American Car Collector March-April 2020

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GAA Classic Cars, Greensboro, NC, November 7–9, 2019,Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ, January 15–19, 2020,Worldwide Auctioneers, Tempe, AZ, January 15, 2020,Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, January 15–19, 2020,Mecum Auctions, Kissimmee, FL, January 2–12, 2020,Leake Auctions, Scottsdale, AZ, January 16–19, 2020,Gooding & Company, Scottdale, AZ, January 17–18, 2020,RM Sotheby’s, Phoenix, AZ, January 16–17, 2020,Bonhams, Scottsdale, AZ, January 16, 2020,MAG Auctions, Peoria, AZ, January 10–12, 2020,Mecum Auctions, Kansas City, MO, December 5–7, 2019,RM Auctions, Hershey, PA, October 10–11, 2019

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