The debut of the first customer (of 12 to be
built) Baldwin-Motion big-block 1969 Camaro at the GM Nationals was

The #01 Camaro will be fully-sorted out, go through pre-delivery prep and be
delivered to its owner, Dave Flynn, at his Chevrolet dealership in Ohio next
week. Two more customer Camaros are under construction and we are shopping
for additional Camaro donors.

The limited-production SS-427 and Phase III big-block 540 Camaros start at
$169,000 and $189,000 respectively.

Flynn’s Motion Red Phase III Camaro
is powered by a blueprinted, aluminum-head, Kinsler-injected 565-inch Motion
big-block and features a five-speed, new Motion IRS rear suspension,
eight-piston front and three-piston rear Motion/SSB disc brakes, rack and
pinion steering, spectacular red leather custom interior, Sony sound,
full-power, AC and a host of luxury and performance options. The delivered
price is under $250,000.

Attached images are of the showing at the GM Nationals. Cameras captured the
sound and fury of the 565-incher when we uncapped the headers and fired up
the 700-hp big-block for a SPEED Channel production.

Legendary Chevrolet drag racer, Bruce “Mr. USA-1”
Larson, center, joined Joel “Mr. Mtion” Rosen, right, and I for the
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