 18901029500164. Ivory/red leather. LHD. Odo: 72,483 miles. Division. Cracked windshield, improper finish to some wood. Most Paint, chrome and glass all good to excellent, though windshield starting to delaminate. Laterstyle mag wheels have worn center caps. Tired BF Goodrich T/A tires look out of place. Poor fit to stone-hard seats. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $17,200. A good detail would help this car a lot. New seat covers, properly fitted, might be the key to selling. Looks to me like another $1,000 properly spent might have resulted in an additional bid or two, and a "sold" sticker on the windshield. ITALIAN #758-1959 ALFA ROMEO 2000 Spider. Body by Touring. S/N ARI 020400407. Red/ black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 60,110 miles. Very nice but poor repaint. Throwing oil just before its trip across the auction block. Said to have been a recent import from Italy. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $3,700. Really bad paint combined with a Fiat motor throwing oil are a scaly combination (the oil will help control the rust on that Russian steel, however). High bidder was lucky the seller was greedy. There are better 500s for the same amount of money. #789-1983 FERRARI MONDIAL QV Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N ZFFLD145000046827. Dark blue/saddle leather. LHD. Odo: 75,481 miles. Lots of little leather replaced and excellent, some original. Cracked turn signal lens. Very nice paint and leather. Most chrome good, window surrounds need replating. Goodyear Polyglas tires no help. Cond: 4+. NOT SOLD AT $17,000. The easy stuff is done, the rest is left to the buyer, and little of it will be cheap. Expensive when new, these Benzes are expensive to restore, and their parts aren't easy to find. Pay more, get a nicer example, save money in the long run. #717-1969 MERCEDES-BENZ 280SL Con- vertible. S/N 11304412010085. Robins egg blue/ black MB tex. LHD. Odo: 87,268 miles. Two tops, one owner. Michelin tires. Color changed restoration, well done throughout. Excel len paint. Pitted chrome has been replated on windshield header. Well detailed underhood. Owner says engine has been rebuilt. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $28,500. Owner told an interested bidder that it was a Pininfarina body and looked like a Ferrari. Substitute Touring and Maserati and he would be correct. Very nice car; Rawhide wasn't the venue to sell this pretty red roadster (But Silver was, and for less—see page 30.) #768-1968 FERRARI 365 CT 2+2 Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 11507. Red/saddle leather. LHD. Odo: 5,522 km. Disc wheels, things to pick at, but surprisingly crisp in most areas. Seems to have been well detailed for the auction. Small dent in right rear quarter panel. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $14,500. Ran across earlier in the auction to a $17,000 high bid. Can these cars get any cheaper? The unfortunate answer is yes, they can. Auction Mondials are a crap shoot without viewing all the papers and service records. AMERICAN #724-1904 OLDSMOBILE CURVEDDASH Roadster. S/N 20506. Black and bur- to light blue when owner relocated from Ohio to Arizona. A very nice driver. Clean, with one or two paint chips. Overspray on gaskets. Tidy interior. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $18,020. The way you want to find 'em—good car good story and the original owner in the wings watching her pride and joy find a new home. The paint sins can befixed, and talking to the original owner is a bonus on a 34-year-old car Great buy. 40  factory air conditioning. Fresh restoration of a quality not often seen on a 365 GT 2+2. Excellent paint, good brightwork. Unmarked and fresh hides. Sharp carpet. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $80,000. A very nice car cosmetically. If the bid Sports Car Market

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Kruse - Scottsdale, AZ  gundy/black leather. LHD. Tiller steering. No optional rear seat. Very clean, fairly fresh restoration. Recent AACA Senior, Junior winner. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $37,630. If a good example of a curved-dash Olds is worth $20k to $25k. then this outstanding car is worth every bit of the high bid. Now on its way to a museum, let's hope it gets some use a few times a year to keep it fresh. #725-1911 REO H Truck. SN H795. Dark green and black/black leather. LHD. Water-cooled one-cylinder engine, with 9.3 horsepower, multiple-disc clutch, double chain drive. 36-inch hard Market Reports be closed cars with phone-booth styling, but this is a handsome runabout. Well bought. #432-1934 BUICK 50 Sedan. S/N 2723591. Black/tan cloth. LHD. Odo: 25,942 miles. Owner states miles are original, and condition to, but will clean up easily. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $98,000. Listed as carrying two serial numbers, one a state-issued one, which is never a good sign. Essentially a very wellpreserved restoration with a few shortcomings, bid price seemed very fair considering the title and light restoration items. #764-1941 PACKARD 120 Convertible. S/N 14992997. Blue and gray/gray leather. LHD. Odo: 26,898 miles. Fog lights, radio, dual side- rubber wheels, 86-inch wheelbase. Excellent paint, polished brass, detailed chassis. Overall, very nice condition. No reserve. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $27,560. Cost $750 new. Another Brass Era vehicle that sold for far less than the cost of its recent restoration. Limited use with solid rubber tires, but an important piece of automotive and trucking history. Looks good, too. #726-1912 STANDARD ELECTRIQUE Roadster. S/N 2054962768. Black/black leather. LHD. Tiller steering, 96-inch wheelbase. Fiveyear-old restoration in stunning condition. No visible flaws worth noting. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $37,100. Originally cost $1,885. Said to be the only remaining example from this Jackson. Michigan, company. Most electric autos seem to Insurance for Classic Cars Costs Less Than You Think! SAMPLE QUOTE 1971 Porsche 911E Insured Value . $25,000 Liability. $300,000 Annual Premium: $209 indicates he might be correct. Possibly original paint. A time-capsule car with only light wear. Good chrome, interior original. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $24,062. Not too flashy and not too pretty, but this price is reflective of the quality of this true survivor Will make a great touring car for someone who can limit the miles. Be a good steward and enjoy the ride. #493-1937 CORD 812 Phaeton. S/N 32060N. Chocolate brown/brown leather. LHD. Odo: 55,758 miles. A very nice older restoration. Beautiful interior, excellent chrome, great gaps. Paint needs some minor details attended mounts, heater. Very much an older restoration. Lots of wear and age-related flaws. Would show much better with new carpets and some freshened or replaced trim. A crowd pleaser nonetheless. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $31,270. Even though Exotic Car Transport ORLANDO FLORIDA Open and Enclosed Carrier Service! , • cf:„,itt., --  --t, • "0" Deductible  • 24 Hour Claims Service • "Agreed Value" Coverage • Credit Card Payment Option • One Liability Charge  • "A" Rated Insurance Co. GREAqIII:RICAN (800) 678-5173 www.parishheacock.com March, 2003 Parish" Heacock svIZ INSURANCE FOR AUTOMOBILE ENTHUSIASTS No Affiliation with Porsche' Cars NA is intended or implied. "Get the whole story of Exotic Car Transport, visit us on the Worldwide Web." 1-800-766-8797 www.exoticcartransport.corn Nationwide Transport of Exotic, Vintage and Luxury Automobiles Indoor Storage Available 41

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Market Reports  the restoration appears to be from the '70s, it's held up quite well and could be brought back to life with a minimum investment. Well bought and sold; market correct price on this one. #169-1947 FORD WRECKER. SN N/A. Red and silver/gray cloth and vinyl. LHD. Odo: 1 mile. Tow winch. Dual rear wheels, air-over cuts found, just looks like it was pulled from the resto shop a day or two before it was ready. Well bought; new owner got a bargain. #739-1958 PONTIAC STAR CHIEF CUSTOM Sedan. SN K858H7863. Tan, red, burgundy, blue/red and white leather. LHD. Odo: 62,334 miles. Two hydraulic pumps to raise Kruse - Scottsdale, AZ #468-1962 CHEVROLET BEL AIR Coupe. S/N 21637L38774. Roman Red/red cloth and vinyl. LHD. Odo: 2,021 miles. 1963 427-c.i. V8 freshly polished, $9,000 in receipts. 300 miles on engine since rebuild, owner states Z11 motor has more than 430 hp. Radio and heater delete. Factory tachometer, 4.11 Positraction,  : 1111/1 Nw o 1111  4,C hydraulic brakes, split rear axle. A ftermarket gauges. Very fresh restoration not done to an authentic standard, but very nice throughout. Great hand-painted graphics. Converted to 12volt. Working condition. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $15,370. Ready to put in front of your built-toactual-scale backyard gas station. A very nicely styled piece, possibly useable as is—but limited use as a tow truck, since everyone wants aflatbed to move their broken-down classic. Park it next to your firetruck. #475-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 0414155F54YC. White/red vinyl. LHD. Automatic. Wonderbar radio, wide and lower front and rear, door handles removed, fender skirts, curb feelers, dingo balls—this car has it all. A high-cost conversion, now with lots of paint chips and pitting chrome. Interior holding up well. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $10,706. The first time a lowrider makes it into a major New York museum and the Times writes one up as the next trendy ride, we will all wish we had bought this car Until then, let's appreciate it for the work that went into it. Or not. #483-1960 BUICK ELECT1FtA 225 Convert- ible. SN 861095056. White/brown and gold leather. LHD. Odo: 31,008 miles. Very good close-ratio four-speed, tinted glass. Full, recent ground-up restoration very nicely done. Owner claims NOS interior. Visibly, almost without flaws. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $46,000. The Bubbletop coupes are sought by collectors, but originality is a big factor Very nice, but bid seems enough to me. #410-1962 RAMBLER AMERICAN 440 Convertible. S/N B484379. Red/red and black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 51,834 miles. AM/FM cassette. Windshield cracked, clouded lens on speedometer. Paint all buffed and looking excellent. I le whites. Usual horrible gaps on doors, hood and trunk. Dashboard repainted a brighter color than the body. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $34,238. These cars almost always seem to have an unfinished look to them, with loose carpets and wavy panels a factory trait. The sold price seems market correct from where I sit. #455-1957 FORD FAIRLANE Convertible. S/N 476BK57-582043. Red and black/red and white. LHD. Odo: 16 miles. Power steering, top paint and chrome, good gaps. Older interior has some wear and redye, but is too nice to replace. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $35,000. The Electra is possibly the hands-down winner for the best dashboard of all time, ifyou can just resist the temptation to drop quarters in the vents. At anything above the bid price, lots of better options exist. Could have been sold without regret. #495-1961 FORD FAIRLANE 500 Sedan. S/N 1G42V113354. Black and white/turquoise and blue vinyl. LHD. Odo: 83,849 miles. Complete with bubble light sirens, old radio equipment and whip antenna. Bullet hole decals, Some chrome trim weak, missing door lock Cond: 3. SOLD AT $7,102. Bought at the 2002 Kruse Mandalay Bay auction for $6,042. Fair price for an almost universally loved nerd car, cheap for a useable '60s convertible. #484-1964 CHEVROLET CORVETTE GRAND SPORT CLONE Coupe. S/N 40867S112890. Red/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 3,699 miles. Conversion to a Grand Sport clone. Disc and brakes. Continental kit, wide whites. Extremely fresh and correct restoration completed six months ago. Crisp throughout. Just a few hours of polishing away from being a #1+ car. Spotless paint, chrome, glass and interior. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $28,885. Bought for what has to be less than the cost of the restoration. No short- 42 dummy spotlights. Sheriff, City of Mayberry, decals. Overall, in fair shape. For fun use only. Cond: 4-. NOT SOLD AT $5,400. What to do with an unloved Ford sedan? Mayberry it! The owner has a few of these Andy Griffith specials for sale. Looks like the bidders at Rawhide were bigger fans of The Duke than of Barney Fife. brakes, 4.11 rear-end, CD player. Underhood is a virtual trip through aftermarket parts catalogs: Edelbrock air cleaner, chrome alternator, Mallory wires. Good fit and finish, very good paint. Restored in 1998. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $30,500. What to do if your '64 'Vette falls off a truck or is hit at both ends? Sting Rays made into replicas represent a once-valuable car that was destroyed by becoming a donor Bid price seemed fair to me; owner thought otherwise. #450-1965 FORD MUSTANG Fastback. S/N SR09C162569. Poppy Red/white. LHD. Odo: 86,534 miles. 289-c.i. V8, three-speed. Air Sports Car Market

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Kruse - Scottsdale, AZ  Market Reports conditioning, tinted glass, spinner hubcaps, AM radio. Very nice paint. Clean all over. Good fit and finish, except for pitted vent windows—a sure sign of cut corners in the restoration. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $21,412. Now, about those options. No one wants a three-speed anymore, but luckily it's not difficult to slap in a four-speed. This is an appealing car in the right colors, and sold for convertible money. #477-1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. S/N 194376S107409. Red/black leather. LHD. Odo: 10,342 miles. 327-c.i. V8, fourspeed, knock-offs. Factory air conditioning, side clean overall. Not detailed to show standards, but very complete and stock. Straight sides with good gaps. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $19,610. Purchased by a classic car dealer who hopes to sell at a profit— and there is some money left ifthis little GTO checks out okay. Great looks; great name and the top goes down—a hard-to-beat triple play. #456-1968 PLYMOUTH SATELLITE Coupe. S/N RH23F86228823. Gold, flat black hood/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 8,738 miles. 440c.i. V8, automatic. A "badger," or clone of a Satellite GTX. Very nice interior. Seats, carpets magrnresww‘-, various cuts in vinyl interior, white paint spilled on seat. Exterior not much better. World-class overspray, bad gasket rubbers, all dipped in Armor All. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $8,586. Car card reads "frame-up restoration completed July 2002." "Some parts replaced July 2002 "would be more accurate. #420-1977 FORD RANCHERO Pickup. S/N 7A47H175591. Red and white/red cloth. LHD. Odo: 16,074 miles. Original Arizona car with air conditioning, power brakes and antenna. pipes, power brakes and steering. Very good paint, chrome and glass. Driver's seat is flat, balance of interior is good. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $32,000. It's the options that matter here. Air conditioning makes a coupe useable, power steering and brakes make you want to drive it. Run through earlier to a $30,000 nosale. Getting very close, owner thinks he can get more. I would be tempted to cut it loose. #201-1966 DODGE CHARGER Fastback. S/N XP29H61210080. Silver/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 9,337 miles. Dragpac 426-c.i. race Hemi V8, automatic. Sure-Grip. Original Torque and dash all strong. Lots of repaint work evident. Most chrome decent. A likeable example of a car that is less than it appears. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $10,200. Hard to figure why this car didn't change owners, as the high bid should be enough for a clone. If bench seats and a column shifter wind your watch, this was your choice. #251-1972 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS Coupe. S/N 1Q87K2N116596. Yellow and black/black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 96,032 miles. Interior a mess. Missing shoulder harness restraints and console lock, hole cut in side of console, Replacement mirrors. Plug-ugly top. Fit and finish weak, which is to say to factory standards. Carpet dash pad. Interior good. Some splits in door handles. Grant wood steering wheel. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $4,028. No reserve. Well used, but not quite used up. Most Rancheros on the road still seem to be in use as trucks, as opposed to El Caminos, which seem to be used as cruisers. Expensive for an old pickup, cheap for a distinctive and useable ride. lassicshowcase.com Thrust wheels. Heater and factory headers. Build sheet, warranty plate, AM radio, fiberglass hood. Galen Govier inspected, all numbers matching, one-owner car. Lots of visual flaws, and some cheesy aftermarket add-ons. Weak paint and chrome. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $47,000. Lots of nits to pick at, but what a car! Owner wants $80,000, which is too high, but clearly the bid is too low. Meet in the middle, sell the car. #151-1967 PONTIAC GTO Convertible. S/N 24267K123558. Light green/white vinyl. LHD. Odo: 93,573 miles. 400-c.i. V8, fourspeed. Rallye wheels, Redline tires. Power steering, console-mounted tachometer. Quite March, 2003  "Offering a Fine Selection of Classic European Vehicles World Class Restoration Facility, Guaranteed Show Winners" Classic Showcase Sales Dept: 760-747-3188 • Buying/Restoring: 760-747-9947 • Fax: 760-747-4021 San Marcos, CA 92069-3028 USA • management@classicshowcase.com 43

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Market Reports  #407-1980 CHEVROLET G10 Van. S/N CGRS25A7133901. Multicolor brown/velour cloth. LHD. Odo: 24,674 miles. Dual exhaust. Shag carpets all the way up the door panels, ARTCURIAL BRIEST . POULAIN . LE FUR Artcurial Briest Poulain Le Fur V custom woodwork throughout. Etched glass with guns, lariats and John Wayne. "The Duke Lives On" plaque, "The Legend" airbrushed on the side. Chrome good. Some weak trim and slight paint chips. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $14,416. The really cool part is that this is a frozen moment in time, a 23-year-old tribute to a movie star and icon to many. The downside is that apart from a John Wayne museum, it's of limited use. $2,500 van, $12,000 artwork. #777-1990 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 1G 1 YY3381L5118007. Turquoise metallic/saddle leather. LHD. Odo: 46,513 miles. Air conditioning, automatic, cruise A control, wood dash. Power brakes, windows, antenna, locks, seat. One owner. Very good paint. Light wear to interior, but clean inside and out. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $18,285. Turquoise and saddle is not likely the first choice of colors on anyone's shopping list, but it does work a bit better than it sounds. Car appeared to be well cared for, and original owner was at the car at sale time, which is a good sign. Fair price. #416-2002 PANOZ ESPEFtANTE Convert- ible. S/N 1P9PB483X2B213060. Titanium/gray leather. LHD. $2,066 BBS mag wheels. Aluminum accent package, a $210 option. MSRP 14.g. Paris, France December 16, 2002 Auctioneers: Herve Poulain Number of automotive lots: 43 Number of automotive lots sold: 22 Sale rate: 51% Sale total: $878,325 High: Lot #I8, 1938 Bugatti Type 57/101 Gang/off coupe, sold for $241,500, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 10% Report by Toby Ross Market opinions in italics 'though Herve Poulain sold his company to Artcurial, things remained the same for this annual Christmas bash. As usual, the cars were exhibited in Paris' chic Porte Maillot shopping mall, tightly packed behind security ribbons. Viewing the cars closeup required getting the permission of the security guards—not always an easy thing. After having inspected 40 cars, assisted by $95,646. As new, with no visual flaws found. Cond: I. NOT SOLD AT $81,000. Re-ran to a $77,000 no-sale. Expect to find one of these at every major collector car auction this year as a few leftover 2002s remain in the pipeline. They are nice and I like them, just not $95k worth. Or, come to think of it, $81k worth.• sportscarmarket.com 44  SCM analyst Raymond Milo, our conclusion was that overall, the quality of the cars, at least in terms of their external appearance, was not up to the usual Poulain standard. The French still seem to know how to stitch leather, though, so the interiors were generally acceptable. There were some notable successes. A 1955 Delahaye 235 coupe in respectable condition sold for $37,314, and a 1957 Facel Vega FV3 coupe brought $42,911. An interesting oddity was a 1946 Lea-Francis Special, supposedly designed by noted automotive journalist Denis Jenkinson, which sold for a modest $23,321. Given that the Special was somewhat visually challenged, Mr. Jenkinson did well to devote his career to writing rather than the penning of automotive shapes. Of the seven Ferraris offered, three sold, although none made top prices. The GTC at $60k was in line with the current market for cars in average condition, but the 512 BBi at $47k and the Testarossa at $35k seemed downright cheap. The star lot, a curious 1938 Bugatti Type 57/101 Gangloff coupe, changed hands at $241,500, presumably making the sale a success. Overall, the sale brushed up close to $1 million, not bad for an afternoon's work. When any auction company changes hands (witness the Kruse/eBay/Kruse situation), quality of and focus on consignments can suffer. Once Artcurial has wrapped its arms around the Poulain organization, I expect we'll see bigger and better things in the future. With Christie's now nipping at its heels, it has no choice but to work harder and put on the best possible show.—TR. ENGLISH #7-1933 STANDARD SWALLOW Drophead Coupe. S/N B5239. Black over cream/ Jenkinson. Shorter chassis than production 14HP. Numerous signs of corrosion, overspray on rubber, old dirty interior, normal expected oil leaks. No reserve. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $23,321. The second Lea of the sale, and presumably from the same owner. Low estimate was $30,000; owner was wise to cut it loose when he did. Claimed one-off specials rarely do well in the market. #8-1948 LEA-FRANCIS 14HP Tourer. SIN 1398. Eng.# 52827. Royal blue/blue leather. LHD. Odo: 7,391 miles. First of two Leas in sale. Specialist-built English sports car, which red leather. LHD. Four-speed. Plenty of orange peel, overspray on rubbers. Original leather soft top has a moth-eaten lining. Small damage to left front fender. Nice original interior. Pirelli tires. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $46,643. The low estimate was $65,000, which was clearly overambitious. #17-1946 LEA-FRANCIS SPECIAL SPORT Roadster. S/N 442. Green/beige leather. LHD. Odo: 3,749 miles. Claimed to be a one-off designed by famous motoring journalist Denis Artcurial Poulain - Paris, France is unusual in a non-English sale. Some corrosion on rear lid. Damage to left door. Bad carpet fit, fair engine compartment. Very handsome overall. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $16,791. A nice old thing, which sold at no reserve. Likely undervalued by about $5,000—well bought. #4-1955 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER WRAITH Limousine. Body by Park Ward. S/N ELW24. Red over gray. LHD. Odo: 103,242 km. Automatic. Rusty inner sills. Fair paint, with chips to door edges. Decent panel fit. Dents to overriders. Good, slightly aging leather. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $29,850. Only 638 long-wheelbase Silver Wraiths were made during their 14- Sports Car Market

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Artcurial Poulain - Paris, France  Market Reports year model run. These limousines tipped the scales at 5,150 pounds. A decent buy, especially by pound-weight. #2-1955 JAGUAR XK 140 Drophead Coupe. S/N 817484. White/red leather. LHD. Four-speed. Described in the catalog as an SE, ing numerous imperfections, panel fit mediocre. Good recent interior. Clean engine bay. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $35,448. Few 3.8 150S models were built, and they always have a following. A fair price, assuming the car was legit and not a clone built out of a 3.4. (Yes, suspicious engine upgrades even happen with foreign cars.) #12-1963 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL Coupe. Body by Park Ward. S/N BC 4XB. Silver/red leather. RHD. Automatic. Cheap paint, :.' which it in fact was not. Good restored interior, new top. Panel fit slightly out at bottom of driver's door. Hinges were detached from the hood, so it was impossible to open. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $51,307. With a low estimate of $42,000, why didn't this Jag sell at this bid? Truly, the French have mysterious ways about them. #15-1958 ASTON MARTIN DB 2/4 Mk III Coupe. Body by Tickford. S/N AM30031571. Eng.# DBA I 183. Light green/tan. LHD. Massacred by self-proclaimed French Aston Martin scruffy trunk interior complete with jumper cables and a roll of toilet paper. Chrome showing wear, fair engine bay. Original red leather painted to hide damage. Cigarette burn in carpet. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $21,456. Here's a situation where ifyou just read a summary report of 1963 Continental, sold at $21,456," you immediately assume you missed the deal ofa lifetime. Stop thrashing, you didn't. This car was cheap for a reason, and it won't be cheap to own. #41-1963 JAGUAR Mk II 3.8 Sedan. S/N 222137DN. Gold/red. LHD. Automatic. Awful cheap paint with bad preparation, original specialist. Engine bay prepared like a 1950s hot rod, with incorrect Webers, etc. Usual orange peel in paint. Original tatty interior. Lots of interest from boy racers. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $46,643. Would cost a lot of money to put right. Should have sold. #5-1959 JAGUAR XK 150S 3.8 Coupe. S/N T836438DN. Dark blue/gray leather. LHD. Odo: 62,049 km. Four-speed. Poor paint prep show- Travel begins here . . . Stephanie Warrington The Official Travel Agent for Sports Car Market Specializing in International Travel, Custom Vacations & Groups email: stephanie@wtpdx.com  503.231.5103  800.594.0805  March, 2003 700 NE Multnomah, #478 Portland OR 97232 World Travel Inc. The HALEY MOTORSPORTS Collection Models Prints & Posters Books Automobilia & More imported to France in 1988. Sent to Newport Pagnell for a complete mechanical overhaul. Old, bad paint, original worn interior, reasonable engine bay. Unloved, unwanted. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $60,636. Owner will probably regret not taking this bid for a very long time. Even though Aston prices have risen dramatically in the past couple of years, that has only been for very rare or brilliantly done examples. This car was neither #23-1973 MARCH FORMULA 2 732/742 Race Car. S/N 10. Blue and white/black. As a 732, entered under STP colors for Jean Pierre chrome needs a serious polish. Engine bay scruffy and dirty. Pleasant original red leather with sagging driver's seat. Just another old dog. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $15,859. These cars always carry panache, and deservedly so, as they were the defining four-door saloons of their era. Even in decrepit shape, this car rose above its low estimate $11,000. Let's hope it runs out well. #35-1969 ASTON MARTIN DB6 Mk I VANTAGE Coupe. Body by Touring. S/N DB6/ 4038/RC. British Racing Green/beige. RHD. Odo: 48,300 miles. Sold new to South Africa, F 11. r Beltoise, modified to 742 spec in 1974 for Patrick Depailler, who used it to win the European Championship. Fresh Richardson BDG engine and fuel cell. FIA and FFSA papers. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $35,448. Apparently race ready, and great French history ensured top dollar #36-1991 BENTLEY MULSANNE Sedan. S/N SCBZSO0A3MCX34424. White/white. LHD. Odo: 47,431 km. Automatic. Couple of www.haleymotorsports.com Secure Online Ordering  Telephone(636)828-4389 45

