Clinton Township, MI. – The new LS9X Twin Disk Clutch from Katech Performance is now available for C6 Corvettes, including the Z06.

“The LS9X Twin Disk Clutch/flywheel is eight pounds lighter than the stock Z06 clutch/flywheel and it retains its stock pedal feel, driving like a stock ZR1,” says Jason Harding, director of aftermarket operations, Katech Performance. “It has also proven to hold 700 rear wheel horsepower. This new clutch truly provides all of the benefits of a twin disk clutch and none of the trade-offs. Due to the higher mass of the disks themselves, the inertia of the dual disks keeps the input shaft spinning during shifts and thus provides improved shift quality over the ZO6 and reduced synchronizer wear.”

Katech’s LS9X Twin Disk Clutch (part # KAT-A5198) features a six-bolt-pattern aluminum flywheel for standard LS engines; clutch disks and pressure plates from the ZR1; and a new slave cylinder.

The high-quality design keeps it free of neutral noise and chattering. Katech’s LS9X Twin Disk Clutch retails for $1,499.99.

For more information or to request a catalog, call 866-KATECH1 or visit Katech Performance online at

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