VALENCIA, SPAIN/ RIVIERA BEACH Fla. (May 23, 2007) – Mosler Automotive can add yet another win to its impressive list of international racing achievements by beating out Ferrari and Porsche to win the prestigious International GT Open in Valencia, Spain on May 19.

The International GT Open is a closed-wheel sportscar race, which gathers the best amateurs and professional GT car drivers from North America and Europe. The Mosler MT900R took first place in Saturday’s 200KM races placing above twenty-eight other teams. The win stands as the latest example of how the North American and European racing circuits have served as the company’s proving grounds, helping to develop one of the world’s top performance sports cars.

“This win is truly one of our crowning achievements”, says Warren Mosler, founder of Mosler Automotive. “Racing allows us to test new designs while continually improving and refining the performance and handling of our road cars”.

Much like the street-legal Mosler MT900S, the Mosler MT900R owes its power and performance to its unparalleled power-to-weight ratio. Due to its advanced composite carbon fiber monocoque core and Kevlar® construction the MT900R weighs in at 1,980 pounds, allowing the driver to carry higher speeds into corners and brake later than competing sports cars. Double-wishbone aluminum upper and chrome-moly lower control arms, three-way adjustable coil-over shocks and adjustable blade anti-roll bars keep the MT900R glued to the road with aggressive, road-hugging handling that makes the MT900R an unparalleled state-of-the-art race car. Power comes from an alloy 5.7-liter V8, channeled through a 6-speed transaxle.

“Mosler Automotive holds both our race cars and our street cars to the highest standards of performance,” Mosler says. “Wins like the International GT Open help solidify the Mosler MT900R and the MT900S as one of America’s premier supercars”.

The 50-state legal counter part of the Mosler MT 900R, the Mosler MT 900S, is available exclusively through North America’s premier Corvette specialist dealer, “Corvette Mike” Vietro, ( This Anaheim, Calif. based facility heads the U.S. distribution and sales efforts for the $189,000 Mosler MT900S. For additional information on Mosler Automotive, the Mosler MT900S, Mosler MT900R and racing schedules, visit

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