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Market Reports  lights, etc. Wonderful attention to detail without destroying the soul of the car. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $39,180. A racing version of this chassis won Le Mans in 1923. I didn't spot a single bid; low estimate was $40,000. #18-1939 BUGATTI 101/57 Coupe. S/N 57524. Eng.# 232. Black/black leather. RHD. Built using an unused postwar Type 101 Bugatti insignificant paint chips to nose. Car locked, but only normal wear apparent to interior. Difficult to fault. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $27,986. Would make a good wedding car. And with just 47k showing, probably has quite a few miles of fun left in it. Well bought. #32-1993 JAGUAR XJ 220 Coupe. Body by TWR. S/N SAJJEAEX8AX220856. Dark blue/beige. LHD. Odo: 10,427 km. Small dents C AT $37,314. At first glance seems ugly, but this car grows on you. More elegant in the skin than would appear from a photo. A nice buy, overall. #16-1957 FACEL VEGA FV3 Coupe. S/N FV3 57 172. Black/black. LHD. Odo: 95,916 km. Good paint, but unfortunately without the to tops of rear fenders, dirty carpets, driver's seat scuffed. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $130,600. No one seems to have the courage to drive one of these more than 10,000 km, and every sale has one—though few need one. Pity the poor soul who tries to sell one of these at no reserve, as it would reveal the truth we dare not speak—that these are supercars without a meaning for existence. And hence their values continue to slide. #38-1999 LOLA T99/50 FORD ZETEC FORMULA Race Car. S/N HU9950-09. Blue/ black. Run by Prost, presumably as a way to chassis with prewar Type 57 running gear. Body by Rod Jolley in 1988 from an original Gangloff design. Beautifully executed, apart from dashboard, and a real tribute to Jolley's ability. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $214,556. Lots of time and presumably money spent creating a kit car that could never have existed. Why didn't the creator at least use a complete rolling T57 chassis as a base, which could have been acquired cheaply at the time? #1-1948 DELAGE D6 Limousine. Body by Guillore. S/N 880087. Black/brown leather. LHD. Automatic. Paint flaking. Interior A ierseemplummemmumurnii j _  _ Artcurial Poulain - Paris, France 4 benefit of removing the chrome trim before ap plication. New leather and dash restored, bu original door panels. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $42,911. French elegance with Chrysler grunt. One of 15 remaining. Went beyond the high estimate of $37,000, and deservedly so. GERMAN worn and torn. Original tube radio to rear. Should have gone to the junkyard in the sky long ago Cond: 4-. NOT SOLD AT $14,926. Postwar French interpretation of a prewar American mob car Wouldn't pull the skin off of rice pudding, let alone make a fast getaway. Not sold, no comment. #11-1952 DELAHAYE 235 Coupe. Body by Faget-Varnet. S/N 818004. Red over bordeaux/ lose more money. No engine, no pedal box, no interest. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $14,926. Another wall tapestry disguised as a race car FRENCH #3-1923 LORRAINE-DIETRICH B3/6 Se- dan. Body by Mamy. S/N 121842. Red over black/beige cloth. LHD. Surprisingly good restoration sensibly leaving the original interior an. LHD. Automatic. Everything restored, probably by owner, but to mediocre standard. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $0. Looks like a mutated, much meaner Nash Metropolitan. Would make a good base for a hot rod. Not a single bid offered! Nobody liked this car except me. I offered $15,000 the next day, to no avail. Gloriously Art Nouveau inside with fabulously sculpted handles and accessories, beautiful head- 46 #14-1955 DELAHAYE 235 Coupe. Body by Chapron. S/N 808069. Eng.# 22S103. Gray/red leather. RI-ID. 3.6-liter V6, 152 hp. Good paint by French standards. Excellent and glorious interior. Reasonably clean engine bay. Probably saleproof outside of France. Cond: 2+. SOLD others are damaged. Original cloth interior very worn, with holes. Car locked, presumably to hide the horrors. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $10,261. Very pretty cars, but they don't age well and are hugely expensive to put right. With the exterior this nasty, what's your guess about the condition ofthe electricals and the mechanicals? This was one very brave buyer ITALIAN #27-1960 FERRARI 250 CT SII PF CABRIOLET Cabriolet. S/N 1805GT. Ivory/ cream leather. LHD. Odo: 60,954 miles. Noin. .. • I" 111111r (71111* TA. Unusual and pleasant color scheme. New tires. Perfect Borranis and chrome. Awful orange peel to paint. Bad right door fit. Scruffy engine bay, underside newly and completely painted in Sports Car Market #10-1964 BMW 3200CS Coupe. Body by Bertone. S/N 76225. Ivory/red cloth. LHD. Odo: 64,480 km. Orange peel in paint. Overspray everywhere. One wheel trim missing and the

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Artcurial Poulain - Paris, France  matte black. Air conditioning, ex-US car. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $121,271. Current dealer owner for two years. Low estimate was $140,000—quite ambitious given the condition of the car. Although PF Cab values are rising, the bid here was every penny this car was worth. #20-1966 FERRARI 330 GT Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 8425. Light blue/black. LHD. Odo: 28,677 km. Orange peel, paint chips to Tr Market Reports - 1. 1141rt LHD. Odo: 43,406 miles. Some small blistering on front fenders. Paint run on rear lid. Good panel fit. Very good original leather. No oil pressure showing on gauge. US spec. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $23,321. Designed by Giugiaro and sporting Citroen hydraulics, the Bora was Maserati's first mid-engined production car They are great fun on the road, but their prohibitive maintenance costs keep their values low Bid was light by at least $5k. #24-1975 FERRARI 246 GTS DINO front. Chrome going off, numerous other imperfections. Good original interior. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $28,918. Chassis number did not match the number on the title (a very Italian touch), but this did not worry the enthusiast who pushed the bidding $1,000 beyond the high estimate. Still, remained unsold Draw your own conclusion. #30-1967 FERRARI 330 GTC Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 9839. Silver blue/black. LHD. Originally sold in Europe, later spent 15 years in the States before returning home six years Chrysler V8 engine, automatic. Average clean paint, chrome going off. Interior trunk trim dismantled. Given the limitations of the suspension and brakes, only for the brave. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $18,657. The 2+2 version of the 375S, combining an elegant but brutal Frua body with a brutal but elegant Chrysler engine. But yes please, I'll take one. $10,000 below the low estimate, but wisely cut loose. Monteverdi fanatic Bob Lutz will go nuts when he reads this. #29-1971 LAMBORGHINI MIURA S Coupe. Body by Bertone. S/N 4521. Yellow/ black and yellow leather. LHD. Odo: 3,635 km. ago. Cheap paint, pitted wheels, chrome going off, bad fit to passenger door. Good new interior. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $60,636. 330 GTC prices bounce around from $60,000 to $115,000 depending on condition and venue. Given that this was just a used car with needs, the price was about right. #26-1969 FERRARI 365 GT 2+2 Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 11759. Red/black. LHD. Star mags. Good paint, left-hand door Cracks and bubbles on front lid, paint cracks to tops of both A-pillars, front compartment has amateur repaint. Right rearview mirror missing, but holes present. Claimed to be an SV, but this car, series #576, was built prior to SV production run. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $139,928. Described in the catalog as one of the most beautifill Miuras ever presented by Poulain, and they've been in the business for a long time. Owner also owned the 250 Cab. Chassis ID plate clearly identified car as an S. Strong price for a car with stories. #22-1972 MASERATI GHIBLI 4.9 SS Coupe. Body by Ghia. S/N AM115492322. Silver gray/tobacco. LHD. Odo: 99,006 km. 4.9liter, 335-hp V8. Five-speed. Orange peel. touch-up to left-hand sail panel. Good interior with non-original leatherette dash covering. New rubber seals, rubbers on overriders shrunk and damaged. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $74,628.A mighty bid One has to wonder why the seller would refuse, especially since the low estimate was $65,000. #21-1982 FERRARI 512 BBi Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N ZEJA09B000041351. Red/ beige. LHD. Odo: 11,894 km. Totally restored Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 7626. Yellow/black. LHD. Odo: 86,723 miles. Plenty of Bondo in rear arches. Paint too lemon-colored, to new condition, inside and out. Shut line between hood and driver's door substantially out. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $46,643. A good-looking car but why would a Boxer with less than 12,000 miles need to be redone? Let's hope it was purely out of the owner 's boredom. A new low price for a decent injected Boxer #34-1985 FERRARI TESTAROSSA Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N ZEFTAI7B000056873. Red/black. LHD. Usual signs of cigarette burns on carpets and prophylactic wrappers under seats. Aside from evidence panel fit slightly off. Original interior good, excepting cracked piping to seats. Neglected engine bay needs new hoses, etc. Seemingly a good car, but a little bird told me it was professionally tarted for the sale. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $25,187. Minimum reserve was $28,000, which was modest enough but about right for a car that can cost Daytona money ff anything goes wrong. High bid was just a bit too modest for the consignor #31-1970 MONTEVERDI 375L Coupe. Body by Frua. S/N K0790K493. Prune/black leather. LHD. Odo: 48,894 miles. 7.2-liter March, 2003 Reasonably good original interior, scruffy engine bay. Chipped wheels. A bit ragged. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $39,180. Plenty of money bid Ghibli fanatics wax euphoric about the 4.9 SS, but the performance difference is negligible. #42-1973 MASERATI BORA Coupe. Body by Giugiaro. S/N AM11749532. Red/cream. atypical "I'm rich and this is just my toy" abuse, car is holding up well. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $35,448. Generally speaking, the original owners' maintenance habits, coupled with dated styling, make Testarossas a tough sell. This must be a new worldrecord low price. Will they soon be worth less than 308 GT4s? The horror, the horror 47

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Market Reports  #39-1996 FERRARI 355 CHALLENGE Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N ZFFPA41B000101508. Red/black. LHD. Run in 1997-99 Ferrari Challenge, plus other recent Kruse - Ft. Lauderdale, FL back on track after the repurchase from eBay, expect to see more of these types of impressive results.—Brian Rabold ENGLISH #411-1951 MG-TD Roadster. S/N 9659. Cream/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 13,463 miles. Running gear and brakes updated to MOB track events. In fact, a very used race car. Large tear to right door skin, enormous bubble in paint on left rear quarter panel. Some paint chips. Supplied with kit to make road legal, if you care or dare. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $37,314. Described as being scrupulously maintained and in superb condition. You decide. The bidders already have. JAPANESE #28-1997 PROST-MUGEN-HONDA JS45 Race Car. SN 3. French Blue/black. In catalog as having been used by Panis with some success, including a win at Monaco, but this car INTERNATIONAL Kruse International crilli. H was in fact another, and only used occasionally, without success. No engine, no pedals, repainted in the colors of AP/01. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $27,986. Sold at auction earlier this year for $45,000, plus premium. Hang it on the wall. AMERICAN #9-1927 BUICK MASTER SIX Convert- ible. S/N 2018997. Green over black/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 77,931 km. Older restoration now showing its age, though gracefully. Rust on rear lid. Twin spares. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $27,986. "Vibrationless beyond belief" touted advertising of the day. Cost $1,925 new. Seller wanted $34,500, high bid was clover to true market value in this venue.• Giugiarn Designs '64 BMW 3200 CS coupe, $10,261, A (p. 46) '72 Maserati 4.9 SS coupe, NS $39,180, A (p. 47) '73 Maserati Bora coupe, NS $23,321, A (p. 47) '81 Delorean DMC 12 coupe, $9,870,S (p. 30) 48 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida January 3-5, 2003 Auctioneers: Dean Kruse, Daniel Kruse, Brent Earlywine Number of lots: 303 Number of lots sold: 177 Sale rate: 58.4% Sale total: $3,872,557 High: Lot #708, 1937 Cord 812 Sportsman coupe, sold for $88,510, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 6% Report by Paul Fusillo Market opinions in italics olding an auction in a sunny location in the middle of winter is a formula repeated by auction companies across the country. From McCormick's Palm Springs sales in November and February to the Arizona extravaganza in January, a continual parade of southern-clime sales attracts northern collectors tired of living like human icicles. Florida, even apart from the snowbirds, has a strong car culture. Aside from the Cavallino Classic and the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, Kruse has five auctions planned in the Citrus State this year, RM two, and BarrettJackson its inaugural one. Kruse's annual Ft. Lauderdale sale was a resounding success. A decent selection of cars was on hand, a healthy crowd was in attendance and nearly 60% of consignments sold. Furthermore, this year's sale topped 2002's successful event by $800,000 while running 75 fewer cars across the block. The average price of a car was an impressive $21,879—notably higher than Kruse's typical figure. Significant sales include a 1954 Corvette that sold for $44,785, an air-conditioned 1970 Chevelle LS6 clone that went for $18,285, and a nice pair of 1962 Studebaker Hawk GTs that brought $27,242 and $21,200. In addition, a modified 1973 Jaguar XKE SIII V12 convertible that put out a claimed 440 horsepower sold for $42,400. This car seemed at home sitting next to the Shelbys, Corvettes and other American muscle being offered. Exotics didn't fare as well, as only one out of four Ferraris changed hands, a 1995 F355 Spyder that earned $80,560. Neither the Is° nor the Pantera at the sale sold. This sale, more than the Scottsdale auction that was held the following weekend, really points out just how well Kruse can do when it is firing on all cylinders. As they continue to get interior, including footwells and door panels, but in a very dull color. Immaculate engine bay. Standard MG suspension. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $26,100. A TD hot rod. The amount offered is a bucket of money. Seller was insulted, but he probably should have taken the money and prayed for the check to clear #404-1952 MG-TD Mk II Roadster. S/N 11267/79142. Red/beige. LHD. Odo: 52,555 miles. Nicely restored. Seats sharp, but specs. Seats poorly refinished, and quite stiff. Paint crazed, hood cracked. Chrome shows some wear. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $11,800. Buyers at auction are looking at the presentation of the car for reassurance. This car had many deficiencies, which scared bidders away. #179-I952 MG-TD Roadster. S/N 10860/ 78534. White/dark green. LHD. Odo: 874 miles. 2 I5-c.i. supercharged Buick V8. Panel fit practically flawless. Most chrome redone. Nice new untouched dash hurts interior. Beautiful chrome wire wheels with a rusty spare. Good paint. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $18,750. A decent car, but an uneven presentation. Two questions for the seller: why would you hide the nice interior under the tonneau cover all day, and vvhy would you run the car through with a rusty spare? #762-1956 BENTLEY Si Saloon. S/N B26LEG. Burgundy/burgundy. LHD. Odo: Sports Car Market

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Kruse - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  nally ordered by former Houston Rockets owner John Mecom. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $32,330. The 16th of 17 Diamond Jubilee Editions. 1982 window sticker states $171,295. The right price here. Will never go up in value, so needs to be enjoyed before it melts into the ground. #493-1987 ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA 62,711 miles. Nerf bar and front and rear bumperettes are badly rusted. Engine leaks oil. Absolutely filthy in and out. Old repaint. Grimy undercarriage. No effort made to get ready for auction, and doesn't deserve a bid. Cond: 5. NOT SOLD AT $15,000. Ye Olde Fright Pig? Why would someone drag such a nasty car to an auction—and then turn down $15,000? Or was that just two chandeliers in the back of the hall, waving to their friends on the block? #829-1973 JAGUAR XKE SIII V12 Con- vertible. SN 2 1908B. White/beige leather. LHD. Odo: 98,500 miles. BBS mag wheels. Good paint and interior. Modified engine with high overlap 1111Kdi.- Sedan. S/N 5HTL 13534. Burgundy/creme. LHD. Odo: 21,500 miles. Sunroof. Trunk misaligned. Front bumper beaten up and repainted 11111 1 _ • over lumps. Obvious paint repairs. Interior clean, shows little wear. Dealer car. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $37,000. Don't befooled. 20,000 miles is not low for a Lagonda; they can rarely go any farther Plenty bid for a car that ages very badly and requires a NASA technician to keep the electronic dash working properly. #413-1990 BENTLEY TURBO R Sedan. S/N 33658. Black/black. LHD. Odo: 85,880 miles. Paint shows swirls and scratches. Needs camshafts and six two-barrel carbs is supposedly capable of 440 hp. Modified five-speed transmission. Flared fenders and oversized tires. Rusty old bumpers spoil appearance. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $42,400. A hot rod V12 Jag! Seems like a lot ofmoney for a car that still needs attention. On the other hand, if you 're into Nostalgia Night at the drag strip, this could be the hot ticket. #546-1979 MG MIDGET Convertible. S/N 212028. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 38,900 miles. Wire wheels clean and tight. Interior, including a good detailing. Has service records. Chrome wheels and leather headliner. Wood trim like new. Seats show use, but are still nice. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $24,910. Capable of 150-mph touring. A nice driver if you can afford the service. Another exotic car where the entry cost is low, but the ownership cost is high. GERMAN #793-1957 MERCEDES-BENZ 219 Sedan. S/N A10501175000958. White/white. LHD. Odo: 71,393 miles. Hood and trunk have big gaps (built at a Yugo factory?). Unusual fully dashboard, looked good. No rust seen. Chrome pitted on luggage rack. Excellent repaint, which is surprising on such a low-buck car. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $4,452. Nice car with much more spent than the owner can ever hope to recover A good value for the money. #426-1982 ROLLS-ROYCE CANIARGUE Coupe. Body by Pininfarina. S/N CCX05616. Black/black leather. LHD. Odo: 32,000 miles. Recaro seats. Beautiful in and out, with some slight rust bubbling under the vinyl top. Origi- damaged. Hood kinked by someone not releasing catch properly. Paint chips. Odd color. No tools, books or records presented. Nice driver if it has been recently serviced. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $25,000. Well, $25,000 is certainly too low, but perhaps not by much. Tough color, suspect condition, no books or tools. Worried yet? openable roof. Tired looking, needs to be sold to someone who will give it some love. Inside original and shows plenty of wear. New paint, but rough texture. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $12,600. Owner has been fixing and replacing items on a piecemeal basis for some time. Cut it loose and let someone else treat it right. ITALIAN #440-1975 FERRARI 308 GT4 DINO Coupe. S/N 10176. Yellow/brown leather. LHD. Air conditioning, Koni shocks. Restored nine years ago, but looks much more recent. Two- March, 2003 49 #505-1991 MASERATI TC Convertible. S/N 207016. White/black leather. LHD. Odo: 76,253 miles. Two tops. Underhood steam cleaned. Dents, Bondo in doors and trunk. Run Left door has had damage and fits badly. Interior is faded. Solid paint. Kenwood CD changer, remote alarm system. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $40,000. This was just a used car and there are a lot of used 328s to choose from. White is not the best color, and a badly repaired door is not a confidence builder. Bid was enough. #807-1987 FERRARI 328 GTS Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 69509. Gold/black leather. LHD. Odo: 34.554 miles. Driver's door year-old leather interior. Wrong books. Many service and repair receipts. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $22,000. Yellow with brown sounds like a scary color combination. High bid was plenty, and in line with the current market. #497-1987 FERRARI 328 GTS Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 73417. White/tan leather. LHD. Odo: 31,144 miles. Has had 30,000-mile service. Shows stains from top leak. ^. - --------* ! -.41 ..________..  1/41, - Market Reports

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Market Reports  hard and put away wet. Seat very worn. Cond: 5. SOLD AT $4,558. This car oinked at me as I took its picture. Wonder how much Chrysler paid to have the Trident slapped on the hoods of its cars. Bet DeTomaso giggled all the way to the (Swiss) bank. AMERICAN #437-1926 FORD MODEL T Sedan. S/N 12867741. Black/gray wool. LHD. Wooden spoke wheels nicely refinished. Mouse fur headliner. Completely restored. Plenty of depth and W :171; , •IL  • 11 ft. 72 body. First place, Classic Car Club of America in 1998. Perfect panel fit, new leather and wool interior. Beautiful dash. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $29,150. One of approximately 20 produced. Another car that has a small following, and whose restoration costs will never be recovered. A very good buy for someone who has a reason, or desire, to own one of these. smoothness to paint. Good interior. Floors and doors redone. Roof recently replaced. No reserve. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $9,010. Could be a show car with just a little fine tuning. Very reasonable price for a car in this condition. #449-1934 FORD PICKUP Truck. S/N 18534316. Blue over black/black. LHD. Odo: 19,566 miles. Flathead V8. Sidemount spare. #524-1941 CHEVROLET DUMP TRUCK. S/N DR120881. Black and silver/brown vinyl. LHD. Odo: 200 miles. Restored for the Imperial Palace. 235-c.i. six-cylinder, four-speed transmission with extra low gear. A brand-new 1941 Detailed underhood. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $34,185. A restoration of the paint and interior only. A reasonably attractive car, just before Caddys got supersized. Fair price for an uneven example. #800-1950 FORD Convertible. S/N N/A. Green/tan vinyl. LHD. Odo: 49,117 miles. Uneven paint color. Poor door fit. Some pitted #758-1940 CADILLAC MODEL 72 Formal Sedan. Body by Derham. S/N 7320985. Navy blue/blue leather and wool. LHD. Odo: 85,666 miles. A faultless restoration of a Derham Model Ir-vo  1 -4", Kruse - Ft. Lauderdale, FL chrome, including grille. Trunk damage. New power top. Fender skirts, radio. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $27,030. Most of the restoration of this car was focused on the paint job. Surprisingly, more than 50,000 convertibles were built in 1950. They're cute, and not terribly unpleasant to drive. Market price. Heavy paint over plenty of waves and dings. Looks good from 20 feet away. Interior nicely redone. Chrome looks good. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $17,225. It 's rare to see a truckfrom this era at a collector car auction. Attracted a lot of interest, and made a very strong price. #726-1940 FORD DELUXE HOT ROD Sedan. S/N 159746. Red/gray wool. LHD. Odo: 2,000 miles. Automatic. Typical hot rod V8 parts by Moroso, Edelbrock, etc. Air conditioning. finish on fresh paint. Owner claims $50k in restoration costs. Leather shows wear, but is still supple. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $34,450. There were just 11,947 convertibles built in 1947, and few survive. This car, given its needs, was fully priced. Bucket seats and electric tinted windows. Digital dash. Decent craftsmanship. Small wheels look out of place. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $19,716. Hot rods will always be tough sells, especially those by non-famous builders. This seller was lucky to find a buyer whose taste in modifications was similar 50  #438-1948 CADILLAC SERIES 62 Con- vertible. S/N 486247889. Red/beige. LHD. Odo: 7,049 miles. Air conditioning, automatic. Nice paint, but brush touch-up on hood and doors. Headlight bezels pitted. Small, incorrect sport steering wheel. Most chrome redone. New leather, dash refinished, new carpet. Sports Car Market truck. Far better than when the factory built it. Operational dump bed. Cond: 1+. NOT SOLD AT $22,000. Can't seem to find a listing for '41 Chevy dump trucks in the Dump Truck Market Letter. Takes a very special buyer to pay big bucks for a rig like this. What 's it really worth? Well, on this day, $22,000, which wasn't enough for the seller #705-1947 BUICK ROADMASTER Convertible. S/N 14796861. Yellow/black leather. LHD. Doors misaligned. Hood fits poorly. Rough #443-1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N E545003503. Polo White/red. LHD. Odo: 2,719 miles. Three Carter carburetors on six-cylinder engine, automatic. Claimed matching numbers. Pretty paint work is chipped in places. Third owner. NCRS Top Flight certification. Gas gauge broken. Underhood better than new. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $44,785. Number one on collectors' lists is the limited production '53, number two is the '55 with a V8 and a manual tranny. While '54s suffer in the value department, in fact for use they are the bargains of the bunch. Fair buy here. 4 a, #521-1954 MERCURY MONTEREY Coupe. S/N 28850M. Blue/blue. LHD. Odo: 28,625 miles. Power seats. Mileage not veil- vb.

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Kruse - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  tied. Hood misaligned. Seat seams unstitched. Welting worn out, with tears and holes. New paint over layers of Bondo. Better avoid hitting any bumps. Glass starting to delaminate. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $13,780. First year for new styling. Good-looking cars, too bad this one has had such a hard life. All the money, given the issues that need to be addressed. #163-1955 FORD THUNDERBIRD Convertible. S/N 123206. Black/white and blue vinyl. LHD. Odo: 74,600 miles. Automatic. 1956 hard top with porthole. Detailed underhood. Improper carburetor. Overall, very pretty, with many admirers. Twin spots. Incorrect size tires. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $53,000. Reran to a $54,000 no-sale. Plenty of money for this car. Too bad the seller didn't fix some of the easy problems, like the wrong tires. #457-1957 CHEVROLET BEL AIR Con- vertible. S/N 57N226601. White/red and gold vinyl. LHD. Odo: 68,666 miles. Two Carter Glossy paint with no swirls. Doors misaligned. Interior sharp. Chrome very sharp. Bench seats in very good condition. Supposed Firestone family provenance. No reserve. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $29,680. Price was market correct, if a little low. Nice buy. #459-1956 MERCURY MONTCLAIR Convertible. S/N 56LA I 7919M. White and turquoise/white. LHD. Odo: 85,649 miles. ID plate replaced. Continental kit. Trunk badly misaligned. Beautiful paint with rust showing on good edges. Driver's side of bench seat wrinlded. States 1974 restoration, but looks like it was just done. Interior great. Original dash looks new. Fender skirts and Continental kit added in 1978. Cond: I. SOLD AT $43,990. If you bought this one, make sure you have a long garage. First year for a new body style, and not particularly attractive. Car probably cost more than this to restore, so should be marked up as a good buy. four-barrel carburetors. V8, manual transmission. New interior. Right side damaged. Good chrome. Dash repainted, seats and panels all very good. New carpet and top. Fender skirts. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $42,500. Car was nicely done, but shouldn't have been run across the block damaged. You can't take the Chequered Flag if your car doesn't make the event! COSDEL INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION The only experienced shipper of high-value sports and racing cars to road, track and concours events world-wide. We take care of everything! You just FLY & DRIVE! OMR March, 2003  Martin E. Button Inc. Phone: 415-777-2000 - Fax: 415-543-5112 Email: info@cosdel.com Quality Service Since 1960 We are the exclusive shipper for all three major Monterey Auctions. V JU N tv 014 #482-1957 CHEVROLET BEL AIR Convertible. S/N 227082. Red/white. LHD. Odo: 892 miles. Automatic, V8. Hood and trunk misaligned. Some pitted chrome pieces to both exterior and interior. Poorly fitted doors. Paint blemishes. 26 factory options, including power everything and the elusive tissue dispenser. Seats recovered in 1999. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $41,340. This car was great at first glance, but the longer I looked, the more blemishes I found. I wonder Alfa Parts  American Hobbyist Insurance  Barrett-Jackson  BB One Exports  Big Jump Productions  Bonhams  Brian D. Moore  Car Guy Tour  Christie' s  Classic Showcase  Cosdel International  Cosmopolitan Motors  Exotic Car Transport  Featherman & Co.  Girard Perregaux  Grundy Insurance  Guild of Automotive Restorers  Hagerty  Haley Motorsports Collection  Horseless Carriage  Intercity Lines  Display Advertisers Index Italia Reproductions  ItalianCarParts.com  Italparts  57 16 17 53 7 62 54 43 51 77 41 23 JC Taylor Insurance  J.J. Best Banc & Co.  68 K&K Motorcars  Kruse International  Miura Registry  9 Morgan West  Parish Heacock  Park Place  Market Reports #478-1957 BUICK ROADMASTER 76C Convertible. S/N 4038600. White/white leather. LHD. Odo: 27,320 miles. Original engine replaced with 364-c.i. V8. Rebuilt from salvage. 23 59 23 61 39 19 79 Maserati Club International .... 66 59 25 41 37 33 21 57 Passport Transport  Premier Financial  Re-Originals  80 RM Auctions  5 Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo Silver Auctions  35 31 45 62 11 Spectrum Auctions  Symbolic  Tony LaBella  Vintage Rallies  World Travel Inc.  2-3 23 71 15 13 62 63 45 51

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Market Reports  fa few days with a great detail and body shop could fix all the little problems. If so, this was a very good buy. If not, just a fair one. #472-1958 CHEVROLET IMPALA Convertible. S/N 5152584. Red/red and gray vinyl and cloth. LHD. Air conditioning. Three carburetors. V8. All chrome replaced or redone. Paint ange peel. V8, four-speed. Part of a collection of restored Studebakers. Some pieces of badly pitted chrome. No reserve. Clean seats have been dyed and buffed, but are cracked. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $27,242. Hawk GTs have a devoted following, and have been increasing in price during the past few years. This would have been an unheard-of price for a coupe in 2000, but now, fora car with original paint, it should be considered market correct. #743-1962 STUDEBAKER HAWK GT Coupe. S/N 62V25136. Black/red vinyl. LHD. Odo: 65,000 miles. V8, automatic. Power steering, new tires. Dash needs refinishing. Some Kruse - Ft. Lauderdale, FL Indy Pace Car. Plenty of touch-up work in and out. Car card says four-speed, but no clutch pedal. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $27,500. Ah, the old clutchless manual transmission. Camaro Pace Cars have a following, but generally run out of steam around $30,000. And that for really great cars. This car was just average, and the bid here was more than average. #168-1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 virtually without fault. Flawless in and out. AACA National first place, 1999. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $57,000. This was a reasonable bid. Even though the car was spectacular, prices of '57s and '58s seemed to reach their peak a year ago, and are either on a plateau or a gentle downward slide. #514-1961 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N 109275. Red/black. LHD. Odo: 30,000 miles. Claimed original mileage. Frame-off restored in 1990s. Still pretty. Great Oho 111110 - gaps. All chrome redone or replaced. Detailed underhood. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $37,630. These are handsome cars, and will always be strong in the marketplace. Given the very high level of this restoration, 1 would call it well bought. And it will only increase in value if properly taken care of #742-1962 STUDEBAKER HAWK GT Coupe. S/N 62V19439. White/red. LHD. Odo: 66,432 miles. Original paint, with plenty of or- bench seats. Original engine replaced under warranty. Vented hood. Perfect paint. Cond: I. NOT SOLD AT $44,000. Owner states one of only 68 made with a Hemi. Bid was respectable—after all, this wasn't a 'Cuda or a Charger #507-1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS/ SS Convertible. S/N N60932. White with orange stripes/orange. LHD. Odo: 96,220 miles. 350-c.i. V8. Power top and steering, disc brakes. Bumpers scratched and loose. Claimed to be an 52  but both have been touched up and repaired. Air conditioning, power brakes. Outside paint fair, inside paint rough. Chrome and rubber replaced. Chrome valve covers. Cond: 3+, SOLD AT $18,285. Clearly a badge special, or it would have brought a ton more money. 3,733 Chevelles were built with the 454-c.i. V8, butjust a handful had the 450-hp LS6 option. #510-1970 DODGE CHALLENGER R/T Convertible. S/N B221854. Plum Crazy/black. LHD. 383-c.i. V8, four-barrel carburetor. Rally instruments, console, bucket seats. Stainless trim. Matching numbers. Rotisserie restoration. Sports Car Market spots in paint nicely blended. Most chrome new. Overheated on block. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $42,000. Considering engine problems on the block, car was doomed to return home. With so many Shelbys around, people aren't willing to part with beaucoup bucks for problem children. And what about that door fit? Made me nervous. #476-1969 DODGE SUPER BEE Coupe. S/N 193006. Silver/blue vinyl. LHD. Odo: 35,267 miles. 426/425 Hemi V8, two fourbarrel carburetors. Fresh air hood, automatic, chrome good, except for cowl and tailfin trim, which is pitted. Bumper rechromed. Interior vinyl recently replaced. Part of collection. No reserve. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $21,200. This car brought less than the other Hawk because it wasn't as original, and it had more needs. Still, imagine—more than $20k for a not-very-nice Hawk. Who would have thought? #501-1966 SHELBY GT350H Fastback. SN 51822. Black and gold/black. LHD. Doors scrape front fenders when opened. Touch-up Coupe. S/N 607197. Hugger orange/black. LHD. Odo: 16,400 miles. 302-c.i. V8, four-speed. 12bolt rear end, rosewood steering wheel, tachometer and gauge package. Tinted glass. Groundup restored. Smooth body work. Perfect paint. All new chrome. Engine bay clean enough to eat out of. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $24,000. Chevrolet built 20,302 7128s in 1969, up from 7,199 the previous year, and just 602 in 1967. For a car this nice, given the way Camaro prices are rising, $30,000 would be appropriate. #479-1970 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE SS LS6 Coupe Clone. S/N 136370A163471. Red/ black vinyl. LHD. Odo: 55 miles. Four-speed, 454-c.i. LS6 V8. Repainted and reupholstered,

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Petersen Auction Group - Salem, OR  Petersen Auction Group Gorgeous car. Owner may have invested more in the restoration than can be recovered. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $38,000. One of 152 built. Given the fact that this wasn't a 440 or a Hemi, the bid was not crazy low. But this car can probably bring closer to $45,000, given how these Mopars have been doing lately. #419-I976 STUTZ BLACK HAWK Coupe. S/N 159746. Silver/black leather. LHD. Odo: 93,291 miles. Paint strong overall, with only a Petersen Auction Group of Oregon Salem, Oregon January 25, 2003 Auctioneers: Mickey Meredyth, Fred Bewley Number of lots: 117 Number of lots sold: 30 Sale rate: 25.6% Sale total: $257,516 High: Lot #70, 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe V8 coupe, sold for $29,480, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 4% Report by John Draneas few hard-to-see touch-ups. Clean and detailed. Excellent chrome and panel fit. Has spent many years in Japan. Recent service. New suspension, shocks, springs, bushings, exhaust, brakes, cylinders, hoses, belts. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $25,175. Seller; an SCM Seminar graduate, originally bought the car on a whim, and has since run out of room for it in his garage. We need to get him to sign up for the advanced seminar on automotive taste. #783-1986 ZIMMER QUICKSILVER Coupe. S/N 274205. Silver/red. LHD. Odo: 14,000 miles. Automatic. Owner states original miles. Paint has many scratches and touch-ups. ince purchasing the Petersen Auction Group in 1998, Curt Davis has made areal family affair out of it. Aided by his wife, Susan, and their four sons, they have made steady progress in every auction they have held. Their goal has been to build the auction into a strong regional force. Curt is quite affable, and his down-home, next-door-neighbor demeanor serves him well in attaining his goals. The auction was very well organized, held in a comfortable setting at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, and his excellent staff did its best to make everyone feel like part of the family. 5 Leather interior worn, but nice. Chrome lightly pitted. Ran late under the lights, which aided appearance. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $12,000. Paul Zimmer 's mid-engined "sports luxury" experiment, based on a Fiero platform. A very bizarre car—an extra long hood, but engine in the back. What kind ofsense does that make 9 • Engine in the Middle '86 Zimmer Quicksilver coupe, NS $12,000, K (p. 53) '82 Ferrari 512 BBi coupe, $46,643, A (p.47) '71 Lamborghini Miura coupe, $139,928, A (p. 47) '87 Ferrari 328 GTS Spyder, NS $40,000, K (p.49) '83 Ferrari Mondial QV coupe, NS $14,500, K (p. 40) March, 2003  BB One Raymond Milo, le patron  323.656-7483 Exports bbone8v@dslextreme.com fax 323.654.8788 8375 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90069 53 With that background, this auction had to be a disappointment for them. In spite of having their best selection of cars, only 30 of the 117 actually sold, just 26%. Davis attributed the results to trepidation on the part of the bidders, likely caused by the Tired of wrenching on your old car?... BB One Exports Buys Vintage Cars! Market opinions in italics by Keith Martin Market Reports ailing Northwest economy. He reports that there were several instances in which his staff helped buyers and sellers reach price agreements postblock, only to have the buyers walk away from the deal on the way to the office to write it up. There were more than 1,200 people in the audience from throughout the Northwest and California, and 400 of them were registered bidders. The high sale for the day was a handsome black 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe, loaded with all the toys, which went for $29,580. A bright red 1960 Chevy Impala hardtop with a 283-c.i. V8 and power everything sold for $20,600. We had just come back from Barrett-Jackson. There, the buyers came ready to bid, the consignors ready to sell, and the auction staff whipped everyone into a buying frenzy. At the Petersen auction, sellers had high reserves, buyers were wary, and the auctioneers struggled, and ultimately failed, to get a fuse lit under the assembled group. The results here also highlight a reality of today's collector car market. The glitzy auctions and the perfect cars at the top of the pyramid bring very strong prices. But get below that level, and it's much tougher going. Yet the way the collector car market grows is through regional auctions like these, where enthusiasts can get a non-intimidating introduction to the world of buying and selling in a public arena. Our advice to Petersen is to keep slugging it out, one auction at a time. The economy will turn, and when it does, those auction companies that have already built relationships with buyers and sellers, especially in smaller communities, will be the first to see positive re- ENGLISH #124-1973 JAGUAR XJ6 Sedan. S/N UD1L74603BW. White/red. LHD. Odo: 64,000 miles. Automatic. Recent rebuilt head and new Call. Fax or Email Today... Live Happily Ever After. (Or Buy Another One From BB One Exports!)

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Market Reports  Petersen Auction Group - Salem, OR $5,795. Owner claims "this car had a fortune spent on it." A small fortune, apparently. Probably worth an additional couple of thousand. #16-1978 BMW 633 CSI Coupe. S/N 5525114. White/red leather. LHD. Odo: 147,000 miles. Sunroof. Engine bay nicely detailed. Interior, chrome and panel fit all in good shape. Older front suspension. Good panel fit, fair chrome. Complete service records from new. Underhood could use a detail. Evidence of oil leaks. Interior without fault, save for an odd smell. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $3,500. Maybe auction companies should hand out "new car smell" air fresheners with their consignment forms. Buying at a collector car auction is about romance, not about deodorization. Bid was market correct—at 20 years old, these are scary cars. GERMAN #3-1963 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Coupe. S/N 4933901. Orange/beige vinyl. LHD. Odo: 66,000 miles. Luggage rack, sunroof. Restored at some point. Good panel fit, no rust. Acceptable respray, fair chrome. Poor fit to new interior kit. Engine bay clean, but not detailed. Chrome mag wheels too big for car, non-stock carbs. A driver with good eyeball. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $3,700. 1958-64 Beetles elicit nostalgia from VW enthusiasts, as they were the first foreign car many people became famil- car guy tour 6 car guy tour 6 ca "."." Join the FUN! car guy tour 6 Visit Italian design houses in Torino and Milano, including Italdesign, Pininfarina, Bertone, IDEA. and Zagato, as well as museums and some of Italy's greatest private collections. ca ca car -ar -1r While in Modena we will plan to visit manufacturers such as Lamborghini, DeTomaso, Pagani, Maserati and the Maserati Museum, the Ferrari Galleria and Official Ferrari Store, as well as small constructors, restoration shops, superb ristorantes, fun pizzerias and excellent shopping. The price of the tour includes three-star hotels with breakfast each day, rental car, coach airfare, bus transfers, tour jacket and hat. Tour Guide: Frank Mandarano, Concorso Italian° Chairman. only 38 seats are available. Sign up now, car guy tour 6 fficial itali www.concorso.com/CAR GUY/carguy.asp For brochure and to reserve: Tel: USA + 425-688-1903 • Fax: USA + 425-646-5458 • Email: ci@concorsacom 54  Sports Car Market iar with. The tiny engines and unpredictable handling make every short trip a huge adventure. Worth a little more. #44-1969 PORSCHE 911T Coupe. S/N 1191211157. Black/brown and black. LHD. Odo: 29,400 miles. Five-speed. Fuchs alloy repaint done to excellent standards. Some touchup marks on deck lid. A used car in nice condition, all beautifully tarted up for the auction block. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $2,900. In 1978 the 635 CSi's engine grew from 3 liters to 3.2, and the car 's top speed increased to 124 mph for US models. Handsome cars, but expensive to live with. A $5,000 car #42-1986 MERCEDES-BENZ 190E 2.3-16 wheels, new Michelin tires. Good quality repaint Right door fit way off. No rust. Aftermarket mirrors and headlight lenses. Dumb replacement aerial. Some wear and black marks to seats. Door pockets warped. Leaking oil. Uneasy feel. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $6,500. These were the cheapest 911s to own in 1969, with an 11/1SRP of Coupe. S/N WDBDA34DXGF167646. Dark gray/black leather. LHD. Odo: 98,000 miles. Five-speed. One owner, well cared for, no crash damage. Still in original condition. Interior in excellent shape for mileage. Paint has some miscellaneous scratches on hood and some minor defects elsewhere, but is holding up well overall. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $4,400. The most collectible ofthe late-model 190s, the 2.3-16 is a

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Petersen Auction Group - Salem, OR Real market prices for current "flavor of the month" cars. Fresh Meat 2002 BMW 745Li blast to drive. Even so, these cars sold poorly in the US and were discontinued for the American market in 1987, after only two years. Cheap fun, worth a little more than the bid. ITALIAN #2-1981 FIAT 124 Spider. Body by Pininfarina. S/N ZFAA500B68B8185652. Green/cream. LHD. Odo: 111,000 miles. Kelly Charger white-letter tires, mag wheels. One rust damaged in wind storm. New rear window, hood, right front fender and right quarter panel. Rough repaint, with some pitting. Engine bay detailed. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $9,100. 44,808 Mustang convertibles were produced in 1967, meaning there will always be plenty for sale. A salvage title and an average repaint aren't the kinds of things that get bidders excited. Not a crazy low bid, given the issues that lurk here. #19-1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS Coupe. S/N 124379N693811. Blue metallic with white stripe/black. LHD. Odo: 71,000 miles. Four-speed. Some rust bubbles present. Incon sistent gaps. Good paint, except for an abun Date sold: 1/9/2003 Sale location: eBay Motors; #1876374805 Details: 6,355 miles. Convenience and premium sound package, navigation system. Sale result: Sold at $65,888, 27 bids. Seller's feedback: 97 Buyer's feedback: 0 MSRP: $75,000; Edmunds.com Price: $61,715 Other current offering: Chris BMW (Decatur, GA: www.chrisbmw.com ). Asking $74,900. 2002 Aston Martin Vanquish bubble on trunk lid. Fair paint, with numerous chips touched-up, along with some small parking lot dings. Glass fine. Monstrous factory energy-absorbing bumpers. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $1,800. I'm surprised this car made it to see the year 2000. More surprising, it looks like it can go even farther As drivers, these tend to bring $1,500 to $3,000, so this high bid could have been taken without regret. AMERICAN #41-1953 CHEVROLET BEL AIR Coupe. S/N LAQ485788. Light blue/blue. LHD. Odo: 106,000 mi les. Full restoration completed five dance of touched-up chips at the edges of all the seams. Rear bumper rechromed, now slightly scratched. All chrome in engine bay maintained. A 20-footer. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $9,672. If this car runs out okay, a good buy. Not as fast as a Z/28, but less than halfthe price. The kind ofcar I should buy to see if! really like '69 Camaros, or just think! do. If the car works for me, then I could sell this one and buy a great one. #20-1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO Z/28 Coupe. S/N 124379L515933. Frost green with black stripe/green vinyl. LHD. Odo: 83,400 miles. Console and gauges, M21 four-speed. Date sold: 1/10/2003 Sale location: eBay Motors; #1876743958 Details: 2,200 miles. 6-liter, 460-hp V12. Automatic F 1 paddle-shift transmission. Navigation system, integrated Sprint phone. Sale result: Sold at $229,350, 5 bids. Seller's feedback: 16 Buyer's feedback: Private Auction MSRP: $229,350 Other current offering: Thecarexperience.com . Asking $255,900 for a 10-mile example. 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena Fl years ago. Vintage Air under dash. Front low ered two inches. Interior immaculate, chrome nicely redone. Engine bay detailed and sporting some upgrades, such as twin carbs and new header. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $13,000. While Bel Airs have been popular the past few years, it has only been the stock cars, done to perfection, that have brought big money. The seller is going to have to work hard to get more out of this one. #56-1967 FORD MUSTANG Convertible. S/N 7R03C182565. Blue/black. LHD. Odo: 108,000 miles. V8, automatic. Salvage title. Car March, 2003 Numbers matching, Protect-O-Plate. Panel fit generally good, though door gaps could be better. Slight wave to right door. Paint excellent. Rear window surround coming apart. Perfect glass. Engine bay detailed. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $27,000. Real Z/28s like this one continue to climb in price. This bid should have been just enough to cause this car to sell. However, the seller may be able to get another few thousand by hand-selling it.• Date sold: 1/10/2003 Sale location: eBay Motors; #1876744022 Details: 76 miles. Fl transmission, power seats. Sold by same seller as Vanquish above. Sale result: Sold at $189,900, 17 bids. Seller's feedback: 16 Buyer's feedback: Private Auction MSRP: $154,550 Other current offering: Steve Harris (www.ferrarisales.com ). Asking $150,060 for a delivery-miles example. 55

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Alfa Romeo Profile 1968 and 1970 GT Juniors ou 'II never have morefun than when you're driving a car with a motor that's too small, with a great five-speed gearbox, on a mountain road." That 's what Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman ofDevelopment and long-time friend ofSCM, told Ms. Banzer and me on the California Mille some years ago. We had just spent a good 30 minutes harassing his 300-horsepower, 1955 Chrysler C-300 with our 1300-cc 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce. I/ The Alfa GTV two-door coupe, part of the 1600-cc Giulia lineup that followed the Giulietta, is acknowledged as one of the great GT cars ofall time. But less well known is its 1300-cc, five-speed variant, the GT Junior This car was never officially imported to the US. The base model of the line, they came with rubberfloormats rather than carpets, and simple stamped hubcaps. They had an ultra-close ratio fifth gear Even in our land of superhighways, they could hold their own at 80 mph, and return over 30 mpg as well. While trolling eBay, I came across a pair of GT Juniors that sold Here is the first, item number 1875252752, as described by the seller: This 1960 Alfa GT Junior is a very original car. It has not been changed from the original factory specification. The car drives like new and handles well. The paint seems original, in that it is the same throughout the entire body (no respray). Interior is like new and original. The dash has one small crack in it. Window glass is all in good condition with only one scratch on passenger side. The car was imported from San Remo, Italy, so it has no heater connected, but is in the car. The motor is in good running condition with no oil leaks or burning. All cylinders have good compression and leakdown is minimal. The car comes with new Yokohama YK420 tires and new performance drilled and grooved disc brakes for all four wheels. Minimal rust in the right door, I was told it is not bad and can be fixed easily. The paint is in great shape and shines well. Only one small dent on right hand quarter panel and would be easily fixed using the paintless dent removal method. There was only one picture, which was nearly useless, in the listing. The car had incorrect 1750 hubcaps, and there were some panel fit issues evident. It was light gray with a red interior There was no VIN listed. Located in Lancaster California, after four bids it sold on December 31, 2002, for $6,800. The seller whitebuffaloracing, had a feedback rating of one. And here's how the second, item number 1876788424, was listed: This 1968 Alfa GT Jr. 1300 is a very clean, two owner car with records from 1974. It has a 100% rust free body and no accident damage. It has always been maintained by Alfa of Tacoma. It comes equipped with its original tool kit and manuals. The paint is in very nice condition. It has been repainted once in the original color. All of the glass Comparables 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Lot #42, S/N AR3022308 Condition: 3+ Mecum; Elkhart Lake, WI; July 20, 2001 Not sold at $14,250 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Lot #483, SN AR1361294 Condition: 3 Silver; Scottsdale, AZ; January 10, 2003 Not sold at $7,500 is good including the rubber seals. The interior has been redone. The mechanicals on this car are very sound including the clutch and transmission (5-speed). The brakes and tires are in good condition and it is equipped with stock wheels and hubcaps. All of the gauges and the electricals are in good working order. The panel fit is excellent. The floors are rust free along with the trunk floor and jacking points. The chrome is in excellent shape including the grill. This is a very nice original car in good working order. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives  $5,500-$7,500 $250 $15 Middle of firewall Right side of block do Shayno Geller, 10 Raskin Rd., Morristown, NJ 07960-2824 vvww.aroc-usa.org Lancia Fulvia HF, Alfa Romeo Owners Club, SCM Investment Grade  MGB-GT, Fiat 124 coupe 1966-72 76,072 N/A The VIN was AR1227011, and the car was green with a tan interior The listing included eleven photos, including the engine bay and the spare trunk well, always a rust-prone area. Located in Seattle, Washington, after ten bids it sold on January 18, 2003, for $5,800. The seller, classyclassics, had a feedback rating of 20. In my opinion, the second car was a much better buy than the first. The seller had extensive documentation, it had been cared for by Alfa Tacoma—afirm with a first-rate reputation—and they offered many photos for potential bidders. And yet it sold for $1,000 less than the white Junior from Lancaster In any event, a well-sorted, rust-free GT Junior can make any daily commute into a mini-Targa Florio, as you run up and down through the gears just to keep up with traffic. The engines are robust and easily maintained While not built for four adults, Juniors have more room than the equivalent 911. And each time you drive a GT 1300 Junior, you get a small taste of Alfa Romeo in its salad days, when its chain-driven overhead cams were definitive, its styling state of the art, and its position as one of the great sports car manufacturers on the planet was secure. Sadly, those days are now long past. But by buying the green Junior here, for less than $6,000, you could be experiencing Alfa at its very best.—Keith Martin•

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Alfa Romeo Classifieds ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLU Only 31 6C18C 2600, sin 101014852. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 34 TIPO B, (P3) s/n 50003 (SF43). For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 37 8C 29008, s/n 412021. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 59 GIULIETTA, Sprint Veloce sin 07502. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 62 GIULIETTA, Sprint Speciale, covered headlights, solid unrestored car, factory loft? $15,000 obo. 630-673-2208. IL 62 GIULIETTA SPIDER, red, black, 5-spd, restored complete car in excellent running condition. jhbarch@pacbell.net $19,500. 415-331-0606. CA 63 1600 SPIDER, Normale with 2-carburetor Giulietta engine, white with black interior and black top, stripped down to metal and restored, nice chrome, new interior, excellent paint. $14,500. 786-274-1348. FL DE INTERNET POSTING! $15. 63 SPRINT SPECIALE, Giulia, cardinal red, very good mechanicals, complete car, body, exterior needs upgrade of previous restoration, sound, strong, beautiful, historic, mechanical rebuild 2002, Tipo 121, highly tuned, priced to sell. $16,000. 802-3657674. VT 64 SPIDER, rhd, solid, complete, apart, rare, one of 330 built. drew@rockisland.com $8,500. 360-378-3013. WA 65 GIULIA, 1600 Spider Veloce 2/68 1300-40 dcoe Webers, body complete but poor, extra 1300 motor, disassembled, extra block, head, plus 5-speed, many odd parts, call for list. sunnywun@att.net $2,500. 570-779-7776. PA 69 1750 SPIDER, Veloce, AZ car, purchased in 1971, owned by my wife's grandmother until I inherited the car in 1997, First Floor Sports Car Store restored this car in 1999, receipts over $27,000, Weber dual carb conversion. gkw@civatec.com $15,500. Guy, 904-280-0146. FL 69 SPIDER, red, 80K miles, fair condition. $6,500. Jim, 800-288-9811 xt. 613. 504482-0008 eves. LA 88 MILANO VERDE, 3.0L, 88,000 miles, black/black, 5-speed, power everything, headers, Ansa exhaust, sunroof. $4,300 obo. 260-413-8739. IN 88 QUADRAFOGLIO, Spider, red, 88K miles, soft and hard top, runs excellent, as is. denise@destin.org $5,200. 850-865-9301. FL• Largest online parts and accessories catalog with factory part numbers, images, parts diagrams, and online ordering! /Original parts and hard to find NOS. 'Rebuilds, sheetmetal, restoration and aftermarket parts / High performance components. / Full line of Alfa Romeo factory gifts, accessories and collectables. / Prompt worldwide delivery. From Giulietta to 164, factory authorized Alfa Romeo parts provider, over 30 years of exclusive Alfa Romeo experience. 800 890 ALFA (2532) 510 525 9435 www.alfapartscatalog.com www.alfapartscatalog.com SPECIAL Complete Seats, Seat Covers and Cushions Made From Scratch in Italy. Original Vintage Wool Carpet, Carpet Savers and Original Vinyl. - ALSO AVAILABLE - 250 SWB Competition 250 Tour De France 365 GTBI4 Daytona 355 Fl Spyder Ferrari's Replacement for Connolly Leather Now Available. 550 Maranello 246 Dino 250 Lusso1275 GTB 250 GTO 713-849-2400 www.reoriginals.com

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Etceterini and Friends Profile 1899 Clement-Panhard Voiture Legere Type VCP Chassis number: 141 Engine number: 194 A s motoring got into its stride in France in the latter part of the 1890s, it was realized that there was a need to fill the gap between the larger, powerful, expensive motor cars and motor tricycles. The great firm of Panhard-Levassor joined the throng with a light car. Panhard-Levassor could not produce enough of these cars to satisfy demand and so licensed the manufacture of their Voiture Legere to one of their directors, Adolphe Clement, resulting in the Clement-Panhard pictured here. Its layout is distinctive, with a tubular chassis frame having an inclined single-cylinder engine of 4 horsepower mounted at the back, the cylinder head to the rear. Drive is through an open, constant-mesh gear train, with transmission to the rear wheels by side chains. The center-pivot steering controlled by a wheel is a somewhat idiosyncratic feature, but it works well enough in practice, as does the transmission brake augmented by a hand brake working on solid tires. Full-scale production of the Clement-Panhard commenced in 1899 with car number 101, and continued until 1902 when the planned production of some 500 cars had been achieved. This car, carrying one of the lowest car numbers of any surviving ClementPanhard, appears to date from the first year of production. Copies of the extensive personal file collated over this car's life go with it, and confirm its history and origins. Chassis number 141 was sold new in France to a nobleman, and then came into the possession of a Colonel Thornhill of Drogheda, Ireland. By the very early 1900s the Clement had been registered as "IY 45," the first car in Drogheda, and was owned by Dr. J. Parr. It has remained within the Parr family and descendents ever since. The car was sympathetically restored in the mid-I950s, and completed the London-to-Brighton Run in 1956. Since then, it has been regularly turned over, topped up with oil and occasionally run. The voiturette's condition has mellowed with age, and there is no disguising its patinated presentation. Cosmetically, it would benefit from repainting the fenders, and other details, but is intact. Beneath the seating area is a purpose-built tray containing all of the necessary spares one requires for a run. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  Tune-up  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  It has been observed that the car has a slight list to port, but careful examination of archive photos Alternatives  suggests this is not a new affliction, and would not necessarily require attention. Mechanically, the engine is free, and gears appear to operate. Nonetheless, the car should be fully recommissioned to put it back into running order. This car sold for $77,480, including buyer's premium, at Christie's December 4, 2002, London auction. Two young men, Rene Panhard and Emile Lavassor, met in the prestigious Industrial Engineering School (Ecole Central des Arts et Manufacture) in Paris in the mid 1800s and parlayed their education andfriendship to form, in 1873, a company appropriately called Panhard-Levassor. The original intention was to produce under license the four-stroke internal combustion engine developed and patented a year earlier by Gottlieb Daimler with help from Wilhelm Maybach (yes, that Mavbach).  1899 Clement-Panhard Type VCP Lot #366, S/N 117 Condition: 3 Christie's; London, England; February 23, 1998 Sold at $48,737 SCM ID# 20097 58 The engine displaced 921 cc and developed 11/2 horsepower The first client, in 1890, was one Armand Peugeot, who bought two engines and built two cars. Shortly afterwards the partners decided to build their own car and by March of the same year had a successful test drive of 20 kilometers in Paris. By 1896 the company was producing more than 100 cars per year, their flagship having a four-cylinder, 5,3 I 3-cc engine. P&L was at the forefront ofautomotive technology, pioneering such things as the radiator (instead of a water tank), tilting the steering column from vertical to the angle it has today, and introducing the coil and battery as replacements for hot tube ignition. (The company still exists today as a manufacturer of armored vehicles.) 1898-1902 approx. 500 $879 $400 N/A Cast plate, left rear chassis rail On the side of crankcase Veteran Motor Car Club of America, 2030 Calvary Rd., BelAir, MD 21015-6413 www.vmcca.org Armand Peugeot, Buckboard pulled by two Friesians SCM Investment Grade  A By 1898 P&L was producing several hundred cars annually. Always sharp in spotting trends, they introduced a smaller lighter and cheaper car named the Voiture Legere Type VCP in 1899. Lacking space to manufacture it in its suburban Paris factory, the production was licensed to Adolphe Clement, a board member and a well-established manufacturer of bicycles. Which brings us to the car sold by Christies in London last December I was fortunate enough to be present and examined it closely. Two things are striking about it: by looking at it you realize right away why the car was called a "horseless carriage," because that is exactly what it is. And the originality, including the continuous and documented chain ofonefamily ownership since 1902, is incredible. There is noble and delighul patina (no, the paint is not original—it's only about 50 years old), and after some minor work the car appears as if it would be ready for any event open to Veteran cars. Estimates of the number of authentic, complete, non-bitsa, pre1904 cars vary wildly, soflnding an exact comparable, and value, for this car is difficult. But if your heart yearns for London-to-Brighton and such, you would be hard-pressed to.find a better-documented Veteran car at nearly any price. May the new owner enjoy it to the max—Raymond Milo (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Christie :s.)• Comparables 1900 Mercedes 3hp Comfortable Velocipede Lot #845, S/N 2877 Condition: 4+ Brooks; London, England; July 26, 2000 Sold at $68,705 SCM 1D# 10812 Sports Car Market

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Etceterini it& Friends Classifieds ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Only $15. CITROEN 66 2CV TRUCICETTE, AK350, rust-free body and frame, upgraded with factory new (1) 652-cc Visa engine, fully computerized ignition, disc brakes, new wiring harness, exhaust, etc, very clean and original, this is a strong and quick Truckette. erikdewidt@aol.com $7,500. 301-5878635. MD 71 2CV, club, celeste blue, 800 original miles, showroom new, perfect, 602 engine, disc brakes, good history, delivery ealisy arranged. $15,700. Dale, 989-835-4430. MI DELAHAYE 52 235, coach, green with tan leather interior, only 80 built, fully restored, 78,500 Euros; 1952 235 cabriolet, blue with red leather interior, only 4 built, fully restored, 123,000 Euros; both bodies by Chapron, rare find, cars in south France. consultjba@aol.com , 610-469-0650. PA FIAT 72 DINO, 2.4L coupe, original silver color w/red leather interior, overall very good condition, runs well, no smoke, 72,000 kilometers. $7,250. 201-476-0338. NJ 73 124, sport coupe, all restored, perfect cond, red/black. $15,000 US. Andy, 416742-4418. CANADA ON 82 X1/9, 22K, great original condition, new brakes and timing belt, records, red, black leather. $4,500. 914-232-0065. NY ITALIA 72 ROADSTER, red/tan, very clean, mechanically excellent with rebuilt suspension, rebuilt 351, lower ratio rear axle, 4speed manual transmission. Outstanding in every way. www.ContinentalAuto Sports.com $47,900. 630-655-3535. IL LAMBORGHINI 65 350 CT, original and correct, older restoration, runs extremely well, best offer. 805969-5819. CA 67 400 GT, rare unrestored original, complete car, black, yellow, California plates, books, tools, in storage since 1989, needs cosmetic restoration. $67,500 obo. 626-3038634. CA 89 ANNIVERSARY, red, tan, red piping. Euro bumper, rear wing, 5,000 miles. $89,000. 440-460-0161. OH 89 COUNTACH, 25th Anniversary, red, tan, built by Chrysler for Lee Iacocca, his personal car, documented. $93,000. 94!497-6750. FL MASERATI 46 4CL-1500, sin 1581. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 63 3500GT, red/black, the most desirable spec. late example: 5-speed, disc brakes, wire wheels, converted to Webers (original fuel injection included). New tires. A wonderful car to drive. Strong mechanicals. www.ContinentalAuto Sports.com S29,900. 630-655-3535. IL 63 35006T, competition, red, aluminum fuel tank, correct period Jaeger competition gauges, and factory aluminum gearshift gate. Prepared for Maserati, Ferrari, Shell historic challenge. Totally original and complete Original Webers and special cold air box. $45,000. Mary Ellen Ford, 434-923-8389. VA 64 MISTRAL SPIDER, conversion body and suspension only, metal work all done, suspension all restored, with top frame and new windshield. petroske@gisco.net $8,500. Fred Petroske, 315-649-2861. Fax 315-649-4100. NY 72 GHIBLI, original white interior, straight body, $8,500 in mechanical work, runs, 5-speed, needs paint, rust on hood. $16,500 obo. 714-538-0836. CA 74 MERAK, red, 45K, needs interior, minor bodywork. jzack26@yahoo.com $6,000. 908-406-3066. NJ SIATA 53 208-S, The most original example in the world. No engine swap or body damage. Incredible time-warp, preservation car with original: engine, trans, brakes, wheels, interior, top, side-curtains, windshield. Full history and photos: singer356@aol.com 516-367-1616. NY VOLVO 64 P1800, white, red leather interior, good condition, $5,200. 731-668-0065. Can e-mail pictures. mlagrone@lwol.com . TN 68 123GT, not a clone, all the options, West Coast car, white with new red interior, rebuilt engine and carbs, etc., runs excellent, needs nothing $12,000. 914-261-5529 cell. NY• Italian rts.Com.  Go to: www.ltalianCarParts.com for the products you need to restore & maintain your Italian Car. We have the largest selection of Italian Car Parts & Accessories available on the World Wide Web. Phone: 503.655.9811 Fax: 503.655.9581 Vintage Rally Calendar MARCH JUNE Arctic Winter Trial Historic Regularity Rally, 3-17. Classic cars up to 1982 are accepted. The event starts in Gothenburg, Sweden, and finishes in Helsinki, Finland, covering 3,125 miles. Only 11 hours of daylight above the Arctic Circle, so make sure your headlights are reliable. Organized by Historic Endurance Rallying Organization, fax +44 (0)1886 833144. (UK) Forza Amelia, 9-14. 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars, any Ferrari, any I2-cylinder car. This 5th annual event is presented by Mercedes-Benz USA. Contact: Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) Copperstate 1000, 30-April 1. The 13th annual event, presented by Bell Lexus, winds through some of Arizona's most spectacular scenery, raising funds for the Phoenix Art Museum. 602/2563-6977, www. copperstate1000.com . (AZ) APRIL The Used 911 Story The buyer's guide that future 911 owners should never be without. All air-cooled models are discussed with pros/cons mentioned regarding each model. Author Peter Zimmermann taps into 30+ years of experience to bring you this little book, now in its 6th edition. Sports Car Market's Jim Schrager wrote: "This is the most useful, accurate and important single book published on buying a used 911. It is absolutely a must if you really want to know about these cars." Please mail $29.95 (check or money order made to Peter Zimmermann) to 15601 Stephanie Street, Bakersfield, CA 93312 for the cheapest Porsche insurance you'll ever buy! Credit card orders may be placed with www.BarnesandNoble.com . March, 2003  5th Annual No Frills Iron Bottom Motoring Tour, 10-13. The vintage tour with no entry fee. Open to all vehicles over 25 years old (pre1979). No sponsors, no decals, no grille badges, no frills. Rose Bowl Pasadena, CA, 7 a.m., April 10. For flyer, send e-mail to epas356@ aol.com . MAY The Malts, 12-16. Enjoy Scotland in vintage style. A major reworking of this well-established events is in the works. Organized by Historic Endurance Rallying Organization, fax +44 (0)1886 833144. (UK) New England 1000, 18-23. 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT. Presented by Mercedes-Benz. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) Canadian Rockies Tour, 1-8. Starting in Coeur d'Alene, ID, and ending in Vancouver, BC, take your pre-1960s American car or your pre1973 European car through Kelowna, Lillooet and Whistler. 310/2814553, arminwi@earthlink.net . (CA) SEPTEMBER Forza Mille, 28-October 3. Open to any Ferrari or 12-cylinder of any year. Presented by Mercedes-Benz USA. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www.v intageral I ies. corn. (CT) OCTOBER Rallye Biarritz, 11-18. Restricted to 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars. Planned to be run in a cloverleaf format, participants will stay at the Hotel du Palais, taking daily ventures into Bilbao, Pamplona, Pau and the Pyrenees. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www. v i ntageral I ies.com. (CT) NOVEMBER 2003 Texas 1000, 2-7. Pre 1975 sports, - racing or GT cars, or any Fordpowered (interpreted to be Aston Martin, Jaguar, Panoz, Talbot, Saleen, SVT, and Cobra CSX 4000, among others) sports car of any year. Presented by Ford Motor Company. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/ 645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT)• 59

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German Car Profile 1965 Porsche 911 Coupe Chassis number: 301068 Engine number: 901202 p orsche's perennially popular 911 first entered production in 1964 as a replacement for the long-running 356. The latter's rear-engine layout was retained, as was the unitary body and chassis construction, but the 356's VW-based suspension was dropped in favor of more modern and compact MacPherson struts in front and double jointed rear axle half-shafts to replace the swing arms of the 356. In its original incarnation, Porsche's singleoverhead-cam air-cooled flat six displaced 1,991 cc and produced 130 horsepower. As the engine progressed and developed, it would eventually grow to more than 3 liters and, in turbocharged form, over 300 horsepower. Manufactured in 1965, this early 911 was sold new in the US in 1966, the model's first full year in the American market. The car initially resided in Southern California. Original and unrestored, it is running well and presented in good overall condition, having covered approximately 125,000 miles from new and suffering no known accidents. The car has been unused for the past 15 years, but has been well maintained and was recently inspected and serviced by a Porsche professional. Its specification includes the standard five-speed gearbox, correct original Solex carburetors, a black interior in excellent condition, original Blaupunkt AM/FM radio and correct original chrome steel wheels with a matching spare. Some early service history, an owner's manual and the toolkit are included. One of the most versatile sports cars ever developed, the 911 proved successful in international rallying, GT racing and endurance classics, doing much to establish Porsche's reputation for quality, reliability and high performance. Today, early examples such as the car offered here are prized by enthusiasts of historic motor sport, being eligible for, and highly competitive in, the world's most prestigious events including the Targa Florio Storica, Tour Auto and Giro d'Italia. Years produced  This very original early 911 coupe sold for $10,350, including buyer 's premium, at the Bonhams Hershey auction on October 10, 2002. This substantial price, especially considering that this is not an model, reflects the interest that surrounds rust-free, unmolested examples of these first-generation 911s. The upward movement in early (1964-68 shortwheelbase) 911 prices is one of the few new Porsche trends established after the great bull market in classic cars of the late '80s. Back then, early 911s were onlyfor the lunatic fringe of Porsche enthusiasts. This was because any of the more powerful, better handling carsftom the 1969-73 period make more sense as daily drivers. Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis it  Engine 4  Club  Altematives  Jaguar XKE coupe, Alfa Romeo GTV, Ford Mustang coupe, Corvette Sting Ray coupe Web site  SCM Investment Grade  For example, 1969 911s had a wheelbase that was 21/4 inches longer and markedly improved handling. Furthermore, these cars had a better fresh air and heating system, improved front and rear turn signal housings, and the mechanical fuel injection of the 906 in the 150-horsepower 911 E and 170-horsepower 911S models. 1970 brought even better 2.2-liter engines with more usable torque and 10 more horsepower to the E and S. 1971 saw the introduction of piston squirters in the cases and galvanizedfloors; 1972 models had 2.4 liters of displacement, another 10 horsepower for each of the T, E and S models, 1967 Porsche 911 coupe Lot #207, S/N 306229 Condition: 4 Barrett-Jackson; Los Angeles,  Sold at $4,320 SCM ID# 24324 and the stronger type 915 transmission; 19 73 brought the sweet-running CIS 911T and the legendary 210-horsepower Carrera RS. Each of these improvements made the early cars, with their modest horsepower, difficult-to-tune Soles carbs, 4.5-inch wide wheels, quaint slab sides and fiddly interior bits less desirable. But today, in Europe and among sophisticated Porsche collectors in the US, early SWB 911s are in high demandfor two reasons. First, as with thefirst cars of any series, the early 91Is have an allure all of their own. Yes, the later cars were improved and easier to live with, but with each improvement came a sacrifice in the edginess and uniqueness that simply oozed out ofthe first cars. Recall that when introduced, the 911, when compared with its 1964 competition, was simply a fantastic car And in my opinion, even today, a properly sorted one can offer a top-flight driving experience. (not including T, L, or S models) $6,490 1964-68 9,735 On horizontal bulkhead under front lid, forward of fuel tank P.O. Box 5900, Springfield, VA 22150 www.pca.org Porsche Club of America, $10,000-$15,000 $400 $26 On right side of vertical support for fan shroud The second reason for their appeal has to do with their build date. In Europe, 1965 is a popular cutoff date for some prestigious vintage rallies. And if 911s outstripped the competition in 1964, imagine how well a SWB car that has benefited from 35 years of technological development will do today against those same vintage cars. The entry lists speak for themselves—go to the Tour Auto Web site (wwwtourauto.com ) or the Modena Cento Ore (www.modenacentooreclassic.it) and count the number of early 911s. In fact, organizers sometimes have to turn SWB 911s down because they have too many entered. Given how competitive these cars are, it's no surprise that 1964 and 1965 911s, in Europe, often sell for twice what a 1966 or later car will. The example purchased here was exceptional, being a dry, unrusted Southern California car that had not been subjected to the indignity of low-buck, hamfisted modifications by well-meaning but uninformed owners. The new owner has a very solid base to work with and won't have to wrestle with undoing someone else's botched job. Although the color was uninspiring and the option list meager, this car made fair money for both buyer and seller We project this tiny corner of the vintage Porsche market will do nothing but show an upwards trend in value during the coming years. Ifyou want a SWB 911, buying one now will cost you less than buying one later—Jim Schrager (Historic and descriptive information courtesy of Bonhams.)• june 13, Comparables hum 1966 Porsche 911 coupe Lot #266, S/N 301784 Condition: 4 rause, Branson, MO, October 19, 2001 Not sold at $4,700 SCM ID# 24142

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Porsche Gespreich / Jim Schrager SCs and Studs deal with rust or fussy carburetors. What surprises me about these cars is the range and movement of D prices. You have written that about $14,000 to $15,000 will buy a good 911SC, and I have seen some nice cars right in that range. But I have also found many in the $8,000 to $10,000 range, and! would sure like to spend less and get almost as good a car. Are 911 SC prices moving downward? How else to explain these cheap SCs? What should I expect with one of the cheaper SCs?—T.C., via e-mail You are right on one of several counts. First, a nice SC will still cost you about $15,000; however, there are fewer of them around at that price and many cheaper 911SCs are hitting the market. We have seen a move downward in 911SC prices due to a combination of the depreciation of the newer 993 cars and the miles and wear that accumulate as people continue to drive and enjoy their 911SCs. 911SCs, on the value side, are still behaving mostly as used cars, albeit highly desirable ones. The value of a good SC dropped below $20,000 in the early 1990s and then stabilized again at about $15,000. I recently saw an attractive 1981 SC Targa with fewer than 50,000 real miles sell for $15,000, so a great SC can still make that price. If it has been really well cared for and has good maintenance records, they can even bring a couple of thousand more. However, because SCs are cars that run well and are fun to drive, they tend to accumulate miles. As they do, their value is affected. The basic drivetrain, if properly maintained, can go for well over ear Mr. Schrager: After reading your columns, I think a 1978-83 Porsche 911SC is the right car for me. I realize it won't have the vintage feel of an earlier car, but 1 like the galvanized bodies and extra-tough mechanicals. For my first 911, 1 really don't want to Be on the lookout for broken head studs on 91ISCs. 200,000 miles. However, as the years pass, the true Achilles' heel of this model is being discovered: broken head studs. For years we thought these cars would run forever just with the addition of pressure-fed chain tensioners (the "Carrera" tensioners introduced with the 911 Carrera model in 1984). But with the passage of time, broken head studs have emerged as another weak link on some 911SCs. These are the long bolts that start in the case and extend outside the cylinders to secure the heads, 24 to an engine. When they break, and it's usually the lower ones, the cylinder heads will rattle. If they are not repaired, serious damage will occur to the cylinder, the head and maybe even the case. The fact that it is mostly the lower studs that break is an important Antique Automobile Insurance Agency 1-888-ANTIQUE (1-888-268-4783) www.jctaylor.com March, 2003 61

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clue to understand what is happening. The lower studs are located on the exhaust side of the heads, where things are much hotter than on the intake side. With each heating and cooling cycle of the engine, the studs are stretched and released. With time, the cycles build up and with a bit of surface corrosion eventually the stud can't take any more abuse. It isn't cheap to remove and replace the studs. A straightforward disassembly starts at about $2,000, and if it gets messy, with studs breaking off at the case, you can easily spend another $2,000 for further work. And then you run into the "as long as we are in there" disease that leads to rebuilding everything while the engine is disassembled. Curiously, the head stud issue does not seem to occur to every 911SC. Some mechanics report it may be more prone to occur on low-mileage cars, perhaps because of the load placed on the studs by short-haul trips when the engine does not reach full operating temps. These problems of old age conspire along with the continuing slow price compression of the newer 911 cars, especially the final air-cooled car, the 993 (1995-98). Just after the water-cooled 996 was introduced, speculators kept the prices of 993 cars sky high, often above the $60,000 MSRP. Once the 996 cars caught on, the 993 prices softened, first to the $50,000 range, then $40,000 and now $30,000. I was just offered a mint 1996 993 sunroof coupe with 62,000 miles for $35,500. This inevitable downward movement in price has caused the older, less modern 911SC models to decrease in value. Another wild card is the Euro 911SC. These models continue to sell at a discount, at times quite steep. I recently found a 1978 911SC Targa for sale in Georgia for $7,000. It was a running, driving car with no major body damage, rust or missing parts, and had covered just over 120,000 miles— not scary for the robust SC. But it was a Euro car, without EPA or DOT papers. While this car may be a great beater, if Federalized haphazardly it can be a real handful. But to someone just scanning the classifieds, this car may look like a terrific bargain. So what can you expect? Very nice 911SCs for $12,000 to $13,000, great cars for $15,000 to $17,000, beaters for under $10,000. Realize that as these cars glide past 150,000 miles, this often has a serious effect on Myriwit  Low miles may exacerbate stud 1.1sIle.S. value. There are only so many of us willing to continue driving a car, any car, with that much pavement under its tires. I recently watched a 1988 911 Carrera Targa, in very decent condition with pretty paint and a nice original interior, sell for $11,200. The problem: an honest 179,000 miles. High mileage also means you are getting closer and closer to some sort of expensive repair, from brake overhaul to engine rebuild to clutch. And as the value of the car decreases, there are fewer and fewer potential buyers who want to buy something that, no matter how well it may run at the moment, is running near the end of its useful life. Personally, I suggest you look for an SC in the $12,000 to $14,000 range with fewer than 125,000 miles, all service records and no evidence of mechanical or body abuse. Make sure it has all the traditional updates including Carrera tensioners, a pop-off valve for the airbox and Turbo lower valve covers. And add one more thing to your list—consider it a real plus if the head studs have been replaced. E-mail your Porsche questions to copyed@sportscarmarket.com, or fax them to 503/253-2234.• II RESTORATIONS Twenty years dedicated to the meticulous restoration of the world's finest exotic, vintage and classic motor cars. APPRAISING SERVICES AVAILABLE: DECLARED VALUE • LOSS DAMAGE • ESTATES 2347 GOLD RIVER ROAD • SUITE N • GOLD RIVER, CA 95670 No matter what your prized possessions are, our award-winning equipment provides immaculate, enclosed, door-to-door transport. We offer containerizing for overseas shipping, automobile storage, and pier service. Featuring HighwayMaster satellite tracking/communication systems. Visit our web site at www.horselesscarriage.com Exclusively 280SLs Low-mileage and original cars are our specialty to buy or sell. Several cars in stock Jr immediate delivery. 2 Springdale • Cherry Hill, New Jersey (888) 840-1700 WWW.tonylabella.coin 62 Ltrriacte 61 Iowa Avenue • Paterson, New Jersey 07503 800.631-7796 • In NJ 973-742-2892 • Fax 973-742-8369 Sports Car Market 1U. : 111, )1 ill raw.:  011011 UAW OM* ' You can't trust them with just anyone. Prized Possessions.

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German Car Classifieds AMPHICAR 64, looks, runs, drives great, I've done many cosmetic and mechanical things to this car in the ten years I've owned it, had lotsa fun too, $20,000. E-mail or call for info and pictures. 503-647-5472, mtdale@ix.netcom. corn. OR BITTER 82 SC, never been in an accident, fair condition, needs to be refurbished; also 1985 parts car, front end damage, no engine, best offer for both. John McCusker, 516-625-5000. NY BMW 73 BAVARIA, owned 17 yrs, strong engine, dual Webers, 4-spd, calipers, radiator, sunroof, alloys, 22 mpg, needs right fender, door replaced, would make excellent custom car driveline or restore, vehicle fast, dependable. $1,500. Drew, 314-481-2356. MO 73 3.0 CSi, (Euro), VIN 2263235, running restoration, full chrome pcs, new 15" 535 rims, can be restored or parted. $6,000 obo. 707-263-8921. 83 633, coupe, great mechanics, good cosmetics, 130K. $4,500. 570-223-8691 nights. PA 83 745i TURBO, Delphin grey, black leather, 125K, excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition, zero rust, southern CA car. fredshuf@socalsr.com $5,700. 714-8982945. CA MERCEDES-BENZ 55 300SL, Gullwing, restoration finished 3/15/2002, Rudge luggage, like new. 818368-7226. CA ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Only $15. 55 300SL, Gullwing sin 00288. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 57 300SL, chassis #7500242, engine #198.980.7500257, present owner over 12 years, Scott Restoration finished car at purchase, M-B ivory w/red mulberry leather nit, beautifully preserved & mechanically very sorted, California Mille, recent brakes. clk@syv.com $195,000. Carey Kendall, 805-689-6262. CA 58 1905L, blue, 1-owner California, 2 tops. 408-279-0944. CA 62 300SL, roadster, last car built by Gullwing Inc w/all Mercedes parts, identical to orig roadster w/300E engine, 5-spd, anti-lock brakes & ice cold air, midnight blue w/Gerrnan blue top & gray leather int, only has 585 miles on it. purer@cox.net $125,000. 949-363-0891. CA 64 230SL, roadster, complete restoration, National winner, hard top and EZ-lift. $25,250. 702-253-1243. NV 65 230SL, ivory/black, 4-spd, hard/soft top, drive or show. $12,500 b/o. 520-722-9160. AZ 68 280SL, #287, metallic blue with parchment leather interior, automatic, power steering and brakes, Becker Grand Prix radio, all original tools and books, records, two owner California car, car has been garaged every day of its life not even surface rust $28,500. 619-223-7766. CA 69 280SL, 62K orig miles, purchased from original owner in 2000, full documentation to day 1, extensive mechanical, bodywork performed by top Mercedes professionals, beige, gray/cognac, 2 tops, rare factory, rare factory 3rd seat, automatic. $33,000. 781334-2719. MA PORSCHE 55 PRE-A, speedster, just finishing complete restoration, correct engine, ivory with tan interior. $65,000. 405-752-9098. OK 57 CARRERA CT, Speedster s/n 83735. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 59 356A, Cabriolet, excellent condition. I have owned since 1986, black top, cream color paint, red interior, rare factory rock guards over headlights, new battery pan, 2,000 miles on rebuilt engine, factory tool kit. illmerr@charternet $32,500. 214-9996112 office. 214-693-1514 cell. TX 61 356, Super 90 Cabriolet, original floor pans, no rust or accidents, black with red interior, completely restored including new engine. purer@cox.net $47,500. 949-3630891. CA 63 356 S90, Cabriolet, red/black, original hard top with conversion parts, travel kit, tool kit, records and receipts and manuals from 1965 date of this family's purchase, recent mechanical tune-up, photos by request. $29,500. 502-568-2666 work 10-7. 502-541-5253 cell. KY 65 356SC, coupe, very original California car in excellent condition, no rust, matching numbers. $22,500. 866-356-4911. CA 68 911S, Targa, tangerine, 5-speed, Webers, Fuchs, T case, California car, rare options. $8,900. 480-363-2170. AZ 70 911T, coupe, original California car in excellent condition with a fresh rebuilt engine, no rust. $12,500. 866-356-4911. CA 70 914-6, 2.2-liter 91IE motor, twin triple choke Webers, MSD ignition, Konis, extras, white, no rust, genuine car, excellent condition, extensive Brumos work just completed. pfc013@aol.com $14,500. 904-471-5606. FL 72 911T, coupe, matching numbers, California car, no rust, excellent condition. $13,500. 866-356-4911. CA 73 911S, coupe, excellent condition, numbers match, no rust, a/c. $29,500. 866-3564911. CA 84 911SCRS, rally car, s/n 100505. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 87 959, s/n 900003. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 95 928 CTS, automatic, extremely rare, aventurine/gray leather, 48,000 miles, pristine, $42,000. 323-466-3526. CA• GREAT VINTAGE RALLIES! NEW ENGLAND 1000 5 Driving Days—May 17 to 23, 2003 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars S4495 per couple, all inclusive Vermont, Quebec & Mt. Trembiant! FORZA MILE V-12 Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine! 4 Driving Days—September 21 to 26, 2003 Any Ferrari or Maserati, any Mercedes SL, any 12-cylinder $3995 per couple, all inclusive Pays Basque, Pyrenees & Margaux! 6 Driving Days—October 11 to 18, 2003 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars S6995 per couple, all inclusive RALLYE BIARRITZ San Antonio & Texas Hill Country! 4 Driving Days—November 2 to 7, 2003 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars $3995 per couple, all inclusive TEXAS 1000 Vintage Rallies, Inc. 80 Jackson Hill Road, Sharon, CT 06069 800-645-6069 fax: 860-364-5899 www.vinta g era I lies .com March, 2003  63

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American Car Profile 1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Dual Cowl Phaeton Chassis number: 14731-7801804 T he remarkable styling of the CO series Imperials was the work of LeBaron, one of the greatest design firms of the classic era. Founded by Thomas L. Hibbard and Ray Dietrich, and later joined by Ralph Roberts, the company established itself as innovative, creative and responsive. Although Hibbard and Dietrich later left the firm to pursue other opportunities, the company flourished at the hands of Ralph Roberts. Probably the most striking design in existence at the time was Al Leamy's L29 Cord, so when Leamy was hired to style the Imperial, it is not surprising that the cars would bear some resemblance to it. Like the L29, the CG was long and low, featuring gracefully swept fenders and a veeshaped radiator. LeBaron improved on the design, however, with a longer hood, a swept-back grille and a more elegant bodyside treatment. All Chryslers had a reputation for performance, and the CO Imperial did not disappoint. With 125 horsepower on tap and a four-speed transmission, the cars were very quick. With Chrysler's "Floating Power" and well-tuned suspension, the cars were also quite refined to drive. The stunning example pictured here is finished in maroon and dark red with black fenders, with a black top and dark red leather interior. It has benefited from a comprehensive professional restoration to the highest standards, and remains in near show-ready condition today. The odometer indicates 485 miles, which may well reflect the distance traveled since restoration. A CCCA National First Place winner, it wears CCCA Senior badge #1116. The car is equipped with chrome wire wheels, wide whitewall tires, dual sidemount spares, chrome stone guard, wind wings, dual Pilot Ray driving lights and a rear-mounted trunk. The car was acquired by the Kughns in April of 1986 from Jim Quinlan; prior to that, it was part of Harrah's collection in Reno, Nevada. Many consider the CO Imperial dual cowl phaeton to be among the finest looking cars of the period, in addition to being one of the best driving cars of the era. Only a handful of these cars exist with known provenance and history, and the opportunity to acquire one is consequently extremely rare. This car was soldfor $214,500, including buyer 's premium, at RM Classic Cars' Novi sale, held November 15, 2002. Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  Tune-up/major service  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web site  Jim Quinlan, the former owner of this car, is a pelfectionist about his restorations and this is amply reflected in the stunning appearance of this Im- Alternatives  SCM Investment Grade  perial. Besides garnering top CCCA honors, it has won numerous awards at such events as the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance. As the catalog mentions, the CG Imperials have a number of L29 Cord styling cues incorporated into their design, but with a larger platform to display the styling, it is even more esthetically successful than on the low and lovely Cord. But this was not the first time a Chrysler carried the Imperial badge. The first Imperials appeared on the market in 1927 using a 92-horsepower flathead-six. To introduce the new line of luxury Chryslers, an Imperial was driven on a double cross-country run from San Francisco to New York to 1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Sport Phaeton Lot #1031, S/N N/A Condition: 3+ Los Angeles, a 6,726-mile trek in which the Imp averaged 40.2 mph—an average that wouldn't be considered bad in a new car today. Imperials would continue to be powered byflathead-six engines until the introduction of the CG series in 1931. From 1928 to 1931 Chrysler Imperials were offered with a wide selection of semi-custom bodies by LeBaron, Dietrich and Locke. These were built in minuscule numbers, such as the 1928 Dietrich-bodied dual cowl phaeton, of which only four examples were ever produced. For 1931-32 LeBaron produced nearly all the custom and semi-custom Imperial bodies, with six Waterhouse convertible victorias thrown into the mix. Because they were introduced at the depths of the Great Depression, sales of the 1931-32 Imperial were very thin and only 339 custom and semi-custom CGs found buyers, making them even rarer than Model J and S.JDuesenbergs when new and today. 85 (in this body style) $3,575 Right front door hinge pillar Top of timing chain case cover Classic Car Club of America, 1645 Des Plaines River Rd, Ste. 7, Des Plaines, IL 60018-2206 PH:847-390-0443 www.classiccarclub.org Cord L29, Packard 840 or 845, Cadillac V8 phaetons Imperials were continued in production through 1933 with updated styling and even smaller semi-custom and custom sales, finally being replaced by the radical Airflow Imperials in 1934, which sold a whopping 2,000plus examples in that year. 1931-32 $500-700 Among Classic Car enthusiasts and collectors, the one criticism these cars seem to attract has to do with their strong, reliable but unexotic flathead straight-eight engine. This rugged and powerful unit doesn 't have the glamorous specifications of Duesenbergs with their overhead cams and four valves per cylinder or the allure of a V12 or V16. That's one of the reasons these cars have remained a relative Classic bargain despite their beautiful style and undoubted scarcity. But collectors should also remember that it was flathead Chryslers that gave the big Bentleys fits at the Le Mans 24-hour race and nearly won all the marbles in that grueling contest. This car sold in the right price range in view of its authentic restoration, splendid condition, prize-winning credentials, rarity and Full Classic status. Not cheap, mind you, but fairly bought and nearly certain to be owned with pride and pleasure by the successful bidder long after the purchase price is but a dim memory.—Dave Brownell (Historic and descriptive information provided by RM Classic Cars)• Comparables eBay/Kruse; Atlantic City, New Jersey, February 23, 2003 Not sold at $75,000 SCM 1D# 27153 RM Auctions; Phoenix, Arizona; January 18, 2002 Sold at $77,000 SCM ID# 27020 1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Sport Phaeton Lot #50, S/N GC3520 Condition: 2

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American Car Classifieds ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Only $15. AMC 74 AIVIX JAVELIN, 2-door hardtop, black/ black, 42,000 original miles, perfect frameup restoration, 401 V8, fact a/c, ps, pb, bucket seats, console, #1 condition, best in the world. 800-930-4002. 954-895-7940. FL CHEVROLET 56 CORVETTE, convertible, red, red/white int, 265, 2x4, 225 hp, Pg, heater, delete, Wonderbar radio, park brake, sig courtesy lamp, power windows, all numbers match, copy of window sticker, signed by Zara Duntov, orig owner's manual, 29,000 orig miles. $49,900. Bob, 507-289-8640. 507208-0191. MN 62 CORVETTE, 327-360, fuel injection, 4spd, Wonderbar, red/red, prior AZ owner 12 years, receipts for engine, diff, fuelie and interior overhaul, excellent throughout, needs nothing, matching numbers. $59,000. 678513-7511. GA 63 CORVETTE, split-window fuelie, silver/black, 327/250, #s match, 63,000 original miles, Powerglide, unrestored original car except paint, knock-offs, runs great. $38,000. Gary, 315-478-0959 8-4 days. NY 66 CORVETTE, convertible, the primer code car, factory no paint code, delivered new in primer and currently shown in primer, original 427/390 hp, 4-spd, T1, teak, tele, factory a/c, pw, pb, pa, headrest seats, 5 real knock-offs, both tops, 1 of II made. $110,000 offers, trades. 440-748-1500. OH 67 NOVA SS, 1 of reportedly 6 L79 cars built in I 967, 4-speed, black/black, rust-free original sheet-metal, documented with Protect0-Plate, one-owner history. $26,500. 502964-8473. KY 68 IMPALA SS, cony, triple black, very rare 427-390 hp, matching numbers, air, ps, pb, tilt, AM/FM, factory tach, gauges, fiber optics, 4-spd, posi 3:31, Flowmasters. $32,000. 810-794-5218. MI 68 CAMARO SS, 396/350, 4-spd, matching #s, seafrost green, black vinyl top, 3rd owner since 76. frame-off complete spring 98, Super Chevy class winner Indy 98. $35,000 negotiable. 217-267-3689 eves/wkds. IL 68 CAMARO, Yenko, grotto blue, one of 65 built in '68, fully documented, perfect condition. Larry, 714-612-4363. CA 70 CAMARO Z/28, #s matching, LT 1,350 360 hp, 4-spd, 4.10 positraction, rare black w/black deluxe interior, console, rust-free, California built Z/28, older repaint. $17,900. 616-863-9088. MI 70 CHEVELLE LS6, convertible, 454-450 hp, motor code CRV, M22 4-spd, 4.10 rear end, dual snorkel air cleaner, bench seat, build sheet cranberry red with white stripe, top and pearl white interior, only 178 miles since professional frame-off restoration. $155,000. 514-577-9903. CANADA QC 73 CAMARO RS 7128, with a/c, automatic, numbers-matching car, complete frame-off restoration, med red w/black stripes. $18,500 obo. 732-462-8151. NJ DODGE 67 HEMI Rh', convertible, 4-spd, buckets, 3.54 Dana, power steering, disc brakes, dark green, white top and interior, 1 of 3 produced, ground-up restoration of 25K mi car, all original body numbers intact, original unmolested YIN tag and fender tag. $150,000. 520-298-7989. AZ March, 2003  68 CORONET 500, con . I of 279, 383, auto, ps, pdb, p top, p windows, buckets and console, tach, tips, Sunfire yellow with black top and interior, complete ground-up resto to original. thrashingcows@aol.com $21,000 US obo. Brian, 604-514-1223. CANADA BC 69 CHARGER, (authentic Dukes of Hazzard General Lee) 1 of 17 cars which Warner Brothers sold in 1991, 383-4, 727 auto, runs and drives great, car comes with a statement of authenticity from Wamer Brothers. $48,000 obo. 248-608-0053. MI FORD 64 MUSTANG, coupe, 260 V8 automatic, generator car, one owner (A title), 26,765 actual miles, white, red interior, solid 90% original Mustang, drive anywhere. $10,900. Franco, 586-446-6000. MI 67 GALAXIE 500, hdtp, total frame-off restoration, $21,000 spent, factory a/c, auto, wire wheels, radials, color soft yellow, black interior, absolutely one of the best for immediate sale, trophy winner. $10,900. 716-9929928. 716-698-8869. NY 68 MUSTANG, modified, totally restored, excellent condition, 66,000 miles, springtime yellow, black vinyl top, black Cobra leather, 351 Windsor, 375 horsepower, Flowmaster float, polished header, 10-disc CD changer, transmission C4 shift kit, must sell. $13,900. 801-209-4153. UT 68 SHELBY MUSTANG, GT500, gorgeous black, black interior, white stripe, rebuilt correct 428 auto, ps, pdb, 10-spoke wheels, original A-code black car, in outstanding condition throughout, rust-free, original sheetmetal, window sticker, build sheet, extremely rare. $55,000. 727-535-7559. FL 70 TORINO GT, 35IC 4v, close ratio, 4spd, buckets, console, shaker hood, rear slats, hideaways, positraction, factory inch, AM/FM, rear defogger, intermittent wipers, Magnum 500 wheels, laser stripes, med gold ext, ginger int, no rust, no bondo, 75K miles. $12,000 obo. Chris, 559-271-7836. CA 70 MUSTANG BOSS 302, Wimbledon White, black, shaker, slats, spoilers, ps, pb, Toploader. Magnums, standard interior, rev limiter, posi, numbers matching, restored 1992, 2,000 miles since, build sheets, completely original except tires and battery. splashthedog@aol.com 208-726-7177. ID MERCURY 51 COUPE, blue/black, grey custom interior, stock motor, Ford four-speed on the floor, air shocks, nosed, decked, '41 Lincoln door buttons, dummy spots, nonfunctional Lakes, '57 Olds wheel covers, skirts, wide whites. srybaj@yahoo.com $17,500. Joy Ryba, 631-267-8876. NY 70 COUGAR XR-7, Cobra Jet 428 convertible, Q-code, power top, factory air, tilt wheel, power windows, automatic, Eliminator spoiler, 1 of 49 made, orange (comp gold), black, nice solid original, very cheap. $22,500. 727-847-1615. FL PARTS CORVETTES, 1953-1996-Over 150! Free Catalog! Web site with photos and complete descriptions: www.proteamcorvette.com Corvettes Wanted! ProTeam Corvette Sales, 888-592-5086. Fax 519592-4242. CANADA ON• Vintage Race Car Classifieds ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Only $15. 31 ALFA ROMEO, 6C/8C 2600 s/n 101014852. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, vvww.symbolicrootors.com. 858-4541800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 34 ALFA ROMEO, Tipo B (P3) sin 50003 (SF43). For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com. 848-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 37 ALFA ROMEO, 8C 2900B s/n 412021. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 46 MASERATI, 4CL-1500 s/n 1581. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 50 JAGUAR, XK 120 vintage race car #622, SVRA, HSR, VSCCA, VDCA log books, I've raced this car for 13 years, too many upgrades to list, this is a very fast car and is ready to race. diane.deutermann@att.net $37,000. Guy, 860-434-0382. 51 GLASSPAR, sports racing car, recently raced SVRA, V8 power, stick shift, roll hoop, looks like Cobra, some old history known, very rare, one of the first fiberglass cars built, reduced price. Car is in Florida. $25,000. 954-463-3524. FL 54 FERRARI, 500 Mondial s/n 0434/MD. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.com . 858-434-1800. Fax 858-434-1890. CA 55 JAGUAR, D-type sin XKD-515. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 57 DEVIN, Ryan-Special sports racer, 283 Chevy engine, 4-speed, disc brakes, one of the fastest real Devins in country, HMSA legal, top finisher Monterey Histories, VARA club champ, fresh. $59,500. 805-4663893. CA 57 PORSCHE, Carrera GT Speedster s/n 83735. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 58 LOTUS, 11 Series 2, LeMans alloy body, fresh FWA, Sprite rib cage close ratio, blue, wire wheels, fuel cell, roll bar, plus much more. Jerry Rosenstock, 818-781-6289. 818781-4241. CA 59 ALFA ROMEO, Giulietta Sprint Veloce s/n 07502. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 61 FERRARI, 250GT SWB s/n 2701/GT. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 61 DEVIN, SS s/n DSS1. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 62 ALFA ROMEO, Giulietta Spider, Class Winner VARA, sorted, competitive, a very special car, call for details. $12,500. 619913-1516. CA 63 LOTUS, 19 s/n 19-163. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors. com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 65 APOLLO, cony, one of eleven, one owner, 800 miles since new, AACA National 1st, Ferrari looks, Cobra performance, photos and history. renovprop@msn.com $65,000. 503-227-3892. OR 70 LOLA, T210 s/n HU/10. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors. com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 75 LOLA, T294 s/n T294-65. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 81 LOLA, T600 s/n T600-HU3. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 84 PORSCHE, 911SCRS, rally car, s/n 100505. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolicmotors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 86 PORSCHE, 962C s/n 962C-118. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www. symbolicmotors.com . 858-454-1800. Fax 858-454-1890. CA 95 PORSCHE, 993 PCA club race car, street legal, 36K miles, RSR coilovers, LSO fire systems, custom cage, 3 sets of wheels, never wrecked, too much to list, gorgeous red, needs nothing to race now. scheherazade@earthlink.net Steve, 713795-4882. TX 97 FERRARI, F310B s/n 03988. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA 2001 ELISE, Motorsport coupe, Ihd, factory race car, red, #LS1-0047, very rare Lotus, I of 12 in USA, only 50 handbuilt by race department, 200 hp, limited slip, full cage, stack dash, magnesium wheels, slicks, AP calipers, many extras. $66,500. 435-6491992. UT 2001 G-FORCE, F3000 s/n 02. For additional information, full history, current and period photographs, contact Symbolic Motor Car Company, www.symbolic motors.com. 858-454-1800. Fax 858-4541890. CA• 65

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Affordable Classics / Gary Anderson 1966-76 Jensen Interceptor f one bought cars by the pound, Jensen Interceptors would be the best value in the marketplace. Produced in Great Britain during the death throes of the Jensen company and following the time-honored traditions of British companies installing big American engines into Italian-designed bodies, these cars are large, heavy and dirt-cheap. With space fora golf foursome, complete with bags, and sporting a Chrysler V8, the car was huge by contemporary English standards. Aluminum and fiberglass minimized the weight, though it still tipped the scales at 3,500 pounds. I Room for four and golf clubs, too. Trying desperately to find a sweet spot in the US market, Jensen went through three models in the ten years the car held on. All were luxuriously trimmed, with leather throughout and deeply sculptured rear seats, the interior set off by swathes of wood veneer glued to the fascia panel. The Mk II got a completely redesigned suspension, steering and brakes that could handle the power and weight of the car. With the Mk III the engine was upgraded from 383 to 440 cubic inches—bumping horsepower up from 330 bhp to an awesome 385 bhp—and could reach 60 mph in less than seven seconds. While technically interesting, the four-wheeldrive FF model, with the first antilock braking system on any production car, sold for more USAPPRAISAL MONTHLY MYSTERY PHOTO Response Deadline March 25, 2003 than a comparable Aston Martin and was still being produced at a loss, so it was terminated after only 318 were produced. The prettiest cars of the line are the convertibles, which fetch prices twice those of the saloons. These were put into production in 1974 at Kjell Qvale's insistence after he bankrolled the company out of receivership and lasted until he shut down the company in 1976 in frustration over labor management issues. Interceptors show up surprisingly often at auctions, generally in fairly shabby condition. Doug Meyer of K&D Enterprises (www.jensen interceptoncom) says these probably don't represent the real market in Jensens, but rather may be cars that simply haven't been able to find a buyer in any other venue. Nevertheless, innocent buyers can be tempted into the money pit when bidding for a large, luxo-barge with a huge engine stalls at a price that wouldn't buy a decent MGB. We'd suggest extreme caution when buying an Interceptor. The best examples tend to trade within the closed circle of Jensen aficionados and at prices considerably higher than any of the price guides would suggest. The performance and feel of a well-prepared and well-maintained version, especially a droptop, is exceptional. But most examples that do appear on the open market, like cheap Ferraris, will be nothing but black holes for the owner's money.• Number produced  Years produced  Tune-up  Original list price  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Distributor cap  Web site  1966-76 7,220 SCM Price Guide .... fixed-head coupe: $7,500-$9,000; drophead: $17,500-$20,000 approx. $250 $10 fixed-head coupe: $15,500, drophead: $24,800 Stamped on number boss on left front corner of engine block Jensen Owners Club (England), Alan Smith, Flights Rest, Bath Road, Devizes, Wiltshire SNI 0 1PQ; smiths.flightsrest@virgin.net SCM Investment Grade  ID plate on right wheel arch in front of battery www.joc.org.uk C for FF and convertible. D for coupe www. maseratinet.corn maMASERATI ekt, , SINCE 1976 8 Factory recognized. recognized. Join the world's largest Maserati support group, with more than 3,500 members from 39 countries. Tech staff available to help owners and enthusiasts; parts discounts; the famous 80+ page glossy Club magazine Viale Ciro Menotti; Club decal; roster; access to a multitude of Maserati road tests, technical bulletins, manuals, etc. To join, fax your name, address, and credit card number; you'll receive a packet of Maserati information by Air Mail. $70 USA members, $80 Canada, $100 all other countries. Join now! MASERATI PARTS TOLL FREE 1-800-MASERATI (627-3728) New & Used for All Models. Our photo, your caption. Be the author of the most accurate, most creative or most provocative response and receive a sure-to-be-collectiblesomeday 1/18 scale collector car model courtesy of USAppraisal. Ties will be arbitrarily and capriciously decided. Fax your response to 503/253-2234. e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com; snailmail: Mystery, P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. 66 Providing owners with knowledgeable, courteous, prompt professional express service since 1976. Next-day service our speciality. Competitive Prices. $10 million inventory. Service shop discounts. VISA / MC / AE Technical Assistance Line: USA + 425-455-4707 Fax: USA + (425) 646-5458 PO. Box 1015, Mercer Island, WA 98040 USA E-mail: mie@maseratinet.com Francis G. Mandarano President Serving the Maserati community since 1976 Sports Car Market

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Reviews Ratings: th:1- Abarth: the Man, the Machines Phone:  Publisher:  Web site:  ISBN:  Author:  Price:  Size:  Rating:  Luciano Greggio Giorgio Nada 011 39 02 27301126 www.giorgionadaeditore.it 88-7911-263-5 93/4 x 11 inches, hardbound, 520 pages $90 Abarth enthusiasts **-1.witc Everyone else*** This book is a remarkable achievement and a compelling work. Abarth: the Man, the Machines combines the elements of biography, marque history and reference book in an almost seamless fashion, within the format of a coffee table book. It is organized into ten chapters, covering the life and business of Carlo, née Karl, Abarth, along with an extensive table of Abarth race victories from 1949 to 1971. The speed records set by Carlo's creations are also listed in a complete index. Within each chapter, full specs of key models are included in sidebar windows. What makes this book extraordinary is the in-depth research, not only about the cars, which you would expect, but also into the personality of Abarth himself. A key part of this has to be the access the author had to Lorenzo Avidano, Abarth's long-time sports director (who supplies the introduction to the book), and the assistance of Carlo's widow, Annelise. Adding wider historical and political context to this research gives the reader a greater understanding of Abarth's achievements. The book begins in the long-lost world of the AustroHungarian empire into which Abarth was born. It follows him through his careers as a motorcycle racer and cycle designer, and his role in the strange and wonderful story of Cisitafia and how it gave him his start in racing cars. His brilliance in finding and nurturing the best talent and his skill in negotiating contracts is brought to life in the chapters that chronicle the rise (and ultimate fall) of the Abarth marque. Numerous publicity and event photos from the period give an added dimension to the text, and can also assist in research and restoration work. My only cavil might be with the translation. Sometimes what is needed in turning Italian text into English is interpretation rather than direct translation. As in several other books published by Nada, the translator has a tendency to give us a literal exchange that renders the English sentence slightly unreadable. It doesn't happen often in 520 pages, so it's no reason not to buy the book. And if you have any interest at all in the exquisite pieces of machinery created over 40 years by this genius, this book is a must-have.—Donald Osborne March, 2003  1111n3-is Best. Two copies of books, videos, CDs, etc. must be furnished for review. Please send both copies to SCM, P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 Route 66 Author:  Rating:  Publisher:  Size:  Price:  Nick Freeth MB! Publishing Company 11 x 12 inches, hardbound, 192 pages $29.95 Corvette owners who still use Brylcreem ITC*** Those with blow-dried hair *** The song "Route 66," composed by Bobby Troup in 1946, was originally sung by Nat "King" Cole and became an even bigger hit when later performed by the Andrews Sisters. Over 100 other renditions followed and "The Mother Road" as described in John Steinbeck's Pulitzer Prize book, The Grapes of Wrath, became the National Highway, at least in reputation. Luciano Greggio lit  IL tile ill a C11111CS Route 66 became a household word for today's Baby Boomers when Buz and Tod toured the highway in their Corvette during 1960-64 in the CBS TV program "Route 66." The show had an impressive impact and led to more Corvette sales than any promotion since. ,%0 Nick Freeth, an Englishman fascinated by American culture, takes us on a tour of Route 66 as it winds from Chicago to L.A. He combines a well-chosen group of current photographs with vintage memorabilia, starting on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive and ending at Santa Monica Boulevard and Ocean Avenue in Los Angeles. Freeth divides his book into eight chapters that cover the 2,297-mile highway as it travels through each state. Sub-chapters touch on the various cottage industries that developed as the needs of the motorist evolved. The basics such as food, shelter for the evening and fuel are covered, as well as early advertising signs, along with the drive-in movies that provided evening entertainment. There is even a section on the numerous early bridges that crossed ravines, rivers and streams along the way. Unique attractions are noted such as the Cadillac Ranch, west of Amarillo, Texas, where ten Cadillacs are buried at an angle in a field. ck Freeth ‘,110.t. Paul f.tvloi T A number of the photographs show portions of the "The Mother Road" and its support facilities such as abandoned gas stations and motor inns in their current decayed and neglected condition. Others are of restored landmarks such as the Blue Swallow Motel in New Mexico that first opened in 1942. It has been completely restored and has reopened for motorists who wish to take a trip back in time. The photographs are wonderful and, while the text is somewhat limited, the story of"Route 66" is best told with pictures. Spending a few hours with this book is highly recommended for any car enthusiast who enjoys touring and the open road, and has a hankering for a glorious and vanished part of American motoring.—Carl Bomstead 67

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NOt Obill Estimate: None given Sale Price: $3,450, including buyer's premium T he automobilia auctions in the Arizona desert are beginning to take on the same intensity as the collector car events. During a three-day period, RM, Russo and Steele and Barrett-Jackson all started off their events with offerings ofmemorabilia. In all, more than 500 lots were presented. RM had a Christie's-style catalog sale of 37 items preceding its cars. The majority of the items were quality mascots with reserves exceeding $1,000, typified by a British Tommy WWI mascot bayoneting a German Imperial eagle that brought $1,380 against a low estimate of $1,000. In general, prices were strong and RM is developing a reputation for offering a limited, giveaways. With 2,400 registered bidders all looking for something to take home, automobilia took on a role as a "consolation buy" for those who failed to land a $65,880 1966 big-block Corvette convertible. by Carl Boantead Cheaper Than a Big Block Object: United Motors Porcelain Neon Sign— Lot #5199 Auction: Barrett-Jackson; Scottsdale, Arizona; January 17-19, 2003 upper-end selection of desirable automobilia. There were also bargains, like the Alfa Romeo P2 bronze sculpture that sold at no reserve for $1,840, against a low estimate of $4,500. Russo and Steele offered two days of automobilia, orchestrated by Ed Fallon from Cave Creek Classics. Of the 300 or so pieces offered, most were on the low end of the price and quality scale. Bidding was rather sparse and prices for the items that sold seemed consistent with the quality of the offerings. A porcelain and neon 1930s United Motors Service sign sold for a market-correct $3,100. The Goliath of the weekend was BarrettJackson, which put on a sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday preceding the cars. About 75 items were offered each day. This year the auction was under the direction of veteran vintage advertising dealer Roy Brinkman and his experience was evident. The reproductions that detracted from previous events were not present, and the overall quality of the items was definitely better than in previous years. As would be expected considering the venue, there were few There were no "killer" items, but the exceptional quality of the offerings resulted in overall strong money. Nicely preserved oilcans brought amounts that in most cases were more than twice the going rate. For example, a Powerized Emergency Quart can, dated from the '20s and made in Montana, brought $690, rather than the $250 range they've been selling in. A State Farm Insurance license plate attachment realized $316; these normally go for about $50. But if you've just missed out on a $64,800 '56 1-Bird, dropping a few hundred bucks for a "feel good" piece doesn't seem like very much. Just as fuel injection is added to cars that were originally carbureted, some automobilia restorers are adding neon to signs that originally didn't have any. Even though not absolutely correct, it increases their value. A 15-foot-tall single-sided Oldsmobile sign, with original neon, brought a strong $7,900, and a unique 10-foot by 5-foot 1930s Oldsmobile dealer sign, with the neon newly added, reached $6,325. =MA IRLING MOSS 4-CD set of Riverside Records re-issued with a copy of • Riverside Records' story. Each boxed set $80. Postage paid in USA. Big Jump Productions Box 828 Bridgehampton, NJ 11932 parzival@pipeline.com ,I41 *Me/ 01 111•71.110 • MIMI 68 recent offerings. There was a reason—the car was outlined in the same orange neon as the oval, when if correct, the outline would have been in blue neon. It would have brought another $1,000 or so if the neon had been the right color. However, the problem can be corrected for a couple of hundred bucks, and the owner can be one of the very few who can say he got a real steal at Barrett-Jackson.• Sports Car Market I did spot one small bargain. United Service Motors signs always attract attention and the distinctive vintage car logo has universal appeal. United Service merged with General Motors in the late '30s and was later known as Delco. Their oval neon signs were offered in several sizes and the one sold here was the 38-inch version. Complete with freshly added neon, it realized $3,450, which was a little less than other

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You Write, We Read continued from page 10 I recently returned from Cuba and started catching up on my reading. Lo and behold, your article. I'll caveat my comments by admitting I contacted Rick Shnitzler, who is attempting to organize the shipping of restoration parts to Cuba, prior to and after my journey. Prior to, I asked for his opinion about my carrying over some of the auto parts I have religiously squirreled away for over 30 years. You know: knobs, switches, zerks, bulbs, fuses, the odd side-view mirror, a fuel bowl from some flathead, etc. I was sure I'd use each and every one of them someday, but the idea of bringing them to someone who would not only put them to work but who might come to a new understanding of the American people made it easier to part with them. Please forgive Mr. Shnitzler's hyperbole about restoring cars to internationally accepted standards. He is pretty much spot-on about the rest of it, concerning trying to make these cars right. I hadn't peered under the hood of a '49 Buick in a long time, but I know they didn't come with Mitsubishi six-cylinder engines, or the Russian truck transmission it was mated to. And I saw many cars sporting truck rear ends. I'm not sure why the bodies have survived so long in what should be a rather salty environment; maybe it's that thick steel, or maybe that coating of pollution. Honestly though, most of these cars would barely be kept out of a junkyard here. Shnitzler is absolutely correct about shipping containers of parts there. Let's face it. Here they are just going to rust away or be scrapped into some SUV. There they will help preserve a rolling museum, a museum that is not too many years away from being accessible to the American public. I have two suggestions. First, ship them whole cars (for most Cubans, it is illegal to own a car made after the revolution). All those puppies that stall out at $1,200 on eBay are likely candidates. Secondly (and this is where you come in), you should give some Spanish speaker a lifetime subscription to start working on the Cuban government to allow holding a vintage race there ASAP. It will be in keeping with our government's requirement that sanctioned trips be cultural exchanges. I think you would March, 2003  be surprised at the interest from both sides. Remember these guys kidnapped Fangio to make their point back in the '60s. The race has a history; just putting together the course might prove difficult. I, of course, would be happy to go with you to scout out likely streets.—Frank Battaglia, via e - mail Dear SCM: From what I have read lately on www.autotrader.com , the pre-targa-roofed NSXs (199194) are holding their own due to the prices they are demanding. In reality, are the sellers getting their prices? There are 1991-92 cars with low mileage (under 15k) that are priced at $45,000-$48,000 and the Targa models are that or less. I owned a 1995 model for 17 months and loved the car! I just wonder what the impact of the "new generation" NSX will have on the "first generation" cars? What will happen to the 2002 models? It seems to be a larger amount of people who do not like the newly styled car than those who do. Does anyone know anything about the upcoming NSX and when it will be introduced?—Jerry Hill, via e - mail Best bet is to log on to wvvw. nsxca.org, the Acura club Web site. They'll keep you up to date on the new NSX I would be suspicous about the asking prices on Autotradercom. Best way to check them is to call on a few cars that are advertised, and see if they are sold The new NSX will really have no effect on the earlier model. While these cars have prodigious performance, they have never attracted collectors at large. Hence, they continue to depreciate.—ED. Dear SCM: As a subscriber to your emissions, I've admired the amusing, bemused approach that is your signature, and the wide scope of your team's reporting. Most of the few slips and inaccuracies that I've seen could be accepted as normal part and parcel of any endeavor. I always enjoy the reading experience, in general. But, as a dealer in both classic Jaguars and their dissected bits, I've been paying close attention to your Guide's (not the Hitchhiker's) evaluations of Jags, and am finally forced to overcome my inertia and protest. I understand that your prices come from broad sourcing, and include the stratospheric results of two super egos, with their trophy wives, at an open-bar auction. But, I think many of the Jag numbers are skewed much too high, and could serve to mislead a buyer with no experience and limited advice. And I'm not using a "steal" or a "home run" as a reference. For example, there is no way anyone could get $50,000 for a 120 DHC in #2 condition under any circumstances. Even as a #1, that model is next to impossible to sell at that figure. It's an almost sale-proof car. As a second case, a very decent 140 FHC can barely find a buyer top dollar a car can bring. At the same time, it is the only transaction that occurs in a public arena, with numbers we can generally verift. Please stay in touch with us concerning values, as it is in all of our best interests to be as accurate as possible.—ED. Dear SCM: I very much enjoyed Jim Schrager's article on the '76 930 (September 2002, page 59). I bought one a few months ago, and your observations concur with mine. Worth $30,000 only when perfect? at $14,000 or $15,000, and might pull $30,000 only if it's next to perfect. And so on; a partial tally gives me 19 prices in the Jag section with which I disagree firmly. I'd like to see if it's possible for your staff to review your Jag prices more realistically. What sources do you use? How do you weight them? Within what time period do you consider them valid? Maybe you could find a specialist for each marque, instead of a generalist covering a whole country's output? After all, it's pretty hard for just one person to be truly expert about the huge range of UK cars. I hope you take my observations in a constructive spirit; that's how they're written. I think your Price Guide can be and is invaluable for the hobby/business, especially for helping the uninitiated (young and other) that we desperately need to attract to our field if we want to see any future to it. I'm just trying to add a small voice to the mix.—Geoffrey Reis, via email Geoffi-ey, we do appreciate your comments. To assemble the values in our Price Guide, we contact a number of individuals who are active in the trade. In return for our guarantee of confidentiality, they give us the real numbers ofthe transactions they have been involved with. Any Price Guide is an approximation, just as any evaluation of a car's condition is a combination of the eye of the SCM market specialist and the knowledge he has of a specific model. We do recognize that the auction block often represents the absolute I had driven an '85 Carrera almost daily for four years. After buying a new BMW M5 as the family sedan, I decided more horsepower in a 911 might be desirable. So I reluctantly sold the Carrera, which was incredibly reliable and inexpensive to operate, and bought a '76 Turbo with 35k miles and all records. Like yours, it is silver with black leather and the odd plaid cloth inserts. Right away I realized the gear ratios were very awkward, and that the brakes were not as good as the 911. The 911 had useable torque between 2,200 rpm and 3,700 rpm in both second and third; the 930 never seems comfortable below 3,500 rpm in any gear. At first it wasn't all that fun to drive, and I really regretted selling the 911, but over the last few months I've become accustomed to the 930 and am just beginning to enjoy driving it. It does get to 100 miles per hour quickly, and all that rubber hides the little understeer I had to work around in the 911. This car won't be a daily driver, and it is licensed and insured as an antique vehicle. By the way, Tire Rack is discontinuing the Yoko AVS 345/3515 rear tires, if that is what you have on your car. They are on sale for $107 each, which is a good deal.—Steve Fox, Fox Vintage Racing, via e-mail Jim Schrager replies: Actually, the same thing happens to me. When I force myself to drive the Turbo for a few days, I get used to it and I say to myself "Hey, this is okay after all." Then I get into one of the other 20 Porsches in my warehouse and I am blown away by how much better my 1970 911S is, or my 1964 356 SC, army 1973 Carrera RS, and on and on. The Turbo is at heart a 911, so it remains a great car. It just seems for regular old US driving, the earlier cars are simply more responsive and enjoyable to drive.• 69

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Twenty Year Picture American Fist, Italian Glove $70,000 $65,000 $60,000 $55,000 $50,000 $45,000 $40,000 $35,000 $30,000 $25,000 $20,000 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1985 1987 1989 1991 1111 1967-72 DeTomaso Mangusta coupe III 1971-72 DeTomaso Pantera coupe  Mystery Photo Answers panies could no longer market cigarettes to children, that they began exposing America's youth to something even more abhorrent, and far more addictive: the fossil-fuel burning, internal-combustion vehicle.—Jay Mackro, San Juan Capistrano, CA The Hobbits of the Shire gather round Frodo's new horseless carriage, a gift given to him by Gandalf the Grey to help him in his journey to the Two Towers.—Bruce Tarsia, Elkridge, MD The Egg Has Hatched When the new school bus replacement arrived to pick the kids up that morning, the previous day's lesson in "politics and budget" became painfully clear.—Rene Bourget, Bellevue, WA And it will grow, too, if it eats spinach.— Robert J. Bayuk, Annandale, NJ Who brought the big lunch box?—Rich Coparanis, Beaverton, OR I am s000 mad. I told Daddy I wanted a Navigator.—Joseph A. Sweeney, Rancho Mirage, CA Look, Timmy, the new German exchange student is here! —Tony Carpenter, Citrus Heights, CA Politically Correct Fairy Tale #345: And so it came to pass after the evil, multinational corn- 70 Everybody was surprised when little Tommy pulled the handle on his backpack and it inflated into a full-size Isetta.—Klaus Chavanne, LaGrangeville, NY Gee, Larry, this really blows the doors off my Flash Gordon lunch bucket. Where'd ya get it?—David Miller, Manila, Philippines Hey, everybody, it's Pete, Roger, John and Keith of The Who in their Magic Bus.—David Yoch, Santa Rosa, CA With budget cutbacks, this was the best transportation the school board could provide.. but the kids seem to like it.—Mike Shaw, Stone Mountain, GA He says he wants to come to school with us.—Ron Burns, New York, NY Don't worry, Mom, an Isetta's safe to ride in. There's no airbag!—David Soares, Santa Cruz, CA E.T.'s Earth Rover arrives at Miss Reed's thirdgrade show and tell.—Jay Putt, Setauket, NY I'm picking him to be on my team.—Elian Burns, New York, NY You kids will have to put your backpacks in the boot. Otherwise we won't have room for everyone.—Ed Pasini, Henderson, NV Few realized that the urge to see how many college students could be packed into a VW Bug actually had much deeper roots.—Lawrence Hamilton Pugh, New Orleans, LA Editor Martin had no idea how long he had been conducting the SCMInsider's Seminars until this photo was discovered in the archives. Over the years his seminars have increased in participation, the subject cars have gotten slightly more expensive, and the subscribers involved are of a somewhat older age group.—Stan Colona, Plano, 7X Young Finster had to agree with his father that a vintage BMW is indeed a "chick magnet."—Steven C. Sperber, Woodland Hills, CA Timmy proudly shows his school friends his Christmas present, the new 2003 "Cozy Coupe."—John Schillerstrom, Naperville, IL And this month's winner of a sure-to-be-collectible-someday 1:18 scale model courtesy of Dave Kinney 's USAppraisal is Stan Colona, for his insightful historical perspective on the gradual evolution ofthe SCM readership. However we would argue that our mental age, when it comes to buying cars, hasn't changed much at at all.—ED.• Sports Car Market 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 AilL___AIL — M 1967-74 lso Grifo coupe 1998 2000 2002 Prices are for cars in excellent condition. This information is provided courtesy of Cars of Particular Interest Value Guide. CPI is the guide most often used by credit unions to determine loan values of collectible domestic and imported cars. Ph: 888/760-2667, www.blackbookusa.com•

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Comments With Your Renewals I receive ten automotive magazines each month. This is the best. Plus, John Apen and Scott Featherman are good friends, and also good motorcar people.—John Surotchak, Ardmore, PA Your publication just gets better and better, issue by issue. Keep up the good work. This is information overload.—GuyAbbate, Westwood, MA Great magazine! Glad to hear Keith is returning to the V12.—Tony Fuisz, Bethesda, MD Thanks for the excellent article on Pat Braden. He was an automotive journalist of the highest order and a dear friend. He is sorely missed.— Gary Patitz, Auburn, WA Overall, very informative and interesting. My particular interest is mid-'60s to present s. I( A IF rip AUCTIONS . A ol,,- • ( 3alendar of Events 'ortland, OR  ortland Exposition Center 3oise, ID  lestern Idaho Fairgrounds :eno in the Spring, NV  ohn end, OR  ieschutes  3illings, MT  road racing competition cars. Could use more coverage on this subject.—John Hollebrands, Des Moines, IA Would like to see a few more articles on Corvettes. Otherwise, keep up the great work!—Lincoln Singer, Phoenix, AZ Reconsider the graphics on the opening page of the Market Reports. It looks too much like an ad for a weight-loss product.—John Fiero, Orinda, CA We agree, and are working on it.—ED. All sports cars all the time. Learn to love the Ferrari Boxer! It's fast and rare, and the carbed cars (mine is a '79) sound beautiful.— Wayne Knight, Encinitas, CA You guys really do a great job. This is one of the few magazines I read from one side to SILVER COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS 2020 N MONROE, SPOKANE, WA 99205 1-800-255-4485 - www.SilverAuctions.com the other. A bit more on vintage race cars would be nice.—Bill McCann, Fair Oaks, CA Great magazine! I love your honest comments regarding the condition of cars.—Jerry Hjeltness, Escondido, CA Drop the hot rods. If the car isn't a sports car, it doesn't fit the magazine's title of Sports Car Market. Otherwise, great magazine!— Michael Blount, Chesapeake, VA Top notch. Great profiles. How about a Profile of the 1990-93 300SL or 320SL with fivespeed stick. Cool car for cheap!—Coli Chuck, Manakin Sabot, VA And thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments and renewals.—Keith Martin and Cindy Banter• April 12th April 26th May 3rd _ 4th May 24th 'Thirgrounds, RedmPh June 7th Sun Valley 2002 Austin Healey Mark III sold for $21,500 '1111111/■->11111 - no. ) "),-)c,f [' n il, in July 12th March, 2003 C4 1956 Chevrolet Nomad sold for $21,500 1936 Dodge Woody Wagon sold $36250 71

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Resource Directory AUCTION COMPANIES Advertise in the SCM Resource Directory. Call 503/261-7127 x202 for information, e-mail artdir@sportscarmarket.com . Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/ Blackhawk Collection/"The Auction." 925/736-3444, fax 925/736-4375. 3600 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville, CA 94506-3600. 6694, fax 480/421-6697. 3020 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. email: info@barrett-jackson.com. Bonhams. 415/391-4000, fax 415/ 391-4040. 500 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94102; Montpelier St., Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1HH. 44-207-228-8000, fax 44-207-585-0830. Barrett-Jackson Auction. 480/421- 7444, fax 44-207-584-2733. 2-4 Queen's Gate Mews, London, England SW7 5QJ. Dana Mecum Auction Company. Christie's. 310/385-2699, fax 310/ 385-0246. 360 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. www.christies.com . Coys of Kensington. 44-207-584- 815/568-8888, fax 815/568-6615. P.O. Box 422, Marengo, IL 60152. eBay Motors, a part of eBay Inc. The World's Online Marketplace. Consistently ranked the best automotive site on the Web by Nielsen/NetRatings. Everyday drivers, collector cars, auto parts and accessories, motorcycles and automobilia. List your car for sale for only $40 and pay $40 more when it sells. Every vehicle transaction is covered by $20,000 in free insurance. Visit the "Services" section on www.ebaymotors.com for more details. Russo and Steele. 602/252-2697, www.russoandsteele.com. (AZ) Kruse International. 800/968- 4444, fax 260/925-5467. P.O. Box 190, Auburn, IN 46706. 631/537-1868, fax 631/537-2641. P.O. Box 2277, Sag Harbor, NY 11963. KenMotor@aol.com . Kensington Motor Group, Inc. Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions/Keith McCormick. 760/320-3290, fax 760/323-7031. 602 East Sunny Dunes Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92264. classiccarauction.com . 467-6531, fax 206/467-6532. Complete appraisal services for any and all vehicles of particular note. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. We will help you in your time of need: we negotiate for you. Settlements, insurance, disputes, estates, pre-purchase, donations, etc. E-mail: appraisals@ cosmopolitanmotors.com . (WA) USAppraisal. 703/759-9100. 25 years experience with collector automobiles, available nationwide. Call or visit our Web site. David H. Kinney, ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers). E-mail: dhkinney@usappraisal.com; Web: www.usappraisal.com . (VA) 332-8183. Serving SF Bay Area and northern California. Prompt, personal, professional and affordable service for insurance, legal, IRS and pre-purchase inspection. Free phone consultations. joetro@pacbell.net ; www.bestyellow.coin/ classic/index.htm. Joseph L. Troise Appraisals. 415/ 2886. Serving 33 states, valuation, insurance, divorce, trusts, estates, charitable gifts, diminished value, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness.www.auto appraisal.com , e-mail: aag@autoappraisal. corn. "Not just one man's opinion." Classic Car Research. 248/557- Auto Appraisal Group. 800/848- 568-1934, fax 805/568-1533. Santa Barbara, CA. European classic and sports car specialists. Buy, sell, locate, consign, consult. Over 34 years of experience. Put our experience to work for you. www.charlescrai I .com. BUY/SELL/GENERAL Charles S. Crail Automobiles. 805/ or call toll-free. Available in all states except AK and HI. Poulain Le Fur. 33-01 58 05 06 07, fax 33-01 45 72 07 77. Commissaire Priseur, Palais des Congres de Paris, 2, place de la Porte Maillot, no 48, 75853 Paris Cedex 17. e-mail: automobile@ poulainlefur.com. www.poulainlefur.com . RM Auctions, Inc. 310/246-9880, fax 310/246-9744. 9300 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. #550, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. www.rmauctions.com . 2880. fax 248/557-3511. 15 years in business, IAAA, for loans, estates, divorce, insurance and pre-purchase. Detroit area, will travel. www.jmkclassiccars.com or kawifreek@msn.com . (MI) Dean V. Kruse. 260/927-1111, fax 260/920-2222. Certified appraiser with 35 years in the business, appraisals completed for most of nationwide banks and insurance companies. Kruse International auctions more than 10,000 collector cars per year. One car or collections, donators, estates, disputes, pre-purchase inspections, attorneys, buyers, sellers. All inquiries kept confidential. E-mail: dkruse@myvine.com. Silver Auctions. 800/255-4485, 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@spokane.net;www.silverauctions.com . Smith & Santiago. 800/944-2816, fax 405/843-6251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116. E-mail Rocky: rockydb5@sbcglobal.net . APPRAISALS 658-2714. Automotive consultant/appraiser. Hartford, Connecticut area base. State of Connecticut licensed. 40 plus years automotive experience, appraisals and wherewithal to address most any situation. We can travel. (CT) 72  Dave BrowneWs Vintage Auto Appraisals. Phone 802/362-4719; fax 802/ 362-3007. 25-plus years experience nationwide and internationally. Single cars or entire collections. Brass cars to contemporary supercars. Complete services from pre-purchase to insurance, donation, estate, expert witness. E-mail: dbrownell @sprynet.com. (VT) Charles W. Clarke. Phone/fax: 860/ Steve Cram's Automobile Appraisal Service. 415/567-1087, fax 415/ 567-1245. In business for 29 years, licensed, totally independent one-man operation. Work accepted by Lloyds of London, Midlands and all US banks and insurance carriers. No charge for phone consultations. (CA) David Schultz, 330/833-3316. Appraisals, pre-purchase evaluation, auto locating, buying and selling, estate planning. 35 years experience with classic and vintage cars. Discreet, professional, confidential. No conflicts of interest. E-mail: dwsjos@ameritech.net, 1221 Providence N. E., Massillon, OH 44646-4105. AUTOMOBILIA Spyder Enterprises: 516/367-1616, fax 516/367-3260. Authentic vintage posters, postcards, memorabilia (1960s and earlier); mainly focused on Porsche, Ferrari and racing. 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Inc. 610/645- 467-6531, fax 206/467-6532. 2030 8th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Experts in collector cars worldwide. Whether buying, selling, evaluating, consigning or appraising, we cut the edge on the current market. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. Top prices paid; from one car to entire collections, condition and location are no obstacles. "We covet the rare and unusual, whether pedigreed or proletarian." E-mail: sales@cosmopolitanmotors.com. Fantasy Junction. 510/653-7555, fax 510/653-9754, www.fantasy junction.com, e-mail sales@fantasy junction.com . Specializing in European collectible autos and racing cars from the 1920s to the 1970s, with over 50 cars in stock. Bruce Trenery has over 25 years experience in this business, based in the East Bay area. Clients and contacts worldwide with satisfaction as the hallmark. 1145 Park Ave., Emeryville, CA 94608. Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars. Mark Hyman, 314/524-6000, fax 314/524-0340. 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Leather dyeing and color matching. 431 NW 9th, Portland, OR 97209. VINTAGE EVENTS The Colorado Grand. 1,000 mile tour of westem Colorado. Pre-1961 sports cars. Frank Barrett. 970/926-7810, fax 970/926-1815. 2000, fax 415/543-5112. Now in its 33rd year of intemational transport. Complete service, including import/export, customs clearances, DOT and EPA, air/ocean, loading and unloading of containers. Contact Martin Button, (CA) e-mail: info@cosdel. corn; Web site: www.cosdel.com . Passport Transport. 800/325- CLASSIC CAR TRANSPORT Cosdel International. 415/777- RESTORATION/GENERAL Guy's Interior Restorations. 503/ 4267, fax 314/878-7295. Classic and specialty cars delivered anywhere in the USA. Special event services, including Pebble Beach, Monterey Histories, Barrett-Jackson, and Auburn. Standardof-the-industry service since 1970. (MO) TNT, INC. 518/236-4166, fax 518/ 236-4549. Personalized auto transport service—door to door, coast to coast, open carrier or enclosed carrier. 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tracking. Complete service for vintage races, auctions, relocation moves. intercitylines.com. (MA) PC BEAR Auto Transport specializing in all types: hobby, collector vehicles, toys, neat old stuff, regular cars, parts, and winching. Life long car nut. Equipment serviced and maintained by me. Clean driving record since 1959 in all states. ICCMC, US DOT insured. I sleep in my truck while transporting. Inspection and check delivery service. Door to door delivery. PC Bear, 135 Broad St., Akron, PA 17501. 717/859-1585 Talk to me anytime. Thank you. Concours Transport Systems. 253/ 973-3987, fax 253/851-4707. Enclosed auto transport nationwide. Lift gate loading, experienced personnel. Classic & exotic cars. Special events - fully insured. Fred Koller, owner. fredkoller@ concourstransport.com , www.concours transport.com. (WA) ENGLISH British Car magazine. 800/520- 8292. The American magazine for British car enthusiasts. 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SCA 9685 McLeod Rd., RR#2, Chilliwack, BC, CANADA V2P 6H4. Join the primary organization of Jaguar enthusiasts in US/Canada. 52 local clubs provide social and other activities. JCNA sponsors championships in concours, rally, slalom. Members receive hi-monthly Jaguar Journal magazine. www.jcna.com. Morgan Northshore Sportscars Authorized Agent for Morgan Motor Company. Sales, Service, Restoration for all vintage British Marques. Always buying clean original March, 2003 and restored examples. Austin-Healey, Jaguar, MG, Triumph. Visit our Web site northshoresportscars.com Lake Bluff, IL 847/247-0447. Rolls-Royce/Bentley Automotive Restorations, Inc./Vin- tage Racing Services, Inc. (ARI/VRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. VintageRacingServices.com, Automotive Restorations.com . Peter Hageman, Vintage Automobiles. 2061954-1961, fax 425/287-0660. P.O. Box 554, Kirkland, WA 98033. Prewar European autos, Bentley and RollsRoyce, specializing in vintage Bentleys. ALFA ROMEO Parts Alfa Ricambi. 626/281-7933, fax 626/281-7931. Comprehensive supply of parts that puts authorized dealers to shame! To maintain and restore your Alfa, vintage or current. 431 S. Raymond Ave., Unit 101, Alhambra, CA 91803. Jon Norman's Alfa Parts. 510/ 525-9435, fax 510/524-3636. Large selection of parts from 1900 series to Milano. Efficient, personal service. 1221 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. Centerline. 303/447-0239, fax 303/ 447-0257. Restoration and replacement parts, Giulietta through 164. Free catalog. www.centerlinealfa.com . International Auto Parts 800-788- 4435, 434/973-0555, fax 434/973-2368. Est. 1971. Over 90,000 Alfa/ Fiat/ Lancia parts, 1956 to present, in stock, ready to ship. Fast, knowledgeable service + same day shipping! FREE 76 page catalog. 4351 Seminole Trail, P.O. Box 9036, Charlottesville, VA 22906-9036 Black Bart's Emporium. 800/473- 0078,219/471-7278, fax 219/471-6359.2639 Goshen Road, Ft. Wayne, IN 46808. America's largest supply of badges and emblems for Alfas and other exotics, plus other interesting special parts. Completeyour restoration. Performance Motoring Associates 831/338-9703, fax 831/338-2031. Former Alfa Romeo dealer and SCCA racing champion, Al Leake has over 30 years ofexperience to compliment his new restoration shop. Specializing in Giulietta/Guilia. Extensive inventory of cars, racing components and parts. Lightweight body panels, Sebring racing suspensions and complete restorations now available. E-mail Alleake@aol.com , 12895 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006. alfaromeorestorations.com (CA) The DiFatta Brothers, LTD. 800/ 638-7656. Info, 410/426-7524, fax 410/ 426-8194. 5928 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206. Largest importer of Alfa, Fiat and Lancia parts on the East Coast. Decades of experience—we know these cars, and we know the right parts. VISA/MC. Orders, www.difatta.com . Re-Originals. 281/807-1945, fax 281/807-1946. THE US source for original upholstery materials, original rubber mats and gaskets, and original, new European taillights, headlights, grilles and door panels for most Italian cars ( '47-78). Additional distributors wanted. (TX) Repairs / Restoration Britalia, Ltd. 510/548-0240, 2210 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702. We are SPICA and Bosch fuel-injection specialists with 25 years ofexperience servicing Alfa Romeo. We are also intimate with many Maseratis. Nasko's Imports. 503/771-1472, 5409 SE Francis, Portland, OR 97206. Oregon's oldest and most respected Alfa repair and performance tuning facility. Milano spoken here! Ask about our used Alfas for sale. Fast work, fair prices. Italian Performance/GTV City. Don, 650/508-8178. 565-A Bragato Rd., San Carlos, CA 94070. Performance modifications, service, repair and restoration for Italian automobiles. Allow us to do a restoration for you. Dan Sommers's Veloce Motors. 503/274-0064. 1425 NW Flanders, Portland, OR 97209. More than two decades of helping Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghin i owners keep their cars on the road while not emptying their bank accounts. Other foreign cars serviced as well. FERRARI / MASERATI / LAMBO ETC. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. Sales, 800/547-4455, 503/255-7560. Service and Parts, 800/944-6483, 503/257-9655. America's oldest and most dedicated Ferrari dealer. New and used exotic cars. Also, huge parts department with fast, fast service. 203 NE 122nd Ave., Portland, OR 97203. Garry Roberts & Company. 949/ 650-2690, fax 949/650-2730. 922 Sunset Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Specializing in sales of Ferrari and other exotics. Consignments, brokerage services, references available. Extensive computer database. Whether buying or selling, call. ItalParts. Fax +31 172 240536. Specializing in Italian car parts and prewar car parts. 25 years of experience in finding all kinds of parts. Lots of spare parts in stock. Look on my Internet site: www.italparts .com. If you don't find the part there, send us an e-mail: info@italparts.com. Buy Italian engines/parts/cars of pre-war period and '50s and early '60s. I constantly collect and sell all Ferraris, Maseratis and Lamborghinis. 310/274-7440, fax 310/274-9809, simon randy@aol.com. If I don't have what you seek, I can usually find it for you (at low prices). Please, call anytime for straight advice on the market. Finder's fee gladly paid. Randy Simon. (CA) Gentry Lane Lamborghini. 416/ 535-9900, fax 416/535-8152. Also Canada's largest Ferrari parts inventory. Under new ownership. Call today with your needs. Jason Popovich. (ON) Brian D. Moore Restorations. 916/ 635-3559, fax 916/635-5824. 2347 Gold River Rd., Gold River, CA 95670. Specializing in restoration and reconstruction of exotic and vintage racing motorcars. Appraising service also available. Symbolic Motor Car Company. 858/454-1800, fax 858/454-1890. 7440 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92307. Largest dealer of exotic Ferraris, Jaguars, Alfas and other cars in the world. Always a superb array of important cars on display. Interesting trades always considered. www. symbolicmotors.com . Gran Turismo Motors. 818/546- 2971, fax 818/546-2812.741 W. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91204. Ferrari service, sales and concours-winning restorations. Enthusiast-owned and operated with an experienced and friendly technical team ready to deliver the complete Ferrari ownership experience. Michael Sheehan. 949/646-6086, fax 949/646-6978. Always looking for cars to buy, from rare one-offs to serial production ordinaries. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus—call me first or call me last, I'll make you the best cash offer. Buyers—let me use my thousand-plus car database to help you find a car, or verify the history of one you are looking at. (CA) Thomas Shaughnessey Consulting. 949/366-6211, fax 949/366-6827. Professional buyer of Ferraris, primarily '50s, '60s and '70s. Also have extensive Lambo and Maser experience. Additionally deal in Ferrari engines. Plus—have more than 350 Ferrari wheels in stock. Call today for straight talk and honest advice. San Clemente, CA. Automotive Restorations, Inc./ Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARI/ VRS). 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 73 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com , www.AutomotiveRestorations.com . GERMAN Mercedes-Benz Alex Dearborn in Topsfield, MA. 978/887-6644, fax 978/887-3889. Buying, selling and trading vintage Mercedes. Specializing in 300SL. Large database of older MBs. Free listing of your car. Gull Wing Group International, Gary Estep, 530/345-6701. 776 Cessna, Chico, CA 95928. Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of 1954 to 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupes and Roadsters. You do not have to be an owner to belong. Member benefits include: twelve monthly magazines per year plus a national convention that rotates its location around the country. Also, reproduction parts and much more. Mercedes-Benz Club of America. 800/637-2360. MBCA, 1907 Lelaray St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909. World's largest Mercedes-Benz club, 33,000 members, all models, 1886-onward; excellent 120-page color magazine, The Star, with how-to tech articles, history, new models, racing, hundreds of cars for sale, ads free to members, much more. New car raffle, tech assistance, national events, more; dues $45/yr. www.mbca.org. Tony LaBella Classic Cars. 856/ 424-1500. 280SL5 exclusively. 20 plus 280SLs in stock for sale in any price range from above average drivers to show quality. Not a broker, we own all our inventory and are aggressively looking to buy top-quality 280SL5. Technical and restoration advice always just a phone call away. Locations in New Jersey and Arizona. tonylabella.com . Automotive Restorations, Inc./Vintage Racing Services, Inc. (ARINRS), 203/377-6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www. VintageRacingServices.com , www.Auto motiv eRestorat i ons.com . Porsche Porsche Market Letter. 888/9289111, fax 505/838-1222. Send check or Visa/MC to PML/SC, P.O. Box 567, Socorro, NM 87801. Find the Porsche you've been looking for. Over 1,000 Porsches for sale in every issue. I year, 12 issues only $55. (Can/Mex $65, overseas $100). phil@pmletter.com ; www.pmletter.com . 356 Registry. 356 Registry, 27244 Ryan Road, Warren, MI 48092. A club for those interested in 356 Porsches. The Registry Magazine is published six times a year. 356 ownership not necessary. Dues $30 annually. Membership information: Barbara Skirmants. www.356registry.org . AMERICAN Shelby Shelby American Automobile Club. 860/364-0449, fax 860/364-0769. P.O. Box 788, Sharon, CT 06069. Over 5,000 members, 50 Regions throughout the world. Dedicated to the care and preservation of the cars that Carroll Shelby produced. Two national conventions a year, semi-annual magazine, bi-monthly newsletter as well as a registry.*

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SCM SuDer Showcase 1984 Ferrari Mondial Cab .olet. S/N ZFFUC 15A9E0049741. The SCM errari. 53,000 miles, exhaustively and expe siv y dealer maintained. 3 owners, books, records to s. Original paint, never hit, new XWXs, needs noth. 950/offer/trade up for nice GTC/4. Keith Martin, kmartih 261-0333. (OR) 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 By'. The SCM tour car. Older, honest restoration. N rus Fresh overdrive. Everything works. Drove to Neale nvention and back. Front end certified to be good. Many new parts. $.2151:),[,f rmarket.com , 503- sell, looking for 0/4! Kmartin@sportscarmarketcom, (503) 261-0333. (OR) (Mar) , Must 1989 Mondial t Cabriolet. Black/cream. 30,000-mile engine-out service completed in 2001. Not perfect, but very nice car. Tools, manual, recent receipts. $58,000 Looking to upgrade to 355. Car located in Southern California. VIN 82388, Cell (512) 750-1676, e-mail griffinj1@cox.net . (TX) 1964 Webster Spicial Sport Racer. Chassis #002. 1964 Semi-lightweight E-type roadster. Chassis # Polished alloy. $125,000. DobsOir -Motorsport, LLC (206) 880115, ex-Hugh Sutherland, BRG. $260,000. Dobson 232-1771 dominic@dobsonmotorsport.com . (WA)  Motorsport, LLC (206) 232-1771 dominic@dobson motorsport.com . (WA) SCM Showcase 1963 Turner Mk3. Race-ready car. Frame-up restoration with everything replaced or rebuilt. 1500 engine with .040 race pistons, one of the best in existence. Marc, (203) 377-6746. (CT) 1970 DeTomaso Mangu a. Impeccable original example, 16,000 ual miles, black/ red leather. No modi 'cat' '.ns, dead stock. No surprises here. $3 0. (402) 731-1181 days or (402) 556-1498 eves. (NE) One of you MG freaks needs this car! Alloy artwork on '60 MGA mechanicals by Romanian sculptor. Another of his creations is in a museum. $38,750 obo. Phone/fax (918) 743-0891. (OK) 1983 Jaguar XJS V12, red/biscuit, AT, A/C PS, PW, 78,766 miles. A fresh repaint will make it perfect. Five chrome wire wheels, European headlamps. Many major components replaced or rebuilt. Pirelli P4000. Ed (610) 941-9594, eb@somacomputer.com . (PA) 1972 Titan Mk6C Formula Ford. Documented restoration. One race on rebuild Halon, dry sump molds, spares, SVRA log No time to race. $23,000. (410) 557-7882 (MD) - v10111°.- 1951 Meteor convertible, frame-off restoration, sportsman green & black, 3-spd, overdrive, California car, $32,000, (808) 826-1411. (HI) 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS. White wired. Engine rebuilt by RUF Germany. Body restoration outstanding. $79,500. Bruce Harmon (802) 253-9601, or brucedharmon@ aol.com. (VT) 1952 Ferrari 212/225 by Touring (S/N 0253/ EU), built for Henry Ford, in excellent original condition. Also 1957 Ferrari 500 TRC, and more. www.cpcars.com , or call + 377-9350 9610. (Monaco) 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi, #49261. Low miles, recent $7,000 30,000-mile engine-out major service. This boxer is all original and looks and drives as new. $98,500 for the best. George (516) 381-0205. (NY) 711 1966 Lotus Elan S2 Vintage Race Car #265611. Reinforced chassis, heavy sway bar, racing pistons, roll bar, close-ratio tranny. Limited slip, CV joints, mags, Elgin cams, trailer included. $17,500 firm. Call Dick (650) 3447549. (CA) 1985 Porsche 911, Turbo look, black/tan full leather,155K, new paint, boxed rockers, rear wheel vents. MB Quart-Eclipse system, factory chrome wheels, window sticker, books and tools. 3.2, Turbo suspension, factory widebody. $25,000, (702) 897-5372. (NV) 4Li•-••-• I 1989 Lamborghini Anniversary, red/tan, red piping, Euro bumper, rear wing, 5,000 miles $89,000. (440) 4604161. (OH) 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. Neverrusted California car, stored 27 years prior to recent restoration. Balanced engine excellent body. Includes hard top, tool kit and many spares. $15,000. (617) 747-9509, Dpisland@earthlink.net . (MA)

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SCM Showcase - "1.0. 1952 Chevy 1/4-ton pickup. No rust.  Garaged. $7,500. Keith, (870) 777-9539,  kwoodlaw@arkansas.net . (AK)  1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4, California car, ready to drive and enjoy. $43,000. (559) 4326868. (CA) Porsche 550 Spyder (Beck), silver/red leather interior. 150-hp VW engine, tubular framed, fast, nimble, new condition. 5,000 miles, always garaged. $34,500, (617) 8769741. (MA) 1989 Corvette Challenge Car #1. Driven by 1988 series champion Stu Hayner, retains the on-board computer system installed by GM. Also selling Corvettes: 1954, two 1957s, 1963, and 1968 L88. esjmm@hotmail.com . 1961 Jaguar E-type SI Roadster Chassis number 875203, red/black, recent restoration, excellent documentation. Grand Prix Classics, La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 4593500 phone, (858) 459-3512 fax, www. grandprixclassics.com . (CA) 1993 Ferrari 348ES Serie Speciale, #62 100, 32,000 miles, 30,000 service completed, new P Zeros, amplifier, 10-CD player, security system. Very nice, $62,5000. (423) 886-5775 or richard-becherer@utc.edu . (TN) Late 1983 308 GTSi Quattrovalvole, 33k miles. Fresh 30k inspection. Rosso Rubino. Pristine appearance. Superb performance. Full history: paperwork, manual, tools. Unmolested. $39,900. (949) 499-5557. (CA) 1988 Cadillac Allante, 3 ' 000 miles. Excellent mechanically and c metically. Cold NC, power everything, tops, all manuals. Current registration/emissions. $8,900. E-mail joseph@raisingcapital.com or call (801) 373-3990. (UT) ac9. p 1, • 1971 Porsche 9111 Targa, 5-speed, small bumper, LWB. 169k original miles. Third owner, records from new. No accidents, no surprises. Original color respray, rebuilt engine, transmission, new brakes, clutch, Pirellis. $11,500. (707) 557-4717. (CA) SCM Gold Volume 3, Number 1 1) The sale results, including buyer's premium, from the Bonhams Ferrari only auction in Gstaad, Switzerland, December 20th, and Artcurial Briest Poulain Le Fur's Auction in Paris, France, December 16th, are posted in the "Latest Auction Results" page within the "Gold Members Only" area of our Web site, http:// www.sportscarmarket.com/auctions/auction_results/index.php . You must be logged in as a Gold subscriber to use the link. a) Bonhams sold 21 out of 33 cars for a 64% sale rate totaling $3,277,127. The highest sales were a 1947/48 Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa for $771,060, a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 for $455,643 and a 1964 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso Competizione for Sample SCM GOLD Email Update Upgrade Your Subscription Today! SCM GOLD Benefits include: Collector Car Database - unlimited, password-protected access to the Internetbased SCMarchives, searchable by marque, year, serial number, SCM ID number and price. Over 30,000 cars listed, many with photos, and thousands more scheduled to be added each month. Available ONLY through SCM GOLD! Hot News - frequent e-mail updates on significant happenings and breaking news in the collector car world, with auction results, last-minute consignments and first notice of desirable cars being brought to market. SCM Forums and Events - priority-listing and preferential treatment for SCM events, including Insider's Auction Tours, Buyer's Assistance Program, Collector Car Seminars and SCM tours. You can get all of this incredible value for only $50 a year for subscribers, $80 for nonsubscribers! Sign up today online at www.sportscarmarket.com , or e-mail scmgold@sportscarmarket.com . Ready to Cash In or Trade Up? Sell your collectible car, or shop for your next one, in SCM's Showcase Gallery! Look Up 30,000 Auction Results Online With SCA' GOLD! Sample SCM GOLD Database Page S.R9 Car Mar1.1 Map.. r. ars; ' a • • 50 3614 366.1.1•••• " • • - • NNW Auelon Psoub M.11311 .83 33.15.3 .331. .31.51313,51. <53533 . • 0 .00130 5.1.5  033. P  DO *met 355.56 0.313 :513113335-5. 3.163.6•11 MA 5.1 .511 511.1.0. 15.• 1.3.3.• SY... 5•31 •31551/551. .56 3.3.35+5 (221.60111 1,1*22.2  Merle 122201116•11 2 16.1.....on *IA I* rem Noll,. verna a.m.. %we on set VI BY..  7002 .1535, 363.5 1220,1■1112•122  M.03.e. 350.• L.656. 6 .31 I. to Mon Cs*, s1 .17. 11133 301.113 .U• le osamos. sown .1315/3.361 55340.3313 3.1 Nem 5•3013  .1501. 5335. 431.5•5 IMO 35.3. 55.1.515. 3 .6•5•3•0 5•3•3•31 241... 1W2020.1.1.11110121223 1P3 220/ cr OSA 12.123 U.. ISMO

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Glovebox Notes A brief look at ears of interest that have passed through the SCM stable. ***** is best Ma 111111 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish _ om Price as tested: $250,000 Likes: Impeccable road manners; easy to drive, even in everyday traffic; superb fit and finish; comfortable seating and ergonomic controls; wickedly fast with a soul-inspiring exhaust note. Gripes: Huge cost; thick A-pillars obscure view; low-hanging bodywork will scrape most driveways; feels like an X1(8 when not pushed. Fun to drive:***** Fun to look at: Overall ownership experience:c,.* Verdict: Fast, beautiful and comfortable, with none of the cantankerous attitude of some supercars. For those who are used to spending $250k fora car, buying a Vanquish is a no-brainer. But as with all contemporary supercars, it won't be a terrific long-term investment. For the moment, a Vanquish represents a blend of high performance, haute couture automotive fashion, and a statement of the owner's financial suecess.—Travis Geny 2003 BMW Z4 2.5i Neat Stuff / Bengt Halvorson British Classic Jigsaw Puzzles Each of these four 750-piece classic jigsaw puzzles depicts a different British classic: the MG-TF, the MGA, the Austin-Healey Sprite and the Austin-Healey 3000. Makes a good rainy-day activity, with a product you can actually frame and hang on the workshop wall afterward. Each finished puzzle measures 18 by 24 inches. Price: $19.95 each. Moss Motors, 800/667-7872, www. mossmotors.com. E-type Five-Speed Conversion Kit Specially designed by Classic Jaguar and Bryan Engineering, this Classic Jaguar five-speed kit will enable installation of a slick-shifting five-speed gearbox in a classic Price as tested: $39,690 Likes: Curvaceous body sets the proportions right; silky straight-six engine; plenty of power, even with the base 2.5-liter and Steptronic fivespeed automatic; still the best steering in the business; rides like a more substantial vehicle; very little wind noise or turbulence; adequate cubbyholes and storage places; surprisingly roomy trunk. Gripes: Uncomfortable seats and poor driving position; new gauge cluster harder to read at a glance; slabby dash design with plasticky wood trim looks more at home in a near-luxury sedan; top seemed thin in a rainstorm; sound system inadequate with the top down. Fun to drive: Fun to look at: 1.^(*7..•(** Overall ownership experience: Verdict: No longer the basic sports car that the Z3 started out as, the Z4 is more mature, and some of the appointments inside make it feel more luxury touring coupe and less sports car. The gauges and controls seem less driver-friendly than those in past BMWs, and the styling remains controversial. But its refinements set it apart from contemporary two-seat competition.—Bengt Halvorson 76 Jaguar E-type without any welding, cutting or other body alterations. Once installed, 70 mph in fifth gear brings just over 2,000 rpm, allowing significantly more relaxed cruising versus the original four-speed. The gearbox, termed the CJ5, is based on Borg-Warner's T5 unit—and the kit is based on the previously available JT5 kit— but with extensively redesigned components. It fits so well that you can retain the original driveshaft. The kit includes everything needed for installation, including its own specially engineered mechanical speedometer drive assembly. Currently only for first generation E-types. Price: $4,200. Classic Jaguar, 877/727-8524, www.classicjaguar.com . Classic Alloy Wheels Vintage Wheel Works' line of original-design wheels are designed specifically to look good on '50s, '60s and '70s American muscle such as Corvette and Mustang, and of- fer the best of both worlds: classic styling with modem, lightweight aluminum-alloy construction. Unlike many other classic-look designs, these oversized wheels have the proper spacing to take full advantage of modem, low-profile performance tires. All wheels meet SFI racing requirements. Some vehicles require bolt-on adapters. Price: $199.75-$282.50, depending on size and style. Vintage Wheel Works, 562/ 906-8600, www.vintagewheelworks.com . 1:18 Scale Murcielago If you don't have the 300 large necessary for Lamborghini's new 572-hp supercar, consider keeping your dreams alive with this highly detailed 1:18-scale model instead. It takes up a lot less space, the wheels move, and the enginecompartment cover and scissor-type doors all open in the same way as the real thing. Available in three colors: titanium, yellow and red. Price: $29. Motorcars International, 800/679-8877, www.motorcars-intl.com . Snowbound Severe Weather Kit Be prepared for unexpected winter driving conditions by always keeping this kit in the car. It contains 41 different items useful in winter road travel—including a folding shovel, ice scraper, lock/windshield de-icer, first-aid kit, survival blanket, hand warmer, waterproof matches, gloves and emergency candles—plus a guide to severe winterweather survival. Everything fits in the included padded case. Price: $40. Brookstone, 800/8463000, www.brookstone.com . HotShot The HotShot is designed to clear your windshield in snowy and icy weather conditions more effectively than either standard defrosters or expensive heated windshields. It works by heating the fluid that comes out of your regular windshield washer nozzles. In winter, the HotShot helps clear away snow and ice almost instantly in a burst of steam, and it helps keep nozzles clear and wipers from sticking. The device also helps year round to cut insect and road grime, tree sap and bird droppings. The small unit is mounted underhood along the washer line, and installation takes less than 30 minutes for most vehicles. Price: $349. Microheat, 248/ 489-2400, www.buyhotshotcom. Sports Car Market

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- ‘0smopolitan •  --  -- •  - • • - .•":4,  66 1936 A.C. Coupe, I 41X, Original  • We Covet the Rare and Unusual, $45,000 1967 Alfa Romeo GT Jr., Straight, Complete, Runs  1969 Alfa Romeo GTV, Restored to Club Concours Specs  1993 BMW 850Ci, Black/Black, 33K  1993 BMW 850Ci, Garnet Red/Cream 55k  1948 Chrysler NewYorker, Extremely Original  1936 Delahaye 135 labourdette, 3-Position Drophead  1946 Delahaye 135 MS, Gentleman's Racer  1920 Dodge Roadster, Nice Older Restoration  1960 Dodge Pickup, OF Yeller  1999 Dodge Viper RT/I0, Hand-painted by Lassen  1964 Facel Vega Facel III, Driver/Project  1966 Ferrari 330 GTS, Long-term Owner  1984 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole, 40K  1970 Fiat 500 Moretti, Restored with sunroof  1964 Ford Mustang Coupe, Original/Driver  1964 Ford Thunderbird Convertible  1950 Jaguar Mark V Drophead, 3.4-Litre  1959 Jaguar Mark I, Recent Partial Restoration  1961 Jaguar Markll, Custom Cabriolet, Project  1990 La Form 4 x4 SUV, Italian Style/American V-8  1958 Lands Aurelia Convertible, 2.8/3C V-6SSZ Motor  1965 Lancia Flarninia Super Sport Zagato, SeriesV  1972 Lancia Fulvia Zagato, 1600cc  1931 Mercedes-Benz 370 Mannheim Cabriolet  1959 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Roadster, 2 Tops/ Nice Driver  $17,500 $40,000 $28,995 $7,995 $3,750 $115,000 $275,000 $12,950 $4,500 $175,000 $7,500 $25,000 $37,000 $9,500 $22,500 $995 $185,000 $25,995 $6,995 $5,995 $38,500 $75,000 $17,503 $140,000 $21,950 1968 Mercedes-Benz 250 S, Long Ignored/ Rust Free  1971 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5, Coupe Lovely  1972 Mercedes-Benz 280 SEL 4.5, Expertly Maintained  1971 MGB Roadster, Wires & Overdrive  Whether Pedigreed or Proletarian" WATERCRAFT $3,500 1950 Monet Goyon 125cc Motorcycle, Only in US/Original  1957 Morris Minor 1000Coupe, No Motor  1955 Moto Morini, 125cc, 2-Stroke Motorcyde, Fabulous  1961 M.V. Augusta, 150cc, Pickup Parts Delivery Truck  1971 Oldsmobile Toronado, Running Parts Car  1965 Pontiac Tempest Convertible, 326  1966 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Blue/Great Driver  1960 Rover American Conversion, Sweetie Pie  1979Trans Am, Tired Project  1963 Triumph TR4 Roadster, Black/Wire Wheels  1910 Hupmobile Brass Roadster, Ex-Harrah  1967 Fiat Dino Coupe  1957 DeSoto Sedan, Hemi  1970 Cadillac DeVille Convertible  1964 Mercedes Benz 600 SWB, Black/Zebrawood  1972 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Driver  1963 Bentley S3, IAD  1976 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible, Presentable Project  1980 Maserati Quattroporte, Driver  1971 Buick GS400 Convertible  1962 Ford Falcon Convertible  $25,995 $7,995 $3,995 $5,995 $1,800 $4,995 $5,995 $1,995 $9,500 $16,995 $4,995 $1,500 $4,995 $39,995 $8,995 $7,995 $6,995 $23,995 $14,995 $21,995 $21,995 $8,995 $15,995 $8,995 1947 Western Fairliner Torpedo  Fully restored to Lake Tahoe specs 1947 Harco 40' Mahogany Pleasure Yacht  Twin 440s. Cruises at 35 kts. Art Deco head turner. Very expensive when new. 1955 Chriscraft 29' Beautiful ex-Tahoe MahoganySpeedboat.  Twin Hercules 6 cyL Small galley and head. Recent re-fitting. Fascinating history. 1958 Richardson 41'  Formerly of the Miller Brewing family, hence its name "High Life." Very nice boat. PUR SANG DE ARGENTINA The world's best Bugatti replicas, hand made in Argentina, Type 35B with supercharger. Virtuallyall parts are interchangeable with original. Blindinglyfast as experienced by Phil Hill. Type 52 children's electric cars, Testarossa electric cars. Bugatti vices and spare parts. Expertly crafted and fuished by our brothers down south in the land of silverand metal crafting masters. Cosmopolitan Motors LLC is proud to be the Exclusive Importer for Pur Sang in North America. RECYCLED OLD GROWTH TIMBER Hundreds of thousands of board feet of old growth Douglas Fir. Tongue and groove, clear vertical grain with no nail holes. Eighty years old from five hundred year old trees, also California Redwood, 2x4, 2x6, 4x6, 6x8, 3x12, perfect original condition, previously used in food production never exposed to toxins or chemicals. Impossible to find on today's market. Inquire. $48,500 $55,000 $75,000 $120,000 Always Buying - Experts in Shipping. We appraise collector cars world-wide for insurance or settlements. (206) 467-6531 Fax (206) 467-6532 2030 8th Avenue - Seattle, Washington 98121 cosmopolitanmotors.com

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eWatch ow many cars did "The King" own? At least a few hundred; Elvis bought more than 100 Cadillacs alone. His first car, a 1942 Lincoln coupe, was a gift from his parents, and those that followed ranged from garishly customized to sedate. On the flamboyant side, he owned a putrid purple and white 1950 Cadillac convertible and engaged George Barris to build a custom gold and white 1960 Cadillac 75 Series limousine that exhibited similar horrible taste. H The more reserved cars included a black RollsRoyce Silver Cloud and a 1956 Continental Mark II, special-ordered with a one-off leather headliner. He also owned a BMW 507, two Stutz Blackhawks and the infamous DeTomas° Pantera that he is alleged to have fired a pistol at when it wouldn't start, leaving a bullet hole in the floorboards. In 1975 he bought nine Mark IVs in one fell swoop. Even though most of these cars were immediately given away to friends, family and adoring fans, the "Once owned by Elvis" tag is still applied and the sales amounts can be stratospheric. The '56 Mark II, for example, was sold by Guernsey's auction house in October 1999 for $287,800, which would be a premium of about a quarter of a million dollars for The King's ownership. SCAT er Cal Turner told us about Elvis' 1969 Mercedes-Benz 600, which he bought for $72,450 at the 1999 Barrett-Jackson auction. After fighting the car's gremlins for a year he sold it for $60,500 at the 2002 Amelia Island auction, glad to be done with the ghost of Elvis. The car recently showed up on eBay Motors and, after 18 bids, ended up selling for $216,700 in a Private Auction, on January 2 of this year. by Carl Bomstead pendently verify), our man Cal left a lot of money on the table, and we extend our sympathies. Celebrity cars seem to do well on eBay, as they are presented to a much larger audience than any land auction can muster. And with a celebrity car, the provenance of ownership, relatively easy to prove, is far more important than the condition of the car, so a careful buyer really can't go too far wrong. $216,700 is an absurd number to pay for a Mercedes 600. But as we have seen time and time again, the Elvis name still causes oncebobby-soxed bidders who have now grown wealthy to spend huge amounts to sit where Elvis sat. And now on to this month's selections. EBAY #749669101 — SIGNAL HANDY "UWE KA. Roo7 The seller provided all the books and records to document the authenticity of the car, including the bill of sale, Elvis' registration card, title and even the finance contract. He stated that $36,000 was recently spent on mechanical work (not by him, but by Turner in his battle with the Teutonic amp and ohm spectres) and that the car was now in wonderful driving condition. If this sale is legit (the bidder's identity is not revealed in a Private Auction, making the whole thing a little suspect and difficult to inde- OILER. First bid: $50.00. Number of bids: 6. SOLD AT: $127.50. Date: 12/28/2002. This fakey-doo oilcan is stated to be "not an original, but not a reproduction, as reproductions are made in large quantity and are of poor quality." Some modem-day charlatans have perfected reproducing graphics on vinyl and then applying them to old cans. From five feet away these things look fine, but at the end of the day you are still stuck with nothing but a nice collection of hard-to-explain fake stuff. EBAY #1983707235-1950 PEBBLE BEACH SPORTS CAR RACE PROGRAM. First bid: $19.95. Number of bids: 15. SOLD AT: $560. Date: 1/1/2003. This program is from the first year the SCCA raced through the pines of the famed 17-Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula. It also includes, almost as an afterthought, the entries in the first Concours d'Elegance that was held on the 18th fairway. At one time these were a couple of hundred bucks but the last few we have noted have sold in the $500 to $600 range. Wish my '32 Auburn would triple in value. EBAY MOTORS #1874005787-1967 SUNBEAM ALPINE CONVERTIBLE. First bid: $4,999. Number of bids: 6. SOLD AT: $6,601. Date: 12/12/2002. Alpines are underpowered compared to the V8 Tiger, but the seller of this one attempted to solve the problem by installing a Mercury Capri V6 and four-speed transmission. If the car is void of rust—as stated in the description—and restored as well as its SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Sports Car Market magazine (ISSN #1527859X) is published monthly by Keith Martin Publications, PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292. Periodicals postage paid at Portland, OR and additional entries. Subscription rates are $58 for 12 monthly issues in the US, $78 Canada/Mexico, Europe $88, Asia/Africa/Middle East $98. Subscriptions are payable in advance in US currency. Make checks to: Sports Car Market. Visa/MC accepted. For instant subscription, call 24-hours 800/289-2819, 503/252-5812; fax 503/252-5854. 78  description asserts, and the buyer was lusting after a combination of a "who cares" sports car and an unloved engine, then you could call this a fair deal. The buyer may have the best-running V6 Alpine on the planet; too bad it's not a Renault. EBAY #751437232—INDEPENDENT OIL AND GAS COMPANY 32-INCH PORCELAIN SIGN. First bid: $100. Number of bids: 31. SOLD AT: $4,652.37. Date: 1/05/2003. In the early '20s many independent gas and oil producers banded together and marketed their products under the Red Hat brand. Legal action forced them to drop the distinctive logo and it was replaced with that of the Thunderbird. The use of the Thunderbird logo dates this sign to the late '20s, and since it retains good luster and is in excellent condition, the price is in line with comparable porcelain signs. EBAY MOTORS #1875967345-1958 ALFA ROMEO BUMPER CAR. First bid: $500. Number of bids: 17. NOT SOLD AT: $1,359.06. Date: 1/06/2003. This is one of seven bumper cars that were in a European amusement park and have since migrated to California. They were manufactured by GEBR. JHLE of Bruchsal, Germany, and these models were called the Super TT60. The styling of the bumper cars resembles the Giulietta Spider (don't all bumper cars?) and was complete with Alfa grille, bumpers and other cast aluminum brightwork. The "Buy It Now" price of $1,999 seemed reasonable considering decent American bumper cars sell for about $2,500, and this would certainly be a unique addition to any Alfa collection.• POSTMASTER Send address changes to: Sports Car Market PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292 CPC IPM Sales Agreement No. 1296205 Sports Car Market

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WIND IN YOUR HAIR. AND SPRING IN THE AIR. IT'S RAGTOP TIME IN AUBURN. AUBURN SPRING Wit Alma/ 1982 Lamborghini Countach Coupe Sold for $62,000 1000 Collector Vehicles Expected! M TORFAIR Top Sales from May 2 - 4, 2003 I Auburn, IN CONSIGN YOUR CAR TODAY TO ENSURE PRIME PLACEMENT Auburn Spring 2002 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible Sold for $53,000 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Sold for $37,000 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Sold for $35,500 UPCOMING AUCTION EVENTS r:William B. Cashion Over 200 Vehicles and Collectible Items. Don't Miss This Auction! COLLECTION AUCTION NO RESERVE MARCH 1, 2003 Featuring 500 Vehicles at Florida's Most Successful Auction! Over 40 Of The World's Most Desirable Vehicles Will Be Offered MARCH 1 - 2, 2003 INDY 300 AUCTION - MARCH 1 TOYOTA Held at the Wand/Homestead Speedway MARCH 1 • 2003 Over 250 Collector Cars Expected Something for Everyone! IAN ANTINIIIAAITII ClAISIC CAI IICTIIN : Kruse International, 300 Collector Cars Expected Something for Everyone! MARCH 15 - 16, 2003 CALL TODAY TO CONSIGN OR REGISTER TO BID TO ANY OF THESE GREAT AUCTIONS! www.kruse.com I 800.968.4444 PO BOX 190 AUBURN, IN 46706 • THE CLASSIC CAR CAPITAL OF THE WORLD  INTERNATIONAL Auctioneers: Dean Kruse Lic.4AU01000027, Daniel Kruse Lic.#AU01051638, Mitchell Kruse Lic.4AU01048718, Brent Earlywine CAI LIcittAU01049489 Vintage Gavel and Doug Foeller All Partnering to Bring You the Best Auction on the West Coast of Florida FORT MYERS AUCTION 6th Annual Collector Car MARCH 22 - 23, 2003

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GIRARD-PERREGACI' A up Swiss + FINETEMING TELIER JEWELLERS WATCHES & FINE EUROPEAN JEWELLRY 1900 SHERIIIt‘ RO tH  Rican. IND PtIIIN, IL 60035  TELEPHONE: 847.266.7900 TOLL FREE: 800.277.2699 Visit GIRARD-PERREGAUX at www.girard-perregaux-usa.com 275 LE MA1